Caleb says I want to wear something nice just in case I run into Kim Kardashian.

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 09-36-41-730

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9am – 9:55am Up in the HOH room – Caleb, Frankie and Christine are getting ready for their NFL reward trip outside of the big brother house. Caleb is asking Christine what shirts to wear. Caleb says I asked Donny if I should wear the overalls with one strap down… Christine and Frankie both yell no! Caleb says but I could be like its beast mode cowboy! Caleb says yeah would wear those around the house but I would want to wear something somewhat nice just in case I run into Kim Kardashian. Caleb asks what goes good with red shorts. Frankie suggests a few things but then when Frankie finishes his shower he comes out and tells Caleb he loves what he’s wearing right now. Caleb heads down stairs and comments to Donny about how production told them to wear tennis shoes for the NFL trip. In the bathroom – Frankie says I wish we could ask them if we could take game. Caleb says of course we can. Christine comes in and says its going to be awesome!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 09-51-46-825

9:56am – 10:05am Frankie says I can’t believe you guys were up until 6am! I knew this was going to be today. Frankie asks what happened after he went to bed, any game talk. Caleb says no it was just Frankie says I am glad I talked to Victoria before I went to bed. Frankie tells them they have 4 minutes until they are leaving. Caleb puts the bandanna on his head and tells Christine I was thinking of doing this. Christine says yeah. Caleb looks in the mirror and says wow! What Up!? Big Brother says Frankie, Christine, Caleb please go to the diary room! Caleb shows Frankie his look and asks how do you like it?! Frankie says I love it. Big Brother calls them again to the diary room. Frankkie says the NFL waits for no man! Frankie, Christine and Caleb head into the diary room to leave the house for the day.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 10-00-34-056

10:40am – 11:30am Donny works out on the elliptical and then sits on the backyard couch in silence. All the other house guests are sleeping. Donny then goes to work out with the weights. Donny looks at the camera and asks if its an internet feed? Maybe? He then tells his family / girlfriend he loves them. Donny does his laundry and sits on the backyard couch.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 10-48-05-080

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12:15pm – 1:05pm Looks like even Donny was bored went back to sleep.. Donny wakes up and heads outside to put his feet in the hot tub.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 12-10-15-449

1:40pm Victoria wakes up and Donny says good morning to her. Victoria says good morning.

2pm – 2:20pm In the bathroom – Victoria says to Nicole that last night was intense! Nicole asks how do you feel. Victoria says good I guess. I guess its good that was the only thing in 8 weeks. I don’t even know what to do any more. I’ll just not talk until after Monday because theres a possibility of going up. Nicole says I hope you understand why I told you right? Victoria says yeah. Nicole says I don’t know why he would do something like that. I am just sick of him getting away with things. I’m sick of it! Victoria says I can’t even look at him in the face. Nicole says I am actually glad that Caleb told you about that. Victoria says I just shut my mouth about the biggest liar in this house and he is going to question my trust?! That should just put things into perspective. Nicole asks when Caleb, Frankkie, Christine got woken up. Victoria says 9am maybe. Nicole says that’s early. Victoria leaves and comes back and says so much stuff happened last night and for no reason… for one lie! Nicole says I’m sick of my name being used. I am glad Derrick confronted them as opposed to just believing the lies and that Zach admitted to it. Victoria says that Derrick doesn’t understand where I’m coming from. She says the fact that I hurt Derrick, hurt me so much more.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 14-28-18-507

2:35pm – 2:40pm Up in the HOH room – Nicole says to herself that Caleb doesn’t deserve Hayden’s tank top. Nicole heads down stairs. In the kitchen Victoria comments that we’re in a house with scum bags and liars. Today Frankie is going to fill Christines head with a bunch of crap. Victoria says Zach is a piece of sh*t! Nicole says I like Zach more than Frankie. Victoria asks do you understand what Zach just did. He did exactly like what Frankie did. Nicole says yeah but at least Zach admitted to it. Donny joins them and then heads outside. Victoria says Donny talks so much in the morning. Oh my god. Nicole says he’s so bored. I think Hayden used to talk to him and now he doesn’t have that. Nicole joins Donny outside. Nicole asks but you and I are good aren’t we? You’re not mad at me are you? Victoria says no!

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2:45pm – 2:50pm Out in the backyard couches – Nicole talks to Donny about what happened last night. Zach told Victoria everything that he has done from day 1 – day 52. He told her stuff about her and Derrick which upset her. When he realized he upset her he told her she better not tell Derrick. Then he went to Derrick and told him that it was me that told Victoria a bunch of things. Thank god after Derrick got to the bottom of it and then called Zach out in the HOH in front of everyone. Zach then admitted to it all. At least Zach admitted to the truth. Zach and Frankie then got into a fight with each other about the things they’ve done to each other. Frankie then told something to Victoria that upset her. Victoria comes out and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-10 14-48-18-463

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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there are no preseason games today so I wonder what kind of NFL reward it is

Irked by the stupidity!

GB and the Titans are playing as I write…don’t know who else is.


that game was yesterday and they would have been playing in tennesse or greenbay which and I highly doubt BB would fly those 3 to either of those places


I am thinking maybe a training camp event is going on


There are four training camps in California. The Cowboys are the closest in Oxnard. On another site they said it involves the 49’rs, if that’s the case they are on a limo ride to Napa. My guess is they are going to Oxnard since this is the last year Dallas will have their camp here and it could be part of that publicity show.


Nicole is going out of her way to believe Derrick. These girls are way to naive for this game.


I think Nicole is just scared because Hayden is gone and she is not sure WHO to trust. Even if she does try to work with Donny, he can’t protect her unless it comes down to a veto comp. Victoria is too dependent on Derrick, so she really cant trust her either. She needs to try to survive and pray Hayden gets back into the house. If by some miracle Donny survives this week then those 3 need to form an alliance with Zach.

The Truth

It’s painful to watch. Information is being dropped into their laps and instead of devouring this juicy piece of info they’re swatting it away like crumbs. Even if production told Nicole and Victoria that Derrick was untrustworthy they’d still believe his lies. He’s the Jim Jones of Big Brother and everyone is drinking the kool-aid.
Except Donny.


The 49ers have a brand new state of the art stadium. Levi Stadium, I believe. I bet they are going there.


Perhaps one of those 300 pound linebackers could just fall on Frankie and Christine “accidentally” and take them out of the game for the rest of the season!!!!

Tackling Dummy

I am all for Frankie being used as a tackling dummy. TBH a crash test dummy would be perfect.


You just KNOW Caleb is going to come back in that house comparing his body to all the players. Unfortunately for him his ego is going to get bruised since he’s actually kind of little despite being muscular.

Allen Wrench

Caleb is about the size of Wes Welker and Steve Smith..


This could be the real reason Frankie told the truth about his sister, because he was going outside the house and maybe people may recognize him. Because the excuse he gave the other night had nothing to do with why he lied, it only had to do with his 1.5 million followers and his sister. he had to tell them before someone at the game saw him and Christine and Caleb heard it. It if wasn’t for that I don’t think he ever would have told. I mean what would his reason be? He was already safe for the week, as far as he knew the only people that wanted him out is Nicole, Hayden and Zach. He still had the numbers on his side, because he still don’t know Derrick and Caleb wanted to backdoor him, He knew Caleb wasn’t going to vote him out before the final 6, so what was his “REAL” reason for telling the house when he was safe? That’s the question the houseguest should be asking about Frankie.

Detroit Girl

Maybe it’s a scrimmage, like the Jets Green & White Game. That was still fun seeing the veteran and rookie players.

Punish Them!!

Make them do a full practice work out. Hilarious!!

if you want to see change

Posting this excellent letter once again, but if you want to see change send it to all of the CBS Sponsors of Big Brother and that will get results faster than sending it to that idiot Moonves: See who advertises on each night on the Prime time show and just send it to their contact information address. When the advertisers go away, then and only then will Moonves do something about the disgusting production manipulation!

Mr. Leslie Moonves, CEO
CBS Headquarters
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, New York 10019

Dear Sir:
I would like to congratulate you on producing many hours of enjoyable entertainment for me and my family. I, like many other viewers, choose to support this programming by purchasing products advertised on my favorite programs and continuing to maintain my CBS stock.
However, I find myself unable to continue this type of support for your program, Big Brother. I used to enjoy watching it, but it has become increasingly apparent that your production team has manipulated this season to ensure a specific outcome. While it is understood that the program is an “entertainment” show, this season has left your viewers with the feeling of being manipulated themselves. I can guarantee you that this is neither good for the companies advertised products nor for your/their stock trades. As you know, the ratings for this show have been decreasing year after year. May I suggest that the formula be adjusted? Perhaps a different producer or casting director would be appropriate.
As for now, I will be sure to watch for the products currently advertised on Big Brother and NOT purchase any of them. For now, I will maintain my ownership of CBS stock and will wait to see the outcome of this season. I intend to encourage my friends, family & fellow bloggers to do the same.
I further intend to distribute this letter to the manufacturers of products advertised on this show.
It is my sincere hope that you may be able to effect the changes to this production that will return it to its original intent…enjoyable, unbiased entertainment for its viewers.

Sincerely Yours,

How Petty.

I have a solution to your problem, don’t watch.
This season is far more fun and entertaining than the last.
The only person that will be affected by you not watching, is you.
I’ll sure be watching.


Do you really think Les Moonves cares about your dinky little letter?


Maybe not just a couple of letters but remember when Jericho fans flooded CBS with letters, calls and peanuts after cancelling the show after the first season. CBS did give in and do a second season to provide some what of a wrap-up to the story.


The biggest fix was when production handed Jeff coup d’etat.


I remember the coup d’état…season 11 was the best ever. Drama in the first or second week with Ronnie vs Russell. then the big fight with kevin vs Ronnie!


All “reality” TV shows are manipulated. Did you not know this? Why do you think the participants are required to sign legally binding contracts saying they won’t talk about production? It’s all in the fine print on these things, they are allowed to manipulate the shows as they see fit even if it affects the outcome of the ones where a prize is won. These shows are for entertainment purposes only.

reality vs game shows

I guess no one remembers the huge Game Show Scandal of the 50’s where producers were caught cheating? Big Brother is in reality a game show because it gives away prizes similar to the 50’s game shows. Reality television is like the house wives garbage which is still manipulated to an extent, but there is a huge difference between the 2. If you do not know the difference, google and clear as day fixing a game show is illegal.


I highly doubt it’s illegal for CBS to influence the outcome of the show. The 50s scandal was a very different animal. These days all of these legalities are covered in the contract fine print and show disclaimers. Also, someone said all of these reality shows are staged and manipulated. That may be true, but Amazing Race is likely one exception.

Reality Check

CBS and the advertisers don’t care about your idiotic letter! It is as a big of a joke as Caleb thinking he is going to run into Kim Kardashian. You were overwhelmingly thumbed down last time you posted it, so get a clue and move on. Stop watching the show, reading blogs, and talking to people about something that is clearly so disturbing to your emotional well being you have to send a letter to multiple parties and not purchase products because they were advertised on TV during a reality show. You are your own problem right now and the rest of us are asking you to self evict from our lives so we can go back to loving and hating our favorite summer show without your intrusion.

Whoo Hooo

Wow…underwear on too tight????????????????


Really, in “real” life who is big brother? What do they do? They manipulate things to suit their wishes. This is Reality TV. Watching Zack and Frankie fighting is way more entertaining than watching Calib talking about what he has done in his past lives.


Idiot. I would give you a more intelligent response, but you don’t deserve it. With every thing else going on in the world and some of the horrible things on T.V. you pick Big Brother as a “we aren’t going to take it anymore” letter to CBS. And you say, I won’t watch it anymore, so how are you going to not buy the products that are being advertised if you don’t see the commercials while the show is on? Get over yourself.


As someone who works in the advertising field I can tell you two things about your letter to dear Les:
1) if ratings remain relatively flat year over year, or within projected range, we’re not going to worry about an individual, or group of individuals, no longer watching a show. BB has been on TV for over a decade, of course there will be ratings declines ( just like Idol, Survivor, etc.).
2) However, if a company receives a significant number of complaint letters we (generally someone in PR or Corporate Relations) will review and see if there’s anything to take note of. While, as a viewer, I’m definitely not happy with how the season is playing out but, as a professional, there’s no reason that I’d pull my company off from the program.

money talks

Kevin, the one thing that advertisers totally understand is profit, and if people stop purchasing their products they have, do and will stop advertising on shows. Granted, it takes a lot but it has happened and could happen if they see a decline in their profits margins.


As if there wasn’t enough evidence to convince us that Caleb is a complete idiot…he goes and reveals that he is a Justin Beiber AND Kim Kardashian fan. God help this kid.

Frankie not doing his sister any favors

Have you seen all of the I Hate Ariana Grande Facebook Pages on Facebook. Frankie is not helping his sister, but is instead hurting her apparently. Do not know who she is but apparently lots of people do not care for her. Remember the I hate Shelly Moore page from Jordan/Rachel’s year? I am surprised that a lot of I Hate Frankie and Derrick and Christine pages have not already turned up. BTW, anyone notice on the BB Facebook page that CBS took down where you could make comments because they were getting bombarded with negative and nasty comments about Frankie LOL!! Surely, they were not surprised or was CBS and BB so stupid that they thought people would love Frankie and Derrick. If that was the case it surely did backfire on them didn’t it HAHAHA!


Oh you mean the homophobes who came out in droves? What a shame they were shunned off the CBS site.. Did it break your heart?


I was thinking the same thing!


Trips like these usually is not fair.

In countries like Brasil Big Brother is the most popular show, like American Idol in the USA>
And they had people living the house a few times for things like this. One time they got a chance to visit the TV channel studio, and they ran into one actor and he told for one the guys to be careful with one houseguest.

Of course only 7 million of people watch Big Brother in the USA.. But still… they could just pass by somebody, and that person watch the show, and he/she could just say something out loud.

Trust after this trip. Christine will back being BFF with Frankie.


I was thinking they were going to the Teen Choice awards, and they aren’t being told that. If opeople are sayiing there is not likely to be football, the teen choice is airing right before BB tonight, and preempting it.

omg, nicole and victoria can’t be that stupid to see Derrick’s big reveal as showing how upstanding he is. When there is Vic and Nicole talking about someone who is the biggest liar, I couldn’t believe they were referring to ZACH. unbelievable.

Donny is the only one who could reveal what Derrick has been doing, and I just don’t see him doing that. He may talk about it in jury house, by that time I hope the whole TA thing is dismantled due to derrick (since frankide is not on board with getting donny out) mishandling this


Help!! Golf is running long…where can I watch online? Thanks in advance y’all.


Caleb wants to be famous so bad. He wants to be on the bachelor, on survivor, he wants to be a singer/actor/perfomer, etc. Just make a sex tape and profit off of that, Caleb. It worked for Kim!


I agree, he is so starstruck he is pathetic!

Caleb's Fame

Wait 6 months and he may be at the opening of a new local car wash, ribbon cutting for a new White Castle. Caleb, Hollywood is full of douches like yourself. They’re a dime a dozen. You have no value.


I would watch Caleb`s video tape for sure.
But he does not come from a rich family …and he is a nobody….nobody would care.


Did you hear him say something about getting on Frankie’s sisters album or something? I hate how the HouseGuest’s go along with his ego, they all need to grow a set and tell him he is a joke, not attractive, not the king of the castle (turd island) maybe…he thinks Nicole’s friend will want him, Frankie’s sister haha amber. There is not one attractive thing about him. Not his looks his body or personality. I’m sick of the cowards in the house, sick of watching Derrick talk with his hands. He is lame.


Just read the crappiest thing – TV Guide article states that Frankie told the houseguests the truth about his sister, ext – ONLY because he realized that evicted houseguests will be going to the jury. NOT that he knew he was going to be voted out of the house and only told people in an attempt to save his ass and stay in the house. He’s been spinning his story way before he entered the house – not that it should be a surprise – that he is THAT manipulative!

I Don't Like Derrick

If you watch Frankie’s BB interview with Rachel, he states that he attends to keep his sister a secret, and then tell the house after jury starts. LOL. So, he had been planning this all along. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with him revealing who his sister is, but it just shows that he is FULL OF SHITT!!!


So he thought that tidbit would buy him jury votes. Well haha that backfired for the pompous a-hole didn’t it. Can’t even believe he would think that would work.


We know that Frankie literally would have given his eyeteeth to be on BigBro and that he had
to have looked at how ELISSA was treated after the good folks on BB-15 lit into her when her
connection to Rachel was revealed. I don’t blame him for timing this, given that it slid by them.
I think he has made his own nest, he saw Andy “soft soap” the universe and copied him. I feel
its a two-edged decision call, if he goes into the Jury, he’s an insta-celeb but its his connection
to Derrick that is keeping him in the same. Like Any, Frankie is useful. Actually, he has ten times
the target on his back than he did a week ago, even if it spares him this week. His status is only
a notch above Victoria’s and he’d better win competitions solidly just to stay in the game. He has
to be a spy without a conscience or mercy to pull off what Andy did. Frankie is now too obvious.
Caleb still blames him for the way Amber was evicted, and for Frankie to explain the groupthink
rationale behind it to him, to shift off the blame, Frankie then goes under a microscope because of
his actions. Frankie is playing for the fame factor and the Hollywood studio system “perks” that
go along with the fame and notoriety. Frankie wants to be waited on hand + foot, he’s a rich kid.


typo —– Like ANDY, Frankie is useful. (not Any)


the Jury House is not being streamed 24/7 and if Frankie is inside it and casually talking
about his lil kid sis, it is not going to leap onto Twitter, FB or a fan-site like blue lightning.
fellow Jury members then would feel privileged as he drops his facades in an inclusive
manner. much is off-camera. if Caleb enters it, lets be pleased that Amber did not linger
on inside the game. i think Derrick was about to slate Frankie into it, but we must keep in
mind that Derrick wants the money and not a star status inside Hollywood, Broadway or
the Music Industry. This reveal is not what is keeping Frankie’s game current and active,
instead its the stealth mode sorta akin to Andy’s that had Derrick the control freak thrilled.
Its slowly sinking in that Donny is about to enter the Jury. Here i was hoping for Hayden
to return, but actually I want to root for Donny, now. If I am wrong, Nicole goes on Thursday.
Why was my typo given a negative vote? I had to do the typo becuz my paragraph needed it.


Try using English!


You mean it really wasn’t because he got all upset & flustered & unfocused over his grandfather’s death?

Moon dance



it’s very clear they are very close tho, not from what he says, but from what you can see online, even things that are recorded that are private family stuff.


Frankie said basically the same thing in a People Mag interview. He had planned before he ever entered the house to tell about his sister once the jury house began.

On another note, he was explaining last night to someone (I forget who) that it takes 15-25K to built a school and that he only plans on building 3 maybe 4. So he doesn’t plan on using ALL his winnings not even half for charity if he wins. That is a big misrepresentation to what is saying to national TV.

Power Of Veto Corleone

I think Frankie slit his own throat by coming out about his sister. Nobody will want to take him to the finals.


True but he is to self centered to realize it. He thinks his sister is the biggest Star in the World and that people give a rat’s a$$. Donny was the only one who had a reasonable reaction. He said “Well thats nice” lmao. I think Donny is realizing how dumb everyone is. He is so over it.


I couldn’t agree more! Donny knows who’s running the house (Derrick) and knows that these people are just too dumb to realize it. I feel so bad for Donny because he is probably the only trustworthy/loyal person in the house; yet everyone thinks he is a big liar and some Harvard professor. And vise versa everyone trust Derrick, and he is probably the biggest liar manipulator in the house.


nicole too. she’s been telling people the truth, but they run around sayingh she’s lying

Beast Mode Crackpot



There are no NFL games. GB vs TN played last night.
I hope since they had to wear tennis shoes it will be some sort of NFL challenge where they work them hard like a pre-season practice or something.
That would be awesome.


I have such a strong dislike for most of the HG except for Donny, Nicole & Zach. Derrick is not someone you can root for. His “Your taking food out of my daughter’s mouth” is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard. Christine has not made any power moves yet. She is just plain pathetic! Married woman constantly cuddling up & giggling with Cody. Cody is beyond annoying hiding behind Derrick’s shadows like a teenage gossip queen playing the “FLIRTING” game & talking the talk, never walking the walk.
Caleb is like a muscle douchey alpha male version of Courtney Love = Delusional and Insane. Victoria is the ultimate floater who is just being used & hitchhiking on the back of Derrick only cause he perceives her as a weakwith low self-esteem & easily manipulated.
Basically they are all sooooo frustrating ( zach & nicole included ) because they are basically signing over Derrick’s check to him and no one is taking him down a few pegs.
Only person that realzies & will do that is Donny who may be leaving Thursday.




Nicole, Zack and Donny have already said they would vote for Derrick in the finale, and they’re still in the house! When is Haydon coming back?


This season is turning out to be like Dan and Danielle (Derrick and Victoria). Why is everyone covering for Derrick? Donny has told Nicole and she seems to know that Derrick has lied to everyone and Frankie has not promised anyone anything yet Frankie is the one everyone hates and want out. It’s to the point you can’t blame the guys anymore, because Zach has told them, and they all know what’s going on, yet they only see to want to target Frankie. Believe me I wanted Frankie out this week too, but what is their game plan after getting Frankie out, what next. If they think about it, Frankie is not as big of a threat to them as Derrick. If they put Derrick on the block tomorrow, and tell Victoria the truth that Derrick was in an alliance and Zach is not a liar, then the votes will be three three and Christine can send Derrick home, but production won’t allow that to happen, because they want to send out weak people at this point, because someone will come back and it will be Hayden that win against Donny and Jocasta, and it won’t be until then the truth about Derrick come out, because Donny isn’t going to say anything. And I hope DR tell Frankie and Derrick the only way they get to continue TA missions is if all three stay in the game and then watch Derrick scramble if Victoria is on the block. And Cody is equally dumb that he hasn’t realized Derrick will take Victoria to the final over him, because he knows with Cody it’s a 50/50 chance he’ll win, but with Victoria he feel he can beat her. This season is filled with dummies, and wusses.


It wouldn’t matter. Victoria wouldn’t vote out Derrick even if he destroyed all of her make-up. She is beyond pathetic. Last night, after all big reveal about Derrick, Victoria later asked Derrick if she could do his laundry. These women are so subservient I feel like I am in a time warp! I’m talking 18th Century time warp!


That’s the wildcard. Is she still VapidVic or did Zach and Nic break through and she’s just pretending. Nic told her to just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let him think anything is different. If Nic can get Ratine to nom Derprick and she moves from VapidVic to VictoriousVic then there would be a tie and Ratine votes out Derprick and the numbers in the house changes.


Those are some pretty big IFs for Victoria to fill… I’d love it to work out that way, but all Victoria has “done” all season leaves me with serious doubts…

DerrickNeedsToGo - NOW!

In a perfect world that would be great, but I don’t see it happening. Dream on…

I must be missing

Isn’t the point to minipulate to win? Why in the world is everyone upset that these people lie. I think some of you need this to be more scripted than it is. Having favorites cool, but attacking each other over game moves. Should they have gone into the house and been honest and nice there would be nothing to see here people.


Exactly. No one would watch if it was just a bunch of Donnys playing the game. It’s all about manipulation, backstabbing, and lying. It’s a game. It’s funny how some of these posters think they know these people and believe them to be terrible people outside the game. The biggest scammers could be the people trying to play the game with integrity. You just never know. I want whoever has played the best game to win, and I don’t care what it took as long as it makes for good tv!!!!


Poor Caleb. So desperate to fit in anywhere. He is going to be one very disappointed BMC when he discovers that people are not lining up to worship at the SHRINE OF THE TRULY DELUSIONAL.


Even his mother’s letter telling him not to brag and be humble couldn’t break through that thick head of his.


So Zach’s & Derricks moms are getting into it on twitter:

Z’s Mom: ‘Good game move – convince Christine to put up Derrick – house votes to evict him’
D’s Mom: ‘disappointed to hear that, after my son worked so hard to save your son twice now’
D’s Mom: ‘oh yes I am sorry, Zach is so honest, I forgot, I do apologize. ….’
D’s Mom: ‘yeah disappointing, not surprising, just disappointing, oh well….I see that the Zach Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’

Listen to your Mom Zach – she’s right!!.

And it looks like it’s the Derrick Apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree to me – obnoxious & entitled. I don’t see Derrick as the one who “saved” Zach either time – 1st it was Cody who didn’t want Zach to go & had to talk Derrick into it & 2nd was Caleb pointing out numbers. Not to mention he’s been actively wanting to get rid of Zach for a while.

I find it hilarious that we are now at the point where even HG MOMs are in tweet wars!


Just proves that even Derrick’s mother knows what a dirty scumbag Derrick is. I guess next we will hear Scumbag Frankie’s mom try and defend him, or perhaps she already knows what a lying piece of shi* her son is and knows that there is nothing good or decent to say about him.


Sorry but just one more comment: Guess even Frankie’s mother knows that to use your Grandfather’s death as a ploy to stay on the show and get fans is pretty sick and demented even for Frankie. Lord, he makes me sick!


Seriously? That pi$$es me off. What game has Derrick’s mom been watching? Her son is the biggest reason Zach has had difficulty in this game. He set up the divide in the detonators, he wanted Zach out twice now, and both times changed his mind at the last second. He stoked the fire and caused further paranoia and dissent between Zach and Frankie. Delusional, entitled, grating. Runs in their family apparently.


Not to say she shouldn’t want her son to win, but leave Zach’s family alone and mind your own business, you know?


I agree with u Nick I don’t think Frankie would have voted out Zack if Derrick was not in his ear my hope is that all Derrick is doing now will backfire caus ehe is a snake and I like the friendship of Zack and Frankie I hope after the game is over they will work it out after Zack calms down


So Zach’s mom talks game moves (which she is right about) while Derrick’s mom throws personal insults, Very classy!

At the end of the day...

I could be wrong, but I’m betting that Zach is a really good person deep down and was raised right. For example, I bet if it came down to it Zach would give a person in need money before someone like Derrick would.


Just proves that apparently Derrick’s entire family is pretty classless, and Zach’s family has class. Class is something that cannot be bought or taught and it is evident that Derrick and Frankie’s families are totally without class or even decent human beings. I do think Zach was raised very well and it is evident that he loves his family, whereas, Derrick and Frankie, who lost their grandfather’s on the show, were not even raised with enough decency and class to go home to attend the funeral or be with their families. Even delusional Caleb had enough class to say if one of his family members passed away he was out of there. I assume trash bequeaths trash as in the example of Derrick and Frankie.


Not a twitter person so where/what do I search for to see this?


she acts like derrick saved Zach’s life twice and he is ungrateful. its a game. my goodness.

and derrick has hurt Zach’s game all summer. TA MURDERED Zach’s game, and Derrick has talked about beating up Zach in an alley and how he throws them under the bus since week 2.


Pretty sure a cop making comments about beating someone is not a good look for the police department that employs him. I do hope he is watched closely when and if he returns to work! Sickening!


Probably going to San Diego Chargers training camp site


DAMN GET DERRICK OUT! If it is victoria or cody for f3,It’s a shoe in for Derrick(or anyone else)

Teri B

Totally agree. Derrick is a dangerous player. He’s clearly studied Dan’s maneuvering with “misting” and he gets into everyone’s head. He will win if they aren’t careful…and we know they aren’t. Write him the check already and let’s move on. The carnage is getting worse with Derrick and his numbers shooting fish in a barrel every single week. UGH


he thinks like an old fashioned cop.
he knows how to lie. if they ever
do a remake of the movie FUZZ, he
could easily pull off a supporting role.
he is a BS artist, and if Zach is ADHD
this explains how Derrick pegged him.
Only Donny has the nerve to directly
confront him and call him on things but
he needs Frankie or Christine to spill
their guts. Derrick may end up in the
Top Four, if he enters the Jury House,
he might end up returning. Donny and
Zach likewise would give Hayden a run
for the money. You need to take down
Derrick’s groundlings one by one to isolate
him, or pull off a lightning move unexpectedly.

Teri B

I LOVE this idea!!


If you listen to Derprick last night with VapidVic and in the house meeting. Just picture him in his uniform in an interrogation room and you’ll see how he truly is. He tells them to shut up. He tells them to answer the question (a leading question) yes or no. If they try to say anything he breaks in and demands YES or NO! He knows how to bully while portraying himself as reasonable. I would have little trouble believing in real life he’s not a cop you should trust.


Must be heading to the San Diego Chargers, the only team thats close.


I’m just picturing Beast-Mode Caleb, Pink Flamingo Frankie, and geeky Christine all climbing off the short bus upon arrival at this little NFL field trip destination. What a sight…


Why does Caleb wear his overalls with only one strap on? Is it a style thing? He’s a good looking dude, but the first time I saw them I couldn’t stop laughing and the one strap was just the icing on the cake. XD

Detroit Girl

It was a style thing…in the 90s!


It’s say it’s more from the time of Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s Come on Eileen era.


It’s was the style and also the quickest way to get to the bathroom to take one


It seems to be coming back in style in California

Douchebag Starter Kit

Caleb and the one strap was clearly defined in the “How to be a Successful Douchebag” manual included in the Starter Kit, It’s a thirteen step/12 month program and he is embracing it it to it’s fullest. He will be a maximum douchebag by Xmas.

Power Of Veto Corleone

Are you kidding me? Caleb wrote the Douchebag book.


Caleb can write?

The only book Caleb is interested in is the one where he keeps the lock of Amber’s hair…


CrazedCaleb said he never read a book so how could he write one.


Did you forget that Caleb doesn’t read books.- he already knows it all.


I thought those overall were given to Donny in his HOH basket….did he give them to Caleb or did Caleb just take them over?

Bunny Slippers...

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but on DE night,
Caleb was wearing Haydens tank top.
After Hayden got voted out he should have said:
“give me back my shirt now bitch!”
Look at the orange hat Donny was given, two minutes later everyone in the house was wearing it.
I felt bad for him, although it was an ugly a$$ hat !!
They all wear each others sh*t, and it is so disgusting…


Simon or Dawg do you think they will save the Frankie reveal for Wednesday’s episode or do you think it will happen tonight since there was a lot of activity involving Frankie and the BoB and involving Zach following the POV comp


I really don’t want to watch it, but I would be kind of interested to see how they edit it so Frankie doesn’t come out looking like an arrogant delusional fame-whore twat. I think it’s going to be hard to do.

Teri B

I agree…that would indeed have to be some VERY creative editing. But you know they will….remember last year, Amanda was portrayed not nearly as evil and hateful as she really was. It can be done….but it might be tough. So I agree…very interesting!


It’ll be Wednesdays because they always end the episode immediately after the BOB… They’ll probably do some teaser thing & then end it.

Time To Compare Notes

It’s a shame Derrick wasn’t on this trip instead of Caleb, then they could compare notes, while the snakes are gone…


Well the good news is the house should be less annoying today with those three gone.


If they were smart, they would be scheming with them out of the house, but as we know, out are just playing the game to help Derrick win the game.


The only scheming that will help is to have Ratine put up Derprick. Since she’s not there and they were up until 6am time to rest before it all starts again.


the NFL Network is in LA, maybe they going to visit the set. Warren Sapp is going to chase Frankie round the studio. or even better the real beast mode Marshawn Lynch will be there.

go Raiders!

silver and black

The Raiders don’t want anything to do with this nonsense. Send them to San Francisco!


LOL…Frankie would piss himself if Warren Sapp came near him. That’s one big dude. I think there going to Oxnard. That’s only an hour or so depending on traffic, Napa they would have to fly them up and back because it’s at least 4-5 hrs by car from Burbank, Maybe the Cowboys and the Niners are having a scrimmage.


Does Donny still have a chance here. If Zach wants out why doesn’t he take Donny off the block. Just hoping.


I don’t think there is any chance of Donny staying (bums me out). However goes in Zach’s place is safe because the house will all vote to get Donny out. Frankie, Christine and Caleb are safe from the block. Chances are it will be Victoria as the replacement. I’m assuming Team America is defunct at this point and they will not try to get someone to agree to go up as a pawn and get them voted out. Derrick and Frankie have been gunning to get Donny out of the house for weeks and TA kept him safe for a little it. Those two vultures are not going to pass up this opportunity to get out the person who could possible beat them in the final 2.

Helen Says

Maybe Derrick and Frankie will decide it isn’t time yet to breakup TA.

Teri B

Agree…..boy I’m agreeable today. LOL Donny seems to be their only big threat left in the house so yes, he will be next. HATE IT.


But Derrick is TA. He would NEVER decline a mission for personal gain like he blasted Donny for. I’m sure he will convince Victoria to go on the block then get her voted out so the mission will be a success.


You’re being sarcastic, right? The only reason Derrick blasted Donny for that TA mission is because he though a) America actually cares and b) to put Donny in a bad light for the time he has a chance to take out Donny. “See, America, I did it for you.”

I don’t mind that Derrick lies to and manipulates the players in the game. But DO NOT try to lie and manipulate me, the viewer. That to me is the reason he is so unlikable to the viewers.


Do the math. All it would take is Ratine to put up Derprick and VapidVic to have the courage to vote him out. That’s a tie which Ratine breaks and Derprick goes to jury on a backdoor and it’s now Donny, Nic, Ratine, VictoriousVic and Zach against Fakie, Crazed Caleb and NoB@llsCody.

Stupid Reward

I hope they are sitting in a hot closet in the back of the studio with a tiny tv watching a re-run of a game last night with slop for a snack!!

Butters Mom

I hope they drive them 20 miles from the studio down a long country road and tell them to walk back to the bb house while they drive slowly in front of them, throwing things at them and filming it.


A lot of you need a hug


I don’t get it, why would they tell them to wear gym shoes? what’s the point? Is this part of the expect the unexpected?

I liked what Melissa said above, wouldn’t it be hilarious if the people they talked with told them how disgusting the public really think’s they are and how great they think Donny is. That would be an hurtful unexpected that they were not expecting.


I know i do. After watching this mess.
Dawg, Simon, do you know when BB Aus premieres?

Teri B

I wish I knew. Their FB page doesn’t say, but speculation is Late August until November! LOL Can’t wait!


I can’t wait for BBAUS. So much better than BBUS.


I copied this from another website where they also showed that the BB house is being re-constructed and have a way to go yet.
“There is a possibility that BBAU may wait to start after UK’s CBB & BBUS ends on 9/24. After the success & hype of the show last year by worldwide fans, they may hope to get an even larger following by waiting til there is no competition from BBUK or BBUS. Those fans will be going into BB withdrawals – perfect timing!”


I cant believe Frankie let Caleb leave the house looking like that. Those football players are going to laugh at all of them.


Why can you believe it, Frankie is got is own agenda of how to look Caleb could put on a Batman suit as long as Frankie’s looking good that’s all that matters. Mememe, that’s all what’s its about.

Caleb Kim Kardashian please get real


Don’t think Kanye would appreciate a stalker-fame whore salivating over his wife. Caleb v. Kanye. Now that’d be a whole lot of crazy going on.


Kim doesn’t typically go for white guys. I think Caleb is safe. Or, maybe Kim is safe, depending on how you look at it.


Caleb should have worn his jumpsuit and bunny slippers, you know – stayed in character


If they are going to be with people in public, what stops them from getting information they normally would not have access to if they stayed in the house? Will they be wearing earmuffs & or duct tape on their mouths? If I saw them in public, I would spill as much as I could!


I would love for them to come back and say that people kept holding up signs saying Frankie Sucks! And Vote Frankie Out! That would be hysterical.


from what im hearing Frankie really wants to keep Donny. All the conversations Frankie has had with derrick leads me to believe that production is pushing Frankie hard to keep donny. it seems to me that derrick is the one pushing hard for a Donny eviction. Frankie even told derrick that Zach was willing to vote for Donny to stay which he is. im still hoping that somehow Donny stays but if its against Victoria and its a tie, Christine will send Donny to jury house.


Maybe Frankie will plant some thoughts in Christine’s mind on their out of the house trip – but Victoria will need to agree to go on the block….


of course he is

production told him how popular Donny is, and that he needs to be the one to “save” Donny so they can edit it that way. much like they will edit Zach as crazy and not loyal to Frankie and how dare he question the word of Frankie

CBS has officially lost me as a viewer for good. I was OK with the Rachel rigging. at least that was entertaining. Ariana grande is so famous that I had never even heard the name on bravo or one of the other trashy reality TV channels I watch. heck, I occasionally read TMZ, and I still had no clue who she was. then I saw she is no longer going to be on a Disney show. really? so she has the fame level of Hilary duff?


Derrick I see your boogers


I hope they don’t convince Christine to put Nicole up!!!


God I hope Hayden gets back in the game. What is it going to take for someone to take Derrick and Cody down a peg? They aren’t all that smart or charming, why does everyone else in the house keep falling for their crap!?


What a representation of BB. A mental war veteran, the ugliest girl in town and Frankie which words can’t describe. I bet the players will have a field day after they leave making fun.


What do you mean? The ugliest girl in town, don’t you mean the world?


ROFL, I’m on the floor for this one!!! lol


I feel sorry for Donny. He has played this game completely on his own. That’s why I’d love to see him win, although I know that’s a very, very long shot. I just don’t get why someone doesn’t try to work with him. Why are they so intimidated to get him out so early when he has no one? They see how well he can do and what a good guy he is so why not work with him till the end and then try to take him down the road. I really don’t understand why they ostracize him. Is it age discrimination? Beard discrimination? Nice guy discrimination? I don’t get it. He’s trustworthy, smart and a good man. Oh, right. maybe that’s why.


When Donny told Nicole he went back to bed because Hayden wasn’t there the morning after Hauden’s eviction, I felt so bad for him. It is sad seeing Donny on his own. It was nice to see Zach and Nicole talking to Donny when the three were on the outs with the house, but now Donny is slated to go, he is more alone than ever. It sucks for Donny, but it’s better to be on his own than just like the other a$$holes. Like he said it will be better in the jury house.


He’s the one person that isn’t buying into Derrick – and Derrick knows it…. Production is perhaps the only entity that can save Donny this week.


All the above that you mention: we’re looking at a bunch of scum bags that have no integrity what so ever. I hope their parents are proud because I would be livid, embarrassed and humiliated. You see how some people go cra cra for the love of that root called money.

Murphy's Law

@Cassidy…These young idiots won’t engage with Donny on any game play because of his southern accent and poor grammar. They think he’s incapable of any intelligent strategy despite his winning skills in competitions. When they get evicted and whine about their eliminations, I hope ol’ Donny rubs his beard and says, ” I told ya so!”, and punctuates it with a grin & a wink!


If Zach really wanted out of the house they ccould tell him not to use the VETO! His strategy of revealing secrets would work if the people he was telling them to ie Vic/Nic used the info to get Derrick/Cody out! Sadly that isnt happening! Derrick is a bully and his way of talking AT people is annoying grow up HG and tell the man to stop talking to you that way it would not fly with me!! I have to say I am worried for Nicole since Caleb and Frankie want her out as well as scared of Nic Derrick!! Cal/Fra are with Christine all day and are going to work on her to replace Nicole on the block! Derrick is so after Nicole its not even funny! Its getting old that she is the only one he keeps talking about wanting to get out! Why?! Maybe because she has won 3 HOH and she isnt a lapdog like the others! Is there anything that Derrick cant talk himself out of?! Gosh it’s so annoying!! Derrick controlling everone and everything is really getting old to watch!! And Frankie was safe when he spilled about his sister there was NO need to spill that yet! He won BOB and was safe! And to tell everyone he is doing it all for charity is pathetic! These HG deserve to lose if they continue to be Der/Frankie sheep!!

John C

I sent an email to CBS/BB to have Ariana Grande perform “Problem” @ the finale. Ratings would sky rocket. Why not? I believe this would be a genius move by CBS. I cannot believe that every season sooooo many complainers on how the HG’s play their game. This is BB. It’s not who you are outside the house – it’s how you play the game.


What’s your point here? Us “complainers” are (mostly) commenting on how they play the game, Frankie was the one who chose to use who he is outside the game as a tactic so he’s opened that up for scrutiny & it’s fair game for us to judge him on that.


Cant wait to see the rigged bob competition. Every other bob competition i can think of off the top of my head besides dominoes you HAD to have your partners help to win. But caleb couldve have easily sabotaged the domino comp. Production production production smh…


Normally id feel fir a women having to meet a crazy dude like Caleb, but since it’s a Kardashian… Have at it Caleb, everyone else has..


What ILL WILL said. Too funny! “Have at it Caleb” Hahahahahaha.

Bunny Slippers...

“everyone else has!”
Comment of the day, Ill Will….


All you fine people that want Frankie out aren’t very smart.He’s the one who you should want in the chair next to you at the end. No one in the jury would give him the 500k.


I’m wishing that Frankie will convince Christine to put Derrick up after Zach uses the POV.

Frankie is Felicia

I don’t want Frankie in the final two because I want to see his reaction when he’s not voted America’s Favorite.


Someone needs to go up to Christine and tell her that Derrick/Cody/Frankie/Caleb are a tight 4 and that she needs to strike before they evict her. Donny has told Nicole that he doesn’t like Derrick at all and since Nicole and Christine are on better terms, Nicole should slip in that she’s unsure of Derrick sometime. If Christine nominates him, I don’t think it’d be that hard to get Nicole/Victoria/Zach to vote him out. They like Donny.


Ratine knows this. So now she has to chose a side. She knows Derprick and NoB@llsCody won’t take her to the end. And she knows Fakie and CrazedCaleb have just been using her. So she either makes he move now by putting up Derprick or pack your bags cause your leaving.


It won’t matter if she does put Derrick up. Save your hopes and keystrokes for something that may work. They don’t have the votes. No way. no how will Victoria vote out Derrick. After her conversation with Nicole this morning about Zach and his outing of Derrick to her this is what she had to say ” Derrick doesn’t understand where I’m coming from.
The fact that I hurt Derrick, hurt me so much more.” This woman is asking to be used as a door mat. Where did they find her? I know she’s Jewish but she sounds like a refugee from Sister Wives.

des's mom

One question, aren’t the overalls that Caleb wears the ones Donny received in his HOH basket ? ? PS. GO RAIDERS ! ! back to the game. The blame was put on Nicole last night about Vick being told about Der, but Nicole didn’t know any of that. One could only hope for a good change.


Yes they are. CrazedCaleb took them and won’t give them back. I think he keeps them next to Amber’s bunny slippers.


Ya know what would be priceless, If Caleb, Christine and Wanna be star Frankie get where their going and Frankie say’s, “you know who I am? I am Ariana Grandees brother, and everyone says, so your the one the internet chat rooms are calling the biggest delusional scum bag on BB16, and then say, you must be the idiot cowboy to Caleb, and you the other scum bag Christine. You all suck big time and Americas most hated reality stars!!! Knock them right down off the uppity asses.


Now that would be the best moment in bb16 so far!!!!, close up of their faces? I would pay to see that heppen


Winning the game, the prize is 500k the look on their faces would be PRICELESS!!!! and take that back to Sir Backstabbing Derrick


ugh. Zach had the right idea, but then the others go and tell derrick and cody everything.

its just so annoying that this constant game of telephone controlled by Derrick continues despite the HG’s KNOWING about it. wtf is wrong with Nicole.


Exactly! People on this show can’t STFU!


Do we have a few incognito Ariana fans on here? Every anti-Frankie post has a few thumbs down & I just can’t fathom how anyone could like or justify him at this point. Show yourselves & tell me what redeeming qualities Frankie has in this game please because the only one I can think of is he might be a number to help get rid of Derrick


My short TYPO correcting one up above where
i compare Andy and Frankie got two down votes…
We know that Andy was a gossip and Frankie is
loyal to Derrick. we also know that Andy horridly
lied to and betrayed poor Helen and that he was more
loyal to Amanda and McCrae. Derrick has yet to put
his loyal spy Frankie thru an equally ugly power play.
Andy had a ruthless but inane quality. Like even if he’s
total BS and lying 95% of the time, Frankie does not
have the same steely approach that Andy often had.
i saw two negative votes on a short corrective typo post!


if Christine has an ounce of determination and true grit, she’d put Derrick up…instead
i feel she is about to go spineless and put up Nicole or avoid a responsibility by putting
Victoria up. Derrick wants Nicole gone, he then getz to loyalty oath the groundlings if
Christine opts to be a total doormat. Donny most likely is going to the Jury on Thursday.
I was wrong about PowPow and also wrong about Hayden. I hope I am wrong about
Donny. Derrick has made his inroads on Christine’s psyche. Cody is her eye~candy…


mark my word, Frankie will end up working for CBS in some way. They like the fact of who his sister is and will use him and her to get ratings. He has already said he is going to win and his fans will determine who gets Americas votes. He said I won’t get them because I am going to win but Zack, my fans will determine the votes for Fan Favorite. It could be you. Bribery!

Mark My Word

Frankie will self combust at midnight!

so can we all agree

yep. survivor, amazing race. his choice

must be nice to be related to someone signed basically to CBS. I guess its like anything though, look at NFL N, you will see many people with jobs who have a brother in the NFL or a cousin etc. its who you know

I just don’t think Frankie is worth the time. they pimped Rachel because she was freaking entertaining and a bad ass. I mock girl power, but with Rachel I was all on board with it. you go girl. with Frankie I want to see him evicted everytime the BB song plays and he does that stupid dance at the end where they place him so he sticks in your mind over other HG’s. I see you CBS


I often feel like this whole season was an audition for Frankie – maybe it actually was. I would think at this point it would be considered a failed audition because his reputation as a nice guy is shattered. He’s not even a good villain to put on other shows like TAR/Survivor, he’s just a pathetic wannabe.


if they get a chance to talk to nfl players and coaches, I wonder if Caleb will mention that “the colts were interested in signing him” he’s gonna get back to the bb house and be like “so and so said they wanna give me a try out after the show”

just me

Okay, derrick is playing the game people, stop the hating, I want Donny to win, he is great, derrick knows this and Donny knows derrick is controlling them all, but those two should go head to head NO one else is playing the right game. Coat riders, all of them, get Frankie out he is ugly player. using what he can to get ahead yes derrick is playing for his family but he never lied about that. He is playing his hand and doing a good job. Victoria is clueless Nicole is useless cody is a baby, Zach is a loose cannon, caleb is jus there (blind in hisself) Chris is wasted player. We are not in there shoes and we all know that at times he have to say and do what helps us get to the end, so let it go. Call it like it is, those two are playing hard and smart. We are not in the house, and having to make those calls,


Zach just needs a partner

seriously. if he had frank or boogie, they RULE that house. he just hasn’t had a real loyal ally. all his “friends” had him do things and told him it was “great” and “Awesome” and “to put on a show” then when he did it they threw him under the bus and said they wanted him out. no one has been the person to go to Zach and say ” so and so said this”. anytime Zach tries to even talk game to people, it is repeated in less than 20 minutes.

I just don’t know how Zach could possibly play the game when he has no one. Cody was NEVER a true friend. Frankie has practically orchestrated his desmise on multiple occasions, Christine tells everyone everything and Derrick wants to get Zach in an alley so he and his mom can beat Zach and his mom up.

I wish Zach wasn’t part of this season, he would have run roughshod over last years group


No one ever said Derrick lied about taking care of his family it’s the other disgusting lies and deceitful things he has done. Derrick is probably jealous of Donny because he has been straight up from day one. Donny has not had to lie, cheat and play on peoples feelings like Derrick has. As I’ve said before do people draw a line when we have children? You tell your children not to lie, steal or cheat but it’s ok when 500k is involved (double standards) Good job for Sgt. Derrick, You know when you come on BB what you should or should not do to try and win – this is his decision to be a scum bag. Instead of saying the money is for his daughter – he should have said I will win this money with integrity so my daughter can see how money should not change A PERSON. Instead he chose the other route and that’s why people are disgusted with him.

Butters Mom

I for one cant stand Derricks way of playing the game BECAUSE I know he is a police officer. I think him not telling the house that about himself was smart because he has taken the low road with his game play. What concerns me about Derrick is his intimidation tactics and the way I feel he emotionally abuses Victoria while at the same time claiming he is standing up for her to others for poor treatment of her. He is an abuser in every sense of the word when it comes to Victoria and he needs to be held accountable for that inside and OUTSIDE of the house because of the responsibility he carries as a police officer. He should be holding himself to a higher moral standard in all regards of life even in the game when it comes to the treatment of others. How else can he be trusted in the job he has outside of the house. I do know I am watching a TV show where lying, cheating and scheming are what its about… but Derrick has skills he learned in his job that the others do not have, and he shouldnt have been put on this show with these people if he didnt know any better than to use them viciously… holding the plastic knife while talking sternly to an already broken Victoria, was the straw that broke the camels back for me. His mother is of coarse going to stand up for her son because that is what mothers do…. but she really should consider apologizing for his actions as well.


Yeah Derrick is definitely playing the game – a very scummy one IMO.


Once again, another crazy night and Derrick comes away squeaky clean. I’d love his game play if it didn’t affect Donny so negatively.


P.S. I really am getting tired of anyone over 30 always being on the outside of the numbers and not getting a chance to really play. Poor Donny.

Love BB

So disheartened….I think Donny will be going to Jury. Maybe not so bad. Hopefully he recharges there, gets back in & blows up Derricks game!

Man, I would love it if Donny won! At the least..Americas Favorite. Cause he is!

But I’m afraid all the teeny-boppers will jam the vote for “Frankie, Your 15 Minutes Are Over!”

Does anyone know the timing for the evicted houseguest to come back? When did they do it last time?


In the recent Season One of BB-CAN we saw Gary return from the Jury only to then
end up in second place after poor lil ole Topaz cast her vote and then realized she had
to vote FOR the victor and not AGAINST the winner. Gary ends up on a BB-Can fan show
and happily critiqued the game~play all thru BB-CAN’s Season 2 so anything is possible!!!


Oh yes who can ever forget Topaz?? LOL She is responsible for the most insane WTF moment in the entire BB franchise.. I remember watching the total mayhem that erupted on stage and in the audience when Topaz freaked out after she made that mistake of voting for Jillian instead of Gary in the tie vote.. She got up from her seat and confronted the host Arisa Cox on stage and had her meltdown!! Arisa left the stage and Dan Gheesling who was in the audience was trying to calm down Topaz. Then the announcement came that the review of Topaz voting would be aired and it showed that Topaz did indeed make a mistake and it would count. Meanwhile the audience was in shock and both Jillian/Gary sides were calling for the winner… I voted for Gary to return in BB Canada 1 and I actually think that BB U.S. 16 should do the same thing and have the audience vote for the player to return! I honestly could see Caleb making the same mistake as Topaz did and have a beast cowboy mode meltdown on stage in front of Julie Chen…. LOL


when Helen was voted out Julie said a houseguest will get a chance to comeback to the house.. so Candice, judd, Jessie and Helen got a chance to play in that baseball themed comp , judd won the chance to comeback in the game.

Love BB

OK…so 4 people were in the jury house, then they played to get back in the BB house. Looks like we need 2 more jury members before someone (hopefully Donny) gets back in the BB house.

Donny…if you get voted out…do NOT blow up anyones game! It’ll work against you if you get back in!

Course the best thing would be if they voted Derrick out (not likely, but I can dream can’t I). He’d never get back in the BB house…he can’t win comps.


Just trying to catch up and read a few of the comments, so if I repeat the obvious about Frankie, sorry. He’s playing the game. Lying is part of it and Zack was one of his casualties. But Frankie got caught by Zack and the rest of the bro’s.
Frankie is so condescending, egotistical and narcissistic. And I think it will cost him the game. (unless production saves him) Here are some examples I’ve seen.

Condescending. When Zack is trying to explain to Frankie about the “chain of events” he’s lying. Zack didn’t screw him UNTIL he found out Frankie wanted him out. And Frankie’s dismissal of the truth and his condescending tone to Zack was pathetic acting at its worse. (In my opinion) AND THEN, to pull the sympathy card, Frankie talks about how cruel it was of Zack to ostracize him. Poor. poor Frankie. I was glad to see Zack hold his own. Frankies attempt to tell Derrick, “See what I’ve been dealing with?” was also lame. True but lame. Derrick didn’t empathize with him because Frankie did the same to him.

Egotistical and Narcissistic. When Frankie was attempting to pull a Dan’s funeral I was embarrassed for him and laughed my ass off! Frankie, again, a pathetic attempt at acting and no one is going to buy your fakeness. Schools in Africa, fine. That has nothing to do with the game and if anyone gives him any game points for that, they are dumber than Frankie’s illusions of himself. Before the funeral, Zack was hurt and angry, so was the rest of the alliance. Frankie didn’t give a crap. He doesn’t “love” these people as he claims and he proved it by his attitude before his “performance” to the houseguests. He was happy and dancing and wanted everyone in the living room not in the restroom because the cameras are better in the living room. (Did anyone else catch that?) Give me a break Frankie; you may fool an idiot but not anyone with any sense. What’s more pathetic is that there are people that call themselves his friends outside the house that probably feed his ego JUST BECAUSE OF HIS SISTER. Oh yea, he said he wants to do it on his own. It sounds like he has some sister jealousy going on. And he is protecting his sister, yea right, if that was true, he would have kept that secret to himself. The truth is (in my opinion) he told the house guest about her and what he does as a last ditch effort to save himself because HE LOST HIS GAME. As Jeff would say, he got got! Lmao….Fake Frankie we see you! Even Caleb will take advantage of him outside the house, but he will also put Frankie up and vote him out when the time comes.

Can’t just leave this without saying a bit about Derrick. He is a better gamer than Frankie. Period. Frankie is an actor…a pretender. And he’s not good enough to get a job in acting, so far. Derrick is the real deal. Derrick is trained, experienced and has been successful in manipulation and lies. He talks about not being a rat. He is a rat in real life! He infiltrates with drug users, gains their trust, gets names of dealers and POW throws them “under the bus” for the bust. He doesn’t care about them. Look how he treated Victoria. He was in 2 other alliances and had her in tears because she believed it. And then she is the one apologizing. Wow Derrick, way to use her. Did anyone see any sympathy from him for her tears? OMG is he is obviously the best rat in the house. He proves that in real life. He has moved up the ranks just like gangers… from rookie to veteranos. Except for him it was rookie to Sargent. True or not true? I have to give him credit for the “team speech” he gave. Again, he has a lot of practice in his real life for that as well. He probably gave too much information to Frankie about where he stands but we’ll see.


What??? Would you mind repeating that?


I always say family members are off limits unless they actively involve themselves in the game which zach & derricks moms just did. Ok derricks mom…. Your son is a SCUM BAG the way he is playing emotionally unbalanced victoria, yelling (interogating) nic & vic last night, his constant paranoia, blaming his lies & telling others to blame there lies on nicole. I know its a game but I believe alot of your true self still comes through in the game which means I think your son is a disgusting douch bag!!!! So tweet on that!!!


I gave a thumbs up but I just had to say, You tell her Susie, and the same thing goes for me 500k times YES!!!


What is his mom’s twitter name? I’m curious to see the bullshit she’s writing!


so caleb likes bieber

cody thinks zac efron is cool, and “the man”

I mean…I am still in my 20’s(late), and in no way would I ever think that any guy would see either of those two as cool. where did they find these tools?

Pee Sitter is lucky he didn’t win that NFL trip. they may not have the best bathrooms for cody to sit down.


I’m guessing Cody was the cute, soccer playing, chrorus singing, drama club, and High School Musical watching sissy!
Meanwhile the badboy/jock guys were playing footaball, partying with cheerleaders and watching Ironman. He’s a rentboy.

Canadian Girl

For cryin’ out loud…get the heck out of bed and start scheming! All the rest of you against those that aren’t in the house at the moment. They ain’t gonna be gone for all that long. Who wastes an opportunity like that??????

Howd Frankie Win?

I was JUST about to post about the same thing. Zach said last night that it’s bad timing for Frankie to be out of the house. YET, they all sleep away their chance to scheme against the one person they all claim they want out. Amazing bunch of lazy, none scheming players. I give up on this season.

NFL -- Now Frankie Leaves

As I do not have feeds I rely on the kind and very hard work of Simon and Dawg and the comments of those who do watch feeds. Is it possible that this NFL reward Caleb won is in fact a punishment reward for refusing to participate in BOB? A twist? An “expect the unexpected”. BB cannot allow them to interact with people outside of the house so they must be sequestered somewhere. If they were told to wear gym shoes then possibly they are on a boat watching a re-run of an NFL game. Also possible that in this case NFL stands for something other than National Football League.


My heart breaks for Donny. He looks so lonesome. He is just too good a person to play this game with these a** holes. If he goes then I hope Zach fires the rest of them up before he joins Donny. Be so glad when this mess is over.


I blame hayden for not playing the game when he should have realized he wasn’t part of the guy alliance

I blame him for liking Zach’s game but not trying to be part of it.

I blame Victoria, Jocosta, Christine, NICOLE and even Donny for not understanding that they have not had any control this entire game. I hope Zach just wins every comp he has to and pulls it out, even Caleb who I thought might have potential once amber left has proven that he really is not thinking right or for his game.


Blame Canada!