Big Brother Canada 4 – Jared is the Head of Household!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots

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JARED is Head of Household

10pm – 10:30pm In the bathroom – Christine, Raul, Phil and Cassandra are talking about what happened with the votes. Christine says she is good with Jared winning and I’m good with those girls going up. She says if she ever sees those girls faces again… Raul asks who? Christine says Sharry, Maddy,.. Loveita. I f**king hate those bitches. You don’t play the game like that. Isolate yourself all week, bitch at everyone else.. and then all of a sudden when you know you have to come back into society you come sucking one everyone’s d**k! Cassandra says I hate those b***hes. Christine pretends to be the other girls and mimics finger b*nging her Cassandra.
Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-03 19-07-07-289

Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-03 19-29-24-928

10:30pm – 10:35pm Jared gets his HOH room. He reads his HOH letter to the other house guests and starts tearing up saying he hasn’t seen his family in a long time. After they all give him a hug. He says that he gets to watch 1 movie or 90 minutes of tv on the Shomi.

10:40pm – 10:50pm Maddy cries in the bedroom with Nikc about being homesick. Nick says everyone’s homesick at this point, its been 2 weeks. Maddy says she wants to win HOH so bad now just to get the letter. Maddy asks Nick why he voted to keep Kelsey. Nick says it was just better for my game. Nick says he doesn’t want to lie to anyone in the house. I’d rather say I’m on the fence about it. Maddy asks why would you not use the veto to respect her (Loveita’s) nominations and then vote against her. Nick says I told her I wont use the veto to respect her nominations but my vote is my vote and I have to do what’s best for my game. Loveita joins them and gives Maddy a hug.

In the other bedroom – Ramsey is crying too.

Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-03 19-40-41-477

10:55pm In the bedroom – Ramsey and Sharry are talking about the people that lied about their vote. They talk about Mitch lying. Ramsey says that Joel lied to his face about voting for Kelsey and then admitted he voted for Paige when he asked him to swear on his family.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-03 19-55-27-613

11pm HOH room – Raul and Kelsey are talking about how happy they are that Jared won HOH. Kelsey comments on how fast things turn around. They talk about how people were crying after Jared’s letter. Raul says its only been a week. Kelsey says its because they know one of them are going home.
Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-03 19-59-29-821

11:30pm – 12:10am All the house guests are sitting around the kitchen table with alcohol and chatting. They got a crate of beer and were told to cheers at the table. They start playing the never have I ever game. Tim asks never have I ever sh*t myself. Dallas says I have. Tim says of course you have Dallas.

They’re all just hanging out chatting about random things.

Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-03 20-37-21-314

12:15am HOH room – Jared and Cassandra talk about the votes

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lol @ ppl crying already


just wait until nikki starts cryn!


imagine her going on slop OMG i can picture her tantrums already


great canada slop!


some1 should do something to nikki plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I need help with the feeds guys. I am Canadian but for some strange reason I get a message saying “The event is not available in your location”. WTF is going on? I haven’t had issues ever before. Please a kind soul help me out here 🙁


Turn on your location

Help is here!

I had the same problem on my iPad. I had to turn the location service on for safari for it to work. Hope this helps ????

Guy From Canada

If ur watching on an IPad you have to set your location to on.


Yeah, had the same until I cleared my firefox cache (which had God knows what on it) and then I got all 4 cameras. The 720 is a dang good picture, some of the mics are crud tho. Hope it helps. Cheers


I know the feeds have only been up for a little bit, but from what i’m seeing in the episodes and what i’ve seen on the feeds does anyone else get the impression that Maddy wants Jared, and this is the whole reason behind the Kelsey hate?
When the feeds came on Maddy was trying to say that Jared wasn’t really into Kelsey to Loveita and Sharry (who are thinking they are going on the block so aren’t being super supportive in validating Maddy’s claim). She then has tears in her eyes and the forlorn looks at Jared in the hoh during the letter reading. She then questions Nick why they didn’t send Kelsey packing. The whole reason has nothing to do with game. She wants to be Jared’s showmance and she’s salty about it.
Anyone else getting this impression?


I’m getting those vibes as well. I was really surprised she was calling Kelsey a b**ch in the 1st episode, but the jealously angle makes a lot of sense. Plus she voted the the minority so she’s in a lot of danger this week.


I don’t know. Alot of the women in the house do not like Kelsey. But, the hatred Maddy has for kelsey is just weird…literally, kelsey hasn’t really done anything to that girl.


That’s why I thought the Maddy hate on for Kelsey was weird without the Jared idea.
Technically Kelsey did nothing to Maddy.
Kelsey showed interest in Jared.
Maddy wants to be with Jared.
Jared is more interested in Kelsey.
So Maddy hates Kelsey.
It’s really immature, but that’s what i thought was driving the hate.


Loveita screwed up her first HoH big time and is already starting to pay the consequences… Hope she is happy with herself…


thatqwhat happens when u wanna be the first HOH!~


She jumped the shark on the first week.


I agree Ken. When you come into the house you have to really analyze who you are playing with. They’re are quite a few stronger players in the house right now. Not to sound like a scaredy Zach, but you have to know when to take shots. This cast is not like BB15 where mostly “weaker” players gain the majority over the “aggressive” players and pick them off one by one. This season you should have tried to get rid of the “weaker” players first so they can’t be swing votes.

Had Loveita put up Christine and Cassandra and let one of them (probably Christine) get evicted then she would be really good for week 2. But unfortunately she pulled a Naeha too fast. Someone yesterday said go hard or go home, but in the words of Danielle Reyes “go hard at the end.” People like Mitch have it right where they sit back and let other people battle it out while also being aware of where he stands. You don’t want to end up like Britney Haynes and be outnumbered at the end either.

I do feel bad for Sharry and Ramsey though because they are two of my other faves, but I’m glad Mitch and Raul will be safe for another week.


This is gonna be a predictable season….guys are targeting girls….girls are targeting each other… It’s gonna be great….lol…


Oh go away, every season people always say “this season is going to be predictable…blah blah” like stfu.


Tim needs to get drunk! Drunk Tim is happy Tim and would stir the fuck out of those housemates. 😀


Except for Sarah, Naeha and Britt last season I have never seen anyone women working together. FU Loveita.

BBcan is baaaaack

I looove Nikki! First impressions on Maddy, not so good. Stop worrying about a showmance girl! Play the game!…. But whooot for Jared on HOH! #teamwinnipeg

BBcan is baaaaack

Yassss to Jared winning HOH!! &#teamwinnipeg. Maddy, get your head in the game, stop worrying about a damn showmance girl!


I can tell I already hate Cassandra. Her and Christine were talking on the feeds about how Canada’s going to love them….. Pls stop you’re embarrassing. I mean I know we’ve missed a week of them in the house but they already seen so nasty. Maybe Christine just wants to fit in with the younger crowd who knows


Thank you Sim, Guy From Canada, Help is Here. It’s working I had to reset my internet lol and I am watching it on my laptop btw 🙂


people will complain bout 1st eviction~


If i hadn’t seen the episodes and just turned on the feeds as a first time viewer i’d be getting such a different impression of first night feeds on bbcan4. I’d see two black girls and an arab guy on the outs with all of the whiter people, and a dramatic wannabe it girl crying that she isn’t getting attention from the boy she’s lusting after. NO. the season isn’t following racial stereotyping, it’s how the chips fell in a bid for first week control of the game. But for just a second when I turned it on, I thought: oh. Somebody is going to say there’s a racial motivation thing going on here. There isn’t. Just pointing it out and dispelling it before somebody tries to make the case.
Funny that one side thought the vote would be 8-3 on the Kelsey side, and the other thought it would be 7-4 on the Paige side. Will there be a dramatic tension witch hunt? Will Nikki cry on her first night?


Oh, STFU with your condescending nonsense! Get of your high horse and stop trying to lecture people on how to behave.
For starters… People don’t point out racial disparities just for the heck of it ( you closed minded bigot) and I don’t believe anyone who watched the show would have called that racist.


Well. Loveita blew her first HOH. She should not have told everyone that she was targeting the showmance, telling the girl she is targeting, and the guy she promised to keep safe, though she is targeting him as well. She is so Becky.

Christine needs to act her age, and Cassandra is going to annoy the hell out of me already.

Nikki needs to put on a fake face, or she will leave sooner than later.


people didnt know who nikki grahame is yet come on now!


Kelsey is annoying me already. It’s like Ashleigh and Pilar merged into one, her talk with Sharry and Loveita is so painful.


I hate the situation the cast every year put me in. I always root for the minority and they 80 % of the time dont do well.

Biff Tannen

I’m in the US and signed up for the HMA VPN through OBB, but it’s still telling me I’m geoblocked. Anybody have any advice?


You may need to clear your browser cache. On the VPN did you select a Canadian location?

Biff Tannen

Yeah, I was gonna be a Montrealien (or whatever, I don’t know), but in the end I went with Toronto because I’ve never had a stomach for the Canadiens. I tried clearing the cache, still didn’t work. I’ll ask their tech support and share what they say.


What URL did you use?

Biff Tannen
King Silva

I’m so happy Jared won the second HOH and is going to most likely get out Loveita or if not her then hopefully Maddy.

I’m pretty happy with how the alliance breakdown has gone since the people I like (6: Jared, Kelsey, Philippe/Nick, Mitchell, and Christine) are mostly in one alliance whereas the others I like are on the other side (3: Sharry, Ramsey, and Dallas).

Ariana Grande stinks!

This is ridiculous. He’s one week away, reads a letter from his family and cry like a…. like a baby, with the other housemates pretending to weep along. #GetAGrip