Slumber Party “I don’t like to fight but I’m not scared to bleed”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 18-15-26-698

Slumber party..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 18-36-40-027

9:19pm Neda and Jon
Neda saying Sarah legitimately sketched her out today asking her if she was was scared of Jon or just saying I amd to cover up. Jon Explains the only reason is he told her he would take Sarah over Neda to the final 2. Jon – “She wants us three to the end and she wants to make sure she can trust you 100%”
NEDA says it’s tough to talk to Sarah because every time they get a moment Sabrina is lurking around them and Sarah freaks out.

Adela and Heather join them and they start talking about fighting
Jon I don’t like to fighting but i’m not scared to bleed
Adel says he’s never backed down from a fight.

Adel leaves..

Heather said she had Peppermint Schnapps and Irish Cream.

Neda says when Andrew leaves Rachelle is going to do whatever Kenny says

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 18-29-36-276

9:23pm Backyard 1st5 plus Rachelle

Andrew says he cannot stand the other players in the game, He can’t even be nice to them anymore. Sabrina points out the other players are all with Jon in the bathroom. Arlie mentions throwing something in Jon’s drink earlier today.

Sabrian – “It’s so crazy the device now.. so legit”
Rachelle we have to win
Andrew it’s smooth sailings take them down

Andrew – “I’s heather’s voice annoying’
Arlie – “Which Voice”
Andrew – “am I late to the party”
Sarah you say that now but last night you were saying you would all do her.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-03-59-892

10:03pm Pictures

BBCAn2-2014-03-31 19-08-32-908

10:00PM Rachelle showing off.. again

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 19-17-07-374

10:15pm bathroom Allison and Sabrina

Sabrina is asking Allison if she’s trusting Sarah or Neda. Allison says when she first entered the house Sarah told her that Sabrina was her girl.

Allison now claims to have not talked Game to Sarah for at least a week. Allison doesn’t think Kenny and Neda are together but Jon and NEda are 100% .

Sabrina thinks Sarah and Neda were together. They agree with Andrew leaving on Thursday they are all they have left in the game. They hug and kiss on the cheek..

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I always feel sad for Heather, she always seems to be alone and not saying much, I guess it would be hard to fit in with this group when you’re a nice person with a bit of class.

Team Adel

thats why adel has always been an outcast


I like Adel but that doesn’t mean I don’t find him sketchy. I think he’s manipulating public opinion now with his “Befriend the Underdog” routine. He’s heard it enough from the other house guests that Canada likes him because of that. It’s made him more cocky and now he’s really playing it up. I find it hard to believe that Adel cares that much about Heather. He’s using her to keep in good with the public.

Adel has gotten arrogant, cocky and smarmy when it comes to how Canada sees him. His head is ten times bigger, and ten times less genuine, that it was when he was befriending Kyle, Paul and Ika.

I hate cocky.


There still isn’t anyone in the house that I respect enough to want to win the game but, for the sake of being invested in the show already, I want Arlie to win. (For now.) I think he’s playing the smartest game. No, he’s not playing a perfect game but he IS being smarter about it than anyone else.

Honestly, this is just a year of complete misfires for a cast. One of the worst I’ve ever seen. They’re all juvenile, immature brats running around like heads with their chickens cut off. (Yes, that was switched around on purpose.)

Team Adel

I know what you are saying, he isnt being cocky, his saying like the only person he has left in the house is canada, because no one else accepts him, Adel is my first cuzin, he is such a cool guy if you actually get a chance to bond with him, he will grow on you. That is why everyone who actually chilled with him, was having such a good time, and they all love him. He is genuine he doesnt back bite, and he is definitley not cocky, he is alone.


Welcome to 2014, you expected different?


Noone forced her to be on the show. Don’t you think if that many people say she’s annoying, maybe she’s annoying. At least Arlie does talk to her sometimes, Adel does too. It’s not like they exclude her; she has nothing to talk about. Pay more attention when she in these clips – not much going on except her staring at everyone talking. It’s weird. I don’t know why she even went on the show to begin with other than further her ‘acting career’. If Rachelle wasn’t attached to Sabrina’s hip she would be in the same boat at Heather. She thinks calling pulling her pants down is entertaining Canada. Heather thinks being ‘cutesy’ and pink is going to get her fans. It sure has some of you falling for it.

No one

I didn’t force her to do anything!

kiss me

ya its gotta be hard for heather being attacked by all these bullies all the time
i believe that she is a genuinly nice girl


combining group think, peer pressure, willingness to conform, the BS concept of “House Consensus” and chickenshit doing what an HoH wants with a victimising lie campaign, scapegoating and juvenile mentality plus the unfortunate momentum of house dynamics and “Viola” as Bugs Bunny would say – there’s Heather the perfect perpetual pawn and putdown pet.

Hell, in an earlier era this group would have burned Anick at the stake.


Yeah and Ika would have light the match.


Heather seems like she would be impossible to talk to. There is absolutely no depth to what she says. I rarely see her contribute anything to any conversation.


You just described Allison.


Is the hidden POV in the house for this week or next


A lot of you wonder how a little cute button like Heather can be disliked. Call it intuition. She walks in on other people’s conversations constantly and otherwise just stares at everybody. She is last year’s Andy (US winner) except she’s in blonde packaging. Her voice is annoying as hell (because it’s fake as we have all heard her talk in a normal tone). She is a little rat.


I see you’ve become “bash Heather every thread”! If you remotely think Andy and Heather are similar players you’re just plain delusional or you do not know the game at all. Only a complete idiot would think they are comparable. Andy had a decent and at times very good social game. He talked more in a day than Heather in a week! That’s how he won BB USA 15 moron. It’s a SOCIAL GAME genius!

She has so little relevance beyond a vote so far this season. I frankly consider her way to “nice” for the show myself. Lying is a part of the game. I think the “ditz” thing might be a little over played myself but who cares. She has dodged some bullets and now looks like maybe even makes the jury. She has perhaps a 1% ,no lets be serious she has a zero percent chance to win the show.

If we don’t get a double Thursday I think there could be interesting convos about whom everyone doesn’t want on the jury.

Kenny- Don’t count the BB Beard out just yet. He has a lot of ground to make up socially to hang to F4. Needs Sarah, Sab, Allison on jury to start. Might get a couple of guys for 5 votes in the end.

Sab- If she can hang around a few more eviction she becomes an actual threat to win this. She would need to be seen as beatable by the other 3 F4 as an example and drag her to the finish. Still a long shot in my book. Needs 1/5 plus Ratchet and Allison and no Kenny F2.

Ratchet- It gets crazy as she is useless. Can you see anyone other than Heather she might beat? Needs a miracle to F2 and she’d have to drop her drawers bare arse to get the votes. Actually that won’t help.

Deli- Sad to say I think Deli is to much the outsider. He’ll be seen as not enough game play. Needs Joneda and Arlie on the Jury to start. Would benefit from a weak F2 HG beside him.

Neda/Jon I give them about the same chance for different reasons. Neda girls social and Jon the guys maybe. Two of my favs with deli for entertainment. They haven’t done much but talk up to now. If they were F2 I give Jon a slight edge on likeability right now. Neither beats Kenny IMO.

Arlie- He’ll be game on or bust in the next couple weeks. I’m struggling to stay confident he’ll pull the trigger in time. Helen verbalized it in BB 15 and Arlie is living it so far this season. It’s not time yet! He has gotten the most potential upside from Canada’s HOH. Now he has to act on it ASAP. Sleeper to win the whole thing or out right around F6.

Sarah- came in as “house mom”. She’s been mean and nasty but who knows all the vile stuff? Folks saying the same thing. And those are her peeps F2 on the jury. Get to the end beside anyone but Kenny and I can see her getting 5 or even 6 of the final 7 HG votes. She has to read the tea leaves on how the house will swing going forward. If Arlie is 1/2 a sleeper Sarah is one to watch.

Heather- no chance F2. If you played a smart BB game and can sell it final night I’d want her on the jury. Unless you’ve been just plain mean to her that is.

Allison- makes 10 only 9 get to stay til the end. Until HOH played we really don’t know who’s out next after Andrew. If she really was a super fan… I’m not buying it after wearing a shield shirt, she could be a good jury vote to sway. I’m not buying super fan for a second. Her game sucks and it appears plan B is to latch onto Sab of all people. Allison is far from a genius IMHO.

Odds as of today.

Kenny- 10:1 from 3-1 to 10-1 but still a shot.
Sab- Big drop in 2 weeks thanks to this HOH. 35:1. F2 she finishes second to most remaining HGs
Sarah- 8-1 I said it I really did. She’s expanding beyond 1/5 without throwing it away. Needs to stop the cranky stuff and excuses.
Arlie- every day I think he’s Helen with a plan. I’m thinking he’s going to miss the train 25:1. He is liked after all
JoNeda- 15:1 perhaps each. Jon has ticked some off a little bit of late
Deli- If Canada decided he’d be a 3:2 lock IMO. The house won’t give it to him. No comp strength. May miss Jury…. 50:1
Heather- infinity wouldn’t put a dollar on her in Vegas or any where else … 99:1
Ratchet- So bad she may stay long enough to become a legit F2 option. Drag her screaming to F2 75:1 to win on a angry jury only
Allison- Her fans are hoping Andrew leaving will give us a different player. Sab is not going to help her one bit. Comp ability so 35:1

Sarah a little better than my last odds Sab and Kenny down. Thing is I can’t believe I’m just 8-1 on the favorite and likely very few here would agree with my assessment as well. If you could get another 1/5 or Ratchet/Allison out next things might look up for the outsiders. Let Kenny get F4 he can win this. I don’t see a tough comp out other than him. F4 down comp play is vital. Fact is there has been little comp dominance.

bb is a house full of crazy

and he won


Yes i agree. It was upsetting when she tried so hard to be nice to people that ultimately talked s*it about her. Like Sabrina, she pretended to be nice to Heather and always went behind her back for no strategic reasons. It was all personal.
I hope that she can fit in with Neda and Jon.


love jon and neds


I like Neda and Jon (: I hope they get far. I feel like Neda is actually good at comps, but we will have to see.


I love Jon and Neda but I kinda feel but for Jon’s girlfriend, must suck to be her! :S


i dont feel bad for jons gf at all because jon and nedas friendship is harmless

one of jons game tactics is to flirt with all the girls, and is using that to his advantage…if he went in acting like a priest his chances would go down in my opinion

its all in fun and their connection is a part of the game, and crucial if they want any chance of winning…and they are not slutting it up like others, there is a genuine mutual respect there


there is no one in the house who heather can really connect with, thats why her game is suffering. She needs to be more assertive instead of just being happy to be there…she is just looking to be accepted by them.

She kind of reminds of AJ from last season..they are there but its like they do not realize they are in a competition, they are all laughing and trying to fit in, its like she forgot she is in a game.Make some moves girll!!!!!


Bingo! Every time I voice an opinion about Heather’s so-called game or lack thereof, I am accused of bullying. That’s a bit overboard. The social aspect is more than half (I’d guess) of this game and how you maneuver. Heather just walks up/interrupts people’s conversatons and has nothing to offer so it’s really awkward. She never approaches anyone to talk game or what they can do going forward. She has been scooped up by Arlie at times and Adel who see her floundering. She just want to sit around, paint her nails with the girls and thinks that will somehow propel her forward especially now that she thinks 2 guys are looking out for her. She is really not cut out for this. She approaches Sabrina and tells her ‘she adores her?’ WTF. That is not only transparent bad game but just makes her look like an idiot. She compliments people thinking that’s going to get her somewhere, like she’s on spring break or something. She’s by no means dumb because in her ‘normal’ voice her street smarts come out. I don’t know what game she’s playing but for God’s sake put her out of her misery and let her go home to her room full of stuffed animals and pillows piled 5 ft-high on her canopy bed.

Clarification for Jane

Then let me clarify so you’re not confused anymore. No one thinks your opinion on Heather’s lack of a game is bullying at all. In fact, I agree with you. She clearly has no strategy and no game. She’s not equipped to play this game at all. And yes, she floats. All of those statements, whether opinion or fact, are completely valid.

What IS bullying are your attacks on her appearance.


Ok relax..calm down. ..Geez!!!
If you like it or not underdog’s need her vote for now. Don’t go ape sh**t on her and please please stop attacking her.


Ugh…we have Allison kissing Sobrina’s ass and trusting only her after Andrew leaves…is she really that dim-witted? She is starting to give Rachelle a run for her money. Can she not see that no one trusts Sobs anymore…besides her little puppy hotdog? Speaking of Rachelle…it is making me cringe watching her throw herself at Kenny today/tonight. Usually this would have bothered Sarah, but now she thinks it’s funny. Honey, you were almost as bad as hotdog…not as blatant, but still barking up the wrong tree. And I don’t care what people say…she was barking. If I had to pick which of these women were more pathetic, it would have to be Allison. She had such an advantage over everyone else and still is managing to play the worst game of them all…IMO.


Yes… the race to get to the bottom of the BB strategy shit pile is really competitive this season. I thought the shield won handily last season. We have sweet Heather, no brain Ratchet the robot and now officially Allison is coming up quickly from behind.

The whole thing reminds me of a Monty Python sketch over 30 years ago. If your a Python fan you know what’s coming. Upper class “Twit of the Year”. I can see these three all vying to be 1st into the coffin! Heather gets the gun 1st but misses and Allison misses then Ratchet misses, Ratchet fires again and kills Allison. Heather shots herself and Ratchet gets 3rd coffin. Gervais would be very proud!:) Now that’s good BB Olympics!

“And Now for Something Completely Different!”

Andrew finds the special POV on Thursday! hehehe…. see POV has already been played and the ceremony done. 🙂


Love the python reference!


Ha! If I had to think of a Monty Python reference describing anyone or thing this season, it would be Sobrina coming off of slop last week and that scene in the restaurant when Mr. Creosote gorges on food until he blows up…


Yeahh poor Heather is like a sheep in between wolves!! . I really can relate to her. ( but don’t have her beauty 🙂 )


I really cant take anymore of Allison and her “gameplay” …I cant wait to hear Peter call her out on it too


lol you think Peter will call her out, he will kiss her ass for wearing a Sheyld shirt


The only time I have ever liked Peter was him calling out IKA last week, Man she did not like what he had to say….


Andrew gets more beer and does not offer any to Heather or Adel.


Adel doesn’t drink, He’s a Muslim.


I just want to see Adel run this house an get rid of Allison. As much as Kenny is a big target, Allison’s game is useless and annoying as a fan to watch. I though having insight to what was happening in the house before the other HG’s seeing you would be a good thing. I guess not -____-

Team Adel

Adel dont drink.


So why is ratchelle is in there? She is like dead walking, zambie statue or something and sometimes she fladhes her ass or breast to gain some horney fan


lmfao are you serious??? Do you watched the live feeds?

Heather actually tried to play the game the first two weeks and failed miserably… She got caught in many lies and everyone figured it out quick. The only reason she isnt out of the house yet is because there is much bigger fish to fry.
She tries WAY too hard to play the cute innocent princess role, how could anyonnnneee hate a cute little princess.
Its str8 up annoying as sht listening to her talk in her little squeeky clean im so perfect voice which is all an act, and anyone who watch’s the live feeds knows her little cute im so innocent voice is only that but an act.

The whole point of that voice is to draw guys in like Paulie make you feel sorry for her and think shes the nicest person ever!

true colors

we arnt talking about her voice or gameplay! we are talking about her as a PERSON god stop hating


i am glad to see that people like jon and neda togther rather than jon and sarah(makes me happy)

the truth

all the girls in the house are caddy heather is hands down the prettiest girl in the house(and neda) the rest are dog chow


Thank god for Jon. This would be a snooze fest without him.


Heather doesn’t have a “fake voice”. Her pitch just rises when she gets excited or animated.

Everyone’s voice is deeper when they’re calm, and then rises when they get excited. It’s just more noticeable with her because her voice is naturally on the high end of the spectrum.


Jesus christ Rachelle, have some decency.

Real Deal

I really want to hear everyone’s opinion on who they think NEEDS the money the most??

Or who they think DOESN’T NEED the money.

Really curious to hear peoples opinions.

Me personally I think Ika probably needed it the most ( single mother of two ) but I didn’t want to see her win.

The person who I think needs it the most of who is left is probably Sarah. Two kids and a mortgage where most of the others are single and young.

The person who needs it the least is hands down Adel. He makes big money in Fort Mac, has an invention and is marketing and selling those t-shirts and hats ready, plus he comes from lots of money. He is the last person I want to win.