Bruno “I was ready to do whatever I had to do” Sarah “You almost killed your mother-in-law”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 1st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th ?
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 09-41-33-908

12:40pm In the bedroom – Zach is massaging Ashleigh’s legs. They start talking about hamsters. Zach says they’re the stupidest things in the world. They’re basically rats with fur. Ash says and no tails. Zach “The hamster makers grow them in a lab with rats and chop their tails off” Zach says when he was a kid his parents told him he could have a pet and then they got him a gold fish. He says it was the most boring-est pet.. I just fed it until it got fat, floated to the surface and died. If you’re going to get your child a pet it should be a dog or a cat. Zach says the best birthday present would be not going home tomorrow and it being a double eviction. Ash says its crazy how so much could be going on behind our backs and we have no idea. Ash says there are 4 weeks left and there are still so many people here. Zach says if we don’t have any doubles we will still have 6 people left on week 10 and we need to get down to 3. Ash says I don’t understand why they’re cramming it all at the end. Zach starts studying the past events of the house.

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Sindy asks Pili who has 10 siblings “Do you have any sisters?” Pilar “Is that a real question?” Pilar tells Sindy she has sisters. (Its funny how Sindy has seen Pilar’s HOH photos of her family and has no idea about her on day 41.)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 09-38-37-997

1:20pm – 1:45am In the kitchen – Kevin comments that someone here in the house saw you (Sindy) at casting. Sindy asks who? Sarah puts up her hand. Sindy asks when I was talking to Gary. Sarah says yes but we’re not allowed to talk about production. Sindy says she was wearing her sash and crown. In the living room – Sarah gives Bruno a back massage. Willow tells Bruno “Don’t even look at me!” (she’s jokingly acting jealous) Sarah says the poor guy has a knot in his back! Willow says I have a knot in my heart now! Bruno says it doesn’t necessarily have to be a double this week. Sarah agrees and says yeah they could do 3 doubles in a row. Sarah tells Willow this (massaging Bruno) is not fun. Its for medicinal purposes.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 10-35-05-311

1:55pm Out in the hot tub room – Willow says I am almost ready to bet my life it will be a double. Zach says I’ve been preparing for a double so I want it to happen. Willow says we need to get rid of people. Zach says yeah. Willow says Sarah said this morning I want to know if Bobby has that veto or not! He’s going up. I want to test it. Willow says which is smart but we can’t test it. Zach says yeah. They talk about what type of competition the HOH will be. Willow says we can’t be going into week 8 with 9 people. That means half of us make it to day 50. What if its Canada’s Double? Zach says could be. Willow says I’m worried Sarah could throw me up as a pawn .. I’m trying to reel her back in a bit.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 10-48-28-586

2pm – 2:25pm In the living room – Sarah, Ashleigh, Bruno, Brittnee, Zach and Bobby are sitting on the couches talking about movies and other random things. Bruno talks about how he and his wife were sleeping and hear someone downstairs. I literally prepared myself to go downstairs and do whatever I had to do. If I had to take this person out I was ready to do whatever I had to do. Sarah says almost killed your mother-in-law. Bruno says I was halfway down the stairs to attack whoever was in the house and my wife said she remembered it was her mother. Bruno says if she hadn’t said that I would have jumped her … Can you imagine kitchen dinner after that.

Out in the hot tub – Pilar says she’s worried about Wednesday being a double. Willow says you’re okay. Pilar says I’m more worried about Kevin. Zach joins them. Willow asks Zach if Sindy told him she was going after the couples. Zach says no, but she’s told other people that. Pilar tells him you guys need to win the first HOH if its a double. Zach agrees. Pili says if God wins I am scared. Zach says if we don’t win the first one we’ll win the second one because it will be a physical comp.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 11-14-59-652

2:45pm Up in the HOH room – Willow joins Pili and Ash who are doing their nails. Willow says if Sindy stays she’s putting me up. Ash asks why would Sindy stay. Pilar says as long as I don’t have to dominate or win HOH I am content. I just want it to be over.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 11-45-53-180

2:50am Brittnee says these people are obviously just kids. They talk about how messy people are in the house. Bruno and Bobby join them and talk about studying. Sarah says we shouldn’t be seen studying together. Bruno and Bobby agree and head inside to study. Sarah tells Brittnee that Kevin overheard Bruno whispering to her about study dates. We can’t be seen whispering with them. Sarah tells Brittnee I am not telling anyone else about this.. look at stuff in the house. She tells her to pay attention to the details of the house

Out in the hot tub room – Willow steps on the hot tub jets and turns it on blasting Sarah and Brittnee. Sarah notices that Brittnee is irritated. Brittnee says that she is irritated with being put up a pawn. Sarah says I should have offered to go up as the pawn. I’m sorry I will next time. Brittnee says I’m just exhausted, I’m slop and tired of my name coming out of peoples mouths.

3:30pm – 4pm Inside the house Pilar comes out of the diary room with a Twitter Selfie camera. They start taking photos. Ash and Pili take a photo and they tweet it out. Ash says “hashtag goblins”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 12-33-58-518

Willow says I think we should all get n@ked and wrestle with honey!
Sindy takes a couple photo of Zach, Ash, Kevin, Pili and says” #showmance #doubledate #PUKE ”
Kevin takes a photo with Pili and her HOH letter and says ” #dearPilisDADpleaseDONTkillME ”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 13-02-53-313

4:20pm Willow suggests they take photos with the BBCAN basics fan pictures. Bobby “You have to take a picture of me looking sad & lonely because I lost Jessica” They continue taking photos. Willow starts massaging Bruno under the stairs and tells Godfrey – “My reward Bruno said he would take me out to lunch and give me an Italian sausage” “Then maybe I’ll have some dark chocolate!”

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So what exactly is happening tomorrow night?? Is it a double eviction or some weird 3 nom double eviction? Haha I am so confused


my conspiracy theory..and I’m not usually one of those is that they wait to see who is HOH to decide if that twist happens this week…haha…as long as it is someone I want like Sarah who wins it is all good!

Just sayin'

Zach “The hamster makers grow them in a lab with rats and chop their tails off”. Um is he being serious right now? Zach just took over bobby’s place as dumbest person in the house.


It’s called sense of humor. Look it up.


pili wants it to be over? ok, that can be arranged.


zach, a hamster is smarter than you so i wouldnt be calling them stupid. also, from the sound of the way he treated his gold fish i wouldnt trust him with any pet


Sindy is a good player
but she’s not
she always burns down her bridges too early
and is unable to re


Sindy is a good player
but she’s kinda bad too
she builds her bridges really early in the game
but she always burns down too many of her bridges
and is unable to rebuild them in time to avoid being evicted


I really hope BBUS 17 is All Stars. I want to audition, and hopefully get on BBUS 18 after I graduate.

I hope they’re still doing the triple eviction this week. Zach, Kevin, and Bobby have to go. In the words of the great Ika Wong “you can go honey, you can go.”


Oooo… ya had to mention Ika : / That’s a bad word, I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted by a personality than I was with her.
Other than that, I give you thumbs up : ) Also best wishes and good luck, I encourage you to go for the auditions and think you’d make a good casting choice. Hope to see you on BBUS 18


Thanks so much for the support SuZQ! If I get on I’ll definitely give a shout out to Dawg and Simon and the bigbrotheronline community.

I’ve heard that Ika was a diva, but I didn’t watch the live feeds for BBCan 2 like I am for BBCan 3 so my biggest memory of her is when she shredded the HG’s letters. If that wasn’t TV gold, then I don’t know what is lol.


Looks like everyone is in the Have not room having a party on the live feeds lol.


sarah always talks down to people to make herself feel better


I think this is a very incaccurate comment…she does a lot of the hand holding and ego building in there actually…

Miss Me?

#ginganinja #604 #propah

Yo Bro

C’mon bro, you gotta give us more clues. Who is this?


sarah needs talk bad about other people to make herself feel good


Once again you are inaccurate…but Sarah haters gonna just hate for no reason


Bb 17 is not all stars because old houseguest are going to have viewing party’s for bb17 check rachel reilly Twitter or evel dick Twitter about the party of who going and it’s all the bb legend. Please bb nominate willow or ash they have do nothing in the game


Idk alot of the time famous BB alumni put out fake or outrageous tweets to throw shade around on what is actually going to happen with the upcoming season.


Is it just the editing or are Bruno/Bobby and Sarah/Brittnee interacting more amicably now that they are ‘working’ together? Even as clueless as others in the house have shown themselves to be, the diapers will pick up on something being fishy. Bruno had better throw out another 4 dozen Sarah is poison, she has got to go’s!


Think dog might be right and due to Arisa not mentioning a double we might get a normal eviction tomorrow night. That leaves bloody 10 HG s though. Guess we get double next week… gotta be. Perhaps they read my comments at production(ROFL) and realized a double the way it was looking would have ended the season. Last 2 weeks they can go from 6 down with a double and F4 to Final. All this back loading not good.
Gotta get the have not room power found soon as well.
Pretty stall week with a lot of nothing. Double with 2 separate HOH’s leaves hope both sides lose 1 and not 2. Unless diapers win both reality is coming to hit Zack right in the face.


i am getting so tired of Brittnee,s terrible whining constantly. I,m on the block. I can,t trust anybody in this house. I have nobody…..was waa waa. I can,t count how many times I turn on the feeds and see her whine. Even Sarah is getting tired of it. For goodness sake self evict already and give us all a break. What a moody person she is until she is the centre of attention.

Team Deluded

Have some compassion, lol, the girl has probably never being on a diet and the slop diet is messing with her 🙂
With that said: nothing irks me more than her amped up diary room sessions! *face palm*


What is worrying me is the Have Not Power did not come to pass this week with Sarah & Godfrey in the room. I was hoping they would be the ones to get it and now I’m even further worried if no mances gunning for the showmances stick any combination of the showmances in there that they’ll be the ones who get it since they feature the 2 golden boys of Production (Zach & Kevin).

I think it’s pretty clear now that as much as JP got too confident HE was literally the BRAIN in their bromuda triangle since neither Kevin or Zach have a good read on the house since JP left.

From my perspective as much as it would have been great to keep all the nomances in the house Sindy is the master of her own demise. She followed Naeha’s plan to perfection (INITIALLY) but was unable to do the things required after that. Listening to her DR’s is funny b/c the ones they showed were the things Sarah suggested. She could have played this all completely differently and locked down Bruno/Bobby prior to nominations and formulated a plan so that they didn’t knock her out of the HOH competition. SHE DIDN’T and worse she’s throwing both sides under the bus so she looks completely untrustworthy.

In my opinion there are only 3 players still in the house: Sarah, Godfrey and Bruno (and the jury’s still out on Willow) and I suspect it will come down to one of them winning (assuming no special treatment/rewarded to Kevin/Zach). The year begain with 6 players the 3 others were Naeha, Johnny and JP but sadly we’re stuck with Pilar, Ashleigh, Bobby, Kevin, Zach and even Britt over their strategic predessessors.


How is it okay for Sarah to be kissing Willow and telling her, “I love you,” when Sarah is seeing Scott outside the house?

Every year the house guests get younger, and overly graphic and open with their sexuality. To them, all the innuendos, casual kissing, sex and sleeping together is as normal as saying, “Good morning.” No restraint. No filter. No self-control. It’s not cool.

another name

i’m not a big fan of the excessive pda and showmance.
willow says she was told to act single (by production). Zach and kevin have talked about the ones they left behind, sarah and willow (or britt ?) talked about a lot of the cast having significant others at home (Ashleigh was the one they talked about more). sarah said her partner (open relationship?) drove her to her date with a woman while she talked with willow last night.
I think production believes that the more sex the higher the sell with the younger demographics. but yeah, i’m getting tired of watching 15 minutes a week cumulatively devoted to who wants to bang whom on the episodes, seeing the showmance update page and showmance video clips on the official site (can’t bring myself to read or watch them anyway. I just don’t care).