Zach “I’m taking food out of your daughters mouth and I’m stealing books from kids in Africa!”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

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2am Nicole and Christine are in the HOH room. They’re watching the spy screen watching the living room where Caleb, Derrick and Cody are sitting on the couches talking. Nicole and Christine know that the guys in the living room just heard them try to open the door to listen. Christine and Nicole want to leave but know they’ve been busted. They pretend to talk about past season competitions as they leave the HOH room make the guys think they were up in the HOH listening or talking about them.

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In the living room. Derrick says if I win HOH I am putting up Zach and Nicole. I don’t care about the numbers, Donny will go home this week and Zach next week. He should have gone home last week. Caleb says hopefully the football thing will be tomorrow and Christine will tell me everything. Cody says be careful of what you say because she will probably tell Nicole everything. Christine will probably put up Victoria and want her gone. Cody says I am about to blow Zach up to Nicole! Derrick says do it. Cody goes to the bathroom and tells Nicole that Zach tried d**king you to Derrick. Nicole asks why did Zach do that?! Does he believe me? Cody says Derrick believes me. I let him know. I was glad that Zach told me so that I knew. I am pissed off, really pissed off. Nicole asks why is he blaming it on me. Cody says because he won the veto so he thinks he’s safe. Cody tells Nicole how they heard Christine and her open the HOH door to try and listen to them. Nicole says it was Christine. It didn’t even open it, it was closing. Cody says they heard it and then the camera turned. Christine joins them. Cody tells her about how they heard them. Christine says the door didn’t even open. Derrick and Caleb join them. Christine and Cody hug. Cody says I can’t believe you’re not sleeping in the HOH room. That has never happened before.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 02-29-08-872

Derrick and Nicole head up to the HOH room. Derrick tells Nicole that Zach came to me and told me that you went to Victoria and told a ton of sh*t about me. Nicole says that never happened. This is what happened. Victoria came out of the bee hive room crying and talked to me in the fire room. She told me that Zach told her everything. She said that she had been lied to this entire game. She said that Frankie laid his cards down and that Derrick has lied to me about everything. Nicole says nothing came from me. I swear to god. Derrick says that is the same alliance she is referring to that isn’t real. Derrick asks why didn’t you tell me? Nicole says I was going to but hadn’t had the chance yet. Derrick says you could have talked to me though. Derrick is annoyed. He says that he is going to talk to Victoria next. Nicole says talk to her with me here. Derrick says then I’m going to talk to Zach and call him out. Nicole says yes please call him out. Derrick says Victoria can’t win competitions but I am not trying to manipulate her. I care more about that than about this game. Nicole says everything Zach is going to say is a lie! Derrick says I believe you over him. If his motive is to throw you under the bus. Derrick says the things Victoria is mad about aren’t that big of a deal. She doesn’t have the capacity to handle certain aspects of the game. Derrick grabs Victoria.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 02-33-04-577
2:30am Victoria comes up to the HOH room. Derrick tells her that so far I have been here 8 week in this game and this is the first time I’ve heard something negative about me. Zach pulled me into the bee hive room and told me that Nicole pulled you (Victoria) into a room and told you a bunch of damaging information about you. Basically a bunch of lies. Derrick says that he told Zach if Victoria believes that then she can never talk to me again because its not true. What bothers me about you is that you have walked past me 3 times without saying a word and have been talking to other people. You talked to Frankie. Victoria says I didn’t talk to Frankie about you. Nicole says I didn’t do any of this and am mad that I am getting blamed for it. Derrick asks so who told you all of this? Victoria says Zach. Derrick says well just so you know I am going to call Zach out on it. Derrick says why would I vote him out if I was working with him. You took what Zach said about me and believed it, even for a second. I am hurt that you didn’t come to me. Derrick says I am not in an alliance with anyone. If I am in an alliance with anyone it would probably be with you because people think we are working together because we’re always together. I am not a fan of Zach and don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. They talk about how she was told that Derrick was in an alliance with Christine and how its not true.

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2:45am Derrick calls Zach up to the HOH room. He tells the other guys to come up too. Derrick confronts Zach about blaming Nicole for saying damaging information about me. Zach says straight up I did say that it was Nicole to remove the blame off of me. Derrick says okay I respect that you’re being honest with me. Zach and Victoria start getting into it. Zach asks her why she was crying to me and telling me that Derrick betrayed me. Derrick cheated on me! Victoria says I never said anything. I got pulled up here and questioned. Victoria says this all started because you went up to Derrick and told him. Zach starts going off and tells them that he will throw the HOH next week and they can all vote me out! I don’t care! Zach says Derrick is the one person that has had your back all summer long and I am the one that talks sh*t about you. I talk sh*t about you all the time. Zach tells Frankie that this all started because you threw me under the bus. Zach continues to go off about how everyone knows his game and he has no chance of winning. This guy is playing for kids in Africa! Zach says just so you to all know that we are here because I lied and said that it was Nicole to go to Victoria when it was really me. Zach tells Frankie you had my entire game in the palm of your hands and dropped me and sh*t on me. Zach says everyone in here is smarter than me. I don’t care at this point because my best friend in the house wanted me out. Zach says at this point I don’t know what I am going to do .. You all shouldn’t trust me. Nicole goes to leave and says thank you for addressing this Derrick and thank you Zach for being honest.

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I hope Zach wins this game. I just cannot take much more of Frankie now using his sister for game play and now Derrick using his daughter (Devin #2) Zach looks defeated and so he should but I just hope that he makes it to the end and wins this. Team #zachattack now all the way! He even gets my vote for America’s favorite


I wish Frankie gets evicted first.. “My sister is famous…” UGH UGH UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Nicole and Victoria are on verge of tears to even THINK of evicting ARIANUS GRANDE brother UGHUGHGUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I died at arianus…. good one. #frankieout


Lol Frankie is basically mad at Nicole because she told the truth. He does think everyone is in his back pocket because of who his sister is. That is the entire reason he revealed it. If I were in the house and he told me, I would say, “WHO?” and stand there with the most perplexed look on my face. Then he would start reciting her song lyrics and telling me about her shows and I would STILL act dumbfounded. The look on his face would be priceless. I honestly think the only money Frankie will walk away with is from the TA missions. The look on his face when he doesn’t get América’s favorite is something else I look forward to.


Frankie has Caleb because Caleb is going to have a duet with Frankie’s sister on her next album. Frankie needs to go . He isn’t impressing anyone and mat very well be hurting his sister now. Pop stars get their 15 minutes and she may or may not be a hit in 3 years, like Frankie’s broadway career. I don’t remember HG playing so much to the camera as they have this year but we never had phoney Frankie and his cast of characters. Zach just can’t keep his mouth shut……..At this point I think I like Nicole and Donny but know they don’t have much of a chance. If Frankie is there at the end I know the fix was in with BB and again have no respect for their producers or the show. It’s either a game or it is a show orchestrated by others playing favorites.


I really hope he doesn’t get America’s favorite. The thing I’m worried about is if he does, due to editing of the shows. I wonder how many big brother viewers actually read or watch the live feeds. If they did they would get a full picture of how disgusting Frankie really is. Frankie doesn’t appear as hatable if a viewer only watched the show. I really hope he gets his conceited ass evicted soon.

Former BB player

Frankie has social media followers….and they will vote him America’s player….that is a cinch. I do not think he deserves it, but then I am not sure who on this year’s cast does?

I mean….really…it is kind of a nondescript cast this year. In a way Julie even let on to that reality, when reaching for straws, she said to Hayden, “you and Nicole are ‘sort of’ the Jeff and Jordan of this year”.

Truth is Hayden was not even close to the entertainment value of Jeff and while Nicole is sort of “sweet” like Jordan, she has even less game…which is pretty hard to accomplish.

I think the producers are trying to find a story here and there is slim pickings.

Sadly, about the only thing they have to work with is the emotionally unstable Zach…who it appears doesn’t even know that he is probably gay, bi-sexual, or maybe the very definition of a fruit loop dingus? And he feeds into the “my sister is the flavor of the year pop star” and I am an awesome “foe celebrity” for the gay crowd on youtube because I am such a self-centered, “I sparkle” esteem attention maniac that I represent thousands just like me. Gee that is just great (not).

Honestly, I think BB may be getting a bit “long in the tooth” if every season we are going to have to have either the gay person or the minority person win because that is the only story they can successfully cast.

I Don't Like Derrick

Devin has never used his daughter. There is a big difference between Devin’s, “I have a daughter,” as in talking about setting an example for her, and Derrick’s, “You’re taking food out of my daughter’s mouth.” PLEASE!! How can no one call Derrick out on that? Anyone that plays the game for themselves, is taking food out of his daughter’s mouth? So I guess, he is taking schools out of Africa, and taking away Zack’s car and house. People really need to open their eyes to this hypocrite. It looks like he is going to win. I hope Donny exposes him to everyone in the house.


And in true police fashion he lies to get the answers he wants. I bet he wishes he can taaer a few of them.
Sorry, but I don not trust cop 5 of them tasered my cousin and he died.
They have a way of lieing to people and turning everything around. I bet Derrick is one of the best at doing this in his job as you can tell he has a lot of practice


Thanks for saying that. He has the same amount of charisma as a zucchini. I hope someone creates a I HATE DERRICK FROM BB16 page so I can join or follow it. He’s so annoying. If he wins it’s gonna be just so blargh…


yes! but I think a zucchini has more charisma


Zack?? He has played the worst game by far..


Really? What if they get Ratine to put up Derprick. Caleb, Fakie and maybe NoB@llsCody vote out Donny. Zach, Nic and Vic vote out Derprick and Ratine breaks the tie by voting out Derprick. Wouldn’t that change the game for everyone?

Dislike Derrick

Zach had the girls on his side and then he blows it by telling the guys what he did. What an idiot!


I’m still holding out hope that Nicole and Christine decide to backdoor Derrick. Nicole is the key because I think she can talk Christine into this plan.

Nicole, Zach, Victoria vote out Derrick; Cody, Caleb, and Frankie vote out Donny; Christine breaks the tie by voting out Derrick.

What’s up with Derrick saying that people are taking food out of his daughter’s mouth? I thought he has a job. If they can’t make end’s meet, then aren’t their food programs? 🙂


If he is so worried about food being taken out of his daughters mouth, he should have stayed at his job…..

Dislike Derrick

Derrick took his baby’s father away for 3 months. That’s even worse. Children don’t need money, they need their daddy.


Caleb should just tell chris that he would guarantee her two weeks of safety with zach and donny being the next targets!


These people are a piece of work. Give Derrick the money. Zach tells the truth but can’t stay focus. He tells that it was a lie on Nicole , ok. But the alliances were true! Forget you put it on Nicole and hammer the main points. Is he on meds. You see his Derrick used his power to turn Victoria. Why, because she never addressed the alliances. That dummy Nicole sitting there and hear Derrick say I’m in no alliances. Omg he wax in one with you! What make you think he not in another one. All the girls are gone. Accept Victoria. Think think why? Cause she is being carried by Derrick. He has not called a open meeting before, it’s because Zach touched a sore spot.


A while back Zack said he wasn’t taking his meds for ADHD. I bet production had a lot to do with it.


Wow what a hectic night!
Keep it up Zach…making this season somewhat entertaining


Totally agree! BB house would be boring without him


Hello! First time watching BBUS! One question, are the members of the Jury obligated to stay members? Or they can quit and not vote? Like if they were sore losers and don’t want to participate in the program as they lost and wont get any money… Or do they get paid by the production to stay jurys? Thanks in advance!

Big Jacket

I used to love Derrick, but he is a master manipulator and outright liar. I can see he has a tremendous potential to be a dirty cop on the outside. He said of himself when he was younger, he was a punk kid. I think he is a punk adult too.

Uncle oldie

Earlier he was describing putting Zach in a choke hold and breaking every bone in his jaw. He didn’t say choke hold but that’s what he was describing. He’s a asshole pig.

Irked by the stupidity!

I am team Derrick FTW and while I don’t like his “food out of my daughter’s mouth” tactics, I think it is unfair to assume he is a dirty cop. He is playing a game to win $500k by any means necessary. To think these people wouldn’t lie, cheat and steal to win is ridiculous and people probably shouldn’t watch if it offends them. I personally think it’s unfair to assume that his integrity in real life is the same as it is in the BB game. He is clever and he is playing the best game. Like him or not, if he is judged on his game play alone, he wins hands down. I am TDFTW based solely on his game which is ultimately the only thing that should be on the table – at the end of the day. I don’t care for some of the others in the house because their games are not solid but it is obvious Derrick is both a student and a master of the game. I’m just saying. The only one in that house that clearly shows what kind of person he is on the outside is Frankie. His comments about other people, i.e. the mean things he has said about Jacosta’s walk and killing herself are a testament of his character not his game. As for the girls talking about Amber – that is female jealousy and insecurity…it’s a self esteem issue with them…not a character flaw.

All this to say I don’t think it’s fair to accuse someone who is playing a GAME as having those characteristics spill over in to a career where he puts his life on the line everyday when there is zero evidence of that. It’s a game people…a game.


Derprick was an undercover cop so that gave him an unfair advantage in the game. He was government trained to make friends, set them up and send them to jail. Of course he’s played the game well he did it in real life.


Derrick is an undercover cop in Providence, Rhode Island. Have you ever been to Providence? It’s about the size of any shopping mall in Los Angeles. It’s not like he was trained to be an undercover cop in New York, Chicago or LA. Get real.


Derrick was undercover at Abercrobie & Fitch busting teenage shoplifters.

Love BB

Can’t agree with you about Derrick.
This is the problem I have….Derrick has been an undercover cop. He has skill sets that the other players don’t have. In any other format….this is called “rigging the game”.
Same problem I have with Frankie & his sister’s fame. The teeny-bopper vote will probably get him Americas Favorite….this is called “rigging the game”.
Neither one of them should be in the game.
That is why I’m hoping they both get evicted and the game and we can get back to a game that isn’t rigged.

Love BB

“That is why I hope they get evicted and we can get back to a game that isn’t rigged”


It’s the opposite of what you’re saying. Derricks career characteristics are spilling over into the game. The choke hold issue, the time he said he would blow someone away and held his gun to the mirror shooting, threatening to break someone’s face. I’m just surprised no one has picked up on this and fingered him as a cop.

Big Jacket

Zack just surpassed Donny for America’s Fav in my eyes. Donny really got the ball rolling with Nicole by telling her Derrick was the brains of the house alliance of guys.


Zach basically has gas cans going lighting everyone’s shit up, it’s awesome. There you go Derrick, the first flaming bag of shit left on your doorstep in the season, I look forward to watching you try to stomp it out and get more shit all over you. I hope Zack continues to be a catalyst and get some shithawks circling that p*ssy Cuddles McGee (Cody). The only one Zack shouldn’t edge on is Beast Mode, that guy is ready to explode.


At this point, it looks like Derrick is the one that will win Big Brother. Production showed a commercial last week basically emulating how thw HGs are acting: they are treating him as if he is the Don of the house (if the house were the mob) and acting like he can do no wrong even if they get screwed by him.


There are so many true lies in that place now you don’t what anyone is gonna do until they have to pull the tigger. If this next HOH is still the BOB then it will be a big shift, tight people are gonna have to start gettin burned. You throw some wild cards like Zach/Victoria/Nicole in HOH I think they will tear shit up, heads will roll. Derricks gettin smoked out like Donnie Brasco, if they keep putting him and Cuddles on the spot their house of cards will come down like it did for Frankie. Beast mode is so blindly loyal and hates unfaithfulness, focus on dirtin up Derrick to him, he will start kickin’ like a bull.


It seems Zach did learn something from his talk with Donny and I like him a lot more than the others but Donny is the one who set all this in motion after being alone all season. Donny has survived the fratbrats and Fakie/Ratine and done it with honor and grace. Still TEAM DONNY!!

Be Real

I do like Donny and I give him a ton of credit for being observant and seeing through the BS that no one else seems to. And maybe to this point he’s played it smart (or just safe) by planting seeds, but in the end what you do with the info is as important as having the information and I just don’t know that he has it in him to actually use it when needed. A lot of HG’s are getting a bad wrap for being liars and manipulators, and to some extent it is necessary to do so, but some of them don’t seem to draw any lines and seem to trade their morals and integrity for a chance at a half mil. I think that is what makes Donny so refreshing is he has enough life experience to understand what is important in life and is not willing to sell his soul for a stack of cash and I think that is a big part of the reason that he is a favorite to win it.


Nicole is pretty blinded by Derek’s persona to her and continually vies for his favour. She only heard/understood part of what Donny told her and handled that information poorly. Her attempts to formulate an alliance with Cody, prior to renom, is an example of her weak social game.

Be Real

Maybe I am blinded because I like Nicole, but between what Donny has told her and then the whole Zach/Victoria situation I think she could more of an idea than we give her credit for. I was impressed by the fact that when Victoria was upset with Derrick that she didn’t automatically start bashing him, and I think that she is right that Derrick does care about Victoria on a personal level. Even if she has her doubts about Derrick, she has to be smart enough to know that based on his relationships with the rest of the HGs it would be suicide to try and do anything about it at this juncture. Maybe I am giving her too much credit, but I also see her as I do Donny, someone who is not willing to trade their moral fortitude to win a game.

smd nicole

zach is so damn entertaining and I’m happy for him that he won PoV but man he is just awful at this game…. he throws derrick under the bus after derrick literally saved him from what looked like a lock that he was going to be evicted TWICE


Zach knows if he stays with them he’s going home so why not blow up the house. He has nothing to lose and can cause chaos in is wake. This is the first time all season I’ve liked Zach.


Derrick saved him because it suited his interests at the time, if it suits him, he wouldn’t just throw him under the bus he would drive it over him, back up and drive it over him some more. He himself said he doesn’t give a crap about Zach, he wanted the numbers against Donny, Nicole and Hayden.


What Derrick wants, Derrick gets. He’s a cult leader.

Cody, please buy a clue for 500,000. Derrick doesn’t want what’s best for your game, thus no Christine or Nicole in the alliance. How many times does he have to shot that down for you to get it?


Let’s face it Zach is just not very bright!


Are these girls complete idiots? It’s hard to watch sometimes.


Yep, they’re idiots. No way to sugar coat it. Victoria apologizes to Derrick, wtf??? Nicole gets great info from Victoria and can’t wait to tell Cody about it, who will then tell Derrick, instead of using that info for herself, wtf??? Christine cuddling and giggling with Cody thinking she’s manipulating him, wtf??? I. Give. Up.


The women left are a complete embarrassment to the female sex. Sorry, but they are driveling idiots. Apologizing (!!!) and bowing down to Don Derrick. Licking the feet of a has-been that never was because his teenybopper sister is sorta kind of famous (if you have heard of her) and trusting the “cute” boy when it’s been shown time and time again he runs to the Don with all their info. I actually could not read the entire post because I became nauseated. The way they are so easily manipulated is just sad.


The girls have been scary stupid (in the game) and have no second thought or conviction about throwing another girl under the bus or being part of their eviction . They’ve made if frustrating to watch this year. One or two girls like that is pushing it but to see a group of them like that in one season makes me shake my head.

Be Real

Sadly I agree with you, I ‘ve been hoping that at some point the girls would realize the gender bias going on and would band together, but unfortunately just as it is in real life, young girls are so intimidated and distrusting of one another that they don’t realize until it is too late that they need each other. And just as in real life, guys will play girls against each other for their own gain.


Frankie can just leave. Cant stand him he thinks he already won Americas Fav. ZACH OR DONNY TO WIN!

Ariana Grande stinks

Still laughing at Caleb performing the full double twirl in the kitchen 🙂

Dirty fugly Cop and the Evil Gay Clown are THE WORST!

Angel dust and starlight

Lol! Wow. Derrick is smoooooooth.
He’s just that good.

I Don't Like Derrick

NO HE’S NOT!!!! People are just that stupid. DAMN!!!!


The more and more I hear Derrick talk about zach it pisses me off!! You won’t punch him STFU!! He’s pissed cause he know zach isn’t under his control and if zach wanted it would be possible for zach to get him out! Derrick is getting scared you can tell!


NOBODY controls Zack. That is why he’ll go home soon. Nobody trusts him not to blow up their games. He proves that time and again.


Lol Donny hits the bunk early and misses the late night fireworks everynight.


And yet they still think he’s this great mastermind controlling the house. Shows how stupid these fratbrats are. Now if Ratine would just grab a few brain cells and nom Derprick and Vic joins with Nic/Zach it will be a 3-3 tie and Ratine can get Derprick out. NoB@llsCody will have to decide if he’s with Fakie/CrazedCaleb or Donny/Zach/Nic/Vic. Come on Ratine find a couple brain cells!!


Look how hostile Derrick got when his schemes finally got called out. This sh*t keeps getting harder and harder to watch with all these cocky bone heads who are always in power and can never be sent packing. Damn it I don’t want Donny to go, just hope he gets to re enter the house and wins wins wins everything.
Pray for Donny because I’m TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What preseason game are they going to? There isn’t a game until next week now.


That is probably a twist.

They are take them to the Jury House so they get a change to talk with Hayden and Jocasta.


San Diego has a home game on Monday night


And the reasons I loathe Derrick just keep presenting themselves over and over again. I love how his reaction to anything that upsets him is to talk at using violence.

I love how they blame Donny as the dirtiest player in the house, when in fact it is Derrick. He’s manipulating everything, even turning last night to his advantage. Donny is going to be evicted this week and who does that leave in the house worth watching besides Zach and he went last in the game much longer. I seriously cannot stand reading or listening to the Derrick/Frankie entourage strutting around and puffing up their chests any more. Even when they turn on each other it’s boring.

It’s like I’m watching a season of the blabber mouths and not BB.


Can you believe everything is in the hands of Ratine/VapidVic? If Ratine puts up Derprick and VapidVic votes to keep Donny its a whole new game.


Christine willl play it safe and get out Donny. It would be great if Donny could stay in the game, but he would still be fighting n his own since Nicole and Zach so easily get pulled back into the other people’s trust. It’s so frustrating to watch how mindless they are being!


They won’t. They do not have the mental capacity to figure it out. The three females left really are dimwits.


Honestly, I think the Team America twist (which has been just as ridiculous and frustrating as the 2 HOH twist) can possibly save Donny this week. Frankie said last night that he would like to keep Donny around. Derrick didn’t care for the idea, and we all know why — Derrick knows Donny has him pegged. Well, Donny going to the jury house before the possible return of a jury member can throw a serious curve ball at both Derrick and Frankie, especially if he tells the other jury members about TA. Imagine the damage anyone returning to the game can do with that little tidbit of information. Do I think Donny would say anything? Maybe; maybe not. The key is neither Derrick nor Frankie know what he could or would say. Plus, they do not know if the jury members are sequestered alone or together in the jury house. It’s a huge risk sending Donny to the jury with key information that could potentially blow up both Derrick’s and Frankie’s games, especially when someone may be re-entering the BB house. If these two self-professed BB super fans would use their brains and knowledge of the game, they would realize the need to keep Donny until after someone returns to the house. While Donny is still in the house, anyone other than TA members with the knowledge of TA blows up three games. I doubt Donny would spill anything while still in the BB house. They might even be able to find a way to complete the TA mission this week by getting someone (Victoria maybe, to prove her loyalty to Derrick???) to volunteer to be on the block next to Donny as a pawn and then vote her out. Derrick and Frankie are all about the money — schools in Africa & food in a daughter’s mouth. Any true BB super fan should see this possibility…


I pretty much agree with all you’ve said EXCEPT – Frankie is NOT all about the money – he’s all about the attention/fame


That would just leave Donny fighting the same battle he’s been fighting all season. Nope get Ratine to put up Derprick. Have VapidVic vote to keep Donny. If NoB@llsCody won’t join the others to get out Derprick then its a 3-3 tie and Ratine sends Derprick home.


Derrick is amazing to watch. He is playing the game. He is hands down the best this season.
Saying he could be a dirty cop is outrageous.

Irked by the stupidity!

Omg!!!!!!!!! Agree agree agree! I was just on my soap box about the same thing further up the page! 1000 thumbs up on your post…I couldn’t agree with you more!

Donny's visor

I totally agree! Everyone is saying Derrick is playing a dirty and manipulative game but it’s those people who are remembered as greats in the end anyway. Think about dan and dr will and even evel dick (even though I think Zach is sort of taking up that role)… They played very similarly to Derrick and they are considered to be the best! I think Derrick does an amazing job diverting attention away from him and gaining trust and influence from almost all the other houseguests. People can’t hate on Derrick for playing the game!

Sure I can,, watch me!!!

I hate Derrick all I want,
I hate Derrick all I want,
I hate Derrick all I want.
There Derrick, I SAID IT LIKE I MEANT IT !!!


He is playing the best game by far, because all the other people are just so stupid and weak.

He would be just a floater if he was part of any past season.


So true, fabio. Perfectly said.

Love BB

He’s taken you in too……….

This man is an undercover cop! He has skills that the other HGs don’t have.
He never should have been allowed on the show.

Would you play tackle football with an NFL player & call the game fair?


For the record, I’m a Donny fan and would love to see him win.
But, Derrick must be constantly thinking to himself “this is too easy”. He has to win this based on game play alone.


Derrick, what an arrogant, sorry, manipulative, conceited, big-headed SOB, how dare he tell Zach you’re messing up my game – your game, hello this is everyone game this game is not called Derricks BB, how dare you.

Come to think about it I bet your wife is so glad you were chosen to be on BB so she wouldn’t have you around for three months.

I wished Christine would think about putting up Frankie or Derrick she has the votes she would just have to be the tie breaker. Pull up your bra straps, get the thong out your butt and let’s get this Game Going!!!! If you want a chance at winning this money the time to make a move is now – if not those guys are going to Annihilate You and the Game


I was thinking the same exact thing! The smart move for Christine, would be to put up the seld centered, master manipulator, Derrick!

I Don't Like Derrick

When Nicole was HOH, didn’t Christine try to get her to put up Derrick or Cody?? It sounded like Christine, Frankie, and Zack had planned on turning on Cody/Derrick. And now, they’re not going to, and Christine doesn’t want to take the same advice she gave Nicole. Frankie, and Christine really need to turn on Derrick/Cody. If they want to win, eventually they’re going to have to. Otherwise, the dumbasses are just giving Derrick and Victoria (LOL) the money.

Be Real

To be fair, when Christine told Nicole that she should put up Cody or Derrick (at least during their convo on the couch in the living room) she followed that statement with “because you know that they would be safe”.


Frankie is safe – remember that “miraculous” BOB win.


Frankie can’t be put up – he won BOB.


Frankie cant be put up. He won BoB with Caleb. Also i want to say that zach calling christine a bigger floater than victoria……… ok zach. Ok lol


This season is so confusing, so much backstabbing. One sec Cody is getting petted by Nicole or Christine and the next second, talking about them… Same with everyone else. It’s so hard to follow who is true to who, I have lost the ability to decipher which alliance is actually real or not… With that said, I’m rooting for Zach all the way. He is completely unpredictable and absolutely spontaneous. He is that child, that you remind to behave when you take take them out, but as soon as you get there, their hanging from the chamdeleir… I don’t think anyone can control Zach, I’m thinking he has seen Frankie for the friend he is not and I beleive Zach has no allegiance to anyone at this point. He is the only entertainment thus far this season.


At this point the dream scenario would be: Zach and Donny get together and convince Christine to put up Derrick. Then the votes to evict Derrick would be Nicole, Zach, and I think they could convince Victoria to vote, too. It’s a tie and Christine breaks it.


most of the house guests this year are just annoying. they’re playing the game. most of last yr’s guests were just gross.


This is turning into a giant cluster-f**k. Hard to follow who’s with who and the why behind it anymore. It happens every year, its why I love Big Brother. Thank God I found Simon and Dawg!


It’s so hard to decide whether I hate Frankie or Derrick more…


Dear Rocks in a Box,

Please accept my condolences regarding recent statements made by some stating an intellectual equivalence between yourself and Victoria. You clearly have more intelligence.


I actually want Christine to put up Derrick if the PoV is used.
Just tell Frankie, Zach, Victoria and Nicole
“Don’t you want to cut the head off the snake that bit you? Of course you do.”
Look at the game… who is the one name that is never brought up. He has never been on the block or talked about putting up on the block…. put him on the block and get him out. It might work if Zach, Frankie or Victoria do not chicken out.
Do what is best for your game and get Derrick out now. Cody will have lost his brain and need to cuddle.

I Second That

Christine gets a ton of hate on here. I too think she should put up Derrick. Pull the trigger now, will make her game look a little impressive. I don’t have a problem with how she’s played(minus the Cody cuddle sessions), Yeah she’s talked behind backs, she’s petty, catty, a bitch, yup heard it all and so are the rest. Looking at the game, she’s social, won some comps, set herself up in a strong alliance, gathered/shared info with alliance, strategized(maybe shares to much, keep mouth shut sometimes) lied, made up stories and kept herself safe. The house has divisions, she’s not so tight with Derrick. This move is right now Christine, DO IT. Time to cut the head off, strike first or your not going to last much longer. There is not much time left. If she gets this done I think she’d be in the -she could make a strong case for herself category..


I’m really tired of the so called “cop” threatening to knock people’s teeth out BEHIND THEIR BACKS. He is really the biggest douche I’ve ever seen and I pray if he makes it to the end, no one votes for him. I’d rather even Victoria win over him.


Derrick is playing a damn good game… I tip my hat, get called out on your lies,,and escape clean…. Better him than Arianus Grande’s brother, who’s being protected by production..


I don’t like Derrick, but I respect his dominance in this game… I think he would rival Will, Dan and Dick, if he ends up winning…



Even a 3 year old could manipulate almost everybody in this house.

Derrick just got luck we got a really weak competitors.


Do not insult Dr. Will or Dan or even Evil Dick by comparing Derrick to them. They actually had to play with people that had brains, whereas, Derrick is dealing with individuals that have non existent IQ’s. There is no comparison, Derrick is a disgusting individual that is an embarrassment to policemen everywhere in this country.


Something about a policeman and former military always threatening violence against the other house guests is a little concerning. Once they start threatening violence on other house guests, just do not think they should be allowed to stay on the show. Also as much bad publicity as police have had over they years with accusations of violence against individuals, some proven and some not proven, Derek is definitely not a good representation of what you would expect for how the police should be shown. I would never want my daughter or a family member pulled over by a cop after watching Derek explode and talk so readily about committing acts of violence. Do have to still stay that pink cockatoo is still the sickest pervert in the house. His and his families claims about using all the money and building schools in Africa is such a load of BS!They have enough money already and if that was in anyway a fact it would of already been done. I know a lot of Gay men that are wonderful and terrific individuals and hate to say it but Frankie gives all of them a really bad name and is an embarrassment to all. He is a serious perverted individual. Hoping for a miracle that Christine will have enough sense to put Derrick on the block and get him out, but I do not see that happening. So disgusted by production interference this year cannot watch the prime time show any longer and just come on here for updates. Send your letter to CBS complaining about this years BB!!

Zach H

Just wait until all stars and bb bringing skankie back to the show. I can’t stand the way he and Derrick are playing. Yes it’s a game about lying, but there is such a thing as stepping over the boundaries. All this back and forth, he said she said is getting annoying. This twist is complete bs because it gives the strong players 2 opportunities to save themselves. Go back to the old style and this years game would be completely different. People are winning hoh solely based on who they put up. When you win, you should be rewarded. Nicole won the early highest number wins and Derrick gets to be hoh? Who cares about getting blood on your hands, your intent is to get the target you want out. Not throw away hohs because you’re scared to be a target.


These girls are useless


The girls have a chance to flip the game. If Ratine puts up Derprick and VapidVic votes to keep Donny then Ratine breaks the tie and they have a chance. Who’d of thought the game would come down to Ratine and VapidVic?

Get Derrick out

Frankie cannot be put up this week because of botb but Derrick could and that would be great. Christine isn’t bright enough to see she is bring played.


All that training in professional manipulation really pays off for Derrick here. He gets caught red-handed & ends up making the other person feel bad like they wronged him. Sorry, but it’s typical scummy police type behaviour.I hate people who use these passive-aggressive type moves in real life & in there. It’s so condescending & demeaning. If Victoria was worried about looking stupid for being used before, she’s going to feel even worse now. Derrick is literally scum in how he uses people’s insecurities against them. Some of these people should never have been cast on the show with someone like Derrick. It’s almost worse than Frankie’s fame-mongering because, as obnoxious as that is, it’s at least blatantly obvious.


Derrick is a master manipulator and Victoria is a idiot for believing him everything Zach said was the truth. Someone needs to take Derrick off his high horse and put him on the block he controls everyone in this house.


As much as I dislike Christine, it’s not too late for the 3 females to come together & make a move. If Christine could put up Derrick or Cody I think they could get could get one of them out. I don’t think Frankie would have any qualms about voting out Cody or Derrick & they could maybe even get Zach to do it if they catch him at the right time (while he’s feeling he’s been wronged by everyone in there). Nicole stood there while Derrick spun his tales of indignation for not being trusted to Victoria. She knows he lied and I hope she tells Victoria. Derrick has Victoria feeling so bad that she even offered to do his laundry & he asks if this is her way of apologizing to him – what a d*ckhead.

Unfortunately I think they’re not bright enough to do this on their own. If ever there was a time for some blatant Diary Room manipulation for the stupid ones, this would be it. It is after all Season of Rigging.


Movies that each houseguest remind me of: Derrick (The Godfather) Caleb (Fatal Attraction) Frankie and Zach (Broke Back Mountain) cancel that (that was last week) Frankie (A Star is Born) oops! that was meant for Ariana. Zach (Animal House) Christine (Mean Girls) Victoria(Clueless) Cody (American Gigolo) and Nicole ( Born Yesterday). Anyone else have other suggestions?


This is hysterical!!!!!!!!!


Donny “Gone with the Wind” which is probably what will happen Thursday unless these idiots get together and flip the house on Derrick.

Holy Smoke

Derrick is even better than Dan Gheesling, forget the mist Derrick is all smoke. You can’t see through it.


Dan had Danielle……Derrick has Victoria…..I wonder if this is one of the secrets to making it to the end in the Big Brother game. I cant believe we have another Danielle on our hands!


It’s BB/Survivor 101; called having a “GOAT”. Person perceived as worthless/undeserving by their peers while sitting next to an accomplshed manipulator. Victoria is the perfect goat. She’s even doing Derrick’s laundry! Next BB should be an all stars with psych clearance, no health problems, and no twists. Don’t like family members of past winners or famous people as HG(s). It gives them an unfair advantage and I would be pissed if I were in Derrick’s shoes too.


Donny saw through it early in the game its just that no one would listen. But they are listening now.

Team Anyone but Cody and Derrick

I seriously can’t believe NO ONE in the house (but Donny) has noticed that Derrick and Cody do absolutely nothing, don’t win comps, no POVs, and yet manage to never get on the block. How is it that there are super fans that have not noticed those two have NEVER been mentioned as being put up. Only Christine has mentioned it, but the second the male hooker Cody comes over to act like he enjoys cuddling her, it fades. Derrick even urges him to flirt with Christine or Nicole!! If a girl did that, there would be so much bashing on here. At least Derrick is instructing people what to do, while sitting back. I don’t like Derrick at all and don’t want him to win, but at this rate, he will. I love how he flat out lied and said Victoria don’t even talk to me if you believe what Zack said! WOW! Master Manipulator over here… Everyone is so focused on ‘targeting’ the loud ones, but not Cody or Derrick. Come on Christine! Put up Derrick and get that Zack/Nicole/Frankie/Victoria team together to vote him out!! That would be her smartest game play. Then she could have Cody all to herself… (sorry Christine’s husband.).

Zach H

At this rate, the divorce papers are already filed and the next hoh she wins, she will be receiving them instead of a letter of encouragement.


Never thought I dislike someone as much as that big nose, gross looking, do nothing Victoria. Guess what Victoria, everyone hates you, you spoiled PIGLET!


Victoria’s nose makes her a bad competitor? That makes no sense. I get that she hasn’t done a lot in the house to earn her keep and if thats why you don’t like her that makes sense, but commenting on her nose is just unnecessary.


please hand Derrick the 500usd check already. coz others are dummies to not notice cody/derricks


please hand Derrick the 500kusd check already. coz others are dummies to not notice cody/derricks


lol wait the house guests are dummies? I mean at least they know how to speak english correctly…learn to use correct grammar before you insult someone, it does’t have the same impact if you sound less intelligent….


“Victoria what you don’t realize is that I am the reason why you are still here.”

No Derrick, Vicky kept herself in the house by being awful at everything. Anyone could win the final against her. ANYONE.


Simon can you post a poll on who has the best chance of winning the game as off now

Kathie from Canada

Who is zooming who? I like to think that Zack is rattling every cage in the game and pitting one side of the house against the other. Or he has just thrown in the towel? Seems like everyone is lying to both allies and enemies! Can anyone unravel this for me?

pants on fire

How the Hell does Derrick keep coming out of these things unscathed? How are everyone elses lies not equal to his? OMG…his sh*t don’t stink!!! Figure it out people before it’s too late!!


Why can’t these houseguests keep their mouths shut? They are slowly figuring out Derrick and Cody and say they can’t trust them and then turn around and tell them everything. Donny could possibly blow up Derrick’s game if he confessed Team America to a select few but who knows what these idiots would do with the info. I was glad Zach told Vic about Derrick but he then turns around and blames it on Nicole. Why? How can it not be obvious Derrick and Cody are in an alliance whenall the boys and Christine are meeting all the time?? Ugh.


All I can say is Frankie is a Slick dude. It seems this show is a strategic effort to catapult his career and take him to the next level. Sure….he is happy for his sister and they both are on the entertainment path, but I know he feels Why not me too and I want mine now….this is expected. For this reason, it is apparent he strategized all of this even before he started this show. Reality TV was the obvious next step, after social media. It was interesting reading the comments, on her sites he has established. The timelines of everything does make you question the sincerity….Game or No Game….there is a cost for empty words…..playing the charity card is unnecessary….we all have our own personal cause or charity case….everyone has a need


Sr23 you are correct, Frankie is just trying to capitalize on his sisters success and I must say I never even heard of the little girl before the show started. Salong is doing the same with Beyonce “Elevator Fight” ? Jealousy will kill you in the long run. I was watching the feeds last night and Zack is gay he may not know it but he is gay. Nothing wrong with that I have gay friends that I work with, however I would never let them hug on me 15 times during a 5 minute conversation?


yaaaaaas. I have never agreed with something so strongly before


I like Donny, but he was wrong to tell Nic to go to Cody. Nic should be going to ppl that are low on the alliance totem poll. Especially when one is Hoh. She has nothing to loose, she knows she’s on barrowed time (and should point out they all are). Go to Chris, Zach, Frank and feel them out about putting Derrick up. Wake up underdogs!


noooo going to Frankie and Christine is a terrible idea they F her over all the time


Somewhat true IMO. I don’t think Donny realizes just how much of a hold Derrick has on Cody. But I think he’s right that Cody could definitely be the weak link – look how much he flip-flops & turns 180’s & 360’s in the space of 5 minutes & he believes pretty much everything he’s told. The right person could utilize that against Derrick instead of for him, but unfortunately Nicole is definitely NOT that person.


If no one would blab or knew how to keep a secret! Derrick’s game would of been messed up by now. Everything they discuss gets leaked to him, giving him the chance to do damage control. It is so frustrating to watch! The only thing i’m waiting for is that all this will blow up in Derrick’s face. With this group of knucleheads it probably won’t.


I know I know I know it is a game but what Derrick is doing to Vic is terrible (to say the least)… I didn’t think he would sank so low. He’s damaging her. I think she is going to need serious psychological help. I am genuinely worried. Hope production is keeping an eye open.

I Don't Like Derrick

DUMBASSES STOP!!!! Derrick is not great at all. These naïve idiots are just stupid!!! Dan, Dr. Will, Derrick? PLEASE!!! None of these players were that great. They were just damn lucky to be in a house full of idiots. Evil Dick and his daughter were smart, and played a good game. They were both good at competitions, used common sense, and strategized. That’s what made them good players. They did not manipulate, nowhere near to the extent of the others mentioned. That is the difference between Evil Dick, and the others mentioned. Evil Dick’s game did not depend on the stupidity of the other houseguests. The others, Derrick, Dan, and Will, depended on other peoples’ stupidity, not their own gameplay. DAMN!!! However, the dumbasses in the house, Season 8, were fools to let Father and Daughter get to the end. If Christine, Zack, and Frankie are smart, and they make a move to get Derrick out, along with Nicole, would Derrick still be so great?? NO!!! So, why is he just because they are too damn stupid to get him out? His gameplay depends on the stupidity of other people. He wouldn’t be in that house if Evil Dick and Janelle were there. WHY?? Because they would have the common sense to GET HIM THE FUCK OUT!!!! DAMNN!!! DUMBASSESS!!! Janelle was also one of the better players, even though she didn’t win.


Dumbasses everywhere 🙂 Actually I agree with you – Derrick’s ONLY game is manipulation. There’s little to no strategy involved.


I agree that Derrick is not a great player, but he is the greatest player in the house. Only Zach is willing to go against him and now he doesn’t have the numbers to oust Derrick because Nicole and Victoria are both lower on the intelligence scale than a box of rocks. But it is fun to imagine Derrick’s and Cody’s faces if somehow Zach could convince Christine to put up Derrick as the replacement Monday. I might be the screen shot of the season.