Adel says they’re going to try and get us to turn on each other.. are we going to f**k each other bro?!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 13-27-43-739

4:25pm In the bedroom – Arlie joins Sabrina, Allison and Neda in the bedroom. Sabina asks him questions about being a poker player. Sabrina tells Arlie I told you I would have voted for you even if it f**ked me in the a$$. Neda calls Arlie an a$$hole for throwing the HOH during the double eviction. She says I shouldn’t have trusted you and just hit the wrong answer myself. Arlie says I got casted as a superfan. Sabrina says me too but I’m not as much as you. Arlie says that he didn’t want to be known as a superfan .. he wanted to act goofy but not annoying. That was my logic for the first part and then I wanted to do something to make a big move for the fans to be remembered. I didn’t get to do the end of it but at least I got to do the lead up to it. Sabrina says I was going to vote for you 1000%. Arlie says I knew that and that’s why I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the end.

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 13-26-06-726

4:35pm UP in the HOH – Adel says I will swear on my Quran right now if you will swear on.. JOn says Delli.. I will swear on anything you want me to right now. Adel tells Jon that Arlie told them that he threw out his smokes and justified that he could lie about not knowing where they were because he didn’t know if production took them out of the garbage or if they’re in the dumb or what. Jon says what an a$$hole! Sneaky little f**k eh?! Jon says so he said he wasn’t going to come after me until 4th or 5th. Adel says yeah. Adel says I don’t want you to swear on anything. I believe you about the veto thing. Jon says you and me just have to win every veto from here on out. Adel says if I win I would put up Allison. Jon says yeah me too! JOn says its crazy how Arlie’s been acting for the last 6 weeks. JOn says I am down with you, I swear on my family. Adel says I swear on my family. They shake hands. Jon says next week we have 2 in 5 chance of winning veto, then 2 in four chance the next one. Jon says we just need to cover our bases with Allison just in case she wins HOH. Jon says if one of us wins the veto then one of us is safe… Adel says not one of us if one of us wins it we use it on the other. Jon says Allison needs to go home.. she is the only threat in this game! When she’s gone we might as well throw our feet up in the air. Adel says I won’t turn on Heather, Neda or You. They are going to try and get us to turn on each other .. are we going to f**k each other bro?! Arlie would have f**ked the sh*t out of us bro!

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 13-36-56-381

4:45pm Sabrina gets told to go to the pantry for her Advil. When she goes down to the kitchen she looks at the living room tv screens and yells hey guys get down here the screens!!!! All the house guests pile down into the living room. WOW 11 MILLION.. NEDA says another friggin’ VETO I GUESS! Big Brother then blocks the live feeds…

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 13-43-46-726

4:55pm – 5:40pm When the live feeds come back – The house guests are sitting around the living room couch. The others get Arlie to tell Jon about how he threw the “fresh from the farm” challenge. After Arlie explains how he threw it and gave it to Andrew on a silver plater .. Jon says holy F**K you’re smart! Arlie tells them he has a couple poems. Neda asks how comfortable he was in the casting process? Arlie says super comfortable. Neda asks if he tried out for BBCAN1 and Arlie says no. Rachelle asks and do you actually like showing your butt at home? Arlie says yeah I’m n@ked all the time! Arlie tells them about his game with Andrew where it was called pumping Andrew’s tires. Arlie then recites the poem he made up about going into the big brother house.. After he’s done the house guests go nuts about how amazing it was. Adel says that was the sickest poem I’ve heard in a long time! Arlie talks about how he has prediction about the other house guests but doesn’t want to say them because he doesn’t want to blow up their game. Rachelle says I want to go to jury.. just so Arlie can tell me what his predictions are about people! They talk about how Arlie brought cigarettes into the house to bargain with .. to do something cool with..

5:45pm UP in the HOH room – Adel tells Jon, Neda and Heather that if he wins HOH he is going to throw Allison back up on the block. I would put Rachelle up with her and if one of them comes off then I would put up Sabrina. Neda says yeah I’m cool with that. Allison joins them. Big Brother comes on and says Hi Adel.. Then the live feeds are blocked. When they return Adel is heading down to the storage room. Arlie says so they told you this morning meatballs?! Who and how did they tell you? Adel says come upstairs and we’ll talk about it. Adel heads back to the HOH room and tells them that Arlie just questioned him. Adel says I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to say it was Jon’s idea, or Neda’s idea or Heather’s idea. I told him to come up and we would all talk about it. Jon says so what should we say that it was a group consensus. Adel says if I win HOH I’m putting up the Gremlins! Allison says of course what else would we do? Adel says there’s nothing else I could do. JOn has his hand in his pants. Neda says get your hands out of your pants! Jon says it iches. Neda asks did you try baby power?! JOn says yeah. Neda asks did delli put it on for you?

BBCAN2-2014-04-14 14-42-58-857

6:10pm In the kitchen – Sabrina tells Arlie you deserve to win this game and I can tell between a good game and a piece of sh*t ..and you’re both of those things.. Arlie laughs. Sabrina says well not that.. you know what I mean. Sabrina asks you think I had good game or not? Arlie tells her he thinks she had good game in the beginning. Sabrina heads up to the bathroom – Adel tells Sabrina how you know in the beginning when someone would tell you that I was talking sh*t about you? Adel says this is the Arlie show.

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So they’re probably going to release the twist next Sunday, I wonder who will get it and how they’ll win it. Want to make a poll on who people hope wins the Twist, Dawg?

Johhny (the European one!)

I’m surprised everyone hasn’t voted for Rachelle.
She’s the one who would actually gain the most by having someone ELSE than Sabrina telling her what to do.
Wouldn’t it be great to see that strategy session with Jillian and Emmett start off with them slapping Rachelle repeatedly while screaming “hello!!! anyone in there?!?”?
You know they would… 😉

Name Jr

Allison is leading. Is it cause a lot of people really like her gameplay and are rooting for her OR because people really hope she starts playing strategically, like she made herself seem in the war room? Or…

Johhny (the European one!)

Remember Lawon from BBUS13? He was so convinced he’d get to come back into the game with an extra power, that he actually WANTED to get voted out…
I feel like Adel and Arlie are both trying to get to that point…
Without realizing that “that point” is where people call them idiots. That’s what people have been calling Lawon all those years.


Neda is starting to bother me. She is mad at Arlie for throwing competitions but she has done that herself!!!


Well I thought it was a no-brainer for Allison, the gremlins and Arlie to form a strong alliance but now Arlie is blabbing like a blithering idiot about his entire game. I’m not sure what he thinks this will accomplish? All he had to do was shut up and talk to Allison and the gremlins. He has 3 days to convince them and with their brain power it would only take 5 minutes. Arlie just shut up and re-focus.


In this game it’s actually better to not to rush. The earlier you have the talk, the bigger the chance for things to leak out and also others to fight back.
Arlie should start planting seeds for getting the votes though, and he’s likely already doing it.

Johhny (the European one!)

He told them all that he had deals with them all, and that he didn’t have any particular deal he felt compelled to honor.
He told them that he didn’t mind swearing on anything and then go against that.
After this type of confession, his only way of possibly believing he has a shot at staying is if he sees them as completely braindead.
Maybe hoping for a “Topaz moment”, where 4 of them accidentally say the wrong name on eviction night?

No, seriously, he knows he’s going, and he immediately accepted his fate and said everything he would have kept to himself if he saw half a chance.
Now, he hopes for a) a second shot, à la Gary.
b) a recall for all-stars.


On a different topic… is anyone else having problems getting Hola to work? I can’t watch any episodes or feeds on the slice site because it’s having issues.


Nevermind it works now…

young veto

what the hell are simon and dawg?

young veto

oh nice, didn’t know

love the site, keep up the good work.


What the hell is a young veto?

young veto

Young Veto, Voice of the young people

go adel

Someone please explain to me the emmetjillian twist?


Heather and Adel need a joint strategy session…….desperately.


Maybe it’s just me, but ARLIE’S POEM WAS SICK! Glad he shared it in case he gets evicted this week.


not sure if jillian/emmett can really offer any one any ‘advice’ except how to win comps?
the entire point of the bb gams is those evicted decide the ‘winner’, and those evicted did not want jillian to win bb.
yes, by a fluke vote the ‘voted’ her to win it, but she was not their choice.
by the way, how many of all bb us winners did not win the final hoh? in canada, the winner of the final hoh did not win the game.

Name Jr

So, idk where to ask this or if it’s already been discussed before, but how did Allison end up getting the scarlet POV? I know she had a clue that lead her to the secret war room… But was she the only one with the clue, if so, WHY? Or did everyone get a clue but didn’t bother to look? Was she chosen by a fabricated task to get a clue? Lol. I was really hoping the episodes would explain it more, but I might have totally missed it.

PLEASE enlighten me.


New plants showed up in the house.
neda looked. not close enough.
Alli looked closer, found the first clue in the plant.
others noticed, but didn’t search.


BB put some potted plants in the house and one of them had the first clue to a scavenger hunt to find the remaining clues. Allison was the first one to find the clue even though someone else (I think neda) had already looked at the plant. She followed the clues to eventually get into the secret war room


Allison found the first clue int he flower pot and took it with her so when we saw other people check the pot, no one noticed anything amiss. This clue lead her to the next clue in the pool and the next one in the Hot Tub room. So whoever was the first to find the clue in the plant really had the only chance of finding the secret veto.


She found the first clue in one of the flowerpots and found her way back to the war room from there.


She found the clue in the flower pot outside the bathroom. Neda inspected it too but obviously not close enough.


There was a flower pot on a table and she looked inside and saw a piece of paper. On that paper was a clue to a secret power. She had to find other clues but basically that’s what happened.


Allison being somewhat of a BB fan knew when BB puts something new into the house (a pot of flowers) it may lead to something. She was the first to explore it further and found a clue that lead to a seriers of others that lead her to the secret room where she was rewarded the secret power of veto. She only had three chances to use it and couldn’t tell anyone she had it.


It would it be very interesting if they were planting 2,3 clues so they would of fight for and get their hands on it. That would of make the game even more crazier


Who the hell is voting for Allison on the poll. Somebody has to be hacking into the system. She’s so gross and has horrible judgment. She obviously the town **** in Newfoundland with a bad alcohol problem, and has played a horrible game especially for being a self proclaimed superfan. Really don’t get it!

tina jones

everyone is making Allison out to be a mastermind here. She admitted to herself alone in the bedroom that using her secret veto was “the stupidest move ever”. So production more than likely pushed her into using her power, because they didn’t want it to go to waste. And the breakdown wasn’t a strategy, it was a mess.

Jon FTW!

another name

jon for the win?
why not just name rachelle for the win?
they’re the same person when it comes to being absolutely manipulated.
yup, I said it.
jon is the same as rachelle for being manipulated
neda is the same as sabrina for being manipulative
heather is the same as allison for talking about being the bottom of the heap / outsider
adel is the same as arlie for being completely myopic to strategy other than their own (both want so badly to be seen as the star / favorite of the show).
i’m not talking about personalities or who is more disgusting: i’m talking about the storyline characteristics they exhibit.


Not sure why they keep fawning over Arlie like he is some sort of God. You’d think they would get themselves evicted themselves just to keep him around and see his “amazing run.” Barf! I think he’s an idiot and annoying as hell.

Johhny (the European one!)

The thing I have a hard time getting over is the way he talks. The intonation and slowness make it sound really fake and unbelievable to me.
I had the same issue with Dan from BBUS. I kept calling it his “used car salesman voice” and didn’t understand why people were falling for it/him…

Here, Arlie actually really used to be a used car salesman!


Gremlins talking in the hot tub and Sabrina ia agreeing with Rachelle that Arlie should go this week. I think Sabrina knows better and is just letting Rachelle think she has some input on what happens. Sabrina knows they need to keep Arlie to get Jon out and it also keeps a huge target in the game. As annoying Sabrina is, she knows the game. Rachelle mine as well be playing twister. She has no clue. Sabrina will have her convinced by Thursday to vote out Adel.


* might not mine. lol


Allison Season 2 BB Canada winner!!!!!!!


If Allison gets the strategy session, I’m going to be so upset. I want it to actually be a gamer that gets it.

another name

okay, pretend you’re emmet and jillian.
how many flashcards do you bring to advise rachelle, and do you start by telling her she’s playing big brother, or just hop right in to attempting to deprogram her Stockholm syndrome? how do you even begin to advise Sabrina… not meaning to be cruel, but you can’t advise someone that thinks they already know everything. how do you advise heather when her gameplan is completely and diametrically opposed to the gameplan you yourself used? ditto for adel, who seems to suffer from a mild case of rachelle syndrome…. you know, complete lack of self determined movement and strategy.
the only people that could reasonably gain any knowledge from emmet and jillian on gameplay are the players that have employed similar tactics: lie to everyone you make a deal with and only stick with one deal, and win every comp you can win.


Holy Crap! I go to work and the world is turned on end. I’m trying to catch up on the feeds but it seems things change from moment to moment. What’s with the crying fest from Allison last night? She had the veto. Production had to have coached her. She’s just not that smart to think of it on her own. No way.
Anyhow Sure enough, Allison the snake is slithering back to Sabs and Ro. I’m so ashamed that I voted for her. I regretted it the moment she crawled in the hammock with Andrew.
And, what’s with Sabs saying they (Adel, Neda, Jon and Heather) treated her like crap last week. I must have missed that. I thought they included her, were nice to her-didn’t shun her. I’m sure she said she loved Jon and Neda and swore on everything. I see she’s back to her mean self and on the power trip she was on when Andrew and Kenny were there. Man this sucks big time.
Please BB don’t set Allison, Sabs or Ro up to win. I’ll take any of the others but not those 3. I still believe Allison has been given a lot of breaks by BB. Ohhhh…I’m so disgusted with this whole mess.
I can only hope that Sabs, Ro and Allison will keep some measure of their ‘word’-I know slim chance-and still vote Arlie out. And please BB Gods let Heather, Neda win HOH. Pleassse! Okay…more feeds and chats to catch up on. Things may have changed drastically and my rant may make no sense. Just had to pipe in now ’cause I am so pissed. Damn it all to hell! I so dislike the Gremlins and the Snake (Allison).


Lol.. thank you and praying with you !! I don’t want those 3 to win anything and get out.


KARMA is a Bitch!! Seeing as ARLIE has just approached SABRINA to make an alliance with him, Rochelle, and Allison to keep him in the game, I hope ALLISON sits there and gives him the same amount of understanding as he gave her. ” ARLIE, what have you done for me lately? I am very disappointed in you because you haven’t given me anything to make me want to stay aligned with you. Tell me everything you know right now, because this is very important “. Lets see how it sits with him when he is on the receiving end.


Strategy session? Come on, what’s Jillian gonna say? She’s never been on the block! Their strategy was by chance…pair up with another player who wins comps. At this point, all of the comp winners are gone besides Arlie. It’s anyone’s game after he leaves. The rest of them would not win comps if Kenny, Andrew, Ika or Arlie were there in the house.