Big Brother Spoilers “There’s a lot of little punks in here”

11:57am Swagz and Bayleigh
Swagz says he’s only talking to Scottie and a bit Tyler.
Swagz is worried about Tyler he thinks Tyler will get the BBapp power and not tell them.
Swagz go on about not trusting Tyler anymore..
Bayleigh – there’s a lot of little punks in here
Swagz – Winston is a b1tch… can you say that nicer.. no.. (a line he gave the DR .. lol)

Swagz – I think Kaitlyn will put up Winston and Kaycee..
Bayleigh – when Kaycee walked out of that room with Kaitlyn she was smiling..

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“I want to b@ckdoor Swaggy this week that would be a cool move..”

10:30am Tyler and Kaitlyn HOH
Kaitlyn tells him how frustrated she is with Brett because she’s not giving specifics about the power.
Kaitlyn – Brett doesn’t have it
Tyler – I just found out.. Brett played up he had the power just in case this happened to be used as a deflection..
Tyler – I was under the impression he had it to
Tyler – Sam had the power she just told me
kailtyn – I f*ing knew it
Tyler – it’s after the votes are revealed the other person goes home
Kailtyn – perfect I’m putting up Sam and Swaggy
Tyler obviously doesn’t like this plan. no

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“Tyler is scaring me .. I don’t want Tyler in this game for longer than 2 weeks”

1:14am Haleigh and ROCKSTAR
(Hard to hear them over the noise from the other room)
Haleigh says not very many people in this house like Swaggy.
ROCKSTAR says she really doesn’t like WINSTON and BRett.

They talk about Kaitlyn flipping. Haleigh says in 5 days whats going to be a totally different dynamic.
Haleigh – we’re safe this week
Haleigh – they are just going to blow the 5 to smithereens

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