Sabrina says I’m 90% convinced its an INSTANT EVICTION! Allison says I’m just sick of this.. I miss real life!

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HOH Winner: Neda Next HOH: April 24th
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12:15pm – 1pm In the bathroom – Allison and the Gremlins are in the bathroom talking. Sabrina says I am 90% convinced it is an instant. Allison says then in that case it will be out of our hands. Allison says I will accept the inevitable of what they will decide. Allison says I think she is going to get rid of one of us now. Rachelle says oh god that’s going to be me. Allison says that she thinks it will be her because of how well I did in that competition. Sabrina says that would be a good reason to keep you around. They wonder where Neda was and if she was in the HOH or a secret room. Allison says I think if she was watching us it wasn’t sound. I, I, I mean I don’t know that I am just guessing. The camera switch to the living room – Jon, Heather, Adel are in the living room talking. Jon comments on how Arlie watches every reality tv show. Adel asks how does he have so much time in his life? Jon yells out Neda! Heather yells out Neda! We love you! COME BACK! I wonder where she was! Jon says she was in this back corner. Adel says no, that would be mega boring. Adel says oh because you heard her voice! Allison joins them and says that she is just sick of this.. I miss real life.
BBCAN2-2014-04-18 09-40-03-479
Heather, Adel and Jon plan to play a trick on the others by moving the couch into the eviction position to freak them out. Adel then goes and grabs the Twistos bags and puts them on the kitchen table. Jon tells him its too much and tells him to put them back.

1pm – 1:10pm Heather is heard in the diary room saying “Hi, I was just wondering if I would be able to request some Gravol or Pepto Bismol for my tummy.” Big Brother blocks the feeds. Allison says I hate myself for not winning. If I had more TIME! I had 2 seconds to write down a number!

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 10-08-34-274

1:15pm In the living room – Sabrina asks Jon why are the couches like this? Jon says they asked me to do it. Sabrina stares and then gets up saying she’s freaked out. She goes up stairs to tell the other. Jon joins them. They ask him about the couches again. Jon says I don’t know if they said eviction position or nomination. Sabrina says same thing. They comment on how Jon is safe no matter what. Jon says I hope so but I don’t know. Sabrina keep saying she is f**king pissed off!

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 10-14-02-742

In the storage room – Heather and Jon are in the storage room laughing about how freaked out the others are about the couches. Heather says it was a smart idea really.. get them thinking about other things. Adel joins them and says she asked me if I could talk and I said nope.
BBCAN2-2014-04-18 10-23-04-231

1:20pm Camera 3 & 4 get turned back on with Neda in the War Room watching the others on the spy screens. Neda says he is wearing both of my bracelets.. I am gone for less than 24 hours and he’s already wearing my sh*t! Butt face!

BBCAn2-2014-04-18 10-31-36-424

1:25pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

1:55pm The live feeds return again – Neda’s in the war room walking around following the floor pattern. Neda says lets put the two gremlins in the hot tub area because no one likes them. Put Adel in the shower because he’s always in there. Jon is always pacing around. Meanwhile in the living room – All the other house guests are sitting around. They start whistling the hunger games bird call and big brother tells them to stop singing. They comment on how bored they are…

In the war room – Big Brother asks Neda to put the blindfold on .. Big Brother then blocks the feeds.

2:10pm When the live feeds return – Jon, Heather, Adel, Rachelle and Sabrina are in the HOH room on a lock down. They’re all going to sleep..

BBCAN2-2014-04-18 11-12-19-252

2:20pm – 2:30pmThe cameras 3 & 4 come back showing Neda back in the war room. Neda asks how creepy is it that I’m watching them sleep right now.

The Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are off until after Sunday’s show. There’s an instant eviction happening in the house… We’ll post a Live Feed Leak if we get one. ;)

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347 thoughts on “Sabrina says I’m 90% convinced its an INSTANT EVICTION! Allison says I’m just sick of this.. I miss real life!

  1. “Allison says I think if she was watching us it wasn’t sound. I, I, I mean I don’t know that I am just guessing.”

    GO ON Allison, spill it! She was so close… Would love to see her leave the House all because she let it slip..

    1. You can see the wheels turning in Rachelle’s head when Allison said that. You can tell she was putting it all together right there. She’s not as dumb as people think she is.

    2. I had to reply to message as there was no new comment to comment to. There will be a instant elimination and whomever neda puts up will have no chance to save themselves because there will be no pov. Production always updates wiki and there slice site and if you are playing the game you will see there is no pov choice on the game for first game and second game is below for us to guess. So instant elimination with no pov and then new hoh. I hope they don’t show the hg what neda has said in the war room like they did to topaz last year in the hoh room as that killed her game.

    3. There will be a instant elimination and whomever neda puts up will have no chance to save themselves because there will be no pov. Production always updates wiki and there slice site and if you are playing the game you will see there is no pov choice on the game for first game and second game is below for us to guess. So instant elimination with no pov and then new hoh. I hope they don’t show the hg what neda has said in the war room like they did to topaz last year in the hoh room as that killed her game.

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      1. Ya I don’t think they will show what Neda has said—shes been careful too with the exception of Alison—-looks like Neda wants her out first for sure now! Alison should of kept Arlie or even used the Pov on him prior! A great opportunity to talk with Arlie was missed because she got SLOBBERING DRUNK—that time in bathroom was a disgrace! And Her Loss!!!

        1. I agree, it would’ve been AWESOME if Allison had turned around and used her secret POV to take down Arlie right after Jon put him up!! Everyone’s mind would have been blown! Then it would’ve been an alliance of Arlie, Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle with Sabrina and Adel on the block. Arlie, Allison and Rachelle would’ve controlled the votes against Jon & Heather. That would’ve been the biggest move thus far. Too bad Allison is too much of a chicken!! Superfan my @ss, lol.

    4. Yepper! I caught that too! It was so close –i think she caught herself—nobody noticed because B.B. made an announcement or Jon bellowed something for attention at the time (I forget)—but I was hoping bb. Would say something like– “warning allison” to get them thinking!

    5. A great week for team Neda, Jon, Heather (and Adel?)… Especially Neda… i like watching her alot, i think she is very intelligent, and hilarious, i really like her weird humor with Jon, Heather and Adel… im so annoyed the feeds are out the entire weekend… it was awesome seeing Neda eliminating Kenny from the hoh comp then backdooring him, followed by persuading Jon to backdoor Arlie, then winning the Top Chef challenge with Heather whilst she was on slop, a big deal, then, with Jon and Heather, outsmarting Allison, Sab and Rach to get them to vote out Arlie (he would have benefited their game but they voted him out)

      Arlie thought he was the master but he got crushed by Neda… who Arlie describes as his nemesis

      then Neda winning an epic hoh, being clever choosing a low number on the tiebreaker question, and getting into the secret room, and i assume the meet with Emmitt and Jill for a strategy session before nominations…im happy Neda won the Emmitt and Jill strategy talk because Neda has been talking about how much she appreciated Jills game last season, and also Jill was my favourite player last season and this season my favourite player is Neda, so it will be interesting to see this meeting and how Emmitt and Jill help Neda in her game with advice, and what questions Neda asks relating to nominations, and her final 2 and final 3 with both Heather and Jon

      i hope one of Rachelle or Allison are gone as they are comp threats, even though i dislike Sab alot more, especially for the upcoming pirate ship style hanging or holding female oriented endurance hoh which should either be the next hoh or the one after…i hope its the one after so Neda can compete in it…she is a good chance in it being so small…if Adel stays on their side it will be 4 on 2, with hopefully a final 4 of heatherm adel, jon and neda

      with Jons girlfriend Janelle in the audience for Arlies eviction on thursday, i really hope that means she goes into the house this weekend or on Monday as part of the awesome freeze task…and if she does go in, i hope she tells Neda in front of everyone (restating after she said this on one of the episodes) that she likes Neda, would like to be friends with her, and is cool with Neda and Jons friendship, totalling putting Jon and Neda at ease, and putting an end to the smart a55 comments of other houseguests…i also hope she snubs Sabrina after the nasty remarks Sabrina made to Janelle, Neda and Jon – it would be cool to see Neda’s sister Roya go into the house too, as she is a massive big brother fan

      an interesting point in the game, i cant wait for the Sunday episode and the return of the live feeds

      thanks to Dawg and Simon for the great work, its majorly appreciated, by the way Neda has mentioned she is a super fan, watches live feeds and goes on blogs, and I think I remember someone posting here by the name of Neda in recent seasons, which was probably her… all the best

  2. Once again Allison is complaining.
    Allison says I hate myself for not winning. If I had more TIME! I had 2 seconds to write down a number!
    Neda had the same amount of time so girl please.
    I hope Neda knows its an instant, Jon and Adel playing that prank by moving the chairs may actually help her, I hope she figures it out and puts up Sabrina and Allison. I think Neda is smart and very observant so she will make a good decision.
    Thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping us updated. I appreciate it.

    1. Lol…….the BIG difference being that Allison was off by 52 and Neda was off by 258. Allison was trying to attempt a legit count of the acorns, and Neda just took a wild guess, but won because she was still under the correct amount.

      1. In this competition going over the correct number is a fail. Neda was very smart in low balling it. She admittedly didn’t know the answer so she gambled on Allison going over.

          1. Sorry … I’ve never watched that show. If this is such a popular and smart move on that show, well then good on Neda for her quick thinking and following suit!

            1. First of all, if she did low-ball it, like you think, why did she…
              1: Pick an odd number like 40
              2: Look so dissatisfied in her answer when she revealed it?

  3. Allison get over yourself…..your one of the worst players in history! You should of kept Arlie, you screwed your own game. You deserve what you get.

  4. I think final 3 will be jon, neda and heather. Seems prefect for neda i think jon or heather would take her final 2 and if she wins even better she could take heather and have better chance of winning.

        1. Just an ignorant comment from somebody who probably lives in the arm pit, I mean Ford nation, ooops suburbs of Toronto and has never had the opportunity of visiting beautiful NFLD.

            1. If you like Rob Ford, you clearly do not read very well.
              I am surprised that you were able to sort of form a sentence.

          1. What is NFLD ? When you go to another country and they ask you where your’re from and you say Canada. They will think your from Toronto. Even before Rob Ford crap. Toronto isnthe number one place to live in Canada. Don’t be a hater.

  5. did we ever find out what the bobbleheads were for? do they give the evicted houseguet their bobble head on their way out? lol

    1. I wonder if her “puck” slide to take out one of the Gremlin bobbleheads reveals her intentions. That would be Rachelle I think.

    2. Did anyone notice that when Neda was positioning the bobble-heads that there wasn’t an Allison bobble? Could this be a production hint for Neda that Allison spent time in the secret room before entering the house?

          1. Neda did throw the Allison bobble head in the trash then at some point she retrieved it (or was told to by production to do so) if you look at the Allison Bobble head now it has broken leg.

  6. I’m not an Allison fan at all, but I think some people are too hard on her. Bottom line she is the best of the 3 that could have entered that house. Much better than drag queen that is for sure. (that said I hope they never do that type of thing again in BB Canada or US!)

    1. Nate would have been better. He had some humour. His game might mirror Adel’s but that’s okay. Entertainment is a good thing.

      1. I liked Nate too but let’s be realistic his “plan” was to be his happy, go lucky Nate the Great self and I think that would have made him vulnerable to being picked off early in the game.

    2. I just think out of the three pontential houseguest, she was played as the big brother super fan and people like that. And the fans wanted to bring someone who they thought would change the house around but that was a total dud. And even if the other two guys were chosen to enter the house, assuming that their gameplay sucked, at least they would have been entertaining to watch.

    3. I wish Scott had been chosen. Man, the DRAMA that we would have had. ;) It would have been awesome. Allison is fine enough as a human being, but as a player, she is BORING.

  7. Stop the bashing……it is easy for us to criticize, we see all of it. These guys only see and hear bits and pieces. Anyone on this show had what it takes to be there, we do not! I am sure most of you would have self evicted after the first week or two!

    1. I 100% agree Big Brother is a very difficult game to play but in the case of the Kenny vote and the Arlie vote she didn’t need to see anything more that was was infront of her eyes. Keeping a bigger target in the house is Big Brother 101! The reason she keeps making horrible decision is that she does not like to ‘talk game’ (her own admission) and she has no strategy. This brings to mind one of my favourite lines from BBCAN2. “Mole . . BE GONE!” said by Ika Wong Episode 11 – Eviction. Segment – Letters from Home.

  8. Can you imagine what would have happened if Rachelle won HOH? Imagine her trying to come up with nominations on her own with no help from Sabrina, locked in a room by herself, watching the others. Judging from the vote she gave to Kenny, she needs someone in her ear while casting her vote just so she does it right. I still can’t imagine why she did that and I am even more amazed that none of the others questioned where the vote for Kenny came from.

  9. Arlie wasn’t on last nite’s SIDESHOW episode?
    i read the other thread. i am sorta wondering if
    its because he’s now in the Jury, i gotta ask, too!

    1. Yeah, I think they might not want him to get any outside information or see other people’s opinions of the house guests that are still in it

  10. I agree wholeheartedly that Allison is not a top player, but STOP talking about her all the time. You bitch when she complains, you bitch she does nothing, you just plain bitch. Give it a rest. I have been watching live feeds since the beginning and believe me, she doesn’t deserve the flack she gets from all of you. Look at Neda for a change. She struts around the house with a look on her face like she has just smelled shit, dictating to everyone, yapping constantly about everyone, and everything. She bosses everyone around, and lies and lies and lies. She is smart, but has an evil side to her that Allison and Heather do not have. And who the hell does Heather think she is fooling. She lies and flirts constantly, but that’s OK because she does it all the while talking like a four year old. Heather is definitely my favourite, but she certainly isn’t fooling me.

    1. 100% Delta.

      Allison doesn’t deserve to be attacked on a personal level. She’s probably tied with Heather for nicest person in the house.

      There are legitimately nasty people in that house that are more liked than Allison is, and I find that disturbing.

    2. The thing is, nowadays BB Fans can nitpick on every fault and never let it go in the house. Yes, some are legitimate. But then you see people hate on contestants, solely for how they speak (I’ve seen plenty of Arlie and Heather haters like this)

      1. The Veto was intended to be handed to somebody, that was how that comp worked. So technically she did win it! The others wanted money more.

  11. I loved how on after dark last night Adel was trying to get under Sabrina’s skin by telling her Arlie wanted to take her to the end cause she wasn’t a threat. He hates her so much that he just loves to push her buttons. It was so funny! If I was in the house I’d be doing the same thing. She deserves everything she gets. Also loved how the crowd cheered when she was knocked out of the HOH. Can’t wait to see the response when she finally gets evicted. Glad people see her for the horrible person she is despite her receiving a pretty good edit on the telecasts, which I totally don’t agree with. I think production should show her for what she really is.

  12. Can someone explain to me what the HOH tie breaker was? they had to put a number closer to 298???? Allison was 350 and Neda was 40. How did Neda win?

    But whateves im glad NEDA WON!!!

    1. The tie breaker is the person that comes the closest without going over. Neda intentionally lowballed it and it paid off.

      1. Chloe…they had to guess the # of something (I forget what it was…coconuts maybe) that were scattered around the back yard and the winner as everyone has said was the one who came closest without going over.

    2. i had wondered the same thing. I don’t remember if arisa said ‘without going over’ or not.
      I know without going over is an accepted price is right method, but she probably did say without going over. i just didn’t absorb it.

      1. yep arisa did say “without going over”
        and that’s how all of season 1’s tie breaks went so both girls knew what the rules were going into it

      1. anyone notice that both rachelle and jon went pee one after another and jon (ironically being the guy) was the only one to wash his hands? ew rachelle!

        1. Did anyone else besides me think that Allison’s board look like she scratched the 3 out thus making her number just 50??? When I first looked I took it as 350 but when I looked closer, it almost looked like she had tried to scribble over the 3…………. I thought maybe because it involved the secret room again BB would not LET her win thus locking her in at 350.
          Then again…….. my first season ……. what do I know? ;)

          1. I haven’t rewatched it yet to see this but that’s an interesting point you bring up

            but…. considering that allison thinks only in the moment… if she really did try to cover the 3 and her answer was 50 then she would’ve pointed it out right there and then. but since her only complaints after HOH were that “if only I had more time” rather than “why did they misread my answer” then no she lost fair and square

          2. Doubt it, otherwise she would be complaining that she actually won with her 50 vs Neda’s 40 instead of being disappointed in herself that her guess was sooooo wrong.

    3. I’ll get in trouble for bashing Allison but why did such a baller BB fan make such a stupid guess? If you don’t know the answer, you always go for the lowest reasonable guess. Like Neda did. And yes, that is more proof that Allison is not the best BB player ever.

      1. bash away, I say. all of them have put themselves in the public eye, on a reality show, knowing they will be discussed and scrutinized.

  13. Allison and the Gremlins should kept Arlie and let him take out Jon and make Neda weaker… now Jon and Neda are gonna run this whole game… they could be the final 2 unless Heather wins the final HoH… she’ll take Neda…

      1. There is NO comparing Jon and Neda to Emmett and Jillian whatsoever or last season to this there was serious game play last yr not nearly as much interference from production and ten times more laughs and fun times……the last of the shows heart walked out that door tonight and big brother set it up in a disgraceful manner….Andrew was treated better when he left then canadas vote Allison! It was bad enough when Sarah and Kenny left they too played with heart and didnt belittle people to make themselves look better on tv and Allison was productions pawn till the end and look what they did to her? At this point they either have it set for Sabrina or Heather to win and it wouldnt shock me at all it has been such a mishandled season if they bring Arlie back in after dumping Allison so awfully they will lose us fans that are still trying desperately to like the matter how bad of a taste it is leaving in our mouths dare I say even Evil Dyck would have beat whats been goin on for last four wks.

      1. Allison did the right thing to vote Arlie out. She knew the Gremlins were voting Arlie out and if she voted to keep him, she would have lost the little trust she had with the Gremlins and the other side. Allison had to vote the way the rest did so she didn’t put a target on herself, little realizing John and Neda’s word meant s**t and the Gremlins voted with their emotions. That was the only move she could make.

        1. It is the reverse. Sabrina and Rachelle wanted to keep Arlie but Allison did not. If Allison would have wanted him the gremlins would have voted the other way. Allison believed the F4 deal with Jon/Neda/Heather. The gremlins, in an attempt to preserve/present loyalty to the F5 deal with Jon/Neda/Allison, had to vote Arlie out.
          Again, had they believed they had Allison’s vote to keep Arlie, they would not have succumbed to the Arlie/Sarah/Kenny bashing by the others on eviction eve.
          Sabrina had to ‘OMG, he’s such a liar” to indicate loyalty to that deal.

    1. If she had taken Arlie off instead of Sabrina, then Jon would have had to put up Adel vs Sabrina. Arlie, Allison and Rachelle vote Adel out and suddenly Allison has a good shot at finals. What a dummy to take Sabs off. She isn’t going to help you win back to back comps going forward, Arlie could have, and even if she got to the end with Sabrina, I think Sabrina would beat her. In fact the only way Sabrina wins the game is if she is sitting with Allison or Rachelle. Allison has taken every advantage she has been given in this game and pissed it away. She deserves to go and I hope it is Neda that takes her out.

      1. The only solid reason to have removed Sabrina from the block would have been to keep Arlie. Having Sabrina did not increase her numbers in any way (she was staying anyways as Arlie was the target). So leaving Adel in the game maintained numbers with Jon/Neda, or the sloppy seconds (4 to 3).
        Now she is ranting about Adel’s lies to her…but only the gremlins will listen.

    2. allison should have committed 100% to either just Heather or Jon/Neda combo, 1 hundo. Her failure to do that, to suck up to the gremlins in spite of what everyone knows about them both, and what she herself must have heard, just tells me she is just like them. There is no way a compassionate person would tolerate being around the things sabrina says.

      And what is with the nose picking, are they all 3 years old? is Adel the only one ever taught to use a kleenex ??

    3. Rachell realized that it would have been better had they kept Arlie as soon as Neda won Hoh and the feeds were back. she repeatedly told Sabrina “we are so stupid”. Admission is the first step to recovery…. right??? lol

  14. Is hope Neda figures out that it’s an instant eviction based on the position of the chairs and the Twistos Twist bags on the kitchen table, Adel acts like a dummy but he’s no dummy :-)

  15. What is the point of secluding Neda for all this time when it’s obvious she could have made her nominations within 5 seconds. A double eviction would be so much better.

    1. it’s boring having her in there for that long. There isn’t any really good reason for it unless they are all in lockdown while building something and she is in there for the same reasons. maybe they wanted to be able to lock them into HOH, and having her HOH and in her HOH room conflicted with that, so they put her in there.

      I didn’t realize she was able to hear them, i don’t think she was able to the whole time, since she is stuck up against the door so much. Why she thinks she will be able to hear anyone plotting in the living room is beyond me. Plotters are in the store room, sauna, and bedrooms, backyard. not the living room.

      she must be bored out of her skull, but she did get McD’s breakfast it looks like fwiw.

  16. Is anyone else surprised like I am at how good this season has become.?A few weeks ago i was ready to give up but things have really picked up for me.

    1. if “hot air” has a degree of weight to it, there was a metric ton of speculation
      on the live feeds let alone the blackout somewhat hinting the game is afoot.

    2. on the site, in the play along section, this week has a notification of double eviction. it also did not give a choice for pov in the hoh of the week. it jumped from nominations to instant eviction.

  17. how is this game become better? The same Alliance has been in power for 4 straight weeks i’d call it more of a snoozefest

    1. The thing is, Allison and the Gremlins could’ve shake the house last night but didn’t. Also, Neda (and Jon) turning against Arlie so early after creating sloppy seconds is an exciting thing to watch, I’m also entertained at how they were able to convince the entire house on turning against Arlie. Lot of things can still happen, I can almost predict that Adel will switch to the other side and target Joneda once he has power. The next HOH could also spell disaster for the power duo unless Jon or Heather wins the next HOH. Personally, this is one of the better season of Big Brother for me, just hope that Allison [aka production pick :))] doesn’t win.

      1. This is one of the best BB’s ever. This past week the spoiler groupies didn’t even know which way the vote was going to go until a day or two before the vote. Didn’t Arlie seal his deal when he was overhead trying to make a deal with Jon? The hg’s were smart to take out a big threath. They had to take the chance of maybe winning the next hoh and going foward. Any of them still have a really good chance. I wish Allison had a better atttitude. She applied, made the cut, got in and promised the views she had game. I said right from the beginning Neda was my favorite. She had the 1F firgured out but Ika chickened out, rachelle won and Sabrina got her paws into her and there was nothing she could do. SHE HAS SHIT FIRGURED OUT AND DOES WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!

      1. I’m a little concerned about the Blues, they just aren’t the same team without Halak.
        They really made a mistake trading for Miller. I still can’t believe they actually made that trade.

          1. Yes, after that horrible first period.
            I’m still pretty nervous though. Miller was terrible in the lead up to the playoffs and the team only managed to score 5 goals in their last 6 games.
            Fingers crossed though. They are a great team. Hitchcock has been doing an amazing job.

            1. I just think Miller deserves the benefit of the doubt. Players often suck after getting traded (Marty), but I think he’ll get it together now that it matters.

              I’ve been a fan of this Blues squad for a while. The other team I’d like to see make it outta the West is Colorado. What a great young team they have… MacKinnon’s first playoff game was pretty incredible!

  18. I did not notice the Allison bobble head in the Neda last live feed clip at 1:55pm, when she put them in different areas. I wonder if Big Brother already knows she is leaving and had Neda take her doll out?

      1. 100%…house is way peacefull and no catty biatch comments about other Hg’s has been said. In my opinion all those bad behavior was only coming from those 2 kenny&Sarah.

  19. It’s not the end of the world if Neda noms the Gremlins instead of Alli for the instant.

    At least then it LOOKS like she is keeping her F4 with her. Might buy her some loyalty points. Alli knows the F5 with the Gremlins is fake.

    AND we may finally get to see Sabs walk out the door. Even though Rachelle and her strength in endurance may be a more strategic choice.

    1. Yes, but if Allison won HOH…there is no way that she won’t put up Jon and Neda! Now Neda has to count on Jon and Heather to win… Adel is a wildcard but I’m guessing he’ll follow Arlie’s advice and go after Jon if he is HoH… I really hope Jon and a Heather can win…it’s probably going to be an endurance…and I REALLY hope that no one listens to stupid deals that could be made…because they are going to lie through their teeth! I REALLY hope Neda gets a clue to think it’s an instant eviction….put up Allison with one of the Gremlins…then she’ll actually still look good to them and they might have a chance if Rachelle wins HoH… I can’t wait until Sunday to see it all play out…. I hope there is a feed leak! ;)

      1. Oh, I absolutely agree that Allison if she wins will put her up anyway. But if there is any sort of glimmer of hope, maybe Allison will think she is being honest. Probs not though and it is in Allison’s best interest to separate Jon and Neda anyway if and when she wins.

    2. no matter who neda nominates, she is breaking her word to somebody because she’s made deals with everybody.
      she has to hope the person she evicts thinks in terms of strategy, and doesn’t take things personally.
      if her nomination evicts Sabrina, she loses a vote.
      if her nomination evicts rachelle, she loses a vote, because Sabrina will either be in jury or final two.
      if her nomination evicts Allison, she will leave an eviction message that will be colder than the arlie message.
      if he sends a gremlin to be alone with arlie, she loses his vote.

      1. Yeah pretty much. She’s in a situation where she can’t not get blood on her hands. And it’s gonna be a jury full of very emotional people.

        She should be more tactful in her eviction messages, but I think she genuinely can’t help herself. Her nasty side just forces it’s way out, and that could be her downfall.

        In theory the jury should be objective, but that’s never how it works, and it certainly won’t be the case with this jury.

        1. I think she’ll do Goodbye messages that suit each person. She knew she could give Arlie that sort of goodbye because she knows he’s a huge fan of the game and won’t be emotional in the end. He respects the move on her part. He even said that while he was still in the house.

          Arlie is NOT Peter or Alec. I really can’t see him being bitter or emotional.

          Hopefully Allison will follow suit.

          1. The guy seriously looked like he was gonna cry when he heard that message. It was beyond rude. Between that message, the balloon, and all the snide comments he endured, there’s no way that he’s not gonna be bitter. I’m sure he hates her and rightfully so; and there’s not too many other ways he can get revenge at this point.

            Now I don’t think he’ll be so biased that he’d vote for Rachelle over Neda. But if it’s anybody that a legit case can be made, he’s gonna be campaigning for that person against Neda. A hundo.

            1. If it comes to that, we’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. Personally, I don’t think he will be bitter.

              1. It’s less about him being bitter, i am sure with a couple days the gamer in him will let him get over it, but just that it was completely unnecessary and hurtful for the sake of being hurtful. He will respect her game play, she could have done the same and respected his. I was skeptical of her from her “intro video” as she seemed rather mean but then let myself believe that she wasn’t like that but now we see her true colours. Just because you aren’t calling people names like Sabrina, does not mean you can’t be a B*tch. Neda’s disgusting behaviour is more underhanded and malicious in my opinion. She sits around and lets others bash contestants but it was “ok” because she didn’t contribute…why not speak up? oh right because she wanted to use it later to consistently rub it in Heather’s face of what was said about her. The balloon was a low blow and the message sealed it for me. I have no interest in watching anymore so long as she’s still there.

                1. Ya know what? You’re right. I just rewatched it and it did come off a bit severe. I think that’s just personality but she should have added something in there about it only being game. it’s wasn’t like they were on bad terms or anything when he left. Only thing is she knew he was after her.

                  1. Arlie wasn’t after Neda in the near future. Neda did not want someone strong within the house that could rally HG’s against her game path. She could not have Jon’s loyalties divided and she knew Arlie would not take her to F2.

          2. in assessing strategic moves I do believe that neda has played the best strategic game thus far. don’t hate, but in terms of strategic moves Sabrina is in second place for her work in the first half of the game. yes, her game has been blown to absolute hell, that can’t be argued. but assessing strategy alone puts those two at the top of the rankings. call out jon or heather all you want as having second rank. I can argue those points if required. I still consider that jon let arlie do all of his thinking for him when he wasn’t letting neda do all of his thinking for him. he doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s on par with rachelle in that regard.

            that said:
            I don’t believe that neda will leave pleasant messages to Sabrina and/or Allison if/when they leave for jury. she’ll take pleasure in seeing the back of them, and she’ll express it. her message to arlie wasn’t calculated to get his vote. it was a big ole $cr#w you buddy. she decided in the live feeds that she was going to be mean in her message to arlie, and that she didn’t really care. she left strategy at the door to rub it in.
            she’s been very calculating in her game play, and I believe her eviction messages will be her emotion release to the people she didn’t like, without considering their emotions as jurors. she’ll believe people will look beyond personal slight and see only game. out of 6, that would cost her two votes, possibly three if she were to make it into final two.

            1. Neda has disclosed to both Heather and Jon that all her good-bye messages are mean. She seems to relish this point so I do not see her altering her style until Jon’s. And she may not need to make one for him. So I see her continuing with the nasties jury worries or not.

              1. I dont know where you got that information. All her messages has been ok so far. i am sure her message to Kenny would also have been a bit cold,but he left in instant so, no message.
                As for Arlie, not sure what happened on Wed. but i heard them say they are really angry at him and she said i am going to change my message, i will be mean.

      2. I was thinking about Allison being a so called ” Super Fan” She has made literally every stupid move since walking in the house, the guessing how many acorns really clinched it! Why pick such a high number? She really doesn’t seem to be thinking strategically at all! even Sabrina couldn”t figure out why she was saved I am guessing by her wearing the Sheyld T shirt BBCAN1 is the only Big Brother she watched, probably a week before applying and that in her mind made her a Super Fan!?

        1. Always low ball the tie breakers. BB101. She could have put ANYTHING Under 300 and beat Neda. She took the question too literally and didn’t think strategically.

          This is why I love Neda. She is always thinking. Even watching her in the War Room. She’s like a hawk.

        2. I WISH Allison guessed 300. Imagine the meltdown! And sober to boot. Nothing to blame but her own uselessness. Although i imagine she will fine some thing to blame/whine about; like the NUMBER 2, aka: entering 2 weeks late, 2 acorns over, 2 drinks too many, 2 blown chances at galvanizing something worth watching, 2 funky brows…battling the 2 pom poms on her hat, scrambling her 2 brain cells. I apologize but i’m only getting personal to TRULY express how deflating this cast member is. She is probably the reason why there is nothing but silent neda feeds today. She is ruining the viewership so they had to budget cut to compensate for her fun-snatching sabotage of BB.

      3. This is a good analysis. I think OF her choices because she is not going to put up Heather, Jon or probably Adel. Of her choices, it is probably best to take out the lone wolf – Allison.

        Less damage done. And maybe by some miracle Allison actually THINKS like a Superfan in the finale, she’ll award it to the most deserving and not make another FAIL of an emotional decision.

        1. the guess the acorn number was not such a bad guess really. she assumed that each of the players had 50 acorns in their personal baskets, and another 50 in the communal basket of golden acorns for power of veto.
          for all of the mistakes she has made…. this is not that bad. she should have considered the final basket would have to be a number equally divisible by 6… but really not a horrible guess.

    3. WTF is up with everyone (including Rachelle) being convinced of Rachelle’s strength in endurance comps? She’s won ONE!
      Come on.

  20. Have yall seen Kenny’s full nude pictures that leaked? I never even saw a bulge on the dude but he has a really big one- so go figure, you never know what is in someone’s trunk.

    1. lol Beaugard your comment about Kenny was funny ! also where did you see the pics? were they from the bb house?
      Does anyone know if there are anymore interviews coming from Andrew,kenny or Sarah? Everyone else did interviews with Rob has a podcast and or Liza’s Dish but I haven’t seen too many from these 3 Was hoping to see Andrew have an interview with Liza she was mad as he apparently called her a Wh@re on the live feeds and she was makijng fun about Allison and him messing about in the sleeping bag

      1. Liza announced that she will be interviewing Andrew and Sarah this Monday and Wednesday. Liza along with most reality stars have been in CA for the reality rally… Kenny is still MIA from social media so no word on any Kenny interviews yet.

  21. Since they are all certain or speculating that Neda is still in the house watching then it is probable that Jon’s prank with the couches is him trying to signal Neda it is believed to be an instant eviction. If this is correct it show’s how sly Jon is.

  22. Neda needs to go cant stand her and she does not deserve to win with her bitch smugassface. These ppl all suck at this game what a horrible season. Bring back kenny and arlie and sarah.

    1. I respectfully disagree. Neda is the best player so far in the BBCan franchise. She’s not smug at all. She’s constantly thinking, constantly on edge. People get too comfortable in power. She never is. And you shouldn’t be.

      The only close second is Arlie and she outsmarted him. Got to him first.

      Kenny was a catty bitch – it got in the way of his game. He put all his eggs in the F5 basket and didn’t bother with any REAL outside alliance. He was so well liked. He should have been the one to take down the F5. But his sense of superiority towards the rest of the house killed him.

      Sarah was way too fake. People were on to her mumsie shit. She overplayed the caring mother to the point that it was condescending – people caught on, see: Heather.

      1. yes, neda and arlie were impressive players

        but just to be clear, heather put sarah on the block because she was kenny’s closest ally… not because she was condescending

        and I personally bought into the whole mumzie bit because she proved that she was rational (like when Ika shedded those letters), when she talked to kyle and there was no point in doing so game-wise, and when she beared sabrina’s garbage up until the week of her eviction when she could take it on more. and even then sarah only said “don’t talk to me right now”

        sarah wasn’t the best player but she’s shown a better attitude and personality than most of the BBCan 1 and 2 casts

      2. Boy are you wearing rose coloured glasses! Better take them off your getting to close to the sun. To even suggest Neda is not smug you have to be delusional at minimum. She is smug, arrogant and has a sense of entitlement at minimum.
        You hero has wasted food, I guess that is OK in your eyes. Your hero has said vile things about others in the house like all of them. Again ok for Neda. She completely sabotaged Jon’s game and she is suppose to have a relationship with Jon like a sister. No family member would EVER do that to me. We were brought up to look out for each other. Then there is your suggestion she has played a great game. What BS that is! The 1st 1/2 she hid behind big Jon who carried her with his SOCIAL GAME. Your no rookie and I know I write this a lot. BB is a SOCIAL game. Her social has been terrible out side of her alliance. One of the worst in a season of terrible social players. Sabby has played a lot harder than Neda has by a country mile. Don’t under estimate the “Laval Mist”. She won’t make it to the end but even though I loathe her she has played her behind off. Neda wins questions Thursday guessing 40 when it was 298 hardly genius level stuff lucky she was up against fake super fan Allison.

        Well we are the subject of being a hypocrite, I just brought it up. :P Calling a gay man a catty bitch likely doesn’t make you saint or queen of OBB. That’s not your first less than PC thing you’ve said. Stop judging others unless you judge yourself 1st. You appear to clearly have a connection to Neda outside the forum. Whether you do or not lying/misrepresenting to advance your position I found hard to swallow. Not smug is just false to it’s core.

        Also while I’m ranting don’t you get in BB USA and Canada a lot of the names are made up and inserted into the game by production. You think “Arlies Angels” was Sabs idea please. 1st 5 was a production thing IMO as well. Do you really think Dan came up with the funeral or the stooges name wasn’t right out of production. What’s the chance any of them watched the stooges to come up with the name? And I loved the stooges! Momzie looks like a creation of production 1st spoken by Arlie I believe. That by the way was Kasting BB 101. They seed a mother type every BB season. Sarah was only partially playing that role so production ramps it up and roles out the name through Arlie. It’s been awhile since that happened but I don’t remember any house guest adding syllables routinely like the “zie” ending. I’d give Scott Boris the nod for the names in part. he’s a funny guy and creative. Hope the names right he does Marsha on the show.

        1. Chill bud,… dont like Neda ok, there are many more who do. I am one of those. I love her game play, i think she is one of the best this season, could be one of the best in BBCAN/BBUS but lets see how it plays out…
          p.s. say what you want but please dont make up sh*t…she didnt say ”vile” things to anyone as you suggest. Did she manipulate and lie, YES but incase you forget, this is BB and they are playing for 100k

        2. whereas I believe that production does interfere a lot with the game… I would disagree with your assumption that they make up the names for these HGs because quick frankly, if they were going to…. we’d have a lot more creative names than “sloppy seconds”

          also… your opinions are really strong (not a bad thing) but you should find more facts to back them up if you decide to be so aggressive about them. For one thing, the first 5 established their name the moment they decided there even was going to be an alliance, production didn’t need to do squat. Also, arlie’s angels was suggested by either allison or arlie (i don’t remember which one) during one of the live feeds… so no it was not sabrina’s idea but it wasn’t a production thing either

          everyone wears rose colour glasses but I think stan7777 and marissa87 should just shake hands and agree to disagree

          1. 1st off hi I do like your writing even when I disagree with you. I think your misinterpreting my thoughts on production in general. Some of us long term watchers of BB believe production “steers” the show and it’s content to varying degrees. This thinking has made AG a household name fore feeders. She runs BB USA and generally has a pretty heavy hand IMO.

            Let me take the example of 1/5 1st. Yes they walked into the house and Sabby proposed the 1st 5 alliance. M contention and belief is the production cooked it up before they entered the house. That’s what I mean when I say production makes things like names for alliances ect. up for HGs. It’s their cage and they make the hamsters run the wheel their way. You don’t need production time as everyone gets DR sessions where production can feed them anything they want away from the live feeds. Seeing it 1st on the live feeds does not mean it wasn’t set up in the DR before hand which is my point.

            I’ve watched every episode since season 1 of BB USA. I honestly think to believe they don’t plant events, names ect. is pretty naïve. Don’t take that personally it’s just an opinion many of us long timers have on productions influence. As for Arlies Angels it might have been one of the others not Sabby I’m certainly not going to review past feed footage before writing in a thread. The point is moot as who said it was not important but that it was thought of and said. They used it for TV footage for Thursday’s show. As for the week in general do you think the 2 days of “save Arlie” wasn’t about footage for Thursday. Most weeks production tries to get some scenario going so it doesn’t look like paint drying. Feel free to disagree but this show is driven by production and it’s their play pen from casting to twists they call the shots. The shows called Big Brother for a reason.

            1. thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it
              and I think you make some pretty good points when you talk about the game and not arguing about neda lol.

              I love watching BB and little subtle production interference didn’t bug me all that much (like with this… names are just names, not a big deal to me. they could be called care bear’s diarrhoea and I’d still go with it) but since we’re talking about it…. this season has just been too many unnecessary and direct influences… just twist after twist changes the game from finding the “best of the best” in strategy to now who is luckier

              yes, BB is about who can survive the twists but how can you do so when they’re all directed to favour one or two HGs in particular? I’m still obsessed and anxiously awaiting tonight’s episode but it’s just a bit of a shame is all I’m saying

        3. trevor boris is the producer you are speaking of. he is the challenge producer, and the voice of marsha. former/current comedian on much music video on trial. he was on television last month speaking about how the contestants of this years big brother have cheated far less in competitions than last years contestants. if I remembered the program he was on for this interview, i’d name it. I don’t.

  23. Since the feeds were down, I put on the last two side shows while I did my chores. What a terrible show, the only thing I enjoyed was watching Neda being escorted blindfolded into the war room. I am so over Gary. He was mildly entertaining last season, but he is just downright phony and annoying now. As for Peter, I don’t understand what he’s doing there, bashing all of the HG as if he is some mastermind they should look up to. He even took a shot at Evel Dick calling him senile and worthless. I bet Dick is laughing his ass off at that one, and I doubt Peter would say it to Dicks face. What a coward. Even Arisa is falling flat. And her wardrobe is just, um, unflattering. Ika would make a way better host than Arisa and I would rather watch someone like Arlie comment on the events in the house than the guy that was sent back too late in the game and won by mistake, or Peter who did nothing but play bad game and brag about it. Reminder to self, no matter how boring it is without the feeds, do NOT click on the side show vids.

    1. LOL aw man, I like Arisa’s wardrobe. I want that white dress!

      Agree with the rest though. Sometimes the pre-taped sequence is funny…

      But Scott was a hot mess. He interrupted everyone and made an awkward comment about Janelle/Neda/Jon.

      He also mumbled a few questionable things as they were throwing to commercial. About, can’t wait til Arlie something…

      In retrospect all the War Room options SUCKED.

    2. Well I think some of your observations have merit bashing Arisa on the other hand is pure BS. I was not a big fan of hers last season but she is growing into her role. Frankly with 2 children under 5 she looks good to me. You don’t have to be 98 pounds to look good and her wardrobe is fine. She’s not being paid to walk down the runway. How much do you think she gets paid to afford designer clothes for god sake? If production is paying and dressing her blame them but either way I call bull sh*t on your Arisa comment!!!

      As for Gary and Peter we get them for 1 season and hopefully no more. We saw Thursday they have a problem. Jury has begun and a result we won’t be seeing evictees on the sideshow. Bringing back the guy who sat for a week in the war room is a bad omen as to the next couple of weeks as far as content goes. I think the format/show is a good idea. It’s not likely you could pay a US player enough to come on the show as an “analyst” with travel expenses and so on. So maybe Arlie and who knows someone with a sense of humour. Might actually be better to have a casting call for a REAL BB fan to sit on the show. Simon or Dawg would make great choices just to name 2. :)

    3. Yeah, I’ve seen like 3 of the sideshows and they have been pretty terrible. For one thing, Gary and Peter don’t have much chemistry together. I understand what Peter is doing, he wants to be the Simon Cowell of the show, but it comes off as being forced instead of natural, I do think it’s good thing to do, he’s just not pulling it off.

    4. I really don’t like Neda at all. She reminds me of Maggie Ausburn, the winner of Big Brother 6 in the USA- just cold and a bitch. She is one of the least popular winners of the show-

      But Allison is dumb- you don’t publicly go around Big Brother saying you “miss real life” and you don’t care “what happens.” U are just giving the others bait to use you as the next eviction because someone will say “Allison doesn’t want to be here and it’s unfair for her to stay since everyone else really wants to be here,” – I’ve seen that happen on the US BB, if you give them any sort of meat like that, they will take it and use it against you- and you’ll be out the door because she just can’t them all the perfect reason to break their alliances with her- sure, they’ll use it as a phony excuse but it’s tailor made and what’s worse, she can’t refute it so it will look like all her fault and the ones who evict her will get a pass in case anyone gets a little ticked off at a broken alliance.

      1. Complete agree in regards to Allison; not only today but previously declaring, and REPEATING, wanting out, sick of it here, etc. I also raised my eyebrows when she said to everyone that her intent for coming in the house was more to make friends, opposed to winning!!! In a house full of schemers, liars, and fakers?! which is a given to her as a self-proclaimed super fan (stress on the the self-proclaimed) of the show.

      2. I could cry. You did not just compare Neda to Maggie. Omg no.

        Not the Friendship. ANYTHING but the Friendship. lol

        I love Neds, but that’s me.

      3. I love Neda. I am very happy we have a strong woman, with her own mind in the show. Is she ruthless, yes, do i love that yes.
        but to each his own…..

        1. Neda is disgusting. Mean spirited person is being handed the game by production. This private room thing is bullshit. I hope she is instant evicted. Her and Sabrina can go

        2. Me too! Very proud of Neda . Maybe she’s a ruthless yes but atleast she has had never commented about Hg’s on a personal lvl. I love to see Neda/Heather as a F2 .

      4. Allison usually states this when she is not getting her way. I am not sure what her strategy is using this…usually it’s like a sympathy card (played often by her). At this point no HG see’s her as any more than a number. She offers and brings nothing to the table at this point. Should she go further than this week she may gain some worth by some but I doubt it. She is to inconsistent and weak in her rationalizations for any of her arguments. These are things that sketch people out.

    5. me, personally, i like Arisa better than our Chenbot. some weeks i swear that julie has sprayed so much hair spray around her dome that it’s frozen her hand in one position (pinky out)

  24. I think there is a strong correlation between Allison’s lack of strategy, and blown opportunities with the fact that she wears a Sheyld t-shirt and is a fan of those jackasses.

    The Gremlins and Allison missed, what may play out to be, the biggest opportunity in the mid stages of the game to turn things around.

  25. Bitter jury time! I said it because every season lately seems to be the same. Canada 1 the least I can remember. Nobody seems to talk, understand or care about jury votes. It amazes me how bad these HGs play BB! Neda the douchebag troll is a perfect example of it. That message to Arlie is working on killing 2 votes and not 1 as Canada has a vote.

    The 8 were:


    Neda sits beside Jon where does she get 4 jury votes from? I think Jon is a shoe in as Canada’s vote in that F2 scenario IMO. Neda versus Heather she has to hope everyone discounts Heather as a do nothing and votes Neda. Adel easily gets Canada’s vote versus her she needs 4 from the house again. She’d have a real shot versus Sabby as Sabs is hated. I think she gets Canada as well easy win.
    RoRo has been a lay about do nothing Neda wins easy without “bitter jury”. Who knows how many votes she can burn before F2? Arlie would have to choose Sabby versus Neda to vote her the money in my opinion. Very nice good bye message douchebag girl. Finally Alli who really cares. She was never a super fan that was a lie we all swallowed. She is the poster child for how to p*ss away every possible advantage and opportunity she has been given. With any luck she has already been evicted. Her message to Arlie wasn’t kind either. Another BB Genius wanna be(Peter).

    Heather vs Adel or Ro vs Sabby might be interesting but over all it’s hard to care about any of these people 1 Hundo %. Fact is I can’t think of a season where I had no one to root for with 8 left. BB USA 15 there wasn’t a whole lot but this has been worse IMO. The closest game I respect is Sabby but I loathe her as a human being. Adel nice guy no game. Ro never should have been casted along with a few more. Heather has her nasty streak and has disappeared completely. Like her game she sits on the margins of the room and does virtually nothing. None of the “good people” have played a social game worth a pinch of sh*t! This group is proving me and BB fans every where wrong. This season it’s not a social game at all. I have no idea what it is at this point except to say a bunch of turds floating in a toilet bowl waiting to flush. I like we are flushing twice this week.

    1. The thing about Neda is that she gets more unlikable by the episode. Most of the comments on the live feeds are “I used to like her, but not anymore”. She’s losing fans fast; only the die-hards are sticking by her. She’s gonna lose Canada’s Vote at this rate. Nobody wants to see a person like that win the money.

      It’s a social game; the way you treat people matters in the end. That’s why Andrew isn’t there anymore. If Canada voted him out because they didn’t like him, then they’re not gonna be objective towards Neda either.

      And if the jury was meant to objective, it wouldn’t be full of evicted house guests. It would have Gary and George Strombolopulous and dicks like that. The fact is that the way people are treated has always been a factor in these shows, and there’s a good chance that it plays a big factor in this one, the way that Neda is going.

      1. Michael you are right. Jury management is now critical. The HG’s have speculated for some time about Canada being in the jury. It is now obvious that Canada is a vote as Arlie was announced the 1st member. This is how Neda’s good-bye messages become important. It is not always the words she uses but her manner of delivering that could turn viewers off. There are ways of killing it in the goodbyes that endears the viewers. Brittany was classic at it.
        Hopefully she rethinks the cold demeanor.

      2. I watch the live feed and honestly the exact opposit of what you are saying is happening to me.
        I was a fan of her early on when the girls attempted the alliance, then….slowly she is creeping up to the top of my list. With Arlie gone(and Neda having a huge part in taking him down) she is now my number one, followed by Heather & Jon.
        Her DR sessions are not the best and if people are watching only episodes, i can see why she is not that liked, but watching her for hours on the live feed and how hard she works for it and actually managing to turn around the mess they were in when Arlie was up(with the help of the others ofcourse), am all in for Neda win!!!

    2. You should check out the Jokers ranking. Neda is consistently near the top or at the top. Always before Jon and always before Adel. The only person level with her is Heather but even then I think when it comes to Canada’s Jury Vote, Neda has played a tougher game.

      And making fun a person’s face and features is personal and SUCH bullshit. Some of you need to head over to Tumblr and bitch with all the 17 year olds if you want to get personal like that.

      1. I don’t think you understand these polls here or any other site. There are still 8 HG’s so you get an 8 way split. It will be 2 people Canada will choose between. If Neda is one she needs 50% plus one votes. When folks get evicted their support will decide on finale night which of the 2 HGs to vote for or neither. She can be 1st or second on a site now doesn’t mean she gets a majority then. You think Arlie fans are going to vote for her after that good bye message. It’s bitter jury and maybe bitter Canada by the time it’s over.

        I noticed the guys cleared your post. Personally I think it is rude at minimum to mention other sites on any one site you visit. I like most know the others but you won’t catch me disrespecting Simon and Dawg by naming competitors on the OBB site. (not much competition mind you :P).

        As for your assertion that we should head over to talk with a bunch of 17 year olds who died and made you queen of anything. This is not a PC lets all sing Kumbaya site. What is said here during BB Canada is very tame, light weight stuff. Look at BB USA seasons past and read the exchanges on OBB. You better strap on your “big Boy/Girl pants” because that gets intense. You avail your self of freedom of speech which I applaud and most of your comment are pretty good even the ones I disagree with. You want your freedoms allow others to have thier’s here as well. It’s Simon and Dawg’s play pen we are just visiting. Pretty arrogant for you to think you have the right to tell anyone what to say or think. Give your opinions but let each person express their way as long ass OBB allows it. Neda in particular is a very nasty person in a lot of peoples eyes mine included. you like her good for you! But think of the vile things she has said and other HGs have said in the house. They’ve made fun of plenty of flaws not seeing you speak about the actual Hg’s themselves. Maybe they should all play BB with that 17 year old crowd you mentioned above!!!

        1. TL; DR Get off your soap box.

          I’ve been coming to this site for years. If Simon or Dawg have a problem with me mentioning a ‘competitor’ site (which is insane to say this is not Pepsi vs. Coke it’s a FAN COMMUNITY) they can choose to not post my comment. My donation goes to them at the end of the season regardless.

          And calling out someone who made a rude comment about Neda’s facial features, there’s nothing wrong with that. I stand by it.

          I don’t comment that often but I had time today and the feeds are down so I thought I’d express my thoughts on the coming weeks. People get so personal, I just think it’s unnecessary.

      2. marissa87, I absolutely 100% agree that making personally based comments and insults about the people in the house are truly unwarranted bullshit.
        insulting a person regarding their facial features is cheap. so is insulting them about their hair, their eyebrows, their religious beliefs, their ethnicity, their sexual preference… all of it is bullshit. ALL of it. all of those comments about ALL of the players are ignorant crap.

        I know you are 100% team neda, and are defending shamefully ignorant comments made about her. I applaud you. but an hour before you made that comment, on this same thread, you called the gay guy a catty bitch. I doubt you’d say that about a straight guy. just saying. he’s not even in the game anymore. what was the point of that? it totally cheapened the point you were making.

        I really do agree that all of the personally based comments are unnecessary.

        1. Touche. I did say that. In my defence I called Andrew that earlier this season as well. They both were pretty miserable people.

          I was commenting on his overall attitude towards the house and not making a baseless comment about someone’s nose, face.

          But I can see how the catty bitch comment comes off wrong. And you’re right! Good catch.

          1. judging by how unapologetic your “good catch” sounded, I’m guessing you still stand by that catty b*tch comment
            which is fine if you do because that’s how you interpret them and you’re just letting us know what you think

            but then similarly I’d just like to give you a friendly reminder on this post to please not get sooooo defensive when people do comment on neda based on her attitude and not her facial features… I’m just mentioning it because it’s come up a few times in other posts now.

      3. Is 87 the year you were actually born? Because a 27 year old that thinks the pole you mentioned has statistical validity relative to Canada’s vote F2 you need to go back to school seriously. You don’t need to be an actuary or even an accountant to know a poll ranking people based on each vote for each HG from 0-5 represents virtually nothing. There are folks on that poll that never made it into the house higher than those who did. Good old Nate is higher than Sabby or RoRo and they can still win. The poll has almost no statistical value.

        I hadn’t dropped into that site in a while but logged in on an old account I set up years ago. My 1 vote sent Neda to 3rd behind Jon and Heather. Neda 1 and Jon 5 that poll is useless for F2 purposes. Less than 130 respondents as well. That represents Canada’s vote how? On another site poll(I’m bored tonight :P) Your hero Neda was 4th with 17% and Deli had 29%. Jon and Heather also polled higher. This was a single vote for your fav. That’s what the F2 vote will be!

        Small sample sizes and anything other than single vote for a single HG skews results statistically. Look at our OBB poll we get to pick 3 and Neda and Jon running basically even with around 21%. Of that 21% how many voted both Jon and Neda among their 3 favs? That’s gotta be 90% plus don’t you think in all fairness. So if Jon gets evicted Neda isn’t magically going to 42%. All these polls mean very little. What is written here by those who take the time to respond on the other hand is pretty dispositive of where feeders are. As usual you must differentiate between the live show crowd and the edited drivel they see from us.

        I think the following is pretty fair. Joneda were well liked early on. Nothing like brother/sister banter and a little sexual tension thrown in. Add that these were two of the outsiders, and who couldn’t like either one. Especially when you figure she was a lay about do nothing in a house of big nasty personalities running the house. Once Arlie flipped with Canada’s HOH it didn’t take long for her nasty cold hearted side to come out! That’s when the comments here decidedly changed, myself among them. We see a lot of negative Neda comments and IMO she is just getting started showing her real self. It’s pretty ugly from the inside out! If this is the type of game you like and respect good for you! You must have been a big Amanda fan last season. :P :P Oh whoops Amanda actually played the game from day 1 sorry that wasn’t a fair comparison to douchebag girl! :P:P

        Neda is not the woman you portray her to be in some comments. The “she isn’t smug” thing is hilarious as the comments are at least 4 out of 5(conservatively) opposite your position. She’s an arrogant smug elitist with a sense of entitlement thrown in. Root for her all you want but the site turned on her. She gets a great edit for the prime time shows. Might help with Canada’s vote but with feeders she has a tough road if she gets F2. She sits by Jon she loses. How’s your angel going to backstab Jon with no consequences? Jon gets F4 he looks golden to play 7 questions with any combo of remaining HGs. Neda has got to make her move very soon or hope someone does it for her. Jon could go Thursday if he does not win HOH or POV. Wonder if Neda could convince Heather to backdoor Jon for her. Then she’d blow up Heather and Jon’s games both. 6 are left it will take 2 votes to evict on Thursday.

        Neda fall out versus Gremlins if we are right 1 of the 3 girls gets the instant eviction. Lets say Jon, Adel and for now Heather won’t go after Jon. Neda is not HOH. One of the 2 Gremlins needs to be HOH to put Jon in jeoPARDY(hehehe)! HOH does not vote so here we go. The other Gremlin votes Jon out. Adel surely would be the second nom or will it be Neda. Because Adel is a sure vote to keep Jon over Neda. So few options at 6. Very hard to conceal your vote. Jon versus Heather maybe Neda flips then or she needs Adel to do it. As long as Allison goes this weekend I think Deli is a golden vote for Jon staying if he is on the block. Thus they put the 2 guys up. Neda and Heather what do they do. Sweet princess Heather who has been carried now has to put the knife in Jon’s back. She had no problem with Arlie. Jon boy better hope he’s not on the block come Thursday. If you think about it Jon versus Neda and Jon goes home 2-1 with Heather and a gremlin voting to evict. Wonder if Neda would be smart/risky enough to tell the Gremlins to put Joneda up instead of Adel figuring she has 2 votes in her pocket to stay and finally thinking jury votes. That would be BB all star calibre stuff indeed. If the Gremlins are targeting Jon I’m sure Sabby would figure out that scenario pretty quick if they had HOH. Other wild card is can Heather be manipulated to get out Jon or just nom gremlins?

        1. ‘Wow you really have a hate-on for Neda. Neda is smart and very likable. The person you are describing is named Sabrina. Arrogant. self entitled and rude. Neda has class and has a very quiet but effective strategy throughout this game.

        2. clearly we need the feeds back up because some of these conversations are getting way too personal

          we’re all free to like whichever HG we like and for that matter… we’re allowed to have biases and wear rose coloured glasses if we wish to (be honest, you are both soooo biased about neda… one of you likes her way too much where she can do no wrong and one of you hates her so much she can do no right) but obviously she has good and bad points, she’s human

          so since we’re all here because we love to watch BB, this is a discussion of the game and we should be respectful of each other’s opinions about the HGs, what I say might not be right but let’s not go attacking each other. If you both can’t agree on neda… I suggest you let it go and talk about another HG… heather hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, let’s talk about her…

          happy easter everyone

  26. I agree. Beds does walk around with her big ugly nose
    Looking like she just smelled shit lol!!! Sabrina May be annoying BUT
    Neda is a cold hearted bitch! I hope Jon takes her out. She walks around like
    She has a stick up her ass and can’t sit down. She is a major floater.

  27. It’s always the same thing every year. The quiet floaters
    Don’t do anything and watch the big personalities take eachother out
    Because they are “a threat” and then the floaters just float around
    Watching everyone actually play the game and then they end up winning the
    Game. It’s soooo annoying and predicted.

    1. You obviously do not know what a floater is. Neda is in no way a floater. Flying low on the radar does not mean you are floating.

      1. there are several definitions for a floater; a buoy out by itself with no connections or attachments (alliance), a timid mouse who fears and avoids getting bloody, a waffler who tries to align with whoever is in power that week. by those definitions, allison seems to fit all, atm.

  28. If its Neda vs Heather i can see Neda geting all the jury votes and the public voting for Neda.
    Neda has been geting very good edit lately and most people like Neda.

    Neda should win she has been playing the game, Heather doesn’t even deserve second place prize she made up lies about Ika, Sabrina and started all that trouble.

  29. neda a floater? i dont like her but she is playing the best game in the house … neda got jon to target arlie who was would have made the game easier for jon to get far…. neda has heather on her side…. neda convinced sabrina and the rachelle to vote out arlie instead of adel…. neda has positioned herself well in the game i dont see any way neda doesnot get to the end,,,

    1. Genius how does she get to the end? She won luckbox questions… good for her! 3 part final is endurance and physical to get to 7 questions. It is certainly possible Neda the douchebag troll can F4/F3 then F2, but a shoe in she is not. For her to win she has to stab Jon in the back at some point. I’ve predicted that for a couple weeks. She never beats Big Jon F2. Let her keep up with those nasty good bye messages and her smug superior attitude and we’ll see whose right in about 3 weeks. Oh and where is her social game genius? BB IS A SOCIAL GAME!!!! HEL freaking LO

      Skip my writing if you don’t like it I don’t mind at all. But take your arrogant Neda style of superior arrogant thinking and shove it. Everyone here writes what they want. Your going to read Neda the Douchebag Troll in all my posts about her so just skip my name and I’m sure childishly you’ll thumb down everything I write. I don’t care about thumbs one way or the other.

      By the way while we are on the subject of you “name” why not put a real individual tag on your comments so YOU can be judged on your content Solely on an individual NAME. seems pretty cowardly to hide behind a generic that is use when folks forget to put their own ID in the info. I post under 1 name and always have Stan7777 those that don’t like my stuff I’m sure skip it. What every person here can do. The thing with your cowardly approach is other do post under the same accidently or not. Come out of the shadows so we can choose to respond to an individual who takes ownership of their thoughts as I do on the site.

    2. Neda has played as good a game as Arlie did, better in fact, because she’s still there and was behind the move to oust her main competitors, Kenny, Sara, and Arlie. She has been observant and stealthy since week one. Jon has admitted that without her he’d be lost due to her being able to see situations more clearly than he’s been able to…However…even the best players make mistakes, (Arlie did…), so this next week will be crucial…how will she orchestrate her alliance through this round of double evictions…she can’t play for HOH, two of the gremlins will be playing and who knows what Adel would do if he was to uncharacteristically win a comp…This is a big week, and my money’s on Neda coming out unscathed…

  30. Why wasn’t Arlie on the side show like everyone else?
    Could this mean that he might be voted back?
    Fingers crossed b/c Neda’s head is getting as big as her big, crooked nose is.

    1. Because he is the first one in jury and people assume they won’t be on the sideshow, too much opportunity for them to learn something about the other contestants that perhaps they shouldn’t.

    2. I was going to answer your question but then you made an ignorant comment so I decided you can just go ahead thinking that.

    3. Because he is going to the jury they are always totally sequestered. I doubt anyone is coming back to many people with the amount of shows left.

      1. Yup I’m with you on that. No ones getting sent back in. Even after this week they’ll still have 6 and 3 weeks left I believe. The 3 part final the last 3 shows. They still need another week with 2 evictions. God help them if they butcher F4 like they did last year during BB Can 1 courteousy of production.

    4. We can like or dislike according to our own biases, based upon their characters and strategies, but when any of us starts to dislike, or like, based on physical attributes, or the lack thereof, that person demonstrates that they are sadly immature.

  31. Ahahah! Dawg, Simon,

    You finally put Allison’s name under her picture. I was liking how she didn’t have one for the longest time. Thought it was intentional.

  32. I hope Jon’s girlfriend makes hell for Neda when
    the show is over. She totally likes Jon and flirts
    With him and makes it seem like she doesn’t like him
    Doing that to her. There is just something I dislike very
    Much about her. I never see her cooking or cleaning the
    House as well. I only see sabrina doing most of the chores
    Out of the girls. I honestly want the final 2 to be sabrina
    And Jon.

    1. Right and this flirtation you see is completely one-sided right? Not like her likes to wrestle her in his underwear or anything.

      Such a double standard.

      To clarify, I love both of them. Not trying to hate on Jon at all.

    2. Yeah it is funny how she rants on how she doesn’t like cheaters, but what she’s doing is walking a very thin line herself. And if Jon did make a move he probably could pull it off.

      That’ s just one example of her hypocrisy. Another one that bugged me was when she freaked out on Jon for telling her who to nominate; saying she hates being told what to do. She tells everyone what to do! She tells them what to say to people, and how to say it. But she’s so arrogant that she can’t be advised what to do because it insults her intelligence.

      It’s all a one-way street with her.

      1. What’s going on in here ?? You guys are Insane ..sitting left &right and complaining ranting bashing this is getting so redicilus … are you jealous of friendship/relationship between jon neda?

  33. guys, does anyone here watch parks and recreation? because jon and neda totally remind me of andy and april in the early seasons. the dry sarcastic monotone brunette that’s obviously so in love with the goofy likable tall guy who treats her wonderfully while being completely unaware, anyone else see it?

    1. I try not to buy into the Neda/Jon showmance because I feel like they both truly respect Jon’s outside relationship and would do the same for Neda’s if she had one.

      But yes, I know exactly what you mean and totally agree.

      1. Ok you have got to be Neda’s sister, cousin, best friend, etc. You MUST know her! You have commented like 20 times just on this thread alone (I’ve also seen your name heavily scattered across other threads), and in virtually almost every comment you are on an over-the-top mission to defend everything Neda says or does from any ridiculous angle you can. You’re either close to Neda in some way in real life, and if that’s the case – good on ya for having your friend’s back. Or you’re just a wee bit sad and pathetic and maybe need to shut down the computer for a while. Maybe take a walk outside? Lol

        1. WOW: I’m also Nedas fan !!! I assume you’ve got a lot of hate anger so yo better take a long walk and get some fresh air to clear you head and open your ears (eyes for sure) ;) you need it bud

          1. I certainly didn’t mean for my comment to imply that I was an angry or hateful person lol. In fact, I applaud Neda’s game. Hate is a strong word – I don’t hate people I’ve never met who are playing a game on tv. :P I just found it a bit comical that anytime someone said the slightest negative comment about Neda, Marissa was there with a comment – approximately 20 times. I just felt like maybe she needed to realize it’s just a game and people will always have their opinions and to not take them as what appeared to be so personally. Hence my assumption of her being close to Neda in real life.

            Oh and I was outside with my 2 dogs today for about 3 hours and I’m feeling pretty clear and refreshed! :D

            1. I’m curious….why is this comment getting thumbs down? What was said in here that was so offensive to people? Are there just people going around clicking thumbs down on random posts? Or is someone who is a fan of Neda upset that this person called someone out for commenting to defend Neda a bunch of times. So confused. People are so random and weird. *sigh*. If you people on these boards who get so emotionally riled up about others’ comments were to ever enter the BB gam…you’d be eaten alive! LOL

          2. LOVE NEDA! Big fan! But, are you 10? “open your ears (eyes for sure) ;) you need it bud” ? In all fairness that Marissa person was commenting A LOT and seemed pretty personally attacked by negative Neda posts. I don’t think asking or accusing her of possibly being somehow attached to Neda outside of the game was that unreasonable.

            Come on. If you’re going to defend Neda (which I respect and encourage), please don’t come off sounding like you’re super immature and just ready to spaz out at the slightest constructive opinion, even if it’s against your own. It makes the rest of us Neda supporters look stupid. Thanks! :D

  34. Dear Neighbors to the North (waaaay northeast of me as I am in Hawaii)

    I thought it may be an appropriate time to fill everyone in on a loosely kept secret.

    According to your own Constitution:

    2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

    We Ah-mer-i-cuns have basically the same freedoms, with the notable exception of ‘freedom of conscience’ as I doubt it has ever occurred to us that the phrase needed to be included anywhere ;) Given this, there are still some people out here on the inter-webs who honestly think they can browbeat a person into feeling ashamed for expressing their opinion. To this end, I say…. screw that! If your opinion is that you do not like my opinion, feel free to express that but do not think that will serve as ’cause and effect’ for me to be silent. Nowhere in our collective right to freedoms does it specifically say that you have the right NOT to be offended by someone’s opinion. In fact I can almost guarantee that I will offend you at some point in the future yet I would never want you to have any less rights than I, to do the same.

    Will Notbe Muzzled ;)

    1. Just wanted to add that my comments were not directed at anyone in particular so there’s no need to take it personally but more toward all commenters of the game of BB that we love so much (even if at times can be infuriating to casual viewers and fans alike).

    1. Gonna be some great match ups in the West! And Boston-Montreal would be epic this year with Rask against Price; that would be a great goalie duel.

  35. I always shake my head when it comes down to how people are perceived. Neda has played an exceptional game! The duo of Jon/Neda works very well together. I believe that if a male was pulling off all the moves that Neda has been doing, people would say he’s a mastermind vs Neda being called a cold hearted bitch??? Why, do women turn on each other, they should respect her game play at the end and check their emotions at the door. For Neda’s game it would be better for her to have had more males than females in the jury.

    1. Well then you would be wrong. If a guy was as rude as Neda he would be called out just the same. The sexism card does crack me up though. Maybe we’re all racist too?

      1. Michael, I think the sign of double standards is the fact that people like Will K. and Dan G. are considered super-players, whereas Neda is being referred to as cold, conniving, smug, mean, a bitch… etc. Let’s remember that neither Will nor Dan played “nice.” Will and Mike B., in particular, were the epitome of smug together, yet it didn’t seem to be an issue. So it’s hard not to believe that there’s a different expectation for women.

  36. Okay im getting BB widthdrawl …. just a prediction … If Neda puts up Adel and Allison … she looks good to the Gremlins or will she put up Sabs and Allison and piss them off ?

    Allison going home in both instances because she proved in last challenge she is a threat with memory games .

  37. I stand by my comment on the last post. Neda has nothing to be ashamed about in this game. So she lied to people, who hasn’t. To compare her personality to the first five is silly. Neda has always remembered that Canada saved their asses from extinction and has not let this new power get to her. Sure she is more confident when confronting slimes like Sabrina but the most awful things she’s called someone is a liar or “I hate them”. You make it sound like she says hurtful things when its nothing outside the ordinary in BB. I do feel gender has a lot to do with this. Calling Neda a bitch for being a smart female player while praising arlie is ridiculous. She is far from mean spirited on the live feeds compared to sabs, Sarah etc.

    1. I also think gender is a big factor here.

      I think that a lot of female fans are so excited at seeing a female run the table at this game, that they deliberately ignore all the awful traits of that person. That’s how I think it’s a factor.

      When there’s smoke there’s usually fire. And if you check the names of people who don’t like her, on this, twitter and facebook, you’d see there are just as many females that don’t like Neda as there are males. Her gender has nothing to do with it.

      1. I am in no way just saying saying this because ” I’m excited to see a female run the table”. If that was the case Michael, I would’ve been Sabrina’s No.1 fan for the first half which is not the case. You fail to explain the double standards people hold on her for being a strategic player. And judging by the likes on my comment compared to yours, more people agree. Also, this may too much for your fetal mind to digest, but has it occurred to you that many women make or facilitate sexist comments about their gender. Its not out of the ordinary and besides most of these comments are made by men on this site from what I’ve seen.

        1. Not a single person is saying she’t not a great strategic player. We’re saying that’s unnecessarily malicious. The real double standard is that mean people in BB are usually universally scorned, but because people are excited about Neda winning they are ignoring the fact that she’s very mean herself. In fact their defenses of her behavior are illogical; showing the lengths that they go to defend her. Such as:

          “Insulting Arlie in her eviction speech was a game move to earn his respect” -that makes zero sense
          “Arlie would have been just as mean in his speech” -absolutely not
          “People hating on her are just sexist and hate seeing a woman win” -insulting. I voted for Allison to enter the game and Heather is my favorite HG.

          There are other ridiculous claims that will spring to mind. But the fact that the sexism card is pulled so often, without merit, suggests that she has a lot of feminist supporters, and the fact that she’s often defended illogically suggests that their love for her is causing them to delude themselves. See at least I can back up my claims.

          As for the thumbs down: My early criticisms of Neda had up:down ratios of 11:1, 24:2…around those areas. It really seems like a thumbs down squad has arrived but these aren’t the same representations that they used to be.

          1. Welcome to my world. :P The thumbs down squad owns my posts :P Your virtually right on everything you wrote. I might add I think Neda hates men in general. I’ve written that weeks ago and folks went ape shit crazy. We’ll see what see does to (brother) Jon before the seasons over. The difference with Neda appears to be in the mentality of those responding here in her favour. I’ve noticed several actually lying about what she does/is on the feeds. I liar says she isn’t smug. JC what a lot of crap that is. Another says she hasn’t said vile things about HGs. That folks is a pure liar plain and simple! And so on and so on.

            I really dislike Sabby as a human being but I give her mad props for playing her behind off!! It’s not feminize it’s just she is who she is. Neda the douchebag troll on the other hand is who she is. Folks who want everyone to drink the Koolaid like Jonestown sicken me. Root for who you want but don’t expect free thinking people to tolerate lies and cyber bullying disguised as feminisem !!! Folks like me find Neda’s character and lack of a moral compass repugnant. You can thumb this down all you want. YOU own her actions the rest of the season. God help you if your proud of that now and in the future. This is basically the same position I took during BB USA 14 with Dan and his behaviour!!!

            1. You guys are getting sucked into every aspect of this game way too much. The show isn’t on and the feeds are down until tomorrow night. I suggest you go outside and breath some fresh air, take a walk…anything not BBC related…lol. Have a good weekend and remember, it’s just a game…people are people…we’re all assholes once and a while.

    2. oz, we are not going to agree. and i’m well aware that I am not going to change your mind.
      I have already stated that I believe neda’s strategic play has been the best of the houseguests of the season.
      I have given her credit where credit is due. and I stand by my belief that she has played a great strategic game.
      i’m willing and able to be objective. I can see her positives and her negatives without bias. you obviously cannot say the same.
      i’m not of the opinion that she is being hated because of her strategy or game play. I truly believe that the haters are hating the aspects of her character that have been lacking.
      as far as the points I raised in comparison of neda’s behavior (not game play, behavior) to the behavior of Kenny and Andrew: the comparison was valid. the description I used at the beginning of my opinion was not silly, it was factually based on the comments that explained the reasons for hatred of some houseguests. the fact that neda now fits the same criteria ultimately means that the description now applies to her as well. passive aggressively attempting to invalidate my argument by saying it is silly simply because you don’t agree with the logical process by which it was achieved is disingenuous.
      nothing I argued was conjecture.
      you assert that neda is not as bad as Sabrina for bad behavior. I agree, however, pointing out worse behavior does not make bad behavior into good behavior by default. the feeds don’t have a golden edit function, you can assert that she never says anything personal or derogatory about others beyond ‘i hate them’ all you wish.
      I respect neda’s strategic play of the game. i would never call her a bitch, and would never say i hate her for her strategies in the game. in fact, i don’t hate her, i just don’t respect her character. again, you won’t agree with me. i know that. i won’t change your mind, i know that too. i respect that you are a fan of neda. i’m being 100% objective. i’m looking at neda for her strengths and her flaws without bias. just as you stand behind your opinion, i stand behind mine.

      1. Are you deaf? Did you not hear how rude and nasty she was to Arlie in her “goodbye?” For whatever reason, you are ignoring her nasty traits that she is displaying that was the same as Andrew’s which got him hated. You can be a great strategist and still display some warmth, she seems incapable of that. It has nothing to do with she’s a female, it has to do with she’s not a nice person.

        1. i’m guessing that response was not to me, because we seem to agree philosophically.
          just in case though, yes, i am partially deaf and require earbuds cranked to max volume to catch some of what is said in the feeds.

      2. Well I’m glad we can both have a mature conversation about this(another name) and I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on Neda. I do not feel that Neda has been malicious and for your information beaugaurd, I have seen her goodbye message to Arlie and did not find it to be harsh. Yes I it was a bit arrogant but nothing to cry about unless you’re overly sensitive. I think Neda comes across as cold but in reality she’s just here to play and not to be all kumbaya with HG’s. I really dont have any bias in my opinion of Neda and honestly feel that she has been good as a player and person in this house. And I was not mentioning Sabrina to compare them another name, I was stating a point to Michael that she would’ve been my favorite if all I cared about was a strong female player which is the contrary. Michael, if you’re going to sit there and whine about her speech to Arlie, with all due respect, grow a pear. Covering up your tracks by saying “heather is my favorite” is laughable. So ditzy girls that come across as having the mind and voice of a five year old is your idea of a strong female player. So I guess you probably thought talla had a better game than Jillian too eh? I actually love heather but that response to backpedal was just sad.
        Thank you all

        1. Again your logic is faulty. No feminist would ever get behind Sabrina; a loud-mouthed crybaby that picks her nose and wipes it on the couch! Another absurd argument from the Neda defenders.

          And honestly I’m not surprised you shoot for the nuts, but I do have a pair, tyvm. I stand up for what I believe in. And I’ve been critical of Neda since long before her message to Arlie, which only validates what many of us have been saying since before hand. She’s been snide, rude, snotty and arrogant since long before Arlie’s eviction message. These comments started long before that.

          And what do you think of her balloon antics? I get that she’s never played a sport before, but any decent person knows to be gracious in victory. A sore winner is even worse than a sore loser, and it really says a lot about someone’s character when they rub salt in someone’s wound after they’ve been defeated.

          1. My logic is faulty? How so Michael, the reason I don’t get behind Sabrina isn’t because she is a “loud mouthed crybaby” its because she has repeatedly made very crude, under the belt remarks about her fellow houseguests. I don’t consider myself a feminist, not that there is anything wrong with it. But I’m simply bringing up the double standards people hold on Neda. As to my knowledge, I haven’t seen any offensive or hurtful comments from her her to back up your statements. So if anyones logic is faulty Michael, it is yours. The speech to Arlie wasn’t meant to be taken as an insult. I believe it was her way of describing her plans in the house and motives for getting rid of him. I also believe the HG’s underestimated her and it was her way of venting. There was nothing particularly arrogant about the speech and knowing Arlie, he’d probably respect it if anything! So while you sit here complaining, he’s in the jury house respecting her game and tipping his hat. I’m getting bored of the argument and don’t really want to drag this on. I apologize for telling you to “grow a pear” but you and many other are being overly sensitive about that speech. All this aside, someone else mentioned how we’re are all big fans of the show and should be able to respect each others opinions and that is what I’ll do.

            1. i agree and would clarify. Her goodbye message was clearly designed to be seen by the viewers. Not all messages get seen, but the ones that are memorable do. She designed it to be seen, she is always aware of where she is and what she is doing. On TV. That is why she is smart enough to not talk a lot while in the war room, and why she is smart enough not to reveal too much. I think what some see as ‘smug’ is her watching and remembering things, working 24/7.

              The pranks i think have been misguided, but again based on being seen, more airtime. Do something that catches the attention of the cameras, it will end up on TV. Get more airtime on TV, get more interest after the show is done. Gary in BBCan1 did it naturally, but Peter didn’t. He was always ‘on’ and always over the top. He ends up on the After Show, not Talla, not Emmet (for real) not anyone else.

              Neda is thinking three steps ahead,.

              on other matters, i think this is one of the most interesting BBs of the Can and US, because the nominees tend to be suprises, and the evictions tend to be surprises, especially since Andrew etc left.

              I HATE HOUSE VOTES I think that whole thing has tainted BBUS and totally disagree with the way they try to do this now. makes it really boring.

              1. hey sunnydee, i’m not saying this to argue with you, I just have a question about the logic you propose in this post.
                you surmise that neda’s eviction message and ‘pranks’ are designed to get more air time, and therefore should not be viewed as aspects of bad character because she knows she’s on a television show. by this logic, since every one of the houseguests this season are aware they are on a tv show (although I do at times wonder which tv show they believe they are on), none of the things that they say or do should be judged as poor character.
                so, people shouldn’t hate on Andrew for being a ‘douche’ because he walked in to the house believing he was cast to be the douche character? He stated at least ten times in the first few weeks that he believed that was the position he was cast to fulfill in the house. so obviously he’s not personally responsible. right?
                is that what you meant?

            2. Oz, I just want to contradict you on one thing. Neda’s game from the beginning was to be underestimated. She did not want to be noticed beyond what was necessary (stated by her several times to Jon). So she was not venting as a result of this, besides HG don’t see DR’s.

              Neda and Arlie each viewed the other as their nemesis from early on. And both vied for the stronger tie to Jon.

              What her message was clearly doing, erroneous as it was, was taking credit away from Arlie as an intricate part of removing big targets. She is fully aware that Canada has a jury vote and was playing to us as jury members by downplaying Arlie’s role in the game and amping up her role, especially early on when she would have gotten little air time.

  38. on sarah’s twitter there are two pics of Andrew and Kenny photographed together one being within days after kenny’s eviction.. why would kenny go to Calgary to see Andrew within days of his eviction . could be they are both still in toronto….one wonders what is up

  39. I have a strange gut feeling that Neda will play it safe with her nominations…UNLESS she gets a strong feeling that something is weird or very different with this…I hope then she goes through the scenarios and realizes it could be an instant eviction because they did it last year! There is no sense playing the backdoor option anymore because everyone will play veto except for one anyways (but that’s really not happening with the instant eviction). I’m praying she puts up Allison because she will be guaranteed to go! Then she will prove herself with the gremlins and if Rachelle wins…they *could* have a chance by targeting Adel. However, if she plays it safe like she said at the beginning being in the war room…she’ll put up the gremlins…and more than likely Sabrina will go home! I feel really strongly that next week will be an endurance and Jon-Heather will be battling vs Rachelle-Allison… Jon-Heather would be in a must win…because the others and more than likely Adel will put up Jon and Neda…even if veto is won…one will go home! :((( I’m praying we get a final 4 of Jon, Adel, Heather and Neda…that would be amazing!!! (this live feed withdrawal is driving me nuts…ugh!)

    1. given that my last prediction was wrong (i applied the logic that the application of the correlated paradigm would be based on the perception of good vs. evil instead of method of gameplay when applying the season one model to season two), i’m not going to make a prediction.

      i would assert that so many sideshow spoilers have been about the decimation of the first five. just as many have been about the battle between “good and evil”.
      i’m getting the feeling that the final four will not be jon, neda, heather and adel. of course i have no actual basis for this comment, other than a week of kumbaya and gloating wouldn’t be production’s first choice.
      i have only the comments of the sideshow which have been incredibly spoiler-like on which to base this feeling.

      1. i dont’ see adel lasting to final 4 at all. I only see heather lasting if she takes herself there, by winning an HOH and a POV. Adel is unlikely to win either and will end up a casualty of a gremlin HOH win.

  40. So if Neda puts it together she will prob nominate Allison + Sabs. I would imagine Allison would be sent packing with instant eviction, then based on HOH winner (likely or not) who do you think would get the noms?

    Jon Win: Gremlins
    Adel Win: Jon + Neda
    Sabs Win: Jon + Neda
    RoRo Win: Jon + Neda
    Heather Win: Gremlins

    Adel keeps spitting game about taking out JoNeda, do you think Heather is on board to ride the grem train and spice it up?

    1. adel won’t be putting up JoNeda (i like your name) Jon admitted to grems that adel was coming back and telling him that he was telling them that. That is why adel will be a target for the grems, as they probably still believe JoNeda is on their side.

      grems = They are most likely to put up Heather/Adel.
      Heather = grems
      Adel = grems
      Jon = a grem and Adel possibly, but hopefully grems

  41. neda is going to put up allison the moment she finds out its instant eviction…. i think she knows and expect and instant eviction is coming soon… i doubt she would be caughf off guard and put the gremlins on the block…. allison is more than likely going ths weekend… i just cant see allison getting the 3 votes to stay in the house…..

  42. I really hope Allison is gone. She’s an idiot, she almost made a move but backed out at the last second, she made like, half a move. I don’t even understand why she bothered using the veto. She does not deserve to stay. What an idiot.

  43. I’m going crazy… Not knowing what’s going on in that house… Personally I think getting rid of Sabrina would be better for the whole house, but I have a feeling it will be Allison…

      1. my issue is more that they’ve not just been leaving Sabs in the game but also Rachelle. This is why it was touch and go with arlies eviction, there are too many of them. down to the wire, there will still be too many of them. Get one of them out asap, but it would be better to get rid of allison because she has no honour with her agreements.

  44. how does an instant eviction work? does Neda know its an instant eviction or does she get surprised about it to.. cuz i think her being surprised about it would be awesome.. and she has to put up 2 nominees not knowing there’s no pov.. then hopefully Allison doesn’t go home this week lol

    1. Neda can hear the hgs. talking…with that being said, she has heard them talk, of Instant Eviction. It doesn’t take a genius, to frgure it out. IE: whom to get rid of, without worrying about POV.. I find it totally unfair, that Neda gets to hear them speak.
      IMHO Neda would not have thought of Instant Eviction, without spying on Hgs. So much for element of surprise! ( Instant Eviction.)

      1. I’m not sure how much the hgs know about it being an instant either though. They are also just speculating so even if she hears them talk, it’s still all just guess work. She can either make her decision based off the chance of an instant or go with the gremlins. I don’t see her putting up Jon, Heather or Adel.

      2. i don’t think it is unfair. i think it is unfair she has been isolated from being able to discuss strategy. This way at least she can hear something. She is only one person, so they should assume she can hear them and talk accordingly as tho she is in the room lol

      3. Yeh I think productions idea back fired. The only reason I could come up with for her being put in the war room was that she would need to nominate with out the benefit of talking to the HGs and to get the strategy session as well. Because she can here the HGs this idea is a 100% fail!

  45. Love that Neda is in this game. She is one classy smart woman who is a great game player. She is playing the others in any scenario that is thrown at her. Looking forward to seeing what she does next.

      1. It actually seems like the same 3 or 4 people commenting again and again and again…..their dislike/hatered…
        I like her, but i dont bother to respond cause what is the point….by now people seem to have made their opinion anyways…….

  46. Adele bragged to Arlie about how he wrecked Kyle’s game. (this was out by the pool on the night before eviction day)

    I find it hard to wrap my mind around this fact. Adele is portraying himself as Canada’ s sweetheart and just an all around nice guy.

    Why would a nice guy want to sabotage someone he is allied with so early in the game? (he in-sighted The rampage that Kyle went on

    at the time some of the house guests were watching the movie Divergent…..the feeds were down for several hours that night)

    My answer would be that he was intimidated by Kyle being in the game. I liked Adele, but now I am disgusted by him. It also makes me

    question him as to other house guests and what he may have done unnecessarily for non-game reasons. He has been trying to

    play up his character to we the viewers. Well I say the jig is Adele!

    1. The pool side chat of Adel/Arlie was part of the strategy to deny Arlie time/chance to campaign to the gremlins. As was the shadowing of Arlie by Jon, and of the gremlins by Neda/Heather/Adel.

      Arlie seen, but I’m surprised the gremlins didn’t pick up on all the unusual attention.

  47. neda knew she won as soon as arisa said allisons numbers,so how did she know that,rigged i guess,she dont deserve to win,if allison do go i will be done with this show,i would of liked jon and kenny to work with allison when she first walked in the house but they backstabbed her instead,that was mean of them,seems she was from newfoundland like them

    1. she knew 350 was too high, so she knew lowballing was a good idea. I just thought neda was dumb, she was at the POV she knew there was way more than 40. You had 6 players, 6 x at least 10 if you are lowballing, and at least 20 or 30 each was what was actually there. if allison had gone to 200 she’d be HOH, and neda who was there would have been out of luck.

  48. I don’t understand people who get angry and berate at those who have a different opinion from their own. We are all huge BB fans so we’re passionate in our views. We are also different ages, have varying levels of education, cultural experiences, backgrounds etc. All of which creates unique and sometimes, opposing view points. There is no need to bash someone … call them names … because they don’t agree with you. I find that sometimes an interesting, reasoned post which differs from my own opinion can make me think about events in another way, and I am grateful for that opportunity.

    I am not a huge Neda fan, but I do see that she is playing the game. Yes, she has lied and manipulated people and she threw away the condiments, but everything Neda has done can be placed under the heading of “ultimate game playing”. I don’t think there is an inherent nastiness involved which is how she differs from Sabrina. Sabs is a histrionic, pathological liar whose lies are not strategic but involve self-grandeur. At least Neda is authentic and true to herself in her actions, whereas Sabrina is so fake, she has no self-awareness and doesn’t even realize the extent of her own lies.

    Allison is toast. The worst thing you can do on BB, in my mind, is whine and declare that you want to go home, that you’re “over it”, sick of it etc. Thousands would be thrilled to be in your place!

  49. Allison, had more advantages than disadvantages compared to the rest. She’s been acting sour for no reason. Play a better game than.

    1. she’s also been in the house 2 weeks less than the remaining house guests. if she carries on like this, it is soon going to be apparent she’s been in the house longer than they know about.


    1. I think the morning the feeds turned off they had come to the full realization that they should have kept Arlie. It was a big mistake on their part.

    2. If you look at some of the vids in this update, you will see, they actually know this now. Even Allison knows this, altho i think Allison thinks she can stay swinging, this last eviction process and the stupid POV use made it pretty clear to Neda that she needs to go. allison has played being stupid and stupid is not getting her anywhere. it was long past time for her to make connections, and she failed.

    3. I’ll have to presume the “thumbs down” are for yelling(all caps) because what you wrote is 100% correct. Sabby plus Allison and Ro sealed their fate when they voted out Arlie. Doesn’t get any more straight forward than that. Barring a complete shocker on the show Sunday the real alliance is Neda, Jon, Heather and Adel tags along at 4.


  52. Neda Is The Only Girl With Strategies That Execute According To Her Plan, She’s Seems Knows About Stealth & It Appears She’s Got Game!!!!!

  53. Everyone is saying Neda is such a amazing player but with the people left how could she not be, there is not one houseguest who can take her out.
    What Adel, Heather sure as heck not going to take Neda out. The only chance is one of germlins taking out Neda.

  54. Neda Will Proly Instantly Wanna Evict Allison Cuz She’s More Of A threat & She’s sketched out by her & doesn’t Really Trust her….Then She’d Put Up The Gremlins Once & for all as planned…. Depending On Who Wins Veto & Obviousley & Gremlin would save themselves & Jon May Use it If He Won & Take Off A Gremlin & Put Up Adel If He Thought It Was A Million Hundos Good For His Game & Vice Versa if Adel Won the Power Of Veto…Heather Wouldnt Use It & Would Respect Nedas Nominations….

  55. This game would have been a lot better if the viewers hadn’t been involved in the nominations & just let the game play out.

    1. no, bud, the game was sooo predictably going stupid with the non threatening evictions, no one in power making a power move, but picking off the weak, that the one HOH with any guts was Canada. And look at what happens too, the POV not won by the nominees, and everyone was afraid to use the POV for fear of who was #3 on the list, it could have been anyone, so obvious the winner wasn’t going to do an Allison and pull someone off the block for no reason.

  56. Neda’s speech to Arlie was perfect. It was meant for a superfan., breaking down her gameplay. Really enjoy watching Neda she has just the right amount of nark to where she is bearable, funny and, her slams can be taken as jokes, but where she is also clearly gaming, She is snarky but not repugnant and personal which is why I like her so much. I hope she wins

      1. there are almost 333 comments in this thread
        an’ folks are about to go into BB*CAN withdrawal
        symptoms due to the lack of live feeds!!! are you
        about to create a NEW thread for spoilers about
        tonite’s big shindig? what if a LIVE EVICTION is
        what just transpired? what if Arlie is less alone?
        has there been any word from hamster*watch?

    1. If the Gremlins win or Alison survives Instant Eviction and wins next POV then the strategy session and repercussions from this will be exciting to watch play out, if the others win the POV it be a predictable yawn fest.


  57. Does anyone know of a number or email or website
    That allows people to make suggestions to production?
    I have a cool idea I think they should put on
    The show.

  58. Go Neda!

    Arlie’s ego will be bruised but he knows Neda was the one who ultimately got him out. If Neda makes it to the end, I’d imagine she will get his vote…he seems like the type who would rather lose to a real ruthless player than give it to a floater.

    Arlie’s biggest downfall was underestimatimating Neda and Jon, and over estimating his ability to deceive.

    Neda’s sharp goodbye message was likely her way of finally revealing herself to Arlie as a ruthless strategic player). She probably should have said something nice at the end to soften the blow …but Arlie is an unusual guy, I’d imagine a ruthless slap in the face would make him respect NedA’s gameplay more…even if it did embarrass him.

    1. Alcohol played a major role in the events of Arlie’s eviction. He knew Jon drunk game talks. Arlie going to bed when so many HG’s were awake was a mistake.

  59. What I don’t understand is how can they hear Neda and vice versa… And if they can hear her now how in the world did they not hear THREE people in there (one of them being Scott!) in the beginning?? Can anyone explain this??

    Oh and Team JoNeda :)

    1. cannot explain that at all. no idea why they would hear neda, maybe there was a production leak or mic thing going on.

    2. Good question! I decided to google some pics of the war room to compare and contrast it to when the potential HouseGuest’s were housed in the room to now with Neda in the war room. It appears that a false wall was placed in front of the secret door of the war room into the house. There are 4 TV monitors on one wall that shows feeds of the house and on another wall from earlier pics there was a larger TV monitor that was placed on a wall that was used to communicate with the potential houseguests (ie. When Arisa informed of them of the results of who was voted into the house) This is the false wall location. It is not there in the images of Neda in the room now. Instead it is just the secret vault looking door. My guess is there was more of a barrier to sound because of the false wall. The secret door is on the only wall exposed to the actual house. The other wall being the pool area but I’m sure there is camera allies in between those two spaces. Hope this helps!

  60. now i no this will never happen since Canada is so far behind , but i would like too see by the have A Canada VS USA THEMED SEASON

    1. they could have some canadian players as moles on the US one. chances are only some of the houseguests would know that they were from the Canada show.

      i always thought the players should be big fans of the show, but seeing Jon i finally appreciate the fact that some are recruited onto the show, not fan based. In the beginning of BB no one knew the show, everyone felt their way around it. With some novices, they either sink or swim, and that adds a lot more unpredictability to the show, because they don’t know what they are supposed to be doing, they do what they think is a good idea.

    1. Unpopular opinion on a website run by Canadians! Take that back! lol

      If they were picking past players for a mixed season it wouldn’t be fair because the US has more to choose from but if it was all new people, I think its fair game.

      The Canadians would all get along and have a good time while the Americans would flip each other’s beds and spitefully take each other out.

      1. Gary would freak the Americans out, it would be great to see. They would eventually come to like him, but they would totally weird out at first. Canadians are much more tolerant of diversity than Americans-

        1. lol, there has been little attempt at diversity on the US BB. There idea of mixing it up is having actual black people on it. They had no idea what to do with an Asian HG. On BC Can 1, there was real diversity, i thought it was a good representation. Even this one we have persians, altho we seem to have persian instead of asian, east indian, or native house guests.

    2. One of our strengths as Canadians is that people always underestimate us, but the BBCA pool of talent is very small compared to the US. Last year, the best game players were Liza (hated her, but she had game) and I guess Emmett and Jillian, but they were only relevant because they were together and the rest of the house was too dumb to see what a threat they were together. I don’t think either one on their own is on the same level as players like Dan, Danielle D or Danielle R, Janelle, Will, ED or Brenchel. This season, only Arlie and Neda, maybe Jon would stand a chance against the BBUS greats.

      1. I disagree. Liza made the ultimate mistake by playing to hard to fast. Emmitte is one of the greats and could make all-stars. If it weren’t for him Jillian would have never made the decisions she made. Emmitte constantly had to to calm her down. He was lucky to latch on to someone who could win comps. His only mistake was not listening to his brother who advised to watch out for the gay guy. Gary played him good in the end and reallyhe should have won if the mistake hadn’t occured in the voting. I don’t think Jillian will ever be really considered “the winner”. Emmitte lasted cause even though he disliked other hgs he made an effort to build relationship. And that is why this season is better players like Neda weren’t afarid to make “big moves”. There wasn’t voting with the house. And hats off to BBC for allowing Canada some power and not allowing hg’s get out of hand like BBUS last year.

  61. I wish production would use their brain about blocking the feeds on a long weekend. All so they can edit it down to a few pathetic scenes for the show tonight. All because they want it to be a surprise for the episode viewers. Don’t they understand that there are 2 kinds of viewers, the tv viewer and the feedsters. The TV viewer only tunes in regularly to the show. Most of them don’t bother with the feeds or the spoiler sites. They will tune in regardless. Even if the results were leaked, it won’t stop people from tuning in, and if the leaks tell that something crazy happened, it would boost their audience rather than diminish it. The feedsters, like myself rarely watch the episodes (there is no live stream on the net, I only watch the episodes later when the feeds are down). I get that they have to prepare the episode and block us when there are competitions, but I don’t understand why they don’t try to build their feedster fan base and throw us a bone. They could have had us tuned in to the feeds all long weekend with ads running and with a few breaks for filming the ceremonies and competitions. No matter what happens today, I can’t watch the episode “live” because I gave my tv away years ago and get my entertainment on the net. I will know the results when they are posted here, and will probably watch the episode tomorrow only to see what kind of editing happens. I guess since the feeds are free here I shouldn’t complain. Even the US BB they cut the feeds a lot on weekends and let them run during the week when everyone is at work. They should shake up the production schedule so that the episodes are filmed weekdays and leave the feeds on in the evenings and on weekends, especially the long weekends when most feedsters are available for viewing. The feeds vs the show are two different experiences, and instead of making the most of that, they block the most ardent fans that tend to be feedsters to please the tv audience. They could easily please us both and make more money doing it.

  62. Adele admitted he wrecked Kyle’s game. Adele acted like a jerk withe Marsha the moose. Adele dishes out insults and then blames it on his english not being good. He is not the all around nice guy that has led us to believe. I am not saying these things to crucify him. I merely want to point out what he does that it not at all game related. A so called nice guy would not do such things. On a lighter note I wish he received his task from Marge. She would have put him in his place for being so rude. He just seemed like a very sore loser. The moose tasks are supposed to be fun and lighthearted.

    1. So disagee ………. though Adel’s interaction with Martha the Moose was awesome. I LOVE ADEL. He was the only one who didn’t shun other hgs. The reason we dislike Sabrina and Rachelle is because of the way they treated people when they were on top. Adel befriended them at a time when nobody else would have anything to do with them. Says so much about what kind of man he is. I think it’s just Adel’s sense of humor. And really it has to be difficult living in a house with other people 24/7 for 90 days.

  63. I think it’s possible that someone is already gone, that they had the instant eviction yesterday and that is why the feeds were down so long, I can’t think of any reason for it to be down so long unless a player is gone and they don’t want anyone to know until the program shows it tonight.

    1. Yes during the live feed blackout .. Neda would have gotten her strategy session with Emmett & Jillian. She would have then nominated two houseguests and the others would instantly evict one of them (No Veto competition to save themselves). They would have then played a new HOH to crown the new head of household. Even if the live feeds weren’t blocked all weekend .. with everything that was going on it would have mostly been blocked any ways and Big Brother wants to draw more people to tune into tonight’s episode to find out what happened.

        1. that’s right, neda is not getting the strategy session. she’s not even getting the HOH room again as far as i can tell lol. When BB found it was neda winning, they could go with their plan B to put HOH in the war room. If Allison had one, probably the one they thought had a good chance at it, then Allison would have gotten the Jemmet. I think they’ve been saving the war room for either Neda, Heather, Adel or Sabrina winning an HOH, had anyone of those other than Neda won, they’d get the WR, if the others won, they’d get the Jemmet.

  64. Heh Dawg – Regarding your moderating of this site (which I love by the way and thanks) – just a question – many people have posted that Sabrina is a sociopath and worse and yet you removed my post voicing my opinion that Andrew and Kenny met up because Andrew is gay. I don’t’ get it. Can you explain? Keep up the great work.

    1. Your other comment was approved.
      Simon and I really try and do our best to moderate the comments as best we can. At any one time there is usually only one of us working on the site so we do our best to skim every comment on top of everything else we do to keep the site updated .. so occasionally some not so great comments make it through.

  65. This is an observation about Arlie, whether you like him or dislike him. I think it worth considering that he never attacked anyone on a personal level. If he made a comment like idiot he always said he meant in relation to the persons game. Never did he yell at anyone or otherwise treat another in a disrespectful way. I find it refreshing and extremely rare in the game of Big Brother. I enjoy the strategic side of the game, and frankly do not find vicious rantings smart or necessary. So hats off to you Arlie for just focussing on the game.

    1. I agree and I think Allison had a missed opportunity to have him stay and help her with his game. But maybe he was too polite- if he had been more aggressive and nasty- like evil Dick, for instance- then maybe his threats to take out Jon might have meant something and they would have kept him, he was too nice about it all, and I think that is one reason it was easier for them to cut him loose.

    2. Arlie wasn’t quite that clean of a player. He was a yes-man for Andrew, Kenny, and Sabrina for the first few weeks. He even admitted to Sarah that he agreed when they made vicious comments about other house guests, simply because he wanted them to think he was on their side. So it’s not like he took the high road–he kept quiet and pretended to agree with them just to protect his own game. And he also had no problem insulting each house guest after being given that challenge by production.

      I’m not saying he’s the worst of the lot–just that he’s not the most noble player either.

  66. The suspense is KILLING ME for this instant eviction episode! Does anyone else wish it should be Sabrina tonight (fingers crossed)?

    1. I have a great one I use that works that I always use but I don’t know if I can paste it here, that’s not considered good internet etiquette. – just google it, it’s really not that hard to find, it took me about a minute to find.

  67. That’s just it: I don’t think I guy has ever gotten/will ever get the same flack for playing the same style of game. Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling get high praise for their cold, ruthless play, but Neda gets called a smug, evil bitch. How is that even? Let’s remember: neither Will nor Dan were “nice” guys. For example, Will was continually mocking his opponents–just not to their faces. And yet for some reason, people remember him only as a brilliant player. I do think there’s a double standard at work here.

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