Jon Calls Allison this years Liza, “That’s so rude to think I am so shallow and can’t carry myself”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-39-10-408

10:24pm Bathroom Kenny and Allison

They are talking about Jon being paranoid. Allison says the other side is so weak against them.

Kenny calls the other side of the house ‘Loser” says Adel, Neda haven’t come close to winning anything, “Heather is useless”

Kenny – “Jon is trying to play both side trying to cover his a$$”
Kenny – “Right now Adel should be our main target to just flush out whatever power he has.”

Kenny mentions that the power is changing all the time today Adel told them if he doesn’t use the power he gets a prize from Canada.
Kenny calls it bullsh!t.

Kenny says once Adel is gone they have the numbers to get out the rest of the loser and Jon last.
Kenny – “Right now I don’t think she should go after Jon”

Arlie joins them. They start talking about the other side. Allison says their side is so hungry her and Sabrina wants revenge. They take turns saying how stupid the other side is. Kenny points out that the other side never had any power for weeks and now they don’t know what to do. KEnny adds that that Adel and Jon got greedy and start making deals on both side.

Arlie -”you gotta pick a side”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-41-17-818

10:40pm Backyard Jon and Kenny
Kenny says Adel scares him the most.
Jon asks where he’s standing with Allison does he think he can drag her in.
Kenny says he’s been trying to talk to her with Andrew.
Jon wants them to chat again tomorrow

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-50-21-785

10:45pm Rachelle and Kenny
Kenny laughing at jon “What do yo think oif this person what do you think of this person we can make big moves”
Rachelle says she would like to take a nail file and stab everyone in the eye
‘Kenny says he hates everyone he cannot take it anymore, “Why do you think I go to bed so early”

Rachelle and Kenny go on and on about the other side and how they cannot winthe HOH. KLenny says if Jon or Adel win he is going up against a girl.

Kenny- “I’ll win Veto cause i’ll go savage”
Rachelle says they need to take JOn out next week, Not even backdoor him just ptu him up. Kenny says JOn cannot win anything.

KEnny – “He’s such a sore loser”
Rachelle – “You have a stronger chance of winning”

Kenny I hope this challenge I can dominate.
Kenny says he cannot take another twist again a twist they have no control over.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-50-12-664

10:50pm Arlie and Sarah

Sarah – “If I win HOH i’m going to backdooring the shit outta Sabrina”
Arlie – “Do it”
Sarah – “F** theres so many unknowns now”
They decide to talk tomorrow.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-58-19-931

11:00pm kitchen Sabrina, Andrew and Allison

Sabrina says it’s odd that Sarah jumps down Andrew’s throat every 2 seconds.
Andrew – ‘Ya”
Sabrina – “Why.. i find it sketchy”
Sabrina – “If you talk bad about Neda or Jon She doesn’t say a word”
Andrew – “relax relax”

Allison – Jon thinks i’m the LIZA of the season”
Jon thinks she’s just getting close to the guys to further her game. Allison adds that JOn thinks Allison will grab onto Kenny once Andrew leaves.
Andrew – ‘That’s so F*** rude”
Allison – “I’m so pissed when I heard that.. I’m sorry Andrew I was using you.(being sarcastic) ”

Allison – “That’s so rude to think I am so shallow.. he thinks I can’t carry myself”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 20-25-39-955

11:20pm Sarah, Rachelle, Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina
Andrew tells them to make it to final 4 and bring Allison along with them as long as they can.

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Allison got figured out by Jon and is pulling the “how dare he” excuse


Allison and Rachelle….are both so useless. Can someone get those two some pacifiers please?


I don’t really understand, why Andrew is going home, when Kenny and Allison are with him, Sara says she wants to get rid of Sabrina next week, heather hates Sabrina, and Arlie has said the first chance he gets he wants to see Sabrina gone… I don’t really get it, either way I want both gone, just want to see her gone first!


andrew has a better chance than sabrina to win the next hoh if they leave him in there. plus 2 of first 5 (arlie and sabrina) actually are on board to flip now that they know first 5 will break up this week and they also hate andrew. i strongly believe it’s the best move against first 5 right now.

say no to Craft Beer

shut up Andrew….trying to make deals for the house, and trying to ell them what to do even though his ass is out the door

Douche Hater

Sarah says she’s gonna backdoor Sabrina
She had become the ultimate douche bag sell out.
Canada doesn’t like Sabrina and now Sarah wants to be the
Fucking hero … Give me a break . I hope we all see through
This horrible game play . Too obvious Sarah .we aren’t
All sheep . What a slime ball .


actually all it takes is Canada to rob them of the game their playing by voting them on the block. They can all sit there and be slobbering idiots now because there is no game. There’s a reason BBUS has lasted 16 seasons while all the other’s fail and get cancelled.

Douche hater

Seriously maybe there is a lot more sheople then I thought … Lol
Don’t let your hatred for Sabrina blind you from the slime ball Sarah
. She is only now attacking Sabrina cause she knows canada hates her ..
It’s classic school yard crap … Oh everyone hates you … Ok I will
Hate you too. Come on Canada we are smarter then that . Sabrina would be good
To keep for a while to torture lol … She deserves it .


Sarah has been saying for some time now that she doesn’t like Sabrina and hates working with her. This is not a new thing because of Canada’s vote. Maybe she is using Canada’s vote as an opportunity to distance herself but she has been wanting to for awhile. She was just being loyal to the alliance.


Whatever you say … Lol keep going through life with your eyes wide Shut . And no
She actually didn’t start verbalizing it until after
Canada’s vote .


Not true.


Boy are they hating hard on “the other side”. Kenny, Allison and Sabrina will soon find themselves reaching for a life vest soon. All it takes is one outside the group to win 1 HOH and that alliance can be quickly dissolved in no time.


Why did Kenny lie to Sarah about his family being supportive of him being gay?

According to his sister (@brain_maria) his family didn’t even know he was gay. Check out @HelenHunty for a screengrab of her since deleted tweet.

Which Kenny lie do you believe today?


if this is true, im pretty shocked by this. allison also did not know he was gay, and apparently knew his best friend..? maybe he is not as out and proud as he claims. that’s really disappointing.

regardless of his sexuality, i am liking kenny less and less. he clearly keeps jon at a distance, yet accuses jon of trying to form other alliances… what’s jon supposed to do, just be alienated from you guys and accept it like you are doing to adel, heather, etc? also, that stuff that kenny said to allison about her being like liza… did jon even say that? is kenny now making up stuff to throw jon under the bus??

i think they are forgetting that canada put up andrew and sabrina, not the “other side”. why do they keep blaming them and saying they need to get their “revenge”?

i hate that kenny called the other side “losers”, just proves what a douche he is. i hope he or sabrina go next.


Even Liza says Allison is playing her game from last year. Allison’s more understated about it but I’m sure she’ll be able to give Peter a hair band upon her eviction. She wears a sheyld or whatever the fu(** they called themselves, t-shirt. I mean really – a fan of Peter and Alec?

dee v

words cannot express how much i regret voting Allison in

Floaters grab a lifevest!

Had I would have seen that “Fan of the Shield” fugly t-shirt on her at any point before she got voted in….. ugh we got punked Canada.

Douche Hater

Let Sabrina do all your dirty work and ride on Sabrina’s
Coat tail then stab her in the back … This isn’t brilliant game play
This is down right disgusting .


Oh please. Relax. Doesn’t make her disgusting. She is just playing the game.


Actually it’s a test of her character which she lacks.
Adel didn’t sell out or ride coat tails and he is still
In the game . You don’t have to be a slime ball
It’s a choice and she has chosen to be a slime
Ball. And I can judge because she decided to be on
A reality show . Peoples true characteristics
Come out when money is involved and it is my opinion
That she is a sell out and lacks morals . And I would be disappointed
If she was rewarded for bad behaviour . 🙂


lol imagine a house full of Adel’s.. dumb and with no game

Team Kenny and Sarah all the way !

Douche hater

Ya Kenny and Sarah got lots of game lol …they both
Have won a pov … That’s it … Real threats lol.
Riding on the coat tails of Sabrina is brilliant game play ….NOT
Lazy bastards can’t do they’re own dirty work .
Kenny and Sarah have done nothing
I hate Sabrina but she has done everything not the
Little clicky pair . Give me a break

Sabrina's Wheel of Misfortune

Wah Wah Wah! Give it a rest already…..Sabrina gladly took the wheel and has never let go! She is steering herself over the cliff and I personally am enjoying seeing the crash and burn. As for the other 1st/5 hiding in her back seat…..need I say more?


Kenny is such a moron. He (and Sabrina) get mad at people and call them all kinds of names because they’re targeting him. As if nobody is allowed to do that?! He gets scary angry at the smallest things. Seriously, he’s just one big Sour Grape Cry Baby.

I’m really hoping Jon doesn’t really like/trust Kenny. He needs to go. I’m really tired of Kenny’s drama and arrogant attitude.


I’m already getting bored of this season!! Starting to feel like bbc is rigging this game so one alliance doesn’t dominate. First off when they had the HOH where Rachelle won, how do we know that the cords were actually pulling on everyone fairly? That’s why BBUS would make them hang from something so you know everyone is holding their own body weight! Kinda backfired when rachelle turned on her alliance though lol. Then you make Canada HOH knowing full well who they would nominate! Having gary and peter basically asking fans to nominate andrew and Sabrina kinda makes that obvious, especially since it was in pre-taped interviews!! I’m not a fan of either nominees, but I dislike scripted (or manipulated) reality shows even more. Surprised BBC’s boot list hasn’t been leaked yet lol.


All reality shows are manipulated, it’s nothing new. And the hatred by viewers towards Andrew and Sabrina goes way back before peter and Gary asking fans, that didn’t have much impact. Sure they might have fixed it so Rachelle won but anyone watching, including big brother, knows Rachelle is controlled by Sabrina.


Guess this season is making it obvious how manipulated it is. I understand the hatred for Sabrina, but andrew is just hated for being a threat. What had he done besides pick his nose and give a guy shit for calling him a racist and sexist prick? If someone criticized my character, I’d defend myself too. I honestly hope he doesn’t go home this week, however he’s not in my top 4 that’s for sure.


You forget your DR confessions Allison and the whispered apology into your mic to some boyfriend you were betraying. “I hate myself. I’m a terrible person who’s going to hell. ” Remember that????? Jon was not being rude, he was just pointing out the obvious. I can’t wait until you’re evicted!


Is there actually a recording of the whispered apology? So far I have not seen anything that supports it, just people repeating a rumor.


Yes it’s real and the tape is somewhere on this site. I’ll try and find it for you. It happened last week. Allison and Andrew are groping on the couch in the livingroon. Andrew gets up to go to the washroom. When Allison hears the door close, she pulls at her microphone and Apologizes to Aaron? (some guy in any case), explains it’s just gameplay and that she hates herself, she’s a terrible person blah, blah, blah. I’ll try and find you the link and post it below.


Here is the post with the video of when it happened:


Thanks to both of you!


The assumption at play here is that Aaron/Erin is her boyfriend. Or that Aaron exists.


Kenny saying Jon can’t win anything lol. They’ve both won a veto competition. They are dead even in competition. This dude needs to jump off his high horse.


“Jon Calls Allison this years Liza”

I think Jon owes Liza a huge apology.


Why do people find Allison attractive? She’s okay looking at most ,, and she has such an annoying personality…
Rachelle = Pet 1
Allison= Pet 2


momsy just shut up and go to bed already you are never gonna look good in a picture


Umm… nice going Canada!!! WHINEY(kenny) I dislike him so so very much..he’s vicious


It’s not like we put Jon and Adel up…


On one hand there is more drama this season but on the other hand the house is so divided that it is beginning to turn me off..can’t bare to see this mean spirited high school behaviour from kenny, andrew and the rest of the first 5.

yaak @ Alisson

Hi darling Alisson: I think you don’t realize that you are a little bitchy whor#$& . we all thought that you will be a great game player and we wasted our vote to see a who$&% who started showmance within a week of entering the house. Bitch your time is coming next ….


OMG please tell me jon is kidding about keeping andrew and getting rid of sabrina PLEASE tell me hes not that supid


So not sure what Jon is up to. Beers are a dangerous thing for him.

But on that topic, What’s with Allison. ‘I want you to stay, but I like Sabrina also.’ Bell’s should be ringing in Andrew’s head and he should tell Sabs that Sabs was right about Allison and she has to go.


Totally lost all my faith in Allison, she has now became Rachelle 2.0. What’s worst is that Sabrina will cut her off without blinking an eye while she follows her like a lap dog.

I really hope that Jon, Adel, or Heather wins the next HOH. That will continue their momentum that Canada has given to them. Sarah as the next HOH will also not be so bad if she follows through backdooring Sabrina. Sabrina for sure will become a trainwreck if that happens.


In almost each of these last comments words like slimeball, vicious, annoying, arrogant and disgusting. All of which do not offend my sensibilities. I’m just trying to understand what it is about Heather that makes everyone here (mostly) to her defense if I use my freedom of expression and opinion.
It’s not OK to dislike Heather?
She is a total snitch. The only information she shares with others is when she’s snitching or saying what she overheard while creeping around.


it’s “ok” to hate on Heather, everyone of us has each preferences. As for me, I just don’t understand why the housemates hate her, she hasn’t done anything in the house to deserve the kind of personal bashing that she gets from Sabrina and Rachelle. And if indeed she is a snitch why is it that Sabrina, Arlie and Sarah “flip flopping” game moves are “tactical” and “acceptable”, if you are to look it in another perspective each of them are just doing the same. Also what they did made them move forward and better their placement in the game. Heather for one has a huge target on her back since week 2 and as of now she manages to fly under the radar and no one seems to target her. And although I’m no fan of hers, given that she is on the “side” of the house i’m rooting for, I still prefer her over Sabrina, Rachelle, Rachelle 2.0 and Kenny.


It’s mainly the fact that she’s not a terrible human being, and that she gets unfairly victimized by jealous females.


I’m not defending people for treating her badly–no one deserves that–but I think I would have a hard time being around her if she insisted on using her fake baby voice around me. Just be real already. Has nothing to do with jealousy.


I hate that side of the house.. GO “OTHER SIDE”!!!…I hope Jon and Neda’s side kicks ass…i wish Heather would join them…


i wonder what Peter thinks about Allison now, since he was such a big supporter of her. Another annoyance….the sideshow should spend more time doing what they said they were gonna do(critique the gameplay etc..) instead of scripted bashing!!


I also wonder about this. He seems to love ripping into evicted housemates about their awful gameplay. But will he do the same to Allison…after all the shouts outs and praises to him? Cause if there was ever a housemate thast deserved some criticism…


Who are Kenny and Allison to criticize the others about being weak and calling them losers?? First of all, Kenny has only won one challenge…a veto challenge that relied on pulling oneself up over a wall. How could he lose it? And Allison only won her veto because they threw it to her. She sucked in that comp. And actually, their side has only had ONE HOH reign…so how does that make everyone else losers? I hate to admit it, but the only reason they are still around is because the “losers” were stupid enough to let Sobrina manipulate them. 1st 5 would be toast right now if Sobs hadn’t been with them. Kenny just bitches and moans all day and Allison just attached herself to the most dominant male in the house… trusting him and his psycho stalker to have her back. And even now he is still more loyal to Sobs than her…even after finding out today that Sobs lied about Allison having an alliance with Jon. These guys are reaching Nerd Herd status more and more each day.


Not a fan of Allisons “gameplay” at all, but did she actually find out it was Sabrina who told the Newfies alliance lie? Sure, Andrew told Allison about the alliance lie, but he didn’t mention who said it.


How did Allison find out it was Sabrina that spun that lie?


Andrew asked her about the Newfie alliance and she told him that it wasn’t true. He warns her that when he heard about it at first, he believed it and was just going to play her in the game…but he now knows that it isn’t true and believes her. She then asked him if someone told him this and he lied and said that he overheard it being said. I don’t know why she didn’t press harder or why he is STILL covering for Sobrina.

That is two lies, that I know of, that he caught her in yesterday. The other being when 1st 5ers were discussing Adel’s veto power and how long it actually lasts. Andrew conveniently forgot that Sobs specifically told him that it was two weeks because she SAW it herself. I knew this lie would be exposed if Adel had to come clean about what the power really was, but her admitting that she didn’t know how long the power was or what kind of power it is was also proof she never read it.


Would love to see the Jon and Neda team in action if one of them win HOH.

On another note why the heck isn’t Andrew campaigning? Does he think he’s got it in the bag or does he just not care? Did he come all this way to just give up? I don’t get it. I would be good with either one going home but come on man!


There’s not a girl in this house whose game I respect…this is so frustrating. At least out of all of them Sabrina is playing the game, albeit a dirty one

andrews duck stance

i would love to see jon and arlie in final 2 drag sarah to 3rd place and dump her(ouch)


Umm… Allison OMG!!!


Allison, your a player, you played your hometown boyfriend and you played Andrew. Playing Andrew is not tactful, playing anyone like you are is not a good game move. Can’t wait to see you out! Go Arlie and Adel! Arlie, is in a good position, playing both sides well in a smart and less annoying way.

Reality chech

Go team UnDerDogs ….Adel


Sarah has a back up if her alliance gets broken up, she has Jon wrapped around her finger. Why is Andrew giving up and just giving in to Sab.? It’s a game, you are supposed to fight it out to stay. That’s why Big Brother put the twist in because if it ended up with just the first five alliance left, the entire rest of the show would be boring. They would pretty much say, okay it’s my turn to go because that’s the way we planned it. Andrew SUCKS for not fighting. Sabrina SUCKS for walking around saying that she is sad that Andrew is leaving. I hope they backdoor her arse!


no sarah does not have jon wrapped around her finger

he lets her think she does

jons only true trust is with neda


Kenny needs to shut up and stop calling people losers. He is clearly just jealous and scared of adels power. It irritates me how hes so cocky and arrogant. PLEASE next HOH get kenny out and houseguest vote out andrew this week!!! sabrina, slobrina or whatever shes called can go after these two.