Paul – Matt and Raven are too sissy to do anything crazy..

One month free feeds is a pretty good deal…

9:20am Josh and Cody up
Josh dances around Cody..

CAmera zooms in on Jessica’s pictures..

Josh turns it up ..
You can hear production “Wakey wakey house guests rise and Shine”

Josh Goes too far.. Wipes out.. (Surprised Cody didn’t laugh)

Doesn’t phase him goes back to entertaining us..

Good morning guys it’s a blessed day in the Big Brother house

9:41am have nots Mark, Elena and Cody..
Cody – I get up 2 hours everyone else does..
Elena – you were all making noises in the middle of the night with your a$$holes.. It was like a battle back and forth..
Mark farts..
Elena – MARK.. he just farted right at me.. (Mark is in the other bed but his but is pointed in her general direction)

9:57am Matt, Raven and Paul
Matt – am I throwing it
Paul – if it’s the math one I would say YES .. I dunno what do you think?
Paul – I think we should get Mark and Elena on the block.. like 100%
Raven – Elena will be pissed.. (How selfish of her)
Raven says she talked to her yesterday and Elena was like “I was the pawn last week.. it’s someone else turn”
Paul – it’s Big Brother .. soooooo.. .
Raven – f* my a$$hole (her finger.. she said it out of nowhere)
Raven adds that Elena told her she wished Raven had won the HOH.

Raven says Elena is going to say something to Alex along the lines that she’s done her turn as a pawn.
Paul – she doesn’t have the balls to say anything to Alex
raven – we’ll see
Paul – I doubt it..

Paul cleaning his nose.. says if Cody wins safety.. “It’ll have to happen” (Elena goes)

10:04am Paul and Kevin APSR
Paul and Kevin did an experiment. Paul told them a joke that didn’t make sense just to see if they would do their stupid laugh. And sure as sh1t they did.
Paul tells him that Alex is putting up Mark and Elena..
Kevin says he’s worried about Raven and Matt..
Paul – Matt and raven are too sissy to do anything crazy they will never do anything nuts..
Kevin – who is Matt putting up hypothetically he wins next week’s HOH
Paul – probably Mark and Elena
Keivn – how many times can we keep putting them up
Paul – until their gone
Kevin – Okay.. i’ll go for that..

A meatball comes in ..

A meatball leaves..

Kevin is nervous about Matt.
Paul – he won’t win nothing.. he’s playing the type of game where he doesn’t have to win nothing
Jason joins them.
Paul – he’s trying to be like Derrick or one of those f*s who just got to the end without winning so I wouldn’t worry about him winning shit.. (Sometimes I like paul.. lol)
Paul says when they put him up as a real pawn that’s when they send hios a$$ home

Paul says if Cody plays in the temptation he’s got a 1 in 10 chance to win in the veto he’s got a 1 in 6 chance. That is why if Cody was smart he would throw the temptation to Guarantee he plays in the Veto.

Christmas, Tiger and Josh join them.

10:30am Feeds on the pound must be the temptation comp..

11:40pm Feeds back Raven and Matt in the bathroom playing grab a$$. A bunch of people in the APSR where Mark and Josh are talking about Josh Hitting on Elena.

They haven’t had the temptation comp yet..

RAven isn’t feeling well she says her disease is being a b1tch .

Jason, Alex, Raven, Paul, Matt HOH

Matt’s cereal game is on point..

Matt doesn’t think Paul throwing the temptation is a bad Idea they need him to win it. He’ll throw it instead.

They have a debate who to take out in the event Cody wins the temptation. It’s between Elena and Mark.

12:26pm Bathroom Christmas tells Kevin his targets would be Mark, Elena or Matt. (Paul’s targets) She wouldn’t go for Matt unless Elena and Mark were safe.
Xmas says personally she feels for Cody she told him “On a Personal note.. I’m sorry you have to be separated from Jessica for so long.. I know it sucks”

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138 thoughts on “Paul – Matt and Raven are too sissy to do anything crazy..

    1. You missed the scene of Kevin rubbing Christmas’ inner leg area. Doesn’t anyone in the house ever say anything about them?!? Last night she was laying right on top of him. I’m sure Kevin’s wife is not enjoying this.

        1. It was the same scene as the one you had a picture of this morning. After he was done putting his arm around her, her knee was pointed toward him and he was rubbing it.

      1. What do you care what they do? Who cares if anyone in that hose plays grab ass. It’s funny how people comment on her like they know the houseguests and their family’s personally.

    2. Kevin’s not the first married person to act a fool in the Big Brother house. Christine and Cody from BB16 was especially hard to watch. I just feel so sorry for his wife and kids having to see him embarrassing them in front of the whole world. Christmas knows he’s married yet still climbs all over him. They should both be ashamed of themselves.

    3. Kevin is aloud to do whatever it takes to bring me the $500K. I’m ready to retire and this is the only way since Kevin won’t get a job. Our kids are in school but he still refuses to get a job and thinks he needs to be home with the kids. So, I kicked him into the house to bring momma the money.

        1. How is rubbing and cuddling a good game strategy if you’re married or not? Seriously? What’s the motive? I’m not trying to be rude I really want to know what purpose it serves in the game. I understand if you’re attracted to someone and single, that goes beyond game usually. Enlighten me please.

          1. Why does their personal life bother you so much? It’s their life and marriage. If they are okay with touching and feeling other people, that’s their business. Christine’s husband was fine with it. Some people are just natural flirts. If Kevin is, then his wife is use to this.

      1. Wow, whatever he likes? It’s too bad that everyone is so wrapped in the money. My guy ever cuddled with another woman, his butt would be eliminated from my life.

    4. I watched them cuddling 2 nights ago on BB After Dark. And I was like WHAT????? isnt he married? It was super innapropriate.

    5. No skin off my nose – I could care less what they do to/with each other. They’re the ones that have to go back to their real lives after this and live with the consequences of their actions.

  1. Kevin has lost a lot of points with me. He has a wife how dare he embarrass his family like this. Can’t wait till they all start turning on each other.

      1. LOL, is it that obvious Christmas is starving for male attention in the house? There is a reason none of the guys went for her. Beauty comes from within and while Christmas is attractive on the outside, her own ego is like a big red flashing warning sign.

      2. Can we roll back to the clip where Halloween says married men are off limits. Only two men I’ve seen her hit on are married.

        1. Christmas tried to hit on Paul in the beginning and … Elena. Christmas and Elena used to give each other very tight hugs. Nobody went for her. Wonder if she could have gotten Josh.

        1. so you blame the married man for a woman doing this same thing to Matt also? she told matt to “suck my pussy” and flirted with him hard

  2. I’m not surprised that they all laughed at Paul’s stupid joke… what a bunch of idiots! I can’t wait for them all to watch this back and see how they have been played like fools this entire time! Please Lord let Cody win the Temptation Comp this week!!

    1. Matt is the worst. On After Dark, me nearly busted his ribs cackling over Paul’s montage of insults towards Jessica & her exit speech, interview with Julie, etc. BYW, how are Mark and Elena SO shady & major d-heads (& every other name in the book) for bailing on their boy Cody and their girl Jessica (Josh), Ellen Matt and Raven DID THE EXACT SAME THING???

      1. uh bc it was week 1 when they all bailed, right after cody made the dumbest rogue HOH decision in BB history, nearly ruining their respective games. Mark and Elena, however, continue to go back and forth as it suits them.

        1. Hahaha. We call Matt “the guy that happens to live in the BB house among the HGs”. Last night my fiancé said ” That’s nice that they let that guy vote too”

    2. I love watching Big Brother, but this season right here pissing me off. No one but Jessica and Cody playing there own game. I like Paul, but on this season he is getting on my nervous. Christmas, called it out to Josh that Paul is controling everyone’s Hoh but Cody and Jessica. I don’t care how much you liked Paul during his season. He wouldn’t be winning my season. He won already 2 place last year. Someone beside Cody needs to Paul out of the game. Than what gets me about Paul now that Jessica is gone. In now it’s Jury time. Paul should try to keep Cody in the game. That’s the only person he can win against. Everyone hates Cody. But hey this idiots going to look back in see they where Paul puppets ?

  3. Paul is making BB History being HOH for 3 weeks, he needs his baskets & letters from home. I don’t like how he’s playing but he got a vise-grip on them HGs.

    1. And how would you want him to play the game? Just curious. He has a good social game..has not switched sides or stabbed people in the back…other people doing his dirty work….winning comps….hmmmm

      1. I’d like him not to rile up the other house guests to bully others and not do sh*t himself. I’d like him to grow a pair.

  4. I think I could like Paul more if he didn’t believe his own BS. I think he actually believes the $hit that comes out of his mouth. If you would own your manipulations in DR, I could maybe respect you more. As it is, I just want to kick you every time you’re a hypocrite.

    Win Cody win!!!

      1. I guess I feel like they are obvious. Him manipulating/escalating fights with Josh/Jody. I see your game move. Now go own that move in DR instead of whining about feeling unsafe because of Cody.

        His confrontation with Mark about not sticking up for Josh, even though Paul had a front seat ticket to the $hit show and said nothing. Now why would Paul do this? To place a bigger target on Mark’s back. Ok fine I can respect the try. Now go own that. But he never does. He repeats to us over and over and over and over again his interpretation (paulturdation) of how he is right and everyone else is wrong. He believes his own BS manipulations to be true.

        Now Cody on the other hand is an @$$hole. He has no ability to manipulate anyone. I really comes down to what type style of play you like. Hypocritical dou**ebag vs. enormous @$$hole. I always go for the underdog so by default I get enormous @$$hole.

    1. How can he NOT believe the BS??? His tactics are working aren’t they?? He’s running that house and doing it brilliantly. HELLO people….he’s PLAYING THE GAME and doing it masterfully. True BB fans are the only one’s who appreciate his game play. Quit faulting him…he’s a game player and doing it quite well. By all rights Paul should have been evicted first if the other HG’s knew how the game works. I find him very fun to watch and manipulate the other HG’s. It’s working cuz all you Paul haters whine about it too!

      1. Yes! He’s playing the game and doing it well, so far. But the others seem to be waking up just a tiny bit.

  5. Paul is an idiot. Why wouldn’t Cody compete fully in both competitions to give himself the most chances of being safe? Why wouldn’t all the other morons do the same? At the end of the day it is an individual game. Why would anyone throw anything?

    Raven is gross. Matt must be some kind of saint to put up with it. I guess that is the price he is willing to pay to get further in the game. No one can say that he hasn’t been loyal.

    1. Matt’s not a Saint. He got a HJ and an all you can eat Cereal Buffet in that House !!! What more could he ask for?! The guy is a Mooch !!!

    2. The logic makes sense that Cody may not. Depending on the comp Cody might be better served to throw the safety comp, so he could be guaranteed to play in the veto. If he goes all out in the safety comp but loses then doesn’t get picked for veto he would be screwed.

    3. I agree that cody will 100% try to win the temp comp but what paul is saying is that if cody throws the temp comp he will be able to play in the veto comp but if he doesn’t throw it they are hoping his name wont be picked for veto comp so they can backdoor him. they are assuming he is going to play by the numbers – 1/10 shot vs 1/6 shot and go for the 1/6 shot but what they aren’t thinking about is the fact that cody assumes he can beat everyone at everything so he will go for the temp comp win.

      oh also I don’t think matt is a saint to put up with ravens nasty butt I think that he just isn’t to smart upstairs and is enjoying getting ass everyday while stuck in a house able to do pretty much nothing.

  6. I dont get that comment from Paul about Derrick. Was he serious? Cuz if he was he’s dumb. Derrick played a really good game that season (it was kinda boring) but very effective.

  7. Xmas is starved for attention that is how she broke her foot by jumping Jason’s back now she is snuggling with Kevin. I just think she has a thing for married guys cause she is Badass. Just read her book!

    1. “Bestseller” is a manipulated term. If you want to be a bestselling author, take out a $100,000 loan and buy 15,000 of your own books from Amazon.” Patrick Snow

      I remember Christmas mentioning something like 30,000 people bought her book and 29,500 ended up using it for fire starter as that is all is was good for!

      1. My attempt at sarcasm failed!
        Good one about “best seller”
        Too funny
        I bet it burns well seeing how it is filled with shit.

  8. I would give Paul a lot of credit (despite his gross personality) if he was actually really good at this game, but its bc the people hes playing with are really dumb. Any average bb viewer/player can see his gameplay coming a mile away and would not get sucked into it. I honestly have never seen a season with almost the entire house with such a LOW BB IQ.

      1. Its a combination of Production’s favoritism towards Paul and stupid houseguests who are fine giving Paul $500,000 as long as they somehow become famous for being on this show.

  9. Have we discussed how Alex’s letter from home was completely coded with hints to what’s going on? Sounded like someone was telling her not to listen to the little man (Paul) ?

    1. No. None of them were great at all.. People really need to learn. Just because people win, doesn’t mean they were good, and just because people don’t win, doesn’t mean they were not great.

  10. It was sad as a fan to watch last night with Paul saying to these ppl “so whos gonna throw the temptation comp” and these ppl were all brainstorming names OTHER than Paul”. Then when no one was really taking, he throws out, “well I dont really care, I can throw it”, then NO ONE says, “ok Paul you can throw this one”, they just let him throw out these empty threats.

  11. I hope Raven, Matt, Josh, Paul and Alex are the final 5. Nickelback or Justin Bieber could perform for them for luxury night.

  12. God I hope Cody wins safety or veto. I just want to see the house flip. It’s so boring when it’s always the same one target week in and week out.

      1. Everyone knows things can change in a week. If Cody can get through this week and him or maybe Mark win HOH next week I think Paul and his minions will start flipping on one another.

  13. Simon, you are really KILLING IT on the accompanying commentary to the houseguest’s routinely insipid dialog. Thank God for your undeniably comic and impeccable sense of humor. That alone makes it worth accessing the OBB website daily. We appreciate all you and Dawg do for us diehard BB fans!! I only wish either one or both of you were actually playing the game. Now that would indeed be interesting!!

  14. OMG enough with the comments about Kevin and Christmas cuddling. It is the least sexual thing going on in that house. Maybe I come from a family that is more touchy feely but geeze everyone needs a good spoon now and then and doesn’t mean they want to fork!

    1. Completely agree with you! This message board just lights up with a bunch of possessive and low self confident people. Polyamory is the way friends, you lose all jealousy and possessive traits. You’re not here to own, just here to have fun!

  15. Poor Raven not feeling too well. Maybe if she quit stuffing everything she can get her hands on into her mouth she might feel better.

  16. I wonder if Jessica was mentally kicking herself after Julie informed her that Elena was actually Josh’s target last week. It wasn’t like he didn’t try to tell her….

    1. Thing is it didn’t matter who Josh’s target was. Paul and the rest of the house weren’t going to do what Josh wanted anyways.

    2. Well it was really hard to tell what he was trying to say. He’s not the brightest bulb when it comes to conversation. Just because he has a Bachelors Degree, doesn’t mean he knows how to get his point across. Going to school doesn’t make you a genious, it just makes you a little more knowlegable in your area of study.

    3. Someone asked her that question on the BB Livefeeds post-eviction interview. She said even if they did it was hard telling from their actions that it was their intent, especially since Cody got swapped out of veto.

      Still, I think she could’ve pulled some strings instead of laying in bed all day and fighting. There’s always at least 4 days between Veto and the Live Eviction. Plenty of time for negotiating.

      1. Yeah, it’s hard to tell peoples’ motivations when you isolate yourself from them.

    4. I think that was a silly statement on Julie’s part, as it enforces the MYTH that Jessica had a chance of staying this week. She had NO CHANCE, EVER! As HOH, JosH’s duties stopped after nominations, (or after Paul told him who to nominate). No vote, no sway. Never in any stretch of imagination was Jess staying. The fight was not a deciding factor in anything, the decision was already made. That idea she had a hope was just an edit for TV solely for dramatic purposes just like Diary Room sessions nowadays. There’s no ‘real’ DR clips anymore (unless DR means Directed Rhetoric now). It’s only what they tell them to say and how they tell them to say it.
      Just like saying Jess could’ve stayed if she hadn’t used her HEX. The plan was to send her home either way, no matter. Paul would have LOVED to send her home with the hex unplayed, he would’ve thought he was a mastermind, an absolute genius (oh, wait- he thinks that anyway). He wanted to be the one to determine her place in BB History, by having Jess evicted w/ her ‘talisman’ in her pocket. At NO time was Paul ever really entertaining the idea of her staying.. not one more week. Not ever. The only ones that would even begin to believe that must watch only the edited CBS TV show version.
      Paul 8 then started repeating it nonstop trying to convince LF casual viewers, and working extra hard to get out the soundbites to the masses on the tv show, (baaahhh!).
      Same, no- WORSE really, is this non-stop calling Cody a bully, insane, dangerous, add more, over & over, yadda yarda, ad nauseam. Pretty much, if you’re not supporting an every week Paul HOH, Paul agenda, Paul BB19 winner, you’re insane, a bully, and probably should die a slow and painful death.

  17. Man how was it fair for Xmas to use her temptation when she was unable to compete in veto? Really wasn’t fair to cody. I hate that douche (Cody) but he got screwed out of a chance to save jess

  18. Matt = Mattress This guy does absolutely nothing but eat cereal and fake laugh with that charlatan Raven. Every time I watch the feeds they are both shoveling food in there mouth.

  19. Simon & Dawg are in awe of Boyz-2-shirts! Did you see that clip? Dude scraped to the right, scraped to the left AND double dipped!!!!! There is no denying he is on point and he’s got the moves like Jagger

  20. OMG Paul Matt and Raven in wave room was impossible to watch had to ff even Kevin had to leave. Paul talking shit about Jess and Matt and Raven rolling with laughter. Don’t know which was worse Paul’s spewing out his great wisdom or the other two with their fake laughing.

  21. All you people freaking out over Kevin and Xmas have a cultish mentality, it’s weird and scary! Plus I don’t see people freaking out when Kevin and Paul snuggle and cuddle up with each other! It’s called sexism. Look it up!

    1. I agree with you. I have been married over 30 years, and cannot for the life of me see what all these people have their knickers in a knot about. Kevin and Christmas do NOT have a sexual attraction towards one another. What the hell would she want with a man over the age of 50. She is a beautiful girl, and what would he want with Christmas a girl 20 years his junior, and just a few years older than his own daughters. They have a friendship and nothing more than that. They cuddle yes, but it is no different than the way he would cuddle with his own daughter. Some of you people go off the deep end each and every year during the BB season. Have none of you seen that he hugs all the women on the show, had his arm around them etc. Yes, he spends more time with Christmas, but that is because she is by herself, and not off in a room humping another of the houseguests.

  22. OMG…Josh is such a joke. I got to hand it to Cody though, I don’t know if I could of keep a straight face if Josh fell in front of me. LOL!

    So I have a couple of thoughts to share with you all.
    #1 – I think that this season is way to long. We are only half way through and there is still 11 people left. Even after the double eviction next week we will still be 9 left…..So what is that like 7 more weeks? I think that this game should be 2 months instead of 3.
    #2 – I am not a fan of Paul this season, in fact I can’t stand him BUT I will say he is playing a good game…..If all these HG’s are willing to just give him complete control then they deserve to be played.
    #3- Lastly, I completely agree with all of you who have said it is really hard to find someone to cheer for…..These people are awful and I have never said this before (out loud) about any other season (and i’ve seen them all) but I really think that this has got to be the worst season of all… I originally gave that honor to season 9 (although I did Like James but Chelsia was such a horrible person) and season 15 (I didn’t really have a favorite but I was routing for Rachael’s sister just because she was the under dog) but I really think that this one is beating them all…..
    Anyways…..that’s all I’ve got, for now. Oh and Congrats Paul, on winning HOH for three weeks in a row…..

  23. Troll doll Alex needs to wake up and be a boss! She should start a new alliance without Paul and shake things up! She needs to realize that Paul has a secret alliance with everybody?

  24. Why are people watching if this is the worst season ever?
    It’s a game. None of us are going to get the money. If you don’t like whats going on change the channel.
    Boy oh boy. The exaggerating that goes on.

  25. They are all still obsessed with Jessica and shes gone!!!
    Pauls FACT rant was ridiculous!
    Paul..You orchestrated 99% of the GANG BULLYING in the house! FACT!!!
    Paul..You are gonna get booed! FACT!!!

  26. Barring Paul, Alex has one of the best positions in the house. Good at comps, high on Paul’s totem pole, has a good sub-alliance with Jason, Kevin, and maybe Josh, plus Cody respects her. If she were smart she’d use the latter to her advantage.

    Say if Cody wins safety or veto. Then she could make a side deal with him for Final 2 or Final 4 with her Jason, and Kevin. Because no on in that house would vote Cody for $500K. It’s better than sitting next to Paul.

    She’d also realize that this is prime time for taking Paul out. She’d have Jason, Kevin, Cody, Mark, and likely Elena. Take him out, her chances of winning against any of the remaining increase exponentially. Problem is Alex is too far up Paul’s ass and tells him everything.

    So unless something crazy happens, it looks like another conservative Paul-driven HOH for Alex.

  27. Noticed that on the live show last night that Matt was wearing a nice mutli-colored shirt. Does he actually own 3 shirts or did he borrow that from someone else??

      1. He’s not fat. He may be a bit pudgy around the waist, but I don’t think he looks “fat” at all. Plus being on tv makes you look a bit heavier.

  28. This is Josh’ Mom. Please stop making him cry he hasn’t been off the tit this long. He just needs some boobs to suck on.

    1. Agreed. It’s because if you were a Marine, you can cook a puppy, punch a baby, slash a disabled person’s wheelchair tires, spit on a cop and shoplift for xmas. Once you serve you are not required to be a human being any more. These sycophants are pathetic.

  29. I noticed that both Paul and Alex have 2 HOH wins, Paul has 2 vetos and Alex has one. If this keeps up Paul will be dumping her soon. He can’t have someone anywhere close to his comp. wins at the end. So once he and Alex start to trim the fat off the group left, look to see him attempt to backdoor her. He will inadvertently (not by his own hand mind you) push to have Jason go. That will take away the close allies of Alex away. Kevin, Josh and Paul will coast by to the end because Xmas won’t be able to do much.

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