“The veto has to be used.. don’t take out someone like Sarah we need to take Bobby out” – Godfrey

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 18-11-41-796

9:10pm Bruno and Bobby Hot Tub
Agreeing Zach is rethinking who he can trust. bruno wonders if they should try and get Zach to put up Sarah. Bruno knows if Sarah wins HOH she’s coming after them.
Bruno- this is our chance.
Bobby – Zach is close to Brit and brit is close to Sarah. .
Bruno – if Sarah stays… if a girls wins HOH.. Shitty if a guy wins two guys on the block if a girl wins two guys on the block.
Bruno – they said it they’ll do it
Bobby has some secret information about Sindy “Apparently someone told Sindy about the pact”
Bru – Supposedly 9 people has told her.
Bobby – that doesn’t leave much.. it wasn’t me
Bru – I hadn’t .. I bet you it was Sarah
Bobby – Sarah, brit or Jp getting emotionally attached.
Bruno is worried Zach might be closer to Sarah’s side than them. Points out that Jordan is really close to Sarah.
Bobby – I didn’t know that
Bruno – we need this man.. if Godfrey can stay bud.. OH MY GOD

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 18-18-44-417

9:18pm Storage room Bruno and Zach
Bruno saying that Sindy is saying 9 people told her about the pact
Zach – thats a bullshit move
Bruno stresses that he, Zach, Bobby and Jp wouldn’t have told her. Bruno thinks it was the girls

9:26pm Willow and Sarah bedroom
Sarah says she has no leverage right now. She needs to win something cause right now they think she’s useless and when she talks to people they give her bullshit.
Zach comes in. chat about going to bed early.
Sarah says she’s been off the weed for 1 month and she feels no different.
Zach – Reconfirms that doing it every day .. it’s not additive
Sarah – Alcohol is addictive
Zac – you go through withdrawls..
Talking about getting their ‘Green Card” Sarah says Graig had one . (Green card means you can use marijuana medicinally)
They wonder if you had the green card you could medically push for have it on the show. Sarah thinks they would just pick another person to be on the show. Zach laughs Graig would be sitting there smoking a fat doobie
Feeds switch to Jordan in the HOH changing

They switch back to the bedroom.. where Willow and Sarah are cuddling on the bed. Asheligh is eating a Popsicle and Zach is watching.

9:37pm Pilar and Kevin talking about relationships…
(I’ll include the video for the showmance fans .. lots of giggling)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-18 18-42-36-584

9:42pm Bedroom Willow and Zach
Willow – JP told Sindy about the pack
Zach no way.. really
Willow wants to get Sindy out soon.. says if she gets the hOH she’ll backdoor Sindy
ASks him what JP is saying about Sindy. Zach says he hasn’t talked to Jordan much about the sindy thing
Jordna – he knows he’s safe
Willow – he’s playing it up a bit
Jordan – Big time.. he’ll be alright
Willow – who do you want out next
Zach – I dunno
They talk about Brittnee, Zach says she’s goign to bury herself cause she’s not sticking with any relationships.
Zach asks if Sarah is sticking with the pact
Willow – She wants Bobby
Zach says Sarah is good.
Zach says him and Ashleigh are whatever about the Chop Shop but Bobby and Bruno are really gung ho
Willow says she needs to get closer with JP adds he’s preoccupied. ‘I know what its like to be in love

Willow says if she won HOH Kevin and Brittnee would go up with Sindy as teh b@ckdoor.
Zach says he told Jordan that he was going off the block before he nominated him and now he’s not doing that.
Jordan comes in “Big day tomorrow POV Ceremony”
They tell him there’s not worries the vote will be unanimous.
Jordan laughs says Godfrey thinks he’s staying.
They bring up that Sindy gets to vote this week.

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Godfrey’s gone next I guess. and zach is just going to steamroll trhough the game, i’m done with this season *duces*


So, Zach ‘s game is about to blow up and yet you’ve come to the conclusion that he’s gonna steamroll the game? That’s incredibly pessimistic and cynical of you.


He isn’t steam rolling through shit from this point forward in 1 week he basically fucked himself this is why you don’t win hohs it literally kills your game… zach just lost his number 1 to Kevin .. he has 3 girls coming after him in brit sarah and cindy. JP and Kevin will regroup and now zach is expendable to them moving forward. By not picking a side he basically dug his own grave long term. He just put a massive target on his back with one side and burned his bridges with the bromuda all because he was too much of a pussy to pull the trigger.

Next week the 3 girls will target zach n ash and bruno bobby will target cindy n sarah the fortress are now riding the middle instead of newport which is history thanks Zach you basically brought a true powerhouse together in JP n Kevin with sarah forming another powerhouse against you what a moron.

Zach is a Punk Ass Bish

You forgot to mention the ass whipping he just earned from Godfrey cause Bruno seems likely to confront God about wanting Bru out. Never mind God was just revisiting Zach’s original plan anyway. I hope Godfrey stomps Z hard.


He isn’t steam rolling through shit from this point forward in 1 week he basically fucked himself this is why you don’t win hohs it literally kills your game… zach just lost his number 1 to Kevin .. he has 3 girls coming after him in brit sarah and cindy. JP and Kevin will regroup and now zach is expendable to them moving forward. By not picking a side he basically dug his own grave long term. He just put a massive target on his back with one side and burned his bridges with the bromuda all because he was too much of a pussy to pull the trigger.

Next week the 3 girls will target zach n ash and bruno bobby will target cindy n sarah the fortress are now riding the middle instead of newport which is history thanks Zach you basically brought a true powerhouse together in JP n Kevin with sarah forming another powerhouse against you what a moron.


Not necessarily…depends on if Bruno talks to God about Zack telling him about their conversation. Then we will see if God is smart or not, if he is he will be shocked and deny deny deny…he will then know Zack is untrustworthy and can use it to his advantage by saying that Zack is just trying to make JP stay so he keeps the numbers on his side, thereby knowing he needs to actively campaign to get the votes to stay…if he’s not he’ll act all contrite and apologize…then it will be bye bye God.


Sorry if I double posted, I am on my cell and when I went to post my page reloaded and it was still on the message box with my message still there, this has never happened before so I thought I hadn’t posted it and posted it again, only to get the message that I had already posted it. By the way thanks for all the hard work and time that you guys put into keeping us all in the know, it really is appreciated.


Zack will not be steam rolling anything… it will take one move, one move and he’s fucked…

If Sarah is smart, which I’m hoping she is, she will take the information that Sindy gave her, about the chop shop, and go tell Bruno that Zack was the one that told her about it, convince Bruno that Zack was never loyal to him and he actually wanted to back stab him this week. Tell him everything, there would be no way Bruno wouldn’t believe her because he wouldn’t know that Sindy knew anything! It’s the perfect plan!!!! Then convince Bruno that they should work together since no one will ever think they are and tell him let’s stop going to war with each other and take out the person who is watching the show from the sidelines, aka Zack. Tell him that the best move would be to get out one of his allies this week JP, even though Bruno is hella pissed at Godfrey, someone convince him. I don’t know if Sarah would because she’s close with JP to but regardless tell Bruno, but tell him to keep acting normal and then next week if he wins HOH, backdoor Zack.

Could work?

K Bye

We won’t miss you.


OMW leaving JP up Zack your an idiot! This has got to be production chatter? Unless he’s dumping him JP will flip and Zack will become his target. You lose trust in an alliance its over. Zack’s HOH has gone from a mild case of stupidity to plain suicide.
Surely he isn’t leaving JP up for real? Whatever he told Bruno I think he and Bobby will still target JP and not GOD IMHO. Better rethink leave noms the same.


I’ve semi given up on this season, and after the failure that was bb16, I rewatched bb7. For those who don’t know, it was the all star season, with Dr. Will, Janelle, Boogie etc. Absolutely amazing. I forgot how amazing BB used to be. The plan was to make sure a floater didn’t get to the end, whereas now days people want to sit next to a floater to win. I miss those days…


That is an ironic statement considering Dr. Will WAS the first Floater. Jun may have named and perfected the strategy, but her and Will used similar tactics. Will lost Mike and his showmance (BBUS 2) then began Floating and manipulated people against each other. Jun (BBUS 4) Floated with the power and manipulated Jee to her advantage.

Being a Floater is not a bad thing, if anything these tend to be the smarter and more social players. Being a Floater requires strategy/intelligence, strong social skills, and being naturally manipulative does not hurt. Floaters do not just sit around and do nothing. They are playing the game every single day (like Andy from BBUS 15). Some people may see it as self-serving, but ultimately only two people are sitting in the final two and only one of them is winning.

People confuse Floaters with Coasters and Coat-Tail Riders, because of the hot mess that is Rachel (BBUS 12 & 13).

I would have said that JP and Zach were Floaters, but their game is excessively “loud” to be a Floaters game. They made way too many interconnected alliances.

Willow, Pilar (well now a Coat-Tail Rider), and Godfrey are Coasters.

Where Coasters and Coat-Tail Riders tend to be sheep, Floaters are wolves in sheep’s clothing calculating and waiting for the right time to strike and remove certain players from the game.


Dr Will wasn’t a floater Jun yes… he was on the block more than anyone else from that season, if anything he was the first pawn because they thought that they could beat him, his game plan was to lie his ass off and loss comps but he was also able to talk himself out of trouble


What does Willow mean by “pretending to be a lesbian”. Pretty sure no one is forcing her to do anything romantic with Sarah?


Good decision by Zach to get rid of Godfrey!
He’s using the ‘technicality’ that God isn’t an official Chop Shop member so Bruno and Bobby can’t publicly protest, despite them all knowing God is tight with Bruno and Bobby. He weakens them without going to war.
Bruno would use Godfrey winning HOH to target Zach if he stayed. Bruno and Bobby will feel some peer pressure (Ash, Willow) not to target Zach and they also seem to have other targets in mind for now.
Sure Zach pi$$ed everybody off a bit by not doing what either side planned, but he’s 100% right to look out for himself: all his allies want him to go to war with Bruno/Bobby so they can watch the battle eating popcorn. That includes JP. This guy is useless to Zach as an ally since he’ll only talk about winning comps but won’t do so himself. Such “all talk” allies are interchangeable. He must have a gut feeling that JP isn’t a real genuine buddy.
Yes, Bruno was very determined to go against Zach soon, but he thinks Zach isn’t aware of it and he knows Bobby, Ash and Willow don’t want that, so I really think he’s for now become a “believer” in the CS again.
Sarah, like JP, demands from her allies to play for her game: win comps, protect her, target her enemies, paint huge targets on their back,… She talks like a spoiled brat: “what has my alliance ever done for me?” … well, what have you ever done for them?

Even Zach haters can look at this move objectively and might agree that it’s a bold move: pi$$ the entire house -bar Ashleigh- off by not doing what either side wanted, getting rid of a big threat (that wouldn’t vote for him if he was in jury), and thereby tying the Chop Shop closer to him again. That was bold and smart.

Only, unrelated problem for him: JP ratting Newport out to Kevin. A move which might not even have benefited JP, since now Kevin knows he wasn’t JP’s N°1 ally all this time. He won’t appreciate being ridiculed. I hope Kevin and Zach talk soon: they should realize they both played the same part for JP: bigger, disposable targets.

What a loser

Bold move my ass hes basically turned the whole house against him has lost all sway and influence …. moving forward Zach holds absolutely no sway in this house he is a walking disaster..

His only TRUE allies are willow and Ashleigh BAHAHAHA what an idiot..
JP and Kevin will use him to their benefit but he is now completely expendable to the bromuda so he has no trust with JP and kevin and pilar cause she will do whatever Kevin wants + 3 girls on the other side want his head on a platter and bruno distrusts the guy anyways. He is finished in the next couple of weeks this is what happens when you hesitate and try to play the middle eventually everyone catch on to you..


AKA Helen it’s to early to take out a big target. Lord I can use this forever. Not a season where this does not happen. A well positioned HOH fails to act and goes out way to early.


Bold fuck up more like….
but come on lets be real here nothing about zach move was bold it was a cope out he pussied out and its going to cost him big time I actually appreciated his game play up to this point but he is a dead man walking from this point on only hope he has of surviving is if he goes on a tear and wins out.


It’s going to be very interesting to find out which of all these intertwined alliances are actually real. If one looks below the surface of the conversations taking place and is open to different interpretations of the words being used a case could be made for almost all of them having more game going on than previously believed.

The Truth

“Bruno is worried Zach might be closer to Sarah’s side than them. Points out that Jordan is really close to Sarah.
Bobby – I didn’t know that”

No kidding Bobby. You know absolutely nothing.

Godfrey dug his own grave. He was most likely going home anyway but selling out Bruno was a colossal mistake. Bobby I can understand’ he’s an idiot but Bruno was 100% on his side.


to be fair godfrey was operating under the assumption that Zach was close enough to JP that he would eventually see reason and pull the trigger on bruno or bobby in that case it was better for him to try to have one of them sitting next to him rather than JP who he had no shot of staying against once he realized kevin will keep JP.
He got fucked over cause it turn out Zach is a pussy who wants to appease all sides and play the middle He cn no longer do that..

Kevin gained the most ground this week he gained vital info from JP can use him till later in the game and then cut him. Zach is now expendable and target # 1 for sarah and company and bobby and bruno have now set their sights on cindy and sarah.. Kevin can now ride the middle he knows where everyone stand and is in good with almost everyone now he only has to worry about bobby who still will target cindy first. Zach fuck up is Kevins gain.

The Truth

While I agree that he needed to be sitting next to someone else other than JP it made no sense to sell both Bobby and Bruno out. If the intention is to save yourself then you must realize that one of these two guys will still be in the house with you next week and your words may come back to bite you. Better to have sold out Bobby who he isn’t close to. Even if Bruno got nominated, evicted and Bobby stayed it was no loss to Godfrey. There is absolutely no loyalty between God and Bobby. No harm. No foul.


Next comp will be pure luck, Ashleigh wins. Safe another week, Zach wins… a coup d’etat.. Congrats Ashleigh


Once all of the showmances is in dangerous you will see BB see a special power come in into play i know bb is never fair but i wish production would stay out of it its bs that players such as Godfrey, Willow have no chance in this game and are no even shown on the tv show but we constantly get showmances shove down our throats. I am aware production hates Willow without a doubt there have sold her.


I don’t know about that. She gets a lot of air time on the live feeds; only Sarah seems to get more.


Sarcasm, right?? JEJO was adorable, Zach/Ash are uncomfortable to watch..

The Biggest Fuck Up Award goes to ZACH

Congratulations to Zach … dude now has like practically no chance of winning this game … what an idiot!
By riding the middle and showing his true colours JP will never trust this idiot again Bruno trusts this idiot as far as he can throw him and Kevin will cut him in a split second
He also has 3 people gunning for him in Cindy Sarah and B what a moron just how badly can 1 guy fuck up his game in 1 week ?!?
Zach best move would have been to take out sarah this week atleast that way he wouldnt have burned his only true alliance in JP would have kept his trust with bromuda and diapers and been in good with chop shop.

Now Zach is one step away from plunging into the abyss. He only has the chop shop to fall back on now. He lost trust with bromuda .. the 3 girls SSB are gunning for him and bobby n bruno dont trust him to begin with and pilar will do whatever Kevin says.. he holds absolutely no sway with the other side of the house moving forward.
LMAO his number 1 and 2 in the game are Ash and Willow what a loser.


Wow. Willow has more issues than Life Magazine. They make pills for that. I’m thinking about doing a door to door collection of them for her.

Has anyone else noticed that when these guys talk game, they say the same things over and over and over again. Even in the same conversation, all they do is repeat themselves. Day in, day out, 90% of it’s all the same nonsense.

And I wish Godfrey would shut his mouth because everything he’s saying keeps overshadowing all the information that’s coming out about Jordan’s chats with everyone. All Godfrey has to do is shut up and his chances of staying would be much better.

another name

everyone is asleep or trying to sleep and Jordan pokes around the furniture drawers looking for a secret veto. that’s where they’d put it… inside the chest you saw willow try to climb into a couple of days ago all the while muttering (had a hard time hearing everything he said missed a lot of it only caught bits ) ‘this was not the plan… how do I get into the vault… where would you put it.” makes me think his trust in his allies is really waning.
i didn’t know Bruno was so emphatic about sarah. but then Bruno thinks getting rid of graig was sarah’s brainchild so it makes sense. add to that he nominated her as a secondary target and his paranoia about a girl’s alliance. it’s smart of him, because he’s right, she’s playing a good social game, but yeah, I hope he fails. i’d like to see her make jury.
I don’t think Zach has dug himself a grave, but I do think he’s planted a lot of doubt. worse case scenario for his game: he loses jp and kevin. if he loses them he loses pilar, cindy, sarah and B (he suspects ssb, but doesn’t KNOW) because jp and kevin are closer to each than Zach now that Zach is with ash. in a game of numbers he risks losing 6 people instead of being a target of 2 people at maximum. so worse case he is left with only the chop shop, and he’s already told willow he’s not 100% loyal to the chop shop idea like bobby and Bruno. she’s been pretty forthcoming with bobby and Bruno, so that might be problematic later. he can save his game, but he’s raised enough eyebrows now that he can’t float back to riding the middle, and seems completely uncomfortable being out in the open. His hoh could make him declare a side, and he can’t compete in the next hoh comp. i’d say he still has a lot of damage control to do to avoid the worse case scenario. not saying he’s screwed at all, just saying if he doesn’t mend fences he could be in trouble.


Zach is a beer drinkin, country music lovin, delusional snore-fest of a hick. Thank God Jordan is cutting him.

Zach’s failure to take JP off the block will be as dumb a move as Bruno going on national tv with that lettuce


seriously everywhere you see in this house people are eating each other’s faces out like common control your hormones lol

another name

I’ve only started looking at the poll in the last few days. this afternoon Zach was third in the poll at 11% ish. he’s now tied with pilar at 5%ish. at the same time godfrey dropped to less than 1%.
pretty meaningless in the long run because i’m sure the polls must change quite a bit in one day depending on the actions of the houseguests. bad day popularity wise for Zach I guess.
if Jordan stays loyal to Zach somehow, he could very well blow sarah out of the water. she named the chop shop members without screaming did you know about the chop shop. if he flips, they’ve pretty much just altered the course of the game. clearly named targets (the chop shop). gotta wonder, would kevin flip, or would he fill the Jordan vacuum with Zach? if Jordan told kevin that Zach was only using kevin as a convenient target to take heat off of himself (much as Jordan was) and wasn’t overly concerned if kevin left, I think self preservation would win out.
i’m not a huge fan of Jordan. I could do without the encyclopedia brown of reality television hours. Once he finds out Zach sold out godfrey to bobby and Bruno will he be grateful and sell out sarah? or will he keep her in the back pocket?


Jordan is dumb telling kevin could use that as advantage of the newport when he is on the block just as he did with sindy. Zach move of taking out godfrey could be a bad move for him, he should take out bobby or sarah at least one side lose one stronger player. If sarah was smart she could win the game if she takes out jordan. Then let bobby or bruno take out zach or kevin. And then win hoh and take out bobby. If bruno takes out godfrey he should be next target for the girls because he know are going for the boys and there is not too many after godfrey or jordan which is only 4. I do not why there is more girls than boys, but they have more numbers and could take out the boys.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I LOVE Sarah! What a feisty, bright yet emotional, socially intelligent, young woman!


Bruno is really pissing me off…After showing potential last week by figuring out the diapers, he then proceeded to decline working with sarah and b, not use the double veto and now begin targeting the girls (again…). He clearly wants to bro this season out and perhaps transform it into bb16…i hope he fails miserably and his stupid ass goes home; wished zach would have backdoored him..


What’s new pu$$y-Zach?
Whoah woah woah,
What’s new pu$$y-Zach?

Pu$$y zach pussy zach,
I hate you,
Yesssss I doooo,
You with your arrogant ways.


Im not rooting for Zach but with Sindy back I see why he wants to backtrack and play it safer this week and there’s nothing wrong with it. The plan still could have gone ahead with a nom switch but it’s Jordan who keeps stone-walling and unbeknownst to Zach it’s for Jordan’s personal gain. This is actually all Jordan’s fault for the fiasco to begin with. Jordan is the one who came up with this stupid selfish plan to go on the block and then get replaced – He didnt have to go on the block at all! All because Jordan wanted to steer things his way he tries to once again look weak while pushing Zach to split from the CS. Making a huge move (Bruno eviction) would keep Jach as the bigger target so he can slither again into the background making himself appear as the wounded animal who couldn’t trust Jach . I SEE YOU JD!!!

Jordan has been doing this all along. He needs a target in front of him and he’s using Zach more so than anyone. Let’s face it – as it stands now (yes i know things are changing) Jordan would not win sitting beside Zach in the final 2 unless he has proven gimmicks that sets him apart. Let’s not forget that’s why Jordan teamed up with the tall good-looking FB player to begin with. This was a gimmick for Jordan to shine to us viewers and use in a finakl 2 speech. I’m really hoping for the downfall of BOTH Jach and Jordan. I’m extremely sick of his BB talk. Watching JD “perform” (I refuse to label it mist) I feel he’s playing his “game” more for a podcast audition on RHAP & practicly begging for us to compare him to the greats of Dr. Will & Dan. The little weasel makes me sick