“Zach, JP and Ashleigh meet every night.. I wait in the kitchen they think I’m stupid” -Sarah

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 16-00-10-251
7:00pm Kitchen Sarah and Willow
Willow – you trust me right
Sarah – of course you trust me
Willow – yeah .. I don’t have anyone else .. I don’t have any friends.. like legit friends
Sarah – well we’re legit friends .. you know that
Willow – I trust you I don’t think you’ll f*** me over..
Sarah – it’s not in my best interest.. I gotta get my head in the game and stop being so naive.
Sarah – Honestly I want to float for the next couple week..
Willow asks if she wants Godfrey out
Sarah says yes, “He doesn’t trust me who do you want out”
Willow – Cindy.. she’s not on my side I don’t think I can beat her.
Sarah – JPs told her stuff already
Willow – like who is with who
Sarah – he told her about the pact.. she’s going around and telling everybody

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 16-14-10-204

7:10pm Working out..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 16-23-49-303

7:29pm Cindy and Willow pool
Willow telling her how things are in the house now. If you are talking to someone for longer than 10 minute people start getting suspicious.
Cindy says she can tell.
Sindy – I don’t know who to trust.. I don’t want to float around
Sindy mentions 9 people have come to her about the pact to get whoever comes back in out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 16-32-59-996

7:23pm Kevin and Brittnee
Kevin tells her plans have changed and it worries him. Mention show JP is closer to Zach than he is.
Brittnee – I’m really surprised that Godfrey is the threat.. really shocked
Kevin – JP and Zach are pretty close.. (says this twice)
Sarah joins them
They tell her how shocked they are with the plans staying the same. ‘it doesn’t make sense”
Sarah points out that Zach is saying that Bruno and Bobby are not going after Zach so that means they must be working together. Mentions how Bruno has come after them.
Sarah says JP seems upset as well with the plans being changed.
Kevin tells them is was supposed to be Bobby.
Sarah – can we trust JP that he’s not going to go tell Zach
Brittnee says getting rid of Bobby is beneficial to all of them getting rid of Godfrey only benefits Zach.
Kevin – JP is upset
Brittnee warns JP and Zach are very close
Sarah – lets wait until after Zach doesn’t use POV to have conversations.. then we need to all talk
Kevin – Zach wants God..
Sarah – when you think about it of course it makes sense. (implying Zach has an alliance with Bruno/bobby)

Sarah wonders if JP is really this good.. to act like there is a plan (pretending to be mad at Zach)
kevin – I’m going to be careful what I say to JP
Sarah points out that Zach, JP and AShleigh meet every night and he’s not allowed into those conversations, “I wait down in the kitchen and all three of them come down.. they think I’m a idiot”
Sarah – We’re being f***d again.. we have to make sure Sindy doesn’t go up next .. we need the numbers

Sarah says (Zach) is skirting around not drawing a line but he’s drawn a line by not using the veto.
Jets turn on…

7:37pm Godfrey and Bruno Ktichen
Bruno telling him 100% he’s got his back “I’m saying that man to man”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 17-13-28-573

7:45pm Hot Tub Zach, Sarah and Brittnee
Zach saying “they” want Sindy to stay. they suspect this week will be a single and the following week a double. Zach says the next HOh will be physical would have been nice if JP had won this one. Zah thinks Bruno and Bobb will go after Cindy Feeds cut
Feeds come back Zach and Brittne alone
Zach asks if she would consider putting Sindy up
Brittnee says she would “She’s strong at comps”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 17-12-58-625

8:13pm Bruno and Cindy
Bruno saying he doesn’t know who to trust says he wants to work with Sindy.
Bruno warns her about Sarah says she’s poisonous she’ll make friends with you only when you’re in power.
He tells her to not worry about the pact.
Bruno – I’m so glad you’re back I’m genuinely happy.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 17-21-21-622

8:20pm Kevin and Godfrey Backyard
Godfrey mentions he’s taking JP’s lead this week.
Kevin says he trusts and likes JP recommends Bruno does that.
Godfrey thinks if the veto is used the replacement nomination is going home.
Kevin says JP and Zach are very close if he’s going to get to Zach he’s going to go through JP.
Godfrey says there’s people in this house that have plans and they are not part of those plans.
Kevin says the two of them are not in anyone’s big plans
Godfrey – Out of the loop yo
Godfrey tries to make up an alliance with Zach, Kevin, and JP. includes Pilar and Asheligh on the side giving them 6 votes moving forward enough to run the game.
Godfrey – we’re all evenly matched.. An alliance were the people are not intimidated with each other.

8:25pm Sarah, Jordan and Brittnee
Sarah saying she talked to Pilar, AShleigh and Willow and they hate Godfrey want him out.

8:27pm Bobby and Zach bathroom
Talking about someone telling Sindy the pact to get her out. Zach wants to know who it was.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 17-47-14-975

8:37pm Pilar and Kevin
Pilar says 5 people have told Cindy about the pact and 1 of them was Jordan. Pilar is worried about Sindy saying she’s super strong. Kevin agrees sindy is strong but doesn’t think she has to be scared.
Keivn says he could not lie to her. Pilar says the same.
kevin – everything I say to you is 100% honest.
They kiss

8:58pm Willow and Sarah
trying to figure out who told cindy about the pact. Sarah thinks it was a lot of people who told her, because so many of them have been up her a$$ today.




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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i see people keeping bobby because he is too stupid and they will be able to take him later and later


Hopefully jp gets evicted this week, that would be hilarious since he volunteered to be a pawn lol .


I do not understand why Sarah acts like Zach’s HOH is her HOH. If she wants Bruno (who put her on the block last week) gone, then she should try to win the freaking HOH and make the move. I do not understand why she got mad at Zach for not making the move for her. Zach is not her puppet. She acts like a bully. If someone does not do her way even though it is not her HOH, she is pissed of at them. If I am Zach, I will put her on the block to see whether she will change her attitude or not.


Sorry but her acting out is why JP and even Kevin thinks they have her in their pocket. If she acts all cool about it they’ll figure out that she has actually set up various ‘friendships’ in the house and is starting to build an army. She’s being underestimated and her acting as a brat has something to do with it.


I thought Bruno tries to warn Sindy about Sara: She is poisonous. She is a flip-flopper. She will go to whoever is in power. If Bobby, Bruno, Ash or Willow wins HOH next week, she will flip again. Even she admitted she wants to float for a couple weeks. She acts like every HOH is her HOH. She can convince Zach to put someone up, but if it fails, then she should step back. Otherwise, if Bruno wins HOH next week, she will be on the block again. She is lucky enough, Zach did not put her up as a pawn like Jordan. She should keep her mouth shut.


Tuan I am not following you at all. Sarah is playing a great game.
First, Cindy knows she can trust Sarah because she compared notes with the first five evicted. Naeha told her to trust Sarah. Cindy with an S knows about Bruno and his dying (dead?) Chop Shop. I do not think he has told her about it so she knows she cannot trust him.
Second, Sarah is purposely playing naïve, which is working VERY well, for her. She is gaining allies and numbers in the house and will not need to flip because she can flip s**t herself.

Finally, why would someone not try to influence the HOH? If you can manipulate them then you remove your own target without drawing too much attention to yourself.


Willow tells sarah that BB told her to be single but i know the thirst was real when she was asking Zac to have babies wth her.
Willow willow you confusing person :/


oh zach, when you make an alliance with everyone.. you only screw yourself. It’s amazing how sindy coming back made the house good lol


i don’t know why but I’m starting to feel like zach and ash is gonna be like jeff and jordan.. house turning against zach, ash will stick by his side, she has pilar like michelle..i could be over thinking it


if pilar says ,” you know what i mean ?” one more time so help me GOD!


Also if Zach is referred to anymore as “Captain Canada”. Ugh!


many people thought this twist was a flop
but… this “flop of a twist” gave me one of the best days of game talk within everyone
jordan talked with godfrey, zach, kevin, sarah and britnee
sindy talked with everyone without being annoying
sarah and britnee brought sindy into their alliance
EXCEPT zach was like super non-receptive of information and ideas as if it’s a solo game (or he thinks that ashleigh will win everytime he can’t play)…


what are the chances of bru, bobby, and the SSB voting out jordan?

Kenneth Chow

We will find out after the veto ceremony tmr…hopefully its fun…


tbh, ssb might want jordan
cuz sindy loves jordan
sarah has a good a relationship with jordan
and they know that he is flip-able


Someone needs to update the polls to include Sindy as an option 😛


zach just told bruno that godfrey was throwing bruno and bobby under the bus
therefore, godfrey is going home
bruno will convince bobby to vote out godfrey
ashleigh, pilar, and kevin will FOR SURE vote out godfrey
thats 5 already (majority)
most likely willow
maybe sindy
least likely sarah and britnee

totally unfair

tbh, it’s kind of unfair that the evicted houseguests get to be in sequester TOGETHER
like sindy already got evicted, she shouldn’t even get another chance, but she now has undeserved information to her advantage too?? like wtff


i dont feel it is much differnt from the hidden room last year tbh. each evicted HG only knows so much not everyting. plus the returnee may not be able to do too much with the info…or if they try to tell someone may not be believed so also useless. bruno focus on sarah is to his detriment. i wonder why ppl dont see potential allies if those who clearly are alone or wih few allies….or if they are few not try to align with a smaller pair or trio. i mean after te veto is not used he may regret trying to turn cindy away from sarah if he realizes he needs her vote to get jp out save godfrey. sara is really liking jp? because he should be thinking more about splitting up zach and jp. and bruno an bobby need girls..they should stop trying to take them all out especially since they are clearly not winning anything.


but godfrey ratted bruno and bobby out to zach
then zach ratted godfrey out to bruno
then bobby will do whatever bruno wants
so godfrey is going home either way






zach is looking like he is slowly getting into a better position
he miraculously got godfrey throw bruno and bobby under the bus
so chopshop is reunited (4 people keeping zach safe)
then he also has jp, kevin, and pilar, (bromuda+kevlar) (3 people keep zach safe)
assuming jp stays over godfrey ( which is extremely likely), it will be 7 people keeping zach > 3 people targeting zach (SSB)


this is the season of show/womances:
zach and ashleigh
jordan and sindy
kevin and pilar
willow and sarah
bobby and brittnee
that leaves bruno and godfrey
but godfrey is leaving anyways and bruno is married


sarah is playing a good game
but she doesnt have the numbers
she only has the SSB for sure
most likely none of the chop shop
and jordan, kevin, and pilar are most likely gonna stick with the chop shop side for now


And I think deep down they all know sarah is a dangerous and good player.


Um Willow, Floating takes actual strategy my dear, something you are sorely lacking.

Sarah be careful what you say around Kevin, he’s been soaking up a LOT of information in the last 24 hours.

Bruno, seriously? First you want the girls out and now you are trying to kiss Cindy with an S’s ass?

Godfrey is seriously trying to market his free agent aka Coaster status to the highest bidders.

Kevin is starting to sit high, besides Bobby and Bruno; I do not think he is on anyone’s radar.

Pixie? Pickle? What is her name? She is still oblivious, and still useless. I hope that she is gone in a few weeks.

Jordan is scrambling to be kept, he is desperate to get off the block and make friends who will not put him back up there.

Zach is making a huge target for himself. His downfall has been a long time coming.

Bobby is still clueless. Well he picked one of the easiest strategies to employ, the Collaborator. It is sad he and Bruno cannot see it no longer exist (or ever was, Zach and Ash will do as they desire).

I see SSB voting to keep Jordan and flip him to their side. If Jordan flips than so does Kevin. If Kevin flips his love sick puppy will blindly follow, and finally Willow will go where the power is. If this happens it’s practically game over for what’s left of the original Chop Shop (thank the Lord).
Even though Zach has thrown Godfrey under the bus, it does not change the fact that he went against the wishes of the Chop Shop by not putting Kevin up.

another name

anyone remember Zach’s tweet to peter?
“you are an awful bb player. had a chance to make a big move and crumbled like a bitch. go back to your nothing life peter.”
not saying. just saying.