Kevin “Graig left his playbook & Bruno picked it up” Sarah “If Bobby leaves we’re f**ked. No you’re f**ked”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 07-04-20-815

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Brittnee says I had a weird s*x dream about Sindy. Willow says me too! She pushed herself up on me and I was like you’re into Sarah not me! Willow asks what was yours? Brittnee says We were all in the house and I just remember waking up and seeing Sindy having s*x with Kevin. Willow says I would take every other person in the world before Sindy with an S. Godfrey joins them. He asks Willow about her ring. Willow says its a university ring. Godfrey says I didn’t know they did that. I hope I get a ring when I go to university. Godfrey leaves. Sarah tells Willow that Godfrey is in university. Sarah tells Willow if we’re making it look like we’re not close we can’t do what we did last night. Sarah tells Willow to get close with Godfrey. Sarah tells Willow we need to me more causal around each other.

In the kitchen – Bruno asks Zach is Ashleigh okay? Zach says yeah. Bruno says I don’t think she heard anything. Everyone else seems okay. Ashleigh seemed pretty shook up. Zach says yeah and I don’t know why.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 07-27-16-824
10:35am Bruno tells Bobby you have to tell him that you’re not going for them.. you’re going for them. Why would you keep her. If you don’t say it you’re going out that door. Maybe there’s no chance they don’t vote that way but you have to try it. Bobby says Zach needs to know or needed to know that B would put him if she won HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-05 07-44-39-639

10:45am Keivn says that’s his favorite thing to say Sarah’s good, Sarah is good. Keivn says coach Graig left his play book and Bruno picked it up. Sarah says Bruno keeps telling me if Bobby leaves we’re f**ked. No you’re f**ked. Kevin says that Bruno is just digging his own grave. Sarah says it is totally the Graig move… he is getting so intense. Kevin says its best move for me so do it! Kevin tells Sarah he loves her. She tells him she loves him.

11am Brittnee is listening to music up in the HOH room. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Bruno, Willow, Zach, Bobby and Ashleigh are out by the hammock talking about random things. Bobby incinuates that he made out with Sindy in the vault. Sarah says its a really weird thing to say if you didn’t.

11:35am – 12:15pm Willow and Sarah head out to the hot tub room. Sarah says its rude what he said the other day about Sindy not really liking Jordan.. he said not by the way she acted in the vault. Sarah says he doesn’t even know Sindy. Willow tells Sarah we have to win. Sarah says I’m going next if I don’t win. Because I’m doing what the boys are trying to do. I’m not sucking d**k any more either! I’m not telling them I’m taking them to the end. F**k that! Have fun with second place girls (Ash & Pili). IF they vote out B I will snap. Willow says they’re not even doing that. Stop. Sarah asks why is Bobby so comfortable right now then? Willow says talk to people today ..they’re going to slip up and tell you things. I know if Zach wins he won’t throw up B and I. If he did I would tell him he is the worst player of all time. Especially if its a double.. you’re going to use a double to get out B or Sarah.. wow big move. Godfrey joins them. Sarah and Willow try to name off all the states.

12:30pm Big Brother tells the house guests to report to the HOH room. They think they’re getting another task. All the house guests head up to the HOH room and then big brother blocks the feeds.

2:10pm The feeds are still blocked..

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LOL you totally misled us there! Okay I’m seeing the appeal of a Sarah/Kevin alliance but I feel Sarah would cut him the first chance she got.


And Kevin will do the same to Sarah.

another name

imo the kevin / sarah dynamic is interesting. they are both playing up to each other to maintain a relative safety net. and I think they both know it. on sarah’s part, she told kevin that Jordan and Zach were manipulating and lying to them (kevin was already in on it, so knew it to be true), and he oddly gained some trust in her for it. on kevin’s part he laid out to sarah that bobby and Bruno were his targets before he told his own alliance. They’d eliminate each other in a vote for sure, but keep dancing around each other for now.
the most basic fault in Zach’s logic from last night was sarah is more dangerous than Bruno. he himself previously stated sarah could never win a challenge. he thinks Bruno can, and previously stated Bruno is a threat to him in final two. but his logic has always been to target the weaker immediately and go for the stronger one in two weeks. in week seven. of ten. okay, strike that, the most basic fault in Zach’s logic is there is believing there is a later. there isn’t.
at this point all of the girls vs. guys talk is just jockeying for position, except to Zach. if anyone but a diaper wins, I truly believe the couples are still priority number one target. Bruno is sucking up to Zach in case he wins. sarah is sucking up to Ashleigh and kevin (you have pilar if you have kevin and Ashleigh) in case they win. imo Bruno would target kevin and pilar. imo sarah would target kevin and Zach. godfrey, britt: both go after couples. willow: at this point I still think she’d go couples too. I could be wrong, maybe they’ve all drank the koolaid, but I think the target is still couples and then each other.


The flaw is Zach’s logic… scratch that, Zach has NO logic, period


poor bobby but hate his game play better to sit@ jury


Kinda feel like regardless of what happens today/tonight the triple eviction tomorrow will flip the house.

Who do you all want NOT to go home on Wednesday?


As long as Kevin, Sarah, Godfrey, and Seagull don’t go home I’m fine with whatever. I have liked Bruno the whole game but he is starting to annoy me this week. I get he is trying to save Bobby but don’t do so much to where it will potentially ruin your own game.


I dont care about Bobby ging but if Bruno and God go in this triple eviction they might as well just call the season there since no one will be able to stop these couples.


I think Zach or Ashley wins. Bruno, God and Willow(or Britney) are evicted.


I wish Zach, Kevin and Ash/Pili to go. Hate the shitty diapers.
Team Sarah and God all the way.


Sarah and Kevin. Probably because they are the best gameplayers.


I absolutely do not want Sarah to go home, or Britt, or Godfrey. I feel like they are the only ones who are interesting and trying to target Zach (if they could only win HOH lol). I was rooting for Bruno recently, but now that he’s back with the “bros” and targeting the girls (even though it’s Kevin that nominated his boy Bobby), it just makes no sense to me. Leaving Zach/Kevin in the game makes zero sense, I really hope Zach goes during the triple.

Waiting for eviction night

I want Sarah, Willow and somewhat Godfrey and Pilar to stay as well. I won’t mind Pilar leaving but her eviction at such an important juncture is pointless. She is not a threat to anyone in this game.

Ideally, I want Zach, Bruno and Kevin to leave in that order.


I’d like the diapers to stay. They’re the only group that has some loyalty towards each other, isn’t ratting each other out and throwing each other under the bus like crazy.


We’ll see how loyal they are when they aren’t in power.


Not to go Wed: .. B, Sarah, Kevin, Ash, Gawd… and ugh.. Willow.
I’d axe Zach, Pili and unfortunately Bruno. I’d like to see Kevin’s head in the game 100%, Bruno is tooooo Bro only minded. And Pili.. to make a long story short, with her gone we might get to see some actual game competition between those who are left and a real fight for the final positions. Zack.. to complete the showmance break ups and simply because his ego and arrogance has over stayed it’s time.


I don’t want KEv, Sara, or God to go home tomorrow, I really wouldn’t miss Bruno, Bobby, Britt or Pills and Ash. This show I love watch all day ever day that the feeds aren’t down, if Kevin or Sara or God go the live feeds won’t be worth watching, the ones I wouldn’t miss is the targets anyway


Seagull, Sarah, and … um…. , Yoyo and I guess Willow – yeah, that’s who I’d like to see stay. The diapers really need a good changing, or at the very least, a good shaking up!


Whatever happens tomorrow night, I really hope Kevin, Sarah, God are still in the house by the end of it.

Even though it’s unlikely, I really hope Willow is gone. The most annoying person I’ve seen on live feeds in recent memory.


I feel like Sarah’s all about the game and strategy talk, but isn’t that pretty much useless without any HOH/POV wins? She talks big, but unless there’s something to back it up I’m still going to root for the diapers.

Regardless of their individual stupidity -cough, cough Zach and Pilar- they are still the strongest HOH/POV competitors.


You don’t have to win comps to win the game. It’s been done.


So from looking at the Numbers/Wins … I’d say Kevin is clearly the top threat
As for Brunos delusional Girl obsession … clearly The Guys are voting out the Guys
Brit got Graig out as the whole house wanted even Bruno so shut the F#@k up Bruno!
I just wish Sarah could win something … if not ……..
HOH Bobby Evicted Sindy Veto Winner Kevin
HOH Kevin Evicted Naeha Veto Winner n/v
HOH Brittnee Evicted Graig Veto Winner Johnny
HOH Bruno Evicted Johnny Veto Winner Bruno
HOH Zach Evicted Jordan Veto Winner Zach
HOH Pilar Evicted Sindy Veto Winner Godfrey
HOH Kevin Evicted Bobby Veto Winner Kevin

Looks like Wed. will determine if the game will be a dud or not
I’d like to see the Girls win this year simply because
it’s to early for the guys to win… What a bunch of woosies!


I don’t want to see Sarah, Kevin, Godfry, or Willow to go home… the rest I really don’t care much for… I totally dislike Bruno`s game (begging for Bobby makes him look like a sorry sap) I really hate (I know strong word) Zacks game , are you sure he is not a… Britts game was OK…and I did root for her for a long time , but as time progressed she has disappointed me in so many ways.. Ash, well what can I say about her game .. oh she has as much game ability as her ability to use a can opener… (still cant get over that one) ,, and Pilar .. well she is a cutie and seems to have a heart of gold .. someone not tell her this can be a cut throat game there that’s my thoughts ..


has BB actually shown anything with sarah and kvin strategizing/connecting? i didnt see it on Mondy’s show but we know from these recaps they discussed what kevin’s plan was before he told anyone else.

if not why not….it is pretty significant imo in todays recaps as well in the storage room here

another name

I agree that their interactions are significant. but sporadic.
for bb to show their interactions, it would downplay the two sided dynamic bb has been hunting for all season. if two of the people that the show has picked to be the faces of each side are actually shown conspiring it throws off the diaper vs. outsider plot they are pushing.
i’m not even sure if the show actually acknowledged the existence of the hexagon/cobra alliance anymore. wasn’t it just the Zach and Jordan manipulating everyone show at that time? it took them over a week to acknowledge the chop shop. I think from there it was just the Newport fortress bromuda and a bunch of nonames as far as the show was concerned. that would cut a lot of the interactions out.

Moronita Pilar

It’s really weird how Bruno became the most disliked houseguest, and he was among the Top-3 faves.


I think Ashleigh’s game has been steadily improving. She knows that Zach can’t be her final 2, and she’s slowly starting to plot moves. Maybe catching Zach plotting against the girls will set her game in motion.

Sneaky Suspicion

I think Kevin might have made a grave error here in picking Godfrey to be the factor to take out Zach. Godfrey wants THEM out, and knows he won`t go to the end with Kevin. Kevin will be taking Pilar…….she is the obvious choice to sit beside him at the end. She will do terrible when questioned by the jury. Now that the bug is in Zach`s ear from Bruno questioning if Kevin made a deal with Godfrey, and Ashleigh telling him last night that Godfrey told Willow he had made a deal with Kevin, I am waiting for him to hang on to Bruno for dear life. He needs Bruno to offset Kevin`s plan and help to take him out when needed. I think if they play their cards right, it could be very interesting as to whether Kevin goes or Zach goes. Add the fact that although Bruno seems to have acted weird this week, Kevin`s telling of 8 different stories this week will leave a lasting impression on most of the houseguests especially Brittnee & Bruno. Godfrey won`t work for Kevin. He can`t or the rest of the house will target him as well. Most have already questioned why he wasn`t on the block. I think Kevin`s plan to get out Bobby was great, except it was one week too soon. The only saving factor here is the triple eviction and if the wrong side of the house gets it, Kevin will be out on his ass so fast his head will spin.


One week too soon..zach is that you?!?!?


Why does Willow keep saying tomorrow will be a Triple eviction?
Makes me wonder? There has never been a triple before.
How would she come up with this? Production maybe?


Yes, Production is sucking the “game” right out of this season and it all started with house guest selection.


The “Diapers“ have been very loyal to each other up to this point, but even though they are winning HOH`s constantly, you can see the cracks starting to form between the couples, and in Zach and Ashleigh`s case between themselves as well. Hopefully the other side will win an HOH, and then we will see how loyal they are to each other. Zach said the other night that he didn`t want to go to the end with another couple, so we will see who gets chewed up and spit out. This could be really good to watch. So far its been the other side cutting each others throats. Would be nice to see them given a rest for a change.

another name

imo the only members truly loyal to the diapers are pilar and Ashleigh. they’ve put all their eggs in that basket. even then, they are loyal to their respective showmance more than the foursome as a whole.
kevin wants to keep godfrey so godfrey will eliminate Zach. said so this week.
Zach wants to keep Bruno so Bruno will eliminate kevin. said as much to Ashleigh (Bruno or bobby in case we have to was how he put it at the time) before Jordan’s elimination.


can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

As long as Godfrey and Kevin are safe somehow I will be fine with that.

I don’t see a useless player Pilly or Ash being one of the 3 to go home.
maybe Bruno can leave 🙂


Tomorrow the game stops til F4. it’s the triple not who goes as I believe Sarah/B/Willow are safe. Production just does a terrible job at considering the consequences like sequestered HG’s sharing info. Gary being brought back so late. Showing the decision making discussion done in private to the HG’s. The list goes on and on.
Tomorrow the girls will ride out the guys targeting each other. Unless idiot Zack actually nominates 2 girls the Z/Kev pairing is in the most jeopardy because Sarah/s group noms them. Diapers I think go Bruno/God but Sarah could be beside them.. Kev votes Sarah the girls all vote 2 guys including Ash, Pili the only mystery. when the time comes and that could be tomorrow I think Ash will pick girl power over Zack. Or maybe they both go out the door after a Kev POV win.

To the Curb

I hope Zach and Pilar go out tomorrow night. . Kevin will stop sucking face and Ash will be out of Zach’s ass. Maybe just maybe with these two gone it will become interesting to watch.


Bruno and Godfrey are the only people worth watching. If they leave this week, turn out the lights on this season. It will be so boring with the get along gang.