Neda – “I don’t get what Allison is doing.. she’s sitting there on that bed with a smirk on her face”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 21-07-43-528

11:56pm bedroom Adel, Rachelle, Allison and Sabrina (Argument starts 6 minutes in)

Adel calling Sabrina out for talking sh!t behind people’s back. Sabrina says everyone talks sh!t in the house why is she being singled out. Sabrina points out that Adel was mean and vocal about it. Adel impersonates Sabrina says she told him “You are the only one not mean to me”

Sabrina says they all talked about her behind her back and was so nice to her face. Adel says Sabrina has more to worry about talking bad about people than he does.
Sabrina- “Yes i’m the only person that talked behind people’s back”
Adel says if there was anyone that would be talking behind someone’s back it would be Sabrina.
Sabrain – “Ok.. I can’t wait to see how surprised you are going to be”
Adel tells them Sabrina was going to vote out Rachelle.
Neda and Heather join them.
Sabrina says all the people in the HOH have been mean to her and treated her like crap. “You make me feel like I’m the devil.. you know the word bullied that what I feel like”
Neda – “Sabs didn’t I talk to you today”
Sabrina – “In the last two weeks I’ve been treated very badly”
Neda – “I have not been rude to you”
Sabrina – You guys have not been nice to me you guys shunned me”

Neda – “We ask you to come chill in the HOH room”

Neda Neda Heather leave ‘I’m out”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 22-50-10-729

12:05AM HOH Neda, heather and Jon

Complaining about Sabrina saying they’ve were so mean to her all week. Heather thinks it’s Allison causing all this trouble with Sabrina. Heather mentions how ironic it is that Sabrain is saying all these things when she did it to them for weeks on end when they had nobody else.
Heather – “At least she has her Gremlin”
Neda – “I don’t Get what Allison is doing.. she’s sitting there on that bed with a smirk on her face.. What the f** is she doing”
Heather – “I don’t know”
They talk about all the nasty things Sabrina said about people earlier in the game.
Neda about Sabrina – “She’s such a horrible person … she’s such a horrible human being”
Heather – “And she’s turning it all on us”
Neda says they are always nice to Sabrina they asks her to eat with them invite her to the HOH.

Heather says supposedly Allison is allied with them but she hangs out with gremlins more.

Neda asks them if there is a chance of them keeping Arlie
Neda – “No do you actually think.. ”
Jon – “YES”
Heather – “I am really scared for Thursday”
Heather and Neda are convinced that it’s much smarter for Allison to take out Arlie.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 22-38-30-155

12:25AM HOH Neda, Heather and Jon

Heather says he talked to Allison in the bathroom, she doesn’t trust her says she speaks a lot of bullsh1t.

Jon isn’t worried about Allison keeping Arlie this week. Heather agrees.
Heather tells them they need to get rid of Allison right after Arlie and after that worry about the gremlins.
Neda says put a gremlin up against Allison to make sure we have the votes to get her out.
Neda points out once Allison is gone the game is theirs.
Heather says Jon taking out Arlie will be the biggest move of the season.
Heather – “This is the best thing that could happen for our game.”
Jon – “100 percent”
Neda – “I agree”
Heather says besides Sabrain and Rachelle they are the only players that have stayed loyal to their word. Jon mentions he gave his word to Arlie.
Neda says she will talk to Sabrina tomorrow morning and smooth things over.
Heather says she hates Sabrina’s face.
Jon – “She’s so f***d”
Heather is worried that Canada will get the next HOH and give it to Rachelle. She thinks Canada will feel sorry for her because she hasn’t done anything in the game and everyone makes fun of her for being Sabrina’s pet.

They mention how Sabrina found out that Canada hated her alliance so instead of leaving it she stuck with them. Jon says she’s one of the dumbest players.
Heather – “She will go down in History for being the dumbest player”
Neda – “She thinks she’s so smart.. she probably thinks this whole week is her doing”
They think they have good odds to win the HOH thursday. Jon says Adel will be gunning for it up against Sabrina and Rachelle he’ll win a physical contest.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 23-00-05-348

1:58AM HOH Neda and Jon

Neda tells Jon she is a huge super fan of Big Brother she reads update blogs. Jon says he’s only seen a few episodes.

Neda says Arlie copied Dr Will’s game, “He pretty much copied exactly what he did.. he didn’t really play much of his own game”. Neda adds it’s the same with the shield from last year.

Jon asks her who their targets are now.
Neda’s list Allison and Rachelle, Neda mentions that Rachelle is doing sh1t in the competitions.
They start talking about Rachelle not being very good at competitions, JOn -“We’re giving rho way too much credit for endurance”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-14 21-42-19-745

(random picture )

1:53AM everyone sleeping

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I don’t get some people. Do you guys really Allison to get another “advantage”? She hasn’t even played her own game yet and it’s week 7. I would even go with Sabrina over Allison right now in terms of gameplay and I hate that girl.

Healthcare Professional

Am I correct in assuming that production picks who gets the strategy session with Jillian and Emmett? It’ll be a completely random person. Hopefully, it saves Adel this week (so maybe Rachelle?).

another name

as far as production help goes….. name a current houseguest that hasn’t benefitted from production help either directly or indirectly.
you can’t. they all have. since the buzzworthy. oh wait a minute, there is one. rachelle. she hasn’t benefitted from a single production help thus far, but don’t worry, she’ll never catch on.
I don’t accept the war room as two weeks of immunity. because if that were true, the two schmuks that never even got into the actual house would also be considered as having immunity.
as far as helping adel….what, again? he’s made one (that’s right, one) successful strategic move since entering the house. Lying about the buzzworthy power. a production help. that got him three or four weeks.


EXACTLY! Allison has had enough of the help, she doesn’t need anymore.Come on guys…she’s horrible at this game and she even knows it


Allison had gotten WAY to much help from Production! First she comes in 2 weeks late so she gets two weeks of immunity plus a third week of immunity when she finally enters the house. Next she gets to watch the other houseguests and she gets a secret veto. I hope they don’t do all of this for another player next year!

just an opinion

Well, to be fair, anyone could have found the clues for the Scarlet Veto – there really was equal chance for that. But for the rest of your points, I agree.

another name

Am I wrong to assume that the Secret Veto was fair game, and not rigged towards Allison in the first place?

just an opinion

Why do you say rigged for Allison? The reason I think it was NOT rigged, was that Neda actually noticed (and I believe looked at them) prior to Alison doing so. I think she actually told Alison that they were there. I mean Alison may have, possibly, noticed all on her own, not disputing that, just saying others noticed as well. I may be wrong, and if I am – sorry – but that was my understanding of the events. We may not like the way it turned out, but that does not mean we can justify blaming production for rigging it.
Just my opinion!

just an opinion

I think Allison should vote for Arlie to go. If she doesn’t she will be up on the block with Jon ASAP. The mistake Rachelle and Sab are making is working their revenge fantasies to a frenzy. Arlie is taking advantage of that. In addition, Rachelle truly supports “Arlie WON’T TURN on us as we saved him and he owes us”. You are judging Arlie by your own standards of gratitude and loyalty – Arlie doesn’t have that constraint! And everyone KNOWS this in the house. Where, Tell Me Where, has he ever exhibited any such tendency in this game up to now?


I agree Allison sucks. She came in late and is two faced.
Allison has to go along with the Gremlins.


I disagree Allison has had many disadvantages to her game and has had to play while keeping her mouth shut about the twists that Big Brother has used this season. She always has to play in her mind what she is saying in order to not self-evict. For example when she was drunk and Neda and Heather were trying to find out what was said to her under the guise of “caring about why she was so upset” you could see her holding back because she knew if something slipped she was gone. I think the only really dumb move she made was getting into a showmance with Andrew. If she had nipped that in the bud right away she might have had a better shot at playing a more open game. I think she is going to vote Adel and just watch…the sloppy seconds are going to berate her for lying to them when they had no intention of taking her to final 5 anyway. And as for the Sabrina haters (I don’t like her much either) but she is right all the HG’s have talked smack and been rude in their comments about the others even those who are in their own alliances. Even Adel and Heather are making some nasty comments which disappoints me because for so long they were playing with such class and now that has gone to pot. I was hoping that those two would be F2 but that scenario looks like it is out the door. Allison/Arlie F2…Arlie wins.


The dreaded curse of COCKINESS….lol…it is going to look good on them and Neds is a super-fan?


I voted for Allison because I feel like she needs the most help in this game. She is a horrible player.

another name

what strikes me as odd in this situation is that neda heather and jon truly seem to think it is actually best for Allison’s game if arlie leaves. they truly believe that going into the next round as bottom of a five man totem pole is better than bottom of a four man totem pole. must be the new math.
truth is, they’re mad because the member they think of as expendable doesn’t appear to be waiting to be expended. they have to know it’s best for HER game to switch, but worst for THEIR game.
it’s hard to cry victim when you set up the situation yourself. if the sloppies had just taken the week easy like initially planned, they wouldn’t have anything to cry about anymore. (aware of the production interference, of course, but I’ve beaten that dead horse: it’s out of control blatant)


This is exactly the type of thinking and strategizing that did the First 5 in. They are unable or unwilling to step out from their own perspectives and accept that the way they see things may not be “right”. They are so blinded by their own perceived power that they believe that their own interests will somehow be the dominant and overtake any other options. They don’t have a Plan B, Plan C or any other plan. It’s all so short-sighted and takes no variables into account. They act like everyone outside of their group is just a game-piece that is to be moved the way they see fit.

It’s upsetting to see so many mistakes and such carelessness.

Sloppy Seconds is right, it describes their gameplay and the place they are all playing for.


To be fair though, they didn’t know Allison had the veto. If it weren’t for that veto, their plan would have worked. Neda, Jon, and Heather’s biggest mistake was forgetting about variables.

Russ from Van

The Sheyld: could you find two bigger losers lol.

Better stick to podcasting Peter. With way more charismatic personalities like Kyle and better strategists on this season like Arlie, you’ll need something to do on Thursday nights next season.

Alec: don’t care if you’ll do anything to get on the Side Show and have no gag reflex. Your not gettin the gig.

NOT An Arlie Fan

Watching Arlie tonight on After Dark….. I was thinking this guy reminds me so much of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings. I really despise his game play… he’s a snake!!!


I’m so done with Allison, didn’t do anything but attach herself to Andrew


I really don’t want Adel to go I think it will be boring in the house without him, but I feel like they will definitely be voting him out, I guess we will see. if Arlie doesn’t go this week they are stupid because he will definitely win this game he is not one to sit back and accept that he is going home he’s a very clever player and will probably win hoh next week. Jon and Neda were drunk with power this week if they hadn’t made the idiot move of taking a gremlin off the block they could have sailed through this week. they are so obsessed with taking out strong players that they forgot that maybe they should make sure strong partnerships like Rachelle and Sabrina were separated before they broke up an alliance they just started! Now they are screwed unless they can get rachelle on their side which is unlikely because she just does what Sabrina says and they already plotted against Allision so they are fools for thinking she’s with them why would she need to be with them when she can be at the top of another alliance now that they have the numbers. WAKE UP! what’s left of the sloppy seconds. This game is insane!


Rachelle swore on her brother that she would stick with Jon and Neda, and she seems genuinely conflicted by that (a redeeming quality IMO). So it’ll be interesting to see how things play out with her.

What she should realize though is that the best thing for her brother and family is to make the best move for her game, which would keep her in the house longer.

But FFS, it shocks me how willing these people are to swear on things. I would and do swear on myself, swear to that person, even swear to God, but I would never swear on my family, my dog, or anything like that. They don’t have anything to do with it!


If Adel intends on staying in the BBHouse he better kick his game play up. Arlie lobbying hard and It’s looking like he’s got the necessary player numbers to stay.


Lol some people in this site should really go out there and get a little life


Said The closed minded “Aaryn Gries”! LOL

team adel

Do you think Sabrina actually believes herself when she says “can’t wait for you to watch and see how wrong u all are and how good of a person I am” or do u think it’s like a strategy because if she actually does believe that, she needs some serious physicriatic help I feel sorry for her, she’s a complete dunce. Big brother should send in some sort of prozzak or something to calm the chemical imbalance in her head


It’s true that they’re all wrong, and will be surprised when they see the tapes. Only because the truth is actually way worse than they realize.


I truly believe that Sabrina really believes all the lies that she tells (to others and herself!). I think its going to be a loud wake up call (Wake Up Sabrina!) when she gets out of the house and rewatches the season, and especially when all the others have seen what was being said behind their backs.

Everyone in the house is guilty for talking smack about other people, but good God Sabrina – I cant even watch the feeds/after dark when she is on the screen. I have to fast forward until the camera is off of her because all that she spews are lies and tears about poor her. Gag me with a spoon.

Young Veto

If i hear “hundo” or “bud” one more time, I will cancel my brick card


Yeah, what’s with this “hundo”???? If I hear it from Jon, I think I will scream too! Stupid word!


Seriously why HOH tv doesn’t work??
Production gave allison a opportunity to watch the house secretly but wont give any chance for others .
This is for another name :
We watch them and know mostly stuff happening but don’t blame the Hg’s to not knowing what’s best for their game.of course if you were in there with them wouldn’t know your head from your but*.sorry stop criticizing their game play/mistakes.


I just love watching Jon, Neda and Heather all attack Allison for why she might work with Sabrina/Heather but on the other hand they say their target is Allison next week. I mean you cannot make this stuff up…. LOL


I am loving Neda’s game, not loving how much help Allison is getting. Neda/Jon’s plan to take out Arlie would have worked fine if Allison didn’t get involved and used her veto. I am sure she was pressured by production to do so to make things “more interesting”. By taking slobrina off the block, rochelle’s guaranteed vote to save her bestie is gone. I am sure Neda, Jon, Heather and Adel will realize what is going to happen tomorrow and try to flip some votes but it doesn’t seem likely. Just crossing my fingers now that Neda or Heather win the next HOH.


I would really like to see Neda make a deal with the Gremlins this week.
If they take out Adel this week, they don’t put her up next week, but they can put up Jon and Arlie if he doesn’t win HoH next week, or another member of the Sloppy Seconds.

Now is the time for rat floating!


These players don’t seem to understand how to play the game. The concept of strategy and alliances. They seem to thing the only point of an alliance is to give some sort of silly name.. Comparing themselves to All-stars is quite funny.


Allison plays like this, “different day, different play”! This woman has zero loyalties to any alliance. She sways in the direction her alcohol takes her! One minute she is not sure 100% if she wants Arlie out and the next minutes, she swears to the Gremlins that she will vote him off! WTH? Nobody should trust her and the Sloppies should vote her out next. Keeping Arlie will be the biggest mistake of everyone’s game! But since it is in the hands of Allison who breaks the tie, who knows which direction her alcohol will take her.


Its a game…she is playing for herself. If not having any loyalty keeps her in the game, so be it. Anything to win!


She’s at the bottom of both totem poles–it’s no wonder she keeps changing allegiance to stay alive. The true test of strategy would be to get herself out of the last-place position by striking a solid F2 or F3 with someone. But I don’t know if she has it in her–she has been in scramble mode since she got there.


I called it 2 weeks ago that Neda will ruin the sloppies and unless they can miraculously string consecutive wins they are the next ones in jury and then chances are someone undeserving like Allison or the Gremlins will win the game. All thanks to Neda…


I’m excited not because the gremlins are safe but the sloppy seconds turning on Arlie too soon and having it all blow up in their face. Had Jon not used his veto, I doubt Allison would use hers. I really hope the plan falls through and it will be Adel going home. I will only criticize Jon and not Neda. Like I said before, backdooring Arlie NOW is the stupidest move he can make and he did it anyway because his queen, Neda was pulling the strings. Clearly, he will be the next big target after Arlie goes, not to mention that the guys are severely outnumbered.


Great comment.


It’s so hard to say who will win now, it could be almost anyone’s game. I really thought Arlie was going to win up until this week! Originally I thought it was going to be Arlie and Sarah in the final two, I’m so mind blown!


SAme here Toes, I made a list and I had Sarah and Arlie as final two. You never know who is safe in this game.


I love how unpredictable this week is becoming…even though I hate the gremlins It makes for good BB when power shifts back and forth…like The Brigade alliance I liked them an wanted them to win, but it was boring how easy it was

ill will

jon and neda are in for a suprise. it’s funny how they hated on the first five but watch jon heather and neda call sabrina allison and rachelle bitches for making the right game move. there all the same.


I’m not sure keeping Arlie is the best play for the Gremlins. I think Rochelle understands that but Sabrina, being in the thick of the plot and only thinking of the glory she will get, is talking her out of it. After this eviction, and more so after the next, it will come down to couples. Jon/Neda, Adel/Heather, the Gremlins, and Allison alone. Keeping Arlie means two strong couples, and Arlie could possibly drop Allison and team with Heather, especially if he sees Alison only advanced because of special help (the hidden veto). Keeping Adel means there is only one strong team (Jon/Neda) and Jon can’t play HOH. The Gremlins with Alison would be three against three in three HOH competition.

go adel

I think its sad that adel is going to leave the game not because of gameplay but because allison was bored and decided to use the scarlet veto. She told Jon “I wanted to see who you would put up” BULLS**T. If she had the option to keep it all game long she would,that was her last opportunity to use it. And now I bet she thinks she’s some sort of mastermind because she was able to break up the sloppies!! And as much as we dont want to face it the gremlins side has the numbers and its gonna be Sabrina,Rachelle,Arlie,Aliison


Okay, I’ve just about had it with those bitches Jon Neda and Heather. Now I truly hope Allison will keep Arlie in the game. I mean, they desperately need her vote this week and they are sitting around talking about how they will get her out next week. They are just awful people- I hope Allison votes to keep Arlie, I don’t care if he ends up winning, Neda and Jon don’t deserve to be there. Allison needs to save Arlie to save herself. If she doesn’t, everyone is coming after her next week. With Arlie still in the game, he will be the biggest target to go next week, not her.


It’s easy to trick yourself into believing someone doing what’s good for your game is best for them.

What’s hard is convincing them of that.

Good players are on guard against their own delusions.


Great logic: It would be stupid for Allison to keep Arlie. Let’s get her out next week after Arlie leaves.

Not only are they not thinking rationally but they aren’t even attempting to gain her vote and are explicitly plotting against her before she makes her decision. This week has been a total disaster for Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel, though it’s been simply gold for us. I truly thought Arlie was a gonner only 24 hours ago but poor gameplay and savvy/lucky use of a twist had made this the most interesting week of the season and to think it could have been a simple Gremlin vote off…


What was logic about saving Sab with her secret veto?? The night before she had a serious meltdown about how she couldn’t believed she was going up, literally exposing herself as a dbag and then making sure The other side of the house is safe, putting someone she is working with on The block! Just exposing The fact that you had a secret power is dumb.


Love that Neds is a Superfan!!!! Maybe she reads this website!?!?


WAKE UP CANADA! – Thanks Simon for delivery our morning news! First thing I check everyday! xoxo


Seems like this game is fixed for Alisson to win!!!!

I hate Alisson

Who is the winner of bb Canada 2 ….who else? Alisson :/

willis reed

arlie’s social game is ridiculous. he never panicked he stayed calm cool and collected. The way he talked to sabrina and rachelle was incredible he didn’t even seem desperate he talked his game in such a casual way that he made it seem like he was the one doing them the favor. you gotta respect great gameplay.


Im sick of sabrina and Allison mini power trips, they both suck.


Sad, sad, sad, that a drunken hand-job-giving floozie should win! I would never watch another BBCanada show again! That would be a real turn off for me.


Alison sucks but I’d be happy to see Arlie stay and have him duke it out with the Gremlins against Neda+Jon+Heather


WTF? Really Adel?
I don’t understand this at all. He sees that The gremlins possibly have power, then he gets into a fight with Sabrina?
This guy is terrible at this game.


basically the longer you stay in the house the better chance you have more haters LOL


I can’t bring myself to like Arlie as a character. His exaggerated expressions and arm movements and loud manner of speaking bugs me. Maybe cause it ALMOST reminds me of Peter?

That being said, I do respect his gameplay. He is strategic and really seems willing to do anything to win the game. I just wished he was more likeable so I could root for him.


Agreed. Hearing his pep rally to the gremlins last night made me roll my eyes. How he would protect them from Jon by raging if Jon said anything bad. How he would be a beast in competitions. He was so over the top. Lucky for him, he had logic on his side and a receptive audience.


What I think is funny, is Adel volunteering to go up as a “pawn” in the first place. I like him, don’t get me wrong, but volunteering to be a pawn in this late stage of the game? He deserves to go home for that stupid play alone. This has been a very exciting week, and I’m hoping Arlie takes it !


HA, for everyone saying Adel has no game he just gave Allison the reason to be his partner and perhaps had the best argument of ANYONE YET!

He points out how smart Arlie is and why he needs to go. He points out that Allison and him are on the bottom of Sloppy Seconds and how she is bottom with the Gremlins and Arlie. He points out that Neda has John and the Gremlins have each other. He points to how Heather saved Allison TWICE (though it was really Neda the second time). He points out once Sabrina goes Allison and he can work with Rachelle and they can pull in Heather.

He explains they can play the middle ground and become partners.

For ONCE someone is thinking game beyond what is just good for them!

THIS MIGHT JUST WORK. I knew Adel had game. PLEASE DR tell Allison to listen to Adel because this gets rid of the big threat (Arlie) and actually still gives us a game with Allison & Adel as partners John and Neda as partners and (LOL) Rachelle and Heather as the swings.



Adel talking game to Allison: “I am in 4th in the bottom. You are 5th in the bottom with Jon/Neda/Heather/Adel, but 3rd in Sabrina/Rachelle. Let’s make a deal. You are free to work with the Gremlins, as now way you can get in with Jon/Neda/Heather, but if I win HOH, I will put the Gremlins up and one of them will have to go.”
I’m not seeing a good deal here for Allison… 😛


the sloppies are such hypocrites. they screwed arlie and they wanna screw allison but they are mad that allison might join a side that actually has her back next week


I hope Allison goes next week


Allison just made the biggest move of the game… Besides canada hoh of
Course which was the only other massive move. Jon neda and heather need to be take down a notch.. Jon you let the power go to your head and you just lost the game! Good work buddy. Neda and heather you are close to useless…. Not that I am a fan of the gremlins but Sabrina manipulated Jon into convincing him it was smart to keep them around and turn on his alliance… After everything she’s done somehow people still listen to her. Wowzaa… Rooting for Arlie and Allison!!!


Think Alison was casted for her accent not her brain power.