Adel – “I told IKA I’m not going to lie I think you’re f****, you go up you go home”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 19-34-57-080

10:32pm HOH Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina is getting jealous because all the guys think that Sarah is hot. Sabrain doesn’t see it, Adds that all the guys say they like her butt.

Sabrain – “I use to be a lot more popular before Allison joined the show”

Rachelle says Allison is weird she should go soon.

Rachelle says it’s weird they don’t have gay guy

Sabrina wants Adel gone before Jury otherwise the public will vote him back in because he’s so popular.

They’re boot list is IKA, Allison, Adel and Jon

Rachelle says Kenny told her if he wins HOH he’ll put up Jon, Sabrina will talk Kenny into putting up Adel.

They start talking about how Kenny, Jon, Sarah and Neda say they smoke weed a lot. Rachelle isn’t into that, “I don’t get that”

Rachelle and Sabrina are both sounding jealous about Kenny liking Sarah more than them.

Sabrina says her two main targets are Adel and Allison. If it;’s double eviction this week she wants Allison and IKA.

10:55pm HOH IKA, Rachelle and Sabrina

IKA saying that HEather told her Rachelle said whoever Rachelle puts up as a replacement is Rachelle’s target. IKA – “She’s trying to make is seem like you don’t want her to go home’
Sabrina and Rachelle Brush it off say they never said that.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 20-07-40-620

11:00pm Hammock Heather and Adel
They are agreeing that whatever you tell Rachelle goes straight to Sabrina and back to Andrew. Adel says Jon and Alrie are using him for one HOH, they’ll put him up “They don’t give a f***” Adel says even if they win HOH they still don’t have the numbers, “”We’re in a tough spot.. our main goal is jury house”
Adel thinks the only people they can trust is IKA and Neda. Adel points out how obvious it is that Sabrina is running Rachelle’s HOH.

They both agree how much the house is starting to get annoyed at Rachelle and Sabrina. Adel points out how all the boys are treating RAchelle like she’s golden only because she’s HOH he cannot understand why people are not seeing through this. “We are getting picked apart.. smartent the f** up”
Adel – “I told IKA i’m not going to lie I think you’re f****”

Adel thinks that pretty soon people are going to start targeting Andrew and Allison. Heather thinks the girls wanted Allison out this week before she won the POwer of veto.

They both don’t know who Rachelle is going to put up. Heather points out that the girls singled IKA out right away Heather kinda thinks IKA is going up. Adel does too, “If she puts IKA up IKA goes home.. she can’t even campaign”

Adel thinks they can get NEDA to help them make some big moves. Heather is worried about NEDA says that at the start of the season they were really close and all of a sudden Neda started believing the lies the girls were saying about Heather.

Heather – “Ever since Rachelle and NEda got close.. and Rachelle is under Sabrina”
Adel – “You got kicked out”
Heather – “Neda use to play her own game and now she’s doing whatever the HOH wants”

11:03pm HOH Sabrina and Rachelle

After ditching IKa they start to talk about when to tell IKA she’s going up.

Sabrina says Rachelle should do it tomorrow when the “Power of Veto Ceremony” comes up on the screen downstairs. Rachelle is stressed and scared wants to make sure Sabrina is with her.
They agree getting rid of IKA is the best thing. Sabrina thinks IKA already kinda suspects she’s going up.

Sabrina instructs her to tell Adel first get him to swear not to use his power than tell IKA.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 20-28-27-104

11:30pm HOH Racehlle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 20-40-03-946

11:32pm- 12:10am Hammock IKA and Sabrina

Ika says that before Allison came into the game the girls were always tighter, “We all felt more secure.. you know what I mean”
IKA swears if she wins the veto she’ll save the girls and will never put them if they win HOH>

Sabrina says no matter what happens she does like IKA and she hates Heather.

IKA says if she wins HOH next week she’ll put up Allison. Sabrina says she’s starting to get the feeling IKA is going up, “I don’t know about the deals being made.. I don’t know.. I don’t think she’ll (Rachelle) do that to me .. it’s all weird”

Sabrina says Andrew doesn’t have her back anymore blames it on Allison says there’s deals being made.
Sabrina says certain people got into Rachelle’s ear.

Sabrina claims she doesn’t like Andrew like a boyfriend says he was her friend but now Allison comes into the game and takes that away from her. Adds that Andrew told her she is a natural beauty.

Sabrina says she knows Rachelle is upset with IKA but Sabrina has no idea what she is going to do. “I’m not going to lie the first two nominees were influenced by me.. but from there I am very confused.. She’s (Racehlle) is back and forth”

IKA says she said lies about Heather to get people to vote her out last week, she’s worried that will happen to her this week.

Rachelle joins them and Sarbina’s bullsh!t continues and Ika continues to lie.. They confront IKA about a bunch of things they’ve heard her saw. of course IKA denies it all and goes back to telling them she will never put Rachelle/Sabrina up and she’ll use POV to save them.

IKA starts to cry saying that she wants one more week she doesn’t want to go home from her friend. IKA goes on and on about how the guys are going to be coming after them one by one.

IKA cries… “It hurts, I would never do that to you, It Hurts, nobody would ever talk me into putting you up”
IKa asks how long does Rachelle think she will be safe if she goes ahead and puts her up.
Rachelle says 3 weeks.

IKA – “Jon told me he’s going after Andrew”
IKA then says Jon w0on’t win HOH and put up Andrew but she will win the HOH and do it.

*** Update ***

They are telling IKA Rachelle two options are to put IKA up and she’ll go home or put Arlie up and Heather goes home. They tell her she is going up. They try to explain to her why this is the only thing Rachelle can do to keep her safe.
Rachelle – “This is what I need to do.. ”
IKA – “OK”
Rachelle – “Me and Sabrina love you on a personal level”
IKA – “I understand.. I’m happy you guys told me”
(Basically Sabrina is saying that someone is manipulating Racehlle into doing something drastic like putting IKA up. Sabrina plays stupid and innocent kinda blame a bunch of stuff on Allison.)

(Video coming.. it’s HUGE may take some time to upload)

11:50pm Kitchen Allison and Andrew
Andrew says nobody is taking him out in this game. (He’s joking… a bit)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 21-07-40-997

12:10AM Have Nots Heather and Adel
Adel says Andrew has 2 3 man alliances, “That’s six people out of 12”
Heather saying if Kenny goes up he’ll go home because he’s too strong. Adel says Sabrina is lying about everyone in the house he cannot stand her.

12:40Am Adel and IKA
They figure out that Sabrina must be the one behind all this. Adel believes the house knew about Paul leaving last week and they knew the plan was to backdoor IOKA all along.

IKA says Rachelle told her she’s joining the boys.

12:51AM cuddling

1:00AM Big Jon is done with the having to swim laps.

1:06AM Adel telling them a story about Talla.
Talla was a grade lower than Adel and Tannis (Talls’s sister) so Tannis would hang out with Adel and his friends. ADel adds that he knows Talls’s sister, “I know her pretty f*** good”

Says one of the things he tries to do to to help his t2t invention is to find local celebrities around the Edmonton area and have them take a picture with him and his invention. He puts theses pictures on social media and helps him build buzz. The day Talla landed from the airport she met up with a group of girls and he was with that group of girls. He wanted a quick picture he’ll buy them a meal and then he’ll “Bounce.. f*** is 1 2 3” Adel explains he told Talla about his T2T invention and she was congratulating him on it’s early success. He asked her if she wouldn’t mind having a picture taken with him and the invention. He explains that she looked at him funny and said “I gotta call my agent”
Rachelle -“She said agent?”
Feeds cut…

2:00am Adel and Ika

Ika should have known something was up because as soon as Rachelle won HOH she stopped talking game to her. IKA points out the girls put up Allison and Heather because they didn’t want to have her fight for the POV.

Adel says 100 billion percent he’s going to swim with the sharks and take out either Andrew or Kenny. Adel is planning on putting up Kenny and Andrew. He suspect the POV will be played so he would toss Jon up to guarantee a big dog goes home.

Adel says he keeps catching Arlie and Jon in little alliances. He thinks they’re close but not too close.

Adel breaks the house down, Says the 3 newfies are for sure a crew no matter what. On the outside of that is Andrew and Arlie. The newfies have Sarah, Rachelle, and Neda. Adel – “Thats the final six I predict”

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Rachelle is so stupid, I hope she goes home soon.


It is so sad to watch Ika pleading with Rachelle (who can’t put two words together without looking at Sabrina for assistance). How can one person be so stupid. Why can’t Rachelle see that Sabrina is controlling her HOH?
Even though I can’t stand Sabrina, I have to admit she has control of the house. But I guess its easy to run the house when you are surrounded by idiots.
I hope Ika gets put into the secret room and comes back to change the game otherwise they better write that cheque to Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina.


Rachelle May have 3 weeks of safety but after that she’s going home…. She has a better chance at winging by sticking with Ika and taking out a guy …. Somebody evict Rachelle please


Watching Ika fighting for her BB life was almost as awful as seeing Judd up there.
Breakin my heart :'(


I just wish Adel will come up with some idea to confront Sabrina with all her lies .he is the only one who realized what she’s up to.others are blind and deaf .


It wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’m totally down with Ika going home right now. She was stupid last week and we all saw this coming.


Neda is awesome, I hope her, Jon, Arlie and Sarah go after Sabrina Andrew and Kenny


3 weeks is about the time Jury starts so Rachelle will make it to jury booo she needs to go next week.


Sabrina is playing a good game.


She’s not only playing a game but just being herself ( manipulative ,catty bi**h, arrogant , pathologic liar ….)


Sabrina has serious issues that has nothing to do with game and only playing for Andrew, I personally hope Adel wins HOH next week, put her and Rachelle up and tell them like Rachelle told Ika, “This is not personal, This is only for my game”. That would be priceless watching them lose it!


i sure hope ika tels sarah that slobby and grosshell say because of what sarah did last week they have to opput ia up! i think sarah might blow a gasket if she knows they are blaming it on her!


It won’t matter.


Rachelle will look at the tapes and see how her BFF treated her like a puppet.

I can’t wait for Sabrina’s “boys” to put her on the block and send her home! I know it’s a game but I don’t think how Sabrina acts in the house is far from how she is in real life!!!


adel and heathers conversation on sabrina was on point it was hilarious glad he sees right through her


Adel see’s through her, but he doesn’t see her. It seems if he and Ika know how she is with her manipulations they should be able to connect the dots. She almost screams it at them yet they are not connecting the players.


The women deserve everything they’re ALL getting because they brought this on themselves. They’re imploding because they care more about the gossip and trash talking than they do about the game. They are HANDING this game to the guys (morons) and doing all of their dirty work. Ika DESERVED her wasted HOH because she was too scared to do what she needed to do. Now she’s trying to tell Rachelle to put up the guys? Hey, Ika, you bitched when others told YOU who to put up on YOUR HOH and now you’re doing the same thing. Hypocrite!

This season has gotten to the point that I just don’t care anymore. I laugh at everyone in the house because NONE of them are decent people. Not one. Even Adel slags people off and calls people really rude names. Not one person of integrity in that house.

Not to mention that they’re all VILE and disgusting with all of their juvenile farting, burping, picking their noses, scratching their balls, rarely washing their hands, grabbing food out of containers with their fingers then sucking their fingers and sticking them back in the containers, their lack of the ability to speak without swearing up a storm and telling so many lies that would make the devil blush.

I’m not Heather’s biggest fan by any stretch but the way the girls are treating her is OFFENSIVE. In the world today, it’s called BULLYING and it’s NOT acceptable. I don’t care if this is “a game.” The way these “people” shun, ridicule, lambast and claw at each other is DISGUSTING. They’re NO better than Paul and his racism antic. I’ve NEVER watched this program and hated every single person in the house before. Especially not this early in the game!



I know Ika wasted her HOH, but technically she sort of took one for the team. The girls alliance was weak, but Ika was the one who truly believed in it and didn’t put up a target so that she could save Paul and have numbers for who….the girl’s alliance. Ika spearheaded the girl’s alliance. If Paul stayed, he may have won HOH because he probably has a strong waist, but even if he didn’t and Rachelle still won, the girl’s would still have the numbers.

Her HOH did suck, but I understand where she was going with it. Like I said a couple of posts back, I hope its a Fake Eviction and Ika stays because she sure as hell won’t waste any HOH again, and would go straight after Sabrina…..and I think Ika would get Adel, Heather, Arlie, and Neda to go after Sabrina.


Talk about a lot of who shot John BS! She never had to save Paul as HOH to begin with. As HOH she just never, and I said NEVER, had to nom him to begin with! The mental gymnastics your trying to employ is ridiculous period. Oh and least you forget how silly(polite) your words are she had POV remember? She could have saved Paul HERSELF genius. Replaced her with any person of HER CHOICE! What a load of bull crap your post was.

Sorry for making this quasi personal as your just one of many here over the weekend that seem to have forgotten how Ika choose to play her HOH and she and she alone has to own it period. As for the Rachelle “needs to go home next crowd” welcome to the world of Brina. She lines up another target before her to be evicted on the net. The weak, immature and needy, do nothing person needs to go and the backstabbing manipulator gets another pass.

I’ve been thinking about this a while now. Anyone who has read my posts going back to day one will note I have time and again noted how well Brina is “playing” the game versus the other players despite me not liking the woman. I think I might have a handle on this. She is a cross between 2 recent BB USA alums.
1st the obvious comparison to Amanda from BB 15. She is not a bigot but she sure is nasty behind peoples backs. She’s running the azz kicking alliance in the game. No showmance, but a bromance with “brother” Andrew. She is making the decisions no matter what folks think. Kenny looked like the brains of 1/5 but he’s spending to much time on Sarah IMO. And the obvious she is not winning anything in the comps!
The second might be even more controversial. She has a lot of Dan( BB14) in her. I know…. but I said it. Dan had the mist. One of the true great wonders of the game. People knew Dan was in charge of manipulation and no one went after the guy. Britney wanted to get him out but couldn’t rally votes. I’m still trying to figure out Brina’s secret weapon. But I’ll give you a hint. I call it the “touch”. Watch the feeds and you’ll see she touches a part of the other persons body, usually a hand or arm, while selling her special brand of bull. The touch tells them everything is all right, “I’m here for YOU”. Say what you want the HG’s seem to gravitate to her from the beginning. Please keep in mind I’m not saying she’s a Dan calibre player but rather has some Dan style tendencies. And lets face it she hasn’t gotten to the end yet by any means.

Last note on this post. I’ve watched every episode of every season and have been where most of us appear to be now regaurding BB Can 2. We are frustrated, peed off and frankly not happy with the early weeks so far. Production is terrible and casting sucks! LOL Truth is no matter how bad the early weeks are and they usually are unsatisfying. We hang around for 1 reason in particular. At some point the most hated don’t make it to the end or don’t win the tittle and the big dollars. Truth is there is only 1 winner so most of the “villains” will get theirs at some point. But like most years we are waiting a lot longer than we’d like!


Jack, the girls alliance had no chance of working since two of it’s members were sabotaging it.


I like Neda … She is a good game player and actually has the ability of critical thinking, unlike most house guest.
Adel is a good game player … I don’t like some of his comments though…. we all have our flaws
Arlie seems to have a stealth strategy …we’ll see … trying to hard …enough with the streekin
Jon not so bad not so good … drag queen wanna be?
Andrew … don’t like .. bad gamer ..put ur freakin pants on! freak .. keep ur hands out of ur underwear!
Kenny .. today’s restaurant Special Boogers with Ass Sauce…. absolutely disgusting …dumb as the high school girls
Sarah … why is she there? Tired of the winning….complaint department is closed!…go home if u don’t like it … u’ll never
win because u and Sabrina are giving the game to Kenny n Andrew? can’t fix stupid!
Ika … had her chance and totally blew it now she’s gone .. shocker! Hey Ika …did u watch Helen play BBUS
New Girl aka Allison … jury still out…she was put n a very bad spot, she’s still kickin. I’ll give her some more time…we’ll c
Rachelle … Seems to have about zero life experience…very naive … middle player … nice eye candy
Heather .. ditto Rachelle … but sweeter … I feel bad for her …shes like a cute little bunny surrounded by hungry wolves
Oops almost forgot Sabrina….trying to do a mind block on her… what can I say that hasn’t been? Ruined the game for me
she makes it so much harder to watch and listen to especially. I can appreciate good game play (Sabrina is a horrible player)
but, I simply do not enjoy watching sociopaths.


So funny, all the good stuff happens so late at night. Crying, scheming, plotting, revenge.
Sabrina can cry all she wants, but that guilty conscience will always be a part of her shadow.
Eagerly waiting for the vids to load. Thanks so much again!


Game or no game but if I know Sabrina personally and I’m watching these feeds I’m definitely reconsidering our friendship.
Or at least taking a hard look at situations involving her. This girl is devious with little effort


She’s a sociopath


It annoys me how people call Ika a hypocrite and hate on her. Ika had her reasonings to put up Paul and Heather. Especially after Paul lost her trust and she didn’t think she had the numbers to take out Kendrew. She made a mistake and she realized it but people here just would rather see her game tank and laugh at her for making a dumb move instead of seeing Ika stay and turn the game around.

I’m Team Ika. Haters will hate I guess..


Well I can only speak for myself but after weeks of watching Ika treating someone who did absolutely nothing to her like a piece of trash it’s a pleasure to watch her get evicted. At least she was given ‘notice’.
She constantly behaved a child while talking about Heather with all the nicknames she ascribed to her and all the time she was HOH she acted like her best friend. She let the girl sleep in the bed next to her and told her over and over she was safe, how sweet she was….etc. That was not only unnecessary but borders on cruelty if you ask me.
She said she was betrayed and cried this week about it, not once reflecting on her behaviour and feeling remorse about it.
That is vile or evil.
She never once talked about her kids so I never got the sense that she missed them. She cried when the letter told her how proud they are of her but she probably runs that house and everybody is Ikefied whatever the f**k that means. I guess everybody follows orders pretty good back home.
That is my feeling on it and maybe some other people too so it’s hard to get behind such a person and want them to win the money.


Are you related to Sabrina?


I’m mostly disappointed in Ika for thinking taking out Heather is a good move, when in reality, it never was. She even admitted this the other night.

Not to mention her disgusting behavior toward Heather. She’s pushing 30 and has two kids. She should act with more class.


Ika stated all along it was not about getting rid of Heather, it was about saving Paul. If you go back and watch the feeds you will see that Sabrina started all the Heather drama.


The problem is Sabrina is running the HOH’s, Adel needs to win a HOH he is only one who let Sab run the HOH.


I thought we would actually notice Ratchelle’s presence in the house
But she is being completely overshadowed by her supposed bff Sabrina.
I cannot stand these 2 sluts, especially Sabrina, this girl is mentally ill
always thinking like the guys are all over her and that shes the hottest
girl in the house. GIRL PLS! you are ugly af and need to go back to
grade 1 for lessons on hygiene.


Every season there is always complainers, it’s getting to the point, where I’m not gunna read these comments anymore.


Oh please, everybody is entitled to their opinions! Just post your not complaining posts!

sarahs skanky ass

then dont read them anymore baby


I don’t like Sabrina but she deserves an academy award for her ability to cry on cue.


I’m moving to Canada and starting a business selling bridges on Venus.


I only got 10 likes in 10 mins, should i take it down?
but first lemme take a selfie


sabrina is playing a great/the best game. she and andrew control the house. sabrina’s fatal flaw will be allowing the “first 5” to be final five. she and sarah can not beat andrew or kenny in physical comps. otherwise, this game is hers to lose.


…btw, thanks for all of the recaps and videos!

Sociopath 101

LOL Sabrinas tactics are those right out of Mean Girls, what a sociopath.

Lmfao @ Andrew really believing that he wasn’t portrayed as the douchebag on this show, you don’t have to portrayed, you just are one naturally fool.

Adel has been making the feeds hilarious, when he leaves the house, it’s going to be douchebag central with phony fakes (minus Jon, Arlie, Neda)


Totally agree Adel keeps the live feeds funny
Plus he’s a down to earth guy who figured out
The game and alliances. Let’s just hope he wins hoh
To make all these other idiots go crazy


One word to explain sarah FAKE..take away her meds and we will see the true beast shine through!!!


Yes !!! But honestly she is still a beast on med .


Just thought of something Did that last season or even this one have a Bible show up in any episode. In every US season there is one and I forgot if it was in Canada’s. Thanks


I am praying that somehow Ika stays in the house. It would be crazy.

Rachelle is so stupid. I’m sorry, but I can’t even watch her talk. She has no facial expressions and talks in a monotone voice.

Ika and Adel are so funny to watch.

Adel has a very unique strategy (if it even is one), align with the person that is on the chopping block. He cracks me up with his T2T invention.


Sorry but I am cant’ stomach Sabrina or this show any more.
Season one was top notch, this is not even a hot mess.
Just a mess that’s not even worth watching.
These people are dull, boring, and idiots.
Over and out 🙂

Two Cents

Sociopaths turn on the water works after getting BUSTED. To evoke emotion in others and then turn into the victim while again victimizing that person. Case in point; When Ika cried getting reamed by Sarah but that was only after everyone in the house heard it. At first she said in the camera I don’t care and laughed Then today sobbing she was busted and out of options and got sympathy from Adel and even the one she tormented – Heather. I’d have to say when I look at Ika I don’t see any emotion in her eyes whatsoever and she talks about her ‘real life’ where she is a true bitch.
She’s good too because she’s not ugly so she wins people over more easily.

Johhny (the European one!)

Thanks for uploading the Ika – Adel conversation (all the other videos too!), it was really nice to see Ika in a different light.
It was a great conversation to listen to, and made me appreciate Adel even more.
Nice (last) impression of her, too bad we didn’t see more of that side of hers.
Feels like knowing she’s out of this game finally allowed her to just be herself.


Rachelle the puppet will see how her new alliance will change after the POV ceremony when her power is no more.
Slimy Kenney was dancing with her all week.. wanna bet he will not now that the igiot has no more power.
Hope IKA leaves the game so that the one ahole on here (will not say your NAME) will get off her kids.


BBCAN Production

Last night’s ep was one of the most fun to watch.
Great drinking challenge for Jon and Allison it was an original.

Production has stepped it up in Canada!
I think Allsion going into the house while the others were on lock down was one of the best events of the show so far.
Sure beats the 5 min segments on hg lives outside the house were used to in the US version.

Johhny (the European one!)

Totally agree, the drinking challenge was hilarious to watch!
I could just have done with a little less “hail Sabrina the Mastermind” in that episode… They make her look like she’s mentally stable.


couldn’t get myself to watch the feeds last night. slobrina is looking and acting more and more nasty every day and the feeds are always on her (or andrew)! she’s so jealous of every girl, it’s pathetic. even sarah, who’s her friend! and since when does she think jon is hot and “her type”. if she starts hitting on him too, jeez what an attention wh*re. she was in a tiny towel earlier with no clothes on and didn’t care that the towel was opening! wtf!
i thought she was a religious girl? she should know jealousy and gluttony is a sin, but when adel was explaining that gluttony is a sin the other day, she had no idea! so everytime she says “swear to god”, she’s lying. (of course she’s lying, she’s lies about everything).
i can only hope adel/arlie’s dream team gets together and gets the boys out and eventually sabrina! im glad adel and arlie are havenots with heather and they get to talk to her more. or, if the first5 really do go to the end, i hope kenny and sarah take out sabrina first. i know they’ve talked about it. how satisfying that’ll be.


thank you very much for your recaps and constant watch!! i cant stand to watch slobrina talk, reading makes it better.


Listen…..I like Ika, but she deserves this. She was all bark and no bite during her week as HOH and now she’s paying for it. People need to stop playing so conservative and start making big moves soon. If we don’t have an HOH that’s willing to put up Kenny & Andrew or Andrew/Sabrina, then everyone else is just gonna slowly get picked off. Unfortunately the only person I think that would have the balls to do this is Adel. Neda or Jon would MAYBE do it, but my hopes arn’t high after Ika getting everyone excited about shaking up the house then nominates paul and heather lol


Where the hell is ARLIE with his great plans…..if I was him I would gather all my minions together and NOT let the house evict IKA. Come on man, don’t let them evict any more people that are a threat to them. You have a wealth of information you gathered yesterday from SARAH and SABRINA. Use it to your advantage. You now know who they want gone, so approach them and tell them about the plan. IKA now knows she is going, but ALLISON doesn’t know the plan yet. In order to get these people out, you have to expose them. Don’t be like Helen and wait till its too late.