Sabrina “Awesome day for the Gremlins, We have the Numbers if Arlie stays”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

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6:32pm HOH Adel, Neda, Allison and Heather

Neda warns them that Arlie is brewing some plan to stay in the house.

Neda thinks that Canada is going to dave Arlie she thinks this entire Season has been the arlie show and they will not want him to go home like this.
Heather – “He’s going to try so hard with Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle.. so Hard”
Allison – “Doesn’t matter”
Adel tells them he’;s going to put up a gremlin

Adel tells the gremlins are the biggest buzz about Big BRother right now because they both got vetoes
Neda leaves to go warn the gremlins more about Arlie in the storage room.
Adel says he got super fooled by Arlie.
They go over the days and numbers left in the house. Allison is certain there will be a double eviction coming up. Neda joins them and they discuss the need for two more double evictions to get the numbers down to where it needs to be for 3 people in the finale.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 16-41-49-313

6:38PM Arlie and the Gremlins

Arlie wants to team up with the Gremlins and Allions he points out next week it’s them, Arlie and Allison against Neda, Adel and Heather in the HOH.
Sabrina tells him to talk to Allison first and then come back to them.
The gremlins head to the hot tub to scheme.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 16-45-21-987

6:44pm Hot tub Sabrina and Rachelle
Sabrina says it is a good idea to keep Arlie and get rid of Adel, If they keep Arlie he will go after Jon and Neda 1000 percent. Sabrina says the Neda Jon duo is the strongest thing in the game. Rachelle disagrees, says if she wins HOH she’s putting Jon. She mentions how they both swore to Jon they wouldn’t put him she feels bad about it a bit. Sabrina tells her with Arlie on their side they now have the numbers.

Rachelle says the only competition they have is Arlie and Jon. This week they take Arlie out next week they take Jon out and it’s smooth sailing to final 2.

Rachelle thinks Arlie will screw them, Sabrina “He’s not going back to work with Jon”
Rachelle – “He’s working with himself”
Sabrina- “of course 100 percent.. We have a couple days thank god”

Sabrina doesn’t want to do anything with Jon and Neda she doesn’t like them they are strong players.

Rachelle says Neda, heather and Adel are useless
Sabrina says she’s not brave enough to put up Jon she will throw the HOH to Rachelle to do it.
Rachelle says she will put up Adel and Neda and BAckdoor Jon, “The best thing to do is not go against the entire house just incase we don’t win next week”
Sabrina agrees says it’s probably best to get rid of Arlie this week.

Rachelle – “What do you think Heather is like out here”
Sabrina – “F***ing B1tch”

Arlie joins them.

Real quick.. I don’t care what you say to the other side whatever they want for their game.

Arlie – “Literally girls you are my only hope..”
He explains to them there is no way Jon/Neda are going to change their mind he’s not going to even try. He says if he stays in the game it’s because of the gremlins.

Arlie leaves..

Rachelle – “Today was a good day for the gremlins”
Sabrina – “Awesome day for the Gremlins”
Sabrian – “Me and you final 2”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 16-28-07-355

7:21pm Arlie and Allison HOH

Arlie says he did not bring up the idea to back door Allison he did fight it a bit but once his alliance had decided he had to drop it. Allison says she heard it was him fighting to get her put up. Arlie denies it.

Arlie says he has a chance to stay this week but it’s up to Allison and the gremlins. “the four of us can ride or die” Arlie thinks he has a real good chance to make a deal with the gremlins, He mentions that he’s not even trying to campaign to Heather, Jon and Neda. Arlie “I know I made up a lot of stuff but you have to believe me that was real talk when I told you I was at the bottom” (Bottom of the sloppies)

Arlie has talked to the Gremlins and they are interested if Allison is at all thinking about it she should go talk to the greamlins and they will realize it’s a good game move. The four of them can join together crush the other side or they can vote him out and he goes home those are the two option for Allison.
Allison says she isn’t humouring him she is going to give Arlie’s suggestion serious thought.
Arlie – “it’s a big move.. and you can f** decide,… it your call you hold my life in your hands”
Allison – “if you can convince the gremlins.. if you can convince the gremlins than I’m the swing vote”
Allison says she needs something real from him to gain her trust.
Arlie – “You have to know would everything to me”
Arlie – It will be 4 vs 2 going into the next competition.. you can go back to the gremlins who you like”
Allison – “I actually really like the gremlins” (Ahh we all secretly like the gremlins)
Allison – “Who’s idea was it to backdoor me”
Arlie – “I think it was Adel, everyone was pissed that she was with the Gremlins”
Allison leaves “Ok I’ll let it brew”

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I hate to say it but it looks like Arlie will stay over Adel.

Ugh I hate Allison now.


Hopefully Allison sticks to plan to evict Arlie. Sabrina doesn’t seem to have any idea how to play this game. At least Rachelle knows there are two strong players and they can eliminate one this week.


Why do u think Allison is voting out Adel?


Of course he is going to say that it was Adel who wanted to backdoor Allison, that’s who he is going up against for eviction. AlLISON should know that Adel doesn’t have that much power in the group.

another name

Q: what tactical or strategic move made Allison the target?
A: adel removing Allison from pov, showing her that her own alliance didn’t trust her and that she had a maximum life left of three weeks.
the initial plan was boot a gremlin. then adel made the possibly fixed move of using his buzzworthy.
Allison reacted by being hurt. adel got worried and pushed to remove Allison. neda joined in because she is worried about anyone getting close to jon.

therefore, it was adel that initially made Allison the target.


It sucks that Adel is leaving.


Didn’t Adel volunteer to go up? if so, he deserves to go home. A lot of rookie mistake this season.


He was going up anyways. Jon wasn’t gonna put up Neda or Heather.


I’ve been rooting for Jon/Arlie/Heather with Jon as my top choice but I’m switching over to Arlie now, I can’t imagine the house without him.


That’s exactly how ive been feeling! I am feeling so conflicted right now over this whole mess. BUT as a long time bb lover it’s soooo great for the game. I’m hoping arlie can pull this off.


If anyone can scramble, it’s Arlie. I like seeing this side of him — no longer in puppetmaster mode, but he’s in survival mode.

He’s absolutely right in trying to rally Sab/Rach/Allison. If Allison gets more intel that she was legit so close on being the target, she may flip with Arlie to the Gremlins.

Totally insane how the Gremlins have power now. They legitimately will coast to the Final 4, and odds are 1 of them will be dragged to the final 2 as the goat. Sabrina will win if she brings Rachelle to the end.


Jon and Neda have no one to blame but themselves if Arlie joins Allie and the gremlins.


lmao the goat


Everything Sabs and Rachelle said yesterday to save themselves is out the window …. Don’t these people ever learn that you trust them ?
I SWEAR I SWEAR etc … bla bla bla


Are you all seriously rooting for Adel to stay? Yes, he is a nice guy. What else? He is not a good game player.

I am disappointed more people aren’t rooting for Arlie to stay. He is one of the best players this season.

The only person as smart as Arlie is Neda. That is why she wanted him to go home. People think Jon controls Neda but Neda is running the house.

I hope Arlie can make a comeback and if he does, he deserves to win this game.


As if Rachelle might be the one to fuck this up for Arlie


Come on Allison, this move could win you the game……you’ll have Arlie and Sabrina indebted to you for saving them, Rachelle will not target you next week and neither will Heather, since you have a good relationship with her (she’s more likely to target the Gremlins if she wins). You only have to worry about Neda winning next HOH, (and I think it will be an endurance comp, which Neda will suck at). Allison could run the house for the next two weeks…this move could guarantee her a final 4 spot.


Does anyone really think that either Arlie or Sabrina would honor a debt? Neither knows the meaning of the word.

bb fan

honestly it makes sense for gremlins, and Allison to keep Arlie if they evict him then it’s Adel, Heather, Neda and Jon vs them. Keep them they have the numbers, but more importantly Arlie not going to work with Jon/Neda again and if other side wins hog they’d prob put up Arlie and want him gone before the Gremlins or Allison


Sabrina and Rachelle are so gross as people. I don’t know why the sloppies would turn on their alliance before getting those scummy girls out.


Because nobody takes them seriously. Which could turn out to be a huge mistake.


I don’t care who wins anymore.i realize all of them are back stabbers inreal life that’s why joined the Bb game and honestly have no respect for them all.but I’ll still continue and watch 🙂


Anyone that comes on this site and posts comments……..obviously cares who wins.

another name

truly honest here: don’t care WHO wins. I care HOW they win.
I want to see what moves they made, and how they got themselves to the finals.
some people have almost no chance of winning. really.
face it: rachelle has the same chance of winning as the hot tub.
adel might get the Canada vote… but if anyone judges strategic moves…
jon has really dropped in points unless it’s to win a rachelle-a-like contest. has a lot of redeeming to do and not a lot of time to do it.
the others: too early to tell.


I’d vote for the hot tub, in that case. Poor thing got peed in.


I do care yes secretly shushhh 🙂


Really hope Allison and Arlie team up and gremlins save him this week. Then next week they have a great chance to take out Jon or Neda.


Wow…I never thought I would say this but…Allison actually played that veto the BEST way possible for herself. Whether her and the gremlins get together and save Arlie or not, that move got her back into the gremlin’s good graces…and that will better her game more than Neda/Jon were willing to do.

I can’t believe it has come down to this…me being interested in what Allison and the gremlins are going to do next. But…my need to see Neda/Jon up on the block outweighs my annoyance of watching those three…

I do hope that they save Arlie…it is their best chance at winning HOH and having the numbers to go after Jon/Neda. It would be so funny to see their faces if Arlie got saved and Jon realizes that his HOH was a complete waste…thanks to him letting Neda run it for him.


Arlie has to stay! He had a great strategy going into the game and I think he could really make a comback and win.




I don’t think Arlie is dead yet.


They are stupid to keep Arlie. He and Jon are the biggest threats. They have a chance to take one out now, they should take it. They might not get it again, and if he makes the final 2, he will win.


Lol…Arlie is WORKING the gremlins right now. He selling it…and Sobs is buying it for sure. Rachelle is being a little hesitant, but Sobs will just tell her what to think later…

Of course, Neda walks in to do battery exchange right in the middle of it…bet she is getting nervous…


(I am sure it helps his cause that Sobs is crushing on him at the moment…)


“(Ahh we all secretly like the gremlins)” Uh, no, we don’t all secretly like the gremlins. At least, I don’t. I pretty much have to mute them asap when they appear on the live feeds–particularly Sabrina. If she ends up winning this thing, she’s going to think all of her behaviour was a-okay. The other night, Sabrina basically said how proud her parents would be that she didn’t just haul off and hit Heather (way to aim high with your expectations, Sabrina’s parents). And then she said there’s no way Heather would have spoken back to her if Andrew was still in the house–this, right on the heels of another comment about how she’s not a bully.

“I’m not a bully. If I were out of this house, I would have laid her out. I’m not a bully. She wouldn’t speak to me that way if Andrew were still here. We’re not bullies. People in this house are so mean. Blah, blah, blah…. poor me… I hate her ugly face. People are so mean.”

*head explodes*


SO HAPPY ADELE leaving thursday

No Nose Pickers

I think Arlie just hit Sabrina’s soft spot, ‘The fans will love you’


i think adel was cast to be this seasons Aj. He just doesn’t get it, his idea of strategy is walk in, tell a group of them that so and so are talking etc.. He is not assertive, and shows no initiative to do anything in the game. Maybe its because he is relying on others to do the dirty work, but regardless his gameplay sucks, maybe if he won something and made up his own mind i would change my tune.


What’s going on with the updates?? Jk lol I’ve been checking like every two mins, this is a scary week for me, I’ve been rooting for since the beginning. I hope Rachelle doesn’t mess this up for Arlie, from what I read, it seems like Alison and Sabrina are for it, idk about Rachelle though, she voted against Sabrina for some reason… Crossing my fingers



I started to hate Jon+ Neda

I was team Jon before. But for their stupid move I am team Arlie now. Hate to see Adel leave but Neda & Jon need some lessons I guess as they trusted gremlins !!! How they could trust Gremlins!!!.


Exactly! I am not and will never be pro-gremlins…they drive me nuts…but I am willing to encourage this alliance between them and Arlie/Allison…because Jon/Neda got way too cocky and turned on Sloppy 2nds before they needed to. They deserve to have this HOH crumble underneath them for trying to pull this move too soon and relying on the gremlins to do it. I hope Jon regrets listening to Neda…

just an opinion

It makes NO sense to keep Arlie at this point – he is a strong player – he needs to be taken out. The “dream” of strength and power that he is selling is simply for them to be used by him and then thrown under the bus. It is just so ridiculously obvious. I hope they are not that stupid to keep him.


Why is Allison the highest on the Jillian and Emmett poll, SHE’S HAD ENOUGH HELP