Kenny feels sorry for Rachelle calls Sabrina a “ridiculous discriminatory stupid f**** b1tch”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: Sarah & Allison
Have Nots Sarah, Kenny, Rachelle

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7:18AM Neda and Jon

Jon telling her everyone is onboard with going with the 6. (Heather, NEDA, Adel, Arlie, Jon, Allison) Neda brings up how Arlie wants Allison gone before that.
Arlie saying the gremlins and Kenny are holding onto a glimmer of hope they can pull Allison back to their side.
Jon – “Yup except Arlie”
Neda is concerned that if one person is already thinking that there might be more. She also brings up how whoever brings a gremlin with them to the final 2 will win the game she’s sure other people in the house are thinking the same thing.
Arlie joins them.
They agree unless Kenny and the gremlins can win a bunch of competitions in a row they won’t be able to.

Alrie is saying he will be so devastated going home this week right after he flipped, “I don’t want me flipping to be what did me in”

NEda – Tomorrow is going to be f*** in the head.. it’s going to be a double.

Neda wonders if there will be any twist for this eviction (sarah vs Allison). Arlie doesn’t think so.

Neda brings up how her and Allison have been studying last night. Arlie isn’t going to bother doing that because he doesn’t retain information like that.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 16-31-07-876

7:27pm Storage room Allison and Jon

Allison says she’s feeling good but doesn’t want to get too confident because this is big rbother

Alison wants to know where she fits with her new alliance. Allison especially wants to know where she sites with Jon and Neda.
JOn – a”s bad as it’s going to sound I don’t need her” Jon adds that he’ll put her up if he needs to
Allison – “Ruthless”

Jon tells her they need to get down to the six first before they make any plans.
Allison – I’m coming with you guys anyways.. but lets say kenny wins HOH and puts me and Arlie up i’m still the low man on this side

Jon – “in my eyes you won’t be.. if there is anyone in this alliance that can go back and forth back and forth in HOH wins it’s me and you”
Allison – “Really.. I feel like i’m playing like sh!t
they hug it out..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 16-37-28-254

7:34pm HOH Jon and Neda

Jon tells her about his conversation with Allison and how he’s telling people he’s not ruling out taking Neda out after they get to the 6. (These two have a final 2)

Neda isn’t worried about it says she’s been saying the same thing to Heather.
JOn thinks Allison will want to work with him. Neda – “I think she’s just trying to make sure she’s secure in this alliance”


7:44pm Kenny and Sarah bathroom

Talking about Sabrina, Kenny says Sabrina treats Rachelle like crap. Sarah agrees adds that Sabrina doesn’t know she’s treating people like crap just like she doesn’t think she was campaigning against Andrew.

Sarah brings up that it must be daunting for Kenny because it’s win or die for him.
Kenny says he’s going to go f*** crazy, mentions how Sabrina asked him if he wins HOH they can sleep in his HOH room every night. Kenny: “I’m like not every night”

Sarah brings up the good news is if he does win HOH and gets the room the boys will be hanging out with him and it will allow him to make up a new game plan.

Sounds like they know it’s a double tomorrow. Kenny says he would need to throw the HOH to the gremlins and then win the next HOH in order to get the HOH room.

Sounds like the plan is to flip on the gremlins first chance they can. (It more sounds like they want to get rid of Sabrina and rachelle might be caught in the crossfire)
Kenny- “poor Rho”
Sarah – “Poor Rho”
Kenny – “Rho (Rachelle ) is awesome”
they both agree Rachelle is a great girl. (They feel bad for Rachelle because Sabrina is so toxic in the house that she’s going to end up going home because of Sabrina)

Kenny says Sabrina is ridiculous discriminatory stupid f**** b1tch . He mentions how once Sabrina found out he was gay she said “oh that is why you do hot yoga”

Kenny is pissed by this comment says that is the reason 1/2 the guys around stay away from yoga because they are afraid to being labeled.
Sarah – “she doesn’t realize what she says is offensive”

Kenny says everything Sabrina is offensive He brings up how Sabrina is saying northern italians are all thieves.
They both agree everything Sabrina says is ME ME ME ME
Gremlins arrive..

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 17-15-25-028

8:16pm Bedroom Sabrina and Kenny

Sabrina says the house is being worse than TOM.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-09 17-24-10-321

8:24pm Kitchen
Adel is playing a game where he says a name and everyone is supposed to reply with one word. Adel asks Kenny and the gremlins to go first he says “Arlie” they reply “Backstabber”

everyone laughs..

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I think that Kenny needs to keep Sabby. The target will be on her and allow Kenny to bring in Allison and the bride of Chucky when power shifts back. Ernic bootlist – Sarah, Jon, Adel or Arlie. $#!+ will hit the fan when the Kardashian roach loses Jon. I wonder if Kenny’s latest confession will bring her royal floatness over. LOL at Sabhy for calling neda a floater to her face and Neda defending herself!!!!


at this point sab is just a goat to drag and carry BLOOP

Pinocchio Obama

Things are starting to get ugly.


I love the sloppy seconds alliance they are so funny and seem to be having so much fun, they have me cracking up at some of the things they do. The other alliance was way to serious


If you think Sabrina is crazy now, just wait till the show is over. I think she might actually end up in a mental institution because she just can’t cope with the truth. But lets hope she see’s her wrongs and maybe, just MAYBE, becomes a better person because of it.


What do you think the odds of Sabrina realizing that are? I give it 100-1. She’s nuts! Forget the jury house and go straight to the hospital to get some help, or she’s gonna have one rough life!


Sabrina just can’t let anything go. She keeps bringing up past events trying to get everyone to see it her way. “Look at me, I am not a mean person! I am so loyal and a good strategist. You should want to team up with me! Why don’t you guys respect me!! Then she will break down and cry for a bit. Rinse. Repeat.


I’m still waiting for the moment that Sabs full on snaps…


Kenny’s a good strategic game player. He’s probably the best strategic player in the house. The dude was sitting in a great position until the stupid ass Twistos Twist screwed over his game. I hope he stays for longer just for entertainment value even though I prefer the other side of the house (minus Heather the creepzilla). Hopefully the good side will take control and get rid of the gremlins first.


I don’t like Kenny but I do think he’s smart. I wouldn’t call him strategic, personally. His strategies have actually not played out very well. In my opinion, what you’re seeing in him is subtle manipulation and sly cunning.

Still, I want Kenny to win HOH this week because I’ve had my fill of Jon, Neda and Arlie. They need to find out they’re not as good as they think they are and that they’re not untouchable.


“I don’t like Kenny but I do think he’s smart. I wouldn’t call him strategic.”

He’s definitely not strategic. That he thought there would be no twists (this is BB for godssake) and his alliance would coast to victory was beyond delusional. As well, he refused to form any bonds with anyone that was not-First Five, another strategic error. Compare Kenny’s gameplay to Arlie’s. Arlie was thinking long game and he understood how BB functions as a game.


I don’t think Neda and Jon think they are untouchable. Especially Neda.. she knows what’s going on. For example, the conversation they had earlier today.. Neda said and knows that her or Jon have a very high probability of going next.


One more thing. Heather is the only person in the house that I DO like. She’s sweet, genuine, smart and trustworthy. People just have a hard time seeing her past that voice.


Anick was the hottest girl in the house (tho too bad about the weird crystal stuff). Heather is the second hottest girl in the house.


Oh man, no. Heather looks like someone hit her across the face with a pan.


How is Heather a creepyzilla?


Because people are stupid.

Most people think she’s the most likable person in the house. But everyone has their haters I guess.


His strategy thus far has been isolate himself with awful people, make no relationships. That clearly didn’t work so now his “strategy” (LOL, if you can call it that) is to say “we’ve gotta win HoH this week” constantly. Win HoH, you mean that thing everyone is *supposed* to be trying to win? How novel.

His gameplay is weak, socially and strategically. He doesn’t have a CLUE how to talk to people or make deals (see how he talked to Jon, Heather and Arlie this week, he saw Andrew get sent off last week and still understands that intimidation like that, by them doesn’t work). He counts shit around the house, when he should be trying to talk to people and make connections.
He’s made every mistake a player can make (an alliance with people he didn’t know, I said it earlier but, yeah, that’s a great strategy… If you don’t want to actually win)

If your “strategy” hinges on winning stuff, your game sucks. If ONE player can blow up your game, your game sucks.

Kenny is a fucking idiot and a terrible player


Kenny says Sabrina is ridiculous discriminatory stupid f**** b1tch . He mentions how once Sabrina found out he was gay she said “oh that is why you do hot yoga” Kenny is pissed by this comment says that is the reason 1/2 the guys around stay away from yoga because they are afraid to being labeled. Sarah – “she doesn’t realize what she says is offensive”

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ARE YOU SERIOUS? What about when Sarah said something about how she knew that no straight guy would dance and rub only like Kenny did. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing?


Yup, the honeymoon is over and the ugly is back. Kenny’s back to his same old vicious insults. On one hand, I can believe it’s just intense frustration at Sabrina because she would cause me to drive off a cliff to get away from her. I mean, she told Kenny that when he wins HOH, she’ll be sleeping in his bed every night and won’t that be great?! WHO DOES THAT? Who invites themselves to someone else’s HOH room. Sabrina has all of these amazing relationships built up in her mind when it’s beneficial to her. Then, she turns her back and her mouth becomes an automatic nail gun!

If I won HOH, I wouldn’t share my HOH bed with anyone. It’s not to be selfish but it’s not who I am. I don’t sleep in the same bed with female friends. If a buddy really wanted to sleep there, I’d say sure. But not every night! That time alone in the HOH Room is SANITY time! Time to clear your head and think straight.

On the flip side, I’m not big on snacks so I would tell BB that, in my basket, I want two boxes of cereal that I would keep for myself. LOVE cereal! Night and day baby! LOL But, I’d tell them to fill the rest of the basket with things from everyone else’s request list and I’d treat everyone to one of their favorite snacks. That would actually make me really happy. But back off from my cereal! LOL Oh, and I’d also ask them if the Letter From Home could be for someone else who really needs it. In this case, Sarah. A mom needs to know her kids are well and that’s who I’d want to get a letter. I don’t have any family anyway and I don’t need to hear from my friends in a letter to feel good.


If you recall the week when Ika was HOH: Sabrina was trashing Heather for sleeping with Ika in HOH rom and not giving Ika privacy. She stated then that if she would be POV she would not allow anyone to sleep in her room. She indicated they would have one night slumber party, and for the rest she would want to be alone. Double standard….but why am I surprised?


Jack, isn’t today your birthday? Instead of trolling and bitching about the players. Leave your house and go talk to people… Socialize a little.


You are worse than Neda dude. Thank god you aren’t in that house because you would be as annoying and pathetic as
creepzilla / bride of Chucky. This is a game for intelligent savvy and backstabbing masterminds. If you want to save the whales and hold hands in the Forrest join a liberal hippie colony and stay out of BBC!


You guys are very rude and sorry a**holes. Jack is a respectful guy I’ve never seen any disgusting /rude comment coming from him. Be adhamed of yourselves for attacking him.Such a stupid drunk canadians .
Jack I apologize on behalf of these idiots .

Johhny (the European one!)

You’re right. No group should have to suffer the insult of being associated to you.
You’re not a drunken a$$hole. You’re just an a$$hole. There. Fixed that statement for you.


Jack, I can see why Sabrina said that. When Andrew won HOH Kenny was up there each night, and at times Sabrina with the two of them. So in her mind she probably thinks he would be open to it. A bit of nostalgia on her part. But mostly, Sabrina felt very isolated sleeping in the big room while her alliance were have nots.

Johhny (the European one!)

The sheer amount of nastyness you display in most of your posts is just creepy.
It’s like you revel in reading your own insulting posts, the proof of just how much of an a$$ you are. Congrats, you doubtlessly ARE.
Jack’s birthday is a reason why he isn’t allow to write anything you don’t agree with. Wow. Just wow. Go and get a real life, ‘bewildered’.


the bad language and derogatory expressions from this group of people are ridic seriously.

End Table

Kenny: I’m gay and I hate Sabrina. Now you have to love me, Canada!


I love how the sloppy seconds had an intelligent and interesting debate earlier today – I was glued to the screen!

little mouse

no SDF the comment Sarah made was not even close to what Sabrina said sarah said it as a joke to kenny Sabrina made a statement in front of everyone. Remember when jon came out with the queer statement kenny said at that time and we would all agree it is what situation and who or how it was said. when Sabrina tried to explain herself even arlie stated your just digging your grave further


Does anyone know which website uploads the new episodes the fastest? THX


If the house was smart they would see that Arlie is a real wild card. He is one one the only house guests that seems to really be looking out for #1. He lets the “alpha males” win the comps and uses them as human shields. They would be smart to get him out sooner than later!


Lol I wonder if Sarah and Kenny will still think Rachelle is such a great person and nice once they find out she pissed in the hot tub they were sitting in last night. I don’t feel sorry for her Fido is as dumb as Sabrina


Adel just pops outta nowhere cracks a joke…and then leaves. Too funny.

ihate sarah

watching sarah and kenny get into the piss tub put a big smile on my face..;)..i hope they get a rash!!!


I missed tonight’s episode. Did they explain anything about what Allison won when she found those clues? Was it just a regular veto? How long does it last? Was it a diamond power of veto? Thanks guys.


Thanks Simon, just read your new thread and all questions were answered.


The thing that Sabrina said about Northern Italians is a pretty commonplace opinion among Southern Italians. There’s a lot of bad blood there. She probably grew up hearing that from her family.


Can someone please burst Arlie’s bubble. I can’t stand that dude. He thinks he’s this great mastermind, when in fact he will soon be walking out the door…


Arlie = BB11 Ronnie the Rat


KENNY IS NO WHERE NEAR DAN FOR DR. WILL!!! First of all he is a big part of the drama and Dr. Will started it. Dan would have ensured to keep a low profile and ensured he had relationships with others in the house. I am very disappointed in him … he came off as having some class. I find people in minorities are more empathy. He comes off as being entitled and I can’t figure out why??? The stupid lines he gave Heather sealed Sarah’s fate. I think BB would be interesting if they had a cast of all superfans. Don’t think Arlie will make it to the end. I can see Rachelle making it to the end like Talla did last year. Hope they show the houseguests what Rachelle did in the hottub …. BBC is good for exposing.


Kenny is so boring and douchey. I love how he loves Rachelle soooo much and hates how Sabrina treats her but Sarah and Kenny thought it was okay to use Rachelle.I seem to remember a whole conversation about flirting with Rachelle and leading her on and them thinking it’s funny. Sabrina was the only person who liked Rachelle the first 4 weeks of the show. Everyone else were always dogging her out behind her back. I think Sabrina legit cares about Rachelle.Sabrina doesn’t talk bad about Rachelle at all ever to anyone. I think everyone on the show has said equally nasty things about eachother at this point. Rachelle,Neda,Ika,Heather,Sabrina,Jon,Sarah,Kenny,Adel all have said nasty things. This week The Leftover 6 have done nothing but bash Sabrina …how is that any different than Sabrina(one person btw) bashing everyone else.

Up until this week Sabrina never really talked nasty about anyone but Allison,Ika & Heather. People she all had legit game gripes with. Allison walked in took one of her shields away from her and compromised her position in her alliance not to mention her ego getting bruised because Andrew was close to her and dumped her. Ika and Sabrina had a back and forth relationship and it was never going to work out in the game…also she was protecting her alliance at the time and strengthened her personal numbers by having Rachelle on her side.Sure she did go ott with the whole Ika thing but Ika,Adel and the others were instigating the behavior. Heather has never been a saint, she did a lot of back and forth between Ika & Sabrina and caused a lot of problems.Rachelle and Heather also didnt get along and Heather loved to bash Rachelle to Sabrina.Sabrina in the end chose Rachelle’s side for more than a few reasons ONE: Heather was annoying and fake TWO: Ika didnt like Heather and it was good fuel to keep the guys off the block THREE: Rachelle didn’t like Heather.

I find it kinda B.S that Arlie,Sarah & Kenny all sit back and let Sabrina take the fall for everything that happened the first 4 weeks in the game. I seem to remember Sarah and Sabrina having many conversations about how they would do certain things in the game etc. One conversation in particular Sarah said she hated Allison and wanted her gone and told Sabrina to get close with her because they might need her for a number. Kenny & Sarah have bashed soooo many people it’s ridiculous.

I don’t think if I was trapped in a house for 42 days with a bunch of strangers and I had been voted by Canada along with my strongest Ally onto the block I would not become paranoid as hell. Also throw in competing for 100k, throw in you have nobody in the game, throw in that you are insecure about your body,throw in you don’t have anyone to trust or talk to because you hear from everyone else that the other person hates you.

Also throw in that you are trying to hold back your emotions all the time because of the cameras. Throw in having to sit,eat,live with people that know you back stabbed them or wanted them out.Throw in they now you are insecure and prey on the fact that you probably won’t stand up for yourself because you are alone.

Is Sabrina annoying…yes..sometimes extremely over dramatic…yes…..But is she some lunatic,weirdo that needs professional help….no. She is just playing the game 90% of the time.She’s played a very strategic ruthless game but that probably doesn’t correlate to her outside persona. Soooo when she get’s all frantic and upset about them calling her mean it’s not because she’s crazy it’s because that’s not what she really represents in her real life. She is used to being around people that care about her,find her funny and attractive and probably doesn’t understand why she’s not treated the same in the house.

People are very hypocritical when they have a favorite player. But the truth of the matter is not one of these people in the house are being nice. They all are quite nasty about eachother.


No one cares.


Yes some of us do appreciate someone else,s thoughts about the game. I care, he who has no name!




Heathers voice is extremley annoying she sounds very fake and has pagent-like gestures she actually sounds like a robot and that legally blonde type, so what if shes nice with that voice does she really have a choice….sabrina suckssss at allll competitions the only tactics she came in the game with was make up artist & cooking skills thats it cuz i cant even say her gift of the gab cuz her toungue became her own worst enemy….Neda seems loyal to the game minus her spitefulness wen she thru out the condiments, Arlie is creepy & this naked thing he does is wierd he’s not trustworthy how can u not see thru that poker face i dont trust a word he says…rachelle is too young immature & lost Allison i feel never did anything special at alllll ecxept fall in lust, but she mos def can keep a secret ……jon and adel for the winnnnn!! I LOVE JONS ENERGY AND SPIRIT AND GOOD ATTITUDE AND THAT HES COOL WITH BOTH MEN AND WOMEN HE IS HALLARIUS XOX ADEL IS SOO DEDICATED AND ALWAYS READY TO GO HE PLAYED HIS CARDS WELL AND HES FUNNY TOO