Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says what pisses me off is Shelly was so mad I was having doubts about her, when the whole time she was telling Jeff that she had doubts about me.. *Updated*


10am – 10:45am There is a banging noise coming from behind the walls. The houseguests wake up and wonder what they could be doing behind the walls. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When they come back, The lights are still off and the houseguests are awake talking in bed. Rachel asks Adam and Porsche if they are going to get to James’s party after the finale. Adam says most likely. Porsche says that she will be going. They talk about Chelsia Hart from BB9 and how she does hosting and works for RealPlayer. Adam says that he is surprised that they didn’t hear him during his interviews because he was yelling and screaming. Porsche realizes that Kalia was messed up on the information she was studying. Porsche says that she should have studied by herself. They talk about how there are only 4 days left. They joke about how there should be a Big Brother alarm clock that says a different wake up message every time you hit snooze. Rachel says that America probably would rather be watching the jury house, finding out about Dani, Jeff, and Shelly. Adam says that what really pisses me off is that Shelly was so mad that I was having doubts about her …when the whole time she was telling Jeff that she had doubts about me. Adam says that he thinks Shelly is America’s player. Rachel says that he is probably right. They wonder if she was America’s player if she would tell the jury members or wait till finale night. Adam at first thinks that she wouldn’t be able to tell them but Rachel questions why not and Adam says he doesn’t know.. They continue to talk about past events and competition’s of the house. They all go back to sleep..

11am – 11:20am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds return, Adam and Porsche are in the kitchen making breakfast and Rachel is in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Rachel says only 4 more days … and on the fourth day we are going to spend like 3 hours getting ready ..right Porsche? Porsche says right. Adam says I’ll take 20 minutes. Porsche says Big Brother you see how much Adam studies the memory wall …are you really going to give that to him?! Adam says that he just hopes they mash up me and Dick! Rachel says that is something they might do .. because you both smile with your eyes. Rachel says you know who is the hottest guy in the world? Adam says Dick! Rachel says no .. BRENDON!


11:25am – 11:50am Porsche gets called to the diary room. Rachel and Adam talk about how beautiful Julie Chen is. Rachel asks Adam if he is nervous. Adam says yes to a point he is, but that he feels he knows it’s do or die. I just think of this as a half million dollar game and I can’t do that. Rachel tells him that he has to win this one. Adam says that he lays in bed and visualizes the memory wall photos. Adam starts describing the differences between the houseguests photos. Rachel says that she thinks he will do fine. Adam says that he just can’t get nervous if he gets one wrong. Rachel says I think you got this one ..stay focused. Adam starts playing solitaire while Rachel cooks breakfast. Rachel asks Adam if he thought about who he would bring if he wins… Adam says yes… are you trying to get me to say something. Rachel says no’s your life. Adam says that he doesn’t want to think about that because there is still a long way to go.. but most importantly is getting to the point where I get to the point where I get to pick. Adam says it is almost better that I didn’t win the first part because then you get cocky and lazy. Rachel asks am I cocky?! Adam says no .. that’s just how I would be.. Adam gets called to the diary room. Porsche joins Rachel in the kitchen. Rachel tells Porsche that she asked Adam about if he had thought about who he would take. Porsche tells Rachel that she needs to win the final part because if she doesn’t Adam has a good argument to win this… Rachel says that she is just nervous because she doesn’t know what the final part will be like. Porsche tells her to think about what the other houseguests would say and do. Porsche starts studying the winners of HOH and POV’s this season. She starts messing up right from the beginning.. Porsche says what the BLANKย this is the Adam show .. why did I protect and keep him all season. Porsche questions why they kept Adam over Shelly. Rachel says getting rid of Shelly was still a good idea. Porsche says the only way Adam would get $50,000 is if he wins this part 2 and next, votes you out and then you and Brendon vote for me. Rahcel says so how about you just win today ..that would make it so much easier. Porsche says I know.. Porsche and Rachel both say it would suck so much to go out third. Rachel says the last few years America’s player has been the fourth one out. Rachel and Porshce think Jordan might get it. Porsche leaves to go read the bible.

11:50am Rachel gets called to the diary room. Rachel asks Adam what do they want with me… I’m not even playing. Adam says they’ll asks so how does it feel to not be playing?! Rachel says well according to Adam I have gotten a little cocky and confident. Adam says I never said that … that’s how I would have been if I won the first part. Rachel heads into the diary room. Adam starts playing solitaire.

12:10pm – 12:35pm Adam continues playing his solitaire game. Rachel is in the candy room reading the bible. Porsche joins her in the candy room and starts reading her bible. Porsche is studying the dates of the events of the house using her bible. Rachel and Porsche talk about past competitions. Porsche hopes that the competition will be totally different to anything they have seen before. Rachel says the mixed one was totally different. Porsche disagrees and says that it was a lot like the ski competition. Rachel and Porche talk about how they lasted so long on the mixer competition. Rachel says that last year the second HOH was faces …they have done that a number of years and it’s a good chance it could be again…. or mash ups. Rachel says that in Dick and Dani’s season they had to swim under water and build a puzzle. Adam Joins them. They all talk about past competitions that big brother had for the final HOH competitions. They think it might be something extravagant because they have been building it for hours. They talk about how in part 2 of Boogies season he won a car.

12:40pm – 1:10pm Porsche tells Adam if he lets her win part 2 …she will give him the car. Porsche says I know you need a car. Adam says I don’t know what kind of car it is. Porsche says okay if I win I will buy you a camaro. Adam says we have a witness. They start talking about the taxes they will pay on their winnings. Adam says so what is this rumour about the vets getting paid more in their stipend. Adam tells Porsche that he will give Porsche his entire stipend if she lets him win today. Porsche says I will let you now after I win today. Porsche says she will give Adam her stipend and her $5 G’s if he lets her win today. Adam says she wouldn’t appreciate it as much if he did that. They continue to talk and joke about random stuff and past events that happened in the house.

1:20pm – 1:30pm The houseguests continue to talk about random stuff. Porsche is stretching on the floor. Porsche asks Adam if he won $500,000 would he still try and meet Tori Spelling. Adam says that if he hadn’t met her and won …yes he would still try and meet her. Rachel starts playing solitaire. They’re now talking about massages.

1:35pm – 2pm Adam says that he can’t believe that Kalia’s last ditch effort for me to save her was to tell me that she hid the things in the house and knew where they things were. Rachel starts talking about how Shelly stole her beanie dog and doesn’t understand why. They talk about random stuff and past comps.

2:05pm – 2:30pm Adam, Rachel and Porsche talk about the fight between Shelly and Jordan. Rachel says that she is waiting for the music to start! Rachel wonders if the backyard will be open tonight. Porsche says yeah .. then four days of doing nothing.. just campaigning. Adam and Rachel play a card game together.

2:35pm – 2:45pm Porsche asks what time it is.. Adam tells her about 2:30pm. Rachel says don’t worry before you know it …it will be here. Porsche says she hopes she wakes up and she has already won. Adam says he’ll wake her up when he has won it. Rachel and Adam finish up their game of war. Adam says that he is going to go take a shower. Porsche asks him to tell her what time it is before he takes his shower. Adam says that he will scream it. Adam checks and then walks back and tells her that it is 2:38pm. They were told part 2 will happen late afternoon …so they think it will be between 4 and 5pm. Rachel decides to put on fake nails since she won’t be competing in any more physical competitions.

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I hope Adam wins!


If that happens they might as well cancel BB.

I agree!! Adam doesn’t deserve to win!!!!!


Adam deserves to win just as much as anyone else. He’s won 2 vetos and an HOH, and managed to get himself to final 3. I don’t get why everyone discredits his game play.


From the name I guess you are either Jeff or Jordan how do you have access to a computer.


My RL name is Kathy, and your post makes no sense whatsoever.


I totally agree with you…

So I take it any of you Adam-haters out there must have a hate on for Jordan too then… considering how they both played their game the SAME WAY their first season on BB.

They both got along well with everyone… they were both nice people… they both didn’t win anything until they neared the end… and they both rode Jeff’s coat tails for as long as they could to further themselves in the game.


Adam deserves to win the Big Brother asskisser of the decade award.

Brown Fat

that set up is something i could make a tent out of so me & porsche could have some alone time…”If They Say –
Why, Why, Tell โ€˜Em That Is Human Nature”


go Rachel !!


after watching last nite, i truly wish there was no winner this year, they all acted obnoxious and rude.


haha every year some eventually (usually) bash other HG!!!


it wasn’t THAT bad, i know if it were me i would have ripped everyone and they tried to say nice stuff too – i would have scoffed at the idea (i am not proud of this but i know what i am like when i am angry and bitter)

i can’t imagine how boring it must be in there right now so i give them credit for getting a few laughs out of me last night


Agree with you Brown, is funny that some people found them obnoxious, I thought it was cute… none of them have TV experience and they were a little ‘over acting’ their message but I found it very, very cute, like a child’s play. They were trying to be fun, it was a tender moment to me. Some critize Porsche’s dress, I think that’s pitiful, at least she tried to be presentable in front of BBAD audience, Kudos to her, I personally was not in love with the dress but she look very pretty.


They were having fun, stated several times it was all in good fun, and were a little bit tipsy. But you’re right. They should’ve sat around and played goldfish all night.

Midwest Fan


BBAD – 3 in the BB House – Playing Go Fish
Must see TV.

All three were attempting to entertain and were having fun doing it.


Adam is such a loser


Agree. You can be excited, but accept for Rachel I don’t see where Adam and Porsche think they have a right to bash anyone when they were literally carried through the game until Dani, and Jeff left. Had Dani and Jeff stayed they would have not won anything. And Adam still trying to A** Kiss as if they jury members were watching him saying it’s all in good fun just joking. Who is he playing to?

Rachel use your BRAIN

I AGREE after watching last night none of them deserve to win, and I was really pulling for Rachel but after Jordan left she has returned to her rather obnoxious self.


I really hope everyone gets their donations in. Really appreciate the work Simon and Dawg does


I agree,
I just selected donations, but I did not see an option for using PayPal.

Can you send in payment via check, is there a PO Box address, I am a little old school.

I sincerely do appreciate this website and the contributors comments, it’s been fun.

Simon or Dawn could you please let me know if I can send in payment using a check, Thanks


I went to the donations site and I saw the different cards accepted but I did not see PayPal. I will go back and check it again. Thanks again for the production of this website, I looked forward to at everyday for the past several weeks.

Bravo to your job well done


does pay pal accept debit cards?


Hey Dawg, just made a donation using Paypal & it went to some Mike V. guy…that’s right yeah? Awesome job this summer. You and Simon rock!


Welcome back to Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins): Good morning in California & Good afternoon BB fans, Right now let’s go to the Candy room. Porsche says,”Why I’m still in love with Kalia?” “I’m really missed her and even though she screwed up her information I still forgive her.” Adam says,”Shhh I’m trying to sleep, tell me later.” Porsche talks to herself about past Big Brother guest including Chelsa Hart (BB9) and James of course. Porsche says,”Why I’m still an idiot that I evicted Jordan instead of Rachel? She will kick my (bleep)!!! I’m really scared of her. Even I wet my pants.” “Geez, I wish I couldn’t listen to myself, I should evicted Rachel so that I will easily beat Jordan in Final Round of HOH.” “Jeff will be pissed at me that I screwed the Big Brother 11 winner sweet, cute, innocent, Sweetheart Jordan. And now I’m a villian in which nobody don’t like me because of my stupidity gameplay. I should be in the Jury House right now.” Rachel says,”Porsche relax, you will do fine. Just do your best as you can and don’t worry about everything.” Porsche got up and go to the bathroom in the Shower talking to herself. Porsche says,”Why do I sucked every competition which I cheated and spiking muscle milk on Jordan? Which intended for Brendon. (Bleep), I’m a totally failure, an idiot, and a moron. I don’t deserved made that far.” “I tried to distracted Rachel but Jordan gave her advice of stay low and keep calm. That why America don’t like me because my bad behavior, being so cocky, aggrogance, and self-centered.” “I wish I could go back in time and be nice to Jordan most of the times.” Meanwhile in the jury house, Dani & Kalia are in the backyard still kissing while Jeff, Jordan & Brendon still talking about who should voted for to win 500K. Jeff says,”Dude, I think your fiancee Rachel did the great job changing her. Thanks to my method.” Brendon says, “Thanks dude I appreciate for the accomplishment.” Jordan says,”Me too, I did change her since my season, Hmm I mean me and Jeff season, Rachel will deserve 500K because of my coaching.” Dani & Kalia came in, “WTF are you guys talking about?” JJB don’t say anything and walk away. Folks we will continue the coverage of Rachel’s Tying HOH winning Record Chase. Don’t forget of the copy of DVD & Blu-ray, “Rachel Reilly:Never give up without a fight-The historical of Big Brother House.” Get it while it last.


Holy poorly written. Please never do that again.


This is actually one of his better ones. Usually my head starts to hurt when I read his posts and try to decipher what he’s trying to say.


Only squabble should do things like ths.


I think Captainwedgiearchnemesis whatchamacallit is Nikolai the Russian from Call of Duty. If he would just mention vodka I would be sure. . .

Brown Fat

this is mutiny…you’ll need to walk the plank captain…told you to leave the funny shit to squabble but nooo you’re all ‘must try be funny maybe people love me and not think me jackass but in my country jackass is king’


Someone here in an earlier comment to an earlier update asked you if you were from another country and using a translating application to post here. I don’t think you answered them. I am personally dying to know if this is the case.


Someone here also once posted that Captainsmellsjeffsunderpants ate a dictionary and threw up on his key board, I find this highly more probable.


I agree with you Squabble:Someone here also once posted that Squabble ate a dictionary and threw up on his key board, I find this highly more probable. Yes I know, you ate the dictionary. I know. Oh btw, Cardpoet,Jet,Eripaul, Name & Brown Fat told me says, Only Captainwedgiearchnemesis should do things like this. Also, they told me that,OMG that was the worst written post I have ever seen. I really hope you are good at something else, because you are certainly not a writer and your content was extremely lame. I will skip your posts from now on because there are plenty of others who can write in English and actually talk intelligent game. They also told me that This is actually one of his better ones. Usually my head starts to hurt when I read his posts and try to decipher what heโ€™s trying to say and they told me to you that Holy poorly written. Please never do that again. Okay! Squabble. We’re trying to help you. Okay. Mind & Their Head hurts because of you. Your Porsche & Kalia Failure Big Brother do sucked okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Captain, meds can help.


OMG that was the worst written post I have ever seen. I really hope you are good at something else, because you are certainly not a writer and your content was extremely lame. I will skip your posts from now on because there are plenty of others who can write in English and actually talk intelligent game.

Ms. Jazzy

I have really never cared for Adam that much as a game player. I don’t know how he is in real life but whether his game plan was to ride ppls coattail isn’t a game plan for me. I have seen alot of comments on this website that agree of what Adam has done and really dis Porsche but you must keep in mind that she’s still young and her action might be alittle foolish but for those of you that were her age did you really have alot of wisdom. If you say yes you’re lying. Adam is 40yrs old and he acts like he’s Rachael and Porsche age. If I was Farrah I would tell him not to waste any money in getting me a purse use that for your car insurance if this is all I’m worth, while you go buy a camero. I guess he thinks by giving her shout outs every night it makes up for what he is going to buy her. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of Rachael with her being such a sore loser and acting the way she does, I do believe that she deserves to win the money whether it’s 500k or 50k. She played hard and earn to be in that spot. As for Jordan she really showed herself this season. She’s also a person if her social game isn’t heard she can be a sore loser as well. This is my oponion and I know some of you will talk trash but I gather this is what this site is for to voice what you think. Of course I am on the outside looking in and might perform myself differently in the BB house but what I have stated above is my thought and you can disagree to agree. On a final note I rather see Rachael and Porsche be the final 2. Adam is to cocky and he never wanted to get his hands dirty nor did he really win any comps. I don’t give him credit of winning when all the competitors are out of the game and now he acts like he’s this big shot who is really doing something. Really Adam sit down and have another smoke and really marinate on what you have done which is nada. LOL


I agree with most of what you say. Adam was the ultimate floater and flipper this season, he’s in the final three b/c he finally pulled off a win when he needed to, but I don’t necessarily believe that makes him deserving of the position he is now in. Same with Porsche. Annoying though many may find Rachel, I really think she is the only one who deserves to win. She played and she won, and many others were sore losers too, Jeff for instance. Jordan as far as I can tell, played about the same as she did in BB11. If it were her and Rachel in the final two, it would be a tough call. She was right when she said in her exit interview that they balanced each other out, Jordan was a better social player and Rachel a better competitor. I think Porsche and Adam are evenly matched so it will be interesting to see the comp. and who comes away the victor and by how much.


I agree especially what you said about Adam. You win $50 or $500Gs and you’re gonna buy her a purse? Wow what a lucky girl. He says he smokes weed so he’ll need cash for that. Why don’t you just call the Hoboken police on yourself when you get home. Be sure to save bail money. Understand why write-ups on him say he was homeless 2xs.


I know people don’t like “floaters” but the fact is that floating is a very effective strategy when done right. Adam was very good at it. Who’s to say that other strategies are better than floating? People play to their strengths and Adam’s was floating….Good for him.


after watching last BBAD…I do not want Adam or Porsche to win…They r so full of them selves…Adam saying “yeah..I beat the vets”…geez…Rachel is still there…and Porsche saying “I am the hottest blonde to ever come on BB”..Geez…r we full of ourselves or what…They did NOT get that far on there own by a long shot…Rachel had to FIGHT since day one…Come on lets see the deserving player this year WIN for a change!!!!!…I admit they should be proud for getting that far but that is a little over the top…


Let’s not get too carried away. If it wasn’t for them bringing Brendan back into the house Rachel wouldn’t even have made it into the jury let alone the final 3. She has fought hard, but she had her share of help along the way.


Agreed, she’s had lots of help.


Toady on Rigged Brother
To fill the void until Wed. BB is again sending in an evicted house guest for 24 hours like they did last season but this time they went with…
Rachel Adam and Porsche is fixing something for lunch when the door bell rings, they yell “come in”. The door opens and Evel Dick walks through the door.
Rachel doesn’t seem too excited but smiles and says “Your daughter is a skanky b*tch” Porsche says “you were right about these people” Adam just drools.
Evel says “BB wanted them to just get a taste of what is in store for them on the finale, so here I am does any one have any questions” Rachel asks ” does America really know this season was rigged”. Evel says “really, are you as dumb as Jordan” Rachel says “seriously how bad was it”. Evel says “CBS got mail complaining about how bad it was by a third grade class in a blind school”. Rachel says “why did you have to leave” Evel says “after one day in here with you Brendon Jeff and Jordan, knowing that CBS wanted all of us at final six and what your fans are capable of, I chose to self evict, I have an image to protect”
Porsche asks “who does America want to win”. Evel says “most are leaning for BB production” Adam asks “I cant wait for the reunion and to read the blogs I’ve always dreamed about this, what should I expect”. Evel says “humiliation and a noose” Adam says “no way I played a good game”. Evel says “that in this game there are floaters and coat tail riders but now there will also be Jeffriods some one who shoves his head up someones ass so far they become attached to their ass”…feeds cut…

Midwest Fan



The irony is I could imagine Evel Dick saying all that on Finale Night…


I’m looking forward to Dicks’s first interview with Adam. I expect brutality.


I don’t think Adam has the balls to go on “Dick at Nite”.

kathie from canada

In his current head space I think Adam would jump at the chance to go! He seems to think he and ED are equals at this moment. If he starts to hear what the viewing audience really thought of his game play, or lack thereof, he would head for the hills. Just thinking … Adam and game play in one sentence is one huge oxymoron ๐Ÿ™‚


They will do their best to muzzle him, I personally watch the Dick at Night and if he is allowed to honestly comment on this season it will be epic.


Too funny!


When is this suppose to air


Leave it to OBB to have “reality blurred.”

Kidding aside, this just might be the episode that CBS needs to air to fix their dwindling ratings.

Go, Team Production, yo. Squabble4Life, yo!


Your posts have kept me laughing and entertained during this very boring season of BB……thank you!!


Lol Whoever complains about your writing doesn’t “get it”


The list is endless when you talk about things that JJ fans don’t get, like sportsmanship, loyalty, reality and reason for a few.


I actually hope Rachel wins because she is the most deserving. Porsche and Adam have not won completions till only recently. Rachel was the target all season. Go Rachel ftw


Rachel made herself a target and Porsche started winning as soon as the duo twist ended. She couldn’t have won before that because she was sidelined with the GK. In the first HOH she was the last newbie standing. The HOH that Jeff won, she did well. In fact most comps she did well, except the FT comp where she sucked and the OTEV where she messed up. Rachel won more comps than P, but she was able to compete in more of them than P. If you take number of competitions vs number of wins, P has a better average than R.


No porche didn’t win anything until Jeff was gone


Not true. Porsche BEAT Jeff in the POV and that’s why he went home.


That is a fact that they have a hard time with, both Jeff and Jordan was eliminated by this floater. She might not win but she did America a favor in getting rid of JJ


No asshole…unlike you and your team Dani…America loves JJ…look at the polls on here.And your stupid stories are just that and anybody that finds them remotely funny are dumbass’s also.


Anger management, down the hall 2nd door on the right. Your chill pills are on the table, and Jeff will get you a glass of water.


Unlike you, I’m my own *sshole not Jeff’s. Go let your cat out and leave the posts to people that can contribute something to life.


4 weeks after the duo twist ended. Rachel was already a target because of last season, she didn’t have to “make” herself one. And Rachel has a 29% average. Porsche has 20%.


Yeah, maybe if you count the comps that were thrown to her. Nobody threw Porsche anything. And Rachel put the target on her back as soon as she came in with her “Guess who’s back, bitches” attitude (trying to be like Janelle, which she will never be) and being a total bully and bitch when she was first hoh, which was thrown to her. She could have turned last season around if she came in humble and tried to be nice, but that’s just not in her character.


What did she do to make you think she’s such a bitch? I mean, GOD


waaa waaa waaaa Rachel FTW

judy ann

I hope ” Rachel ” takes it. P, & A, are terrible, more so P. She is so in love with herself she makes me sick. I;ll be sick if P. wins for sure. But I never get them right. Adam had my heart as Rachel, but Adam acts tuff now & cocky. He rubs me wrong now. Rachel has got to win, & last year I hated her so bad. She deserves it. But coming in seconds not to bad either, so all in all I’ed have to give it to ADAM. Sorry P. Well thats what you would say P. God anybody but her please.


Even Rachel knows they are so boring that we would like to see the JH. Rachel FTW


I am so disgusted with the final 3, the only one there that deserves to be there is Rachel. But honestly I dont know who I would want in the final 3 this season. As much as I hate to say it, with all her talking and annoying habits I would probably prefer Kalia over Porchia. Porchia and Adam are getting alittle full of thier selves, yeah be proud but know how u got there, being a floater not a great competitor. They act like they won so many comps, but they didnt win any to the end and of course your going to win when u are competing against only 3 players and one is Jordon. I think i would even want Jordon there before them and she won nothing, but she doesnt get on my nerves like Adam and Porchia. Anyways I just hope Rachel wins because she is the only one there that competed fully in the comps she was in. And it really makes me sick to think Porchia might even get 50,000 dollars, for doing nothing till 2 weeks before the show ended.


You’re right!!! Rachel FTW


rachel winning is the only thing that can salvage the season. if bb13 ends with a porsche or adam victory, and rachel in third, its basically the year that the sharks all killed each other, and the guppies swam to shallow waters, waited it out, then swam back out post fight to find that they were the biggest fish in the sea


LOL Loved your analogy.


No offense to any of you fans of the final three, and I’m really not trying to piss on your cheerios, am actually envious that so many of you still are feeling passionate about things, but I have to just let out a huge cyber ‘Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ here.

This is the first season of BB I’ve just been unable to bring myself to watch all of, BBAD and the CBS primetime segments. And not because the person I was rooting for got evicted… you have to be actually rooting for someone enough to be pissed and stop watching when they get evicted; the pickings for me were slim this year.

I just lost interest this season, and whether I blame it on poor casting decisions, too much production interference in the game, or unbelievably boring 11 to 2 BBAD episodes… doesn’t matter. I just lost interest.

The one single thing that kept my anticipation of this season from being a total bummer was this site, its owners hard work, and you guys and your comments, whether I agree with you or not. I shit you not, I’ve found it nearly impossible at times this summer to sit through an entire BBAD session, much less a CBS edited version of the same awful BBAD, have just not had it in me to watch any of it lately, but not a day has gone by this summer that I haven’t logged on here and been a million times entertained by this site.

I’m not going to threaten to not watch next season… of course I’m going to watch! But even if it turns out to be as disappointing as this season was for me on as many levels, I’ll still be here daily. Just wanted to say that, and thank you guys at OBB.


The only thing that keeps me watching is that I am sidelined this summer and have nothing better to do. I am really sick of CBS recycling past contestants. When BB brought in the vets vs newbie thing I thought that at least I could look forward to Survivor when it’s over, but it looks like Survivor is bringing back old players again for the third season in a row. I hate it. I hate knowing what people might do because I have seen them before. I don’t like second chances, third chances and fourth chances. I liked Russell his first season. Hated him second time around, it was like watching a bad rerun, and by his third try I lost all respect for him. Casting is getting lazy. I want to see all new people, unusual people. I don’t want to see Coach and Ozzie for the third time. It looks like a trend at CBS and it’s ruining the few TV shows I still watch.


Agree 100%. HEAR US CBS?

Midwest Fan

I agree.


Even when I was hating on Rachel during her psychotic times, I thought she should win based on entertaiment value alone. Just think back on the hilarious yet sad commentaries posted here and the fodder she provided. When were they more entertaining? And now I’ll give it to her for turning herself around and being a strong competitor. Hope she continues to be normal after the show ends and doesn’t jump on Brendan squealling “Brendan, I did it for you.” Do it for yourself!


I totally agree. I would rush home to watch BB, but I have not really cared within the last few weeks. I have a friend that sends me a text with updates(who won veto/hoh)…..but the most exciting part of BB has been this board. I have laughed till tears came out of my ears. It is really like a community. I love it. Great job Simon & Dawg!!! I will miss this site, and can’t wait to come back season 14.

but CBS gotta do better with the casting.

I would have loved to see the 8 Newbies without any vets. …..maybe CBS can try this for season 14 (bring back the 8 newbies, with no partners, and no golden key!!!!!!!)…but even if CBS messes it up again…..I know I may not watch all the episodes….but I will be on this site daily. It has been so much fun!!!!!!


what’s wrong with me (drink) I meant to say “eyes” not ears.


Could not agree with any of you guys more!!! I’m so glad I’m not alone here!:)


I have watched all the seasons and every BBAD since they have had that and there have been years that were awesome and years that sucked. I am like you. Just because I was disappointed with this season, I am not going to threaten (whoever, like anyone truly cares if I watch or not) not to watch it ever again like some people state.

I was not a Rachel fan last year at all, but when I look at the final 3, all things considered (good and bad) I am hoping for Rachel to win this year. It’s almost like voting politically. Sometimes you have to go with the lesser of the 3 evils. Thing is – I don’t think that PorCha or aDAMN should even get the $50K – give that to charity or something!


BB13 Best/Smartest Player = Daniele—by far…would make a good leader in the real world
BB13 Dumbest Player = Jordan…by far…schooling won’t help
BB13 Dumbest Move = Kalia putting up Lawon instead of Rachel
BB13 Biggest Floater = Adam–coat tail rider
BB13 Most Deserving Winner Out of the Remaining 3 = This is hard for me because none of them deserve it but if I put aside my personal dislikes it would be Rachel….but I’m pushing for Porsche
BB13 HOH Winner That Ruled with an Iron Fist = Brendon—he would make a bad leader in the real world
BB13 HOH Winner That Had Least Leadership Skills = This is a tie between Jeff and Kalia—Jeff because he made a snap short-term decision based on his emotions rather than thinking long-term—and as for Kalia…I can’t understand how an educated person could have such bad leadership skills and make that type of dumb move—-and for those out there reading this…I am an Black.
BB13 Best Newbie = Dominique—he understood the newbies had the numbers and stayed loyal throughout
BB13 Best Vet = Danielle
BB13 Most Arrogant Player = Jeff…assumes all of Americal loves him…..white America anyway
BB13 Biggest Cry Baby = Rachel
BB13 MostEmotionally Mature Player = Porche….as strange as this seems she seemed to be most calm cool and collected during stressful times
BB13 Biggest Backstabber/Liar = Shelly…..
BB13 Biggest Butt Kisser = Adam
BB13 Best Competitor = Daniele
BB13 Best Social Game = I believe to be really great at the BB game one must be a good competitior (winning competitions) AND have a good social game……Shelly (Porche and Kalia not too far behind)


I agree with almost everything here… but I wonder if you can have the best social game AND be the most reviled. I would give best social game to Jordan b/c she almost did it again. Shelly earned the best liar award.


I disagree on best player/smartest player Dani because how did she lead when she messed up her game plan of backdooring Jeff. That best player/smartest player either Jeff,Brendon,Jordan, or Rachel. Mind goes to Jeff.


Your mind isn’t the only thing you gave Jeff is it.


I agree, best social game has to go to jordan porsche or adam


I don’t think Jordan had the best social game. I can’t remember once when she had a friendly one on one conversation with Dani, Dom, Keith or Porsche. She isolated herself with her group, she hid behind Jeff who forbid her to talk game without him. She said herself that she never got to know Porsche. I remember several occasions that Porsche tried to start a conversation and Jordan got up and walked away. When the vets had HOH, she was upstairs all the time. When they didn’t, she was in a room talking crap about Dani and Porsche and whining about how unfair it all was and how only her, Jeff and Brenchel deserved to be there.

Brown Fat

well when you put it that way…like all correct & stuff it makes more sense…thanks for straightening me out…now: jordons such a bitch!!!l


Jordan’s social game was really bad. She gets credit from her fans because she made it so far because she wasn’t a threat. That’s not a good social game. Not being perceived as a threat when you can be a threat (see Shelly and all the damage she caused for instance) is an example of having a good game. Not being perceived as a threat because you’re not a threat is NOT a social game. it just means you weren’t worth the effort to get rid of until closer to the end.

Brown Fat

Brown Fat now agree with you…you make such sound & logical sense… I hate Jordon now! Ohhh now Brown Fat feel like Adam the Floater.


Nailed it


Outstanding !!!!


Nice to see the Dani Cat Brigade is alive and well today! ๐Ÿ™‚

BB Baja Fan

I agree with much of your analysis except for Dani. I am no Dani hater but no huge Dani fan either. She is good but the fact that she made final 2 on season 8 was more to do with ED and their alliance that he made the force it was. If Dani truly was the “Best/Smartest Player”, she would still be here. You cannot blame production for her early exit – simply her bad game moves. Remember, what may is a good game move in one BB game with a certain mix of HG’s may turn out to be a really bad move in another BB house. Dani learned that painful lesson and it isn’t something she can blame on Adam, Jeff, Rachel or production.

Maybe she will be invited back for a third try and then prove if she truly can become the “Best/Smartest Player”.

Right now she is just another evicted HG.

I also thought it was pathetic the way she tried to use her dad to push Adam to keep her. Another point in how bad she played the game was saying that Adam would get nowhere with his vet alliance. And yet here he is in the final three.

Go figure…


I like Dani because she is a balls to the wall all out player. She’s pure entertainment. But it’s that extra aggressive style that will always be her undoing regardless that she probably knows the game as well as anyone.

Shelly The Scumbag!!!!

The only ball dani has are would be in her mouth.. was a low life piece of shit she is ///


I rooted for Evel Dick and Dani in their season. I was happy to see them come into the house thinking this would be an exciting year. Then E D left. Then Dani became obsessed with Rachel. I never heard one girl talk more about another one than Dani did about Rachel. I was so glad when she was evicted – not so much that she was no longer in the game – but because at least I could stop hearing her constant talk about Rachel. BBAD is 3 hours long and Dani would talk about Rachel for 2 hours of it every night. I bet she dreams about her. “Me thinketh the lady dost protest too much.” In other words, Dani either (a) has a major mad crush on Rachel or (b) is jealous of her for some unknown reason beyond what is normal in life or in anyone. Rachel FTW


i don’t get why everyone says dani rode her fathers coat tails. Dani could have very well won her season if it wasn’t for America’s player. Dani was a fierce competetor and won five povs and two hohs.


true, but there she sits in the jury house. For awhile now…..and not gonna be American’s pick either. That’s the beauty of BB – expect the unexpected. Very often the best players do NOT win. RACHEL FTW




for a dumb player Jordan won BB11.


i would say that Kalia did put up Rachel and Jeff probably ruled with the iron fist. i don’t think Brendon won Head of Household in BB13.


how about we both celebrate when Adam wins Anonymous


That’s a lotta love for Daniele which I don’t think is deserved. If it weren’t for her epicly stupid move of trying to backdoor Jeff in the *beginning* of the game, most likely her, Jeff and Brendon would all still be in the house, or they would have made it a heckuva lot farther than they did. Instead, we have two people who floated for two thirds of the game and Rachel of all people.

Daniele isn’t nearly as smart as people want to believe she is. Making huge game moves for the sake of making huge game moves is stupid and that’s what did herself in when everyone, including her own allies, realized they couldn’t completely trust her.

Additionally, Jeff is the most arrogant? Again, I gotta disagree, Kalia is an ego maniac. If you asked her, she’d tell you she was the greatest player to ever play BB, I guarantee you that. She had a huge opinion of herself and I wasn’t sad to see her go. What did she say in her first DR session? “I’m a real world Keri Bradshaw”. Sure, you are. More like an out of work freelance writer and part time bar tender.


Let me guess?? A dani fan? Get over it she’s in the jury, if she was the best player she would still be in the house.


Have a heart this is a GAME. Whomever Wins needs the money and deserves the money. It takes a lot to be on feeds and television 24/7. I’m sure if I were there the cameras would catch many unflattering conversations and actions of me. ANY OF THESE 3 CAN PULL OF HOH. DEPENDS ON WHAT GAME IS PLAYED. I don’t care who wins… They all need that half million as bad as I do.


When Dani first won HOH is when I really started paying close attention to BB13. The season had started and I didn’t know until my co-worker told me. I caught the ending part of Keith being evicted….so I went back to view all the episdodes from the beginning. Adam was solid with the newbies & Portia was the first to turn and go with the vets. Rachael was not jealous of Cassie, she just did not like the fact that Cassie had her own mind and was openingly going against her (Rachael ego).
Keith made it easy for Portia to continue moving towards the vets; because he became paranoid. …he had a right to be paranoid because Portia was being sneaky….but he should have kept his thoughts to himself…instead he chose to go off on Kalia (and at that time she was still with the newbies). That being said, I would like to see a BB with all the orginal 8 house guests (CBS threw them a bad curve by adding the vets); it should be the orginal 8 with 3 new people.
Looking at the episodes, I really dislike how Rachael came after Cassie….she just did because Cassie wanted Portia out; but then Cassie wanted Portia out because Portia turned against the Newbies.

I want Rachael to win. Portia messed it up for the newbies…and then when the vets turned on her …..she went running to Dani’s side. I like Portia….cuz I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to stay in the game for 500K…but with ARP being the final 3…this should be a Rachael win. Rachael has clearly played the hardest. If you look at the episodes…it is crystal clear. The Newbies could have had it all IF they had stuck together (this is why Cassie was mad at Portia)….so then Rachael has endured…she trickted most of the newbies….and she has the comps. She has also been loyal as much as possible to her alliance.

*When Jeff went off on Rachael after Dom won the VETO comp…that was the moment to backdoor BR…instead they put up Shellie and Cassie; and Cassie went home. Cassie told Jordan then that if she did not get BR out RIGHT THEN that they would make it to the end…and that is JUST what happened….Rachael made it to the end….and now she should win.
Check out episode 6….Jordan’s decision was the game changer in BB. If Jordan had got rid of B or R at that moment….then they would have had the full house on their side, because at that point the house favored JJ more than BR.
Rachael should win. She endured the most.


I agree with you Dawg. She really got bashed, made up lies too, horrible disgusting comments and survived. Everyone picked on her and wanted her out many times. I hope for a change the underdog wins this season . A 7-0 is just a wishful thinking. Crazy huh LOL.


lol @ people wishing Rachel is going to win..duh, she will win. it will be Rachel & Adumb in the F2. Adumb doesn’t have any votes in the jury house.


he will for sure have shelly’s vote


Dawg & Simon FTW


Newbies to the end with last two newbies evicted by Adam essentially (in Jordon’s mind) would be interesting. Porsche and Adam won’t win against Rachel (and they shouldn’t). If either wins evict Rachel newbies or no half mil.

Porshe's creamy bikini bottom

Go Porshe go. Win win win. Luv u and ur creamy bikini.


I don’t want Rachel to win, all she did was turn on the crying and become a basket case everytime they even talked of her going on the block. So they all left her alone and let her slide into the finals. Kalia was stupid to send Lawon home, Rachel should have gone that week. I think the twist will be that Porche is Rachel’s sister, there is something up with that blonde still being there!


you’re upset about rachel crying about being on the block, everyone cries in the house, except maybe heartless, robotic dani


Porsche didn’t cry. Dani did. Porsche didn’t even mope around. The only ones that didn’t go to pieces on the block were Porsche and Adam. Well, Lawan too, but he is in a category all his own. Move over Marcellas and Dustin. We have a new all time chump.


The reason why Porsche and Adam never were upset being on the block, they always knew they were safe, the other never had that luxury.


Dani cried when her dad left due to personal issues. She cried for hours, because she didn’t know if he was ok or not. She is not heart less, but she was not a cry baby like Rachael, especially when it came to losing comps.
I was team Dani until she was evicted, but it is amazing that people are still talking about her.

Dani was an amazing player no matter what anyone says.

Rachael was super annoying, but in this final 3 she deserves to win.
If it was Rachael and Dani. I would want Dani to win.


Everyone deals with disappointment and stress in different ways. Porsche’s way of dealing with stress? Eat and sleep!


Didn’t they used to show more of the Jury House? I would much rather see them on BBAD.


I hope Adam is in the final two and hope he wins it all. He has played a solid game. A bit of a weird character but he was loyal to Jeff and Jordan and somehow to the newbies to. And he won important vetos and is doing good in the final rounds.


adam has played a good social game, but he is only winning comps because the competitors are in the jury house, rachel deserves to win


Adam and Porshe final 2!!!!


wow i remember when this site was full of rachel haters wow what a turn around all of a sudden , some of u people if ever given the chance to play in the bbh yall would have played the game just like shelly , always lying switching sides and always talking with 5 tongue and 3 hearts …………( it was so much dani fans dani lovers wow now they all jump ship to rachel i think they are forgetting dani’s minion still in the game ) not shock though its big brother lol …

i was saying this in the begining and i will continue to say this i blame dani for this fuc`ked up season if she had stayed loyal just a little longer…. wow we would of seen a better ending and real battle with great competitions but hey we are now stucked with a microwaved hotdog adam and porsche is as relevant as a bowl of oatmeal ……. even though we lay blame any where but where it belongs… dani i cant stand u nor your minioins yall are childish and silly spoiled little brats…. the games yall played on rachel wow yall will forever be evil bitches including shellly doing the same stuff hiding rachel personal items for the mean stuff yall said wow if i was rachel when this is over i would never be friends with any of u people…. like shelly says how u act what u do on bb determines who u are as a individual i do believe that , some say its just a game…. where u have to belittle,, bring down ,,bash stomp over rachel just to make yourself feel good on camera ….

i just hope and pray u win because of high unemployment , recession … even when all odds where against u ,u didnt settle for mediocre u pressed on for greatness…even though they tried to throw a monkey wrench in ya plans u was not afraid of the masses u adopted a dogged determinationthats in the face of mounting pressure thats what separates u from dani she will always be a under performer but u will always be a proactive super star


Dani’s GONE. I wanted her to win, but she is gone, gone gone, out of the game. Get it? So what you are saying is that when our favorite is gone, we can’t choose someone else to win? Guess I can’t watch the super bowl anymore. My team is never in it.

BTW, RACHEL turned many of us around. I said earlier I couldn’t stand her but her psychotic behavior was entertaining and the posts ran rampant, both sad and hilarious. For the entertainment factor alone she should win. Then, after Brendan left the second time she did an amazing turnaround, both in attitude and performance. SHE won me over.

And why shouldn’t Dani have played the ED card? He abandoned her, probably not the first time in her life. Others were bribing HGs with rings and necklaces and cash. Cat ladies claim she’s not a good daughter. Could you imagine growing up with ED as your dad? He admitted in a blog that the was’t a good father. Talking trash without knowing what her childhood was like is ridiculous.


I’m beginning to think, more and more, that people use terms like ‘good social game’ without having any idea what one even is.


I’m not sure how people can say that Adam played a “good social game.” From what I can see he was kind of creepy, annoying and socially awkward.
Most of the time he does try to talk game he shoots himself in the foot , like pointing out that he has played in 27 comps, (he’s only won 3 one of which was handed to him by Dani and Jeff), and by saying that his best game move was week one saying NO to the vets becuase it showed them he wasnโ€™t here to be pushed around and bullied he was here to play. (he spent the rest of the competition kissing JJ’s butt). He was good at laying low and making none of his own decisions….but I can’t see that being reason enough to give him the money….

When people point out that he won the same amount of comps as Porsche they tend to forget that Jordan had the golden key and didn’t compete for the first few weeks. Porsche may not be the strong competitor that Rachel and Dani are, but it’s unfair to group her with Adam. She was with the vets until she was basically dismissed by them, and still managed to form an alliance with the other side of the house, so her social game couldn’t have been too bad either.

That being said, Rachel is the won who truly fought for this spot and managed to stay in the house against all odds, (she was a mega target all game).
Rachel also loves to compete and doesn’t give up or throw comps because she doesn’t want to get some blood on her hands. As much as her obnoxious personality and extreme mood swings drive me nuts, Rachel deserves to win this game.


I meant Porsche has the golden key lol not sure how I typoed that one!


i completely agree adam should not get the money no matter who he is up against because he has done nothing…. he has made no game moves he won 3 comps and his entire game has been under the radar… while rachel has had to fight every week…. rachel has been the hoh or nominated every week this season but two thats fighting to stay in the house….. i would vote porsche over adam since i can say porsche did do something even though she got to coast 3 weeks and hasnt won much either…. im hoping its rachel and porsche and rachel gets the money… adam got his gift already by meeting tori spelling he doesnt deserve any money


hey simon and everyone else,
i have a question. i mean it is niave to assume the game wasnt geared towards a specific player in this season. they made it very obvious. but looking back at the other seasons, do you think production played a part as well but we just dont notice it? it got me thinking that. this is actually my first time watching big brother after 12 seasons btw! anyways now that the feeds are getting boring, i started watching season 10 on youtube. much more drama and way more entertaining! anyhow, i been rooting for dan and want to see him win,and sure enough he did win. now looking back at that season, i notice that on some of the comps, he seemed kinda prepared for the competition. for example, — when they where hanging on the ropes and they were tossed side to side with rain. seems like everyone was in shorts or light clothing and he has on like a jacket sorta?… i mean did production give him hints that it will get cold? ..its summer in californa, so it gets pretty warm.. ? ..then on the haystack veto competition where they had to find two veto metals, — everyone had on jeans and a little heavy clothing, and dan’s the only one wtih shorts on?.. now im beginning to think production probaby clue the favorable houseguest in on competitions..its just beginning to be more noticable in this season — obviously with the pandora box and the dual twist… === what do u guys think? its jsut what i noticed..


I think Production tries to keep the game entertaining.


what time is the comp?


im rooting for rachel she deserves to win every week this season except two (when jeff and jordan won hoh) rachel has either been nominated or won hoh….. she has fought hard while porsche floated until the final 6 and adam is still floating as we speak


Actually that title goes to crybaby Amber from BB8. And Rachel will take it all! TEAM RACHEL!!


I have been reading the “update”, and I have come to the conclusion that DR tells them to talk about the other HGS, These people are not professional actors, and they sometimes come off obnoxious, cocky, stupid, and contrived. When they are just being themselves, they are basically nice people in a unatural situation. I still hope Rachel wins, I still feels she deserves the money the most, after that Adam, I am still not a big fan of Porsche, but if she comes in second I will not mind. I guess I am sort of wishy washy where Adam and Porsche are concerned


I have not heard any talk about who each houseguest will choose to be in the final two. It is my guess that the only way Rachel can be there in the final two will be if she can win the third comp outright. I don;t believe either Porsche or Adam will take her. What a shame since she is the only one that deserves to be there. Any thoughts?


Who does everyone think that Rachel wants to win today’s comp? She’s told both Adam and Porsche that she wants each of them to win. Does she think she’d have a better chance up against Adam in Part 3?

Brown Fat

rach aint playing today amigo…


porshe deserves to win she had no help from production and didnt kiss ass like jeff. rachel had production i mean the duo twist really and even if she won jordon would have been evicted and the whole house would have turned on rachel because adam would have went with the numbers. and the whole lawon thing production must have kept telling him something good will happen and im pretty sure america wanted dominic back because we were sick of brenchel. plus shes been carried by brendan through half the game. real talk.


production has a schedule when they are going to do what comps. etc. they do have emergency plans {for example when Dick left}. But basically this game was going to play out the same way, no matter who was left in the game.


Simon, finally completed a donation, 3rd times the charm. Really enjoyed your updates this year, it was more entertaining than the show. Rachel ftw.


Thanks .. Much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚


Snorefest, someone wake me up when this is over. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Roll Dog

Who do I think deserves to wins?

Between Adam and Porsche.

After all the crap and b**ching Rachel has caused for the whole season of Big Brother, she needs to join the others in the Jury House.


A Goddess on a mountain top
Was burning like a silver flame
The summit of Beauty in love
And Rachel was her name
She’s got it yeah, Baby, she’s got it
Well,she’s a Venus,she’s on fire
At your desire
Her weapon were her crystal eyes
Making every man mad
Got what no-one else had
she’s got yeah she’s got it.
go girl ๐Ÿ™‚


ugh as long as Adam doesn’t even win 50,000 I am good. I used to hate Rachel and still kinda do but she has won a lot of things and deserves to be there. Porsche has also won a lot of things and deserves to be there. Adam has floated his way through the game and does not deserve to win anything. He may be the worst player on Big Brother ever. I just hope Porsche can beat him in the 2nd game. Because I don’t want a miracle happening and seeing him somehow beat Rachel and make i to the final 2. I wonder if Rachel plans on taking him to the end it would be a smarter move and I wonder who Porsche would take also probably a smarter move to take him. They could probably both beat him.


Well been away for a Couple weeks feeds an d rare chances to check in here , but back home for a few days and Been catching up here… SIMON & DAWG …you still rule .. and to the fans and posters out there .. you additions to the site here in the comments ..hours of entertainment ..( as for the cat people and stay classy )

I know the name of this show is Big brother, Of course taken from Orwells 1984 so I can understand production messing with the houseguests a little bit , in fact the oppurtunites are endless ..things such as julie chen reading from Orwells other novels or his essays loudest volume possible for 24 hours .. or rolling blackouts in the house ..any number of fascinating things could be done . My Issue with production this year it became a little more like Animal Farm . so Instead of it being ALL ANIMALS ARE CREATED EQUAL .. ( chapter 2 animal farm) like the novel it became ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS ( chapter10 animal farm) but hopefully someone ..somehow …Porsche will win the HOH and she can make her own choices ( lets face it adam would have to grow a set to rebel agaisnt production and he seems to be happy just ebing someones puppet..)
anyway looking forward to a bit more reading and catching up .. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT FOLKS .


Welcome back, Hope work went well.


The site has been great this year! Thanks guys! I sent my donation. Hope everyone else does the same. Go Rachel!


Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ much appreciated.

BB Baja Fan

Funny how folks have changed on Rachel – she has now moved ahead of Dani in the Fan Fav voting, behind Jeff and Jordan…


that’s cause the fans know a real star when they see one. she is a firework and deserves to be fans fav. go rach you hot mama


I wish it was BB14 already! The excitement of 14 new peeps and logging on here to see what is going on in the feeds AMD who is aligning with who!
It went too fast ๐Ÿ™


I hope Rachel wins! I like her so much better this season. She can be a sore loser, but hey I might be too if the stakes were 500k. I can’t criticize any of them because what they are doing is really hard. EXCEPT Shelly…..She’s a coward….and one thing is to play a game, and the other is make a friend and stab them in the back…If I really cared about someone the way Shelly says she did, I wouldn’t compromise my friendship for any amount of money.I can’t believe they thought she would be america’s favorite player. anyways.. I hope Porsche and Rachel are final two. The votes will probably be close though..If Rachel goes up against Adam she’ll probably win easily.


rqchel is gods gift to BB sheis heaven sent heaven must be missing an angel cause shes on BB. I agree with you bout shelHE. what a monster she was to watch. and how delusional was she to believe her own lies and to think she is a godd person/ If rach is an angel then shel


then shelHE was the anti-christ. not to mention shelHE was hard to watch (sooooo macho) and hard to listen to that screechy mans voice)
Rachel honey you are an angel and the planet is brighter because of you


oops sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little, lust much? An angel,? really?, a fallen angel definitely!!!!


aw then you agree Rangell is heaven sent ๐Ÿ™‚ and sHELLy was a demon seed ๐Ÿ™‚

Brown Fat

think rach is fudging about 5 years on her 27…thought her & jordon were at least 30, porsche looks mid 20s, shelly & adam look to be at least 50, kalia hard to tell but around 30, dom looks early 20s, cassi 30, keith 30, lawon late 30s, brendon mid 30s, jeff late 30s 40,dani 30, evil dick 50s… just saying thats how they look, youth aint everything yo! but if you want to be hollywood you need to lie, cheat step on people feet…


and what was worst is that Dani cried when Domi left after only knowing him for 3 weeks (WTF) then she was all into nick on her season. And when Dani was on the block and a have not she cried! and was miserable! Kalia cried, shelly hadher share of crying and Jordan so rach was not the only one


Nick B

I don’t know if Adam does or doesn’t deserve to win. I know I don’t want to see him win. From a competitor’s standpoint, yes, he’s won a few competitions now, however, Rachel has won a lot more, and most of her victories came when she actually had competition in the house, not right at the end like Adam, where he simply got lucky that he only had to beat a handful of girls. In addition, Porsche has won a handful of competitions as well, but the pivotal veto she won during the double eviction was both her first victory, and on live national television. Seriously, the girl does know how to perform under pressure, and she deserves props for that.

More than the comps, it’s the sense of entitlement. Adam walks around acting like he’s a huge threat in this game when he’s not. He’s acting like he stood up to the veterans week 1, when in reality he didn’t (don’t forget, he voted to keep Porsche, just like Rachel wanted). Also, how about his comment in the header about Shelly? Why not just say, “What pisses me off about Shelly is that she played the game!”