Adel asks Arlie should we tell them? We both have Vetos! You guys are all F**KED!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 11-33-55-416

2:25pm Jon talks to Arlie in the bedroom. Arlie talks about how it hard to be exiled .. I know I’m doing it to myself too. Jon says I know if you had the votes you would be throwing it in our faces saying F**K you guys I’m coming after you! Arlie agrees and says yeah if I had them I would and the fans would love it.. but I know I don’t have the votes. Jon says you should just put everyone on slop. Arlie says I wouldn’t just in case there was a hope I would stay and some times its that person that gets punished.. like a vote against me. That happened once. Jon tells Arlie that he really is a great guy, you really are. Jon leaves. Arlie says to himself.. you’re working hard for that vote. Jon heads into the bathroom where the girls are still doing their nails. Neda comments on how she thinks Arlie is brewing something.

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 11-34-05-356

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 12-00-53-571

2:50pm In the kitchen – Sabrina tells Adel I can’t wait for you to see just how much Sarah talked sh*t about you. Sabrina says Sarah used to tell me all the time that I was insecure and paranoid, meanwhile I was right the whole time! Jon joins them and he tells them when he talked with Arlie he said the Gremlins are going to win. Sabrina asks did he really say the Gremlins are going to win? Jon says yeah.

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 12-03-51-440
3pm – 3:15pm The cameras switch to Arlie and Adel laughing in the bedroom. Big Brother tells them Hello everyone .. everyone please make your way to the HOH room! Now! Adel asks what’s happening?! Arlie yells the save Arlie party begins. They all head into the HOH room. Everyone wonders what’s happening. Adel asks Arlie should we tell them? We both have Vetos! You guys are all F**KED! Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 12-03-50-163

3:15pm – 4:20pm The live feeds are still blocked..

4:45pm – 4:55pm The live feeds return and the house guests rush out into the backyard to realize that nothing is different. In the main bedroom Rachelle asks what was that for? Is it for HOH? What the f**K?! Neda says I think its for a luxury competition. Rachelle asks Is it for ghosts of our pasts? Big Brother tells all the house guests to head to the main bedroom. Jon comments on how I hope you all memorized that because they’re probably taking it away now..

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 13-49-38-534

5:10pm – 5:20pm The house guests are sleeping / laying silently in the bedroom while being locked down. Arlie gets up and leaves the room. Jon asks did they say we were allowed out? Heather says yup. Jon asks when? Heather says they didn’t say we were allowed out. Jon asks what? Heather says he just went out, they didn’t say anything. Jon leaves to go look for him. Arlie heads out to the hot tub room. He lifts up the hot tub cover on one side and looks in and then does the same to the other side. He then heads back inside. Jon finds him in the backyard and big brother blocks the feeds again…

When the live feeds come back – the house guests are outside the diary room. They comment on how fun that was. Heather says People like us in the real world. Sabrina says its moments like that, that make me love every person in the real world! Sabrina says we have FANS.. F-A-N-S! Sabrina says I would love to be in Playboy! Heather asks why don’t you? Sabrina says because I need to lose weight! The house guests got asked questions. Like why they say wake up Canada!

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 14-35-24-526

5:40pm – 6pm Jon gets called to the diary room and comes back and says happy easter everyone! He says they said to get hopping with the photos! Big Brother gave them bunny ears and a camera to take photos. We’re only allowed to take photos with the ears on. The girls run around the house taking photos. Jon asks Arlie if he would have his vote in the end. Arlie says I don’t know I will need to sit in jury for a while thinking about it. Adel tells Jon 1 hundo billion percent he has his vote. They all head out into the backyard to take photos. Jon, Adel and Arlie str!p down to their boxers. Jon asks why is it we always take our clothes off when the camera comes out. Jon gets a photo of him stabbing Arlie in the back. Arlie talks to Jon by the pool. Arlie says his biggest mistake feeling to comfortable the other night and going to sleep early. The moment you feel comfortable you go home.

6:20pm The backyard door is opened and the house guests rush inside. Jon finds a new fan mug. He says he potentially knows who it is. Allison asks does that look just like her? Jon says I would put money on it. Arlie is walking around all sad. The others keep asking him if he’s okay. He keep saying he just hurting.. I just need a moment. Heather tells him she thinks he’s faking it. In the kitchen Allison tells Sabrina and Rachelle that she knows Arlie is faking it. I see people do that all the time.

BBCAn2-2014-04-16 15-19-51-329

6:30pm Arlie heads out to the hot tub room by himself and sits in silence..

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 15-30-22-515

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Tomorrow is gonna be a doozy


thursday is gonna be epic!




thursdag is gonna be epicely SAD that’s what. i’m crying on the inside for Arlie already.


Me too..the feeds will not be the same without my evil Arlie.


Save Arlie or this is going to get boring… fast!!!!

team adel

That’s what everyone said when they removed Kenny, but look what happened, who ever wins Hoh next week it will be most exciting.


Whoever wins is just gonna do what Jon and Neda told them. They’ve all proved it. The only one with the balls is Adel, but I think he’ll be tricked into thinking he has a real F4 with Jon and Neda. All this stuff he’s saying to Allison; he told Jon/Neda/Heather that he was gonna do that to secure his votes.


Adel don’t have the balls—-he would just put gremlins up!


Even if Adels wins HOH he will not put Jon or Neda up! He will do Gremlins—1-hundo!!


Meh. You just don’t like Jon and Neda anymore, so all of your comments are bitter complaints about how they control everyone. You’d probably be saying the same thing about Arlie right now if he’d flipped on Jon first (which he would have done, if given the chance). You guys are talking about him like he’s a victim.

I don’t think Jon and Neda have anywhere near as much control over the others as you think. I wouldn’t count out Heather out yet. She’s biding her time right now. Allison could also make a move, though it might not happen if she doesn’t wake up and band together with Heather for a final 2. Even the grems, for that matter, could bust out a move. As for Adel… who knows? He’s on a different show, so it’s really hard to predict what he’d do. A lot will depend on who wins the next HOH. Hell, even if Arlie manages to stay, there’s no guarantee that he’d win HOH, so there’s no point weeping and throwing up your hands.

This game isn’t just about numbers–there is always some luck involved. You never know what could happen in a week’s time.


I wouldn’t say that about Arlie. The reason I don’t like Neda is because of the snotty comments that she constantly makes; including making fun of Arlie for getting evicted. She’s rude and gives off an extremely arrogant vibe. She loses her shit on Jon for telling her who to put up, meanwhile she’s telling everyone what they should be doing. She thinks she’s better and smarter than everyone and that they don’t have the right to tell her what to do, but she does. She dumps food down the drain on national TV, which is a disgrace. If anyone messed with my food in general I’d go ape shit, let alone if they just dumped it all which is beyond disrespectful.

So no, I would not say that about Arlie. Arlie’s a cool dude.

I know I’ve been vocal about my disdain for Neda, but I’m hardly the only one that sees this. On the live feeds, she gets a ton of the same comments, that get a lot of thumbs up, and my comments about Neda usually get much more thumbs up than down. So I’m far from alone in seeing this.


I agree with MICHAEL. Neda is cruel and acrimonious, just like Sabrina and Rochelle. I still don’t care for Jon or Adel b/c there are so few brain cells cumulatively between the two. And oh the arrogance…

Heather seems nice but she hasn’t done anything and is so painfully boring that I’d rather watch water drip from a faucet. She doesn’t deserve to win.

I think Arlie played a very smart game, but with all that production influenced veto crap, he will probably go home prematurely. He’s been playing the game well. He gives himself way too much credit for being a professional floater/challenge thrower, but at least he’s been playing. He deserves to win.

I know many will rate this negatively because talking about Jon, Neda, or Adel is unacceptable. At least I haven’t drank the kool-aid and will continue to call them out.


Yes, you get a lot of thumbs up from people who dislike Neda and Jon, but that still doesn’t mean that you’re right or that everyone is in agreement. We all have our opinions. Personally, I never saw Neda as an angel. I think the kindest people in the house (deeds and actions) have been Heather and Allison. However, I don’t see Neda in the same evil light as you. I sometimes wonder if she gets an especially bad rap because she’s a woman. She and Arlie are pretty on par, and yet people don’t seem to accuse Arlie of being snotty. They both seem to think they’re smarter than everyone else, so I don’t understand why the same people praise one but not the other.

I’ve watched a lot of the live feeds, and would never suggest Arlie was a nice guy. He told Sarah he couldn’t wait to crush Sabrina’s soul. How is Neda being any different than him. She “hates” Allison right now because Allison has the potential to f#ck up her game.


It would be awesome if he went straight to the War Room, competed with the next person evicted to get sent back in the house, goes back in and gets his revenge against Neda and Jon!!

The only way this season can end well at this point. Unless Delamore somehow pulls out a miracle and wins it.


um.. Arlie does not bring any entertainment… the only entertainment he’ll provide this thursday is seeing his cocky ass getting evicted, having his dream crushed bwahahahah


Allison and the Gremlins deserve to lose this game if they don’t keep Arlie. Common sense……join a side that will have 4 against you, or get out Adel and make it 4 against 3, where one of the 3 can’t play for HOH!

team adel

Airlie should have layed low for at least another week, but it bit him in the ass, I don’t think this will be the last of Arlie u watch and see


Totally disagree. Not a good idea for Allison or the Gremlins to keep Arlie–not in the long run.


I think your only 1/2 right on this. If Allison doesn’t save Arlie she deserves to lose the game. Super fan my AZZZZs!! I think using her veto on Sabby was all production and not her own strategy for a second. Part 2 of taking Sabby off is to take advantage of the 3-2 vote split with Roro and Sabby. She’s falling for a Joneda final 3 would be purely moronic. They all seem to know Joneda, Heather seem like an F3 with Adel 4 as a useful vote. Where does Allison think she fits in? In fact I’d say she is the number 1 target next week instead of Jon that’s how bad evicting Arlie is for her game.

As for Sabs and Ro they have a deal to fall back on with Joneda. In fact I think Sabby has a better understanding of leveraging votes than anyone in the house. Forget Joneda saying Gremlins are the next target the next target if their side has power is Allison period. Add to everything it’s a simple numbers thing. Gremlins, Arlie and Allison versus Heather and lay about douchebag Neda in the next HOH you gotta keep Arlie. Allison even thinking about F2 and not able to beat Arlie is idiotic! She never gets F2 to begin with trusting Joneda for an F3.

Thursday will be a huge let down. Sabby will see Allison’s not voting out Adel and the vote will be 5-0 to evict Arlie. Production sucked everyone in on Sunday/Monday regarding saving Arlie. The game should get fairly routine from here on out. Arlie then Allison as 1/2 of a DE. The other 6 will likely become 5 with Adel going to jury. At F5 all the deals are in play and surprise they cut Heather loose who definitely deserves it leaving Gremlins and Joneda. All things just mentioned are HOH/POV dependent. Below my guesses on who wins what F4 down.

F4 HOH – Jon if he is eligible. If not I’ll pick Neda. This HOH has only marginal importance as POV is the real power. HOH winner gets a guaranteed spot F3.

F4 POV – I have this as some sort of question challenge personally rather than physical. I can’t believe I’m saying it I have Sabby over Neda. Sabby sends Neda to Jury by default if Jon is HOH. She isn’t cutting Roro loose! If it’s physical Jon wins and sends Roro to jury. Neda wants F2 with Sabby and logically Roro is a endurance comp threat potentially.

F3 – 2combo’s Jon Neda Sabby or Jon, RoRo and Sabby. My race horse is still a long shot but she is in the race heading down the home stretch. Get your votes ready Canada here comes Sabby on the extreme outside!!!

Part 1- This is traditionally endurance and as long as Roro is gone then I like Jon here. The key for me is the nature of the challenge. BB Can 1 they switched this up from a low body mass style endurance that tended to favour women HGs to and upper body strength component that favours a male generally. Think of last season I thought Jillian a shoe in to win part 1 till I saw the change in format. I believe BB 15 used a similar approach last year as well for the 1st time in my memory. On the off chance we go back to the more traditional endurance comps I like douchebag Neda here.

Part 2 – knowledge/physical. Could be something with harnesses above the ground or similar. Whatever this is it won’t favour Sabby. Fact is she doesn’t really care. See as I’m sure you figured her F2 hopes lye on who wins 7 questions taking her to the final. I wrote about this possibility the 1st 2 weeks on the feeds. Everyone was getting a good hate on for her and I thought she was playing the f*ck out of the game. Sabby’s not F2 yet but I truely think Neda would pick her over Jon.

Part 3 – Sabby if she somehow plays which I doubt. Neda wins and gets to choose who she sits beside.

F2 – to me it’s simple Neda picks Jon she wins the game. I have to leave my disgust for this douchebag aside and if she proves me wrong and doesn’t target Jon or even keeps him in the game the jury will be bitter against Jon rather than Neda. She fools them again and wins the money something like 5-2. Adel and Canada give Jon their votes. Even if he gets Arlie he loses.

Oh the tough part if she picks Sabby. You want to see a bitter jury if she backstabs Jon and then they have to choose between these 2 vile creatures. You’ll feel the same as when Dan screwed over Shane F4 BB USA 14 if your Danielle. Dan was a real piece of human garbage!!!
Can I find a way to get the winning ticket at the race track I just need Sabby by a nose, well 4-3 to be exact! Vote counting 101 here. Other than screwing over Jon in my scenario how much hate or good will has Neda accumulated? Lets say for the most part she continues her “no blood on her hands” style of play. It’s been part of her strategy all season IMO. Heather votes Neda and Roro Sabby with 5 votes in the balance. Jon Adel Arlie Allison and Canada. Sabby is in trouble. She isolated to much on her social game. Douchebag girl hasn’t done much better socially but benefits from Jon’s out going manner IMO. Lets see if I can get her 2 votes. Arlie will likely be pragmatic as a student of BB. That’s bad for Sabby IMO. Allison’s vote turns on who backdoors her. If it’s not the Gremlins that’s 2 votes Sabby maybe. I cannot see Jon voting against Neda even though in my scenario she stabs him in the back. Adel doesn’t give a f*ck and votes Neda just because he spent more time with that side of the house. Fact is he won’t care who votes him out or how. Neda has 2 votes there plus Heather. She gets Allison she’s golden. Sabby gets Allison and Canada decides. Looks like my ticket hits the ground either way. Neda 4-3 or 5-2 I can’t get Sabby to 4 votes which really sucks since she’s played closer to the “Dr. Will’ style than anyone in the house in 1 sense only.

Think about it in Dr. Will’s season he got HG’s to do what he wanted while winning squat basically. Sabby has a very similar game in that sense. Socially Sabby isn’t even close to Dr. Will. That’s why I can’t get her to 4 votes. IT’S A SOCIAL GAME!!!


I have to agree with you on basically everything here. Interesting take on the votes at the end and I can see it panning out that way very likely. I side with you on Sabs, she is very annoying on the feeds but she plays the game, & plays it hard. She knows she cant win comps so she manipulates with her mouth and mind, whether it is intentional or not, lol. It seems to be working for her while she still carries Rachelle along. Its lke she is playing 2 players games(hers and Rachelles). It is very similar to Amanda last year just not as strategic. I though amanda was a boss last season & is a shoe-in for Allstars, the girl was good. I wouldn’t sleep on Heather possibly sneaking in into final 2 also. I think she is becoming more observant and conniving and unlike Neda she was not thrown her comp win. For the life of me I cannot get into Neda, and I try. I dont look at players personally, I could careless of their faults or whether the pick their nose, play with their balls, or any other human faults, they are human. It is just magnified because us viewers watch them religiously. Same people bashing sabrina are probably watching the feeds & reading this site while scratching their ass and then handling their dinner acting like their perfect in everyway. Neda reminds me of a smug floating version of Mccrae (who I thought was a pretty laid back guy) using Jon as a meat shield similar to Mccrae using Amanda last year. Just Neda thinks she is a master player. The only reason she is in the position she is in is not through her personal gameplay but Jon actions & first and foremost the Canadas vote week. I personally hate when they let viewers get involved, let the players play. Hell even Arlie threw Neda her HOH. Everybody has their own opnion of whether Neda is a good player or not & I respect that. She is just not for me. I think everyone can agree though that Allison might one of the worst players I have ever seen on BB. She just plain sucks. She is David from last season BB15 except w/ productions help. The whole country of Canada should be put on slop just for voting her dumbass in. That is not a shot at Canadiens, just pretty sure they are kicking themselves for that blunder.

wow wow wow

I don’t get it… How do Adel and arlie have a secret veto?

Delilah Jones

My first wish was for Jon to get evicted next week, if Arlie is evicted this week. That has now changed. I really want to see one of the girls leave next. Strategically, I would like to see Neda leave, because if she doesn’t she is probably going to win this game. I will also be happy to see either Allison or one of the gremlins leave, because it would be justice for their making the stupid decision to keep Adel. I can not for the life of me figure out what Allison is doing in the house..

I actually like Adel, and hate the fact that he and Arlie are on the block together. With that being said, I love Arlie more, and want to see him stay in the game.


I agree 99% only that I actually really like Allison! It’s just that she is doing terrible in this game!!
I mean all this ‘strategy’ of being so effing vague is really annoying no wonder nobody trusts her in there! she needs to be a little more real because
everyone is just sick of her taking the ‘swing vote’ sit and not letting it go! she should stick to someone like heather or the gremlins , maybe Heather it’s too late since Neda was smart enough to see how it is such a good game move to take someone like Heather under her wing since she is almost by far the easiest to at the finale.
I wish Alli would wake up!!! why are they so afraid to keep Arlie ?! why trust Jon & Neda at all?? they are the worst because they are complete liars in there which is fine for big brother but they also a pair of prudes thinking the are so moral and better than everyone else! I never liked them..


I agree. And Allison as a player is pretty dim.


Heather = Helen
JUDD = Jon
SOBS = Andy and/or Amanda
Arlie = McCrae’s game theory aspected Id
RoRo = classic “rocky horror” era Goth look
Adel = Nice Guy
IKA = Topaz’s apprentice
Anick = reincarnated plastic hippie in pure early 70s mode?
Susan = Susan
Allison = Not as carnaby street hippie era “dumb bunnie” as she looks, she has a brain in her head
WINNER IN BB~CAN2 = beneficiary of all these seismic game shifts
Andrew = Nick?Tom?Bohunk?uBer*seXy?BrandoWannaBe?


I want Arlie gone so bad.






How can Arlie not be trusted? He hasn’t lied as much as other HG. He even told Sarah that he wouldn’t be voting for her. So what makes Arlie less trustworthy than anyone else?


At this point, it’s like the difference between being stabbed in the front (Arlie) and being stabbed in the back (everyone else). Not an easy decision to choose Arlie, because he’s guaranteed to screw you. With the others, there’s still a faint glimmer of hope.

I think that’s where Arlie screwed up. He revealed too much of his game, too soon. So now, even if he is telling the truth about staying faithful to the gremlins and Allison, how can they believe him?

I’m sure Allison is thinking: Hmm… so if we keep Arlie this week, he might win HOH next week and put me up on the block with Jon. If she isn’t thinking that, she’s nuts.




I love Arlie as a player, but I agree… his voice is hard to listen to.


Bring on tomorrow!


Poor Arlie. I wish you were staying but alas you are probably going home tomorrow. Tonight I will weep for you and tomorrow I will mourn your loss. #BBCAN2


I really hope this feed block is production yelling at them for tailing Arlie. It’s a good idea for Adel to stick to Arlie, but how are they supposed to put on a show with Adel blocking the scheming? That’s what the show is all about.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Obviously what Adel is doing is permissible, and if Arlie is actually such a super-genius, he will figure out a counter-measure.


Not allowing him the chance to campaign is REALLY scummy. All under the guise of being his friend too.


I don’t get your beef. Sabotage is always allowed in BB, so of course they’re going to try to stop him from campaigning–especially when they know he’s a major manipulator. They would be stupid otherwise.


It’s really rude to laugh in Arlie’s face about evicting him. His alliance betrayed him and now they mock him relentlessly about it? Jon, Adel, and Neda are really acting like @$$holes.


It’s disgusting.

Jon, a guy who played junior hockey and hates to lose, should know better than to rub salt into Arlie’s defeat. And Neda especially is being a real bitch about it.

I used to cheer for these people, but I can’t anymore. I don’t know how I can keep this show with nobody to cheer for. I’ll try to see how it all plays out but I’m not sure if I can watching these dicktrees.


*keep watching


SO RIGHT–BUD!! I wish so much that these 3 wake up (grems+allie)


I will lose interest fast –if Arlie leaves—was just getting good! I wanted see gremlins Arlie and allie—take over! (as much as I can’t stand sabs!)


Oh please. Arlie’s right in there with them, laughing about getting even.


You do know that it’s a pretty common response for people being picked on to laugh along with it, right? You have been to public school before I’m assuming.

Arlie is not a confrontational person; no matter how much he says he is or pretends to be. Guys like that always just laugh along and pretend it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t mean they’re cool with it, and it doesn’t mean it’s a cool thing to do.


The truth is, when Jon asked Arlie if Arlie likes him, he hesitated a while before answering. That shows how he really feels about all that, much more than him trying to brush off being picked on like it’s no big deal.


If Arlie’s down, I’d say it’s because he thinks his strategy failed, not because anyone is picking on him. You can’t say you’re “not even a person” in the game and that you will take no mercy on others, and then mope about people calling your bluff.

Arlie is no victim here. I don’t believe for a second that he feels bullied. I think he feels defeated, which is very different. Let’s not forget, too, that he isn’t eating very much right now, because slop makes him gag. So he feels defeated and no doubt exhausted. But hurt? I doubt it.

By the way, this does not mean I agree with kicking someone when they’re down. And yes, I went to public school, and am against bullying.


P.S. Re: your comment about Arlie not being a confrontational person – I would agree that it’s unlikely he’s some big tough guy in real life, but let’s not forget that he had no problem doing that BB task a few weeks ago where he had to go around and insult everyone individually.

Things that make you say hmm...

Let’s think about this Al and Grems. Jon and Neda will let you be alone with Heather, Adel, and themselves. They will not let you be alone with Arlie. Now tell me: Who are their friends and who is their enemy…

little mouse

Arlie hid behind his alliances threw a few competitions and lucked out by walking in with the first five.. but the one person he needed to sway to his side..Sarah ..and he couldn’t do it. So where is the big player moves????i think neda and god help me for saying this as i never thought it would come out of my mouth rachelle are going to be final two. Rachelle is a floater and she is going to fl oat to the end i would love to see heather with rachelle as final two and heather win heather in my eyes is the most deserving…… anyone that can put up with the bullying , backstabbing and all the shunning that happened to her is one strong person and she was the one that made the biggest move..


Are you kidding?
He put the Sloppy backstabbers together and helped facilitated most of their success. Without him, the entire game would be different.
Heather’s nominations would have been different, they never would have been able to lure Allison.
Kenny/Sara might both be there. Allison would have used the Veto the first week she got it.
Neda wouldn’t have won the HOH that got rid of Kenny, Arlie would have. He probably would have taken out Jon if he was still loyal to Kenny.
Jon wouldn’t be HOH now.
This has been the Arlie show for the last 2-3 weeks.


It hasn’t been the Arlie show for me. He’s a good variable, but he’s nowhere near the kind of mastermind or super likeable dude he keeps portraying himself to be.


Well I’m sure if Arlie was a hockey player or a male model he could have gotten Sarah to do whatever he wanted. But he’s not.


Won’t be a “doozy” at all tomorrow! The girls just aren’t seeing that Ned and Jon are lying to them. Unfortunately Arlie will be voted out by a 5-0 score!


Adel campaigning big time since the ceremony!


Off-topic …….. (kinda) ………. anyone besides me now have the BB live feed pages overrun with Ramada ads? This has only just started today 🙁


Even if Adel wins HOH –he will not put up Jon and/or Neda—he will just do the Gremlins—thats a fact!


Arlie leaving will be a little disappointing, but this season’s end won’t be as lame as last year’s, atleast. It will be hard for them to prevent Neda from making it to a F2 seat, but I’m sure we’ll get some more active gameplaying as it gets closer to the end.

Russ from Van

I’m finding Adel’s strategy to be absolutely brilliant these past few days!

He is really playing to Sabrina’s ego, saying that “this season is all about Arlie”. Trying to create jealousy from Sabrina, so she will be more likely to want him out, to give her more spot light. Adel even has Jon doing it too, and bringing it up in group conversations, so that the idea seems more ‘matter of fact’, than just a push from Adel to stay.

little mouse

i don’t think i was watching the same feeds as mel..but he/she is definitely an arlie fan with rose colored glasses


I will lose interest fast –if Arlie leaves—was just getting good! I wanted see gremlins Arlie and Allie—take over! (as much as I can’t stand Sabs!)  


This has to be the best comment today:

Sabrina says I would love to be in Playboy!


Hope Kenny shaves his beard for the finale. He looks way better without the beard!


I wonder whose cooking the BBHGs enjoys more, Andrews or Sabrina?


Sabrina says: “We have FANS.. F-A-N-S!”
Ummm… yah Slobby. THEY have fans. You have Haters. H-A-T-E-R-S.


To Name: I find that most most of the time when I click the thumbs up bottom it’s your comments!!


Marie: There are multiple people using “Name.” Just saying.


ADEL—-isn’t sticking around ARLIE rite now because hes playing the “stick with the one going out—compassion role” this time!!!—-ADEL is soooo afraid of ARLIE —talking the girls into keeping him!—–not liking adel while hes been on block!—-adel wants him to do something crazy tonite—to seal his fate—-
come on ARLIE—-tell SABS—-something that ADEL said about her even if you have to make it up!
the show will suck and get boring as shyt —if they get ARLIE out —–I wanna see JON/NEDA scared at LEAST!