Donny asks are you going to waste trying to get me out or are you going to start helping yourself?

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 09-54-10-923

9:30am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Donny is in the kitchen pouring a bowl of cereal. He heads out into the backyard and starts eating it but finds ants in his cereal so he goes back inside. He looks inside the cereal boxes and then takes the box and his cereal to the storage room. He dumps his cereal into the cereal box throws it in the trash. He then gets another bowl of a different cereal to eat.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 10-34-10-260

10:15am – 10:55am Cody gets up and joins Donny in the backyard. Cody says Victoria and Zach.. let me just tell you its about to get loud in there then next couple days! He went into her stuff early on in the season and took it from her without asking and last night she took it back and tore it up! last night he was asking for it back and she wouldn’t give it to him. Don’t tell Zach. Donny says I wont tell nothing. Cody says man she had some built up anger towards him! Donny asks and he knew she took it? Cody says yeah. I don’t know where she put it and I don’t want to know so I don’t have to lie to Zach when he asks. Donny asks are you okay with 6th place? Cody says nope. Donny says I know there are a group of 6 and Caleb’s not one of them. He’s been used to take the fall when they needed to blame something on. Donny says Christine is going to play handsie with you and play with your hair and then send you out the door. Cody says I’m already on to that. I need to start winning HOH’s to start making decisions or I know I will be going. Donny explains how he already figured out before Zach went up that he was the real target and not Victoria. Donny says I wouldn’t bank on Derrick to save you if I were you. He was close to Hayden and look where he is now. The three of them – Derrick, Frankie and Christine .. you’re not going to break that up. Cody says I know that Frankie lies to get people out. The thing that I’m worried about is that there are still 2 days left. Donny says Victoria is going to be the GinaMarie.. she is going to ride it out and last longer than you and me. She’s done nothing to be here. Cody says that Caleb has already mentioned things that make me think he wants to go to the end with Frankie. Caleb is a crazy, crazy loyal guy. Donny asks how are you going to make to the end? Cody says I know where the game is and I know I need to start winning. Donny asks if you win HOH are you going to waste trying to get me out or are you going to start helping yourself? Cody says I am going to start helping myself. Donny says if I’m here, I can help you. Cody says I could be then next to go. Donny says if we don’t win HOH, we will probably be sitting up there together. Donny talks about how Cody shouldn’t trust Derrick. Cody says Derrick is the one in that group that I trust the least. Cody says that Hayden was crazy loyal and I wish he wasn’t gone. Cody says Thursday there could be a buy back Hayden could come back. Donny says you only hope might be to turn Derrick against one of them two. Donny says I need someone that I can trust. Cody says you can trust me. Donny says you can only make it to 5th or 6th. Do you believe me? Cody says I know I’m next. Donny says if you win HOH they’re going to want you to put me up but you could tell them you want to back door me just to pacify them. You could says I’m so good at the veto you didn’t want to put me up and then when the veto is won you backd*or one of them. I need to trust someone or I’m gone and I want to trust you.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 10-46-00-826

11:10am Donny says of Christine, Frankie and Derrick who could you get to turn on them. I wouldn’t waste your breath on Caleb. Cody says the only person I would think would be Derrick. Donny says Derrick plays everybody. Donny says if I go next week, then you’re next. Donny says I hope if I win HOH, you’re not my target. I wouldn’t say Frankie is my target because he is a target because of his sister. Christine doesn’t have target. Donny says I can’t keep winning HOH, then Veto, then HOH.. I’m too old. Cody says it just doesn’t happen. Donny says that they’re going to keep Victoria longer than you. Cody says I know I need to start winning HOH’s or pack my bags and I’m going home. The end their conversation to not be seen talking by the others. Donny heads to the diary room. Cody says to himself Oh Donny, Donny Donny. Oh Donny! Necessary or not!? Was that a necessary conversation?! HHmmmm..

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 10-20-14-734

11:10am – 11:50am Donny heads into the diary room. Cody makes breakfast. Donny gets out of the diary room and works out on the elliptical.

12pm Victoria wakes up and grabs tinfoil from the kitchen. She heads into the bathroom and takes the cut up pink hat out of her basket and wraps it up in the tinfoil. She then shoves it into a ziplock bag and puts it back in her basket.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-19 12-00-01-408

12:45pm – 1:30pm Christine wakes up and joins Donny in the backyard. They lower the awnings together. Christine heads to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Victoria comes out of the diary room and heads into the bathroom. Victoria says I already know what Zach is going to wear today .. his gator shirt and pink shorts. Christine laughs and says I love you more and more each day. Christine asks are you going to tell him about the hat before he leaves. Victoria says no. I don’t want him to come close to it. I want it in my hands. Christine laughs.

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Midpoint in the BB game, and here’s the way things appear (to me) to stand after Zach gets booted on Thursday, and before an evicted HG re-enters the house.

Caleb – Closest ally (allies): Frankie, but he doesn’t trust Frankie. Principal targets: Donny, Victoria (they are not in the Bomb Squad); Christine would be a secondary target. Targeted by: Derrick, Cody (they will want to break up Frankie’s pairs – Caleb and Christine)

Christine – Closest ally (allies): Frankie, but she doesn’t trust Frankie, and seems to dislike him; Cody (flirtmance). Principal targets: Donny, Victoria, potentially Frankie. Targeted by: Derrick, Cody (they will want to break up Frankie’s pairs – Caleb and Christine); Donny. Caleb would also take her out before getting out the boys.

Cody – Closest ally (allies): Derrick (the only real alliance in the house: Hitmen), Christine (flirtmance). Principal targets: Donny, and, at Derrick’s bidding, Christine and Caleb. Targeted by: Frankie – who will want to break up Derrick/Cody

Derrick – Closest ally (allies): Cody (the only real alliance in the house: Hitmen), Victoria, Frankie. Principal targets: Christine, Caleb – in that order. He tells the DR that Donny is not a target, but that is because of Team America. He would take out Donny if he couldn’t get Christine or Caleb. Targeted by: Donny

Donny – Closest ally (allies): None, but he has been somewhat protected by Derrick/Frankie as a result of TA. Principal targets: Christine, Derrick, Frankie – he would take any of the three out if he had the opportunity. Targeted by: Everyone, except perhaps Derrick/Frankie – who are telling the Bomb Squad they want him out but telling the DR a different story

Frankie – Closest ally (allies): Caleb & Christine – but they don’t trust him; Derrick (whom he trusts “100 percent.”) Principal targets: Cody & Victoria (to free up Derrick. He would also take out Donny, given the chance. Targeted by: Donny. But if on the block vs. Cody or Derrick, he likely would get voted out

Victoria – Closest ally (allies): Derrick. Principal targets: Whoever Derrick wanted up – likely a combination of Caleb/Christine/Donny. Targeted by: Frankie – who will want to break up Derrick/Cody; Caleb; Christine

Derrick and Cody are probably in the best positions right now, with everyone else iffy. The HG coming back actually could hurt Donny more than it could help him. He could survive a few weeks as the BS turns on each other, but whoever comes back will immediately be the BS’ top target, unless Donny or the returnee wins HOH. And you can bet, with a single HOH again, that if one of those two does not win HOH, Donny will be put up alongside the returning HG, and one of them will definitely be evicted.

Of course, things would be better for Donny if either he or the previously evicted won endurance.


I am going to have to retract some of that. After Cody relays this conversation to Derrick, Derrick will now want to get out Donny before Christine or Caleb. And Cody will absolutely tell Derrick about it because they’re in a F2.


Cody probably went straight to Derrick. Damn Donny. You had Derrick completely figured out, but not Cody. I’m sure Derprick will target Donny next with his usual excuses “you’re a huge threat”, or “you were targeting me bro”.

Blah Blah

Wondering what Donny’s definition of BB game play is… probably: play nice, respect each other, don’t cheat, don’t lie and of course don’t gang up on removing anyone, especially the old(er) guy like him (he’s only 42 yo).


I think Donny fully has Cody figured out. But Donny is in a spot now, where he has nothing to lose. What Donny is telling Cody, is pure common sense. Cody is too aloof and wussy to realize it. Derrick isn’t going to take Cody to the end. Donny is down to his last 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how HoH goes. He knows he can’t talk game, because Donny already knows about the 6 alliance. He is just using last resort efforts and the truth to try to get help , and believe it or not, Cody is about the only person in a position that is expendable, and will be evicted soon. Donny I think knows this, and is trying to talk sense into the boy. But Cody has no Bal%$, and is hand fed by Derrick, so its in one ear, out the other. No one has taken Donny seriously the entire season, but maybe Jacosta and Hayden. Even Nicole let me down. Buch of dum dums in a shooting gallery at this point. What does Donny have to lose?


I think Donny knew he had to take a chance by talking to Cody…… was now or never! I hope you are NOT right about Cody going to Derrick, but my friend it makes me sad to know he probably will…….


Not in Cody’s best interest to go to Derek, but he will probably do it. Cody can keep his options open now and lock up an an ally on the outside, which he may need with the numbers dwindling down.
But I’m not so sure he’s a smart enough player to realize that.


Honestly, Cody cannot think for himself. Remember early in the season, when he said, his Brother ( or someone ) was going to tear him up for having no balls in the game. But Cody went from not having any balls, to wearing pink underwear while allowing Christine to adulterize him. He’s pretty much the typical mouthpiece, but has no common sense as to what people are manipulating him.


Donny should have had the conversation with Caleb instead of Cody. Cody is a lil wussy. Donny is wrongly assessing the BS Alliance. I believe it’s going to ultimately be his downfall.


Caleb is too brainwashed. Ever since Frankie revealed who his sister is Caleb has been his bitch. I guess he hopes Frankie will help make him famous.

In truth there is no one Donny can talk to in that house, they’re all too stupid, with the exception of Derrick, but the only thing he wants from Donny is a vote.


If Cody does go straight to Derrick it just proves what a complete idiot he is in this game. At a minimum he should be secretly working with Donny. I’m not saying this as a Donny fan; I’m saying this as a strategic thinker. If Cody had half a brain he would realize he has nothing to lose by working with Donny. Donny doesn’t have ANYONE, so if Cody worked w/him on the downlow then he would never have to worry about Donny coming after him. He would be protected on two sides. As it stands, Donny is right, Cody is playing for 5th or 6th place.


Donny never open his mouth And when he does is to make him a target. Same thing when he throw Christine under the bus and told Nicole to put her up. Not knowing those 2 were working together,

Now is the same thing. I can not believe how clueless he is, after 2 months and with all that has happened he still has no clue what is going on in the game.

I know you all you hate me for saying this because you all love Donny.

Cough, Derrick!

Oh Donny, Donny, Donny. You don’t spend enough time around Cody to know that he’s dumb and a doorknob. And who else thinks Victoria cut up the pink cap because she thought
she wasn’t getting enough TV time


Excellent analysis. 2 thumbs up. Wish there more of that here to compliment the recapping excellence of our hosts.


I’m guessing the HG returning will be given a one week pass and can’t be put up for eviction the first week they are back. I’m pretty sure that is how it’s been done previous years.


afaik, they will be completely safe because when they compete to come back they are unable to compete for the HOH, so coming back huge target, the immunity is the way to ensure they make it to the next stage. They will, because they are not going to be HOH, great for votes and for competing in POV on behalf of whoever they want to protect. As a incoming, that should be Donny at the very least, as the other outsider and potential vote.

If this week’s TA task is successful, I can see Derrick wanting Donny around for another week after this, and use it to get out Christine if possible so they have at least one more TA task. i completely agree that he’;s using DR sessions to say that he wants Donny to stay. he must think BB fans are idiots who don’t know that 99’% of all his donny related conversations are and always have been to get Donny to be other’s targets, to keep him out of any alliances, to instill distrust about him, and to not even provide TA support to him

I have to say re: Donny, that Frankie is the superior TA member here. He hasn’t been backstabbing Donny like this and often talks about how it is good to keep him. If Derrick had any sense, he’d be doing and working on the same, if only because Donny is his chance to get out Caleb/Christine/victoria without actually having to do it. He’s talked way too much for too long tho, and put Donny up as well, and Donny’s suspicions about it have been confirmed.

if Donny had any smarts, he’d be talking directly to Frankie about his before the vote, to see if Derricks push to get him out in spite of TA, shows a lack of commitment to TA and how does Frankie really feel about that. Also, maybe Cody should be the one to go, not Zach?


Perhaps it’s been different in other seasons, but in BB13, Brendon was evicted by Daniele the same week he re-entered. And last season Judd was able to be nominated when he came back into the house, but Elissa had other fish to fry as HOH.

Whoever comes back will be targeted by the BS is the BS is still in power. You can take that to the bank.


I can’t help myself…..I wish Victwatia would shove some of that tin foil in her mouth and chew on it for awhile. Haven’t disliked a player this much in a long time. Self-centered, spoiled, babyass brat.


…and Christine laughs. Ugggg. ….and so it goes…..


I 100% agree with you! I can tell it took you some time to write and think about all that. Also what I wanted to add is, it would make total BB sense if whoever came back on Thursday just got automatic HOH. If not, it would be like jumping in a tank full of sharks – that person would not survive to the following week.

pants on fire

Go for it Donny…you have nothing to lose and you know that. I don’t trust Cody to keep his mouth shut but even if he baby blabs…what real harm would it do?

The Farmer

Go for it Donny – nothing gained – nothing lost – plant seeds…


Yes! Please Cody, listen to Donny and do go blab everything to Derrick. If Hayden comes back and teams up with Donny and Cody that would be golden. Cody could ride it out with both sides and end up in a really good spot. But what am I saying, that’s what a GOOD player would do and we’re talking about Cody…


Go, Donny, Go!


Hopefully the talk Donny is having with Cody about Derrick affirms that he has a deal with everyone not just the final 2 with Him. Maybe it will sink in or as usual go running to Derrick and exposing Donny once again.

Cocoa Puffs

Might as well forget that Cody already shaking his head saying ” oh Donny oh “Donny. Looks like Derrick will be filled it. I used to like Cody as well. Not any more.


Perfect scenaro.. Cody runs back to Derrick to tell him all of this (pretty much a guarantee) then Donny wins HOH. After he finds out Cody blabbed it’s a no brainer to put up both of them sitting pretty right next to each other. They aren’t both particularly good at competitions so no veto is used. Cody gets voted out unanimously and realizes how dumb he is.


problem there is Donnie wont find out derrick will just listen and take whatever action is needed he wont run to Donny like the others hate to say it im a Donnie fan but derrick is hands down best player I think we all agree but I see a repeat of last year at the end someone wins by default not derrick

The Farmer

Dear Sir or Madam – Donny knows what he is doing – he knows his days are numbered – planting seeds is all he has left – he is done – winning an HOH that requires endurance is not in his game and that’s what is coming – but I like him and wish him all the best!


I stopped liking Cody went he got Brittany voted out & failed to put up Caleb for eviction the week he became HOH. Brittany should still be in that house.


No, Cody (talking to himself after Donny walked away) said something along the lines of “you are so wrong Donny in your thoughts” so, yes, Derrick will hear the conversation and now Donny will be a bigger target. Cody- come on! Derrick has already won the game. He is running circles around these people.


Cody will find out that Donny is not wrong when he gets out. I hope that Derrick screws over Cody.


Oh Donny 🙁 prepare to have all your words used against you. But still, hoping against hope that maybe Cody actually internalizes some of this and changes his tune.


Donny is not stupid. He knows what he’s doing. Remember yesterday he was talking to Zach how can he cause a problem within that alliance, and afterwards he told Caleb pretty much the same thing he’s saying to Cody about the pecking order? He also told both of them not to repeat what he says. He also told Nicole that Caleb is a dumbo, and Cody whines and listens to them. So he knows what he is doing. He is trying to create a problem of distrust within that group. It worked with Caleb because now Caleb is paranoid and sneaking around trying to see what Derrick is up to. Even Derrick noticed Caleb being paranoid. I don’t think Donny is doing it to get Cody on his side, or that Donny trust Cody and believe after all this time in the house Cody is going to all of a sudden trust him. Donny wants it to get back to Derrick to get Derrick paranoid and off his game. He hopes it rattles Derrick to the point Derrick slips up on his game and then the others notice it and see what he’s been saying all along. Just watch and see how Donny slowly work his way the group with scenario. Frankie will be the next one he talks too.


Just get Fakie out and then let the games begin. Donny is very observant and that could work for him down the line. He needs up his social game.


At this point Donny can win against any of them in the final 2, but right now of everyone left in the house he will need Frankie the most to get Derrick out. Of course if he wins HOH he can always put Derrick on the block, but with the friends Derrick has made if Derrick doesn’t win POV and pull himself off, no one will vote him out regardless of who he’s up against. This is where Frankie can help Donny, because once Donny convinces Frankie, Frankie will have Caleb, and Christine on his side and whoever comes back if Donny wins HOH this week. So Donny for his game don’t need to get rid of Frankie just yet even though we all want to see Frankie go, he has one more job to do and that’s help Donny get Derrick out. No one else in that house will be convinced about Derrick, but I bet Frankie will. Especially if Donny tells him (if he knows) Derrick and Cody wanted him out the week he was on the block and it was Derrick idea that helped change Nicole’s mind. But even if Donny don’t know and Frankie repeats it to Christine, between the two of them (Frankie and Chris) they’ll put it together and help Donny get Derrick out, because one thing they know for sure they (Frankie and Chris) they won’t beat Derrick in the end. They know they won’t beat Donny either, but they don’t mind stabbing Donny in the back or front for that matter, but they will use Donny to get Derrick out to keep their hands clean.


I like this theory. Make it happen!


I agree. Donny knows exactly what he’s doing. Fear the beard!


Excellent analogy Kaleb……I think ya got something!!

Lady Luck

Donny is trying!!! Will it be in vain? Who wants to bet that Cody runs back and tells his master Derrick everything.


now watch cody go run and tell this all to is masters.

Wish Cody could keep his mouth shut.

Unfortunately he wont, he will go running as soon as they are up to tell them what Donny said.


OMG, Donny is back in the game. Go Donny, go Donny go.
Lazycody needs to wake up and Blackdoor frankie and Caleb. He already knows they are working together and there is no way he is winning against Derrick. Wake up Cody and listen to Donny….

But we all know he is going to run to Derrick and tell him everything in 1…2…


Every season it is interesting to watch how people work against their best own interests. If Cotex was smart (and that is debatable), then he would say nothing to the bad cop and fame wh*re and kind of work both sides while favoring Donny because this strategy will give him a better outcome in the end. But these players never see the end game for themselves. Zach kind of the same by staying with Fakie all this time. He should have used his HOH to get rid of him. I hope Cotex wakes up and his balls drop from their cavity and he starts playing.

Oh Hell No!!

Donny, Donny, Donny watch Cody run and tell Derrick before I can finish typing this!!

Kathie from Canada

… And then Cody went indoors and immediately reported his conversation with Donnie to Deputy Dawg! Not even going to get excited that this could become the beginning of something serious. Too many let downs this year. 🙁


The problem with Donny trying to talk some sense into one of these kids is they have NO sense what so ever.
It is better for a lot of them to work with Donny over Christine, Frankie or Derrick…. even Cody. Donny is scraping the bottom of the barrel with Cody.
Cody will run to Derrick and Christine the second he can. Just watch…. foolishness. The one thing about having Donny as an ally. You know two things… He keeps his word and if he promises to use a veto on you even if you are useless like Jocasta he will use the veto on you.


Look at the choices he has: Zach’s who gone (for now), Christine who hates him, Caleb the loyal doofus, Derrick the head snake, Victoria the useless, vain Derrick goat, Frankie the backstabbing, lying narcissist, or Cody-Derrick’s other minion. He’s rightly identified Cody as the weak link in that if he had any sense at all he’d know that Derrick will pick Victoria over him & he wouldn’t win against Derrick. Unfortunately Cody has no sense. Good for Donny for trying but if Cody doesn’t run back to Derrick within 2 minutes of Derrick getting up I will be absolutely shocked beyond belief.

Cody H8er

Why is Donny wasting his time trying to talk sense to such a dope.


First…what is up with the ants in that house? Every season it seems like they have bug problems. Gross. Can CBS afford an exterminator or tell the piggish houseguests to clean up after themselves?

Anyway…I get nervous when Donny confides in Cody the Stupid. I know Donny needs someone, but yikes…I don’t think that the Pee Sitter is the one to trust. Then again…are any of them trustworthy?

Thank goodness for this site…I can’t handle BBAD anymore and the show is so brazenly edited to favor Frankie.


it’s more of a warehouse than a house. Wasn’t built to keep the critters out. Plus it’s probably like a frat house with food left all over the place.

Pretzel Twist

I’m sure the ant infestation has to do more with heat instead of cleanliness. Especially if there’s flaws in the structure of the house such as cracks and along with other environmental factors can cause ants to make paths going inside the house and it’s in their nature to stock up on supplies. Aren’t they somewhere in L.A. California, there’s been quite a few quakes that might have compromised the structure of the house. And the shelves where they keep their food looks clean, it’s about everywhere else that’s dirty and it’s mostly clothes related ( from what I’ve seen anyway).


It is LA… LA is covered in Ants and Cockroaches… I lived in West Hollywood and you have to be a real anal Neat Freak that cleans every day or you get ants and cockroaches. As Big Brother go’s on every Season the cast members tend devolve and become almost Ferrel Slobs… Once the people that clean all of the time get evicted it turns into a swamp.

Ants Everywhere

I really don’t know why their cereals and other similar pantry items aren’t kept in plastic bug-proof containers. The ants really are relentless, in SoCal. All of those opened Coca-Cola bottles sitting around would also contribute to the ant issue, I’m sure. There are product-placement deals at work in the house, though, so what are a few hundred ants (more or less) in the larger scheme of things.


Suggestion for new product-placement deal, The Orkin Man or some other national extermination company. Would probably help if there were some comps where the losers had to do a daily clean-up all week. Same type comp every week. Also penalties for not keeping “their rooms” picked up. Every year it is the same, HG’s nothing more than a bunch of slobs.


By the end of the day Cody will run and tell Frankie and Derrick what Donny said just like the little pussy bitch he is!!!

Cody's vagina lips

By the end of the day Cody will run and tell Frankie and Derrick what Donny said just like the little pussy bitch he is!!!


Related to anonymous. Lol.


Too funny !!!!


Can we get some more shouters tonight to come and shout that Derrick is a cop and we still think you’re disgusting Frankie?


*sigh*. I’m tempted. I live so close. I would love nothing more than to blow up Derricks lie and yell obscenities to Frankie.


But you have to do it strategically when most of the house guests are in the makeshift backyard to get the most effect.


Do it! look up these coordinates on Google maps satellite view: 34.144509, -118.388166
It’s the parking lot of a large apartment complex called Studio Village off Colfax Ave that can be accessed by the public. You can see the backyard and stage through the trees just across the Los Angeles River. It’s a few hundred feet though so you may want to bring a megaphone.


Actually my mistake, it’s not a parking lot* lol but it is accessible to the public…heres a pic of the view of the backyard fence


Thanks I know exactly where that is. I live in Studio City only about a mile from there. I wonder if they have security near those walls? Not that they could really do anything if I’m not trespassing. So tempting.


The security would be across the river so it would take a few mins for them to get to you, if they even realized that’s where it was coming from…so just get out of there right after you do it lol! And like you said it’s not like they could really do anything other than yell at you


Use a bullhorn so they can hear you, I would if I lived near there. It would make the game more interesting…lol.


why I read this everyday to damn funny


hopefully you have a loud voice!


It’s sad that Donny’s only resort is to go to Cody. Cody – the guy voted most likely to run to his so-called alliance and snitch. It’s just pathetic how stupid and cowardly this group is…..can’t see the forest through the trees.


Donny this is not going to work, cody is derricks bitch… nice try Donny u have nothing to loss at this point in the game…. im just hoping hayden wins the buyback and keep Donny safe for a week…. its going to be some type of endurance and I don’t think Donny has a chance at it… Donnys only hope this Thursday is a Hayden win and him winning next thurday hoh…


Donny should’ve asked Cody if he wanted him to transcribe the conversation so that it’s an accurate copy for Derrick. We all know Cody is going to go repeat the whole thing anyway.

Since Donny has been the irrational target of the other side so long, it really doesn’t matter who he talks to, he can’t do further damage to his own game.


Not only is Cody to blind (or just plain stupid) to see that Donny is laying it all out for him on what he has seen and knows, Cody will go running to Derrick as soon as he wakes up and tell him what Donny was saying and how he (Donny) is the mastermind and needs to go ASAP! I guess every cop needs a good snitch and Cody the man-pussy is the best snitch in the house. I bet Donny will be smiling from ear to ear at the end and will say “I told you so”

Still I think even Donny will vote for Derrick because he admires the fact that he is blinding the sheep as he leads them all to slaughter and who else do you give it to at this point? You have Cody man pussy who has only 1 HOH (can’t remember if he won that or it was a luck thing) Christine to backstabbing butterface, butterbody and buttermorals whore, Victoria who does not even know there is game play or alliances going on. She is more concerned with her head bleading from the hair extensions because she won’t take them out and that she was sick due to all of the stess and pressure!!! (it is stressfull caking your face with tons of makeup trying to make yourself presentable before passing any mirrors or cameras and sitting there wondering what everyone thinks of her and how she looks on TV) I can’t see De-prick allowing Frankie to get to the final 4 or 3 since he is worried that he can win in the end. My $ is on him taking Christine and Victoria to final 3 and then Victoria to the end so he can say he carried her all the way and that is another example of how good he is.

I think they should give her the $ just to piss him off. He tries to play to everyone who is leaving and get on their good side for a vote. We can only hope they do not reward him for it. Pig with a pig nose!

Frodo on Steroids

Cody is one of the most revolting human beings I have ever seen. I have never struck someone in my entire life and I never condone violence under almost any circumstances but….I want to smack this kid in the face so bad it hurts!:)

Another thing…imagine if there was a really hot girl in the house that just let every guy, single or married, gay or straight, black or white, etc. just grind all over her, pawing at her incessantly, taking turns stroking her hair and cuddling while scantily clad, and so on and so on, sometimes two at a time…what do you think we would say about her? The outrage would be so intense it would shut down the internet!! I’m just saying.:)

God I love to hate this show!!


But we do call Cody a whore… all of the time. That is what a Male Escort is.


It’s sad that Donnie has resorted to Cody. It’s even sadder than Cody is going to run and go tell them everything Donny is saying instead of actually listening to him. Everyone has been saying Donnie is not playing, his social game sucks or whatever, and I just don’t buy that. He has outlasted every other player that’s not sucking the Detonator’s dick. He knows Christine is a shit ass player and person. Derrick and Frankie DO NOT have Donnie’s back one bit and he knows that. And who else is there–loyal-to-a-fault Caleb (I refuse to call him beastmode) or Victoria (who even when she isn’t up Derrick’s ass is completely useless). His only mistake is not realizing that Derrick is loyal to Cody over Frankie (which is a good assumption knowing they’re together in Team America). This season turned ugly, fast.

I lothe Frankie

I hope to god this does not bite Donny in the butt. Trusting Cody?!!


I’m glad Donny made some kind of move. Cody would be the weakest link of that group that has some sort of brain. Frankie and Christine are deplorable players who will screw over anyone when they get a chance. Caleb must think he’s still in the army taking commands from the higher ups so he’s pretty much useless. Derrick is running the show and Donny ain’t cracking that…and we’ll Victoria thinks there aren’t any alliances in the house except for her and Derrick (unbelievable and sad how limited her mind is). It probably won’t work but at least he’s trying. What’s he got to lose at this point.

Kathie from Canada

Now there’s a perfect oxymoron … putting Cody’s name and brain together in the same sentence. LOL

Pretzel Twist

I really hope Donny knows better not to trust Cody. And I truly hope this is one of Donny’s plans. I expect the next update is going to be Cody gone gossiping like a schoolgirl to Derrick. My next Genie wish would be that Cody is gone on Thursday which saves Zach and after all of this Zach is now working with Donny. Although he told Derrick he’s there for him I hope that’s not the case.


No, Donny, run Donny. Don’t trust Cody!!

Altho, there really is no one to trust, so i doubt if it would hurt to talk game to everyone at this point. 🙂


I meant nothing to lose at this point.


Sadly this shows how little Donny really understands what is going on. He couldn’t have picked a worse person to tell. He has nothing to lose so I guess it is worth a shot but…

Good luck Donny and Zach I hope they say some crap to you today and tomorrow and then you get back in on Thursday and understand how things work in BB House.

Frodo on Steroids

I love watching Cody trying to understand basic conversations around him. He looks and acts like a retarded monkey, no offense to monkeys or the developmentally challenged (I think that’s the right thing to call them).

In a battle of wits I would take Caleb everyday and twice on Sunday over Cody, the sheltered pretty mamas boy/dumb jock frat idiot. Caleb has a rudimentary understanding of logic and reason (most of the time, when Amber isn’t involved at least). Sadly, the same cannot be said of Dancing Cody.:)

“I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money….” Tina Turner


its correct. cody will relay it all to derrick.

but cody has the most competition potential and loyalty among the rest of the HG’s. its donny’s 2nd to last hope.

next, donny just got his bait. by explaining how cody said derrick is the one that can turn on the group the fastest, he might be able to use this to grab caleb, maybe even frankie. (the other guy in the lead)

this was a smart, quiet, small step.
last hope is a returning HG to win HOH

Slim Pickens

My first reaction was “Donny, my god, this is who you choose to try to work with!”

Then I go and look at all of the houseguests left after Zach and realize that Cody is the least scummiest & potentially smartest of the bunch left to work with aside from Derrick. How is that possible, fkin’ Cody?
& then it hits me – Derrick was whittling it down to all GinaMaries!

But I do have to admire Caleb a little because I’m sure that boy would ride bareback on a nuke in a heartbeat.


Why doesn’t production give them some plastic Tupperware to put their cereal and other foods in. How much food have they thrown out. Gross to find ants in your food all the time.


That’s assuming that they will seal the tupperware back up after they open it. Donny is the only one I can see consistantly doing that.

Just a note. I’ve lived in L.A. my whole life. Every summer ants find their way into homes. They start out looking for water and stay for snack time. It almost impossible to get rid of them. If you don’t have little kids or pets putting any powdered cleanser (like Ajax) down on the outside of the doorway will help to keep them from getting in that route. Ants will not walk across the cleanser.


Who thinks Cody can keep his mouth shut about this. Thumbs up if yes, thumbs down if no.


Maybe, just maybe, being on the block and facing the fact that it could be over for Cody. He will wake up and realize that trusting Donny may save him. Derrick is all over the place, and Cody could be finally getting the message that Derrick will not include Cody, if he makes it to the final two.


Cody has to be the dumbest person to ever play big brother keep on trusting Derrick Cody cause Donny is correct about a lot of things. Cant wait to see the look on Cody’s face when he finds out he will be like oh shit Donny was right all this time and I’m an idiot lol.


It’s a really dumb move by Donny.

What he doesn’t realize is that the only person Cody is loyal to is Derrick. And the only person Derrick is loyal to is Cody. I believe that Derrick would rather win the way Dan did (by bringing Memphis) or Ian (bringing Dan) than the way Andy did (by bringing GM).

Caleb is actually the weak link and the easiest to convince. He’s just loyal to a fault.

Teri B

Yeah, pee sitter has already spilled to his master (has it been 5 minutes yet?). Poor Donny, no one to trust, no one to try to ally with (that won’t go straight to the pig).

I feel almost as bad for Donny as I do for Zach. No one seems to have a chance against the pig. This season has totally gone to hell in a hand basket. Why don’t they just give the pig the money and put us out of our misery?

Anti-climatic BOREgasm

I’m so disappointed. 🙁


It says a lot that within four minutes, the time it takes to type and post these messages, fourteen of us said the EXACT same thing. It shows how truly limited options anyone has of shaking up this borefest.

for me

its just like….what matters anymore in BB16? Derrick is playing this particular group of people perfectly. he should win, and its possible he might. but I have a hard time with Frankie in the house. I can live with derrick and his gameplay and what he does, but not Frankie. not Victoria. there are so many lines being crossed its unbelievable. now I am reading cody is saying Victoria never let Zach have those hats, that is TOTAL bs. she and Zach had a convo about it, and she had no problem with him wearing them. its absolutely ridiculous that she is now acting like he stole them and wouldn’t return them, she said they were 3 dollar hats and didn’t care. WTF.

petty BS and everyone running back to derrick is what leads to me wanting Frankie gone, and Derrick to win this awful season of BB.


And now we see Cody scamper off to tell Derrick about big bad Donny. ..

for me

cody is less trustworthy than Zach. he is the worst. the absolute worst alliance member to have. he sucks.

Nana B

I can only imagine Cody’s family are hoping that Cody will keep his mouth shut and let what Donny has told him sink in his little pea-brain. Donny laid it all out to him and if Cody runs and tells he will find that Donny is a man of his word and will not back down to what he said. Gotta love that guy!
Don’t forget to go to for Donny Thompson. if by chance he does not win the 500K all of his fans can donate a couple of dollars each to help him get his eye surgery he needs.


If I were Donny I would blow up the TA alliance. That would drive a wedge between that group. He has nothing to lose because everyone left wants him out anyway.

mannequin of misery

I am going to guess that TA members had to agree not out the alliance in order to get the money.


I recall that TA card (asking them if they wanted to accept) said that they had a CHOICE about letting the other HGs know about the alliance. Something like “whether or not you choose to let your fellow house guests know about this, is up to you”. Does anyone recall something different? Yes, Donny would get SOME backlash for his participation, but Derrick and Frankie would get soooo much more. Andddddd, so many seeds of doubt planted. Also, Zach off the hook for being a saboteur. I’d say, Go for it, Donny. He has nothing to lose.


How does that help Donny when all he can say is that he is Team America & nothing else?


Team America has severely failed this year. it seems as though all they’re doing is ganging up on Zach. Poor Zach I feel sorry for him. I hope he comes back to pick these guys off one by one. And as far as Frankie is concerned I hope he goes next. I can’t stand his stupid phony hugs. I bet his followers are sadly disappointed. What a disgusting fool he is to have turned on his only true friend that had his back. Zach you gave this fool too much attention and too much respect.

BB watcher

Everyone on this site thinks this cast has intelligence? HELLO, Donny is a real player but when these immature wannabees don’t understand how the game is played and are trying to relive high school this is what you get.
Look at what you have
Frankie-A 30 something 10 year old that can’t complete a sentence without using profanity or sexual innuendos. Living through his young sister PATHETIC
Derrick- Police officer. [enough said]
Victoria- Mindless & a Dingus
Christian- Makes a onion cry!! If her husband stays with her he’s a dueche bag too!!!
Cody-He’s never had a significant thought, There’s good looking people all over the world and even some have brains to match. Any MAN who is doing what he is to a married woman should be taken to the wood shed……period
Caleb-Needs a lot of therapy-A LOT!!!!!
Zack-Like the guy but he has gone too far on abusive behvior

Donny is the player with the intelligence out of all the cast members, too bad he’s older and and flying solo.
BB has become Lord of the flies

Guliana from New York

I still refuse to watch the show. I come here for the low down. I can’t wait for these idiots to see how they’re hated once they leave the house. BB need to pick BETTER people to be on the show, because every year it’s been going downhill.


I understand why everyone is bagging on Donny for talking to Cody because Cody is just going to run and tell Daddy Derrick everything but what harm is this really doing for Donny? He literally has no one in the house. The only reason Derrick and Frankie keep him around is TA and they wouldn’t blink an eye at losing him to save their status in their alliance.

If Cody (or Christine) had a brain they would realize that Donny is the perfect outside the alliance person to make a side deal with and try to use Donny to eliminate most of their alliance so they don’t get the blood on their hands. And then when it gets closer to the end they could vote Donny out and not worry about him getting a clean sweep in the F2 because he would have earned it.

But that gives too much credit for Cody and Christine…


It was his only game move. He knows Zach is going and who the heck else would he try and trust. Its a cr@p shoot and he knows it. He has absolutely nothing to lose because Derrick already knows all of this.
If Cody was smart he would keep shut and play both side, but unfortunetly I don’t think he is.

Roisen Dubh

Now go run and tell Daddy what Donny said you little jerk. Everything Donny said was 100%. But this jerk idiot will let it go in one ear and out the other. C-ya Donny, you know way too much and make way too much sense. Once Daddy hears what you said, You just became ultra-priority. If Donny is safe for a nother week after this one, Derrick is gonna flip and just lose it.


Why didn’t Donny tell him that hes not going to win against Derrick!


One would think it would be self-evident, but these dunces can’t see anything right in front of their faces.

Lady Luck

Donny needs to start pointing out to all of them that none of them will win over Derrick, with the jury they have. Deirrick is in a sweet spot. The only one that stands a chance is Donny, Derrick knows this and if Donny does not win HOH next he is gone. These HGs are not even thinking about the Final 2, at this point you need to start thinking about who you want to be sitting next to. Derreick figured that out a long time ago and that is why he is still in the house with fools! He only kept Donny safe for TA. I can’t stand Derrick, but at this point he has the 500K in the bag, unless Donny becomes a comp beast and wins when he needs to.


Now, I love Donny just as much as everyone else but this man is playing the game. He’s just doing it in his quiet Donny way and part of that is playing the older, quiet guy that everyone is picking on. His social game is crap for the most part (don’t blame the HG’s because he keeps a different schedule than everyone else) but he is smart enough to know who may be at the bottom of an alliance and just pick that person to try and team up with and/or give or take info from. He is very intelligent and good at fooling people with his quiet demeanor and aw shucks attitude (which I love). He’s been observing for a while now and has it almost figured out. His 2 big advantages are Team America and the fact that Frankie has such an over inflated ego that he will be getting rid of people who may really be on his side. (“We love Zach” is what is getting him evicted by Frankie this week). I don’t think Donny is going to win the game because he’s got too many people to get through, but he’s going to definitely win America’s favorite and some decent TA cash. But don’t be fooled by Donny – the man is a (really good) gamer in his own, unique way. He’s showing everyone a new way to play. I think that the best final would be Donny and Derrick because they have both played great games and would deserve to be there. Frankie was thisdarnclose to be evicted if he hadn’t won that BOB and then pulled the Arianna card. He’s gone sooner rather than later I predict. Unfortunately, I think that Donny made have made his first big mistake talking to Cody. Derrick and Cody probably have the most solid 2 person alliance in the house and have for weeks.


Derrick is not taking Cody to the final two. Count on it.


But Cody doesn’t know that and won’t figure it out until it’s too late.


If Donny wins either HOH or POV this week, he is in the house for another 14 days. It might be long enough for one of the house chimps to sort things out.

It certainly wasn’t a mistake on Donny’s part to approach Cody, he has nothing to lose. At this point in time, to ALL of the other house guests, he is target number 1 anyway. The only player that MAY keep him around for another few weeks is Derrick (to keep some blood of his hands and provide a big target for the other guests).

At this point, only Derrick and Donny understand what’s actually going on in the house. I thought Frankie was smart enough to see his move this week was evicting Derrick, he didn’t and it will cost him the game. Unless Caleb wins HOH next week or Frankie wins veto, Frankie is in real danger of leaving the house. I’m not even 100% certain he’s completely safe if Caleb wins HOH.


Derrick’s preferred final partners (in order of preference) after this eveiction.

1. Victoria
2. Christine
3. Caleb
4. Cody
5. Frankie
6. Donny

Cody won’t sniff final two or even final three if Derrick can help it.