Victoria finds out about Derrick’s alliances – ” I can’t look at him in his face he disgusts me”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-09 22-04-08-488
9:59pm Cam 3-4 Nicole and Donny Living room
Donny is hinting she should work on Cody to see where he thinks he sits on the end in a final 4 (Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Zach)
Donny – He’s with three smart people he needs to get people while he gots people.. yo know what i’m saying”
Nicole says right now she would never vote for COdy, she says him, Derrick , her and HAyden were in an alliance and they went back on it.
Nicole says Cody is the one that got Hayden out of this house
Donny – he’s their weakest link to persuade.. the other three can’t if they are final 4 he cannot beat them he needs to use people to best them.
Nicole – Cody, Derrick will vote together”
Donny – And Victoria too.. Derrick has her in his pocket.
Donny – Derrick is going to win.. and i’m going to vote for him..
Donny – Derrick has deals with everyone.. the triple D’s.. me, devin and Derrick day 2.
Nicole – oh my god.. I know Derrick throws competition
Donny – I think cody does to
Donny starts to laugh “I don’t want to vote for none of them”
Nicole – I don’t either
Donny – But Derrick would need the money more
Nicole right now the jury for Christine and Frankie is not good.. And if she backdoored me I would tell everything in the jury..
Donny says if Christine is beside Frankie she needs the money fomore teh frankie
Nicole – I would vote for Zach in a heart beat.. (Vote to win)
Donny doesn’t think Zach will make it.
Nicole says Zach has an alliance with Frankie, Cody derrick and Christine
Donny says it will shifts once they are gone .. hey I would vote for Victoria..
Nicole would to.
Nicole – if she puts me up her word means nothing..
Donny – theres no options of people to put up
Nicole – Victoria
Donny – she’s in Derrick’s pocket he won’t let that happen
Nicole says if Christine puts her she is the devil she looked her right in the eyes and said I will not back door you If she does I will be sick to my stomach and I will vote for Frankie over her to win.
Donny – I think they want me out Bad
Nicole – you were the target 2 days ago
Nicole – I’m miserable with Frankie in this house..

BB16-2014-08-09 22-15-22-133

10:12pm BEEHIVE Zach and Victoria
Zach says Frankie and him had a final 2 deal they were in two alliance he got paranoid because he was keeping the truth about his sister a secret.
Victoria – You really think that ‘s the reason zach that’s such bull sh1t
Zach – I know isn’t it..
Zach – Four weeks ago we made another alliance.. please don’t tell cody and Derick.. me, Derrick, Frankie and Christine.. we were in an alliance and we still are.. Frankie is trying to repair all the damage now because he tried to get me out last week..
He adds that Christine and Frankie told a lot of lies and got caught but right now everyone is saying they are good.
Zach brings up the hayden, COdy, Nicole and Derrick alliance say it had a name and everything.
Zach says Frankie had him in the storage room for 30- minutes said we can fix everything he told Zach America loves us when we’re together. Zach thinks he was able to convince Frankie everything is fine between them.

Zach – At this point I’m not going to talk game just win COmpetitions.. I want Christine out.. “
Zach – Christine only has 3 options you, derrick or Cody..
Zach – I had a final 3 with Christine/Frankie and A final 3 with Derrick/Cody I was the common denominator
Zach – and A final 2 with Frankie..
Zach says he’s told Nicole everything just like he told her Victoria keeps reminding her he’s got nothing to hide.
Zach – Frankie ruined my game
Now Frankie acting towards Zach like they are all good “we have to break up to get stronger that is what he actually said to me.”
Zach mentions Christine and Frankie told Caleb that Nicole is going up everyone wants Nicole gone.
Victoria – I hope I don’t go up
Zach – If you go up you are not going home… I hate Christine
Zach adds he’s going to tell Donny everything again he has nothing left to hid…
Victoria says she never trusted Frankie since week 2
Zach doesn’t trust Frankie either but Frankie is such a good talker. First chance Zach gets he’s taking out Frankie
Zach says if Nicole is on the block he’s voting her out and keeping Donny Nicoeol has said so many lies.
Zach – If Nicole goes this week me, you, cody and Derrick and we flip the script on Frankie and Christine.
Zach – I’m glad we had this talk we know who the f***g snakes are Frankie and Christine..

10:38pm Cody getting some cuddles

BB16-2014-08-09 22-58-38-071

10:56pm FIREROOM Victoria and Nicole
Victoria says she’s been lied to this entire game she feels so stupid
Victoria – oh my gosh I don’t know what to say or do .. I literally want to punch him in the face
Nicole says she thinks he’s lying to protect Victoria he’ll keep her as long as he can
Victoria – That is not what our deal was.. He was lying to me I don’t want to be in this house I don’t stand a choice unless I win HOH
Nicole- it’s not fun I don’t want to be around these people.. I felt the same way when Hayden left. it’s a lot to handle
Victoria – I left so stupid I told Derrick 99% of the things I knew and he told me crap.. I got played
Victoria – I can’t look at him to his face he disgusts me.. ..
Victoria – I don’t’ want to see him in the end I wanted to before but not now.
Victoria – I feel like I just found out someone is cheating on you..
Nicole – I know how it feel when Hayden left when she was blindsided.
Victoria – I feel so stupid.. oh my god the things I said in the DR.. and for Zach to come out with all these things.
Nicole – I trust Zach more than all these people in here and I think he hates me again but I still like him
Nicole tells her to be positive they have to fight and they need each other.
VIctoria – Nicole you can’t start building trust after day 52 in this game .
Nicole – he’s been playing you 100% ..
Nicole says Derrick and Cody played her they pretended getting Jocasta out was last minute it was so disgusting.. you have to stay in this house and we have to win HOH ..
Nicole – you can’t be pouring your guts out
Victoria – i can’t even look at him anymore i’m done..
Nicole – I think Donny is going home this week..
Nicole – we have to hope they turn on each other.. they can’t go after each other yet..
Nicole – me you Donny we’re gone.. I honestly don’t know what we can do to stop it..
Nicole warns her she’s pretty sure Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Zach are still working together. Nicole thinks Christine wants Frankie out of the house.
Victoria says he will take Frankie out.
Cody comes in
11:17pm FIRE ROOM Cody and Nicole
nicole tells him she knows he’s working with Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Zach . She want to work with him though because he’s on the bottom of those four they need each other.
Nicole is good with Christine now they wiped the slate clean and

BB16-2014-08-09 23-13-15-149

11:03pm Derrick and Christine HOH
Christine tells him she buried the hatchet with Nicole.
Derick says if she puts up Victoria Donny will go home and Victoria won’t be mad at her she’s going after Zach.
Christine says she only feels like she can talk to Derrick and Cody right now.
Derrick – we’re doing good..
They talk about the awesome one liners production gives them to say n the DR. \Derrick says he’ starting to accept Caleb’s Beastmode Cowboy Status THey agree Caleb is strong at Physical and Mental Competitions. .

Derrick says everything Frankie did last night was for strategy. Christine says Frankie’s sister can donate money for homes in Africa. Derrick tells her Frankie could win HOH so she better play nice to him.

Derrick – She’ really not bad for any of our games.. she wouldn’t go after you, Caleb, cody i think she might go after Zach. Victoria Doesn’t talk sh1t about anyone.
Christine – Zach’s working her shes easily swayed
Derrick says Hayden really had her in the palm of his hands..
Christine – that was insane..

They start talking about Frankie being in the game and how his sisters zillion twitter followers may skew fan vote elements in his favorite. Since both of them have gone against Frankie in the past they are worried.,

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BB16-2014-08-09 23-37-41-197

11:36pm FIRE ROOM Nicole and Cody
Nicole tells her she‘s trustworthy she’s got no one in this game.
Cody is saying Donny is the biggest schemer in the game
Cody – I will never open my mouth up to Christine again.
Nicole tells him Frankie has played the direst game in Big Brother history.
Nicole Asks him if Christine thinks he’s working with her.
Cody doesn’t know he really doesn’t want to talk any game with Christine because he can’t risk the chance she will spin it.
Nicole she feeds people so much information,,
Nicole- for Christine to turn her back on Hayden is really really bad.. she didn’t trust him after a week.. the original plan was to get you in on in us four..
Cody knew that
Ncioel – you see you can’t trust her.
Cody says he thought Christine was 100% trustworthy and she’s not.

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If anyone has ever deserved a DPOV it’s Donny.


If evicted, I think Donny will have a GREAT shot at getting back in. For those who have watched for years, remember that Julie C used that SAME language in Season 13.

“You MAY have the CHANCE to get back in the game.”

The word “may” implies that it’s not up to them on who gets the “chance.” In other words, it’s likely a fan vote. The word “chance” means the player with the most votes will STILL have to earn it. Just like in season 13, when Brendon had to beat Lawon to re-enter the game. My gut tells me that this is how it’s going to go down. But (of course) it’s just a guess. Fingers crossed.


I think they are waiting until donny is evicted to actually bring someone back so they can bring HIM back – I am fine with that!

And you would be ??

I’m curious when each new person goes to the jury house if each one will say hi to one another & then look at Jocasta & her non game playing self & say “I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met but you look familiar, where do I know you from ??”

Big Sister

I have been posting that Donny should get the DPOV for days now–Production please listen!! (Oh, and on a side note, TVGN-I am so sick of Sorrentino commercials that I would NEVER watch that show!)


SO this is what I’m thinking, Victoria gets put on the block and goes home. Hayden wins his way back in and then begins the weeding out of what’s left of the bomb squad. Christine’s and Zach jump ship/team up with Hayden, Nicole and Donny and kicks Caleb, Cody Derrick and Frankie butt right out the door. Now that would be fun to watch, a real “expect the unexpected for sure.

Brad H

Can I just say ZACH IS THE EFFING MAN… I really hope he wins BB 16

One can wish

I wish Zach could win too, but with the way production is rigging this season, there’s no way. He may get lucky and slide into 5th place, but Derrick and Cody will vote him out for sure. The only way he’s safe is if they keep BOB for a while and he keeps getting put up and wins. Other than that, there’s no way Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Christine don’t make it to final 4. This garbage fragmentation of the Bomb Squad alliance actually made it further than I ever thought they would.

I wish

I wish Zach could win too, but with the way production is rigging this season, there’s no way. He may get lucky and slide into 5th place, but Derrick and Cody will vote him out for sure. The only way he’s safe is if they keep BOB for a while and he keeps getting put up and wins. Other than that, there’s no way Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Christine don’t make it to final 4. This garbage fragmentation of the Bomb Squad alliance actually made it further than I ever thought they would.


Zach is a better actor then Frankie. Maybe Zach should head to Broadway when BB is over


I’m not really a Frankie fan, but I seriously don’t understand how when he won the BOB everyone was screaming bloody murder that production rigged it. Almost every comment said production helped Frankie, but when Zach(CBS’s #1 rating getter) wins the POV, no one on here says anything about production possibly rigging it. I’m just curious. People really let the love for Zach think that he can do no wrong and that Frankie is the ultimate evil. Maybe production helped them both, or maybe they both just knew their asses where on the line so they pulled the win off. I do believe that production helps out the players to boost ratings(Rachel and Jordan duo twist) but not EVERYYYYY competion is rigged. Btw, not a Frankie fan or a Zach fan. Just a person who tries to look at both sides.


The POV was OTEV – pretty hard to rig that one.


Was about time u found out about them victoria. Now stop trustjng derrick/cody etc and align with the other outsiders


Zach just f*cked up. She is going to tell Derrick. Zach promised he would keep his mouth shut.


I felt like Zach had a thought behind that even though he’s missing some key details. But I think deep down knows he’s f*cked anyway. He’s a catalyst in the game so I hope it works for him by the time it cycles back around. It already got Victoria’s wheels spinning.


Dont worry, nicole already did that for her by telling cody. I was rooting for Nicole to stay in the house and keep fighting, but her terrible social game along with no backbone is not helping.


Derrick has been playing all sides and manipulating everyone. Hopefully when he’s exposed they try to get him out


Can I get an “AMEN!”


Exactly for the past few weeks its rather frustrating for us to see Derrick masterminding almost every move and alliance and yet he gets hardly any blood on his hands. He had final two /three locked him with a lot of people and he seemed to be cruising to the 500, 000. His only real alliamce cody
is too dumb to realise hes just riding
derrick coatails.
Honesly about time derrick got exposed !!


I cant wait to have derrick confess he is a cop




Zach plans to BD Frankie the first chance he gets. God bless! He actually saw through Frankie’s cheap lies and is just playing him. This is why I like Zach so much

Chilltown 4 Life

Brilliant gameplay by Zach. He spilled everything to Victoria, and that should rattle the house. Knocking Derrick’s game down a peg in the process. The odds probably have Nicole or Victoria going, Thursday, but after this, I would be fine with Donny going. It’s a lose, lose situation for Derrick now. His lacky, Victoria, hates him now, and Donny/Nicole has been on to him. Bravo, ZachAttack!


It’s still amazing how every one hasn’t caught derrick yet! Nicole thinks cody is the master mind of getting Hayden out lol. Cody is the worst player left in the game. Nicole he’s not that smart to think of that plan. It was all Derrick! Lol

Chilltown 4 Life

Except, Derrick has forgot to babysit his minions. He has a good social game, but very poor strategy with paranoia. He’s going to have problems next week, unless he wins HOH or Cody, and both are terrible at comps.


Did you hear about the new movie coming out this fall? It’s called “Less Than Zero.”
Nope, it’s not a remake of the of the 1987 movie starring Robert Downey Jr (Julian) and James Spader (Rip). Nope, nope, nope.

It’s a documentary about two people named Derrick and Cody. As the movies name implies, it’s a true life story that quantifies the competition results of two american reality show participants. In this case, the names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent.

Umm…..I think I will wait for the DVD.


Thank The Lord some of these people are catching on to Derrick! If the whole house came together about how he’s dealed with all of them! OMG his BD would be epic!

I feel bad for Zach right now. He thinks he can’t trust Frankie over Derrick and Cody when the 2 of them have been trying to get of him for weeks now! Open your eyes to the BS Zach.

Donny if you go this week, I’m voting you back in if we can vote. Though if Hayden came back he would target Derrick and Cody.


Zach is trying his hardest to tell Vic Derrick has her back 100%. He is really defending Derrick.


Does anyone else see this? The two smartest bb players are placed on “team america” with Frankie who is not a super fan. They protect and coach him. Donny hasn’t but if Frankie would have been left by derrick after Frankie got caught Donny would have taken the role over

Checkmate !!

Have you guys noticed that this year nobody is really playing chess & using it as a tool to talk amongst themselves about BB while being able to hear “loud” game talk coming out of the HOH room ?? It was used a lot last year.


I thought the HG said the chess area seating was uncomfortable. Isn’t it a picnic table? Or maybe they don’t know how to play chess. 🙂


Finally people are waking up to Derrick’s game. I hope they go to Christine and come up with a plan to nominate Derrick/Cody.

Wake up

Damn Nicole is stupid! I hope she goes this week. Seems like Donny is starting to talk serious game, since certain people are fragile. He can work his magic on Victoria, Cody and Zach to get the other four out!

Lil' Sebastian

This is why it’s good (for viewers) for Zach to stay in the game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone on this show with less of a filter. He just lets it fly and let the chips fall where they may.


Gotta love Zach attack! If not for him the house would be boring. I think he should get some of that TA money cause without him Donny, Derrick, and Frankie wouldn’t have got some of that money. He probably won’t get America’s player but im ok if Donny gets it!


If Nicole, Victoria, Donny, Zach, had half a brain, they would get Caleb and tell him everything, all about the alliances that never included him. Tell him how they wanted to backdoor him. Take him step through step of all the lies. Explain how they are using his loyalty against him. Caleb’s word means something, and the others not at all. The bad thing. There will be a 3 to 3 tie, and Christine will send Donny to the Jury House.
I am hoping they will then let them play to come back in, then they will have a 5 to 4 advantage.
They need to get rid of BOB!


I just can not understand how Nicole and Christine can be so stupid, afraid and weak.

Christine knows 100% Derrick and Cody has been playing the whole house, and won`t do anything about it.

I don`t think anybody from this season would make a All-Star..

Maybe just Devin…


OMG, thanks GOD Victoria knew everything about Derrick the cop now. It all thanks to Zach. Now I just want everyone to find out Derrick’s true profession. It would be amazing if the whole house turns on him, except for the pussy Cody. I want them to backdoor Derrick now more than ever. And Frankie/Cody next week. It’s definitely not a smart move if they send Christine out next week, in case the power shifts, they can use Christine as a vote. After all, this game is about numbers


Frankie is soooo arrogant, its disgusting. I am watching bbad on my dvr and he is walking around like he just won an Oscar. He is so confident that his opening up to everyone has reset his game. How narcissistic one has to be to think you can get caught red handed in a web of lies but because you supposedly have over a million followers and you are the bro of a somewhat celebrity all is forgotten. Really!
I am loving how Zach is now playing Frankie and see’s through his bs. At this point I’m rooting for either Donny or Zach to win it all.


How does Frankie know America loves him and Zach together?

So DR is fake too and lead by production?

What isn’t fake?


Finally, Derrick is busted. Victoria now knows he has been playing her of the entire game. Now when it might be too late, people will see Derrick and Cody are both snakes, this is why Donny has never trusted Derek. Donny was the only one who has seen straight through Derrick and knows that he is the mastermind behind Cody, Frankie, Christine and Zach. Wish this could’ve come out earlier when Hayden was still in the house, Nicole sees now it was not just Cody that she could not trust Derrick is the ring leader. I kind of felt sorry for Victoria.

it is hard

omg, victory is so dume, she is such princess and never thought that how she get so far………………..
and Zach, I even don’t have a word for him, really wish that he could just s… up his mouth and think more

Desi's mom

For some reason I want to reach in the TV and give Nicole a hug. But when watching BBAD I wanted to throw the TV out the window, but realize that I could just change the channel. Of course I. still watched it. lol. thanks to both Simon and Dawg for all your work you do here, love you guys.


Wow these people are all insane. They can’t keep their mouths shut. Its almost like a reboot oft the whole game. Every time I come here to read an update everyone in the house loves and hates a completely different set of people than the last update.

Derrick’s game may have been severely compromised now that Victoria knows what he’s been up to. I’m guessing the same people that are whining about Frankie’s sister are going to be the ones kissing up to her once this is over.

Who would have thought that Devin wouldn’t end up being the craziest one in the house. In the last 48 hours just about all of them have out-crazied even Devin on his worst day.

I feel bad for Donny as he doesn’t have any power and he can’t seem to get anything going with anyone. They are all in so many alliances that change by the hour even if he wanted to he couldn’t solidify anything the way these nutjobs change their mind.

And Nicole please shut up about Hayden. I can’t stand her whining about a guy she was so hot and cold over when he was there.


Donny does have some power. He has the knowledge of Team America, and he can drop that information at any time, which could really screw with both Frankie’s and Derrick’s games. Frankie mentioned earlier today (maybe in the previous post?) that he doesn’t want to get Donny out. If Donny leaves, Derrick and Frankie can’t be certain that Donny won’t give this vital and potentially explosive information to the other jury members. They can’t be certain the jury members are sequestered from one another… Any person returning to the BB house with that information could blow up both Frankie’s and Derrick’s games. I think Frankie is already considering this possibility. He needs to explain to Derrick the potential damage of sending Donny out before someone returns to the game, and they’ll keep him. Now that Victoria knows Derrick has played her, and that information is bound to get back to Derrick (if it hasn’t already), she becomes expendable in his eyes. Get Christine on board to put Victoria up as a “pawn,” soothe Victoria’s concerns about going on the block (“you’ll be safe, etc.), and then vote her out. There’s a way to do it to complete the TA task (which I think is a ridiculous twist) and save Donny at the same time. One possible positive coming out of this twist that most wish could wither and blow away in the wind.


Great comment!
However I was thinking that Frankie was only saying that to Derrick for his own safety?
Derrick might be thinking now, since Frankie brought this scenario up,
and if I vote Frankie out, he will spill the TA beans to the jury, AND maybe to house on his way out.
Just a thought…


WTF is it gonna take for Nicole to realize that Derrick IS NOT LOYAL TO HER AND IS PLAY ING HER?! I am floored at the fact that she is being told all this crap, and she STILL RUNS AND TALK TO DERRICK….and wants to work with him….and believes him. She really is a fruit loop dingus. She needs to go. She is honestly to freaking stupid to continue in this game.

Rant over.


Interesting if Zach makes it to the end he could possibly win even over Derrick. People say it’s Big Brother so you can lie and all the rest. And you can but it’s also a social game and if someone feels like you went too far and get offended than they may or may not vote for you. So it’s really a thin line . With the exception of Kristine, with Zach it seems like even when he’s being a polorizing they “get him”. Where as Derrick is playing a different type of game where these women really emotionally trust him almost as if he has intergrity that he actually doesn’t have. He’s been all over the house acting like he has whoever he’s talking to best interest in mind. So the offense level of finding out he’s being playing them could work against him if he makes it to the end with someone like Zach.Anyway, it will be interesting to see what sticks with Victoria with Derek and whether on not he can keep her manipulated. She seems to be self-conscience about how she is perceived so she’s hopefully she’s processing how stupid she looks and at least if she goes out she’s aware. But my hopes aren’t up on that he seems to know what to say to those women to put out fires.


Forgot to mention, I am so happy Zach won the POV, I feel bad for Donny, wish they both were not on the block, maybe then Zack and Donny would have been able to work together, I think they would make a good team. I really do not like Derrick and Cody, I want them out just as much of our want Frankie out !



Desi's mom

One thing Frankie said on BBAD tonight was something like “I. really need to be in first or second place because that way someone else has a chance for America’s choice because I can’t win both ” (something like that ) I would like to slap him,but he knows Mick jagger and will take me to meet him. LOL. LOL. LOL


I can’t stop laughing. Frankie is so pathetic!


Zach is such a good actor, I seriously thought him and Frankie made up lol


this is why I think he has an underrated game

sure he freaked out and has fallen apart at times, but if he had even a decent ally who told him some truth…but he doesn’t. if he had multiple people…he has been alone all summer and didn’t even know it. I feel like with a certain set of people, he wins BB.

Frankie Is No Solange

Do you think Frankie is at least fooling himself when he claims that he doesn’t want to piggyback off of his sister’s fame? He actually introduced himself as “Ariana Grande’s brother” in his intro clip. He might have even squealed a little bit after he said it and pretended it was someone else in the room awed by his presence.

His problem is that he never has and never will appeal to her fan base. What use would a bunch of “teenyboppers” have for a wiry, middle aged (anyone over 20 is crazy old to a teenager), pink haired, wannabe Broadway singer? Exactly none. It’s not like Frankie is Cody. I’m sure the few Ariana Grande fans that tune into BB find the hammock about as interesting as they find Frankie.

Nick Carter couldn’t make Aaron happen. Hilary Duff couldn’t make Haley happen. Britney Spears couldn’t make Jamie Lynn happen. BEYONCE couldn’t make Solange happen for goodness sake. So BB production can stop trying to make Frankie happen. He is NEVER going to happen!


Frankie is a has-been who never was.


I really hope Nicole and Christine don’t make the final four they just get on my nerves so much! Nicole tries and act all sweet and innocent and Christine over there flirting with Cody while she has someone back home I hope derrick wins or Frankie they are both great competitors everyone plays dirty that how.this game work and they fail to realize it


Frankie is a good competitor, he makes my skin crawl. I hated Andy last year and thought is was a travesty that he won, but if Frankie ends up winning this year I will be done with BB forever. They should just make a Big brother for the sparkling queens and then a Big brother for the rest of us. I have no issue with gay people, and I know gay men and they do not act like him or Andy or for that matter Gary Glitter from BB Canada. They are not entertaining to watch. I thought the first 2 weeks, that Frankie was alright and I enjoyed him, but that quickly changed to loothing him. Since he told the truth the other night, its only worse. OOOO look at me I have a famous sister that only 5 year olds know who she is. Get rid of the snake.


Noooo Nicole if you don’t trust Cody, why you tell him what Victoria told you about Zach ans derrick! I dont get it, Donny tells her to watch for derrick and yet she seems to want to protect him or something. I seriously think derrick has Nicole under some magic spell or something


This conspiracy might even go deeper. I just read somewhere that the production company associated with CBS actually holds Ariana Grande’s recording contract. Does anybody know if there is any truth to that? If so, this season is even more jacked up than I thought.


Funny how Hayden out of the house and Nicole starts cuddling with someone else she is the stupiest player on big brother I hope she or Christine do not win I rather see Frankie or derrick win so what Frankie come out and told the truth they were going to.find out eventually he playing a good game person who hasn’t played the game dirty they all are derrick has a shot and honestly he should win because of his daughter Frankie has helped in Africa before and he would donate that money to help at least he doesn’t live off his sister money like half of these celebrities do


Is it possible for ZACH to use the veto on Donny and be safe anyways? For some reason I thought there was a chance. But I’m guessing it’s only if your not on the block and save someone then your safe…. Dumb


I don’t find that dumb at all, that is an epic idea!
Actually, I think you just came up with an even better twist,
than the supposed BOB and TA crappy, none whatsoever, twists!!!
Good on you 🙂

new to BB 14

Donnys is going to jury Thursday

Ratine is putting up Victoria

Votes will be

Calib aka Pussy mode cowboy= Donny

Frankie aka mooch off my sisters fame =Donny

Cody aka I sit to pee cause I have no penis and follow derrick=Donny

Derick aka I’m a little napolian control freak=Donny

Victoria=they tols me to vote Donny



Ratine= have my divorce papers arrived yet

Donny in the jury house to jocasta and hayden thank you Lord for sending me to normal people

Julie Chen =I broke up Les Moonves marriage by getting pregnant and now I have ‘the talk” and “big brother” if he ever leaves me I am set for life I am such a gold digger


victoria crying to frankie about her family struggling financially. frankies response? i feel you but i’m just so happy i get to play this game like a star now. wtf, he is horrible.

What happened....

What happened to all of Victoria’s money? I thought she came in the house with the story that she is wealthy and has staff to cook and clean for her? Now she “needs” the money? When did her story change?


It seems to me that stories change when it’s ‘convenient’.

No Religion here...

Notice how no one is all chruchy and reading the bible since Jocasta left.


Was Jocasta a REAL minister?


WTF. Why would you go and tell everything when the Cody/Derrick alliance was figured out. These people can’t keep their mouths shut.


Hayden has to come back in the house to take down Cody and Derrick because it’s no way Donny would do it. I need a boss in there and Hayden is the man. I like Donny but he is too scared to make moves, he does not have it in him. Donny is the person that knows what is going on but will hint to others to do it. Donny will just sit there like he is doing now. Hayden will be on a mission. When I read Hayden’s exit interview he has now realized who was behind the double eviction and he wants to come full force at Derrick and Cody. Love you Donny but right now you are not the right one for this mission. Sorry, but to come back in the house and do damage my vote goes to Hayden and my vote goes to Donny for Fan Fav. Leeeetttt’s Goooooo!


IDK about the down votes, but I see it like it its. Donny had 50+ weeks to do some damage in the house even when he was HOH he still did not do a thing knowing who was the head of the snake. He is still not doing anything, so what makes you think he has to come back in the house to do something? He is already in the house and he can’t and wont do anything. if he was going to do something he would have already done it. He is already in the house and he can’t and will not do anything to shake the house but give hints to others to see if they will do anything. Let Donny go relax in the Jury House for awhile and maybe he can tell them really what’s going on but for the house to be shook Hayden & Zach needs to team up. #IJS


Preach Girlbye, preach:)!!


I’m not sure Hayden can ride back in and be the hero either. He never made any solid alliances either. Hayden seemed happy to sit back, chill and flirt with Nicole. I said last week that they waited too long to start playing the game


Zach is looking like a grounded teenager on the feeds right now as Frankie and Derrick are talking to him.

Out of the loop

Everyone here keeps talking about Derriick’s real career? Is he not a cop or did I miss something?

Caleb's teeny-weeny

Nicole shut up already you tell everybody everything I really like you but now I just want you to shut up. If you think you’re doing your game good by telling everybody everything and you know they’re telling everybody what you say you were just being really dumb. Wise up before you’re out the door.


I hope, wish, and pray she talk herself right out the door because she is helping them send her to jury. If I was production I would not send her to the jury house. I would send Dingus straight home because she does not have common sense to give a vote. Dingus lied when she said she was a Superfan!! One minute she crying about how they did her an Hayden and then in the same breath she goes and tell them EVERTYTHING!! Dingus has to go, I’m sick of looking at her!!


Absolutely. People just give way too much information way to easily this season. Information is gold–their currency– in the house. Nicole is giving away this Victoria information like it’s m&m’s. She could have really used that info if she kept it to herself for a while.


When hgs are evicted and sent to jury, do they not take with them a recording of all house activity, 24/7, for the week prior to eviction? If so, who ever returns to the house will at least have full knowledge of all the lies, alliances and backstabbing. That might make it easier to convince the remaining non-believers of the underhanded work by DePrick, Cootie and Skankie.

BB16 sucks

I think I can stomach even Frankie, but the fugly dirty cop is IMPOSSIBLE to listen to without a bucket in front of me… #DerrickHateTeam


Oh my please get Derrick out that damn Nicole is so stupid apologizing to Derrick because she didn’t keep him in the loop about Zack telling Victoria about Caleb,Cody Christine Zack and his alliance i would have told Derrick where he could go straigth to hell he think his shit don’t stink and had the nerve to tell Zach you taking food out of my daugthers mouth hell you took it out of Devin,Brittany on so if the shoe fit wear it. Derrick is trying to put doubt in Nicole mind about Zach which it’s not hard to do since she so gullible Victoria you are a hot mess and Derrick tells Zack to help get him to the end stop running his mouth with the outsiders .Nicole Donny told you about Derrick but you didn’t listen a hard head makes a soft ass I was always told .Derrick told Zack he wanted to talk to him along and who sit his right in the mix Frankie so Zack said you was my closest in the house and you tried to get me out you told Nicole to put up Derrick Cody and Caleb you should have seen his ugly ass face


You know anonymous, I wish you and your lack of grammar skills would get evicted from this site. It’s called a period and it’s to the right of the space bar.


This is my right to write how I want to if you don’t like it that’s your problem stop reading my post period.


Nicole – I trust Zach more than all these people in here and I think he hates me again but I still like him

so please…STOP telling cody what you talk to Zach about. it leads cody to go paranoid and piss himself and then Zach is on the block again because they don’t want to be found out by the rest of the house

the rest of the house being Victoria, who just found out. haha derrick

I knew Zach ATTACK would come through. sees through Frankie’s BS, and is trying to rally the other side of the house against the other guys with his “I am honest” gameplay. I like it, it MIGHT work. it did for DR will to an extent.


who is using my SN?

Beast Mode Reaper Robe

I think taylor is but I could be wrong.


No offence to either Taylor,
but Beast Mode Reaper,,,,
I seriously can’t stop laughing 🙂




I swear if Zach had a couple competent people….but no, he has Nicole who goes and tells cody everything. wtf is wrong with you. she really is a dingus

the good news is

cody and derrick can’t win comps so if Donny and Zach can make it long enough, and somehow rally th e morons who keep telling derrick and cody everything, and Christine…smh….then they can ‘t beat Zach and Donny in competitions late in the game.

problem remains, people screw Zach over even when they like him to tell what he said to Cody or Christine. that always goes to derrick then to Frankie because of that team America that basically gave Frankie an alliance with derrick. pisses me off.

this is the most rigged season ever. Frankie knows that America likes Zach and him together. how? wtf is this bs.