“You looked me in the eyes and told me I was your target”

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HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: ?
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Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
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As always there will likely be a lot of alliances during the season, so to help keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-17 2016-03-03 21-39-42-576

12:40am – Main Bathroom – Sharry, Kelsey, Loveitta, Casandra Conversation about Loveita’s nominations.

Kelsey – “Canada is watching My parents are watching my friends are watching”
Loveita – “Paige wasn’t my target”
Kelsey – “Thanks for telling me that”

Kelsey says she threw the HOH “I didn’t want to make the decision you had to make, I’ve been in this house for less than 24 hours the only people I had made connection with are you Raul and Joel”
Loveita claims she couldn’t trust Kelsey, it was her motive to nominate her. Sharry says she likes Kelsey she respect her as a competitor.

Kelsey to Loveita – “I wanted to have fun with you… I didn’t know the game”
Sharry – that is the break between the two of you.. one is more familiar with the game and stuff”
Sharry – ”Love had never said anything bad about Kelsey”
Kelsye – But she still put me up… I would have never had done that I came into this with a completely different mindset as you.. I came to you
Loveita – everyone came to me
Kelsey – No it was after you put me up.. it’s totally fine this is why we don’t talk, you look me in the eyes and told me I was your target .. you guys were campaigning against me.. You want to know why I don’t sit around having girl chat.”

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-03 21-47-52-799

Sharrry this is my game I cast a vote to have you evicted
Kelsey – I know you did I know who did it’s not a big secret
Sharrry – I’m being honest and straight up and I told you that when I said I didn’t trust you
Kelsey tells Loveita “I’m not going to be your best friend..”
Kelsey – “I’m not trying to be mean I had some drinks and am trying to be honest”

They talk in circles forever…

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-03 22-00-59-410

12:58AM After Cassandra and Kelsey leave Loveita tells Sharry “The reason I put her on the block is because the majority said they would vote her out”

Loveita – I know who he’s putting on the block you can tell, Me and either Cassandra or Maddy
Maddy joins them brings up Dallas going up
Loveita – Everyone likes Dallas
They mention how Kelsey and Jared are close and she will lobby Jared to go after them.
Sharry and Lovita don’t think
They agree the “2 new people” are good news for them

They now speculating the nominations will be Sharry and Casandra, now it’s Maddy and Casandra… They keep guessing..

There is major concern about the Jared + Kelsey alliance being too powerful and how they need to split them up.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-03 22-26-48-628

1:25am HOH Conversation who to “put up” Ramsey seems to be the target. Phil wants to call a House meeting to find out who the 4th vote was to evict Kelsey.

Phil is going to talk to Maddy and find out who the 4th vote is.
Kelsey blurts out – Maddy can s** my D!*k”

The meeting breaks up
Kelsey – Lets get out of here we’re acting like Loveitas

2:16am HOH Conv

Third Wheel alliance is formed

Jared’s thinking of putting Lovetia and Sharry up.

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Kristine R

Are you serious… wanting to call a house meeting after week 1 evictions…. get a freaken grip people! It’s a game and you’ve only known each other for a couple days!


It could provide entertainment.


sheesh its already catty in the house! only week 1…


Does anyone else see the irony when Kelsey tells everyone in the bedroom about her conversation with Loveita and Sharry for the fourth, fifth and sixth time (to the same people). Especially when she says she doesn’t talk to Loveita because it’s always the same conversation in circles over and over again. Could it be the conversation is circular because Kelsey doesn’t let it progress beyond the ‘you hurt me’ victim line so that she can continue to play the victim?
I don’t buy her as a victim. yes being nominated the first week sucks. Being evicted the first week sucks more. She’s very calculating in her manipulations: such as actually batting her eyelashes when she tells Jared she’s just not good at being manipulative. Sure, that’s why he’s puffing up his chest to be the white knight for the poor innocent maiden that doesn’t understand the game or why everyone is so mean to her.
I’m not saying I hate her. I’m saying she’s playing the game by saying she doesn’t know how to play games. Hey, I can support that as strategy if people are stupid enough to buy it. Anything that gets you ahead in the game is a good game move. There’s some things that are good game moves by that definition that I understand but don’t respect. For example, I don’t so much respect the whole flirt with the boys angle she talked about in episode 2 d/r. I acknowledge it, I know it works, I just don’t respect it.
The more I see of her in the feeds, the more i think i’m going to have a lack of respect for how she will play the game. I’ll acknowledge that it’s a strategy that will work for her. I’ll just think it’s not a very respectable way to succeed.


The end justifies the means.


Loveita acting like Becky and Jared acting like Jeremy in BB15. Lol, these people are playing it way too hard on the second week.


So, they know who three of the four votes… they don’t know whether it’s Cass on Ramsey, which is interesting.

Hey Simon/Dawg… can you put the list of alliances? I see the “Third World” alliance videos, but at the moment I cannot watch them because work. Damn you, employment!!!

Glad to be back, miss this place!!


Why are you blocking some of the video’s posted?


We’re not trying to, it must be something with youtube. Which videos can’t you see?


after i posted the comment they worked??? but is was only the BBCAN cuddle and bathroom game talk vids that didn’t load until after i posted so maybe it was something with YT


Sounds like it. Glad to hear they work now 🙂


The first “big” alliance is always the one that people hate and that eventually gets broken up. This has happened with every season of big brother Canada so far (Quatro, First 5, Chop shop…) these people are setting themselves up to be this lol


this is already a mess. this is highschool. the nominees are chosen because the popular girl doesnt like the other girls

and really phil? a house meeting already?


I already hate Jared and Kelsey.


Is it me or is Phillipe like Zach from BB16? Kelsey is the new Clay and Jared is the new Shelli. Dallas is like Donny from BB16. Kelsey plays the game emotionally and not strategically. And Loveita, who cares about being honest? If you were smart, break your word with Jared and put him up with Kelsey. The brothers could win the veto and keep the noms the same and BAM! You send either Jared or Kelsey home, particularly Jared. Then had you done that, you would not be in this position but the house was really stupid for keeping Kelsey over Paige. Why in the actual hell would you leave a potiental power couple in the game. This kinda reminds me of how the house in Big Brother 12 voted to evict Annie instead of Rachel in the first week. That’s really dumb. This season will actually turn out like Big Brother 17 with Jared and Kelsey as the new Clelli or should I say “Jarsey”, Loveita as the new Becky, Raul as the new Jason, Dallas as the new James, Nick/Phillipe as the new Liz and Julia, Joel as the new Steve (WTF did he mean by toodles), and I don’t know who else


is philippe that loud mouthed really? i dont get live feeds


Damn this group in power is petty… they’re like the scamper squad pretending to be the victims when they’re really the catty ones.


Does anyone else not care for Mitchell? I mean, I think he could be a very good player, but there’s something very slimy about him.

RIP Paige


im indifferent toward him. i can see him lasting a long time though. while everyone else takes each other out

white iverson

Is there a poll for favorites yet? I wanna vote Sharry as my fave and Christine as my least!


There’s a best first impression poll in the latest post.


I don’t see the big group as one group. It’s two groups banded together in my mind.
On one side of the big group you have Jared, Kelsey, Raul with the b-girls Cassandra and Christine behind them blowing smoke up their ass about how great they are while trash talking everyone else because the cool kids are letting them sit at their table at lunch.
On the other side of the big group you have the brothers with their floaters, Mitchell and Joel, who are just happy somebody picked them to be on their team at this point. Of the two, Mitchell is more the float. He’s staying close to Jared, just like he did with Loveita until the power shifted last week if Sharry’s comments are to be believed This group led by the brothers is more likely to pick up the residue of the third group that is currently the target of the supposed big group in order to take control in the next two weeks I’d be guessing.
Phil and Jared are both dying to be viewed as the alpha, and both are attracted to Kelsey. A pack can’t have two alphas. While Jared is hoh, oh yeah, things are fine. Watch what happens the moment the the brothers, or a member of the current target group have power. The Jared Kelsey and Raul group are perpetuating the animosity. Meanwhile Nick is cuddling with Maddy. The door is being left open to make the showmance and their pets the prime target. Or at least this is how i am seeing the dynamic.
Funny that nobody wants to believe that Dallas is the fourth vote. Process of elimination dwindles down to him every time. But every time it’s a case of no it can’t be him. That means Dallas must have played a very good social game week one before the feeds came on. Other possible candidates have been Cassandra, Joel, and the brothers. Even when those possibilities are discounted, they don’t want to believe it was Dallas.


Tim does look like a deer in headlights, maybe because it’s his first night in the house. Hope that changes and I like Nikki so far,haven’t watched her season but heard she can be a handful. I can’t find a Canadian housemate that i’m drawn to and i’m Canadian. I like the personalities of the Internationals. The girls on here are way too catty. You think that Christine would be the adult, but this day and age some woman just want to be the cougar and an overgrown teenager.


I feel like the deer in headlights is a charade. While he’s doing it everybody is spilling info to him about house dynamics, alliances, and relationships. Meahwhile he’s telling them it’s better to play the game by having fun and taking your head out of the game. Disarming tactic that makes him look like less of a threat after his week of immunity? Disarming tactic to make them drop their guard? That’s my guess.


I have watched Tim play on big brother Australia and your observation on him does make a lot of sense.

sunny dee

still can’t believe loveita actually told a nominee that she was her target. and that she thinks everyone else doesn’t understand the game by keeping a power couple in the game. she’s not wrong, but she underestimates the value of having a 2 person target that the others recognize as something to hide behind. that she didn’t get that the other 2 person brothers pair would want to break up a 2 person pair is just short sighted.

and really the result, as others have mentioned, of staying holed up isolation in the HOH when HOH. sitting on week one on first HOH expecting everyone to come to you, when we know noms are basically done within an hour of the HOH win, is short sighted. should have been out there ensuring the vote, and should never ever burn a bridge, like telling someone they are your target, as someone mentioned prior to the veto challenge too? dumb dumb. as first HOH, get every single HG to tell you who they want to go up, and then choose the top two named, then just accept the outcome.


Kelsey is playing “poor me” iwas a target.but she has a strategy that Jared doesn’t see or vice versa. That girl is full of deceit. I appreciate Loveita,s honesty, and even if she is evicted she will be leaving with her integrity and christian principles. It’s. Not only a game..but how you played the game.


Not sure if honesty was the best policy in this case. Perhaps if she had nothing nice to say, she should have said nothing at all?
If you’re Loveita, why make it so apparent that YOU want Kelsey to leave. Why ask who everyone wanted to see nominated if you’re going to make it personal, instead of using the consensus to your advantage on week one?


so i did anyone noticed one of the rooms they sleep in is named after the talla incident where she kept saying like 19199 or something like that in the maze