Maddy “She (Kelsey) definitely has to go! She’s a manipulator and f**king with everyone!”

POV Holder: Christine Next POV March 5th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 07-27-47-112

10:30am Mitch and Nick are talking in the hot tub room. Mitch says if the 7 of us can just stick together. That would be so good to stick together till at least jury. Nick says I would be so happy if one of the 7 won too. Nick says I feel like if you cross Tim or someone he’s close to that he would ..I feel like Tim is kind of a robin hood in a way. Jared, Phil and Dallas join them.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 07-40-48-260

10:45am Tim, Cassandra and Nikki are talking by the pool. Cassandra thinks this next HOH will be an endruance. Nikki says that they had an endurance on the UK season and she lasted 7 minutes while others lasted 14 hours. Cassandra says I wonder if there’s a secret room behind the jackpot sign. Tim says yeah! Cassandra says but the only way to get to it is through the HOH bathroom. Loveita joins them and says that she’s said what she need to say and doesn’t want to shove it down people throats. Cassandra says that up until last night it was Loveita going but they all switched their vote.

11am In the Kitchen – Maddy says that Kelsey definitely has to go! She’s a manipulator and f**king with everyone. She’s manipulation everyone. That can’t happen. She’s rubbing up on everyone’s head, tickling their back. Ramsey says she offered me a little d**k massage. Maddy says I bet she did! Dallas asks Maddy? Ramsey nods. Ramsey says she said if I win HOH, she’ll give me a d**k massage. Dallas says I’m not calling your bluff on that one.

11:15am – 11:20am HOH room – Kelsey says that she went out to the hot tub room where all the guys were and they think we should vote Sharry out and B they think we need to get Dallas out. Christine says well Dallas isn’t an option. Kelsey says no moving forward. Kelsey says that Loveita asked if we could hang out today. We do you have to ask, why can’t it just happen. Kelsey complains about how Loveita keeps talking about what happened. We already had this conversation a million times. Jared joins them. Kelsey explains how when Loveita sits down I have this feeling that I want to leave and Mitch said that’s exactly why we need to keep her. Everyone has that same feeling. Kelsey and Cassandra head to the bedroom.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-09 08-34-35-493
11:30am Bedroom – Cassandra says sh*t they’re annoying! (Loveita and Sharry) Christine says I think they understand they’re annoying and will change their ways which scares me. Cassandra asks who should I vote out? Christine says I don’t know, they’re all voting out Sharry. Cassandra says I could convince them to go the other way, they’re all so on the fence. They’re so easily persuaded Its scary. Christine says I think between you and me we could manipulate this whole house because we’re the smartest ones because we can figure out peoples emotions. I think we should wait till the last minute and then convince them of what we what. Cassandra says Sharry is with Dallas and Maddy. Loveita is jsut with Sharry. Christine asks do you think without Sharry will start sucking on Loveita’s t!ts? Cassandra says Loveita is sucking on my t!ts. Cassandra says Dallas has to go. They both agree to never be too comfortable. Cassandra says that Nikki said she would put up Dallas if she wins. Tim said if he could he would give HOH to Nikki because he doesn’t want blood on his hands.

11:50am 1HOH room – Jared tells Ramsey that you and me not clashing is better for my game. Jared asks who is your biggest threat in the game? Ramsey says at first I thought Raul but now I don’t think that. Ramsey says if it had to come down to it I would put Cassandra up because for some reason she feels threatened by me. Jared says yeah thats coming from the first week. Ramsey tells Jared he truly doesn’t feel threatened by him. Jared says those people because they’re my friends I can tell you they don’t feel threatened by you. Ramsey asks honestly? Jared says the group has never brought your name up other than we should hang out more. Ramsey says wow. Jared says that he likes the brothers but I see what they’re doing. They’re just coasting through until they can say guess what suckers we’re two people now. I like them but I know what’s going to happen. Jared says I personally think we should go after Loveita. Kelsey joins them. Ramsey says I can definitely tell you that Loveita has it out for you guys.

Hot Tub room – Maddy and Dallas are talk about who to put up. Maddy says we have to put up two strong people. Like the brothers. Dallas says that’s only one person. If we put up two strong people one is coming off and coming after me. Jared, Kelsey and Raul join Dallas and Maddy. Dallas says there are two people that I think would absolutely go up Ramsey and Nick/Phil. Nothing against the brothers but they’re going to split up and become two. Kelsey and Raul head inside. Jared asks what are we going to do? Dallas says I think we need to get rid of Sharry. Jared says he thinks Loveita is coming after him. Either way I would want them to go back up on the block.

12:15pm HOH room – Kelsey says we need to let them think we want Loveita out and then on the day of we’ll switch and vote out Sharry. That way we can tell Loveita we voted to keep her and those 3 (Ramsey, Maddy and Dallas) voted her out. (Dallas and Maddy have said they want Sharry out so her plan isn’t going to work.) Kelsey says If Ramsey wants you to do anything, you do the opposite. In our group we decided we want Sharry out. When Dallas and Maddy start talking about wanting the brothers out I agree with them but I don’t. I want Dallas out. Kelsey goes to tell Cass her plan. She heads to the bedroom and tells Nick, Tim and Cassandra the plan.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 09-36-09-648
Kelsey then heads to the HOH room and tells Jared her plan. Jared says I think we should just let things happen. Jared says we already shoved two knives in this girl, do you think she is going to be all buddy buddy. Kelsey disagrees and thinks if her friends vote her out, she’ll come to us and go after them. Jared says he doesn’t agree with the plan but says if you want to do it, then go for it. Kelsey says I just feel like a mastermind genius right now! Kelsey says you need to know that Sharry is coming for us as well. Jared says Loveita will come directly after us and Sharry won’t. Kelsey says you can just be the beauty and I’ll be the brains. Jared says you’re over thinking things.

In the storage room – Dallas tells Jared that if you want me to vote out Loveita, then that’s what I’ll do. And you have my word on it. Jared says that everyone keeps changing their minds right now so I don’t even know.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 09-40-48-409

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I really think those few think they will have that HoH room for the duration of the show.


come to think of it…how did Frankie Grande manage to have HoH room most of time..and never in the Have-Not room?


The Frankie situation? He said it was for medical reasons that he couldn’t be be in the have not room due to poor circulation (And he applied to be on survivor before big brother so would they have to build him a suite if he’d been dropped off on an island?)
Only reason he was in the hoh room all the time is he whined and acted entitled to everyone in his alliance as if it was a forgone conclusion that he would be their roommate for the week.


Oh i remember poor Frankie Grande and his poor circulation… lol what a scumbag. Meanwhile i guess that made him entitled to talk about raping Victoria on live feeds, hope to never see that asshole on this show again.


Yeah, Victoria is an asshole and a narcissistic bitch. Seriously, the joke about ‘raping’ her was an unfunny joke and everyone including Derrick was laughing hysterically about it. Don’t take it that serious. She claimed to be a virgin so many times….thou dost protest too much….but was straddling everybody’s crotch at night. I can’t stand Frankie either.


Four or five MEN in a room laughing about a rape joke doesn’t make the rape joke funny.
Doesn’t matter who the woman is that they are dehumanizing and disrespecting, laughing about the violation of another human being? Not a joke.

sunny dee

i remember at least one HOH had to practically throw him out of HOH room, because by that time it was clear frankie wasn’t going to leave it on his own. like by the end of their week, they have to say, gee frankie, i’d kind of like to spend the night alone, ok? thanks, buh bye

the best day of my BBUS watching day was when they all hit that button, to reset the week, and he was finally in a position to be evicted. the absolute crowning of the whole sham was when the actual winner of BBUS Derek is going on whatever talk show Julie is on, and he’s not on there with 2nd place guy, he’s on there with FRANKIE. to me it’;s like a slap in the face to both Derek and the 2nd place guy, like neither one of them really mattered, but they are stuck with having Derek on the show cuz he won. but damned if they were going to have 2nd place guy or America’s choice on there .


Can someone give me a rundown of Cassandra’s game? I’ve just started watching the feeds


Cassandra like Mitch and Joel is employing an Active Floater strategy. Like Mitch and Joel she seems closer to the 7 people who voted against Loveita, but at the same time she’s trying to stay in the middle and get the bigger targets in the house to take each other out so that she has a better shot at sneaking to the end. Major difference between Mitch and Cassandra is that Mitch is better at staying under the radar and everyone in the house seemingly likes and trust Mitch. Multiple people in the house want to work with Mitch whereas a lot more people are onto the fact that Cassandra talks game to everyone. The group of 7, which isn’t one alliance per say, but a group that formed to counter attack the LSDRM alliance, wants to take Cassandra to at least final 7.


for me cass is in a better position than mitch as cass is getting more information, and has more connections, better protection from multiple groups


She is very well set up. She was first to campaign to keep Love and Love has already become her minion (Cass knew that Love would be alone if she was left in the house so Cass took the opportunity and snatched her up)..

She’s really smart but may be a little too talkative and open.


I literally feel pity for Jared when he has to endure a “conversation” with Kelsey.
Hilarious that she accuses others of “talking in circles”.
This girl is so stupid, dense, catty and hopeless.
Unbelievable. After 17 seasons of BB US, 3 seasons of BB CAN, we’ve gone back to “this”. Sure, it’s a lot of drama because so many of them have no clue how to play the game, but the level of stupidity in there is just overwhelming and surreal.


Ramsey should tell jared what Kelsey said to him about what she’d do for him if she becomes hoh.


did she really say that tho?


I’m glad to see that Nick is being perspective. Tim is a player akin to Dallas in that if you put them or (of better yet backdoor them) you want to make sure you have the votes to get them out. If I was in the house I wouldn’t want to get rid of Tim yet, because he could be used (as wildcards should) to take out some people for me before he got evicted himself.

She may be a potty mouth, but Christine is also playing very well. People want to use her as a swing vote, but she’s not easily manipulated and is going to make the moves she feels are best for her end game.

Loveita needs to work on her people skills. If someone like Cassandra (who has been pushing hard for her to stay) still doesn’t feel comfortable around her that is a bad sign. Instead of talking about game, or saying to somebody we should hang out, just hang out with people! Ask them about their life outside the house. The game is constantly hovering and most players like a distraction. That’s part of the reason social game tends to taker players far. If you make people feel good like Mitch does, then they won’t want to get rid of you.

I think Ramsey’s d**k massage from Kelsey is very wishful thinking. She doesn’t like him that much.


Has nothing to do with liking him – she will grin and bear just about anything to have the power and control and be the center of attention. She is so narcissistic, a real pain in the butt.


Cassandra and Christine are crass! Now they say “Loveita will suck their tits if she stays”. These two gross people should really think before they speak.


youre a little sensitive, its a figure of speech, meaning they have that person on their side with some control

cass more than anyone has helped love this week

do you want them to start bleeping out any words or sentences that may be deemed inappropriate?

i agree christine has a foul mouth at times, but i have absolutely no issue with cass


LOL after Kelsey finished talking to Phil just now about her “master plan” and left the hot tub room, Phil said “She’s gonna f*** herself”. Smart guy. Kelsey’s plan doesn’t benefit anyone except her really like Phil said


Lol Kelsey, girl just let it go. Vote out Sharry and be done with it.


Kelsey drives me nuts. She says that everyone talks in circles… girl, that would be you. I swear I read the exact same conversation everyday. She is definitely no mastermind and I’m glad that everyone is starting to catch onto her. Can’t wait till tomorrow for the new HOH, hopefully it will be someone who will throw her ass up there.. but of course, she’ll play the victim as always.


I find it insulting as a fan that BBCan would cast someone like Kelsey and think that we would want to watch her. She has obviously never watched the show. It is even more insulting to all the people who would love to be casted on BBCan and Kelsey is chosen over them.


Kelsey’s plan is SOOOOOOOO bad. I’m dying laughing at her in these videos.


I actually hate Christine… “she’ll suck our tits if she stays”, act like a grown ass woman.
Kelsey you’re crazy. Raul is annoying. I can’t believe Sharry is leaving and we have to deal with these randoms.


Yeah, I didn’t think that “we’re splitting our votes” thing was anymore realistic than the “we don’t want to win, we just want to have a good time” line. Just another disarming statement so that nobody focuses any attention on them. I’m still surprised nobody is stopping and saying, hey wait… these guys are actually playing to win. The house is pretty blinded only looking at the superficial I’d say. Better for Tim and Nikki that even the best in the house seem to be pretty gullible to every one of their established tricks.


Kelsey comes across as desperate running around the house pitching her “master plan”