Allison says I am half ready to say screw my game.. I’ll go to jury. I don’t even care!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Neda Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 06-27-56-585

9:15am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jon says that all night he kept looking to see if Neda was back. Jon wonders what could be happening out in the backyard – He says maybe an HOH, Punishment/Reward or Have/Havenot competition. Adel says or an instant eviction. Jon says it could be something where she (Neda) has to make a decision completely on her own without talking to anyone else. Rachelle asks Allison and Sabrina what they think is happening. They say have/havenot competition. Rachelle comments on how Jon was sleep talking last night. Adel says he didn’t hear it. Rachelle says you were talking to him. Adel is confused and doesn’t remember talking to him. Jon says the he had a dream that pandora’s box was opened and Neda & I went into it and we switched bodies and had to come out and I was on a mission where I had to pretend to be Neda. Rachelle asks why would there be another HOH? Jon says instant eviction. Rachelle asks so if its instant then there’s no audience. Jon tells her nope. Rahcelle says that sucks balls! They wonder where Neda is and if she got out of the house. Heather says unless she’s in a room. Sabrina says she is either in the HOH watching on the spy screen or in that secret room. Allison says I’m tired of guessing. Jon says either Neda is being pampered to sh*t right now .. or she is getting punished and we’re going to get a reward. Allison complains about being so annoyed this morning because she doesn’t know whats going on. Allsion says I am half ready to say screw my game .. I’ll go to jury. I don’t even care. Heather says she is so happy that Kenny isn’t here to experience the secret room. Allison says well we haven’t experienced it either. Heather explains how Kenny was so sure there was a secret room there and would always get in trouble for trying to open it. Allison says that Adel is pissing her off because he was swearing up and down he was putting you up and now that you guys have power he is kissing your a$$. Allison says I am totally going to use Neda’s makeup! She has make up that I have wanted to use. Should I use my brush or my finger? Wash my finger and then use it?

BBCAn2-2014-04-18 06-42-04-588

10am – 10:25am Neda returns into the war room from showering and finds her breakfast. She says oh my god! She sits down to eat and watch the spy screens. Neda watches Jon and says that’s my deodorant! That’s my deodorant you little booger! I can’t believe he just used my deodorant! She continues to watch them and then says oh they’re so boring! Neda asks is there a 13 year old girl controlling the camera because it’s just following Jon around. Neda says calm down he’s not that good looking and he has a stain on his shirt. Neda watches Allison getting ready and tells her not to wear leggings. Neda says she even looks sketchy when she does her hair! Is she a real human being?

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 07-00-45-989

10:40am In the living room Jon says Neda is final 6 in Big Brother Canada isn’t that crazy! Sabrina and Rachelle agree. Jon asks what day it is? He then realizes that its Allison’s birthday! They all wish her a happy birthday. Allison says she forgot it was her birthday. Neda hears them and says oh yeah its her birthday. Happy Birthday robot!
BBCAN2-2014-04-18 07-19-11-423

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 07-46-04-430

In the living room – The conversation turns to talking about Jon’s relationship with Neda. (Neda is listening to the whole conversation at the war room secret door.) They talk about how it was just a brother / sister relationship. Rachelle says I would have a problem with it but I’m a jealous person. Jon says wow, my mind is blown .. I could never be in a relationship with you! Jon says I f**king love Ned’s, I will love her for life. I love her in every aspect of this game and she will be a friend for life. Heather agrees with Jon and says that if she was his girlfriend she would completely fine with it. Adel says your’s would be called a sismance. Neda says to herself oh my god this is still the topic of conversation! Neda asks why is me and Jon still the topic of conversation especially when its always the Gremlin’s who bring it up!

Sabrina comments that her Dad think’s she has cold sores because she kisses her dog so much.

bandicam 2014-04-18 07-54-00-412

11:10am – 11:35am Big Brother blocks the live feeds… when the feeds come back Jon is talking about in the end if he would take someone he was loyal to or someone he could beat. Rachelle says if Neda was thinking strictly game and it was instant eviction she would get rid of you Jon. Sabrina agrees. Sabrina says she thinks 1000% Jon would win in the end over everyone. Jon says I think if people knew what has really happened in this game they would not think that. (In the war room Neda asks why is she (Sabrina) calling him out about this right in front of everyone.)

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 08-05-01-575

11:35am Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

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My prediction is that Neda will enter back into the house through the secret door right after the votes to evict have been cast but not read and after that point that room will be known / more accessible to everyone.


Why was Jon’s girlfriend at the after show last night? Did they just have her there to set her up or something? She looked really annoyed at Scott and Gary


Jon’s been talking about her being in Toronto with a friend to watch a hockey game, she was probably in town and wanted to come and show her support


There was no game in Toronto, last night. Season for them is over. So Jon’s gf couldn’t have been there, for the game.

Persian Princess

Not NHL hockey…


How does everyone know there is a secret room? I thought it was supposed to be a secret.


They heard Neda yelling when she found out


Kenny was always looking for a secret room so everyone took it for granted he was right. Production told Kenny to “Stop It” when he kept trying to open things to find that room.

Allison never let on about that room and just now played dumb after Heather talks about the secret room, saying, “I’m tired of guessing”.

Not A PHD Student

Agreed “super fan” Allison is a super fake. Every time I hear someone claim they want to leave production should call them immediately to the room and ask them right there, if you want to go, leave right now or shut up!! I respect Arlie, he played hard when his back was up against the wall and didn’t give up. When things go sour for these people they all piss and moan.

Speaking of production, BB Canada production of this show is piss poor at best. For starters they need a new host. When Andrew was evicted some of the crowd was booing him and she was saying settle down. Arlie gets the boot everyone is cheering and she is saying come on lets hear it.

Did we have to have our time wasted watching a food cooking comp. instead of watching game play? Did we really need to see people peeing themselves? Is this what they want to do to get ratings? As much as I enjoy the American BB the Canadian BB looks like a grade 3 school project.


Even Neda said that she would self evict, if Arlie stayed. I think production should call them out on these things and start giving penalties. Either shut up or give up!


“Calm down. He is not that good looking and he has a stain on his shirt.” LOLOLOL.

Hypno Toad

Neda is probably having separation anxiety being away from jon so long


Allison is such a waste of a player. How’d she even get casted, nothing interesting or smart or strategic about her AT ALL. She gets handed so many advantages in the game by Big Brother, yet she’s always in such a bad position. She claims its because she came late, but its because she makes the dumbest, stupidest game moves and completely just destroys any advantage/ power given to her!


Production getting her closest ally out isn’t exactly helping her though…


If the object of Allisons game was to go into the house and play the worst, most anti-climatic game ever, give some random guy a handy, get drunk and make yourself look like an utter basket case only to sober up, and make the worst game move ever while taking credit for someone else’s move, only to call it quits, then she has succeeded brilliantly!

Well done allison!! so glad we voted you in!


Well you may not be pleased with Allison but you probably would do less. Its easy for us to comment, we see everything. The houesguests do not have that luxury. AND for voting in Allison over Scott, he is all about himself and would not have lasted a week. He can not even be on stage without trying to take over Arisa and the spotlight. I am quite happy he never made it outside the war room!


It does make me wonder how Nate would have done though. Would he have made big moves? Who would he have aligned with? Would he have been shunned like Allison was? It’s too bad because the poor guy honestly never really had a chance.


i voted for nate. I found Scott to be too over the top, and not entertaining at all. But i don’t really find Gary that entertaining either, as far as playing the actual game goes. I wondered what nate could do, or how he would enter the house, and if people would think of him as non threatening. They considered Allison a threat immediately, thinking she was pretty and athletic. Nate, maybe not so much. jon would have gravitated towards him, as would Adel i think. A guys guy and a girls friend.


They would have first mistaken Nate as someone from production.


Wow, this HOH isolation crap sucks. I wanted to see what she says to the gremlins and Alli before she put them up. Instead she’s sitting on the floor next to the door.
Arisa said at the end of last nights show that the feeds will be down, but it will all be worth it…. LIARS!!!!


Its really boring to watch Neda stuck in a room all alone for . .. how many days till instant eviction? This is killing the show IMO. This is not a treat its a punishment! They should have made this a Pandora’s box. HOH gets to go to the secret room and watch the other houseguest with SOUND ON but what they don’t tell the HOH is that at the same time the other houseguests get to do something fun like bring in some past houseguests and have a huge party and Neda is stuck in the room having to watch it all. And she should get to leave after one night. Its bad enough to be in there with 2 other people but at least you have company. Its inhumane to leave somebody in there all alone for days.


To bad these hgs don’t have a brain because if there did there be thinking about breaking up John and Neda.


Ahahahah Neda is hilarious in there


Sad to know we’re seeing the last of one of these guys on the feeds right now? I’m weirdly attached to them all in some way … even the gremlins. Well, if someone’s out, hope it is our health care professional. Rachelle is more entertaining and that’s saying something

mark anthony

i agree allison is completely useless. she offers absolutely nothing to this game,


Like you would do any better, why dont you get yourself a life. This is a game, but I guess you think this is real, you need help and is oviously useless yourself.


Oviosly I is useless.


I never understood that argument, what does it matter if any of us would not fair any better? WE’RE NOT COMPETING IN THE GAME. We are viewers who have every right to want the contestants to be entertaining and to be annoyed when they appear to be lacking.


NEDA is playing a good game and is surely in a great position to win, but watching her in the War Room shows her as she really is. Talk all you want about SABRINA, but NEDA is right up there as being a SNARKY BITCH as well. She should be in a good position though, as she has JON covering all the bases for her. WHEN there are two people playing as a unit in the house, one with brains and one with brawn what else do you expect.


Most people would be “snarky bitches” at this point in the game after being locked up 24/7 in the same house. Most shit that is said is usually forgiven. Whats harder to forgive is someone evicting you.
I agree Neda is playing a great game, no blood on her hands really thus far, great position at the moment, and it’s mostly because she had the poise and patience (major patience with putting up with Sabs) and the intuition to make moves when she needed too.

I rather like Nedas gameplay, she is like a silent assassin, just ask Arlie LOL! In this game you have to be a little ruthless in your moves.

another name

so, in considering this week’s instant eviction / double eviction:
a gremlin goes home first. neda is not direct confrontation so 75% Sabrina rachelle on block. failed blindside on Allison, 15% Sabrina Allison on block, 5% rachelle Allison on block, 3% adel and gremlin on block so she can cast the tiebreak vote (salt in the wound), 2% jon and gremlin on block because power corrupts and biggest threat. heather on block: not a discernible probability.

second hoh comp should be endurance. they haven’t had an endurance in weeks.


Neda is playing a floaters game, she won one hoh, big deal. If it wasnt for the twistos twist Neda or Jon wouldnt have any power at all.

Watching the live show last night and the good bye messages, i love how Neda said to Arlie that i had to get rid of you because i had no use for… lmfao, excuse me? you had no use for arlie? your riding Jons coat tail doing fck all yet you think your running the house? I cant stand bitch face Neda.

Alison, Sabs & Rach evicting Arlie was the dumbest move all season, had they kept Arlie he would still be the biggest target taking all the heat off them.


You’re honestly hilarious. First of all this is her second HOH. Secondly, she’s absolutely not a floater as she’s not floating to whoever has power because, oh wait, she’s always in power. So no, I wouldnt say Neda sucks, I’d say she’s the strongest player in there, and really one of the only ones playing the game.


Lulu, agree with you 100%, by far Nedas played the best game. Smartest player in the house, she stayed low at the beginning and has made moves when she needed to, and she’s no snarky bitch! The only people she bashes are lowlifes that deserve to be bashed. To me that makes her observant and a good judge of character. Obviously this guy isn’t even worth responding to.


I was with you until: “The only people she bashes are lowlifes that deserve to be bashed.” Nobody deserves to be bashed. But I’m sure that kind of thinking is why you felt comfortable choosing your user name.


Yes, it is her second HOH, but she also only won one. The other one was thrown to her by Arlie.


You’re forgetting that Neda threw that HOH to Arlie FIRST. He then threw it back to her.


neda is the biggest floater in the house,she has done nothing only hold on to jons coat tail,i hope jon goes next week so i can see the look on her face,cause she is useless without jon,and jon is useless without neda,jon said he didnt want to go to bed the night allison was in his bed because he didnt want allison to roll over and play rug and tug with him,but its ok to sleep with neda since he hhas been in the house,come on people two plus two is 4 not 1


I must be watching a different game. The way I see it, Neda is able to manipulate Jon and get him to do what she wants and he ends up convinced that it was his idea in the first place. She isn’t riding anyone’s coat tails and she isn’t floating. She laid low when the big personalities were in the middle of drama and managed to survive the fake girls alliance with no injuries. She has remained faithful to Jon and Heather throughout, not the way a floater operates. She has won 2 HOH competitions now, she has gotten the two biggest threats out of the house, Kenny and Arlie, she had a lot to do with getting Sarah out and now she will be nominating again, and I am sure she is gunning for the biggest competition threat in the house besides her and Jon, which is Allison. Floaters don’t make big moves like Neda has, and if anything, she has protected Jon from making dumb mistakes. He is the one that everyone sees, but she is the power behind him. Impressive game! She is in trouble after this eviction unless Jon or Heather win the next HOH, though.


Can we switch to jury cam now please!? The Arlie Shaban show.


who else thought heather’s goodbye message to arlie was very touching cuz i actually teared up


If Neda wins this season, it would be like one of those movies where the bad guy wins, and you leave the theater with a sick, unsettled feeling in your stomach.


When did this anti-Neda sentiment start? She’s a smart player. Not every strong woman is a bitch you sexist idiots. She has been cordial with everyone including the gremlins and when she does talk about them, its usually not offensive or below the belt. Go Neda!!


Lol the good old sexist card. That’s classic!

FYI, just as many females are as sick of Neda as there are males. And if a guy acted in such a manner I would dislike him just as much.

another name

a houseguest looks down on others, is only nice when they want something, only to shun them the rest of the time, says rotten things behind their backs, breaks promises, has an ego that expands exponentially with every success, and leaves rotten messages to the evicted houseguests.

when that description was filled by Kenny and Andrew, were they defended?
they were called every name in the book, and hated by the majority of the fanbase. those insults and slurs were applauded.
when the comments about Kenny became homosexual slurs, was there a call to stop the homophobic comments? not many, that’s for sure. most of those got double digit likes.

now that the description fits for neda, there is a comment on sexism?

in fulfilling the doctrine of feminism that teaches that women are equal to men, you cannot call sexism when a woman is treated the same as a man. I believe that men and women are equal: equal in rights, and equal in accountability. neda has behaved the same way Kenny and Andrew did. it is not sexist to hold her equally accountable for her behavior. the insults are inflammatory speech, and namecalling is never right by the house guests, or the commenters.. however, in stating that any female player should not be held to the same standard as male players when they behave in the same way is a misandrist (prejudiced against men) statement, and completely against equality of the sexes.

I don’t like that she’s called a bitch, but her lack of good character has incited the hate, not her strength of game play or her gender.




Neda is becoming more attractive by the day. Not just as a girl but also as a person. Up until this week her whole game revolved around fakeness – although most of the others are also playing that same game – and was really looking at the possibility of reuniting with her old allies. She gave several hints that she was considering this. But when Sabrina got back in the game and started running her mouth and stirring up crap, it completely unnerved her. It got to the point where Sabrina was almost talking down to her. Neda being the control freak that she is suddenly began to lose control of the game. This resulted in a realisation that Jon and Heather are the only two people who she can really trust and there’s no need any longer to be fake or even to feel fakeness towards these two people. You can even see it in her face. Neda is definitely now my favourite along with Heather. The order of who I want to win is:

Heather/Neda – Always liked Heather. Not afraid to make big moves. Neda is by far the best player. Seriously smart.
Allison – Played a good survival game.
Sabrina – Lots of game but clearly not a nice person.
Jon – Gormless. Easily manipulated.
Adel – No game. Cowardly floater.
Rachelle – Never liked her.


Wow Antony! ! I’ve never thought you’ll like and respect Nedas game ever. So glad you’re team neda/heather 🙂


my prediction is jon and neda make final 2 and then do the nasty thus starting their relationship together ending with a climatic wedding on slice network !


Does anybody know why Alie was not on the Side Show last night? Is it because hes in jury?


Its 99.99999% likely he’s under wraps so that
his vote is not contaminated or questioned!!!
i sorta put out a trial balloon about this on the
new thread. in Survivor terms, the Ponderosa
often feels totally empty when one is the first
jury member. usually the contestants binge eat.


Neda said from the beginning in her bios that she was snarky and had a mouth that would get her into trouble, that she doesn’t have the best filter. Now we are starting to see it, and I have to hand it to her, she did a good job keeping that character flaw under wraps for so long. Of all the people that could have won HOH this week, Neda is the one that can handle being locked by herself in the war room the best, and it is probably better for her own game if nobody is around her to plead their case before nominations. I think she already knew what she wanted to do as soon as she won, and if I were her, I would be glad of the break from people that are driving her mad, and happy to not have to endure non stop campaigning and empty promises. My guess is that she puts up Sabrina and Allison, or maybe Adel and Allison. Jon is obviously safe and I don’t think she wants to get rid of or scare Heather yet. Whoever she puts up, I think Allison is her target. I am so glad she won another HOH, but it looks like she is destined to win the ones that don’t give her the perks of HOH. I think she is playing a good game and she is still my fave.


Regardless of any season ive watched it drives me mad to hear players say I want to self-evict or give up. Allison is not facing the heat because she entered the house late, its because she is just a poor gameplayer. She was given a few critical advantages and made 0 use of them. That being said production is doing game purists no favours as whenever the balance of power is tipping heavily in one sides favor there is another absurd twist. 100 000 dollars for playing a game allison ! Go to jury it really ticks ppl off who would embrace this opportunity. Arlie was smug at times but he is a real “superfan” and fought until the end with a clear strategy




Sabrina’s Dad is very naive. Slobrina didn’t get her lip herpes from kissing the dog.


only if the dog’s full name is Rex Herpes Lab-Ialis and walked on 2 legs


Why are these houseguests so lazy anyway? They have work out equipment and a yard. On BBUS people are constantly doing laps around the yard and working out. since Andrew and Kyle left, pretty much zip, especially the ones who really should be taking advantage of this opportunity to improve their health and bodies.


I know ha!! I wish could have all those equipment s in my house!! If only my landlady was not a complaining bitch 🙂


anyone else wondering, why isn’t neda eating her breakfast? looks pretty good..


Best part of Arlie’s poem was Adel afterwards lol.