Christine asks can I kiss myself? Cody “Is that how you kiss? It looks like you want to eat yourself!”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 12-29-06-960
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12:30pm Christine comes out of the diary room with the HOH camera. She and Donny talk a photo of themselves. Christine then heads inside to take a photo of herself with her memory wall photo. She heads into the earthroom and takes photos of Caleb and Cody sleeping. She then climbs beside Cody and he rubs her arm and then they hug. Cody says lets go take some photos. Christine and Cody head into the fire room to take photos of the sleeping house guests Derrick, Frankie, Victoria. Derrick says take a picture of me – sleepy sloppy. Christine and Cody go out into the backyard and take action shots of him using the fishing rod. They go inside and take photos of them sitting in the nomination chairs.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 12-37-37-338

12:55pm – 1pm Cody sets up the camera in front of the living room tv and then he lays on the coffee table. Donny asks are you planking? Cody nods. The then head into the havenot room and take photo on the ice block and one with Zach sleeping. Christine then takes a photo with Frankie in the earth room. Christine can I kiss myself? Cody ask is that how you kiss? It looks like you want to eat yourself!
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 12-56-01-389

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1:10pm – 1:35pm The cameras behind the walls of the kitchen pans over and shows a shot of people watching the house guests through the one way mirrors. Christines HOH camera time ends and big brother calls her to the diary room to do here HOH tweets. Nicole is up and in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Caleb is out by the pool suntanning and Donny has his feet in the hot tub. When Christine comes out of the diary room she tells Cody that one of her tweets she can’t say because it gives away her game, kind of.. Christine hugs Cody and says I love you Cody!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 13-11-46-486

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1:38pm – 2:25pm Out in the backyard – Nicole joins Donny on the backyard couch. Donny says I wonder what Jocasta and Hayden are doing right now? Nicole says I can’t even imagine what its like in there, I can’t imagine its that good. Nicole says I can’t believe how there are only 2 girls left. That’s insane. I think its because of the BOB. Donny says it was designed to put up the weakest player. Donny asks what are you going to do when you get home? Nicole says I just want to hang out with my family and have everything be the same as before I left. Nicole asks what about you? Donny says about the same as you. Nicole says that she is nervous to talk to Julie. Donny tells her there won’t be much time for nerves. She will direct what happens and you can’t prepare for questions. I’ll probably start talking crazy. Nicole says after this I would consider moving. I thought about moving to Chicago. Nicole asks what Donny will do after? He says if I can’t get my old job back I would be a janitor. Nicole says if I go home on Thursday would you try your hardest to get to the final two because I can’t vote for anyone else. Donny says it would be virtually impossible for me to get to the end. They’re locked in so tight. Nicole says I’ve never seen such a big group locked in so tight. Nicole says in the end if anyone takes Derrick its game over he would win. Everyone would want to take Christine. Cody would take her. Donny says he doesn’t think Cody will win anything. He only won something when he had a partner. Nicole says Christine told me that she was forced to put me up or she was going out next week. I don’t believe that for one second. Donny says they just try to take the heat off themselves. It’s crazy to know that you’re a dead man walking isn’t it. Nicole agrees. Donny says its just a matter of this week or next week. Donny says they came out and wanted me to take their pictures. Donny laughs and says okay! Donny says there are some very smart people in here and others that are dumb as dirt.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 13-43-23-188

2:40pm While sleeping in the earth room – Cody punches himself in the face and wakes up stunned.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 14-41-12-164

2:30pm – 2:55pm Donny says its crazy to think people are on the internet watching us and how they know more about the game than we do. Nicole says yeah. Donny says I haven’t been caught up in too much. except for that thing with Devin. Nicole says I wasn’t a part of the bomb squad either and when I realized Christine was a part of it that what really opened my eyes about her. Donny says there was a lot of writing on the walls back then like how Caleb was already talking about being a host before the nominations had even happened. Donny asks have you ever seen a married woman touch so many guys!?! Nicole says nope, that’s what Hayden and I questioned. I wondered if she was even married. Christine is on top of so many more people than I am and I’m single! Donny asks you know who I like, I like Zach. Nicole says I do too but he got me on the block. Maybe I should talk to him. Donny says no he’ll tell everyone what you say. I said I like him, I don’t trust him. Nicole says as nice as Cody is .. he’s boring. Nicole says Christine doesn’t even have power next week. Donny says you don’t need power to control the game, look at Derrick. Nicole says I got blood on my hands and I realize why I’m going home. Nicole talks about being scared and burned. Donny says its just a game..
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-12 14-46-53-295

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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christine is almost surpassing caleb with the obsession status. she’s constantly all over cody and its so gross to watch. people who think it’s for gameplay are confused…

Beast Mode Creeper

Yeah, read some of Ratine’s husband tweets last nite, he said that ” Christine was playing Cody” in response to the many people disgusted by her behavior . I think he wants to believe that but this is more than gameplay. If anything, Codine is playing Ratine like a worn out fiddle. I also found it funny that he had a tweet to Christine saying : PLEASE DON’T PUT UP NICOLE, PUT UP DERRICK OR CODY.” ****sigh*** Ratine will try and spin this all she wants when she gets out of the BB house, but truth be told she’s making a fool out of herself in front of millions of people. I feel bad for Tim, her hubby.


Where is the coup d’etat?! Or has that been reserved for Frankie as well?


That why I never like Jeff, the coup d’etat gave him an unfair advantage. No more Coup d’etat please


I think she is making a bigger fool out of her husband!


I beg to differ with you, Christine is not – I repeat is not making a fool of herself, She has MADE a fool of herself. Her husband and family must feel terrible to see the one they love act like a dog in heat.


Christine is not – I repeat is not making a fool of herself, She has MADE a fool of herself. Her husband and family must feel terrible to see the one they love act like a dog in heat.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Christine thinks she and Cody will have something when this is all over. Cody on the other hand seems to be more uncomfortable with it the last couple of days. Bet he will take a lot of ribbing from his buds when he gets back home.


Yup like her delusional husband who says “it’s just her strategy”. What a moron.


Enough already with all the speculation about Christine and her husband. If her husband told her do whatever it takes to bring home the half a million dollars, then she doing just that. For some reason Christine gives off a vibe of a woman who is a mouse in public and a wildcat behind closed bedroom doors. Cody is doing the same thing as well, getting a woman wrapped around his fingers so that she can do his bidding.. Everyone is using everyone in one shape or form so why point out Christine?


Oh, the way she looks in his eyes. She’s in love.

chris hubby

If you look at her husband you will know why.. im a dude and hes disgusting looking, everyone who says he should divorse her doesnt understand how gross he is.. he just has to accept it shes best hes ever going to get by far. If she wakes up next to him everyday no wonder shes obsessed with cody


Her husband need to put that mutt on a leash!!


It’s funny that you call Christine’s husband ugly and get a bunch of down votes yet Christine gets called ugly a million times per day and those comments get overwhelming up votes.


Maybe it’s not his looks that she married him for.. He may be one of those guys who get shorted in one department and gifted in another. If you know what I’m saying…… LOL


Christine is gross in every way


Funny (also sad) thing is her husband believes its for gameplay as well. Dude is in serious denial.

What if it is?

Just game play, or friendly human contact?
Peple on here are sooo obsessed about stuff they don’t even KNOW about. You say it isn’t game play b/c you are jealous or lonely WHY ELSE WOULD YOU CARE? If my wife was on a show for money and acted like that i would have no problem… until they make out or worse no lines have been crossed.
Anyway my point was NONE of you KNOW anything FOR SURE! yet you all dismiss Her and her husbands assertions…. BASED UPON NOTHING!
Is she gross? sure… do I like her ? Nope can’t say that i do… But you all sound nuts for claiming to know something absolutely when you CAN’T!!! Possibly know one way or the other…
kinda like OJ a lot of people THINK he is guilty only HE KNOWS FOR SURE!
If Christine and her husband stay married and happy for the next 20 years then what?
silly and yes I am bored so I am replying who knows maybe i will set a record for most thumbs down.
Predictable 🙂

OJ Simpson

But I did do it .. That’s not a mystery


You did something because you’re in prison. And since when do they let prisoners get on the computers to browse Big Brother blogs? WTF?

OJ's cell mate

Says the guy on the block twiddling his thumbs eating pop tarts.


That made absolutely no sense and has nothing to with OJ committing a crime. I do not see the connection between the two at all. Lame attempt on your part.

Christine's Marriage Is Not My Business!

I agree! It’s one thing to comment on Christine’s actions in the game (weak willed, lacking independent thought/strategy, etc.) or her personality in the house (crazy annoying). I just think it’s really unfair to comment on the state of her marriage, which should be between her and her husband. I understand her husband is not helping to maintain their privacy as a couple by taking to twitter to comment, but as far as I’m concerned that is their business. They may have agreed beforehand what constitutes acceptable behaviour on her part and maybe it hurts a little more seeing it in action. I have no idea and I don’t care.

The only reason I find the Cody cuddling gross is that I see her as another terrible female player relinquishing her game to the “Tickle Me Elmo” strategist of the house and that is frustrating as hell to watch within the context of a game where women have been steamrolled and seem uninterested in putting a stop to it. She’s a bad player for sure, but I would never presume to know what kind of a partner she is.


You are so right, it is none of our business whether he’s married to Godzilla or a woman with hand problems with another man, even when she tells this man she loves him. It’s none of our business especially when we don’t know her (you’re right). But, when you put your business on National TV for everyone to see and commit on well then it’s open for discussion for anyone and everyone. She did it not us, not Nicole, not Amber so on and so on. She made herself look like she’s a whore – maybe she’s not but a picture tells a vivid story of who you are. Let’s say it’s for the game here’s another person that believes all is fair for the love of that 500k. I touch, slept, cuddle with him to win to win what 500k and lose your integrity for life what a tradeoff.

Butters Mom

I have to disagree with you on what is open for discussion as far as the people on this show go… they, like all personalities in show business KNOW going into this situation that they will be critiqued for their actions and they make the CHOICE to go on Big Brother knowing that. Christine, didnt have to make her marriage public knowledge and put it on her resume, and she doesnt have to flaunt her inappropriate behavior all over television either, but because she did both of those things, It is open season for the critisism she receives. THATS WHAT SHE GETS!


Christine said she was a virgin when she got married and her husband was the only guy that’s gotten past 2nd base. Any guesses why?


Uh, DNA proved that OJ murdered Nicole and Ronald. It was the first time DNA was ever entered as evidence in court, so unfortunately the jury didn’t understand it like one would today. But yes, he definitely killed them both. Hence his book, “If I Did It” where he basically confesses he did.


Finally someone with common sense.. This is Big Brother where anything goes. What do people think they have been watching for the past 16 years? A show about teaching morals and decent people working together in perfect harmony in order to win the big prize and that boundaries must never under any circumstances be crossed? If this anything goes mentality that some players are using in BB 16 bothers some of you so much, then find something else to watch… The majority of us are sticking around to watch the end game.

Straight Guy

Gameplay will be her excuse once out of the house, in reality, she’s a horny skank and I don’t think her husband is too disappointed ’cause he already knew that about her.

Tim says

I like to watch my hot wife mess around with other men! It turns me on
Your all just jealous because I get all that when she comes home (and $500,000k too)

Great Bait

Wow! G8 B8 M8 I R8 8/8


Whatever floats your boat but if she can cuddle in bed with another man on National TV and tells him she loves him, that’s great!!! Then you won’t get bad when she’s doing the other man behind your back and sharing some of that 500K ( you are a good one)


Any intelligent human can see cuddling with Cody is not gameplay for Christine. She has talked about how attractive Cody is several times. She also would get jealous when the pretty girls went near him. That is not innocent. It’s very apparent she really likes him. If there were no cameras and Cody made a move, Christine would totally hook up with him. As for her husband, he’s a pure idiot in denial. I believe his ego is bruised and he’s embarrassed. I’ve seen his twitter, and in my opinion, he overcompensates for her behaviour. He gets very defensive with the “haters” and he’s constantly tweeting about the situation, trying to play it off and make it like it’s no big deal. Even though he admitted in a podcast a month ago that the cuddling bothered him. Christine said Tim was jealous when she took a pic with shirtless men, so I don’t buy his “it’s no big deal, it’s just a game” act. I think he’s trying to “save face,” because everyone is criticizing his marriage now. I just think he’s making himself look like a bigger idiot defending her.

Frankie is hated by most of America

Frankie is such a douche and liar. Just been reported on Facebook that Frankie’s one and only job on Broadway he GOT FIRED FROM IT FOR HIS BAD ATTITUDE!!!! THE GUY IS A WANNA BE and a HUGE FRAUD. Btw, HIS LITTLE twit of a sister was not on Disney, where real stars have come from like Christine, Britney and even Timberlake, but on NIC and she was the stupid one on Sam and KAT. Her little lived fame will be over in a year and the fame will be over. Hope the entire family fades into existence quick and thankfully Frankie and CBS are helping that to happen a lot sooner than later. FRANKIE IS A JOKE!!!!


Frankie is simply a spoiled little brat. A wannabe. I actually bit the
bullet and watched his dumba$$ justine beber?(diaper-boy) video on his utube
Frankie never meet him! He is simply another fan on the sidelines.
It seems that his 1/4 million (Not 1.5 mil) are fans of his sister
not him! Bottom line….Frankie is simply a disgusting wannabe
and CBS is pathetic for even attempting to promote him.


Ariana Grande’s new album is due to drop in a little over a week and is expected to go straight to #1 but by then you would have changed your name a dozen times by then so that people can’t point you out to eat your own words. You seem to have scary irrational hatred towards the entire Grande family that you don’t even know personally.. You need some serious help!! As for Frankie Grande…. A simple Google search can bring up his Broadway credits as a performer and as a producer and those included being in the 2007-2010 run of Mama Mia as a performer. I don’t know what you have against the entire Grande family, but it is getting to the point where you can’t even hide being bat shit crazy any longer…


Love that Donny and Nicole are talking. Now she has to keep her mouth shut so he doesn’t get evicted


You can be sure Christine and Cody are looking forward to jury house. No cameras so they can do allot more than cuddle outside of her husband’s view. They don’t seem to have any shame at all.


Bet her husband will be shocked when Ratine finds out she is pregnant after the show and the baby comes out looking like either Cody, Frankie or Caleb. Get rid to pony up boys with child support HAHAHA!! You know she is doing all of them in the house unless Zack is keeping Frankie happy. I have never known any gay men that have to keep their hands down other men who claim to be Heterosexual have you? UGH! Zach has to be in the closet or most men would knock the crap out of Frankie!


I have to agree with you on Frankie’s treatment on some of the other guys, looks like sexual harassment where they are afraid to tell him to stop. But then again maybe they like it(??) or I am sure they could ask in DR to tell Frankie to cool it.


Okay there is no way in hell that Cody would do her..


For a married woman, she has gone way past the harmless flirting that can sometimes be a little fun. She is now portraying herself as a tramp while she desperately continues to grope Cody as much as she can. I can’t imagine what her family and her husband’s family think of her. Even if her hubby tries to convince them it is her strategy to get close to one of the guy’s in the house, what she is doing is so far beyond that. He must just being trying to save face so that they don’t see her in such a bad light…which tells you right there, they see here in a bad light and don’t like it. And what type of woman does Cody think he’s going to attract when he gets off of the show? No one that thinks highly of herself, you can be sure! Not after fooling around with her! AND…
Who are those people watching them all through a two-way mirror? Wouldn’t it be funny if the jury didn’t get sent to a big mansion but are actually living in the outside walls of the BB house where they can watch and listen to the house guests at all times ? Didn’t they do that in BB Canada last year? I’d love it!


Everyone defending her says its her game strategy, but I don’t get it. Like Cody would go against her if she quit hanging on him. She didn’t need to do it anmt the beginning of the season to stay safe. So how is it a necessary, and constant part of her game now? Sorry, but its an all-out crush. And ridiculously inappropriate for a married woman. And its just blech.


Zzzzzzz. Zzzzz


That’s all they do is sleep all day.


Regardless of the “game” it is disgraceful to watch a married woman act like this. There is no excuse. It does nothing for her personal game, and makes her look like a tramp. I feel bad for her husband who has to sit by and watch.


It’s equally deplorable that Cody is engaging in and encouraging the behavior with Christine. He should have more respect for her marriage, even if she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her behavior. I don’t think most men would be thrilled to watch their girlfriend or wife in the arms of another man under most circumstance, and definitely not on national tv. Even of they had an agreement that she could behave like this,it still has to be really hard to watch and see without getting upset.


you do NOT understand a healthy relationship.


Thanks for the laugh!


Hysterical hypocrites!


Not only that, but what type of woman does Cody think he is going to attract when he gets out of the house? After fooling around on national tv with Crustine, sorry – Christine, what nice looking woman would want anything to do with him at all? I know I wouldn’t touch him with Flakie’s dick, let alone my own (if I had one). Flirting around with another man, when you are married, can be considered a playful thing as long as it doesn’t go too far IMO they have more than over-extended that limit…to the point that those of us that are watching are about sick of it all!

Donny's Pop Tart Box

On the feeds, I hardly ever see/saw Donny request a conversation with whoevers the HOH or any of the other house guests not named Hayden, Nicole or Jocasta. It’s absolutely ridiculous to watch him sit outside for himself for hours while knowing his days are limited (which he himself strongly suspects) and not even attempt to try and talk game with Derrick (who he strongly suspects is manipulating/running the entire house). He didn’t even try to ingrain how dangerous Derrick as a social game player is into Nicole’s head to campaign to Christine before the POV ceremony. All Donny’s been doing for the majority of the past week since Hayden left is sulking, and it’s grating on my nerves, considering the amount of information swimming around his head he’s neglected to campaign for his friends and himself with. The only solid alliances he had was Team America and his trio with Hayden and Nicole and now both of them have crumbled and fallen apart. I truly believe Donny’s last resort for saving himself is to out the Team America alliance.


I just figured out why there seems to be no aggression or hostility = no Testosterone in the house. Possibility with the exception of Nicole, Christine and Victoria

echo 1

fun begins on Thursday

Mister E

I believe they all signed a contract that they could not reveal the Team America alliance.


If they reveal it, they forfeit the $.

Hey bbfangrl !

You are a regular on here, and know your stuff.
So I just wanted to ask you is that for sure true?
Are they not allowed to reveal TA?
What if they get sent to jury, can they reveal it then?
Thanks to you or anyone that can answer!! 🙂


Not 100% sure, but I recall that being said at some point.


If I recall correctly (could be wrong) it was in an early conversation that TA had talking about it. Again, I thought that is what I remember hearing, but I could be wrong.


Are you sure? Julie said it was up to them if they wanted to reveal the information to others. How do you know they forfeit the money if they spill the beans about TA? What makes you think they signed contracts about TA? Has someone on TA outed that information to live feeders or something? Not trying to be obnoxious, just curious as to the source(s) of your comments…


Perhaps Donny’s anti campaigning will work in his favor, a new target will always come out and Donny is just sitting there to ensure the other one goes. That or he realizes these morons aren’t worth the energy.


I don’t get all the down votes. Thats pretty accurate. Donny is a wallflower.


I didn’t know Donny was still in the game, I thought that was a prop production left out there.Donny is worthless and just sits around eating his pop tarts.

Just me

I would absolutely LOVE it if Donny or Nicole found a diamond power of veto. Longshot, I know, but at the rate they are going, whoever wins the right to come back from the jury house will just be evicted again (just like poor Judd) because the 6-person alliance will have everyone else booted out. There won’t be anyone left to work with.


when is that typically found and/or used? Is it before evictions or nominations, because it would have to be at noms, or POV noms, wouldn’t it? couldn’t just be found and used randomly, due to the production/tv/edits for the shows.

Donny has an opportunity to reveal about TA. BB did say they could tell people if they want to tell, so being on the block, that is the time to talk about it to other HGs. the later he leaves it the less likely he’ll be believed because he won’t be able to say to Nicole, remember that time i told you Pow said Zach was amanda’s cousin. Cuz she’ll be gone, she can’t confirm the things being done or said or suggested, and the outcomes.

Christine had a chance to confirm to Victoria that there is a detonator alliance for more than just a few days, and chose not to, even tho it actually could have worked for her personal game to keep hayden, nicole, donny and victoria. She can’t be stupid enough to think her inability to win things, and being the sole female in a 5 person alliance is going to get her anywhere but the 6th person out of the house. they’ll keep victoria over christine any day of the week, and Frankie will agree to that because he thinks Victoria is all over him.


Do these houseguest think about their game ? Or do they get caught up kissing themselves that they don’t think about strategy? Derrick is keep being mentioned as a good manipulator .. But really ? Victoria is manipulated by everyone and the best manipulation move was attributed to Zach when he got Caleb to be ok with putting up amber. That never came back (yet I suppose). What did Derrick do? Once the games begin (either this week or next) Derrick is going to be packing .. Why ? Cause he doesn’t win comps and when he goes up he is the obvious choice to leave. He only got this far because of devin and then zach when he made the detonators … Derrick is just consoling all these people but he is next … He has NO endgame at all … He talks in circles and is a major floater that when his alliance wasnt in power he immediately went to the other side and then when Caleb went to hoh he immediately was back (classic floater) and now they are bomb squad again .. Is that not pure floater .. Who did Derrick get out ?? Jocasta? Lol .. Really who do you put Derrick got out ??? No one of any consequence ! So no he isn’t doing that well .. I would like some serious game play and oh so smart skills .. But he is playing himself. And unfortunately he tried to play “America” too .. Not buying it but good luck Derrick .. U will be out soon. I don’t dislike Derrick just don’t know why the commenters are praising him (obviously the non haters) he doesn’t have the best game .. If you think that than CoDY must be a freaking genius because you haven’t even caught on to him (his I’m a pussy act was the real deal yo master manipulator !!) serious.


Derrick has had a hand in evicting most of the people in the house and the other houseguests still haven’t caught on. He is actually playing a great game. The fact that he hasn’t won any competitions is meaningless. He isn’t on anyone’s radar besides Nicole and Donny but Nicole is leaving this week and Donny can’t muster up a counter against Derrick. Derrick knows that Frankie and Christine are the biggest targets right now so all he needs to do is sit back and be a “floater” while two threats are being taken out.

A hand

Yes that’s all he had .. A hand .. But lets be real his alliance wanted those people gone too .. And when they were thinking if taking zach out (which was pure paranoia) who stopped it .. Caleb that’s who. Derrick will have no more outsiders to hide behind and he will be exposed. So he had a hand in sending out every person who would help him win? That’s not a master manipulator he only manipulates himself .. Really what has he done single handedly ??? Zach and Caleb and even silly Cody have done more manipulation. People come to Derrick and trust him because they know he can’t win.


That’s the point people have not caught on that Derrick is pulling strings. So when they go to Jury will they caught on. They don’t show eviction tapes anymore where they could get a clue how much Derrick had his hands in.
So, will they really believe his Jury speech? I’m not sure about that.


Derrick is playing a great game, a master of control!! But look who he is controlling. Its not a game of wits but young kids that have very little life experience. So you see how they listen and confide in him because he is older. But Donny senses something, Brittany wasn’t in awe of him and somewhat Amber and Jocasta Would be a totally different game if Derrick was the younger one of the group.


Derrick may not be the one putting people up on the block but he has played a big part of this game. IDK why they all trust him the way they do, I think it has to do with his abilty to talk to them. He’s very calculated. Look at the other night Zach told Victoria everything about Derricks game/alliances and in the end it was Victoria who felt bad cause Derrick was upset at her. Cody and Victoria are puppets and Derrick is the one pulling their strings. I said it before he is playing a carbon copy of Dans 2 seasons. Using Cody as his version of Memphis and Victoria as his Danielle. Hell even Donny told him if he could find a way to keep him safe and if he was to win HOH he would let Derrick pick his 2 nominations. They need to take a shot at him soon or CBS will be writing out a check for 500k to him very soon


People trust Derrick because he is/was a Narc and he is well trained to deceive people, gain their trust and discern truthful from untruthful statements…it is his career.


Did this really happen? Did Donny really have this conversation about finding a way to keep him safe and then Derrick could pick his nominations if Donny wins HOH? I know I didn’t read about this. If this conversation took place, then there’s Donny’s move. Donny will know Derrick’s hand. Nominate someone Derrick didn’t mention. This would be great but dumb move on Derrick’s part.


On BBAD, Donny told Derric that if he was saved and became HOH he would let Derric pick his nominees. Don’t know if this was game play to get saved or if he meant it. If he meant it, Derric gets to insure that the HG he wants gone are gone. If game play, could be a smooth move but it could definitely backfire on Donny.

Teri B

I think Derrick isn’t playing a game at all….he is just PLAYING PEOPLE. Period. Bullying and manipulating can get you all the way in this game now. I miss the good ole days…..oh well.


You miss the old days of what? Manipulation and bullying and lying in past shows or……….smfh


Christine is a Nasty nasty woman.


Christine is really gross, makes ya wonder what she is like at home because if she does all this in front of cameras, what’s she do at home? If I were Tim , I’d be rethinking a lot about being with her. Does she really think her family is gonna be proud of her hanging on the stripper, and what’s with her bringing her birth control pills out?


Ive noticed that its chris who is the one that is initiating the cuddling a lot of the time with cody…I wonder how she will explain that to her husband


Why is Victoria even in the house? This is big brother and she’s worried about how people feel about her?


I’m tying to picture what she will say in her speech if she gets dragged to the end & I just can’t imagine.


Is CODY Gay ? YES up NO down


I have been wondering this. His hand gestures at times are feminine and he says certain things that sound like a girl.

Cackling Hyena

The only GAY relationships there are (1) Zankie and (2) Frankie and BMC.

Cody and Christine are simply two lesbians in love. They both sit when they pee.

So there you go. I called it. Cody is not GAY. Cody is a lesbian.

Uh Silly rabbit

Lesbians are G A Y!

Cody H8er

A picture of Cody kissing would have to include Derrick’s dumpy butt.


Weeks ago I was planning to love Nico-tine take on the boys…
but now….yuck!
Christine is skankalicious!


It’s not game play when she’s up his a$$, like the dog she is


9 people left and I haven’t watched much in a few days out of sheer boredom. That’s what you get with a “full house alliance”, the 2 HOH crap, and a houseful of submissive women.


That also includes the dudes interchangeable estrogen


How is it Derrick can tell each house guests he hopes to take each one to the final 2 and no one goes back to each other and asks if they have the same deal. Is this guy that much of a genius.


It’s because they trust Derrick, SMH. You are absolutely right, they all rat n each other except when it comes to Derrick.


it’s bizarre. even victoria is talking to Nicole about how derrick is in the hammock for 2 hours with Christine. But derrick denies talking game to anyone else, just you \(you being whoever he is actually talking to at the time), and they still fall for it. He looks that way when he’s talking game, she says, and nicole says uh huh, like gee Nicole, didn’t Derrick also tell you he actually does n’t talk game to anyone but you, and here is victoria confirming he talks game to victoria and that’s all you can say?


Where is the interview with Christines’ husband asking him how he feels about her and Cody always all over each other??? I would really like to know how he feels about it. Maybe he doesn’t know yet, or maybe he’s cool with it and understands that’s her game play…but I dont buy it. I bet if Cody would try to give her some she would most definitely take it. SLUT!!!


Maybe Christine has an open marriage. DISGUSTING!
Otherwise she wouldn’t be in the arms, in the bed with, on top of any other person.
Her husband may be enjoying it as much as she is. SICK!


Poor Donny, he looks as bored & disgusted as we are! At least we can get away from it. I really do feel sorry for him that he has to been in there all by himself with those silly kids. He just looks so lonely! I really hope he wins America’s Favorite Player – he deserves it for many reasons – not the least of which is having to put up with this crew!


I don’t feel sorry for him, he needs to play the game! He has the best observational skills of everyone in that house, and knows exactly what’s going on but does nothing with it. Instead of going to bed early and wake up early, stay up late and try to build bonds with people, im not sure he’s done enough of that.


I feel bad for Donny. Most of America would LOVE to spend time with him, yet he is constantly spending hours alone on the live feeds because Frankie/Derrick have brainwashed the rest of the house guests into shunning him by convincing them he’s scheming. *HUGS FOR DONNIE!*


I know Derrick and Cody have but when has Frankie?


This season sucks major ass. no power shift, the dominant alliance are basically going to the end. come on production give Donny a special power to create drama in the house. Donny will be last outsider who can do damage in the house. I want the season to be Donny vs Derrick vs Frankie…


Simon & Dawg,
Even the headlines are boring…how do you keep awake lately

Kathie from Canada

Poor Dawg! Is this normally what you would expect at this point in the season? It seems that this group is so bland that if anyone decided to really ‘let it rip’, it might fall short compared to prior seasons.


I don`t see any drama coming up this season.

At this point, everybody knows everything about everybody. And even they they find out someone tried to backdoor them, saying $$$$ about them, they just don`t care and do anything about.

And when all the guys are left. They will turn on each other? yeah, but that is just part of the game when 6 people are left.


How is it “game play” to be all wrapped up on Cody in bed? It’s not as if she has influenced Cody in any way. Not that it would make it okay, IMO. Also, I believe if Cody were the one married and being all wrapped up on a girl, the complaints would be MUCH higher. People would be more disgusted.

My husband and I have spoken about this several times – we both agree we would leave the other person for showing such outright disrespect.


you are in a very healthy marriage
That is all it takes to leave?
why even make vows?


You’re right, I AM in an extremely healthy marriage (even though I know you meant it sarcastically). My husband and I are best friends and have been for 13 years. We’ve never said a mean thing to or about each other. We also would never disrespect each other by cuddling with an adult other than each other. If that were to happen, that would mean that person isn’t the person we married because the person he married and the person I married would never do such a thing. A) We would never want to do it and B) we would never disrespect, hurt, and/or embarrass the other in such a way.


you just proved my point…
That sounds a lot like prison.
If it made my spouse comfortable to cuddle touch whatever human contact (there is no sex going on and no over the top emotional attachment happening) It would make me happy that they were comfortable. Leaving a person over something so simple means you have a lot of intolerance for your partner or thin skin or perhaps even attachment issues.
Sucks to be you 🙂
Marriage is about making each other happy not putting restrictions on each.
If that makes you both happy well good for you i suppose but my approach to life is for my loved ones ALL of them to be as comfortable and happy as they like…
Weather you want to admit it to yourself or not you and spouse don’t fulfill yourselves out of fear of losing the other…
otherwise you would just live your life how you want and stay together because of love not following rules…
Yes I know how deep…
The deepest.
Find love and freedom not rules and slavery


That’s because you made your decision as a couple and that is yours to make. Same with Christine and her husband.. That’s none of your damm business to judge their marriage according to your own principles. They are both fine with what is going on in that house. Guilt shaming them is a reflection of your own insecurities and lack of strength and trust in your own marriage then it is for theirs.

Straight Guy

If Caleb wins HOH, I hope that there will be a Pandora’s box for him, which he will open. The result will be that he will be stuck with Jessie Godderz who will teach him how to build real muscles naturally. The rest of the house will get a slop pass, a diamond power of veto and a coup d’ etat if they have a full beard.

(Sorry Derrick, yours is not a full beard)


Well, I would love to be stuck with Jessie in the pandora`s box


Cody is like ” That’s it, i’m gonna call (name) out today, i’m gonna put them on the block. I totally wanna punch them and I can’t wait to call them out out.




Of course Donny will win, but Donny is just a floater, he don`t do anything at all in the game. Even Victoria is playing better than him.


Zach is getting my vote for American’s favorite. Without him, this season would have been horrible…. well, more horrible.

echo 1

Reason for the kind and gentle lovey dovey cuddle feast. No testosterone with the exception of Nicole, Christine and Victoria


If I was Christine Krueger husband I would not even come to the finale to support her she would be lonely and embarrassed. If he does attend I wonder how Cody is going to act then, probably go and hide out.


Once all the hgs exit BB house and the winner is announced, Cody is going to pretend that he does not know Christine. He will treat her like something he stepped in and smells bad. His only interest in her now is to pass the time of day, get more screen time and the possibility of a vote ( ha ha ).


Christiane was supposed to only be friends with Nicole and Hayden.

When Devin found her in the living room and decided to bring her to the Bomb Squad, Christiane never really understood what really happened.

She thinks that all the guys discussed and agreed they had to bring the strongest/hottest girl to their side. Right now that is what she thinks she is “The most wanted women in Big Brother House”


Derrick,I cant stand to hear your voice or look at your face,your as bad as that pink haired fool frankie and christine the slut,i always fast forward when i see thier faces.


I got creeped out by the people watching through the one way mirror.

A wishful twist

Wouldn’t it be great if the jurors were allowed to watch through the mirrors?

Kathy B

It would be tricky (and not to mention boring, with all these narcoleptics) to have jury members watch from behind the mirrors. But I do think they should be allowed to watch the live feeds, if they wanted. That way they could make a truly informed decision when voting. Short of the extras from Walking Dead coming in to scare the hell out of them – how funny would THAT be? – I think the HGs are bored senseless. Where are all the twists we were promised, hmmmm?


They should have brought people that the houseguests knows.. But people that they don`t like


Christine is just ridculous…she’s married but all over Cody 24/7 her excuse may be it is for game but Cody has barely influenced anyone and won HOH once right? Cody is the one playing her if anything, do you really think someone like Cody would ever date Christine yuck!


1:35pm and Nicole is getting ready for the day????

My day starts at 5am…


at least that got me laughing….. lol

New Yorker

We on the east coast appreciate that – albeit we do feel your pain.


The people watching behind the walls reminds me of the film “The People Under the Stairs”


The houseguest’s reaction to Derrick’s mind control and emotional manipulation is a good study in cult behavior. He’s actually coming off like a very effective cult leader to me! This is one result of the ‘social experiment’ — it can bring out this kind of dominance. I’ve always been a fan of this show, but I’m not sure there’s anything socially redeeming about watching this play out — game or not. I’m still watching for Donny and to see if Hayden comes back.


I was just thinking it’s little like Jim Jones thing. He would probably have no trouble getting them all to drink the poisoned Kool-aid.


I love Donny and Nicole chatting together.. the two are like a father and daughter combo.. its really sad that they wont get farther in the game.. im super depressed about it..

The Zoo

Love the shot of people watching the HG – reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode when a human had been put on display in an alien zoo.


I was watching the live feeds last night a little after 11 and Christine was of course next to Cody outside and kept playing with her birth control pills. Seemed to me like an invite to Cody, oh wait, must just be game play.


I wish Donny had people that were willing to work with him in the beginning because then this would have been more of a game and not like watching a steamroller come through. He knows his chances of making it to the final two is slim, but I don’t think he’s gonna give up until he knows he is being voted out. I’m hoping he wins the HOH this week! I’m glad Nicole didn’t say she would vote for Derrick in th end thus time!

Thursday cannot get here soon enough!


Honestly this is the most boring season to date and so predictable. I give up I really don’t know what to think, but when you put mostly 20 year old somethings in a house like this what can you really expect. I think a house full of dogs and cats would be more interesting.


I just hope the talk Donny and Nicole are having stays between them until she gets evicted. Don’t mess up Donny’s game because he told you what she couldn’t see with her own eyes.


Not to knock Janitors, but I think Donny could do so much more – he’s very smart, very well-read, & very perceptive. I really hope he finds something that utilizes his obvious talents.


I agree. I’m not sure what his education level is like (affects hiring), but I do know he comes from a small country town in NC and I don’t think there are a lot of opportunities.


After bb16 Sir Donny will never have to look for work, he has what it takes honesty, integrity, loyal, sweet, wisdom oh man he has sooooo much. We LOVE YOU DONNY


Saw this on Morty’s:

1:31PM BBT: Christine comes out of DR and says she is so excited and tells Cody she can’t say one of her questions cause she gave her game away but it was exciting.

Christine: “I think I am going to go to bed, but I am so excited!

She throws herself on Cody’s bed and says, “I love you Cody,” she hugs him and says, “I’m going to go to bed.”


Donny is spot on with his observations. Also obviously someones coming back and it will most likely be Nicole or Hayden. But I think production should throw in a few more twists I am not fond of the current alliance and at this point its become boring to watch because I feel like if it keeps going the same direction it is Derrick has this hands down. Time for someone to grow a pair and throw Derrick and Cody on the block!! I can’t believe they have never been on the block are these houseguests blind!


FINALLY! Donny and Nicole are talking right now and he is completely schooling her about the game and what is going on in the house. She finally gets it, but too little too late. He explained everything. The way it’s been going though, watch her run to Derrick to tell on Donny. If only she could stay with Donnie and Hayden came back they’d really have a chance. As I said, too little too late. But good to hear Donnie able to have an actual real conversation about the game with someone.


Just read Christine’s tweets ( Love the last one:
Dear Dan Gheesling, I love you, please love me.

What Cody & your husband aren’t enough for you? Does this mean (based on her comments to Cody) that she actually thinks she’s emulating his game.


Christine does not even care if she wins or not. She is looking for man, that is what she wants.

I hope they bring Dan and Evil Dick to the finale and give their opinion about this season.

I wanna see her husband confronting her live on the stage at the finale.

Derr- a- licked

From the office of Dan Gheesling:

Dear Christine,
I would have to get a rabies shot first.


Cody punching himself in the face, LMAO!!! That’s what he gets for talking SH!T


What in the hell was that all about – Cody knocking himself out LOL, was he afraid Christine husband was coming after him or was the GUILT kicking the butt.


Can we get a re-do on that sequence of events and this time get Floyd Mayweather to throw the punch? If only. Frankie, open the closet door and invite Cody to come out.


LOL…He’s ALWAYS talking about wanting to PUNCH someone in the FACE. It was just a matter of TIME! Good ole NoB@lls


Judging by the comments, Derrick and Frankie must be doing something good. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so despise. I don’t even like Derrick but coudo to him for running the house. Nicole is going home because of her own stupidity, she fails to realize that Frankie was not the mastermind behind Hayden’s eviction, she run right back in Derrick and Cody’s arms. My only problem with Frankie is that he did not fight for Zak when Derrick came to him, He also fails to realize that Derrick is running the show. If people take emotions out of this game, they will see that Derrick is playing a beautiful game. I like Donny but he needs to wake up and speak up


Your first season in HD, you cast somebody who looks like Christine? Very cruel CBS.



I don`t know if they had in the BB USA or some other country, when they brought a beauty salon to the house? They should do this season, that would help Christiane a really bit.

Derr- a- licked



So sad to read Nicole and Donny’s conversation about talking to Julie and going home… the only good people left in the house are on the block 🙁


Donny don’t worry you will have people wanting to hire you after bb is over. Donny people will be offering you jobs after this.. I love Donny his a good dude.


Zach needs to win this season. I don’t see it happening, but one can hope. Derrick has played a great game, but I can’t stand him for some reason. Cody, ugh, don’t get me started. Zach is my favorite by far, this season and from the last few seasons. Go ZachAttack!!