“I’m so heart broken she’s gone.. but glad it worked out the way it did.. you’re still here” -Sarah to Pili

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner ? Next HOH May 7th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players ?

12:08am Sarah and Pili
Pili – Three weeks I can do this
Sarah – we can do this for sure.. make sure we stay sane for each other.. like we said Cuddle and cry ourselves to sleep.. I can try to be as good as kev

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 21-49-45-211

12:37am Brittnee, Godfrey and Sarah Bathroom
Talking about the first 6 alliance they formed jokingly. Talking about Willow breaking down crying. They agree both sides of the house coming together to vote someone out was a sign they were playing the entire house. Godfrey tells Sarah she needs to work on Pili let her know Zach and Ash are a pair.
Godfrey – Whose bed is she sleeping in Zach.. ask her does she need any more illustration
Godfrey doesn’t think Bruno will put Sarah up after he sleeps on it.
Sarah – even after he won veto he winked at me gave me a hug.. he didn’t need to do that.. I muttered what a liar..
Godfrey – All that paranoia about an all girls alliance got to his head
God told Bruno he thought he made the bad move but he understands Bruno wanted Zach in the game as a meat shield.
Godfrey thinks if Bruo wins it he can talk Bruno out of putting her up, “All he has right now is me and B.. he’s not stupid he knows those three will stick together”
Sarah thinks no one in the game will take Bruno, “It’s not Zach”
Sarah says Zach is going to win if he makes it to the end, adds the entire game he’s been running.
Godfrey – controlled multiple people.. managed to convince his best friend to go up as a pawn
Sarah – played all side played them well.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 21-37-55-982

12:39am Zach, Bruno and Ashleigh
They bring up the POV competition Bruno was ahead for most of the time. Second place was Zach third was Kevin. They agree if kevin had one the veto Bruno would have gone up and Zach/Bruno would be in jury right now.
Ashleigh tells them that Pili is leaning towards God and Brittnee. Ashleigh tells them she’s working on Pili, “I rather have Sarah out before B”
Bruno – sarah has been gunning for the couples so hard for awhile.. a long time.
bruno tells them if they are true to god he’ll stick with them. “He needs us.. Sarah wants to have Girl power” Bruno adds his only loyalties now is Zach and Ashleigh
Zach – same buddy same
Ashleigh brings up explaining to Pili why Sarah voted her to stay, “Her whole go to thing is she wouldn’t be in this situation if brittnee hadn’t put her there”
Zach – new game for me..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 22-02-42-514

12:51am Godfrey and Zach
Zach – lets ride it baby lets ride it out..
Zach saying he’s going to put up Sarah/Britt with Pili being the replacement
Zach leaves..
Bruno comes in “We gotta break up the two girls.. get rid of Ash and peels keep Zach expossed”
Godfrey – Zach just told me he’s putting up Britt and Sarah with Pili as the replacement”
Bruno – he told me that too ..
They talk about how it sucks Willow is gone. brittnee join them. Bruno and Brittnee say Willow was too dangerous.
Godfrey – it’s so quiet without her.
Sarah comes in Bruno gives her a hug “I do love you baby.. I didn’t mean what I said you’re such a great person I mean that.. I didn’t mean what he said, I was such a d1ck”
Sarah says something like “we were heated”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 22-25-32-152

1:22am Bathroom Zach and Ashleigh
Zach – Willow is going to be so mad
Ash – yup not at you though.. she’ll be furious at me.. and Sarah
Zach – you and me both stayed with Pili with a triple eviction..
ASh – horseshoes up our butts
Zach – look how big that conversation we had with Bruno..
Zach goes over his conversation with Bruno last night when he opened up with him. “We talked about all the garbage and laughed about it.. “
Bruno comes in gives zach a hug “I love this guys is still in here”
They’re surprised that Brittnee won the HOH, Zach thinks she guessed right on some of those questions.
Bruno – B crushed all of them.
Bruno thinks it worked out alright says he can play in the next HOH. (Bruno came in second in the HOH)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 22-25-41-138

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 22-34-09-011
1:34am Bedroom For brittnee Ashleigh makes a Bobby out of a pillow and one of his shirts.
(LOL look at teh picture below Brittnee drags “Bobby” under the covers)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-06 22-40-42-111

1:40am Pilar and Sarah Bedroom
Sarah tells her how special of a guy Kevin was Pilar starts to cry.
Pili cries says she was with Kevin 24/7
Sarah – I feel really upset about Willow too
Pili – Why didn’t you vote for her
Sarah – I wanted to work with you guys .. I didn’t think i had the votes.
Sarah explains she thought the guys wanted to keep Kevin so she thought if she voted Pili maybe one of the guys would think the same.
Pili – I’m glad she didn’t leave alone.
Sarah – I hope she doesn’t hate me
Sarah – I’m so heart broken she is gone but at the same time glad it worked out the way it did and you’re still here.. Because she was so close with everyone… I’m shocked they were going to vote to keep her
Sarah says she’s so confused “Zach was gunning for Zach harder than Kevin”

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I’m more mad at Sarah throwing Willy under the bus after B won HOH than I am at Bruno using the veto.


She didn’t throw her under the bus, she thought (rightfully so) that Zach/Bruno would vote to keep Kevin based on not being able to believe ANYTHING Bruno has ever said. All she has heard for days is Bruno keeps saying to get out Britt/Sarah and that the girls were forming an alliance.

He told Sarah/Britt that was lies and he wanted both Zach/Kevin out. Given what he did with the veto she couldn’t take a chance. Also Bruno kept telling Sarah he didn’t trust Willow and she was in with Zach.

So the logical assumption was Zach and Bruno would keep Kevin. Since she knew God’s vote was to keep Pilar she went with the sure thing knowing Ash would also keep her. She didn’t want to cast one vote for Willow for naught.

Bruno is telling Zach/Ash lets get out Sarah/Britt and telling God/Britt/Sarah to break up Ash/Pilar (focus is on Pilar) which will serve to push Godfrey closer to Sarah/Britt/Pilar. That’s all Pilee is going to need to hear to know Kevin and her instincts were right not to trust Bruno. Once she learns from Godfrey that Zach AND ASHLEIGH were working on Bruno/Godfrey/Britt/Sarah to target Kev/Pilar it will really push her over the edge.

As for Bruno I get why he did it, though I don’t think it was necessary for him to make the nasty comments on top of everything. Unfortunately he did more damage in the long run then he got in gains in the short term given Ash still wants to keep Godfrey over Bruno and Zach will still want him out. Also he’s lost all credibility with the girls. Certainly Godfrey also knows Bruno is playing all sides trying desperately to remain in the middle and only pushing himself closer to the exit.

I actually think Bruno won’t even try to win HOH other than if Sarah is in the running. Which could prove costly (though I maintain Zach should be the first evict if they’re smart).

When you break it down it makes sense.


Sarah did not throw Willow under the bus. She told Britt to do what she thinks is best for her game. Though, I must say I really felt for Willow when she was put on block and the heartbroken eviction. I was disappointed in Sarah when she voted to keep Pilar over her but Sarah felt that guys might team up and keep Kevin and so she had to throw a vote for Pilar just to keep one girl safe.

I think the better thing to do right now is throw the have not votes to Brit and Sarah. I do not mind Godfrey either but I am worried that if Godfrey wins the power, Bruno might get in his ear or that Godrey will go after Zach and Ash than Zach and Bruno.


B does not deserve have not votes. Sure, Willow should have made B feel better and more secure with her alliance with Sarah (not sure if Willow tried to work with B but from what I could tell from the edits, she wanted B gone over Bobby) but either way, B should stop being so easily manipulated by Bruno. Now I don’t care if B goes. I know that may have a negative impact on Sarah..but whatever. Really bummed B is so clueless


NO! I avoided the spoilers and just finished watching the show (central time). I am SO MAD at Bruno! Zach is the ONE person that should have been gone! Brittnee replacing Zach with Willow was a WASTE and shows Brittnee’s stupidity! How the HELL was Willow a threat to Brittnee? She’s the Queen B, alright. But the B stands for something very different. She should have replaced Zach with Ashleigh and broken up BOTH couples. Such a STUPID house this season!

Guy From Canada

My first thought when I saw Zach come down was Oh, Ashley is going up…..and then Willow, WTF! Blame Sarah for the willow replacement, she is controlling B as much as Kevin controlled Pili 🙁


Brittnee played a huge hand in getting out KEVIN, an obvious physical threat, and contender for the whole thing (his gamplay probably overestimated by HG’s but threat to them nonetheless ) so please relax. Also I’m not really understanding what the big fuss is over Willow being the replacement. In any case If anyone’s to blame for that it’s Sarah for 1)fostering the mistrust between Willow and Britnee; thinking that it would make them more loyal to only her or perhaps hide where her true loyalties lie (for what reason idk). And 2) for not voicing concerns about Willow being a re-nom option. She might as well have told Brittnee to put her up. Also, Willow might have been aligned with Sarah but would have easily thrown Britnee under the bus if needed. This is an individual game. Which part of Willow saying “(Britnee)…she’s gotta go did people miss? I know people were saying differences should be set aside for the sake of keeping the numbers but according to the information being fed to Britnee by Sarah, Willow couldn’t really be trusted and was still just playing the middle. I think Brittnee saw an opportunity to reel in the Diaper Girls via not putting up Ashleigh and took it. Brittnee and Sarah would probably both be heading to jury right now if it weren’t for Brittnee. At this point I’m rooting for both girls and Godfrey. I’m disappointed in Bruno but understand why he did it..I guess. I’m so happy Bobby’s gone hahaa


I like a lot of the points you make but the reason Bruno needed to take Zach off is because he ruined his whole game this past week by scrambling trying to keep Bobby. He should have worked with what he had left but instead, decided to talk mad shit and ultimately, leave him with his only stupid option: take Zach off……
He was just saying last week when the diapers were in power that he would get rid of Zach. What a moron Bruno needs to go


wth is happening?! The house did like a 180 with alliances. It looks like and I could be wrong but a Bruno/Zach/Ashleigh vs a Brittnee/Sarah/Pilar and Godfrey being the swing vote. He should swing toward the girl alliance at least right now.

There is so much grey in the contestant collage it looks so weird… Even though I’m not happy Kevin got evicted it was a great episode! When Bruno put the veto on Zach I screamed so loud, and during some of the votes I was like OMG. Tonight was a episode that makes me really happy to be a Big Brother fan.


Really like ur comment! Sick of seeing people saying that BBCAN. Sucks or threatening not to watch etc…
It’s Been great and getting even better as it comes to the finals…thanks!


Sarah will regret this for the rest of her life, not only it is bad for her game but Willow might actually hated her for real…..Well i hope not, but idk it’s Willow


yeah i hope so too, considering the relationships that they’ve built, Willow probably wouldn’t hate Sarah for this, upset maybe but not like hate. Sarah was trying to be strategic but backfired. fatally.


I’m sure after the show Willow will forgive her and see Sarah did want to save her but didn’t think the boys were voting Willow to stay. She will see where she said on the show that she wanted to keep Willow.
For now, though, if Sarah did somehow make it to the final 2, she more than likely lost Willow’s jury vote.

Guy From Canada

Willow is am emotional player…..and a super fan at that! Once she sees the pantry talk where Sarah threw her under the bus, it will take some time to heal those wounds.


Sarah has the chance to save Willpw twice. But who knows whats running in her head at that time. I have to say this is one of the biggest backstab in BB history……although she didnt mean it

Not So Sure

Not so sure she didn’t mean it. IF, and it is a big IF, the twitter chatter from people at the taping can be believed, Sarah apparently cheated/broke the rules by actually talking to Godfrey in the DR for eviction voting. Not sure what’s up with that or why production would allow her to break the rules . . . The again, maybe it’s not true?


I truly hate Bruno after this show. Calling Sarah a bitch and all of the commenters didn’t think he was a misogynist? That guy HATES women. Even tho Ash and Pili arent a threat to him he is trying to get them out.

Safe to say the only ones with a sane brain left are Godfrey and B. Sarah screwed herself over by talking shit about Will and B to EACH OTHER making them distrust eachother leading to this shit fest. Hope she gets sent packing for that one!

Hate to say it but Zach is winning this game unless B and Sarah get lucky again and even if they do I have a feeling they will be taking a shot at Bruno frist.

Zach has…Ashleig & bruno in his corner and ashleigh has pilar, bruno MIGHT have god. Dude deserves it at this point if he manages to get all these people working for him.


I don’t agree with calling anyone names. Male of female. But because you curse one female you are a misogynist? This is a game. Bruno is playing to win the game. Sarah is also playing to win the game. The way she plays makes Bruno feel threatened. His words about and towards her are manifestations of his anxieties. That is all. By your logic we are all misogynists to both sexes. It was a good action last night. One of the few times this season. Enjoy it and don’t fill yourself with hate.

River de Nial

I sure didn’t hear about Bruno swearing and cussing to any of the guys for taking out Bobby and Graig, but like most bullies he only acts that way around people he perceives as being weaker than him — women.


Bruno is the clearest manifestation of a misogynist. It is textbook


Bruno’s paranoia about an all girls alliance has been in place since very early in the game. His distrust of women and now, his name calling of Sarah could lead one to believe he has a misogynistic bias. Bruno is floundering like a flat fish at the moment. I had some respect for his game, (but not his ‘fear and loathing’ of the women) but all that is gone now that he used the Veto on Zach. I think he realizes the writing on the wall, and that is: he really has no one. Now that his last buddy is gone (dense Bobby) he takes over for Willow in being the man in the middle, who no side actually is invested with nor trusts. His only chance is to win HOH, (which he’s capable of doing, for sure), but that only lasts a week, and if he’s not HOH the other HG’s would be wise to drop him…Now, how do they get rid of Mac-Tac-Zach? oy!!


Sarah has no loyalties to anyone clearly but I was still surprised she was fine with Brittany putting up Willow, that was such a dumb thing to allow Brittany to do. I’m happy I don’t have to watch Pili/Kevin make out anymore and I’m excited about the shake-up, I’m NOT excited about Brittany’s upcoming egotistical DR sessions.


From the little we were shown, I feel Sarah was being strategic and trying to make Brittnee feel like she’s still all for Brittnee, not Wilow.

I believe she didn’t want Willow to go up. From what we’ve seen so far, Sarah knows B is a number for her. She prolly feels stupid for not saying anything to B but she wasn’t expecting Bruno to take off Zach. Who the hell was???!! I mean of course he ruined his game this week but Zach was SO CLOSE to leaving. One of the biggest competitors. What a moron.


I don’t think Sarah really threw her under the bus. I think she tried, but didn’t try hard. It’s possible she may have thought if she pushed Brit, it may not have worked in her favour. I actually feel bad for Sarah. But, it is what it is and it’s time for them to regroup and move on.


Was great! Stop watching if your gonna down it!


It’s 1:25am and I am SO wide awake right now because of the Triple Eviction Twits. (At least there was finally a show that made me feel something other than disappointment, even if it was shock.) Since I won’t be going to be any time soon, I’ve just put the coffee on.

Best thing to happen tonight was Kevin and Pilar being separated. No more 24/7 kissy face or Pilar telling Kevin he’s so smart. But we do have to continue to listen to her repeat everything people say and throw in, “It’s true,” or “that’s smart.” Ideally, I would have loved to have seen Zach, Ashleigh and Kevin gone in that eviction.

Two house guests are responsible for evicting their best friends. Even if Sarah makes it to final two, do you think she’ll get Willow’s vote? LOL Not a chance.


Smart of Bruno to save Zach. It was real surprising to see it happen but it’s honestly his best move thus far. Lately, Bruno and Zach have been sharing information and interested in working together and saving Zach may have earned him more trust. If Zach and Kevin went out this week, Bruno and Godfrey would’ve been the only guys left in a house with girls looking to save each other. Plus, even though Bruno is seen as a target, Zach is still in the house and will probably be seen as a bigger target than Bruno, which can buy Bruno another week if it works out well for him.


What makes you think Zach is going to change his game plan now? He did NOTHING to protect his number one ally: JP and he spent this entire past week working Bruno and Britt/Sarah/God to target Kevin and Pilar who were his number one alliance so he’d be safe.

He voted to keep Willow b/c he wants to be surrounded by women who he thinks he can control: Ash, Pilar, Britt in that order and Willow would’ve been in that group too.

Whether he does it directly or indirectly watch him start working Britt/Sarah/Pilar to take out God and Bruno next (in that order, though his short term goal will be Sarah). This was a short term gain for Bruno but a long term loss b/c NONE of the people in that house (save for Zach/Ash) will ever believe anything he says again.

Regardless Ash already told Pilar she wants Bruno gone before Godfrey so what did he really gain, one guy’s loyalty for a week vs. 3 alliance members long term (could’ve been 4 if he left noms the same). He can spout off how Willow leaving is Sarah’s fault but the reality is it’s Bruno’s fault b/c he didn’t leave noms the same!


My heart broke when Willow left. You could tell she really wanted to be there and had a lot to offer. I feel like she got a lot of slack this entire game, but just as she started to play this happened. I really hope Willow forgives Sarah in real life and that Sarah somehow stays long enough to AT LEAST take Zach out if not win this entire thing. As for Bruno, he made the best move for his own game… I guess I can’t fault him on that. However, that doesn’t mean I have to like him. My only hope for a happy ending to this season is a Godfrey win or a Sarah win. Sighhh


i also had heart broke when Willow left. She really the queen, always tell jokes, somtimes annoying, but has honest personality. Sarah & Britt r sucks. Yap Zach & Bruno MUST go home soon! i don’t have any hopes for this season, bcoz my only hope for this season is only Willow & Sarah, but now…… Sighhh


With feeds I still did not understand why bruno used the veto on zach and God looks like he is not mad at bruno. What is the reasoning with willow evicted from sarah. Something is not right because if zach removed himself why not ash on the block since sarah talks to britt. I hope next episode give us more detail about what happen. I love jordan when he was pissed he got played by sindy it seems like karma. Jp got evicted by sindy. Sindy got evicted by bobby. Bobby evicted by kevin. Kevin evicted by britt


I still do not know who could win with players left especially when they took out floater like willow. But for Britt game it was best since she could float final 3 easily without willow there


Dissapointed with Britt n espcialy Sarah..! Hope, they will go home soon. Does anyone knows willow social media things? 🙁

Guy From Canada

i didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike bruno before this episode, but this topped it.


Let’s pray Sarah wins HOH [which is highly unlikely 🙁 ] because in any other scenario, she’ll be packing her stuff next Tuesday.

But still, the most odious persons remain Zach-the-fin-nose and Assleigh-the-airhead and the bald conniving Bruno….


another name

i was surprised in the clip above between pilar and sarah when sarah said that after willow was nominated willow tried to get everyone to keep her, and that willow told sarah she was going home no matter what, she didn’t have the votes. episode edit didn’t show us that.


WillowMac BBCAN3



Making matters worse, apparently Bruno name called Sarah who was working with him (as was Britt) who were LOYAL to their alliance. Hence why Britt didn’t just put up guys… so much for Bruno’s continual spouting of an all girl alliance. AND we all know Zach has had the absolute worst read on the house all along so a couple of easily planted seeds and he’ll be gunning to take out Bruno fearing that he could be the one guy who could beat him in comps and win sitting beside him.

The funny part is as much as Bruno hates working with women I guarantee you he would NEVER take Zach or God to F2 if he had a choice. He’ll want to keep Britt, Ash and Pilar around longer so he ensures himself of the win (and he’ll ideally want Britt).

What will be interesting now is how the people in the house start to use the jury as a strategy. Just like always Sarah is already a step ahead of everyone by explaining to Godfrey why Zach would beat Bruno (JP/Kev in his alliance and BFF’s, Willow/Ash/Pilar all love him, Britt loves him). God was like Yo, you’re right he’s set in jury.

Once Godfrey tells Bruno that Sarah said she’s voting for Zach over Bruno let’s see how fast Bruno changes his tune about working with Zach much longer.

Same for Bruno … Sarah will get on Ash/Pilar to explain how his loyalty will pay dividends in the long run and she’ll work the JP/Bobby angle along with the why would Zach/Bruno vote to keep Willow unless the were tight with her and feel they have her vote.

Won’t matter anyway unless Bruno/Zach win HOH/POV and still since the power doesn’t come into use until the night of eviction one would think the Veto holder no longer retains safety so only the HOH will be safe. I’m hoping Ash wins HOH and then Sarah/Britt get the power (Sarah ultimately winning it) so she can put Zach and Bruno on the block and then the house can vote out Zach on Ash’s HOH. Now THAT would make GREAT TV!

The Truth

I don’t really consider Britt to be a very strong player but the fact remains that on her watch 2 major threats have gone home. She stuck with her original plan unlike some of the guys in the house. And as much as I wanted to see Zach go home I can understand why Bruno felt the need to save him. There would have been only 2 guys left in the house if he hadn’t. The odds did not favor him nor Godfrey if 5 girls had stayed.

Sarah's weed stash

did anyone think about the fact that, once its revealed that Sarah and Brittnee are the have-nots for the week, the house is going to think that Canada hates them, but really we love them and are giving them power mwahahah


I can’t wait for that…my hope is that God and B or Sarah and B or Sarah and B are sitting on the block then one of the 3 that is not on the block wins the power removes both of them forcing the HOH to put up one of there own…that moment will be priceless!!!!


Watching After Dark is funny…
Ash to Pilee.. this is actually really good b/c now we aren’t anyone’s number one target. …..Meanwhile Bruno is telling Godfrey we split up Pilee/Ash (of note: Bruno won’t do that he’ll put up Sarah/Britt) but he wants Godfrey to do that WHICH GODFREY WON’T he might put up Ash/Zach but never Ash/Pilee.

Bruno is telling Zach/Ash it’s us 3 and is telling God/Britt/Sarah it’s us 4 (he continues to try to remain in the middle even after apparently freaking out on Sarah calling her a bitch)…..Meanwhile Zach is telling Ash/Pilee it’s those 4 against us and Bruno does want to break us up.

Bruno to Britt and Godfrey…. I saved Zach b/c Sarah wants an all girl alliance and was coming after me. He blames his blow up on Sarah “yipping at him” (i.e. she was calling him out for his lies). Meanwhile… this after making the girls & God promise they would take out Zach and Kevin for the past 2 weeks. Neither of them are buying what he’s selling and Bruno knows it.



y willow nominated?




I dont understand why anyone is disappointed in britnee for taking out willow….. Willow had expressed several times that she wanted brittnee gone, she even went as far as telling sarah to flip the votes and vote for bobby to stay so brit can go to jury……if someone had it all out for me like this, believe i’ll get the person out asap.

I now understand why Bruno saved Zach (i was SOOOOOOOOOOO mad at first lol) but it was kinda sorta the best decision for his game. Now i PRAY AND HOPE Sarah wins HOH and Godfrey wins the special power, I need Zach out so bad


So apparently Bruno screamed at Sarah “You disgust me” he called her a bitch and a foul.

Brittney said to Sarah it wasn’t as much the fact Bruno lowered himself to name call it was the anger in his face. Watching Bruno give Britt, Sarah and the other girls the fake hugs now it’s like Kevin said of his hugs… they look so completely fake.

Bruno might’ve just blown his game b/c as much as Ash keeps pushing Pilar (if she wins to not put up Bruno but to put up God and Sarah) I think Pilar will remember the things Kevin said and Pilar it seems next to Sarah was very upset by how Bruno acted and spoke to Sarah. He really messed up.

I’m wondering how long it will take for Sarah and God to piece together that Bruno has made a F3 deal with Zach & Ash and go after that group asap.

I’ll keep saying it though… I’m hoping the powers that be make the upcoming HOH something Ash can win so she shows her hand and leaves Zach/Bruno off the block. I sooooooooooooooooo want to see Zach leave the house on Ash’s HOH.

Also anxious for Godfrey to tell Britt/Sarah that Ash/Pilar is Bruno’s noms and Britt/Sarah are Zach’s noms with Pilee as the renom so they can tell Pilar. THAT should pull Pilee into the 4 (Sarah/Britt/God) then if Sarah can win that power to get out Zach I can’t imagine Ash will want to continue working with just Bruno IMO.


House guests who are left:
Ashleigh – Joke
Pilar – Joke
Brittnee- Joke
Zach – Joke
Bruno – Bearable but still annoying
Sarah – Bearable but still annoying

Godfrey is the only houseguest we should all be cheering for, and everyone should vote for him to be a have not


I dunno, as long as the Zach is in the house the dynamic really doesn’t change… he still has people following his word like Gospel.

I look forward to that semi-coup d’tat/forced veto being used completely incorrectly.


Bruno says vehemently you strike at me, I fight back (erm) selectively, and with blinders on. Reminder Bruno EVERYONE is striking at everyone else while hoping to be in the F2 with someone who gets less votes. Zach would never have saved you Bruno; so you can bank he thinks you are an idiot for saving him. He’ll be grateful AND still work to evict you. There were dozens of scenarios that get you to the end without keeping Zach.


I agree, Bruno is his own worse enemy & poison.


Well, Bruno’s decision to save the most hated houseguest has quickly led him to receive that same title amongst the BBCan community. He’s become the #1 person I want out now!


I’m old school. Raised/socialized in a culture of ‘true value is not in whether you win or lose. True value is in how you play the game’. Playing with honour, integrity and good character being most valuable. Never compromising our personal moral and ethical standards. Striving for; and living up to, the highest standards. Work hard. Be our best. When we compete, we honestly want to face the toughest competition: the best of the best. We want them at their best and we want to beat them on THEIR best day. Anything less cheapens our victory rendering it meaningless!

Social experiment/reality T.V. clearly demonstrates how far from this we have come. Society not only no longer values these traits; society no longer even respects them. Yung Woo Hwang played a truly honourable game of Survivor and could have taken a weak person to the F2 guaranteeing him the title and the money but he took a strong player who had played hard while doing anything and everything for a chance to get to the end… the final showdown…essentially, virtue versus vice. Given a choice the people respected vice over virtue… punishing an honourable and respectful person for not taking a weak player to the end! Punishing a player for having the courage and character to CHOOSE to face a worthy opponent. Rewarding a player who stopped at nothing with no guarantees any of what they did would result in advantage / victory. Not only do we allow and condone anti-social behaviour but we reward it handsomely.

Players in these reality T.V. shows promote themselves as competitive but they do everything they possible can to avoid real competition. They throw comps to appear non-threatening while attempting to manipulate others to eliminate their targets; they blind side and back door to deny their target the opportunity to defend themselves. In the end, the players and the fans endorse and reward the most cowardly and despicable snake in the grass behaviours.

Please, vote down if you think everyone should always do whatever it takes to win. (essentially you will be saying: it is not only a good thing to lie, cheat, and even injure opponents if it means you MAY have a better chance of getting to the end but that it is the best, smartest and the only thing to do; and, that you think you should always try to take the weakest person possible with you to the end). Please, vote down if you think that you can play games this way and still be a person of honour, integrity and good character in ‘real’ life.


I think Willow will forgive Sarah, and would still vote for her if she made it to the final 2. Sarah and Willow formed a really strong bond on a personal level. Sarah obviously wanted to keep Willow, but feared the guys would try to keep Kevin. It was a gambit that failed, but you have to take chances in Big Brother otherwise you’ll always be moaning about not wanting to get blood on your hands.

I’ve gained a lot more respect for Willow. She started as a Coaster with no real strategy, but then she hooked up with Sarah, and became a double agent. Despite not winning comps, she still actively participanted in the game, and ultimately that is all that counts (just ask Dr. Will, he’s never won a comp is is still regarded as one of the greats).

If Sarah, Britt, and Godfrey could pull in Pilar, and Sarah and either Britt or Godfrey become have notes and nominees, they can totally change the game with the secret power and take Bruno or Zach out this week.

The e's in Britnee

As a friendly reminder 🙂
Dont forget to vote on Global for have not/secrect power players! Voting stays open until tomorrow.


God, will you marry me mon lol
btw I HATE SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t stand that girl


Please don’t let Sarah or Godfrey win HOH! Bruno has a good shot at getting the 3rd highest number of votes for the have-not power, and I really don’t him to get it. He is playing a decent game, but I don’t care for all of the bashing he does on the women. He acts more like a BBUS player.


Simon, Dawg. I am so confused. Who is with who? Do we know? I know I don’t know. Help!


I wonder when Pills is going to realize that Brit put up the people that put her up. (Am I right?) Pills is blaming Brit saying she (Pills) wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for Brit.(True, but!) Maybe she (Pills) shouldn’t’ve put Brit up “as a pawn” in the first place. Brit just did the logical – made them all feel how she felt and they all had the chance to feel “like a pawn”.


morning after and I am still shocked. Everything went wrong for me lol

Go Godfrey!!!


Can someone explain how these have not power works?

Do they get the power to take themselves off AND renominate or are they only just taking someone off the block and the HOH has to renom?

I would love to have Bruno as hoh with no power after his disgusting display tonight swearing at the girls. He is pitiful.


People are so mad at Brit because she didn’t do the best thing for Sarah?
Be rational please?

Sarah and Willow were trying to conceal their relationship to B
So B has no idea that Willow was with them, in her mind Willow was closer to Zach?WILLOW actually did try to send that image to hgs and Sindy told brit willow was a member of chopshop? so even it’s not the best move she should not be blamed.

If you can stand from brit’s point, nominating Ash or Willow is like nominating Bobby or Graig
you may say there is a difference. but not that much.

I’m mad some people are making some insulting comments on her.

B has won 2 HOH and made big moves
It’s easy for her to go after weak players like ash or pilli
but she nominated ZACH AND KEVIN without hesitation
don’t take her big moves for granted

it makes good TV moments


The difference is that with Ash there Pili works with her and Zach. Without Ash, Pili goes to BSW. It was one “Zach” too soon for Britt to take out Willow. But this coup d’etat may save them.


Can somebody tell me what time the Bruno/Sarah fight was? I didn’t see it?


The fight wasn’t on the feeds. It was during the time the live feeds were blocked for the eviction.

River de Nial

Somehow Bruno may have signaled to Zachary to vote Willow. Would that be cheating? Same as the rumors going around that Sarah talked to Godfrey near the DR just before the vote.