Adam predicts BIG BROTHER 14 cast “There will be a fat hairy guy that’ll say I love Shannon Doherty” **Updated

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the BB14 Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March.

Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

3:30pm Porsche and Rachel Rachel is helping Prosche stretch. Prosche says she has a major cramp in her calf muscle and her hamstrings are tight. Porsche says she was rubbing it out very hard earlier to give it a chance to heal. They both continue stretching and start studying. Rachel is helping POrsche out asking her questions and pointing out important things to remember.

Rachel starts speed drills with Porsche, Rachel: “HOH Veto.. your time starts now” Porsche starts listing them all off.. (she does alright makes some mistakes) Rachel: “HOH’s winners your time starts… as fast as you can.. your time starts NOW”. Porsche names them all very quickly.
rachel: “HOH’s your time starts now.. not the winners but the competitions”.. Porsche: “Ahhh uhmm” They hear a sound from the backyard and run to the sliding glass door to listen in..

Big Brother 13 Nudes

3:40pm Kitchen Adam and Porsche POrsche is preparing her shoes for the comp.. Adam having just showered is pacing back and forth. POrsche: “I hate this game.. thats the first time I have every said that all season” Adam: “I don’t hate the game I hate this feeling” Porsche agrees, they both are nervous.

3:52pm Everyone is getting ready for the comp. Porsche says she’s french so having a “French Shower” is appropriate right now. Adam tells her where he’s from that is called a BLANK’s bath.. POrsche’s never heard of that before.. Adam: “It’s when all you wear is perfume right? ”

4:00pm Kitchen Final 3 Nervously walking around and Chatting.. Adam jokes around asks them who is the cutest coloured picture on the memory wall. rachel takes her time trying to decide. Adam says It’s him by default because he’s the only guy left in the house. Porsche says the cutest coloured guy was lawon.

They start playing what if the final 3 was Kalia, POrsche and Jordan. rachel is sure POrsche would of won the the endurance comp so the 2nd HOH would of been Kalia Vs Jordan, Rachel: “So the final HOH would be Kalia Vs Porsche.. Do you think Kalia would take you to the final 2” Porsche is unsure she thinks she would. Rachel: “No offense but there is no way Kalia would have taken her to the end” Adam agress he thinks Kalia would think JOrdan is a safe bet. Porsche disagrees she thinks Jordan would of won in finale 3 against Kalia. ( I 100% agree)

Adam walks away for a couple seconds comes back and Rachel starts joking around like her and Prosche are talking MAD game. Rachel: “Don’t tell adam but last night I opened Pandora’s Box and we get to play in a luxury competition in the HOH room.. but I can only brings ONe person”.. She looks up and sees Adam right in front of her, “Ohh HI Adam… ” Adam chuckles.

4:24pm Rachel is saying that Cassi looks perfect but adds her personality wasn’t, Porsche agrees she looked perfected. They both however didn’t really get along with cassi and felt that she wasn’t nice to them. Adam liked Cassi he thinks she was more a guys girl.

They all start joking about next years cast how there will be one player like Porsche and Adam. Adam: “There will be a fat hairy guy that’ll say I love Shannon Doherty”. POrsche never thought she was going to be remembered but I guess she made it to final 3. Adam thinks they will be remembered he points out that they are on 3 days a week and all the feed watchers are seeing them.

5:20pm Final 3 playing cards

5:40pm HOH COMP underway

7:08pm HOH COmp underway
7:35pm HOH COmp underway

8:00pm HOH COmp underway
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263 thoughts on “Adam predicts BIG BROTHER 14 cast “There will be a fat hairy guy that’ll say I love Shannon Doherty” **Updated

        1. Northern thing?…I’m from the North…but keep voting for Dani…she was the best!….and it did get boring once she left….I find it surprising that Jeff was sooo afraid of her….I hate the way Jeff talks down to Jordan…and I just don’t get why she is still with him if she really is…I think it’s because a lot of young girls watch the show and find him attractive or something…I don’t think they really get the depth of the strategies involved…

          1. I hope you guys are voting for Dani online and not with your cell phones cause that way you are just wasting your time and not wasting your time and your money. JJ are clearly Americas favorites and always will be…

      1. Well there’s a lot of women out there who are crazy about Jeff and Jordan. I’m a guy from the North and I think Jeff is a douche.

        1. stephiep been waiting in my convertable vw bug for you all day, brought you flowers, they’re kinda wilty now & some chocolates but got hungry…most of them are still there & remain upwind of me, lol…could use another shower if you know what i mean, it has been over 8 hrs. front teeth important to you? big sean connery movie festival going on downtown but none of the bond movies are included…weird, but darby o’gill & the little people is 1 of them. sooo how much longer?

      1. 6.7 downgraded to a 6.4, never felt it myself and no real damage done anywhere that was reported, just lights swinging and walls shaking, tsunami warning for about a second and a half.

      2. OMG, Simon thats gotta suck… Im so sorry for you and everybody that lives there:(( I know how it fells to be sad and stuff:(( Iv never been in an earthquake but iv heard of it bfore… Did all the jeff/jordan brendon/rachel dani shelly adam everybody felt it to?? if they did what did they do??

      3. Simon, OMG im so SORRY to hear that about the Earthquake… Look, Iv never been on an Earthquake before but I know how it feels to be sad… Here’s my question?? Did Jeff/Jordan Brendon/Rachel Daniele Shelly Adam Porsha everybody there did they feel it to???

  1. So, i detect that porsche is racist. calling a black person colored in america is a no no and i think she knows that. i haven’t heard anyone use that term in years and it’s very offensive to black people. only racist people use that term. isn’t she the one from Michigan and her father doesn’t like black people? And she is not joking if people want to suggest that.

    1. omg chessie you are so dumb every one i know even black ppl call them self colored people i think you are the racist you dumb ass.

            1. i am white, that is technically a “color” — but noone refers to white people that way bc in a racist world it is assumed that white is the standard and every other skin color is the exception and therefore unequal or less than – and that is WRONG on so many levels
              and that is why it is absurd and highly offensive to call anyone colored —- please people think about this and just don’t do it

                1. lol, correcting people on that is one of my more annoying habits. I blame it on all my years as a painter, photographer and graphic designer.

                1. I did an abstract art assignment one time with my Gr. 5 students. They were allowed to use up to three colours, not counting black or white as they are not colours. I had a mother go after me big time – wanted me fired for ‘insensitivity’. Seriously … ?

                    1. Yeah Simon, kind of like watching a reality show 24 hours a day and keeping in mind it is a GAME saying in a post “no nickname is out of bounds” for a contestant (shelly) and wonder why people say she’s a bad mom and threaten her. Some people are insane.

              1. If all this is true and Calling someone racist for saying coloured is bad, Why does the NAACP use it? are they a racist organization?

            2. black, african american, indian, hatian, jamaican, arab, mexican, puerto rican, latina, latino, any one that is not caucasion is a person of color and no the word colored today is only used in reference to a thing not a person and chessie is correct it is racist not sure if porsche meant it that way but it is definitely a racist term and considered to be offensive and nothing to joke about. If someone says it offends them leave it at that no need to go on and on about it because it does have a racist history behind it.

              1. I don’t originate from N. America, where nobody talked about color. Color is just color, why felt ashamed of? Just mindboggling why felt ashamed of yourself!

          1. I work at a high school and they call each other N**** and B**** which I do find highly insulting and I always correct them and don’t understand it.

            1. I live in Florida and worked at the high school and most of the black call each other n—–. I was offend because if a white person said we were racist. Funny. How racism only works one way.

          2. We def don’t but she’s from Miami over there is like a so many black people and hispanics down there more like west indes and south americans down their also. I don’t think she’s racist at all. She just sounds stupid at times. I’m from Florida we def don’t call or refer to each other as colored. I’ve never heard that from a white person down here either.

          1. I don’t think that’s what is being said. what is being said is they are black and knowing black history and the nature of that term it’s offensive to them, and like anyone what may not be offensive to you does not mean it’s not offensive to someone else. If a person says it’s offensive regardless of what race they are it’s offensive and to belittle them for it is even more wrong then the racist that may not know they are being racist.

              1. Education has an amazing effect on a persons perception. Poor Adam finishing as the ultimate pawn of bb. I love his perception of being a good player in the game. I can only imagine how he will dismiss the online peoples argument of how boring he is. Can you say psychological self defense mechanism?

        1. You are a race baiter, and a very overly sensitive person of the sorts that are turning the world into an insanely over politically correct nightmare.

      1. wow, you are dumber than Jordan – calling a black person colored is highly offensive and racist

        and yes, Porsche expressed racist sentiments in the past, but I can’t figure out if it is a constitutional part of her or relegated to statements she spouts out of habit as a result of her upbringing without any emotional or cognitive internalization of what she saying

        1. only jeff can be brought out for his gay comments, but porsche can’t be brought out for her comments. Again not sure if she meant it in a racist way and i don’t think she did. she did befriend kalia, and stuck up for her to rachel and adam last night. she didn’t seem to care much for jordan and don’t seem to like cassi. I just think it could be something she has said and is used to saying. doesn’t make it right, but doesn’t make her a racist either. She just needs to be told people take it offensively, but the context in which she said seemed to have been coming from a good place just she just needs to know a joke is not always a joke nor is it funny.

            1. that’s my point one would thinks it’s outdated, but it’s not it is very much dated and it is wrong I don’t care if you’re gay a pedophile or racist wrong is wrong.

        2. Black ppl are colored,plain and simple…depends where your from.My area they are considered colored,not black and take offense to being called black.But wtf does this have to do with BB?

        3. Colored was a word used by whites to define others in the not too distant past (within my lifetime) but with the sense of
          empowerment that the Civil Rights movement encouraged, black people made it known that they would no longer allow
          others to define them; it was their call to make, hence the word “colored” was replaced by the words “black” and
          “African American” ~ thus the word “colored” is a throwback to the past and considered an insult. But using the word
          one time does not necessarily a racist make. Judging Porsche by her actions in the house I do not believe she is
          a racist. If Kalia had been there she would have corrected Porsche, but I don’t think Kalia would have been deeply
          offended because she knows Porsche as a person. It’s funny how one word from Porsche can make a person watching
          it so upset when there have been all kinds of racist comments directed at the black members of the BB 13 cast on this
          very blog with very little outrage expressed by the other readers. I don’t even want to mention some of the ones I read as
          I find them far more offensive than the word colored.

    2. Chessie normally I don’t disagree with you… But I think you’re wrong on this one. He was asking about the colored pictures, then the conversation was joking about the cutest guy, then about him being the cutest colored guy…. It was a joke. Before accusing someone of being racist please take into consideration the tone and setting of how something is being said

      1. Guys colored cause when your in the game it is colored voted out you are black/white. So there are only 3 colored photo on the wall HAS NOTHING to do with RACE has everything to do with FILM

        1. that makes no sense bc if Lawon’s photo was in black and white, then his wasn’t eligible as one of the pics “in color” — so she must have made a pun and said he was “the cutest colored guy” which while a joke has heavy racist i said i dont know if porsche is racist but her dad seems to be and she just regurgitates things she has heard and believes them
          so what if she is friends with kalia? she may still she is better than her by virtue of her being white….she could also just say racist things without even understanding the full intention of what she is saying bc she probably treats black and white people equally in real life or who knows – maybe Kalia and Lawon are the only black people she has closely interacted with….

          1. she said cute because rachel asked who had the cutest picture and adam said he did because he’s the only guy left in the house which i thought rachel was referencing of all the girls i mean why else would adam say because he’s the ONLY guy left. i thought porsche was being funny about lawan being gay not black until chessie said something.

      2. That is true and it was a joke but the question was who’s the cutest colored picture (left in the house because he said he’s the only guy left in the house) porsche then turned the it into a joke using the word color and man referencing lawan. she meant to be racial but i don’t think she was serious or is a racist. but that is not a joke she should have said seriously or joking.

      3. I took it at as a joke too! I don’t even like her but I know she didn’t mean it to offend anyone! Some people need to lighten up and find the humor in things!

    3. Shut up! Ur to damn ignorant and must take a lot of things racist u must have forgotten she was just fine being partners with Keith whom I might add is black

      1. Oh yeah and also played a huge portion of her game with kalia who is also black and she considered a friend and let her sleep in the same bed as her!

      2. not a valid point many racist slept with black women at night and called them names during the day just because someone talks to or associate with another race don’t mean they are not racists it just means they’re in the closet with it. not like you can avoid people of other races all the time, and it doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant all the time there is a such thing as tolerance and they tolerate it. Several people went off when jeff made rants against gay people, but I never saw him mistreat lawan does that mean he likes gay people no but he tolerates them and respect them when they are in his presence so just because you befriend someone don’t mean you like them regardless of race. but again i don’t think she’s a racist I think it was a joke and she should not have said it.

    4. geez some of you cant wait to hate…some african americans dont like the term black either. i just dont think shes racist. what she said was kinda funny in a young ignorant white girl ‘i like black people’ sort of way, & if she was corrected it wasnt recorded on this blog so if you’re with people who say racist things & you dont bother to correct them then you’re just as guilty. if i were to pick racists out of this group based on speculation alone i’d say jeff & jordon.

        1. African American’s use the N word all the time! I have been called cracker and just think it’s funny! Heck I AM white! I don’t know why you get offended being called black? I don’t mind you calling me white…Just help me to understand not being racist! I think it’s a description of someone! Just a confused little white girl needing to know what it proper? Feel silly saying African American it’s too long! :)

      1. Well I’m black and I find the term VERY offensive so until you become one of us (which is never) don’t ever try to speak for us because you don’t know

        1. shocker you talking to me? i was addressing chessie on behalf of porsche not for black or african americans so no need to take offense. see i’ve used the term black and by an african american was corrected to use african american instead. the other scenario i brought is simply guilty by association which the truth. also if allowed by the moderator i will speak my mind. i promise not to be too offensive.

        2. will someone please explain to me why blacks are the only ones allowed to claim racism? white people dont say we are white so give us special things. its the blacks who day after day segregate themselves by color. white people dont have a NAACP or a BET awards show. yet black people expect to have these things provided for them. have you ever seen an award show that was all for only white people? there are millions more examples used everyday. if you all would stop segregating YOURSELVES from the rest of the public, you wouldnt have anything to cry racism over. why cant you just call yourself a human or canadien or american or whatever? calling yourselves black and expecting special treatment because of it is something that is purely self inflicted. so why doesnt the world just end the ncaap the kkk the BET and anything else that caters to one specific color. and for the record black is a color not a race

          1. we are white – our whole existence is the NAACP and the BET awards….please google “white privilege” or “areas of privilege” just to start and please don’t post on here with such ignorant statements bc it offends a lot of people, you clearly have no idea how the world really operates, and that is very sad but i know, you won’t see it that way.. being ignorant is easy but it’s not right….seriously, you should be banned from here

            1. Again its only offensive because you make it as such. And that poster shouldnt be banned. So many of you have said much worse. I think their point was simply that if “blacks” or whatever they wish to be called, for me I choose person, didnt feel the need to keep it segregated and just tried to let things go, it may just eventually go away. Of course it will take all sides.

        3. Hey guys come on now!! This website was created for comments about big brother!! NOT RACISM!! So Porshe is ignorant!! We can’t change what she says!! Don’t take her remarks seriously!! We are intelligent individuals!!

      2. and that doesnt make it right – they are just as wrong – if the word is not used in a context where it furthers a discursive or academic purpose then it is wrong and why? bc it hurts people and hurting people is never right

        1. Wow, how long did it take you to come up with that insult. So orginal! So cutting!! I bet you sent a whole bunch of people running away from their computers in tears. What a sharp wit you have.

          hmmmm dare I express who my favourites are in fear that you may have such a cutting comment for me too??

          ummm yeah why the hell not Go Rachael!!

        2. can ban me if you want by saying this,but NAME..your an asshole…you sit here and call ppl racist,then turn around and call ppl hillbilly JJ fans.FYI…all race,creed etc are racists at some point,by calling JJ fans hillbillies,you are being a racist,maybe you should look up the TRUE meaning of racism,bet it won’t say….”to blacks only”.

      3. You are 100% right, none of my white friends use the N word, but I have black friends that use it all the time and it makes me feel uneasy. I always wonder if I were to use the term in their presence, would they brand me a racist.

      1. Actually your statement is moronic..look up the history of the NAACP and you’ll see that during its time of creating (early 20th century) the only words for black people were ‘colored’ or the n-word… with that being said I don’t think Porsche was being Racist but being called colored is offensive for black people in this day and age I think she said it w/o thinking

      1. ok idiot, the NAACP when black people had to capitulate to white people in order to gain any legitimacy, and yes, it’s name is a reminder of the enduring and pervasive oppression black people have faced but it is also an antiquated, outdated and irreverent term

      2. Except that the NAACP state that it’s an outdated term, but not an offensive one. It’s never had the negative history like the n word does. I’m sorry, but if people are going to be offended over something silly as that it’s because they’re looking for a reason to be offended so save your soapboxes.

        (and not that it matters, but I’m native american but don’t lose my shit and accuse people of racism when someone refers to me as an ‘Indian’)

        1. because indian isn’t an offensive term, it got picked up mostly because Columbus thought he had arrived in India so he called the people he saw Indians.

          I’m not saying Porsche was being racist in that scenario, even though I DO believe she’s racist. And the NAACP may believe it’s an outdated term and not offensive but call a black person a colored person and I GUARANTEE you that 90% of black people, including me, would be offended.

    5. it was a joke, adam asked who the cutest on the memory wall was, so she said (as a joke) lawon is the cutest colored guy
      I’m not a fan of porsche, but she is not a racist, get a sense of humor

      1. i am not saying porsche is racist per se, but she says racist things – what about when she said she can’t hook up with a black guy bc her father is watching and “he is from Detroit” implying he is racist….things like that

    6. Wow. I took that wrong then I guess. I thought she meant that when all the pictures were colored, Lawons was the best, because of the clothes he was wearing. Meaning colorful. The best colored person is Lawon. Wow, everybody is so quick to think people are racists. I am just going off what this site wrote, but thats how I took it.

    7. Please.

      Carla Sims, communications director for the NAACP in Washington, D.C., said “The term ‘colored’ is not derogatory, [the NAACP] chose the word ‘colored’ because it was the most positive description commonly used at that time. It’s outdated and antiquated but not offensive.”

      1. does anyone on this board believe what they themselves think after learning and careful observation rather than swalling whole whatever people feed to them so you don’t have to think for yourselves?? who cares who Carla Sims is and what she has to say — it is RACIST to call someone colored, it reinforces an unequal power dynamic based on white privilege….she is acknowledging history, i am sure, but who cares what a wikipedia page has to say…what’s right is right

        1. Let’s just say I’m willing to take their word over some random anonymous person on a Big Brother blog comments section. If you wish to be offended by a comment that from all appearances had no malicious intent and that ISN’T universally recognized as a racist term then you have the the right to be offended. Just as I have the right to think being offended is completely unwarranted in this situation. And with that I’l drop the subject before it derails things any further :)

          1. i shouldn’t have called you an idiot, i truly didn’t mean it personally, and i am sorry – even if you call me vile things and hate me, i still apologize ….but besides that, i just want to say that there is no way or context in which using the word colored is not racist and no i don’t think that porsche meant it in a racist way or intended to offend Lawon but Porsche is not intelligent enough to use the word in a sophisicated way that makes a point, is ironic, or serves any other progressive purpose
            it was not ill-intentioned, but in a way, she doesn’t understand the full intentions of her words or the history behind them, so she shouldnt use them

            1. No worries. I didn’t take it personally and wouldn’t call you vile things. Just a difference of opinions is all. We’re good :)

      1. WHEW . . . I don’t know what wore me out more about this very colorful conversation–the offended word historians or the people who tried their best to rationalize why they shouldn’t be offended. Very interesting. Here’s how we can sum this up:

        FACT: Porsche used the word ‘colored’
        UNPROVEN: porsche is a racist because she used that word.
        ALSO FACT: the word has an ugly history and according to the personal experiences of some, it is offensive.
        FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHT: to say whatever the f*ck you please about being offended if you are.
        MATURE INSIGHT: we don’t all think alike or have the same experiences, so I can hold an opinion while somebody holds a differing opinion and I don’t have to attack their opinion as if it will obliterate my own and threaten my very existence.

        There . . . That should satisfy everyone. If not, I have the right to not give a DAMN.

      2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz are we still talking about this random comment that was taken out of it’s proper content! What happened to talking about the boring people left in the game!

        I am in no way a fan of that blonde but honestly don’t think she thinks before she says half the stuff she says!

        so lets go back to talking about big brother zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    8. Porshe said nothing wrong she said colored people WOW she did’nt say the N word or sambo or fried chicken watermelon gerry curl give me a break nigs on this one call curios obama george maybe he cares

    9. Its always the Black folk pulling the stupid ass racist card!!!! Porsche and Kalia slept in the same bed u dumb ass!!!! God I HATE ignorant ass people!!! And even if she was who gives a rats ass!!! It’s her perogative, not yours!!!! We live in America!!!! Land of the free, home of the brave!!!!

      1. If that’s so true, then why was everyone pissed when jeff made seemingly homophobic comments. People think the 1st amendment gives you some sort of incentive to be an asshole or to be racist or to target a specific group with words if you want to. Guess what–the framers meant for people to have as much liberty as they want as long as it didn’t infringe on ppl’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Racial/Homophobic comments are meant to put down a specific group and therefore threaten the pursuit of happiness.

        This “I’m going to be an asshole because I can” mentality some people have is truly sad.

        Porsche didn’t mean to say colored as in black person BUT people trying to jusitify the “even if she had” scenario is upsetting. The word colored is WRONG and RACIST. Black people aren’t the only “colored” people, every person is “colored”.

    10. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

      Soooo….maybe chessie IS correct is stating only racist people use the term ‘colored’ because the NAACP is chock a block full of racists and white haters. They constantly race bait and create more hostility. They were needed in 1960 but not anymore, they need to disband this group of haters. Can I get a amen or at least a hell yeah?

    1. after watching Adam’s little bitch ass all summer I’m sure even Fara has seen what a little bitch he is and has already packed her shit and scooted on out of there. What a disgrace this guy is, he actually thinks he deserves the money, Ha ha ha ha! I bet nobody will touch this guy with a ten foot pole after this terrible showing.

  2. I am probably as nervous as they are for this 2nd part. I wonder what Rachel is really thinking and who she wants to win. I think she may have a better shot against Adam in F2.

    1. two more show this sunday and this wednesday we find out who wins it will be porky and rachel. and rachel will win she will come out and jump her honey and say lets go tie the knot.and then she’ll say brendon are you proud of me i won all the lies i told i won

  3. Okay questions, since there is not a lot to discuss on these boards lately, Whilst we are waiting for more spoilers;
    What was the single best move of the season and what was the worst?
    Who played the best game out of all the houseguests?
    Who was robbed the most of their chance at the money and why?
    Who deserves a second shot at the game ?
    Who was the most over -estimated and who was the most under-estimated?

    Thoughts please.

      1. I agree Stephanie. That took a lot of guts for Shelly to get out Jeff, and like her or not, she was smart enough and STRONG enough to keep her head in the game. She made friends and I think genuinely likes Jeff, but she didn’t lose sight of WHY she was there, to win this TV game. Heck, even the three left in the house respect Shelly’s game, they think she’ll get America’s player. Shelly deserves a lot more credit.

    1. Great questions.
      Dani’s game was riddled with mistakes but she was a blast to watch, Her big moves were a refreshing change to a pretty dull season. Some of her moves worked some didn’t.
      Kalia had Horrible game play probably the worst out of who is in the jury house.
      Shelly was a blast to watch, her game play was a bit too busy. In a season with more brains in the house she would of lasted 1/2 the time. Still I think she’s a solid Big Brother player
      Adam’s game worked nicely for him and there’s some solid strategy in what he did, all in all I felt he was complete bore and drained all the excitement he could out of the season.
      Rachel’s game in the beginning was shit but once brendon left for the second time she did well and was a front runner to win it.
      Porsche Her game wasn’t as weak as everyone thinks but it wasn’t stellar.. She was fun to watch, something that I found hard to find in a houseguest this summer.
      Jordan Jordan was more involved in game talk than in BB11, She actually laid out solid strategy for her and Rachel. Her “social game” is the most overrated out of the bunch and she has no ability to win comps.
      Jeff has the wrong strategy for this type of game. If he eases up on the throttle and is less in your face he could do alright.
      Brendon Once Brendon stops winning comps Brendon’s in trouble and that is the biggest hole in his strategy. His social game is much better than last year and he’s even better at winning comps however in the end he’s a ass to a lot of people and such a HUGE target people will always want him out.

    2. I hope Rachel and Porsche are in the final 2 :) want another girl to win big brother :)
      Best move has to go to shelly for taking out Jeff, it was the least plan. Jeff and dani again in all stars would be awesome! Or big brother can
      have an enemies season: it would be dani and Jeff, Brittany and Rachel, dick and Jenn, and many more :)

    3. What was the single best move of the season and what was the worst? I would say KPS banding together and voting out Jeff. Worst would be Kalia putting up Lawon instead of Jordan, no contest there.

      Who played the best game out of all the houseguests? I’m going with Porsche, she cut a deal week one with the vets to give her 4 weeks of safety, when she saw she was on the outskirts of Jeff;s mega-alliance she teamed up with Dani and Kalia, once Dani was gone she won POV which sent Jeff out of the house, she’s now in final 3 with a decent shot at final 2. Her one blunder in opening Pandora’s box is mitigated a bit that it created a situation where her own alliance went out without blood on her own hands and still leaving her in final 3.

      Who was robbed the most of their chance at the money and why? Kalia. If it wasn’t for the HG coming back twist and then later the due twist I think she’d still be in there and have a stronger resume for jury votes

      Who deserves a second shot at the game ? Dominic. I think on a regular season without returning vet dups he might’ve done better

      Who was the most over -estimated and who was the most under-estimated? I think out of the gate Keith was over-estimated. He seemed in great physical shape and was allianceing up early to play the game. His social game turned out to be abysmal though

    4. Best move: Evil Dick for leaving this lame ass house.
      Worst move: Lawon volunteering to go up on the block
      Best Game: Porche, she knew who to trust and when to trust them. Remember the plan was to get her out as soon as the golden key twist was over. Jeff kept saying he forgot she was in the game. She won when it counted and I think she will again.
      Robbed of Money: Shelly. She was done in by the Pandora’s box twist.
      Second shot at the game: Keith. I will always vote for the first houseguest eliminated.
      Over-Estimated: Kalia. (only in her mind was she a competitor)
      Under-Estimated: Cassie (if Danielle would have tried to keep her instead of Dominick they would have ran the game too the end)

    5. shelly getting rid of jeff, dani trying to backdoor jeff
      dani, dani would have gone farther with adam then jeff did
      dani (third shot)
      jeff, porsche

    6. What was the single best move of the season and what was the worst?
      Best: Kilea voting out Jeff in double eviction (sad to watch as a fan but good game-wise)
      Worst: Kilea nominating Lawon (nevermind he volunteered)
      Who played the best game out of all the houseguests?
      Rachel (overall) I think Dani would have if she didn’t play too hard too early
      Who was robbed the most of their chance at the money and why?
      Jeff because of Shelly
      Who deserves a second shot at the game ?
      Dominic seemed to have so much potential
      Who was the most over -estimated and who was the most under-estimated?
      Over-estimated: Jordan (didn’t really contribute much to the vets gameplan)
      Under-estimated: Shelly (can’t stand her but she manipulated the HG pretty good)

      p.s. Did Lawon know he was on BB?

      Thoughts please.


    1. I sure felt it but nothing serious, I know other people in the comox valley that didn’t feel it. I was in a room covered in computer screens they all started shaking around for about 8 seconds.

  4. Rachel FTW
    Simon, do you think that Porsche or Adam will take Rachel in final 2 if they win the last HOH and who do you think has the best shot at winning the 500$ and who are you rooting for ?

  5. Hey simon do you know exactly who anyone would take…because Im assuming rachel and porsche would take each other..and adam would take porsche but I could be wrong

    regardless porsche is making f2 ^_^

    1. Rachel will win if she makes it to the final 2. Porsche will take Adam, because she knows that her resume is stronger. Adam can not win.

    1. oh yeah the word colored is not offensive to black ppl, I would looooove to see porka or anyone else go up to a black person and call them colored. I dont think you’ll like the reaction your damn self. I thought Porka was racist since the story she told early in the season about some Mexican guy and the way she always talks about Keith. Isnt her pops a racist and she was raised by him and sometimes the apple dosent fall to far from the tree.

    2. Answer me this. My son has attended a predominately black school. The black kids call each other the n word all the time. Why? They taught my son the word. Then, when he was around 8 and thought he was being cool like them, he used it once. OMG what backlash. Meantime he’s called a cracker and other derogatory names with no consequence. I had no explanation except that it’s all wrong. Realistically, nobody is black or white. We’re all different shades of brown. It’s tough being light beige.

  6. Never thought I would want Rachel to win bb13, but I truely beleive she is the only one left that deserves it. she should just stand up, tell the jury she didn’t throw any comp. and sit backdown , ADAM and porsche can’t say that.
    Adam, he is just like shelly, road off JJRP, til he ran them over, was sad when he couldn’t answer Jordon in HOH room bout not putting her and rachal up together. He is a TOOL, hope he is in 3rd
    Porsche shouldn’t even be in the BB house, should be in front of a Judge and Jury.:) Could somebody explain why Porsche DID NOT HAVE TO TELL THE HG.S she tried to drug Jordan? I REALLY am hoping that the bb should MAKE her tell the jury before the VOTE (REPLAY THE VIDEO, SOMETHING). I remember the toilet tooth brush. seems every new season people try to one up the season before (except this season,lol) but I think if she doesn.t have too, it would be scary to think what might happen next bb14.. KIND OF MAKES U THINK PORSCHE SERVES PEOPLE AS A WAITRESS, anybody know where she works, should find a new place to eat or drink,LOL

      1. I missed the attempt to drug Jordan but in BB2 Shannon used Hardy’s toothbrush and cleaned the toilet with it. Grossamundo!!!! That is The Big Brother Hal of Shame Moment. Google it.

    1. I was never a Rachel fan this year or last but have to admit out of the last 3 left she deserves it. If I was in the jury house I would just hold my nose and vote for her.

      1. Skulk…I believe your smarter than your question.You can be an ass at times on here,but alot of times you do make sense.Go buy some muscle milk and then add benifiber to it,drink a few glasses of it and tell me how you feel.Now picture yourself in the middle of a comp and it kicks in,Porsche did it to make everyone sick,to have a upper hand in the upcoming comps.Jordan was sick with stomach cramps/the shits for either 2 or 3 days from it.

    2. OMG…BB brought drugs into the house? How irresponsible of them. Oh wait, you’re talking about the Benefibergate incident, you mean that stuff that is made up of dietary fiber that comes from plant sources and is an important part of a healthy diet? Did Jordan drink it? No? Didn’t she know it would help her constipation she was complaining about?

      1. True..but it does come with instructions on how much to use and if your not constipated or even if you much will give you the runs and cos you to have severe stomach cramps,which is exactly what Jordan had for 2 or 3 days after drinking it.She wanted to make ppl sick,so they wouldn’t do good in the comps.

    3. My toilet doesn’t have teeth, but I’d love to buy one of those as a novelty item. Be the first one on the block, um the East Coast, um, guess everywhere you’re not.

    4. She didn’t try to drug sumone she was going to put fiber in u dumbass quit making her sound like some sort of crazed loose cannon it was fiber!

  7. I think CBS needs to shorten the season…….it just gets so boring when there are only a few people in the house.
    Maybe start with 20HG and have more double evictions. A week at a time for HOH, then POV and then eviction
    is a long time……………….I don’t know……I just feel they need to do “more” stuff or do “something” ! Am I the
    only fan that feels that way ? ? ? Like last nite on BBAD…..I know they were being silly……but they know
    people are watching and feel like they have to do something “entertaining”…….besides just sit and play cards and
    look at each other ! I mean, what can you do with just 3 HG that late at night ! Jus’ my thoughts.

    1. Makes me wonder what would happen if they handled ‘evictions’ different. For instance, if you’re evicted you no longer compete in the comps and are ineligible to win, but you still stay in the house. That would add a whole layer of dynamics I would think.

      1. Goodness Skulk, I like that idea!! Those who are ‘zapped’ (the 7) should remain in the house and must do the cooking and the cleaning. Once zapped, they are given $1000 (which gives them a chance to earn money); however, there is a catch. They are not allowed to talk ‘game’. If they want to talk game, such as give helpful suggestions to others, each suggestion will cost $100. It would be up to those who are zapped to either keep the money, or pay up for each suggestion. That way they can control how much of that $1000 they leave with. BB should also incorporate a way for a ‘zapped’ HG to reenter the game of play. Create some type of reinstatement to a zapped player, JUST ONE.

  8. Don’t about u Simon but I sure miss BBGRANDMA comments and Rockstar notice their comments once in a awhile. Also I never noticed Porsche till a few weeks ago she sure flew under the wire talk about a floater!!! Sure appreciate your hard work on this site Wish I was working so I could contribute. Thanks for a another year great on your part

  9. im gonna start a white tv channel and call it, white entertainment television, you know thenopposite of BET. oh that’s right, they won’t let me cause it would be racist. How about an all white college. Or all white college fund. You know the opposite of thenunited Negro college. Oh that’s right I can’t because it would be racist. Double standard assholes, now shut up!

    1. this is the bb forum, not the westboro baptist church….. please get on your bicycle and ride around your neighborhood, spreading the brother love WHITE traveling salvation show……..

      Back to the game want racheal to continue to dominate and win!!!! and adam to continue his delusion of granduer…what a wanna be! ozzy he ain’t, too old, too boring, too sissy wah-wah to pull off any heavy metal whatever…… that leaves porche, i hope she is second and goes to school, she is not a stupid girl.

      1. I agree let’s discuss BB and not racism……….. We start discussing race and it won’t end.There’s sites for those kinds of topics. This site’s good coz we respond to each other’s comments without knowing the race of the people behind them. Just the comments.Let’s keep it that way please.
        That said ,Rachel or Porsche for the win

    2. until a white person has walked in a black person’s shoes and being mistreated because of the color of their skin, they will never understand it and i’m pretty sure that most of them could care less because it doesn’t affect them at all. Their defense is will always going be to that the black person is using the race card.

      1. chessie k I don’t’ have a problem with you or your posts but you should give it a rest with the whole black oppression thing. America has a black president and that is because alot of white people voted him in. so don’t assume all whites are racist. (oh and can’t we go back to just talking about the BB game)? your posts are fun to read when they are about the game:)
        (and don’t forget Rachel is a goddess:)

        1. i definitely don’t think all white people are white. my family is mixed. however, i was speaking of porsche, whom i like very well, being racist. she has a racist back ground and i may have or may not misinterpreted what she meant. my intentions was not to start a race war on this board. i was just voicing my opinion like everyone else does.

    3. Whites have had and continue to have their own radio/tv stations—colleges you name it. Blacks and other minoritiies were not allowed to be a part or attend any of the schools or receive air time on these stations…..for many years EVENTHOUGH Blacks paid taxes which were used to support white schools and other white community activities. Blacks have never asked or received reparations for what they have been denied. I’m Black in case you didn’t know but I don’t harp on the past. I look toward the future by continuing to build bridges and support the American way of life. But when you speak about the past —- let’s get it right—no one race has suffered as much and as long as Blacks.

        1. To Ha8ter & Brownfat: Native Americans have suffered but not to the extent as Blacks. We are talking about over 200 yrs of extreme criminal abuse/killings. Native Americans were nnot slaves, weren’t lynched, denied the right to be treated as human beings & pay taxes for yrs that didn’t support Black communities but rather white schools & white community activities. Native Americans received reparations in terms of land & money…Blacks rec’d zilch-i-not even the 2 acres & mule they were promised. I stand by my statement.

      1. I call bullshit…do not get on here crying about being oppressed etc…The American Indians are the most oppressed ppl in the history of this country…not the black/colored ppl.The blacks was brought over from their dirt poor motherland Africa to be slaves…who sold them to the white slave drivers…their own ppl did.Yes they was mistreated,beaten,raped etc but did we kill hundreds of thousands of them,steal their land,kill thier women and children and make them live on reservations? Hell no,but we did exactly that and worse to the American Indians…don’t ever say blacks are the most oppressed race in the history of anything…they are by far not even close to it.and your not african-american..your friggin American,if you was born here than your an American and if you don’t like how it is here,go back to where ever the hell you say your nationality is.

  10. Simon
    just read all the comments regarding porches saying a racist comment then all the comments. this is not the forum to voice what is and isn’t racist. the topic should be BB game and the players not whats offensive to races.
    (oh and the lovely and amazing beautiful goddess Rachel who i now call Rangel cause she is an angel) gotta love her:)
    peace n carrots

  11. I hope Rachel wins. She totally deserves it. Yes she is annoying at times, but since day 1 her and Brendon have always had a target on there backs. She stayed loyal to her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. She has given her all in every competition and I cannot say the same for the rest of them. I feel bad for what happend to Jeff and Jordan with the whole Shelly thing, but people wasn’t it Rachel who was trying to tell them don’t TRUST her! On top of all that Rachel has gotten a lot of hate from people in the house and from the outside world. She totally deserves winning and I even think she should win as Americas fav player. She made the show interesting to watch every week, she played her heart out, she has probably been called every ugly name under the sun, yet has kept her head up and kept fighting and thats what she has been doing since DAY 1!!!!

  12. Porsche is nothing but a mean girl. I cannot wait for the other houseguests to
    see everything that she did. I thought it was bad when she contaminated the
    protein mix, (which she NEVER got in trouble for)but when she was talking about killing Rachels unborn
    baby that was enough for me.
    I am not a Rachel fan, but she has played the best game and deserves to win.

  13. Adam has more game then people give him credit for. I would not be surprised if he pulls out this hoh, but is best bet is for Porche to win and take him to final 2

        1. Sucks but true I still hope Porcha wins because all Adumb did was be bitch boy of the century but sore loser will sore losers they will votes on emotions.

  14. First, Simon & Dawg….as usual, since I have started watching BB (Season 8), you guys and LaLa make the seasons entertaining, informative and I love reading/hearing the strategies and opinions you guys come up with. This season has been a complete bust and washout and I am now dubbing you guys “scrubbing bubbles”…you do the work so we don’t have to. Definitely I will be donating.
    In response to anon anon’s questions:
    What was the single best move of the season and what was the worst? Worst move..LaWon volunteering himself for eviction; Best move…Jeff sealing his own fate with the clown shoe. I simply did not see any big/strategic moves by anyone. Dani tried, but it always blew up in her face.

    Who played the best game out of all the houseguests? I would have to say…Porsche. Shelly comes a close second, but Porsche played best all around with the social, the mental and the physical.
    Who was robbed the most of their chance at the money and why? I am tied between Cassie and Dominic….evicted for personal versus strategic reasons
    Who deserves a second shot at the game ? Believe it or not, I am going to say Keith…I think he had some good game in him if he could just shut up.
    Who was the most over -estimated and who was the most under-estimated? Over-estimated is a tie between Jeff/Brendon…underestimated is Kalia/Porsche.

    1. 100% agree with what you said about Porsche! I’ve been rooting for her to win since the beginning. She’s made very smart moves this season imo and she IS a competitor even though many people don’t see her as one.

      1. She is neither porche teamed up with vets until it didn’t serve her then switched to dani. Porche and kaliah made probably the most stupidest move in all bb i thought that marcel’s not using the veto in his season on himself was the dumbest move but these two definetly took the prize. I think porche got lucky in this game she is there because dani, brendon and jeff were so busy fighting each and they forgot about the floaters in the house. I can’t say porche was a smart player when she has made some of the most dumbest moves ever she had no stradegy she waited till jeff left to win she had no social game porche in my pov got very lucky

  15. I really hope Rachel wins final HOH and picks Adam to secure her win. She’ll for sure have Brendon, Jeff and Jordan’s vote and I also think for sure she’d have Danielle’s. Danielle has already said Adam doesn’t deserve to be there and also pointed out that wins this late in the game for HOH don’t really count as far as wins do earlier since you’re competing against only 2 or 3 people, so his argument of winning comps wouldn’t be valid to her. Go Rachel!

    1. I hope she does jordon told her before she left that she needs to knock porche out if she wants to win that she had hers, jeff and brendon’s vote and that kaliah said that she would vote for porche if she was in the F2 so she told her to take adam then she is guaranted to win

      1. How funny would that be, if Dani became the swing vote and didn’t vote for Rachel because Rachel told her she didn’t care about her jury vote. There’s a certain amount of poetic justice there.

        1. oh yeah that gets old after awhile :) game talk is all I like to read (and i never get tired of reading all the Rachel supporters post. she’s my girl. all the way. :)
          kisses Rachel and kick some ass

  16. So I’m guessing this isn’t the face morph comp. Seems like it wouldn’t have taken this long.

    Good, I hope it’s something more original. I’m tired of the HGs predicting all the comps in advance.

  17. Just so everyone knows, colored is a racial word, but that is because of the meaning and power behind the word. Anything to do with “black ” is almost labeled as racist……. because of the power that we, as people of any race, give the word.

    Current PC correct term is – black. Not African American. Maybe someone who is genuinely American wouldn’t understand this, but not everyone black is African American- and it really causes hatrid and violence if you call some nationalities African American.

    Have you ever noticed though, the hushed tone, that comes with saying “black”, when it is the PC term? What is racist is in the eye of the beholder. what one person thinks is racist another doesn’t. I am a firm believer that words are only words, getting angry over them is what fuels racists to use them in a negative way. You can call me a C***, and unlike most other females who would get outrageously mad, I will just laugh in your face. Point being though that everyone has a different defintion, so why risk offending someone?

    I didn’t see the feeds, so I don’t know exactly what happened. I could totally see her ignoramus self not realizing the potential negative impact it could have. She really isn’t that bright.

    1. I could give my thoughts regarding this subject, but prefer to talk about BB and not about differences in word terminology regarding the races, etc. This is a site to get together to discuss the game, and voice our opionions about the game. Let’s move on, and get off of that subject.

  18. Simon your a canuck too? I did not know that. Cool. I really hope Rachel wins and gets to pick who to bring to the end. She is the only one (IMO) who should be sitting in the final 2. I also am not surprised Jeff is leading in the fan favourite – of course he is. Have you seen him? He not only has a major yum factor he is likable. In my opinion.

    1. What did you expect even rachel and porche know that jeff and jordon are america’s sweet hearts did anyone not expect him to win

      1. Rachel is Americas newest sweetheart now (because she fought for Jordan to stay in the game and that was a random act of extreme kindness considering if jord-rach had been final 2 jord would have won)
        rach honey you keep on keeping on and shake what your mama gave you
        kisses to rach x0x0x0x0x0xx00000000000000000000000000x0x0xx0x0xx0x0xx

    1. I think he had emergency gall bladder surgery that put him out for a while. Too bad, I love that show and I find the gremlin cave nigh unwatchable.

  19. I am a canuck and I don’t use the word coloured… My son coloured a picture would be the correct way to use that word. Not in the context of what Porsche possibly meant….I really don’t think she is racist…just wrong choice of words.

    Now, I thought for sure that the results would be in by now for the 2nd part of the HOH….maybe its another endurance and they (production) is throwing us and the players off a bit……hmmmmm.

  20. ok so porsha (yuk) won the second of the three comps today and adam says he will say he doesn’t deserve it if she will take him. what about him saying the strongest two should take each other. I am really hoping Racheal can beat porsha in the last comp. you can’t trust Porsha and with the mean things she said and did she really doesn’t deserve to win
    Anyone know when that one will be played???? Go Racheal ftw

  21. im a black woman & what porsche said was offensive i had 2 read it a couple of times but that does not change the fact i want here 2 win maybe she just doesnt know any better but porsche 4 the win

  22. During racial segregation time there were 2 signs that you could see everywhere : ” White only” and ” Colored only”. The white only signs meant that black people were not allowed. If a black person dared to allow themselves where a ” white only” sign could be seen they were punished.
    This happened not only in the united states but also in South Africa where segregation was called apartheid.
    So anyone who wants to look like their mind got stuck back in time can call black people ”colored”, anyone who wants too look like they are from nowadays can call people Black or African American. It’s a choice. Everyone chooses how they want to present themselves by how they express themselves.

    The word ”Colored” in NAACP just shows how old the institution is , nothing more nothing less (it was founded in 1909 )

    Porsche is 23 years old, there is no way she has heard ”colored” in reference to a black person in the media or at school. She most definitely heard that word from her elders . I don’t think she’s racist she is just an ignorant parrot who repeats what she heard in her family circle.

    I really hope she wins the money though, and use it to better her education, broaden her horizon, deepen her views of the world…

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