Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Porsche wins Part 2 HOH

8:24pm Bathroom They are talking about how tuf the comp was. Adam mentions something about having to hold his breathe and he was struggling.

Porsche and Adam start talking about having to swim and five down to get names and bring them up.

Adam asks them “Who wants to take me to Final 2?”

Adam: “Take me to final 2 and I promise to throw the money to you” POrsche and Rachel laugh.

8:35pm final 3 kitchen From the sounds of it the comp was very tough Adam’s hand is all messed up. Adam: “Who comes up with these BLANK games” Rachel: “Miko”

Adam and Prosche both mention that once they found out it was a water comp they started to practice controlling their breathing. The comp took a long time.

Adam tells the girls that he can’t even use a door knob because of his hurt hand. (he’s icing it and it looks to be in a splint)

8:47pm Adam is saying that Jeff would of done really well at the comp because he can hold his breathe for a long time. Rachel brings up Brendon would to awesome because he’s a swimmer. (Brendon needs to go on survivor)

8:50pm Porsche tells Adam that she was bleeding earlier and wanted to clean up her blood because she didn’t want Adam to see it and freak out. (I Think Porsche went first in the comp)
Adam: “Well that’s the last physical competition of the summer”
rachel: “So we think”
Porsche: “No.. that’s what Miko said”
Rachle: “oh he did…” Feeds cut.

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8:54pm Cheers final 3 Adam: “You girls are beasts and I mean that in a good way” Porsche and Rachel say thanks. (Looks like the houseguests are drinking tonight)

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9:00pm Adam thinks out of the newbs Him, Porsche, Kalia and Dom could be asked back for All Stars.

9:30pm Porsche and Rachel celebrate. They agree winner takes their plus one on a Mexican vacation.

Porsche says she doesn’t feel sorry for Adam.. He already got a lot this season, she mentions Tori Spelling. Prosche and Rachel both agree Adam is a Great Guy just shouldn’t be in the final 2. POrsche says when she saw it was something to do with holding your breathe she knew she had a chance to beat Adam. She went 100%. Porsche says that after she was done she felt like she did her best and knew if Adam beat her he deserves it, “That BLANK was Hard.. ” Rachel agrees says it sounded like a very tough competition. Both the girls are excited dancing around. (Adam is in the DR BTW)

(Looks like RP final 2 is a given)

9:51pm They are trying to justify Adam going home. rachel thinks he’s already had a good season. she says it was the Adam show, Porsche mentions that Adam will probably win America’s player. rachel Agrees, she adds that out of the newbs he’ll win America’s Player. Porsche thinks it’ll be America’s favorite Newbie.

9:53pm Adam comes back tells them there is a chance they will get let out tonight.

10:10pm Adam and Rachel Rachel tells Adam he did a good job in the comp. Adam: “I tell ya throwing those BLANK goggles… It took be a good minute to go grab them.. still I wouldn’t of beaten her”
Adam: “That comp just cost me 50 or 500K.. Your not going to take me right.. you can tell me”
Rachel: “I mean.. Dead honest i’ve made a deal with Prosche to make it to the final 2.. I’m scared because if I take Porsche she could beat me” Adam tells her if She wins final HOH and doesn’t take him to the final 2 he’ll still vote for her. Rachel says she’s been a target all year and has had to fight every week. Adam knows she’s been a strong player, He mentions that if Porsche wins the final HOH he may vote for her because he feels the final HOH is the most important. Rachel says she has a final 2 with Porsche. Adam understands. Adam is hoping he wins America’s choice, he feels he played a honest game and the fans will hopefully see that. Adam says he cool with rachel and POrsche making it to final 2 he’s going to get a bit “Soby” but he’ll be alright. Adam knew he had to win one of the HOH’s and he didn’t.

10:40pm Adam and POrsche Adam is sucking up to Porsche, he’s giving her a summary of his game this season and how he was Loyal to JJ but not so loyal to Rachel. Adam brings up how Jeff didn’t like Porsche because he felt that she didn’t deserve to be in the game. Porsche doesn’t think that is fair because she had the gold key for the first 4 weeks, She was stil in their alliance but she couldn’t play in comps.

11:32pm Cards final 3

Adam: “Just telling you I’m the deciding vote but if you take me to final 2 I’ll throw the win to you”

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12:19AM Rachel and Prosche backyard.. Rachel says she told ADam she’s taking Porsche to the final 2. Then she felt bad and told him she’s still unsure. Adam comes back anf they go back to playing cards.

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348 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Porsche wins Part 2 HOH

    1. Either way, Adam is getting eliminated, right? Porsche was gonna take Rachel and vice-versa. They know Adumb doesn’t deserve any money.

      1. Porche has been sketchy so I hope she does take Rachel if she wins. Rachel will win the money hands down! Let’s face out of the three left she deserves it!

      2. Even though I have loathed Adam the entire season, I find myself feeling sorry for him a little watching the backyard conversation with Rachel. Still don’t want him to win, but I guess I just feel bad for the guy -not only is he not winning but he’s going to get out and read Alot of bad stuff about him.
        Anyway. Yeah. Just wanted to say that!

      3. seriously if Porshe wins the 2nd phase of HOH and she takes Rachel with her she is an absolute idiot….she basically just handed Rachel 500,000 for sure…….Porshe only chance of winning is taking Adam. If she takes Adam she wins for sure.

        I think she would even have Rachel vote and with Rachel vote that basically means Brandon’s vote too……..and she would have Dani and Kalia………….there is the 4 votes she needs

        although Rachel will be pissed if she didnt take her I think Rachel respects the game too much to not give her vote to the most deserving of the 2 and Porshe is definately the most deserving over Adam

        Rachel needs to win this HOH to control her own destiny……….cause I just cant see Porshe being that stupid….actually take that back yes I can see her being that stupid

    2. Adam should self evict since he didn’t win. What’s his argument now, that he can’t call brendon out about the final HOh
      ……..Porsche has now won more comps than him lol

      1. Totally stoked Adumb couldn’t even beat a girl (no offense ladies) but come on !! What a pansy, sappy, 90210, Tori Spelling, Appletini loving flamer !! What a waste of a spot on BB this year !!

        Not to mention delusional….wait til he see’s this site and many others like it, that show him, Pinto, and even The Hut, as not only disliked, but also so far from an All Star its not even funny…..Well then again, it is kinda funnt, wish I could be there to see him when he finds out America thinks he’s a big giant oofy loser !!

      2. Totally stoked Adumb couldn’t even beat a girl (no offense ladies) but come on !! What a pansy, sappy, 90210, Tori Spelling, Appletini loving flamer !! What a waste of a spot on BB this year !!

        Not to mention delusional….wait til he see’s this site and many others like it, that show him, Pinto, and even The Hut, as not only disliked, but also so far from an All Star its not even funny…..Well then again, it is kinda funnt, wish I could be there to see him when he finds out America thinks he’s a big giant oofy loser !!

            1. you need a name cant go around with this aire of superiority correcting peoples spelling and be anonymous…call yourself mr spellcheck, or mr i need a life or mr no sense of humor…maybe i wasnt refering to adam maybe i was refering to the wall in back of porsche. how about mr i need a nap? unless you think smoking nicotine is a sign of intelligence. how about mr nobody,it goes with anonymous

            2. “what a maroon” is a line from a bugs bunny cartoon. Bugs would say that I stead of saying moron. So this person knew exactly what he was spelling, you didn’t know about the meaning of that saying!!!!!

    3. and the winner is …..


      yep or

      the winner is ………


      and the season is over – and survivor is just around the corner

      and next year Jordan with Jeff are on a survivor island with Probst

      and this thing just never ends-

      hey everyone,

      SEPT 11 — please remember
      say a little prayer

      1. That’s exactly what I thought. He said all along he has been with Jordan from the beginning yet he puts her on the block and stabs her in the back. He also did that after Jeff left. Then he got so cocky after winning HOH, as though beating 3 girls was a giant victory. He did it to himself by being so cocky and saying that as though he has EARNED his way to the final 3. He floated until the last couple of weeks and didn’t have to compete against anyone really good.

        1. Your so correct its a lot easy to win when your down to four people, just like Jordan did on her season. I beleive rp should go to the end they realy work hard at the game

        2. Can’t wait to see the look on their faces when Rach, wins the 500 and Jeff wins the 25. And Kalia will be up set when Dani pushes her away from her and lets her know she will not be in her inner circle of vegas people. Dani realy is a loser I saw her on some reality talk show with two former houseguest and Dani was so happy she was being interview.
          Dani keeps telling people she is in school and dosen’t know wat she wamts to be yet, you probally hang out in the library trying to pick up young boys to have your way with them and then spit them out, like you would with Dom, but I think he has hook up with Cassi and Dani will be mad and her father will not like you, Wow Evil Dick will not hang out with you what a bumer

    4. Adam or Rachel they both are cry babies Porsche has won just as much as anyone else and made a lot less enemies than anyone. She is stupid not to take Adam he did nothing to deserve to win. Threw comp’s and when he lost them was the worst actor in BB history acting like he was crushed he did not win.
      No one will vote for him except JJ and her whinny BF BJ. Get a grip P and get out R.

      1. easy, adam never played the game, he got 1 pov thrown to him he won the other pov cause he got lucky and his hoh was one an idiot could win, por won all of her comps legit and she picked a side and stuck with it. Adam just went wherever the power was and i think is the biggest floater in bb history easily

        1. Amen thats what I’ve been saying finally ppl that watch the bb Adumb loyalty is fake a Rachel eye poking boobs shit he really dick ride every hoh winner and whom ever had power of anything never chose a side. He stayed to who and what kept him safe every week.

        2. LOL Porche is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE floater. Bigger than Adam, i’d say, or just as. She complains about the golden key crap but she didn’t do anything after it was over. Hope for Rachel Adam final two.

        1. And got pushed away from the Rachel alliance after Brendon’s first eviction even after sticking her neck out by being one of the only votes for Brendon. I strongly agree. Not a floater.

        1. I agree that I would think Rachel would have a better chance against Adam. Who knows, maybe she is feeding Porsche a line just to keep Porsche believing it if she wins. But if Rachel wins she will take Adam instead, wouldn’t be the first time.

          Word to the assessment of how Porsche totally isn’t a floater. Just beacause Jeff, Brendon and Rachel say it enough times does not make it true.

          As for Adam, he walked around like his “you know what” didn’t stink, even when he hadn’t won part 2. And was convinced that winning the final HOH, which he was at the time not even halfway to winning himself, was the sole 100% factor in deciding the winner. Which is ludicrous and doesn’t work that way which a hardcore fan should know.

          Then he couldn’t even do that!

          Oh and for the record, I think he tried to throw the OTEV competition. I think he wanted someone else to win it and as usual take the responsibility on anyone who wasn’t him. But when Porsche went up to deliver her pie, stopped for a second, then realized she messed up and went all the way back down there simply was no way Adam could still lose and not make it blatantly obvious.

          He won the last HOH, so congratulation. He won one contest that wasn’t thrown to him or won by someone making a major blunder at the last possible second. He beat out Jordan’s sole win by having a contest thrown to her. Whoop dee freaking doo.

        2. Rachel will NOT take Adam (Stupid if she does) for Dani will not vote for Rachel, nor will Shelly or Kalia. Rachel vs. Pocshie: Rachel gets Votes from Adam, JJ and B. WIN.
          Rachel vs. Adam: Loses for Dani won’t vote for her. Come on, Dani would vote for Lawon before she vote for Rachel. She HATES Rachel. Dani is that petty of a loser.

      2. As with many things in life, if there is a tie, the win goes to the one with the biggest boobs. Adam and Porsche may have been major floaters (in your eyes), but the tie goes to Porsche, but Adam was very close with those hairy man-cups, hahaha.

      3. Umm how many Comps has Porsche won vs Adams? If memory serves 2 POVs, an HOH and now today’s comp. Adams on the other hand has won the POV that was thrown to him, the HOH last week, and won the comp for having Jeff’s penise in his mouth the longest!

        1. Well but Adam playes in 4 more comps that porsche because of the Golden key, and porsch threw the Pov . Also, Porsch won all the most importatn comps, snedin JJ home

      4. Porche did float her way through 80 percent of the game bUt at least she did finally pick a side. Well, ok she floated to that side when they gained the power but then she did decide to stick with them. Of course it looked like they would stay in power for awhile so that’s proBably the only reason she stayed, lol Don’t think she deserves the win either but over Adam she sure does, lol

        1. She wasn’t the only one with the golden key and it wasn’t her fault, it was part of the game, blame BB. Anyway, who cares, she won this comp and now she has a chance for final 2!! GO PORSCHE!!!

        1. idk imo that’s kind of ridiculous to say that Porsche was never a floater.. first she was with the noobs, then she was with the vets (although she cried and was too stupid to realize that she was getting the golden key and what that meant), then she jumped ship again after getting her golden key and jumped on the Dani train or back to the noob side, floating through her golden key period and was never a target as she hid behind bigger targets, then tried hopping back on in their “final four” deal when Rachel won her last HoH to try to convince Rachel to put up the even bigger and more obvious floaters. Porsche doesn’t really bother me all that much compared to Dani, Shelly, and Kalia, however, watching BBAD tonight, is she really that stupid that she doesn’t know what “don’t sing” or “don’t talk about production” mean? Geez this girl is dumb as a box of rocks. It was also ludicrous that Adam and Porsche were agreeing with each other that Porsche’s game was equal to Rachel’s. lol that sealed the deal on the dumb as a box of rocks for me. She has no clue. Rachel was one of the biggest targets in the game the entire time and clawed her way through it. I am wondering if Rachel is going to remember everything Jordan said about taking Adam instead of Porsche to increase her chances to win.

      5. yea porsche didn’t switch sides to whoever was in power. she was with the vets but she couldn’t take rachel anymore after brendon left. so she isn’t a floater. i think you think floaters mean a person getting by without doing anything which is not a floater. which in any case at least porsche tries at all the competitions and usually does alright. while adam just throws or sucks at them (other than questions).

      6. The only difference is that porsche actually won some comps! She was very disloyal to Rachel after Rachel stood up for porsche to Cassie. Rachel deserves to win she worked her tail off physically and mentally! She got Danis vote to stay who would have ever thought that was possible. That was Rachels turning point to win!

      7. Porsche played a MUCH better social game than Adam. Adam literally stat here. Porsche talked strategy, made strong alliances, etc. I still want Rachel to win tho.

    1. If Porsche wins the 3rd part of the comp she would be better off taking Adam to the final, she might beat him for the $$$, but she can’t beat Rachel.

      1. only one problemo with that theory…….If Porche wins and takes Adam she would of had a hand in evicting all of the vets.Especially if her and Rachel have a final two deal and she flips.Thats sounds like 4 votes against her.You know Rachel can hold a grudge.

    2. Adam thinks that Kalia (let me vote out my alliance), Dom (I’ll just throw the veto comp while I’m on the block) and HIMSELF (ultimate floater / terrible at comps) are all stars??

      Talk about no feel for how your season went…

      1. I think Dom does have a chance for All Stars since he was the newbie with the most votes in who could come back into the BB house, only Brendan got more votes than he did

    1. If you want to win the big bucks you take Adam. If you need another party time girlfriend you take Porch or Rach. Gee girlfriend or money??? Let me pick. Take Adam & win.

        1. I think with Adam it’s a little less certain. BR, if their talk is to be believed, might vote game, in which case Adam has a lesser resume.

          1. Unfortunately, that’s not what BR actually do. Remember last year, they voted for Lane over HAyden and Hayden was the much better game player. In thier eyes, both were ‘social players; and they voted for who was the better social player. Rachel sees both Adam and Porsche as undeserving, as in she sees them as ‘social players’ and since Jordan openly admits to having never spent time with Porsche, I imagine that Porsche wasn’t a great social player, thus Brendan and Rachel will vote for Adam in the end.

        2. No way JJBRS will all vote for Adam….Jordan yes, Rachel yes(P would have to evict her). The others are all tossups because Adam did nothing in their eyes the whole game and if they vote for the better competitor plus more loyal player then they vote for Porsche. P beat A when it counted the most and that will mean a lot to some people.

          P beats A (close)
          R beats A (landslide)

          Most likely F2 and result is:
          R beats P (very close 4-3 vote with Adam once again deciding things)

        3. no they won’t, they will vote for the person that played the best game, that would be Rachel, and Dani knows if she votes for Adam or Porche she will look like a fool and no one will trust her again. The win is to go to the best player.

          1. She wouldn’t look like a fool. Rachel told her she didn’t want her jury vote. That’s a poor enough game move right there to easily justify not voting for her over Porsche.

      1. If R takes A she will win,if R takes p it could be 50/50. If P takes A he might win but I think it will go to P. So who ever wins the last comp needs to take A so they get the money. I hope they are smart enough to figure that out.

        1. Please Rachel win the last competition and take Adam. If you take ADAM YOU WIN DEFINITELY; if you take PORSCHE good chance you lose. Come ON use your brain and win that last competition and TAKE ADAM!!!

      2. Also remember sense they got down to five P has been saying she wants two noods to be at the end so I am not sure if she will take R anyway.

    2. Hate to burst your bubble..but there is still 1 more comp left and it will probally be questions…If Adam wins it…he decides who he takes for final 2. I don’t see Rach or Porsche beating him in questions and think this is his plan all along…final HOH decides it all.

      1. hate to burst YOUR bubble but adam doesnt get to play in the third part of the HOH..rachel won the first part..porsche won the ratchel and porsche battle each other in the third round and the winner becomes the final HOH.

      2. Are vou following this game, Adam is out he does not play anymore its up to Rac AND Por thee winner of the next comp picks who goes to the finale so try to follow along with us, oh I am sorry you must be AKALIA AND DANI FAN THATS WHY YOU SAID THIS

    1. Go RACH, DANI kALIA eat your hearts out, I am sorry DANI your daddy will not be talking to you beacause you blew it afteer her gave up his place in the house so you could float for four weeks. Then you said you were bored. Well your daddyyyyyyyyyyy is going to be mad that you flip so early, you were trying to make a name for yourself just like sheley di also a loserrrrrrrr as well as Kalia who played your game who is a loserrrrrrrrrrrr also. JEFF IS america favorite go RACHH

  1. Ohhh Adam. S…M….H. But I’ll bet you he’ll make final 2 anyway. Carried as always. Come on Rachel, you HAVE to win this final HOH!

  2. Rachel and Porsche are making Janelle proud right now. Those two women are beasts! Congrats Porsche, looks like you can win competitions in addition to wearing bikinis and cooking!

    1. I dont understand how you can say p is a good person when I read on here she put something in j’s milk to make her sick , and her comment about throwing an object at r’s stomach when she was talking about possibly being pregnent that is not a good person. If you think that is a good person I would hate to see what you consider a bad person!!!!

  3. I want Rachel to get the 25k if she doesn’t go to F2 but I don’t want to vote for her in case she is, not sure what to do. Do they give America’s Fav HG prize to the 1st & 2nd place winners? Kinda funny that I barely made it through last season because of her & I bout didn’t watch this season because I didn’t think I could stomach her for another summer! I never in a million years would have thought I would have been rooting for her!

      1. I hope you’re wrong on this one. Rachel absolutely deserves it. Jeff is a thug and Jordan is nice but completely undeserving of more money.

    1. Porsche made a deal with Rachel to keep her over Kalia and she will take her final 2. They have a deal F2, if they both keep their words.

    1. Yes!!!!! I wonder who she’ll take to the end “if” she wins against R? I know she & R have talked about taking each other but I really think P would have a better chance to win it all against A. Time will tell!


          1. Listen, don’t take this personally but ………………… WTF!!! Have we been watching the same show?! We get that you are a JJ fan and that you are bumbed that they (rightly so) got booted but, seriously, what colour is the sky in your world??!!! Jordon is like a nice apartment but, with no furniture!! If you get my meaning??!! And I have news for you, BOLDING every letter, every word, every response, won’t change that fact. Deal with it!

          2. the only person Jordan has “fooled” is you hunnie…. Jordans brain does not have capacity to make these big decisions and that’s why she did whatever Jeff said, and once his plan failed, she did whatever Rachael said….. The plans she “orchestrated” with Rachael before she was booted from the game for being a huge failure, could be figured out by a monkey…. For all these people who think Jordan “played” the game, lol, you’re living in a dream world like Adam, who believes he is the strongest player in the house…… Floaters and coat tail riders will get to the end because people want out the strongest players to win comps later on, and to keep a few floaters so they can easily beat them……

            to write in caps doesn’t make your argument any better… lol, just makes you look silly and sour because JJ is outta the house…..

            1. Typing in caps occasionally illustrates emphasis. Typing in caps for the entire duration of a message makes you look uneducated. If you were trying to prove a point, your style is counter-productive.

          1. When Porsche was in the block with Kalia she made a deal with Rachel to keep her and F2 deal was made. Adam nominated Porsche to be evicted. Porsche tried to make a deal with him but he refused. Rachel and Porsche will keep their words to take each another to the final 2. These two ladies work as a cocktail waitresses and the comments I have read here sometimes degrade these two ladies because of their profession. Being a waitress is not an easy job and do not get respect. Rachel and Porsche, Good luck but hoping for Rachel first place and of course Porsche $50.000 plus $5,000. plus stipend.

            1. On eviction night with Porshe and Kalia on the block, the votes were Adam to keep Porshe, Jordan to keep Kalia.. making Rachel the tie breaker. Rachel voted Kalia out of the house. I don’t know what you’re talking about Adam trying to vote out Porshe? The very first week when she was on the block with Keith.. ya.. Adam voted to evict her. But, that was a long time ago.. the first week and a half of being in house, when no one really knew too much about anyone (except for the vet couples), and what “side” people would be sticking on.

        2. What if Rachel wins final HOH. Rachel already told Adam if she wins she will take Porsche. Porsche made a deal with Rachel to keep her over Kalia and she will take her final 2. If Porsche does not keep her words, she will loose four votes for sure ( Rachel, Brendon, Jordan and Jeff and I think Shelly does not like her. If she takes Rachel and she has a better chance.

        3. It doesn’t matter who Rachel takes, she’ll win in the end! Adam and Porsche are floaters! GO Rachel! You got this for sure! Besides if porsche wins the Final HOH she will take Rach because the last thing Dani told her was to get rid of Adam she wanted it to be girls only in the final 2

  4. But wait …I thought addumb deserved to win because he won the final HOH ???? ohhh wait no that was just another one of his delusions .. .. like the one he has that Jeff is his buddy .. and that Jordan is a tough player ..etc etc … you know as Much as I disliked having the vets playing and AG playing favourites ..aDumb Dumb the serial killer pissed me off more .. so this result ..brings me great joy

      1. Sounds like it mighta been like the water comp from season 8 where the had to go from one glass box of water to the other with puzzle pcs!!!!

    1. I’m watching feeds and they keep talking about how they had to go underwater and hold their breath and pick something out of the water. maybe it’s the same comp that ED and Dani had in BB8 where they jump in water and pick puzzle peices

    1. Adam is back to butt kissing.

      No matter how delusional Adam is about his BB Game Play, it has
      to hurt being this close to the end and very possibly being cut.
      Now instead of boasting, he’ll be claiming:
      “Take me to the F2. I’m the Biggest Loser in BB History!”
      : /

      1. LoL!! I can hear him pleading now! It would suck for anyone to make it this far and get booted but A, most of all, deserves to get the boot. However, I’m wondering if P were to beat R in final HoH comp and have to choose between R & A, if she wouldn’t have a better chance of winning the 500K with A along? I think P & R are sounding pretty committed to taking each other, but we’ll soon see.

  5. Now if Porsche and Rachel will just have the sense to NOT take that windbag Adam to F2. How on earth can he think he is all that and a bag of chips?? An Allstar?? More like a legend in his own mind! May he suffer the same fate as another HG who thought he was a star never to be seen or heard of again: Enzo. Adam deserves his stipend and nothing more after this cocky foolishness. He thinks his pathetic dance was a highlight? If I have one wish, it is that he, superfan that he is, spends many hours reading ALL of these most recent posts.

    1. OMG Big Sister !! I couldn’t agree more !! I totally wobder if he’s such a super fan, would he know about this website ? If so, I pray he reads them after the show is over and he gets home to gleam in his super stardumb !!

  6. Rachel you got this…lol…what a shocker Adam didn’t win…well Adam…”Mr. You have to win the right to be here”…you gotta go…but I don’t know thinking it maybe smart for Rachel to take him to the end.

  7. Part 3 is really going to be a toss up between Porsche and Rachel, because it’s not going to be anything they can study for. It’s going to be questions about how they think the jury members answered. Idk…Rachel might have a slight edge though because she socialized with most of the people in the jury more than Porsche did.

    Really don’t care who wins part 3 just as long as they don’t take Adam. I heard him say that he would tell the jury that he doesn’t deserve a half a mil, but I don’t believe that. I think he actually thinks he can win.

      1. Simon can’t you just make sure no more comments about race go though altogether? I am sick of reading them. All I want to read is the Rachel supporters comments. she’s the real deal :)

      1. please no more it’s not important. let’s just talk game (Rachel’s game that is :) she’s the goddess of the mountain top and she is a burning flame :)

        1. Rachel’s a woman with a chemistry degree that has no clue how much mass is contained in three ounces of chicken wings–scary, but if you tell her it’s two shots worth, she’d probably understand. A chemist that can’t weigh things–lots of job prospects there.

          1. aww be nice to rangel shes had it hard on this show. if anything porka is the dumbest, skankiest hoe on here now (don’t forget porka picks her nose then eats her snots and she is a waitress at a topless bar) (but I’ll always hate shelHE more than any BB HG)

                1. and dont forget your “sweet angel ” woke up twith a bottle pf patron in One hand and a fistful of hundreds in the other ( wasnt she topless as well ) sooo remember that when you cast stones at P ..
                  TEAM NOOB FTW

            1. lol. calm down Brendon. I guess you forgot that Rachel was giving you Blowjobs a few weeks ago on the feeds. Porshe with the extra pounds looks 1000x better than Rachel. #fact.

  8. Yes they better send adam home i am amrooting for Porche but would mind if her or Rachel took it. I would love it if who ever sent him home used his “you gotta earn your place here”

      1. It’s called fan appreciation brandy and ah how serious do you take this? like I would really pursue Rachel :) get a sense of humour please :)

  9. This is how it was meant to be…..the sole survivor of Team Jeff vs the sole survivor of Team Dani.
    May the best woman kick some serious ass

  10. Smart thing to do would be for either of them to take Adam to the final two to ensure winning the money though i’m sure their not smart

  11. Come on, there are no real Pinto fans, all you people commenting that you love Pinto are the same fruitcups that used to sign your comments – “Team dani 4 Life”. In your twisted minds you think Pinto winning somehow makes Dani’s terrible game decisions more respectable.

    1. Why do people who like Dani have to be the ones who are rooting for Porsche? Dani is gone. Nobody cares about Dani. I agree she played a bad game that couldn’t be reconstructed. But who cares? It’s a game. There a three people left in the house. Process of elimination. If people don’t like Rachel then it’s natural to choose the other person that’s more tolerable.

        1. Thanks for being fair, Rachel and Porsche, Good luck. Rachel for the win and Porsche 50 thousand plus five thousand plus a pay check from CBS for staying in the house all summer. No bad at all, considering many Americans are suffering.

    2. I could say the same about all JJ fans cheering for Rachel. But it’s a stupid thing to say. There’s only three people left in the house, out of the three I’d like to see Porsche wins for several different reasons and not a one of them involves Dani.

    3. Face it, Rachel sucks, Adam is dumb, and you’re delusional. Pinto has gotten so much better since being on her own and deserves some appreciation.

      and oh, yeah. TEAM DANI FOR LIFE.

  12. if rachel wins she takes adam and wins 500, if porshe wins and takes adam she loses ,if she takes rachel she loses ,if adam votes for rachel ,,porshe is screwed!! rachel vs adam rachel has brendon ,jeff, jordan. kalia.if porshe takes adam, adam has jeff ,jordan,brendon.rachel.if porshe takes rachel, rachel has jeff,brendon,jordan,and then it’s up to adam to see who wins,and i think if porshe evicts him ,,rachel gets his vote. porshe might be a screwed.

      1. rachel wont need shellys vote just kalia’s,and rachel told shelly she played the best game this season so who knows shelly might vote for rachel after that,

    1. I think if Rachel took Adam it would be almost a landslide. The only person I don’t see voting for her is Shelly. Honestly, in any scenario Rachel will win. The newbies really messed up not trying to get the vets out before jury, so they can’t win even if they tried.

  13. YES!! So glad Adam didn’t win b/c Rachel will do so much better with questions against Porsche than Adam. Porsche is a wildcard though…I have no idea who she would bring if she wins the 3rd part.

    PS: Brendan would definately do well in Survivor….people would keep him in his tribe b/c they need strength to win immunities, then he would win individual immunities after the merge.

        1. i had suggested to CBS a couple of years ago that they should have BB and Amazing Race All Stars vs. Survivor All stars. That would be awesome. i think i will suggest it to them again


    1. I take it your not a big fan of porka? I love rangel she deserves to win, she worked so hard to be where she is. go Rangel cause your a superstar yes that’s what you are :)
      BTW love that name Porka it’s as good as cowlia’s name :)

  15. omg is he joking about that allstars thing???? i cant wait when he leaves the house and sees how much america is disgusted with him!!!!!


  17. Today on Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The quest of Janelle’s all time HOH wins):We learn that Porsche wins part 2 of HOH over Adam. Well, the bad news for Ms. Porkchop Porsche her final part of HOH competition indeed no chance of losing to Rachel. DR Called “Porsche, please come to the diary room.” Porsche walked in and the producers says, “Congrats on winning part 2 of HOH competition, I got some good news and some bad news.” Porsche, “What is a good news?” The producers says,”The good news is you defeated Adam in the memory event.” Porsche cheered “Yeah!!! alright, I kick some (bleep)”!!!! The producers says,”That’s a good news, but there is a bad news.” Porsche says,”What is it?” The producers says,”The bad news that you will challenge Rachel in final Head of Household competition, which is?” Porsche says,”What another physical which I destroy Rachel, What?” The Producers says,”JURY QUESTIONS” Porsche freaked out and ran out the DR. Porsche cried like a little wuss, She says “WHY I HAVE TO CHALLENGE RACHEL IN JURY STATEMENT?” “I’M GOING TO GET MY (BLEEP) KICKED!” “RACHEL WILL EAT ME ALIVE AND I’M TOTALLY SCARED!” “I SHOULD LOSE PURPOSELY SO THAT ADAM WILL BEAT RACHEL WHICH ADAM WILL EVICTED RACHEL.” “WTF, I’M REALLY SCARE OF RACHEL WILL DESTROY ME AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A RAGGED DOLL!” “THAT’S IT, I’M GOING TO TALK TO THE PRODUCERS TO STOP THE FINAL HOH COMPETITONS!” “I’M TOTALLY (BLEEP), I SHOULD BEEN IN THE JURY ALREADY.” “I’M A TOTALLY A DUMB(BLEEP) AND AN IDIOT.” Meanwhile in the jury house, Jeff, Jordan, & Brendon laughing on the laptop that Porsche will challenge Rachel in Final HOH competition. Brendon says,”HAHA! Dude get your (Bleeep) over hear.” Jeff walked in “What is it?” Brendon says,”Porsche will challenge Rachel in Final HOH competition, my fiancee Rachel will finally get number 6 HOH wins.” Jeff says,”Alright, finally that Ms. Floater Barbie doll has taste her own medicine Which Rachel is a expert in Question.” Dani & Kalia walked in and suddenly acting weird. Dani says,”Hey guys, what up?” Brendon says,”Guess who won part 2 of HOH competition.” Dani says,”who?” Brendon says,”Porsche.” Dani & Kalia jumped up and down. Brendon told them, “That’s a good news, here’s the bad news.” Dani & Kalia stare weirdly,”What is it.” Brendon says,”Porsche has to challenge Rachel in final HOH competition.” Dani says,”Which the event.” Brendon says,”Jury Statement.” Dani & Kalia cried like a little Wuss. “WTF, I TOLD PORSCHE SHOULD KEPT JORDAN OVER RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH HER LATER!!!!! Kalia says,”Don’t worry Dani, Porsche will be fine.” Dani says,”Not only that, Porsche will get her Asskicked by Rachel in jury statement. She doesn’t know the jury says. Now she will get screwed!! We just give up and vote for Rachel.” Kalia and Dani still making out!!!! Here is the rundown, Rachel needs 1 more HOH win to secure her Big Brother History to tied Janelle’s Record. Stay tuned for the Finale.

    1. Hope Rachel wins part 3 and says…Sorry Porsche,I have to take Adam to final 2…It’s what Jordan would’ve wanted….Ziiiiing!!!!!!

    2. I believe what Rachel has told Adam might not be a done deal, cuz she might need to make sure she get the final win and final say before she can tell.

    3. No worry Rachel will take Porsche. Porsche asked Rachel to keep her over Kalia and she did. These two ladies will be true to their words.

  18. Comment I hope Rachel wins. She was the most entertaining and she kept the show interesting. She also thought up most of the games that they played during Showtime. Rachal was also the only one that thought enough of the fans watching Showtime, to dress up and wear her makeup during that time. All the other women looked awful and looked as of they should be doing housework. If I ever see another pair of sweatpants on TV it will be to soon. I also give credit to Jordan She also looked nice.

    1. I like Adam too. Why are people so harsh on a lot of their comments He may not be that good at this game but that does not mean he is not a nice person and as well a fan of the show as am I which dose don’t make us any less then you or any one else.

      1. I am indifferent to scrotum as he was to this game. I would rather see him in final 2 than porka though. ( this way my baby Rangel wins hands down) :)

  19. I’m sorry, did Adam actually say that he and Kalia had a shot at being invited back for All Stars? Wtf.

    I can see Dom, and maybe Porsche (but that’s a big maybe). I could actually see them taking Shelly – people either loved her or hated her which makes for good TV. Plus she actually was good at the manipulative part of the game, whereas Adam and Kalia literally let other people make decisions for them the whole time

    1. I agree. If Shelly said she was going to lie from the beginning, then people would say she played a great manipulative game….but she was lying to us, lying to all of them and pretty much got jeff out so people can’t stand her. I liked her. She was way more entertaining than Porsche and Adam….she sucked at comps though…like really bad!!

  20. While I hope R/P take each other I think the best chance for either of them is taking Adam. Adam gets no respect from a game perspective and outside of Jordan I don’t think he was as liked as he thinks he was.

  21. Does anyone think that the Jeff and Jordan fans are splitting their votes?? Or do the have the 25 locked?
    Simon? Anyone? thoughts.

  22. I am very happy that both chicks beat that sorry excuse for a BB player–as long as Ass kisser Adam doesn’t win it’s all good. Both girls should drag each other to F2 because they will lose each others vote if they take Adam, but Adam will vote for the best player no matter what because they both “earned” it in his confused head.

  23. This having to hold their breaths comp certainly wasn’t the kindest……Adam, who smokes like a chimney and also, clearly has bad circulation….Porsche who really wasn’t all that active this season and put on some major weight but kudos to her for pulling it out…..guess it’s pretty obvious that these comps are planned ahead of time but this certainly would have benefited, Brendon, the swimmer

  24. Rachel and Porshe, final two, PLEASE!!!. I did not like either of them, initially. But say what you will about Rachel, the girl is a badass! Porshe could have gone the easy route and kept Jordan instead of Rachel. Jordan would have been easier to beat in comps, but instead she chose Rachel, a fierce competitor. I respect that.

    1. I agree. It was both her bedt and possibly worst move in the game. Guaranteed 50K for the porche! WTG LADIES AND ADAM TOO. Don’t get all depressed!

      1. There is nothing over the top about Jeff and the BB Clown Shoe.
        Jeff is going to hear the words, “Clown Shoe,” for a long, long time. lol

        BTW – Your autobiography is a sad read.

    1. Ibthink she will disregard that advice seeing as how Adam is 89% going to vote for Rachel. Win win and played fair and honest. Gotta love her moxy! Although Adam ain’t out of the game yet!

    2. Ahhhhh, isn’t this the same comment you made on this posting (#53 BigBBFanSaysGoJochel says:September 10, 2011 at 9:07 pm
      Will Rachel ignore all of Jordan’s coaching to bring Adam to the final 2 because she can beat him?” Adding “more easily” still doesn’t change the fact (as I responded the first time you made this comment) that “Jordan’s coaching”, is the definitive oxymoron.

  25. This holding their breaths comp, certainly wasn’t the kindest for either one of them..Adam who smokes like a chimney and has bad circulation……Porsche who hasn’t been all that active and has a major weight gain but kudos to her for pulling it out…..guess it’s obvious now that these comps are planned ahead but this certainly would have benefited Brendon, the swimmer, if he had made it this far

  26. I think Adam won. BB told them not reveal. Porsche ALWAYS gloats when she wins…And she is totally depressed acting… Adam is acting HAPPY.. Just a conspiracy theory.. We will see

  27. I think Porsche and Rachel have a final two deal saw them celebrating on BBAD when Adam went to the diary room and had to stop when he came back.

  28. rachel and porsche just made a final 2 deal… theyre both jumping around goin crazy. adams in the dr. both would be smart to take adam!

  29. I think Porsche and Rachel have a final two deal saw them celebrating on BBAD when Adam went to the diary room and had to stop when he came back. I also thought I heard Porsche saying something about money.

  30. After this giddy love fest that i am really enjoying on BBAD, do you guys think either Pinto or Big Red will take the butcher knife and plunge it in the others back and take Adam to the final 2 instead

    1. I think they will take each other and their deal is a legit one. Porsche’s been dead on to her word the entire game even when it seemed like it wasn’t the best choice (being the only vote to keep Brendan on the first eviction, and evicting Jordan instead of Rachel) I think she’d keep it again this time. As for Rachel I don’t think she can go against her nature to the point of taking super-floater Adam to final 2.

      1. Rachel’s good with words and will make a good case to the Jury for her to Win BB.
        The one thing, IMO, she shouldn’t mention, at all, is BB13 being her SECOND chance to win.

        Porsche will hopefully make a good case for herself, too.
        She has a bit of leeway and will be able to talk about being a Newbie and making it to F2
        while competing against a great BB Gamer and Vet, Rachel.

        It should be interesting.

    2. Let me answer two ways.

      1) if the choice was tonight, theyd take each other.

      2) the longer the third leg takes the more opportunity for Adam to make his moves and play his headgames.

      Your thoughts?

      1. Good point, as long as Adam doesn’t become overbearing like Kalia did when
        arguing her case to stay.
        She made good points but too often.

  31. You know ..It might be smart if Porsche were to win HOH..for her to take adam. Now I know you rachel nuts out there are having some kind of seizure and planning on punching me in the face .. but here me out me out. She gets up to give her speech or more then likely to answer a very angry and bitter , rachel.. *why didnt you take me * Porche can give the answer , in the first few hours we the noobs, decided we would stick together and eliminate the vets. while others like Adam sold us out and floated around the house .. in the end i was able to finnish the plan we started so long ago ..and I did it by playing ..and winning“
    Granted she may not win any votes from the vets simply because .. they may say they are going to vote on game play .. they have all been angry and bitter whenever the noobs won. but perhaps to get a bit of there integrity back they would vote on game play .

    either way I say TEAM NOOB … ( Brennnun and Rachell can payfor there own damn wedding .. I had to …)

    1. If Porsche were to stab Rachel in the back at this point, Adam would win. All 4 vets would vote for him. It would be a bad move on her part. Taking Rachel actually could make Adam the deciding vote. I think that JJB would vote Rachel. DK would vote Porsche. Shelly really doesn’t like Rachel and I think she would find it hard to vote for her.

      1. Good Point … I dont consider it stabbing in the back is just game play ..but we have seen how they play so damn personal (despite saying they dont) so you are right it would be in P best interest to take rachel .. But will still l like to see her take adam to show the vets that with all they di d…all production did they still could not win .. but in the end P has to win the HOBH to make that happen.

    2. Porsche was with the vets in the beginning….they offered her the golden key…if she didn’t get that, she would have been gone week 1 instead of Keith. She only decided to play with the newbies after her and rachel had their falling out so to speak….and the newbies included Dani at that point so I don’t think she could use that excuse.

  32. Well now that it looks like Rachel and Porsche have an alliance how does everyone feel the final jury vote will go. I think it will depend a huge amount on who is elected HOH and votes adam out. ATM I see the numbs like this

    Porsche Kalia-Dani-Shelly
    Rachel Brendon-Jeff-Jordan

    Seems Like adam is gonna be the one that crowns this years BB winner…..and atm I think he will vote for the one that does not evict him.

    1. It kills me that Adam would be the swing vote yet again, but it’s a likely scenario. Unless Porsche makes a good sell to the jury (which is possible, the arguments are there if she’s smart enough to see them) then Adam’s going to vote for Rachel.

  33. If Rachel wins the last comp she will get to choose so let’s see…

    I she goes with Porsche she gets
    *(maybe) Adam

    Porsche gets
    *(maybe) Adam

    Looks like their $500k faith is in Adam’s hands.

    1. I personally think Dani may vote for Rachel to win. I know she can’t stand her but Dani is a player. She is not dumb and I don’t think she will vote personally…it will pain her to vote for her, but I think she will….Shelly might too (after Rachel said to her she played an awesome game). Kalia won’t…Adam is a toss up…..If Adam makes F2, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a vote.

  34. Ok lets get some feedback, it seems with the new alliance of Rachel and Porsche the one that does not choose adam will probably lose. I could be wrong but it seems the jury votes all come down to adam and he might vote against the one that does not choose him for final 2.

    1. Latest update has Adumb indicating that if neither takes him to final two, then if R wins final HoH comp, he’ll vote for R, but if P wins final HoH comp, he “may” vote for her. One never knows with Adumb however, as he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to playing this game (the fact that he made it this far has greater a bearing on the poor judgement and miscalculations of the other HGs, than on any (mythical) game playing strategies of Adumb’s.

  35. YES, way to go Porsche!! I want Porsche/Rachel final 2 and even though I love Porsche, I think Rachel deserves to win and wouldn’t care if she ends up second!

  36. Rachel & Porshe F2 is the only justice to come out of this horrible season. LOL @ them celebrating while Adumb is in the DR. Adumb is probably in the DR talking shit about how much of an impact player he is this season.

    1. Without a doubt!! Which, on one hand I think A deserves to be there but, on the other hand, I think R deserves to be there …… not because she isn’t good at comps but, because of her emotional rantings and ravings, week after week ………. until quite recently. I just hope P wins the next HoH comp and gets to decide things.

  37. “Porsche mentions that Adam will probably win America’s player. rachel Agrees, she adds that out of the newbs he’ll win America’s Player. Porsche thinks it’ll be America’s favorite Newbie.”

    Just goes to show you how people in the house have such a different perspective than people watching.

  38. rach would be smart to take porche. cause then she has jeff, jordan, brendan and adam as a for sure vote. plus porche deserves it. i never thought id say this, but i want rachel to win.

  39. OH MY GOD. If Rachel is the last Jury Member, Jordan is sure to persuade her to vote for Adam. GOD PLEASE NO! I think I’m going to take 4 teaspoons of Nutmeg now and end my life lol

    1. Relax… they planning on losing Adam. BUT… on a side note… nutmeg will kill you?? Interesting. I’ve never heard of that before lol

      1. If p is so wonderful why did she have to resort to tampering with the food? BB should have done something about that !!! Maybe they think it’s no big deal, but wait until someone try’s something stronger next time. Why couldn’t they do something to p and let us know. Or is that a big secret also.

    1. A significant part of me agrees with you; R’s over-the-top, annoying as hell, egocentric, insane behaviour can hardly be forgotten. However, if I’m completely honest, there’s a (smaller) part of me that says, “Well, she has been a fierce competitor …” I frankly, however, am hoping P wins the 500K.

  40. OMG if Shelly, Dani, & Kalia vote for Rachel then ADAM of all people is the deciding vote ONCE AGAIN! Such a freaking tool. Hopefully, Shelly, Kalia, or Dani wise up & see that Rachel has had to fight since Day 1 & give it to her, but I don’t see that happening. Maybe Jordan can have some influence her week in the jury. Shelly or Kalia might listen to her & jeff. If not, looks like Adam is the deciding vote & he is telling her he’ll vote for Porsche if she wins a 6 question comp when Rachel as already won more comps and fought hard from Day 1 with a target…he’s such a joke!

  41. Rachel for the win!! I think it is so funny that Rachel is left in the house with 2 floaters. Even though she came in the house with the “No Floaters Allowed” attitude that caused her demise last season.. she came back and kicked some ass. I definitely prefer her without Brenden around (he really causes her dark side to come out… but then…. if you were belittled by your own fiance in front of others and on national television, you would probably be a raging psycho also.) I do not think she will have a problem winning against either Porche or Adam. There are very few in the jury house who got to see Porche and Adam as the “Hero, HOH, and POV” winning selves. Truthfully, for those that wait for the end to “win” competitions…. it is much easier to “win” when the number of competitors is lower (a.k.a. it is easier to win when there is less competition). This means that those who could win against multiple people are the better competitors (i.e. Rachel) than those who couldn’t win until there were only 4 or 5 people to play against. I think Rachel will win this, regardless of who she takes (and yes… she will win against Porsche). Adam and Porsche are the ultimate floaters and the jury members will know the realy truth.

    I can’t even say who she should take. Adam and Porsche have been dead weight thru-out the entire game. Not until the end did either of them start performing. I think Adam’s mouth this week has totally turned me against him. He has thought so highly of himself lately, it is really sickening. But then Porsche has been totally worthless until lately. I understand not wanting to draw attention to yourself, but this is a game. Freakin play it!!

    Go Rachel… you deserve to take that money and run AWAY from Brenden… you should do next season’s Expedition Impossible with Jeff & Jordan….LOL

  42. Judging by his present self-aggrandizing speech, I think it’s fair to say that Adumb has more than a passing acquaintance with revisionist history (i.e., “I made a big move every week just by voting”–tragicomic). And though I momentarily found some admiration for Rachel, listening to her martyr speech has dispelled all of that and she now just seems like another whining alleged victim.

  43. As long as Rachel is in the final two seats.. I will be happy.
    I feel bad for Adam, but he doesn’t deserve the money over Porsche. It just sucks, for him.. and I really feel bad for him :(

    But I really hope Rachel wins.. I mean, being up on the block literally everytime someone that was against had the chance to put her up.. must have sucked but she managed! She’s worked hard, and definitely changed her attitude.


  44. Go Porsche! Hoping Shelly and Adam give her the vote. Glad Adam is out of the money. If he had made a big move and kept Shelly and gotten rid of Jordan, I would be on his side, but he did nothing. Third place feels worse than first to jury.

    1. that comp was already played by cowlia and she won member:? just check dani’s ass it has cowlia’s lip prints permanently on em :)

  45. Have an off topic (sort of ) Question … I mentioned Orwell’s 1984 and Animal farm earlier …I was wondering if anyone knows if there has ever been an Issue with CBS using the term Big Brother …

    1. the show took the title from orwell’s book because it was about being watched 24-7 by a big brother (but not in a good way) :) I don’t think there are any copyright violations pertaining to the name “big brother”.

    2. Yes they were sued by Orwells estate tried to have it dismissed but couldn’t. So they settled out of court for an undisclosed sum back in 2000. CBS v. The Orwell Estate

      1. also why would CBS be sued when it’s freemantle who owns the rights to BB? (first BB airing was in UK then USA followed and soon lots of other countries so get your facts right dude.

      2. sorry it’s Endemol that owns BB TV rights and the first series aired in Netherlands in 1999 then UK then USA etc…check wiki to see for yourself :)

    3. Donovan ..more then aware of where the name came from ..
      thank you all for your responses .. guess i could have looked it up myself …but well..little lazy LOL

  46. I’m so praying that Rachel wins the final HOH – no matter who she takes to final 2 she is sure to win. And if Porkchop happens to win final HOH she is sure to take Rachel (because her bestie Dani told her to take Rachel) and guaranteed Rachel will win! lol

  47. Rachel, I am pulling for you in the final HOH! take Porsche to the final 2. Rachel wins if she is in the final 2 with anyone. she is the best & deserves to win!

    BJJD & maybe S will vote for Rachel.

    Rache ftw!

  48. Well seems i missed alot today…Adam is a very different Adam than last night, wind is gone from his sails. I kinda feel bad for him..he wanted to soo be worthy, he just couldnt. Now im torn….R or P…Porsche really showed her stuff…after all it wasnt her fault she had to ride the bench the first month, plus she wouldnt kiss Jeffs ass and i respect the hell out of that! Also i like her. Rachel …never ever thought i would pull for her..i HATED her last yr..i mean she drove me crazy…But i gotta give her the dues she deserves! She has played and fought her ass off..and its amazing how with out Brendon she seems very focused and pleasant. So hmmm who do i pull for….maybe i should sleep on it…..I cant wait to see this comp wed! Everyone good night.

  49. For a final3 BBAD, this is pretty good, i love when they talk about their strategies and really like when they give their thoughts on other houseguests and how everyone is percieved by the viewing public. A little more interesting then constant talk of Steamboat and how famous they will be after the show. LOL

  50. Hoping P and R take each other. If A gets to final two, it would not only be a travesty, but make for an incredibly excruciatingly BORING finale.

    I secretly hoped that Porsche and Rachel would start working together again after they had their little fallout. They are truly some of the best players in the game (I’d say only Brenden and Dani can hold a candle to their gameplay, though Dani made bad strategic moves).

    I agree that Rachel shouldn’t be scared to take Porsche to final two…she has a very good shot (though with Adam it is clear-cut, obvious and would be ridiculously monotonous to sit through two hours of him talking out of his a**).

  51. i wish i could stuff a sock in adams mouth. I really wasn’t hating him to much and respected when he told porsha he always figured if he won he would take the person who was in final comp with him cause they earned their spot. now its all the if you take me i will tell everyone i dont deserve to win. No you dont deserve to win you dont deserve the 50,000 eather would have respected him more if he would have just said take each other you girls deserve to be the final two. time for him to man up if he can and evect himself

  52. She stepped off the bus, out into the city streets, just a small town girl with her whole life packed in a suitcase by her feet. But somehow the lights didn’t shine as bright as they did on her mama’s t.v. screen, days seemed longer nights seemed harder than she ever thought they’d be.

  53. Does anyone else get the feeling that CBS gave up on this season. I totally understand why there is no show on Sunday night but does anyone else feel that if Dani, Jeff and Rachel where in the final three they would have made an effort to put a show on maybe Monday night. I mean almost a full week in between shows, not sure that would have happened if the final three where more interesting….

    1. Does that mean there wont be hid the VETO comp, where the winner gets $$$ for the first time this year. I’m guessing there’s no big brother tonight because it’s the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, is that right?

  54. i seriously can notttt get over the fact that adam thinks he’ll be america’s player…..and he thinks people will vote cuz he was an “honest player”… no you’re a boring player…..i love how kalia said it..start playing like an allstar and stop playing like a fan aww yaaaa

    1. Come on guy’s stop ragging on Adam. He really seems like a nice guy and I do truly believe he has a huge heart, is loyal and did the best he could. Does that mean I want him to win? NO… NO… NO… I wouldn’t mind if he won the $25K for favorite cast member. I was voting for Rachel and will now change my online vote (CBS BB site) to Adam, maybe I can encourage some of you’ll to???

      I think Adam had a fun season not to mention meeting his lifelong favorite celebrity, Tori Spelling. Thank you Rachel!!! With the siphons they earn, his show bonuses and hopefully the $25K he should walk away very happy. Wish you all the best Adam. Now let the best final 2 win, RACHEL… lol :D

      1. i understand what you’re saying but there’s no way adam would win america’s favorite player haha….it’s a given that it’s going to jeff….my vote will always be dani though!

        1. Dani doesn’t even have her dad’s vote, he’s not at all happy with her play this season. I do think he should vote for her regardless. Oh well, we’ll see who got the votes on 9/14. Still hoping it will be Adam :)

  55. Now that Adam told Rachel that he’d vote for her to win over Porsche, she needs to take Porsche to final 2. Porsche deserves to be in final 2 way more than Adam does. I’m fine with Rachel winning and Porsche getting second, she deserves at least that.

  56. LOL! they got Adam out of they way by putting a competition that involved holding your breath. Adam is a smoker, there was no way he was going to be able to hold his breath for too long.
    BB prod, lol smh

  57. Though I am for sure not really a fan of anyone on this season, I do have to say I’m glad Rachel is in the top 3 and I hope she wins the whole thing. It would suck to see her go out without any cash. Fingers crossed that she wins the last round because if she doesn’t she’s probably going to be the last jury member.

    Just ready for this season to be over and crossing my fingers that next year will be all newbies that actually know how to play BB.

  58. actually takin adam is the best idea for porshe, she cant beat rachel and all she needs to say to the jury “just look at him, really?”

  59. I do hope Rachel win and take Adam to the F2. Adam is not a floater, just not that good at comps. But he’s loyal to his alliance. He is the one on the block the most times and he was always the prawn. That means he has won the social game. When he uh-uh, and doesn’t speak his mind doesn’t really make him a floater. Plus, I feel Rachel has a better chance to win $500K with him, even he said he would vote for Rachel if he’s in the jury, FMO.

  60. As always BB is a numbers game, no matter how much you don’t want it to be. The final vote for the winner is no different. If Porsche and Rachel are the final 2, Rachel has a strong chance to win. Jordan told Rachel the night before the last eviction that she had Jeff and her vote. We know she has Brendon’s, which makes three. I believe Dani will also vote for Rachel because of the stats. As for Shelly and Kalia, who knows, do they??? If it is Adam and Rachel, again I think Rachel will win. If it is Adan and Porsche I will depend of whether she can keep Rachel’s vote if she evicts her. Since non of us has a crystal ball (at least I don’t) it’s best guess for all of us. If you look at past history of BB and Survivor, the evicted cast who vote often vote for people they don’t like as they vote for the player who played the hardest in competitions and played the best game. In my book that is Rachel hands down. Who cares if Rachel is a “veteran” or a “newbie”. As long as Rachel wins at least $50k I’ll be happy and I think she will too. My vote and support is for Rachel.

    FYI, Adam just told Rachel (Showtime After Dark) that even if she voted to evict him after the 3rd and final HOH competition, she will still have his vote. Again, who knows, GOD??? LOL :D

  61. I think if it is P and R at the end it will go like this…

    JJ for R because of the alliance
    B for R because, he is still too stupid to realize what he has gotten into with this girl who is waaayyyyy to much work to be married too….imagine urself having to encourage and apologize and make up every single day for the rest of yoyr life?? No thank you!! But Im off track…
    S for R because she is going to try to make up with JJ, ” I promise my loyalty this time even tho I hate R!! I can prove it to you! I will give her half a million! You’ll see how loyal I can be! ”
    K for P, well it’s obvious, and
    D for P because because R was stupid and said she does not want her vote! But R got it like that! She is that great in her head…when she is not crying about her looks, acne, why can’t she win, why does B love her and so on…
    A for P because I am praying with my whole heart that he will finally have some loyalty to the newbies who he has pledged it too, but has done all he can to throw everyone of them under the bus!

  62. also, does anyone feel after watching BBAD that R is putting it on for P?? Like she will really take A and just telling P what she wants to hear??

    1. NO… Not to say she won’t change her mind if she feels “A” is a better choice. Don’t forget Adam told “R” she had his vote by the hot-tub, then when “R” was called to the DR and “P” came out to join him he told her he would not disclose his vote. I think he will vote for “R”, which would cinch “R’s” win, so why take him. I also thing “R” had Dani’s vote and a better chance for a win with “P”.

  63. Man, what I wouldn’t do to soak for a few hours with this years bb winner; Porshe. She is just so damned cute with or without makeup plus she got a butt that don’t quit. Hope you win babe.

  64. I forgot to wonder aloud “will they finally upgrade to HD cameras next season.” but then I remembered they can’t have rachels ugly ass face in HD.

  65. Dumbest move ever to take Porche to the finale. She’ll get all the newbie votes plus Danielle. That means she’d win 4-3. I’d personally take Adam since so many think he was a floater all season!

  66. no fricken way! rachel take adam he soooooo deserves it more, and youll get first over adam!!! porshe has to many budddies! daniele, kalia, shelly, rachel you have jeff jordan brendon, and if u get rid of adam he will not vote for u to win!!!! come on girl do the smart thing and take adam with u !! if u do youll get jeff jordan brendon and kalias vote!! come on rachel plz dnt take porshe plz!

  67. Am I right, on BBAD last night when Adam was discussing F2. Didn’t he say that if he is in F2 he would get J/J vote. If Rachel believed that then there is no way she would take Adam. She needs their votes and Adam’s vote. He was clear.

  68. If Porshe wins, I hope she remembers it’s not over. She is still playing the game. Her odds are winning are Better if she takes Adam. It’s not about him deserving it, but about her winninng!i

  69. If you think about it, here’s what’s going to happen. Have you all forgotten at the very beginning of BB 13, Rachel and Porsche were instant BBBFF ( big brother best friends forever ) since they entered the house? They had alliance together from the beginning, now I think when Rachel won all the HOH comps, possibly Porsche “threw them”, and then later on in the game porsche wins Rachel loses the comps, and they both win one a piece of the final two of three final HOH’s. See when Jordan got evicted of course Porsche would have to vote her out because Rachel & Jordan have been very close from the beginning and the alliance between Rachel and Porsche “won out” They could also be plotting whoever wins (R or P), wins the 500,000 and THEY SPLIT THE MONEY BETWEEN THE TWO.. stay tuned! (HOW DO I KNOW YOU MAY ASK.).?…a little “birdie” told me! you figure it out…LOL

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