At first keeping Arlie was a cool game move “Jon, look at my eyes we are not keeping him”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 16-59-55-260

6:40pm Bathroom Arlie, Adel

Jon walks in on Adela and Arlie talking about the season. Jon asks them what’s up. Arlie replies that they are both plotting to stay in the game and get Jon out. Jon Laughs “Really”
Arlie – “No.. but I like the idea”
Adel leaves.

Arlie says to Jon he’s in a very ‘PRetty” position right now but that will all change in a week. He doesn’t believe the deals JOn has will not stand once people start “Tasting” the money.

Arlie adds there is always competitions that favour guys and competitions that favour girls. He doesn’t see Jon winning the next batch of competitions
Jon – “So you are saying i’m 1 hundo f***”

Arlie “96% f***ed”
Jon Laughs

Arlie says once he goes home Jon is the big target and everyone in the house is going to start looking to make a BIG MOVE.

Jon – “I don’t think I will ever be put on the block first”

Jon says this move to take out Arlie could f** him. Arlie points out that he had solid plans with people and look what happened to those plans.

Arlie says he was honestly planning to take Jon out when they get to 5, “I was so down to get to final 5”

Jon wants to sit down and Arlie tell him how to play the game after he goes. Arlie says the only advice this late in the game is to win competitions.

Arlie – “you took the swing a little early.. I could be wrong you could have better stuff than I could imagine. Maybe Sabrina is your cousin.. there’s something I am missing that is making you confident… If I wasn’t missing something you might be in a sticky situation. I was very confident earlier this week”

Jon says the house would be idiots to keep him in the house.
Jon – “If you do end up staying it would be epic.. we would BLOW IT UP”
Arlie – “If I stayed our epic battle against each other”
Jon – “It would be nuts”
Arlie asks him if he believes people are not going to try and take him out. Jon’s not sure, he thinks once he doesn’t control the Veto he’s going to be taken out.

Arlie says Jon will make it to final 5 with the crew he’s with but after that they will go after him. Arlie thinks this week there is 1 or 2 people that would not come after him but the rest of the house would.

Jon says to prevent being backdoored, “I kinda hope I do get put on the block this week”

Arlie starts to tell him all about Big Brother Season 8 and Dr Will.
Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 16-02-40-097

while is conversation is happening Rachelle, Neda, Allison And Adel were listening from the stairs.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 17-06-40-801

7:05pm Hot Tub Gremlins
Sabrina – “I’m so over Arlie trying ot make a moment in history”
Rachelle – “Me to”
rachelle says Arlie was telling Jon if he stays he would work with Jon and win back to back competitions.
Sabrain – “HE WAS SAYING THAT.. What a piece of sh1t.. Goodbye”
Rachelle “Neda will put up Adel and Heather”

Jon Joins them.
Sabrina asks him what Arlie said.
Jon – “He said he based his game on Will”
Jon says Arlie told him if he doesn’t stay in the game there will be a girls alliance and they will take out Jon. Jon adds that Arlie proposed they could join up and win back to back competitions.
Sabrina -”He’s gotta go far away”
Jon – That shows me how desperate he was
Sabrina – “Doesn’t matter I’m not going to vote to keep him.. he’s done too much today.. there is no convincing me.. my mind is made up”
Jon says yesterday Arlie thought he was going to stay, “Did you tell him you were going to keep him”.
Sabrina denies it says they were just listening to him.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 16-13-58-372

(Allison listens in on the hot tub conversation)

Sabrina says Arlie stole all their thunder this season. Jon Agree they all think that Arlie is centre of the show and none of them are being noticed. Allison joins them. Sabrina says now that Arlie is going they are going to have way more Camera time.
Heather and NEda join them. It’s too cold and Heather leaves

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-16 17-26-07-920

Sabrina says she was really back and forth with keeping Arlie because she thought it would have been a really cool game move.

Jon keeps saying that Arlie wants to work with him if he stays. Neda agrees to all Jon’s points.
They agree Arlie’s timing was off if he had waited a day before he started his campaigning he would have probably stayed. Sabrina says she doesn’t want them to screw her over that is the one thing she’s worried about. Sabrina mentions that Big Brother might save Arlie and he knows it that is why he’s acting the way he is.

Sabrina – ‘Jon look at my eyes we are not keeping him”
Jon says if Big Brother saves Arlie he would call Bullsh1t “I would be livid”
Rachelle says if they save Arlie it’s being done to keep the ratings, “We can keep the ratings without him”

Arlie joins them and they start talking about jury and how many weeks are left.

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The 3 Gremlins are so easy to appease and manipulate. I hope Neds drowns Allicat and shows no mercy lol


Harlie thinking he is some “Big Brother Genius” has gotten so tiresome- get rid of him already!


Sabrina thinks that Arlie stole the spotlight and that she would have more camera time.. Gawd help us all…. We don’t need more Sabrina camera time we have had enough already this season…… Ugh


I want Arlie to stay 🙁


As a Fan …I Love the game. Just don’t appreciate Arlie saying “This is for the Fans” Arlie, get over yourself. When will these folks understand they are simply entertainment. Human nature is fascinating.


Arlie is a fan. He knows what the fans like, so he is trying to make the game entertaining for us. Why are you being such a jerk?


I don’t think they were being a jerk–they just find Arlie arrogant.


Bye Arlie. Good riddance.


Bye bye Arlie. Sick and tired of him mooning the viewers. The next time I want to see his ass, I want it to be on his way out the door.


I am glad they are keeping Adel. The best move is to get out Arlie. He will win if he goes to the end.


IF Allison masterminded his remaining and flipped the house she would rival him for game play. She should be thinking this.


Arlie thinks he’s the only game player and can fool anyone, so annoyed like he’s got To go.


F*ck sakes… I’m done with this season, first Andrew and Kenny get screwed by production and now Arlie is on his way out.


For me: nothing will ever beat BB 12 & 14.. Those seasons kept me interested all the way through


You can hate on BB 12 and the Bragade all you want, but I’d rather watch people who are playing the game and controlling stuff, rather than someone who’s just going to coast to the end and have a final like Ginamarie and Andy (worst season ever) Arlie leaves it’s going to be one of those types of finals.


You mentioning Gina Marie just made me imagine Gina Marie and Sabrina in the same house. Sweet jebus.


Naw, come on. I’m impressed this season because everyone is playing the game (well, almost everyone – looking at you Adel and Rachelle… and you too Allison, you’re on the cusp). Sabrina, while annoying, has been playing the game – avoiding eviction every week. Heather has won competitions and managed to go from being the most hated houseguest to a back-player – laying low will get her to the final, but she’s proven she can make bold moves when she needs to. And Neda – she’s the mastermind behind everything that the sloppy seconds have been doing! Mind you – I will say that I don’t have time to watch live feeds, so this is what I’m getting solely as a TV viewer, but isn’t that the point? I really like this season and if Arlie goes, I think there will still be plenty of game playing to happen, there will just be one less over-the-top personality in the house.


If Arlie leaves, I’m calling it! Final 3: Sabrina, Adel and Heather… So shittty


the twists are planned out in advance, there isnt any rigging anywhere….


Please let it be a double eviction tonight and Sabrina walks out the door!


After despising the gremlins&Allison all season, for a second there I thought they might actually be capable of doing something worth watching. But no, they fell for all of Jon’s bullsh**.


I think it would be stupid to keep Arlie. Arlie has already told everyone that he will screw anyone over to win. He can’t then go back on that and say “I’m the most loyal person in this house” and expect people to believe them.

Keep him, and he has a shot to win the next HoH. And then he can put up whomever he wants without impunity, because they were stupid enough to trust him.

Arlie shouldn’t have revealed all of his secrets.


“believe him”


When Snarly Arlie gets sent packing, and probably goes to jury, what type of rando twists get whipped out in BB towards the end? Does production do crazy crap like swap outs or anything? Why do the others think Snarlie might be back somehow?

I haven’t watched much BB before as was wanting to know what totally random crap could happen.


As much as Arlie annoys me, he does know the game very well.
When there are people like Rachelle who apparently studies Psychology and yet can’t even figure out when someone is manipulating her, I would rather him stay.

But, that’s the game of Big Brother. I really want to play this game.

Russ from Van

Quote: “I think it would be really cool to pick up a Shelyd t-shirt”

-No one. Ever!


Why does everyone think Arlie is this big mastermind? Let’s see ….
They figured his game out
He got backdoored without a clue
He didn’t mastermind the sloppy2cds … just the underdogs with a common goal at the time
He made to many deals …people talk
His biggest mistake…not playing to Win! playing for attention


I agree. He has been more concerned about feeding his ego than he has been about winning the $100,000.


Arlie will stay, Neds and Jons are next on the chopping block

team adel

I want Arlie to stay to, but It can’t be at the cost my cuzin adel


If I was being followed around the way Arlie and the gremlins are, I would lose my sh** on someone. If I were them, I’d tell them that stalking/not trusting me would be a 100% way to lose my vote.


Lose your sh$t, and they win regardless.


I feel bad for Arlie, he’s hurting so bad right now. 🙁 Jon really fucked up and he knows it.


Arlie’s hurting because his strategy seems to have failed. That’s all. He’ll be just fine.


Have to disagree “MEL” Arlie does not know what the fans like. Some of us have favorites…Some of us dislike a few. I:E: ARLIE…. Cunning albeit but, a media hopeful.

another name

watching the episode of the past few days… wow… revisionist history. they’ve edited out soooo much. makes it look like arlie was ALWAYS the target. wow. its like an entire two days never happened. i’m speechless.

another name

it’s actually revolting. through the mysteries of editing… Allison looks completely unjustified in using the veto… and therefore looks like the villain not the reactionary. and jon and neda look sympathetic??? wow. did I just have an aneurysm…. did I miss the two days of summaries where the sloppies imploded to go after Allison first and then arlie…. what was that?


Oh ya, when you dig in it is Grime Time television

another name

oh, I do realize that. and I do agree with you simon.
I’ve commented before on golden editing making the pre/now/former/maybe again sloppy seconds look far more ‘heroic’… it’s just so absolutely slap in the face blatant this time. I can see editing out the kyle and adel go postal night. I can see editing out the hand job. I can see editing out 95% of the absolute trash that comes out of everyone’s mouth. but to re-edit and disclaim an entire conspiracy? that’s pretty wild.


What h*nd j*b?! Hahahaha


It sucks that ppl like Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison will stay longer in the game than Arlie….
I’m really not happy that he leaving


How the fu*k is Arlie leaving before Slobrina? it makes no sense at all.


It makes perfect sense Danny slobs is a useless player. If it was me I’d be taking her to the final 2 it’s an easy win then no one in that jury house will vote for Sabrina to win lol


Arlie’s big mistake was basing his game on Dr. Will.

Dr. WIll based his game on Dr. Will
Dan based his game on Dan
Ian based his game on Ian
Andy based his game on Andy
Jillian based her game on Jillian

Arlie should have based his game on Arlie.


Go Adel, go Arlie! Both different game strategies and game moves, but I enjoyed both. Hoping one of them wins it all!