AJ to Gary “What’s the difference to you if i’m having a cigarette or sticking something in my a$$”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?


9:31am Topaz, Alec, Andrew, Peter and Talla
Talla: “I feel great i’m not even hunger over.. I feel fine” Andrew doesn’t appear hungover he tells them all that he slept like a rock last night. Topaz is a bit groggy but considering how much fun they had last night she’s looking in good shape.
Talla and topaz talk about their adventures last night and when Talla tried to take topaz’ bikini. Tall gets called into the Diary Room
Talk changes to Big Brother 10 about how Dan was alone for 3 quarters of the game then he decided to team up with Memphis. Andrew says when he gets out of the house he’s going to sit down and watch them all. Peter: “All in one sitting?” Andrew: “I was meaning all the big brother shows” …

Aj joins them.. Random chit chat The picture on this post shows how AJ holds a spoon of course the houseguests in the backyard give him a hard time about it say he looks likes like a caveman

Topaz, Alec and Andrew talking about the girls in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Andrew says it’s nice being able to not have to worry about all the primping. Topaz: “Like me” Andrew says all you girls look fantastic with the makeup[.

He says that Suzette is always putting on her makeup and she doesn’t want to be seen with her glasses on. Andrew: “If i was putting on 2 hours of make up a day I would be a clown in a circus”

(Standard morning chit chat.. )


10:10AM bathroom Jillian colours her hair while Talla cleans the mirror


10:30am Jillian and Emmett kitchen

Emmett saying he wants to try and get a workout in this morning because he has no idea what Big Brother has planned tonight. Emmett wanted to do chests last night but after they had all that food and drinks it never happened. Emmett adds that he had a beer and “One of those Things” (think this was a hooch cooler)

Jillian is saying that Gary requested to sleep in another 20 minutes and she thinks they let him. Emmett complains that he now has cramps.
Jillian: ‘Cramps like you have to poo”
Emmett: “No cramps like you are running”
Jillian: “Like a stitch”
Emmett: “Ya kinda”
Jillian: “have you seen a Doctor about it?
Emmett says it doesn’t happen very much if it happened every week he would but it’s really a rare occurrence now. Jillian wonders if it had anything to do with all the greasy food he ate last night.


10:40am Backyard 3 stooges

They are convinced that the next HOH competition will be endurance. Andrew jokes that if it was just the three of them in a competition Andrew would be out before it started he would but off in the corner having a smoke. Andrew: “That is how he works out”
AJ: “Jillian was doing her goddamn nails in the last competition (HOH Endurance)”
Tall points out that Emmett was really struggling during the endurance como. Andrew: ‘Emmetts strong” They agree that Emmett is a competition beast.

Andrew mentions that during the lumberjack competition that AJ fell second and went out to have a smoke in the hot tub room. Aj says that GAry was b!tching about it, “Gary go f*** yourself.. I wanted him to come down and not win the HOH” Apparently Tom wanted Aj to get into Gary’s head so he would drop because at that point they were all worried if Gary won HOH.

AJ “What’s the difference it makes to you if i’m having a cigarette or sticking something in my a$$”

Aj and Andrew agree when Suzette leaves the paranoia is going to get really bad because they will start turning on themselves. Aj says that hopefully they can all just get along and play the game and not get personal. They both agree that things are going to get a pretty cut and dry these coming weeks.

Alec and Peter joins them.. talk changes to Newfoundland and how it was once a have nots province but was isn’t anymore. Andrew mentions Churchill Falls, Talla jumps into the conversation she’s pretty knowledgeable about the whole affair. Peter makes a big deal about how “Surprised” he is about her knowledge of politics.


Aj having a cigarette chatting to himself.
AJ: “She’s a lazy talker.. She’s a lazy talker… ” It sounds like he’s going over questions people may ask him about Liza and Tom..

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LOL @ 2 hours of Makeup = clown…to funny


AJ just got Suzette chatting about her life. She went to private christian school, her mother worked 3 jobs to put her and her siblings thru private school. But she had to add that she is too poor to put her kids in private school.

Suz went to university and has a BA in Criminology. Her kids go to a music academy. They are in sports.

Hmmm. I wonder how you get poor from that?