Alyssa “I could really use a blunt!” Turner “Dude! Facts! That would be FIRE! You should ask for it in your HOH basket.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

9:30pm HOH room. Alyssa and Tuner.
Tuner – what’s up dog?! Alyssa – I will state the obvious.. I f**ked up today. Turner – I heard. Alyssa – and I obviously don’t know what you heard.. Tuner – I can tell you what I heard .. I don’t know who was in the room but that it was comical. I heard that you said that I said that Indy said something about Taylor in the room. Alyssa – Whoa!? That’s not it at all! Who told you that? Tuner – why don’t you tell me first and then I’ll tell you what happened. Alyssa – so we were in the room and Nicole had mentioned that if Indy would keep complaining you would probably throw them up on the block. Turner – oh wait!? That’s what it actually was? I f**Ked it up. Alyssa – I didn’t know that Indy was in the room.. Turner – wait wait wait.. here is what I heard. I heard that you said I would put Indy on the block if it wasn’t for you being her Bestie.. and then Indy was in the room. Alyssa – no I said that everyone was getting annoyed with Indy complaining and you would have probably would have put Indy on the block and I was like its really freaking me out because that’s my Bestie and I don’t want to go on the block. I heard you said that Indy was annoying the F**k out of you. Tuner – I wouldn’t have said that but I have in the DR. Alyssa – that’s frustrating for me but I was not saying it in a way like F**K Tuner. I didn’t know she was sitting behind me. I was just being like its stressing me out, I don’t want to be on the block. I smoothed it over by saying that you have our backs and then it was over but then Nicole got pissed and then it became a huge blow up. Michael joins them and then leaves. Tuner – I’ll be honest because my feelings were hurt. That you told Indy something that I told you. And my feelings were hurt because I was like unfortunately I can’t tell Alyssa anything because you’re just going to tell other people so my feelings were hurt part of the day. Alyssa – I can see why you would think that but you are literally one of the only people in the house that I actually like as a person. I feel like you’re my friend. Turner – I feel the same thing. I also heard and I don’t remember who from .. and this hurts me to say but I heard that the only reason you’ve been talking to me this week is to get an in with the girls. Alyssa – that is f**ked up! And I hope that you know that I don’t even talk to you about game. Tuner – I was like well that sucks. Alyssa starts to cry – I feel like you’re my friend. Tuner – as long as what you’re saying is accurate I have no reason not to believe you. Alyssa – I really enjoy hanging out with you. Nicole thought I was saying something about her and then she blew up and now Kyle won’t talk to me. Turner – he does really like you but he doesn’t want it to affect your games. Alyssa – that makes me feel better. I was worried that he didn’t want to talk to me because I messed up. I just really really don’t want to be alone in this game. I just get overwhelmed and I’m just really shaken up. I could really use a blunt right now. Tuner – Dude! Facts! That would be FIRE! Alyssa – I just need to chill out bro! I can’t even f**king think. Turner – You should ask for it in your HOH basket. Get that brick oven!

9:55pm HOH room. Terrance and Turner.
Turner – I hate that I had to put you on the block next to her. Terrance – hey, its okay! I’m going to fight and get myself off the block. Turner – oh yeah, you’re going to be here on Thursday! I know that for a fact! Terrance – oh yeah we’re going to play big brother. The way that you went for that HOH, that’s the fire in me right now. Turner – yeah dude! Terrance – and you’re going to tell me what we should do going forward to make some sh*t really f**king happen.

10:25pm HOH room. Kyle and Turner.
Turner – what she said was that I wanted to put Indy up but I was to close to Alyssa to put them up. Ameerah was next on the totem pole and he really didn’t want to put us up and he can’t stand Indy. I’m like Okay?! Like what does it mean to put someone on the block by accident?! Like Bro you had a whole speech.. what do you mean by accident?! How could he have made that sh*t up!? Kyle – I didn’t want Ameerah to feel like she was the big target. So Joe and I were in the bathroom and she was like I just don’t understand it and she kind of came to that realization on her own. Like why would he put you up… and she just came to that in her brain. She like came up with this …like I don’t know dude! BUT she thinks.. she is crazy dude! She was like you’re good.. I know. She was like I have Monte and then she basically names off everyone in the house. This is like ideal so that she is not freaking out the next few days.. as long as we don’t make it obvious that we’re working together.

11:30pm Bedroom. Terrance and Taylor.
Terrance – I was talking to Michael as to why we were put on the block and he said she was saying it was a mistake. Taylor – who said that? Terrance – Ameerah. She was asking Turner and he said it was a mistake, he meant to put up Indy and Alyssa but he didn’t want to. Taylor – do you believe that? Terrance – I talked to Turner twice. Once when he voted us up and he said why he put up me and Ameerah. And he said Ameerah only picked you in the lighter comp because you’re my guy. So she felt like picking me would have kept her safe. I’ve got three (votes) but I need three more. Nicole was like I don’t know.. so I don’t want to count her. So Kyle and maybe the boys. Taylor – I think they’ll get you because they’re probably scared of Ameerah. Terrance – he was like if you want to win second place, let her stay.

12:30am Bathroom. Ameerah, Daniel and Nicole.
Daniel – I havne’t made out with anyone. Ameerah – I have. Daniel and Nicole – WHO? Ameerah smiles. Daniel – no you haven’t. Ameerah – I’m not telling. Daniel – have you? Ameerah – yup! Nicole’s jaw drops. Daniel – in this house? No you haven’t? Pooch? Ameerah laughs. Nicole – ewwww! Ameerah – not telling. Daniel – Joseph? Ameerha – nope. Just kidding you guys, I haven’t made out with anyone. Daniel – do you want to? Ameerah – no. I feel like the fun happens in the jury house. Ameerah talks to them about why she thinks she is on the block and how she think Turner really wanted to put up Indy but couldn’t because he is close with her Bestie Alyssa. So even if I get the votes… wow you sent home Terrance! Good job! And the person (Indy) that was bullying is still here and the person (Taylor) that was bullied who was bullying people is still here. Nicole – great, yeah you backdoored someone but give the real reason why you backdoored someone. Its a big brother copout.

1:15am HOH room – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – Turner he had something that he slipped up on. We were talking about Teslas and he said that he’s driven then for other YouTubers ..and he was like I’ve never owned one. They give you like a rebate when you own one and he was like I got $2500 back .. and then he was like ahh.. I slipped up. I had one. Brittany – he has a Tesla? Michael – he said he had to save up 15K for it. Brittny – he is 22 and he has a Tesla? Michael – he said he doesn’t have it any more. He sold it but said he made like $7500 on it. Brittany – he said he is into Crypto. I think he has a lot of money. Michael – yeah I mean I don’t care but .. like I knew before he slipped up. Brittany – that is so funny. Turner joins them.

1:23am Hammock – Joseph and Taylor.
Joe – I don’t even want to talk game. Tell me who Taylor is? I feel like I never got to do that talk with you because you were always fighting for your life. Taylor – I mean I hate to say the same person that people see in the house because apparently people see this monster. Joe – I definitely think you’re this strategic, smart, independent girl.. which comes off intimidating. If you truly were a bad person, everyone would have been like f**k that. Taylor – and get me out.

1:30pm – 1:44am Bedroom – Michael, Nicole and Daniel.
Nicole is struggling with who she will vote out since she cares about Terrance and Ameerah equally. Nicole – I’m torn. Daniel – its tough to tell them that you love both of you and we don’t know what to do. Nicole – It sucks! Like I don’t think I will be able to make a decision until f**king last minute. It sucks that I won’t be able to give them clarity. Daniel – I will try. Michael – like I don’t even know what to base it on. It was not a decision I was prepared for. Nicole – I thought I was going to be on the block. Ameerah joins them. Daniel – hey can we have a minute? Daniel laughs. Hey can we have a minute in your own room.

1:45am – 1:56am Bedroom – Ameerah and Nicole.
Ameerah – we were able to talk about the right terms of everything so there is no way I am lying. Like why does everyone think I am .. Nicole – I don’t give a sh*t what you do. Ameerah – yeah, I think its more of like a fun element to it but I am not even lying about what I do. Nicole – people have their reasons for saying what they do. I just laugh about it. Like its funny. It really doesn’t matter what you do. Ameerah – the only time it would matter is if it was like a private investigator or like a cop. (Nicole is an ex-cop and hiding it. She’s only told Daniel.) But do y’all really think I am a private investigator or a cop? Nicole – well you are really sketchy. Ameerah – really? Nicole – no.

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Being on slop for the week while losing her closest ally again for the second time in three weeks. After the shows producers saved Taylor from a week one eviction. I don’t blame Alyssa for expressing that.


In regular big brother with the actual rules Taylor and Brit are done. The problem is everyone not recognizing how much the backstage and bestie twist that Taylor and Brit didn’t earn saved them from being evicted and taken off the block.

Reality TV

Both twist 100% saved Brittany. Considering Michael got to save himself. As well as Brittany who is not a good competitor.She should still be on block right now as the actual one in danger. The leftovers alliance would not have the numbers to vote who they want. Similar to Taylor getting saved from a backdoor. It is preposterous that people chalk it up to their game and be totally oblivious to the fact that they both have been handed extra lifelines of protection. If it was even Steven then Amerah would be saved from a cancelled eviction vote. That is the same GIFT that Taylor got.

Palm Oil’s Meds

How did the producers “save” Taylor? Paloma self-evicted. No need to make assumptions or use coded language because you don’t like Taylor for whatever bias.


When someone gets saved from a unanimous backdoor last second. That is not bias fool that is just utter bull crap with having extra help of likes that no one ever gets in this game. So Daniel not only loses an ally in Palo during his HOH after the veto renoms. But he gets his HoH cancelled that leaves his backdoor target in the game? That is suppose to be fair?

Child please to think otherwise means your a bias cult head for Taylor. With your tag name it doesn’t get anymore obvious son. If Taylor was HOH week one had an ally leave while having her HOH power taken away with the exact same predicament as Daniel you would have screamed murder. Even if Amira this week got saved from a backdoor you would’ve thrown a fit. To say otherwise is being a total hypocrite.

Anna J

I think the producers want the season to run for x amount of weeks so like it or not only 1 person needed to leave and so that person was Paloma. Good for Taylor that she got a lifeline it is what it is! Life isn’t always “fair” deal with it.


Missed a point by a naked mile. If you think Taylor getting removed in the manner she did week one from a backdoor is appropriate and straight up? Then Taylor followers are the most inconsistent people I’ve ever seen. If Taylor had her HOH just erased by the show from having a close ally of hers leave. Resulting in her backdoor target getting off the block at the live eviction. You know damn well you and other Taylor followers would be singing a whole different tune to the choir about how this is Bad for Taylor and Unfair.

A whole week people whined about her being targeted. Could you imagine if her HOH got taken away in that same manner. There would be so much criticism about her getting screwed. To think otherwise is hypocritical and shows no consistency which is why your point is flawed.

I like to watch

I believe it’s your point that’s flawed, DA NY. Paloma quit the game, while two people were on the block. Those two people got to stay, making Daniel’s HOH useless, kinda like the guy himself.
If you insist on blaming someone for “Taylor being saved”, blame Paloma.

Reality TV

You are a dumb if you think it is

look at BB history PAL it will show you that the HOH doesn’t get cancelled when someone is expelled.

Explain to me then why did season 4 week one and season 14 week two did the person that got expelled Scott and Wille didn’t cancel the eviction or HOHs reign that week then??

That’s the problem with fans such as yourself because you don’t know your history !!

Taylor GOT saved from a BACKDOOR !!
You bums are so bias that you can’t see it!

The Truth

Absolute facts. If the shoe was on the other foot and that would have been Taylor getting omitted an HOH with her backdoor enemies getting second life after one of her friends left. Could you imagine the outrage from the community. Talk about being in complete denial abiding by a double standard.


Turner has feet like a Hobbit. They’re huge!!

un autre nom

Can Ameerah and her clown posse count?
As they do everything they can to lay blame for the bullshit they’ve been pulling on anyone but themselves, they continue to pull the same bullshit.
How many of them are there? max 4. They’ve done everything to exclude Britt that they’ve always done. Now it’s her fault that Turner heard stuff (pssst: it was Dic and Denial).
They’ve alternated today blaming each other for just about everything under the sun.
Alliance Unity at it’s finest.

Nic. No really. Nic last week is the ruination of Ameerah THIS week.
Before Nic was pulled into POS, Ameerah was all in. It was Nic that was intentionally trying to sabotage the alliance to pull Ameerah away. Well, it worked. The alliance doesn’t want Ameerah anymore. Careful what you ask for.

Alyssa doesn’t want to be the new Taylor is acceptance that Taylor was being shunned. Just want to point that out. Don’t worry, Alyssa isn’t a Taylor. She’s just another Britt. Someone that they don’t really give anything, but expect to have total loyalty from for the honor of getting… nothing. You can’t sit with us… but vote for me for homecoming queen, and I’ll let you attend the parade. Wait for it.

That ‘now i know why the cookout had to stick together’ talk Ameerah started with Taylor? Ameerah is telling the girls Taylor started the talk about black woman solidarity? Why? She’d said the same thing to the same people she’s telling… what the? Make it make sense.

Terrence is misinforming the hammock people about the misinformation that Ameerah gave him. You can’t make this up. La-Z-Boy is in his fully reclined position for the duration, and doesn’t even KNOW it.

If ONE more person has to console Daniel for what a difficult day this has been for HIM… I’m gonna get mean. Just putting that out there. I mean.. I really want it to get more difficult anyway.. but his pouty petulant abandonment issue laden narcissistic hubris bullshit is getting on my last nerve.


Your comments kill me!! Literally laughing my @ss off!!! Your observations are the best!! Keep it up, you make my day!!


Keep your posts coming. They are great.

Palm Oil’s Meds

Lmao @“La-z Boy” for Terrance


I’m so sick of Toad saying anything about fire… he needs to stop talking about fire and talk about water (as in a shower)!

How many times has he used the HOH shower? Someone has to know.

un autre nom

I believe he has now had 5-6 showers in 20 days.
But he was speaking of taking 2 showers in one day at one point (that’s when i thought is ‘shower’ his code word for masturbating in the bathroom?)
TBH the shower thing wouldn’t be so worrisome if it wasn’t for the hasn’t done laundry thing.

un autre nom

ALMOST have sympathy for Alyssa. Almost. Here’s where i lose it though, she came in and joined a women’s alliance with a meatshield strategy (worst woman to put in a woman’s alliance), got herself into a great position… and screwed herself. She was covered on ALL sides. What does she do? Tells her meatshield everything before they become a showmance or have a final 2.
She’s given him the milk thinking he’ll buy the cow.
Do I have a problem with Kyle’s current plot? The nail Alyssa to the wall with her alliance plot? Not completely, but a small bit yes. Why? Joseph’s reveal that she was crying about her family and her person is what fuels it. The her person part that he repeated gobsmacked. So, the spiteful part is cringe. The strategic part? I’m still iffy about it.

I totally get the Leftovers targeting the pair that has no Leftovers in it. That i buy. IF they were doing it for that reason. That’s not even in the top two for why.
Is Alyssa the head of any snake? Nope. Is she more likely to do everything in her power to protect Kyle? Yup. Is she likely to keep feeding him information? Yup.
Use the mole to learn the other sides plots.

The part of the plot where Kyle gets the look in his eye like the cruelty will be entertaining. That’s a little cringe. Especially when he’s saying the group isn’t about being cruel to Turner WHILE he’s grinning ear to ear about doing it.

The wait for the who flipped moment the guys are talking about… yeah, the old skool is foutte level right now so go for it.

What’s annoying me? The more the men talk, the further the crosshairs get from my nopes and i find that unacceptable.


Talking about Kyle grinning ear to ear, makes me think about the Grinch!! Too funny


Watching the live feeds, why is Jasmine always in the bed eating junk food or Candy ? Is Jasmine ever up socializing, better yet, doing any therapy on her ankle as Kyle asked her ?
Jasmine is just like Big D from last season, always laying down.

Also, Nicole is trying to be super nice to everyone tonight after being a witch to everyone during the day. I just don’t care for Nicole, she rubs me the wrong way, and I have to laugh when she tries so hard to fit in with the younger houseguests.

un autre nom

I make fun of Jasmine. I even call her Jabba because of the affected silly drawl she puts on and always lying down… but i am very annoyed by how she is attempting to use the foot as strategy.
Shouldn’t be nominated while she is injured was the initial talk. two weeks. Now it’s shouldn’t be a have not or be nominated for another two weeks?
As much as Ameerah is saying Jasmine would be fine going on the block to get rid of Turner… did ANYONE hear THAT come out Jasmine’s mouth? It came out of multiple mouths around her, but i seem to think she was looking at each person saying it like they just ate the last popsicle.

Buh Bye

There’s going to be a comp soon that’s just question and answer. Is she opting out of those as well?

un autre nom

depends. buzzer or upstair if true downstair if false. blink blink. lol.


The bestie twist totally saved Brittany from going home this week since Michael won the veto. The left overs forming after the veto wouldn’t have had the vote with Brittany on block against Amerah as it would be 6-5. Twice in three weeks that Alyssa got an awful break from a random twist. In truth that’s now Brittany & Taylor that have gotten saved from a twist out of their control. If it was standard rules BB those two would be gone.


Good thing they didn’t follow the rules. Would have been a really boring season. Finally some actual game play worth watching.


I’m just really dumbfounded by everyones logic saying this is great game by them when Taylor and Brittany have received unfair advantages in the game that have been given out of their control.
Brittany being saved twice from a twist (America’s vote and Michael Veto win on a Duo) and Taylor getting saved from a backdoor ? That is not straight up big brother and good gameplay as it has been manipulated by outside factors. It doesn’t get anymore suspicious and unfair then getting saved on the block from a backdoor last second on a cancelled eviction when the vote was going to be unanimous. To say otherwise is nonsense.


You already said this. We get it: Taylor/Britt bad, Alyssa good. Move on. She likes Kyle.


Thank you for displaying the exact problem with this Taylor cult. It is like watching two bald men fight over a comb. Clueless cavemen that don’t get the point.

Paul Sucks

Big Brother was never a fair game to begin with. From DR enlightenment to silly twists. At least this week has unpredictability and hopefully not be a unanimous vote which is boring.

I like to watch

why do you insist on saying Taylor got saved? Taylor was on the block with Terrance. THEY BOTH GOT SAVED, for the reasons I outlined above.
Brittany was lucky to get paired with Michael, but was actually foolish enough to think it might be detrimental to her game. So, she got lucky, why is that such an outrage? It happens in BB.

un autre nom

Kyle’s friendzone talk to Alyssa is NOT on the rails.
I mean… she is happier now than when they started talking.
They’re pouring water into each other’s mouths and giggling.
If he keeps breaking up with her like this they’ll be married for 45 years.

Joseph is DEFINITELY trying to break them up so that Kyle loses an advantage Joseph doesn’t have. Joseph doesn’t have a mole, or someone that will throw away their own game for his.
Since both Joseph and Kyle think they are Monte’s number one, this is WHY Joseph is trying to “help” Kyle. Plus Joe does have that bro-mentality thing that you will never ever be able to tell me he doesn’t have.

un autre nom

“We have to make sure us females stick together so none of us go out the door. If we do that, we can make sure that the next two out the door are Brittany and Taylor” Nic.
Turner should have told Taylor she should leave because people aren’t going to stop.” Daniel.
Any other questions?


Yes, great way to cement to girls alliance by voting out all the girls. All girl alliances never work and never will. See what you well about the cookout alliance last summer but it was amazing the way they actually all stuck together the way that they did.

Reality TV

Taylor was never going to work with girls. She never hung out with them to get to know them personally aka sleeping next to Jasmine. Let alone give them any information about the guys. Taylor and Brittany were both squeaky leaks to the guys. Did you not see what Brittney did to Ameerah week one and gave that information to Pooch ??? Girls couldn’t trust her afterwards! Taylor Telling Monte that the girls wanted the guys out was a lot help huh in building her trust for an all girls alliance. Zero Accountability for that move. That is garbage to blame the other women when those girls weren’t trustworthy! People seem forget about when having Alliance member in this game it’s about Trust not appearances.

What Tiffany did to Claire a final 2 deal. Backdooring her at the final 8 was literally the dumbest move ever seen in big brother history and it was all because of race – That is REAL!
It is stupidity & not amazing when you want to backstab a loyal friend to the end for her looks? Even Tiffany knew that the cookout men didn’t like her, but instead you think it is amazing that she took out Claire all because she was white???
To say that is amazing is repulsive when decisions are made solely off someone’s physical appearance. That is shades of racism. You don’t build relationships in this game off of appearances you do it off off of trust that has really been lost on this fandoms community.

un autre nom

The late night Ameerah, Elvis, Nic talk.
So much delusion.
Turner is America’s player
Pooch is in sequester
The thought of them being bullies is comical.

Btw: I’m not buying Joe is just interested in knowing the real Taylor. He’s trying to get Kyle to drop Alyssa while simultaenously trying to pick up Taylor as his back pocket vote / showmance. I’m not saying it’s all game. I’m saying it’s part game.
Look at what he’s been maneuvering for the past few days: with Turner pull the we’re Pooch bonded because we were the last 2 to know. with Britt he’s pulling out concern. With Michael it’s you’re one of us. With Taylor it’s let me get to know you. When he said the people on the outsider were his people, I think the game side is saying the people on the outside are my backup if I go on the block. It’s got a strategic element. This is not a dig. This is acknowledgment. If he ends up on the block, he wants the outsider part of Leftovers to vote his way. If the alliance cracks, he wants the outsider portion to side with him. Why? I still say he has a weird competition going with Kyle that could come to a head at some point. Whether he forces that issue or not, it’s a possibility.
He’s doing what Britt wanted to do. Befriend the outsiders to make them his secret army of pawns. At the same time, first sign of being in the clear, the women in the Leftovers? Acceptable casualties. Extrapolated from his week one bro talks, week 2 Pooch talks, and the way he was maneuvering between when Kyle first brought up the Old skool to the formation of the Leftover alliance.


I have hated the way Ameerah has been playing the game since day 1 so if she goes home this week it would be a step in the right direction.


I’m rooting for the house to flip and send the fat guy out


No way.. Got to get rid of Ameerah this week. Got to love the blindside and shock the girls and Elvis


i think keeping ameerah keeps the house more interesting. if joe and monte win the next two hohs this season could get dull in a hurry.

but that she’s seemingly doing nothing to save her game makes me okay with her exit. no need to keep a weak player. imagine if dan or derek or even tyler was in her shoes. they’d flip the house so fast you’d think getting terrance out was the plan all along.

un autre nom

Late night flashbacks:

  • Michael and Taylor continued bonding. They discussed the potential for final 3.
  • Stinky joined. They discussed Old Skool reactions and the hints dropped. They note Ameerah has walked out past doors about 20 times while they’ve talked.
  • Dic and Denial continued their ridiculous prattle. Indy is jealous of Nic. Joseph only defends Indy.
  • Turner cam talked about having to school 40 year olds on bullying.


  • Monte fanned Elvis’ conspiracy theories and added to them. Should have had a house meeting about bullying, not put it in the ceremony. Really he was after Indy. blahblahblah.
  • Terrence joined and assumed La-Z-boy position.
  • Taylor camtalked. Not really liking the optics of Taylor, Terrence and Ameerah the noms week one and three (worries it might be unconscious bias).
  • Taylor and Britt talk: Girls ghosted them, just wait until they come expecting a vote. Dan and Nic gotta go. Prefer Dan first. Fact that Taylor is pulling an Azah so much lately? I’m getting tired of it personally.
  • Ameerah chats: tells Alyssa that Dan says Britt is a pathological liar, don’t trust her. Alyssa reveals Kyle wants to just be friends (think she thinks ‘we’ll see about that’).
  • Ameerah chats2: Nic prattles bullishly they laugh about Turner thinking Pooch was a vote flip against HOH wishes.
  • Ameerah chats3: Indy reveals she wants to go to the end with Joseph and Monte again. Ameerah says Elvis pledged his blue pleather shoes (Indy’s face: do you trust him? your funeral look).
  • Jasmine is making pancakes and chickenwings for breakfast. The leftovers talk about eating leftovers and everyone discusses leftovers. Jasmine talks of never having leftovers with Monte around (yeah, cus she isn’t an all day forager)

Gut feelings: Daniel is really regretting his move to the girls’ side. He hates Indy/Britt/Aly. He’s been bickering with Nic, and Ameerah is on the block. He’s going to be trying to get the Oasis guys to take him back again within a day.
Ameerah has already pre-campaigned to Taylor with the bias angle, watch her go to Britt with the woman angle. Then make fun of them for being stupid enough to buy that she’ll include them.
Terrence, from his perpetual seated position will campaign by saying he’s got a lot of fight in him.
Indy at some point is going to tell Daniel Vai tomar no cu! at some point. She notes he makes faces every time she speaks or enters a room, it’s coming.


I knew Daniel would want to jump ship, and ditch the girls. He’s a floater, and I don’t know how anyone would want to spend a lot of time talking with Daniel or Nicole. Both of them always turn the conversation to being about them, Daniel is a fool if he thinks the men are going to welcome him back, they my lie and use him for a vote to get rid of Nicole, then he will be voted out the following week.

Jasmine is going to actually get out of bed and do something like cook Pancakes and Chicken Wings? I knew food would have to be involved for her to be up and about, she will be scooting around in the kitchen cooking. What a trooper, I’m soooo sick of her.

un autre nom

“Being the mom of this house is exhausting.” Nic

Hey, mom, CPS wants to have a word with you.

I’m waiting for Nic to say the whole “it isn’t fair, we’re the good people” speech, and i’ve got a bingo.


It may be said but I don’t think that you have the right person saying it. My vote on who says it is Jasmine even though Ameerah came very close

Who flipped?

Lolol I love your observations AN! I agree 100% with your gut feelings too and thoughts on Joe and his game strategy. I have to say, to me, Joe has been a pleasant surprise. Honestly I didn’t even pay attention to him on first episode or first week of feeds, I thought he was THAT forgettable but whether that was strategy or his suffering as a HN, it really helped him fall to the back of the group while really gaining some insightful reads on the entire house. As much as I wanted to root for a female this season, they’re all just unlikeable, petty or boring so far.

Also, does anyone know where Granny is? She’s another frequent poster that I love here on OBB.. I really miss her takes on what’s happening in the house 🙁

un autre nom

IF i got the details correctly:
As the guys in the pound talk about he game not being centered on gender anymore… um. uh. Then why create the pound suballiance oasis men’s alliance rebrand before formalizing the inclusive leftovers?
sad trumpet whuuu-whu.
Kyle says he’s good with going up with Daniel, but the guys are trying to figure out the logistics of men putting up men, with Monte saying for his storyline it’s better to go for Nic and put Tay up as a pawn and go for Alyssa keeping Indy. Turner isn’t jazzed about that use Tay as a pawn just after they showcased she’s being bullied talk.
Monte, I think, is still trying to finesse that he can keep the POS people in line if Ameerah leaves. Um…. the only POS people not in the Leftovers if Ameerah leaves are Nic and Alyssa (the two people he’s talking about putting on the block as target).
Hmmm. Odd.
Admittedly, I was only paying half attention… but I dunno.