Bayleigh “I am already the angry black woman y’all want me to be! So let me be that!”

9:30pm HOH room. Tyler and Sam. Tyler – I jsut wanted to let you know that he is definitely going to use it. Sam – okay, who is he going to take down? Tyler – I don’t know but still everything is fine. Are you going to not tell him who you are going to put up? Sam – no. I’m not going to tell anyone who I am going to put up until I put them up. And then when I put them up I am going to tell them about the power thing. Tyler – okay is it still Rockstar? Sam – I’m not going to tell you either. Its not you. Tyler – okay. Its not Rockstar? Sam shrugs her shoulders. Tyler – You’re not going to tell me?

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Big Brother Power Of Veto Spoilers! “You’re the Veto queen!”

5:42pm When the feeds return – Fes is walking into the bathroom with the veto around his neck. Bay – how are you doing? Fes – I don’t know. Bay – don’t be upset this is a very tough position to be in. Rockstar joins them. Rockstar – best case scenario you tell her (Sam) who you want up. JC joins them. JC – You’re the veto queen! Haleigh joins them. Haliegh – your so smart. I got half of them right and I guessed on one. Fes – where’s my trip to Greece man!

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Kaitlyn “You’re telling me right now that you can’t save me?! That destroys our friendship.”

2pm Bathroom. Tyler and Kaitlyn. Tyler tells Kaitlyn that he would never swear on his dad’s grave like how Swaggy did it. I just wanted to double check that we were clear on that. So don’t ask me that. Everyone is different and has the right to do it. I just wanted that to be clear. It was just a misunderstanding. Kaitlyn says she won’t. Tyler – are you still 100% that Sam used the power. Kaitlyn – I’m a 100% sure. Tyler – remember what I said, don’t be 100% about anything. Kaitlyn – I am going home if I sit next to her (Haleigh). Bay and Rockstar will vote to evict me. Tyler – do you have an okay relationship with them right now?

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Big Brother Spoilers Veto Players Picked “I’m going HAM”

****UPDATED***** Big Brother Spoilers 10:16am Fes and Rachel in the bathroom . Fes tells her if he doesn’t win the veto he thinks he’s going up.
Rachel tells him if he wins the veto it puts him in a really shitty position.

Rachel – it would make more sense to keep Haleigh she’s done less.. personally I enjoy Kaitlyn .. I enjoy both equally..
Rachel says her and Kaitlyn have more inside jokes, “i want that to stay between us”

Rachel – I wouldn’t think you go up as a replacement if there was..
Fes – it’s a game who knows what she will do..

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“You are so naive when it comes to her .. she made up that shit about Sam’s power”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:35am Bayleigh and Fes.
FEs is laughing that they have done an entire episode on his hair..

Bayleigh starts to get down
Fes – why are you so happy
Bay – I’m not happy i’m hyper
Fes says if Haleigh get houseguest choice she’s going to pick him
FEs – even though we vote against Sam I don’t know about you but I’ve had good conversation with Sam and that goes a long way with her
Bay points out that Sam has had good conversations with ROCKSTAR before and she’s yelled at rockstar
Bay – Rockstar was attacking last night and Sam was like you need to chill and Rockstar was like I don’t need to chill

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