“I’m not gunning for you, nor am I gunning for Terrance.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

7pm Upper level outside. Taylor and Ameerah.
Ameerah – of all the people you could have backdoored?! Its just f**king crazy to me. Taylor – yeah. Its weird. Ameerah – I am like really uncomfortable because I am like .. I guess people are aligned with Tuner but like who!? Its cool but.. Taylor – I didn’t think anyone was. Ameerah – lets put up Ameerah and Terrance? Taylor – it had to be just his own .. I mean if he is not aligned with anybody. Ameerah – he is aligned with someone .. no one would make a move like that. Taylor – because they would come for his a$$ afterwards. Ameerah – right, you know what I mean? Taylor – so how many guys are in the house now.. six? Ameerah – MMmmhmmm.. its even whatever it is. Are there 14 of us? So there’s seven. So is that’s how its going to be like where a guy gets it so a girl goes home and then a girl gets it so a guy goes home? Taylor – who knows. I don’t f**King know. Its just weird for me because all I have in the house is the girls. And then if you go, ..its like you said they just keep plucking us off. Ameerah – well I hope I don’t go. Taylor – obviously! Obviously I’m with you. Ameerah – if I do go, there is definitely a guys alliance. And I am cool with the guys but I am not aligned with them. If I do go home on Thursday, you girls have something to worry about. Taylor – that’s so embarrassing. Ameerah – like they’re going to come after the stronger females first .. Like Alyssa is probably fine because she’s sliding through but like I don’t know .. I feel some kind of way about being backdoored. Like that is f**King crazy! I didn’t even see it coming or nothing… You can’t do anything. Taylor – its all social game. Its f**ked. Ameerah – was anyone backdoored last week? Taylor – no. Ameerah – so the only people backdoored is me and you. Taylor – its just crazy .. like you know why I came here and to have both black women backdoored in the first 3 weeks of the season.. like you’re f**king kidding me?! Next to a black man. Ameerah – and people wonder why the cookout exist. Taylor – hello?!

7:10pm Bedroom. Joseph and Indy.
Joe – you need to start talking game and if it lines up with what you want lines up with what they want, then start working with them. So I will tell you what I want. I want Taylor to go home. Indy – me too. Joe – so who am I going for if I win HOH .. Taylor. I hope you and Alyssa know that both of you don’t need to worry. Indy – I hope you don’t do that to me. Joe – You think I would send you home?! Indy – no. Joe – I want Taylor to go home. She told everyone that she wanted Monte out. She thinks that Monte is too big of a threat. She thinks that Monte ruined her game from the beginning. She has it out for Monte. And my pawns would be Turner because I don’t care if he goes home after what he did. My only problem is I don’t want Jasmine up there. I would only do it if Jasmine said it was okay and if I get enough people to confirm that they also don’t like what Turner did… so that Turner is locked in. Indy – I understand.. just in case. Joe – I really don’t like what Tuner did. Turner prioritized his own game.. which I respect but in prioritizing his own game he threatened mine. So if I have to make someone my pawn or penalize them.. its Turner. Those two are on my radar. MY eyes are open. I am done playing nice. They both need to go!

7:25pm Bedroom. Ameerah and Turner.
Turner – bring it in, I’m sorry. Ameerah – I think that I was just really caught off guard. It caught me off guard especially because you were talking about bullying. Turner – I also want it to be clear when people asked “is that them” .. I tried to separate the two. And I think the only bad thing I did in that speech was not separate the two enough. Ameerah – okay so you weren’t talking about us? Turner – You two are the exact opposite of the problem I was talking about. You and Terrance are the exact opposite of the problem that I was mentioning first. The reason why I wasn’t putting the target on the block… and then the game of why I put you on the block .. I don’t think I merged the gap enough. But you and Terrance are the opposite of what I thought the problem was. I think you guys are the most innocent. Even I’ve had you and Terrance back and I should have explained it better. Ameerah – and that is fine.. Taylor isn’t even a threat. I’ve been going with what the house wants. I don’t want people to think I am a bully because that is not what I do. Turner – yeah, not everyone that has come up to me has said that. Ameerah – am I your target? Turner – I don’t have a target but I did feel some kind of a way for the storage room incident. Ameerah – I didn’t think that was a big deal. In the moment when you came up to me, I wasn’t even thinking about the situation. Remember, you didn’t say Pooch’s name. I didn’t know what you were even talking about. I didn’t even know that, that was still a thing. Turner – I wish we had talked earlier because that might have changed what I did today. I am not gunning for you, nor am I gunning for Terrance. Even last week, the house was going to do what the house does. Ameerah – I am not going to campaign against Terrance. I will campaign for myself obviously but I f**king love Terrance. And he is a good person and I trust him. I am so bummed. Turner – Anyone that I would have put in this situation I would have felt bad. With Taylor just from my back ground .. I couldn’t in my right mind put someone up there for a third week. Who’s been laying in bed all day and I almost feel like would have felt like a victim to this house. Because I definitely heard things from people that are terrible about the way they were talking about her. Ameerah – I did too.. like f**king throw soup on her. Turner – yup. Ameerah – I’ve been hearing terrible things too. I get it. Turner – I was not going to subject her to my own wrath of HOH.. so I was like alright next best thing in my opinion .. no offence. Ameerah laughs and gives him the finger. Turner – you have a lot going on up here which could make a killer campaign whatever you decide to do. Ameerah – I’m not going to blow myself up like Pooch. Turner – and make an alliance with everyone in the house.. Ameerah laughs.

7:57pm – 8:10pm Bedroom. Terrance and Ameerah.
Ameerah – I talked to Tuner and it doesn’t sound like either of us are his targets… Unless I am just completely lost in the dark. Terrance – he told me that hey you don’t come talk to me and I guess you don’t talk to him. Ameerah – no, not really! Terrance – I feel like I always talk to everyone about everything. I thought everyone was on the same page. Ameerah – so did I.. so I guess I f**ked up. He was like .. it sounds like based on what he had told me directly is that ..it sounds like he wanted Indy out but he couldn’t .. because he didn’t want to put Alyssa and Indy up because he is close to Alyssa. So its the Bestie thing that is messing it up. So it sounds like he basically went down the list and we were the last ones on the list. And he didn’t want to put Taylor up because of his past because he was bullied.

8:12pm – 8:25pm Bedroom. Ameerah and Kyle.
Kyle – what happened? Ameerah – it sounds like he instantly regrets his decision. Kyle – you’re joking? Ameerah – I’m not joking. He says he feels really bad and that .. it sounds to me from what our conversation was ..it sounds like he wanted to put up the person .. he didn’t name who the person was ..The person that’s been fooling her and talking soup stuff… apparently its Indy from what other people have told me. I wasn’t in the room for it. She (Indy) apparently said she wanted to throw soup in her (Taylor’s) face. But he is not going to put up Indy because he is really close to Alyssa. It was basically elimination and we were the only ones left. And he didn’t want to put up Taylor because of is past of being bullied. I’m sad, I didn’t want to go up against Terrance. Kyle – how does Terrance feel, does he know? Ameerah – that he’s going home? I think so. Kyle – really. Fuck, that’s so sad. Ameerah – were you in the room when he said he was just going to give it to me and just go home? Kyle – HUH!? Ameerah – you didn’t hear that? Kyle – no. Ameerah – he was like I don’t want you to stay, I want to just go. That’s when I started crying at first. So he’s been telling people that and people are like no you have to try. I respect him a lot. Kyle – that’s how everyone feels. Ameerah – I have nothing bad to say about him. Kyle – I know the nicest guy and the sweetest girl. Ameerah – I am fine because of PO’s Pack and I only need one more vote and Jasmine and Indy.. so its like whatever. Kyle – yeah it still sucks. When did he make the decision is what I want to know.

8:46pm Bedroom – Ameerah and Indy.
Ameerah – I think that there is something off about Nicole. Indy – I had this feeling. Ameerah – yeah you told me the other day. Indy – Today I also felt like something was off. Ameerah – me too because if Tuner knew, that means that Daniel knew, that means Nicole knew. You know what I mean?! They could have at least given me a heads up. Indy – every time I am hungry or sad .. he (Daniel) makes a face. I don’t know I just feel like something is off. Ameerah – I am not going to speak anything to anyone in that room…I’m not going to give them any information.

9:04pm Backyard – Michael and Nicole.
Nicole – I am honestly telling you that I am torn and I don’t know what to do. I am just super torn. Michael – I am feeling the same way from an alliance standpoint and from being put up the first week with Terrance. He’s been so supportive. Even after winning the veto he is like see that fire lit in you.. never let that burn out. Like how do you vote him out?

9:10pm Monte brings Ameerah some salmon, rice, potatoes and carrots. Ameerah – oh its good! Ameerah – I have the votes to stay so I feel fine about that. I am just trying to understand why me and Terrance. It sounds like basically he couldn’t take anyone else out. He basically said without saying it that he wanted to target Indy but couldn’t because of Alyssa. He said he is not going to campaign against me or Terrance but he is going to let the house decide. I don’t think that is true because I’ve already heard stuff. He told someone that one person is a cool person and the other could win the game.

9:10pm Backyard. Terrance and Nicole.
Nicole – do you have the votes to stay? Terrance – I think we do. Right now I would have Taylor, I got Mike, I’ve got Brittany, if I have you and Daniel that’s five and I think I could pull Kyle. Nicole – that’s six. Terrance – yup. I don’t even know about Jas, Alyssa and definitely Indy won’t.. Nicole – f**K! Terrance – Monte maybe, and Joseph maybe. Nicole – F**K I hate that you’re both on the block. The fact that I have to choose against my two best friends is really sh*tty. I meant what I said when I said I could never vote against you but in that same breath I can’t vote against her too. You’re my number two and she’s my number three.

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Only Reading Feeds

Glad that Taylor gets to finally vote this week. Turner stood up to the bullies, someone had to.

Buh Bye

Doh! Terrance is going to self-evict to “save” Ameerah? Holy mother of Kraken Gods, NO!!!

un autre nom

He’s playing dead for sympathy.


LOoks like he was talking to Nicole about garnering votes for himself, so I think he changed his mind.


Please go home Ameerah. The Jasmine.


Then* Jasmine next is what I meant.


These absolute douchecanoes really have the gall to act shocked when hearing about all the Taylor hate, I just can’t. She’s been out here constantly having to apologize to people for things she didn’t do, trying to form bonds and be part of a team that throws her under the bus at every turn. I knew this was bound to happen, but the level and swiftness of it is sort of surprising. I don’t know if they’re trying to convince others or themselves that they weren’t horrible to her from the beginning, but I look very forward to their reactions outside the house when confronted with the receipts.


I hope that Terrance is not really going to self evict, I hope that is just something he is telling Ameerah. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that he is just pretending, that would really be dumb if he self evicts.

Please make Nicole SHUT UP, I am really tired of her antics today. She’s making everything about her, she is annoying as hell.

I’m hoping and praying that Terrance does not muck this up, hope he is not serious about self evicting. Is this something that he is just saying to Ameerah, to make until Thursday ?


I could not believe Ameerah went to Taylor looking for pitty now that she is on the block.

How could Ameerah fix her mouth to bring up being backdoored ? They were depending on Turner to backdoor Taylor today, Ameerah has a lot of nerve looking for sympathy from Taylor because she was backdoored today instead of Taylor.

Taylor is doing an excellent job of pretending she was totally shocked today.

illegal smile

Hey all, just putting my 1st ever 2 cents in. Simon & Dawg thanks for the updates this is the only place I get my feeds; especially while working nightshift in my hospital. Turner is turning up the heat, and now let’s see them scramble and play the blame game. I’m pulling for Taylor (How dare those idiots treat her that way, those girls minus Brittney are so FAKE) KUDOS to whoever came up with EVIL ELVIS, but his succubus Nicole needs a fitting name she is just as vile. (And I thought she’d be cool) Now the others are FINALLY crying which is making me smile. Like to see Jasmine or Nicole gone next.


Maybe the girls girls win HOH and stupidly think backdooring Turner would be payback. Then the Island of misfit toys can get Queen Squeaky out!!! Can’t stand her voice and just laying around eating all day long!! She really thinks she’s got this in the bag!!



I dropped the Evil Elvis moniker — as for his F2 partner I’ve been using Cruel Chef but because she makes everything about her there’s also Narcissistic Nic.

Both of these individuals are vile and play the sleaziest and laziest form of the game.

TODAY fans got treated to how the game can be played with cunning, manipulation, acting, and foresight. It was the most exciting day of feeds I can remember in forever & they did it all WITHOUT any personal attacks, belittling of anyone’s character, or gaslighting.

I’m hoping the Leftovers will stick to the plan to take these two out in the following two evictions (meaning they would be pre-jury boots) & I think the season would be far better for it.

Taylor, Britt, and Michael ALL want him out next & based on a few comments made today it sounds like if the team hadn’t decided Ameerah was the glue that held Old School and Girl’s Girls together then Turner would’ve also taken the shot.

Michael seemed to confirm that in a convo with Taylor last night. Here’s hoping one of the aforementioned trio wins HOH (or the opposite side of the house takes a strike at Kyle (b/c then he’d be OTB but the Leftovers would have the votes to evict him.

The SWEETEST karma would be Taylor winning the upcoming HOH & being the one who gets to orchestrate his exit!

By the way, thanks for the comment & welcome to the OBB community!

illegal smile

Totally agree. Turner following through has made it worth watching…i can not wait to see their faces on re-nom day…. I will be rewinding it and watching it over and over and over and over and over……ha

Ameerah - the cab is here!

Ameerah needs to start some self awareness counseling when she leaves on Thursday. She thinks she’s got staying in the bag.


She’s going to be Pooched!!


Ameerah – so the only people backdoored is me and you. Taylor – its just crazy .. like you know why I came here and to have both black women backdoored in the first 3 weeks of the season.. like you’re f**king kidding me?! Next to a black man. Ameerah – and people wonder why the cookout exist. Taylor – hello?!

? (eye roll emoji)

First off, for Ameerah it would have been just fine if it was Nicole/Taylor up on the block but since it’s her it becomes a “color” situation.

Secondly, who was just backdoored last Thursday? That would be Pooch. ?


And on top of it, Ameerah is one of them that was assisting that Taylor go up, has been bashing her left and right, wanted her to get backdoored, and now it’s a problem with the skin color? Plus, Ameerah had a big part on backdooring Pooch and also has been saying she wanted to get Turner out and now can’t believe he would put her up? Karma is a bitch & these people suck!

The Beef

In order to be “backdoored” you can’t be one of the original nominees of the HOH, but instead have to be a replacement nominee, chosen after the Veto is used to remove one of the originals. You also have to have NOT had a chance to play in the Veto competition, which means you had no chance to “win” your own safety. Pooch volunteered to be an original nominee, did play (and lost) in the Veto competition, and as such, was NOT backdoored.

Taylor on the other hand replaced Michael OTV against Terrance, the first week, but was saved because Paloma was removed from the game, and I can’t remember if she played in the Veto comp that week or not, but she definitely didn’t win it. In the 2nd week, she was an original nom with Pooch, so no backdoor last week.

Ameerah does qualify as a backdoor nominee (as does Terrance) since neither of them played in the Veto comp, and both are replacement nominees for Michael and Brit, who won the Veto and took themselves off the block (Veto played in pairs due to bestie twist).

un autre nom

Backdooring also includes that the replacement nom was the original target. That’s part of why so many blindsides get labeled as backdoors erroneously. Since Ameerah was not the HOH’s intended target when he made his initial noms, Ameerah is a blindside not a backdoor.


so both black girls trying to evict each other are complaining to each other about both of them being backdoored because theyre both black….wow just wow

Millie Incorvaia

Yup! I don’t understand how both Ameerah & Taylor r making it a color issue. Please stop. I’m trying to enjoy the game. I didn’t even realize Ameerah was black until she bought it up. Lol