Zach – Christine/Frankie are pathological liars. every time they open their mouths it’s a lie

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-10 17-31-27-746

5:23pm Production talks to them over the speakers “you’re one day closer to 5 hundred thousand dollars”
Donny says if they vote him out he’ll be pulling a pop tart out of his pocket when talking to Julie

BB16-2014-08-10 17-36-43-282

5:31pm Derrick is practicing his cast
Donny comes to him to chat.. They wonder what football game they are going to see. They suspect they went to San Diego because the other cities that have football teams are too far away.
Derrick says Victoria was a bit torn up last night, points out that this is the first time he was involved in anything.
Derrick – Zach pulled me into the beehive room said NIcole went to Victoria and told a bunch of lies about me”
Derrick – I was like really that is the first time I’ve heard anyone mention lies about me
Derrick pulled Nicole in asked her why she told Victoria these lies, Nicole denied it. .Derrick finds out it was zach all along via Victoria. He calls Zach out in the HOH at 3am last night
Derrick says Zach came clean said he told Victoria a bunch of things about Derrick that wasn’t true (Derrick tells Donny these were lies but they were truths)
Donny – I’m glad I missed all that
Derrick – i don’t want to do that.. I am one of the few people that defends that girl she was crying.. I have a daughter I’m not going to make that girl look like a fool ..
Donny – do yo think i’m safe this week
Derick – to be honest with you there’s final 3 deals going around.. It depends on who you are up against..
Derrick – this whole Christine, Caleb and Frankie football game thing concerns me
Donny is scared about that as well.
Derrick says Cody isn’t going up it’s between Nicole, Derrick and Victoria. He doesn’t think Nicole is going up either.
Derrick – I wanted to win the POV so bad I wouldn’t have used it and you would have been safe.. you would have been up against the biggest target in the house.
Derick says the first three TA tasks where easy for them these last 2 have been tougher. HE really wants the TA Money thinks that should still be their focus.

Derrick says if they are on the block together. “ I can promise you man to man I won’t talk sh1t about you “
Donny – doesn’t think it will be Derrick on the block
Derrick says Christine is closer to other people now.. “it’s either me or Victoria.”

Donny thinks if Victoria is nominated he’s a goner for sure. Derrick agrees says he’s just trying to be honest but DOnny will have a hard time convincing this house to vote Victoria out over him.
Derrick says the mission this week was damn well be near impossible.
Derrick brings up Frankie telling everyone about his real life outside the house was a smart move.
Donny – it erased a whole week
Derrick says Caleb was pissed at Frankie but now they are cool “Caleb is looking for celebrity status”
Donny thinks if he was sitting beside COdy he might have a chance
Derrick claims he would have a chance with getting his vote, says he’s not working with Cody adds that Donny would also get Frankie’s vote.
Derrick thinks there is a chance for someone to come back, “If they are going to do it it’ll be the first 4 people that are evicted to Jury.

BB16-2014-08-10 18-23-11-582
6:18pm Cody and Derrick joking around arguing
Derrick invalidates Cody’s argument says “You sit while you pee”
Cody says Derrick pees with his eye close all over the seat

6:22pm Zach and COdy pool table
Zach – Dude I got a crazy cuckoo idea (doesn’t say it yet)
Zach – that have not room is no f***g joke bro
Cody – ya it sucks
Zach – I feel like we have played pool in years
Cody – in forever..
Cody says it’s really dangerous taking someone out in the game and having them come back in.
Zach “If Christine puts up Victoria we vote Victoria out and we flip on Frankie and Christine”
When Christine puts up VIctoria we vote VIctoria out and go with DOnny and Nicole and get Frankie and CHristine out.
They wonder what Caleb, Frankie and Christine are talking about at the football game.
Zach doesn’t want NIcole to be put up..
Zach – I use to break phones like it was my job..
Cody – I NEVER broke my phones
Cody got his first phone in the sixth grade.
THey wonder what Hayden and Jcoasta are doing in jury
Cody – Hayden is w@nking
Zach – nothing better than w@nking it off camera
Cody – Dude I don’t know what is going to happen moving forward.. everything that has happened in this game is wide open.
Zach – ya because of me
Zach – You were the worst pool player in the house and now you are DIRTY
Zach – dude do you actually still trust Christine
Cody – no.. then again who the f** knows..
Zach – it’s not a bad thing everything is exposed
Cody – It’s not a good thing.
Zach – you never know bro..
Zach – Smoke bomb..
COdy – Stop using my words

get the club

6:51pm Zach is the fish Cody the fisherman
Cody – It’s a big one DONNY Get the Club Donny

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BB16-2014-08-10 18-56-56-644
6:54pm FIREROOM Derrick and Victoria
Derrick says Zach didn’t completely lie he did come to me and say the wanted to work with me
Victoria- he never said you were working together
Victoria Says it was told to her differently. Victoria says she trusts Derrick. but is worried about the whole things
Vicora cites BB10 when Keasha stood up for Memphis and in the end he was in the end with DAn.
Derrick says he was only upset because she never went to him.
Derrick says what happened last night was not good for their game he had to minimize the damage and that is why he called the HOH meeting and “Flipped the script on him”
Derrick says whichever one of them goes up on the block they have the votes. THey have to push the point they have not won very many competitions and Donny has won 5.
Derrick – If I go on the block try to keep me here.
Victoria – I think it’s going to be me
Derrick – If they put you up Donny is going home..
Victoria is going to talk to Christine as soon as she gets back.
Derrick – I think they will be back in a couple hours.. 9 -9:30

BB16-2014-08-10 19-00-32-505

7:00pm Backyard Donny, Zach and Nicole
Nicole asks if Frankie and Zach are cool. Zach says Frankie things they are.. “He literally collaborated a plan to get me out”
Nicole – I tried telling you that
Zach – He was like But I saved you
Nicole – you wouldn’t have had to be saved
Zach – Exactly
Donny – now you saved yourself.
Zach says Frankie doesn’t admit to screwing Zach over he starts to then blames it on Zach tells him it’s because of Zach’s actions he was a target.
Zach – F*** Christine.. F***g a snake she’s the worst.. “
Zach – I can’t stand Christine F** hyena laugh dude.. OH my god that laugh you know Hayden’s laugh use to really get me going.. it would piss me off.. now that Hayden’s gone and all i hear is Christine.. OH my god I want to strangle myself. Christine is the worst.. IO cannot even mimic it..
Zach says so many people in this game have lied.. “Through their teeth.. you know”
Nicole – YUP
Zach – Frankie and Christine .. threw their TEETH they it’s like every time they open their mouths it’s a lie.. Frankie and Christine they like Can’t tell the truth.. At this point they believe their lies.. they’re pathological liars.. they believe everything they are lying about.

BB16-2014-08-10 19-34-13-428

7:34pm Derrick practicing with the rod

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Oh production

Painfully watching this episode tonight and the whole thing just seems so scripted right now. I’m sorry you have to be on the bad end of this facade Donny, you truly are bb16’s favorite player


I didn’t even watch. (Trying to refrain from breaking my tv) But I didnt need to watch to know it was rigged. Frankie has never been a comp beast, so now he’s winning without his partner? Try again.

Also I don’t think its fair if they are allowing Christine, Cody, and Frankie to talk game off camera or away from the other houseguests.


I agree with both of you but at the same time I think: how could have this been rigged? I mean: all the other players were there! They were watching Frankie operating that thing. Also, Caleb was dumb… he should’ve played along and just drop the ball ALL the time.


So lame that the producers suggested Caleb just sit out the BOB. He could have easily tugged a little more here and a little less there for a guaranteed loss. So very lame. I am so sad. I have enjoyed this show over the summers for many years despite my wife’s complained. If Frankie doesn’t go next week, I quit!!!


Production knew the comp was better if you played alone rather than with someone. That’s what Zach and Donny said abouit it, that it would have been better to just have one sit it out. No wonder production said, yah, you go ahead Caleb. It makes a good TV drama, plus it was geared to a Frankie win.

Someone says he;’s not a comp beast, but he’s never had to do any comps. Those guys have all made sure that only weaker players are nominated, so they’ve never done much of anything. He is athletic, he is a trained dancer. he is light and limber, and constantly working on it as well. Zach is younger and in good shape to look at, but he never does any kind of exercise, and sleeps all day. From the veto comp Donny clearly has some physical issues, even tho he works out constantly. A limber athletic dancer, if it is a physical competition, it is a given he’d have the advantage.

I think comps are decided after nominations, when they know who is up and dependant on who they would like to have an advantage.

Right now also derrick and donny are talking TA, they are talking about who Christine is going to nominate, and neither one of them smart enough to do the obvious thing, and suggest they try to see if Victoria will volunteer. Derrick won’t bring it up, it’s a sure thing win for the $$, because he doesn’t want to lose a vote.

And in all the Zach/Nicole talk, still no one mentions Derrick and Cody, sitting on the sidelines, everyone focused on everyone else Stupidness.


Zach and Donny said that it was a comp better played alone and yet Zach tried to do it and couldn’t. If they really thought that, either one of them would’ve played solo and won. They’re just a bunch of sore losers! Whether or not you like Frankie, you gotta admit that he pulled it out under extreme pressure. He saved himself and that’s all you can count on in the game.


Ok finally saw BOB comp and I’m convinced yet again because I want to think BB isn’t rigging the game as much as so many think, but there’s no way Frankie could have won that alone!

Although I was rooting for Donny for the POV comp I will bet anything his was the only one that had three ducks.

The rigging is just too obvious now!


Someone else had three ducks (can’t remember who, Caleb?)


If i remember correctly Caleb found his third as donny was grabbing his veto necklace. But again it was obvious that the BoB was rigged.
Production knew ahead of time that Caleb was throwing it so they made sure the game could be done by 1 person. If you think about it once you get the hang of it, that comp was probably easier by yourself so you could control both ends of the bar. Every other BoB comp he would have been screwed besides maybe the domino one.
They know Frankie is drawing more viewers because of his sister so no way they have him sent home now.


not only did Caleb have the 3 ducks, he almost caught up and beat Donny. Donny looked like he was about to have a heart attack during that comp.


Just wait until the “guess how many gum balls are in the machine” type quiz comp. Congratulations, Frankie it was 1267 gum balls.

I’ve noticed for years that CBS doesn’t put the correct actual answer on the screen before the contestants reveal their guesses.

And last but not least, lets all thank @kasting for another awesome job of casting houseguests this year. #collectingapaycheck #bestfriendswithproducers #jobsecurity


CBS limits casting for Kass to only pick stereotypical cardboard cut outs to play the game. I blame grodner the ogre and production for this horrible season and cast.
Kass also does casting for BBCanada and Slice allows her to pick whomever she chooses so there are no limits.
I don’t blame Kass, i blame CBS/


I know everyone touts BBCan as being so much better & in many respects it is. But even it’s casting could be so much better IMO. They still had a set of douche bros who started out running things like this one & everyone hated, but they stopped the landslide pretty quickly by allowing Canada to pick the nominees. They had one token older person who was an idiot & unlikeable. 13 if the 15 were in their 20’s with 1 32yr-old who spent her time sucking up to the guys. Overall they did have much better females but still a good number of vapid, clueless ones. They did have better “characters” than BB16 for sure (how could they not be better than Frankie) & they were overall generally more likeable & “real”. I still wish they would cast more intelligent (in the respect of analytical thinking) people & some more mature ones who have a chance. BBUS’s biggest problem is casting way too many recruits who are only in it for the exposure it gets them. BBCan is only in it’s 2nd year so they probably have mostly only had mostly applicants who know about BB apply so far. I’ll be interested to see how it progresses with regards to casting as it gets more notoriety & see if they start getting the same types as BBUS.


It looks like Frankie had much lighter chains in this comp, too.


Oh get over it already!!! The fact that Frankie had 3 to 1 odds against him with Caleb saying well in advance to anyone who would listen that he would humiliate Frankie and sit out the BOB and he did, combined with the humiliating unnecessary treatment that Caleb did to Frankie in front of everyone at the BOB, people like you still think that Frankie did not suffer enough for your enjoyment. Frankie then went on and had to fight for his survival all alone and against 2 to 1 odds with Zach and Donnie as his opponents. Instead of showing some class like Caleb later did afterwards and actually congratulated Frankie. instead people like you come up with wild conspiracy theories.. What will be next? Will you be saying Frankie is involved in the Roswell incident too?

Kathy B

Roswell – no. Kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby? Possibly.


I hope Donny doesn’t go home 🙁 or else iam going to stop watchign the show with Frnakie and Derrick playing Dirty… and telling lies…Donny deserves to be America’s favourite!

Nobody cares...

You know you will keep watching… What game do you want? People are supposed to lie, manipulate, tell truths, tell half truths, make up stories, blame others etc. that’s part of the game…


Yes, it is a part of the game, I don’t think that’s what has us in an uproar, it’s the manipulation the producers are doing. If they are going to live in the house then let them do that don’t change it to help make someone more popular or give three months of stardom, When they
choose these contestants the casting staff should choose the one’s they fill will be a hoot.

I watch Survivor and Amazing Race and to my knowledge it is what it is I don’t see any manipulations if they are, they are doing a damn good job of hiding it.

If you want to have so call stars on, do like The Donald “The Apprentice All Star Cast, when they win you know their money is going to their charity their support. That child (Frankie) is not donating that money to know a school in Africa, in fact I’m quite sure there are some schools or children affiliations in the NY area would love to have some of that money. Hush weasel


Oh, I think there’s probably some manipulation in TAR & Survivor (we don’t see a lot of what goes on – Jeff does ask some “leading” questions & it’s funny how the final city in TAR this year was Vegas where Rachel Reilly should have had an advantage, but it actually worked against her), but it’s not nearly as blatant as BB.I really wish we could get back to the early days where manipulation was much less obvious. At this point we should just accept that there’s going to be manipulation, so I almost wish we’d just get it in the open & let the public be the ones who do it (more like Canada). Honestly, with the idiots they cast they need to have some manipulation to get them to actually use their pea brains a little bit. I think a lot of the problem here is that the agenda BB has this year is not what the public wants (i,e, the Frankie Show) & it’s ruined the enjoyment of this season. I’m kind of surprised they’ve not been planting more seeds about Derrick in the DR, but I guess up until now it’s fit the agenda because he’s been protecting Frankie. Now that Derrick’s not really doing that & Frankie is turning into a nightmare I wouldn’t be surprised if they start doing that. Derrick may find he’s going to have to fight production a little more in the coming weeks – couldn’t happen to a nicer guy :-).

Kathy B

While I’m not rooting for Derrick to win (enough about your daughter, you’re beginning to sound like Devin!), he is playing the game like Dr Wil and Dan Gheesling and for that I give him props. Frankie is playing dirty, because he keeps saying he doesn’t want to ride on his sister’s coattails, but that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s counting on her tween Twitter followers to give him America’s Favorite, and I hope/pray/beg that doesn’t happen.


He’s nothing like either one – he’s got no strategy (his targets chance hourly). He only has scummy cop manipulation & intimidation techniques (which he is undeniably good at). If any of these people had half a brain they would see that.


I don’t remember the Triple D — -Derrick, Donny, Devin — alliance that Donny told Nicole about.

Pretty sure that was a lie. There was the Double D alliance, that did not include Derrick, although Devin mentioned in the first week that they should add Derrick. But to my knowledge they never did.

Everyone lies and schemes in this game. No one is above it. And the game is much better that way.


That BOB comp was total bull. I’m thinking Zach and Donny lost on purpose. This show is do scripted. I hate they’re taking the suspense out of the game.


This is Donny chance to be safe this week if he convinces derek that he is going after frankie and Christine then height stay its his only chance


I have never even heard of Arianna Grande. Frankie is still a nobody to me.

Teri B

Me neither, and me, too. Totally agree!


Last season’s American Idol they asked one of the contestants his fav pop star and he said Ariana Grande. She came out to surprise him and I had no clue who she was.


Derrick has a daughter.


I heard Devin had one too.

Kathie from Canada

… and she has no food in her mouth! I heard it was all stolen!!! LOL




So does Devin.


Nicole said to Cody, “You don’t have to flirt with me , I’m not HOH.” . Cody then tried to flirt with Victoria who responded with, “I see through the fakeness.” Cody’s feelings were clearly hurt. If Cody cant flirt, he has no game left. Its about time these girls were on to him.


So I was giving Nicole too much credit, I thought she was playing dumb with derrick… But she is misted and dumb… I wanted zach, nicole, donny to work something out…


It’s not just Nicole that dumb they all still trust Derrick for some reason. Victoria and Zach are misted too. Derrick could be a cult leader when he gets out of the house people seem to believe seem to believe him without any questions or concerns. It blows my mind!


Caleb is the biggest idiot in the world. That competition was easier to do by yourself than working with someone else. I am so pissed he didn’t hold on to his side of the chain so Frankie could move the lever. Why did Donny let an idiot like Zach try to do it by himself. Zach isn’t even a good competitor.


Right! If he really wanted to throw it he could’ve gotten up and made sure that ball constantly falls ensuring Zach and Donny a win.


I think Caleb’s ego wouldn’t have allowed him to do that if he has actually participated. Zach really does crack under the pressure in these types on comps.

Bees Knees

Wow the edit they just gave Frankie makes TV only viewers think he’s an angel and underdog. This is truly the Grande Show. Such bs. I really hope Donny wins American’s favorite.

Bees Knees

And also only people above the age of 14 should be able to vote for America’s favorite because I feel like social media and Ariana will campaign.

A Nonny Mouse

That’s if Arianna Grandeee doesn’t rile up her battalion to vote for Frankesha en masse.


That would be such poor taste to do that on her part. But, then again, she’s related to Frankie so I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

Chilltown 4 Life

Derrick is talking bull when he says he stands up for Victoria. He treats her like crap all the time. He’s quite the chauvinist pig(pun intended). Zach is unintentionally trying to save Donny. I’m hoping he’ll eventually work out that Derrick is the head of the snake, and needs to be cut.

Captain Crunch

Caleb is an idiot, sometimes you gotta improvise. That POV competition could’ve easily been thrown if he participated instead of sitting out even tho that we the plan.

A Nonny Mouse

But then Bitchmode Cowpoke wouldn’t have gotten to give his Big Man speech.


The hell? Why didnt beast mode cowboy jump in and start ‘playing’ and ruin Frankie’s game?????


I am still floored, with a headache over this stupidity. I don’t understand why the Hitmen come off smelling like roses. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.


Yeah if production is helping anybody it’s Derrick and Cody…I mean how out of everyone they are not being suspected of anything? It’s so obvious…sigh….season 15 all over again….


Props to caleb for sitting down during the Botb comp but he could have easily sabotaged Frankie by playing


Frankie, no one cares who you are related to. I don’t know about anyone else but I didn’t know who she was until he mentioned her at the beginning of the season. Frankie is the gay equivalent to Paris Hilton…he will do anything for attention and he will use his family’s name to try to get ahead. Whoever is responsible for nominating and evicting Frankie is the person I want to win BB16.

Kathie from Canada

Frankie is more like Perez Hilton!!


The game is about lieing, I love when they fight and lie and play dirty it makes it more entertaining to watch..

Hopefully Cody or Derrick wins, glad Frankie and Zach are both safe this week and hopefully Christine puts up Victoria and she goes.


I just watched the episode and while I know from reading the boards and the HG comments that production interfered in the BOB comp, I can’t tell HOW from watching it. Yes, it was an easier game to do for an individual than a team, but I didn’t see anything to indicate that the game was actually changed to help Frankie win it alone. Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe production is interfering to help Frankie, but I’m wondering if anyone has any info that I missed in the feeds that tells exactly how the comp was rigged. Was it supposed to be a different comp that was more heavily team-oriented and they changed the comp to this one instead? How would they have come up with that prize at the last minute though, wouldn’t the organization of that prize require some planning? Just curious – I may very well have missed some stuff!

The Truth

I agree with you, Anne81. I’m not the biggest fan of Frankie but I think Zach and Donny would have won if they (by which I mean Zach) had stayed calm. They were in the lead and panicked a bit. It definitely did not help that Zach decided to try and do it himself. That made absolutely no sense. There’s a learning curve and Frankie had already “mastered” and I use that word loosely the game. I would not have respected Caleb had he decided to sabotage Frankie’s efforts after the fact. I don’t want Frankie to win but he deserved that win. Production interference or not, he still put in the work.


I guess it depends on what you call rigging. Let’s see – they clearly used a comp that was more of an individual one, they appeared to change it at the last minute (seems like it may have been intended for later on after football has started), it was tailored far more to Frankie’s strengths than Zach or Donny, they bribed Caleb to not impede Frankie & told him couldn’t participate after he chose to sit out… Yes, Frankie still had to win, but he was given a as big an advantage as he could get.

Derr- a- licked

Here’s hoping that Derrick gets put up. The TA alliance has messed with Donny big time . He’s got nothing to lose now , he should let loose about his Derrick concerns. Everyone is gonna feel like a feel like a dingus when they look back on themselves and realize that they’ve been played big time by Sgt.Derdick


If they really wanted Franke to stay on the block, why wouldn’t Caleb have played and screwed up their game? This one would have EASY to that….dummies!!!!!


Did you see CrazedCaleb’s eyes bulge when he heard the prize. All he had to do was stand there and hold the chain. If he would have done that Fakie would be going home. Once again CrazedCaleb sells out. Fakie is a fame Ho but CrazedCaleb is just a two-bit Ho.


Cant he still go up if someone comes down with veto?

Love you Donny!

I have a feeling he’s going home. 🙁 but he by far is this season’s favorite!! I’ll be voting for him even if he gets evicted.

Nicole made a smart move blowing up Frankie. If she or Donny survives this week, he’s the sole target now! Which is exciting.


And now KnowNothingNic just threw Donny under the bus. She just told NoB@llsCody that Donny wants him or Derprick to go on the block. Well that’s the end of Donny’s game. She had a chance to pull VapidVic and Ratine and work with Donny and Zach and take control of the house. KnowNothingNic is a complete waste and anyone who thinks she’s a BB fan is kidding themselves. She doesn’t know anything about the game.

Butters Mom

I have to wonder if her being from a small home town is what makes her so gossipy? lol She can not keep a secret for even a day.


Not surprised. I don’t know how many times she’s been told about an alliance and Derek being in it. If she got blindsided I wouldn’t feel bad. I would feel relieved for her. She’ll never get it and I don’t get why people keep thinking she will. But I guess it didn’t help that production thought it was a great idea to cast a cop who used to undercover with the part of the cast from Degrassi High and Frankie off the show from the 80s Fame.


You heard her in the DR on tonight’s show, right? She trusts Derrick more than anyone in the house.

She wants to solidify a F4 with Cody/Derrick/Christine — even after the three of them screwed her last week.

Because she trusts Derrick (and by extension, Cody), she is going to tell them when they are someone’s targets.

It might say she’s gullible. But it also might say that Derrick’s misting powers are unmatched in that house. It’s a combination of both, I think, but you cannot discredit the trust that Derrick has built with her. She sincerely believes that the plot to blindside her came from Frankie.


She’s been given or shown all the information to not trust him numerous times & she’s chosen to ignore it – that’s on her (just like many of the others)


Frankie crying after winning was so ridiculous. He acts like a 20 year old and is so so so annoying.


You are insulting 20 year olds

I'm an IDIOT

You crazy cat men need to back off this LET’S HATE FRANKIE tirade because it’s absolutely petulant. Lying is a huge part of the game, DERRICK does it almost everyday except he is a little more careful. Frankie is a true competitor… he lies, manipulates and WINS competitions…how many comps has he won? Oh yeah, more than Cody or Derrick or Zach.

BTW don’t forget to thumbs down this comment because it hurts your feelings. 😉 LOVE YOU TOO CRAZY CAT MEN.

Whatever you think of Frankie, he was amazing the the Block competition. Derrick is the real snake that has to be eliminated but on one seems to realize that.

I agree


It’s Cat People.. That’s what we call them… IDIOT… LOL



Mr. Behooved....

Like many have all ready said….

Why didn’t Caleb just #$@# with the CHAINS and make sure Frankie loses?!?!?! Can someone explain this ot me like I’m a 5 year old, because I just dont get it.

Ok, at first, let him do it on his own….but once he caught up and got to the last one, why didn’t Caleb just run up and mess with the chains?!?!?!!?!?!?

A Nonny Mouse

Because production wouldn’t let him.

BB Production

Once Caleb sat down and said he wasn’t playing he was asked if he was opting out. He said yes and when he realized Frankie was close to winning he tried to get up to stop him and was told to sit back down because he had opted out. He has since said he won’t be throwing or sitting down for anymore comps.

Day Yum Yum

Apparently Production told Caleb if you choose to sit out that’s it–you must sit out the entire comp, so no jumping in when you feel like it. Talk about ‘rigged” for that vile, disgusting creature, Frankie! This whole show me sick!! Can Nicole be any dumber? Big mouth with a small brain! I am a nurse and cannot believe she even got through nursing school as it is extremely difficult, much like med school and she is a complete dufus!

Whatever you think of Frankie, he was amazing the the Block competition. Derrick is the real snake that has to be eliminated but on one seems to realize that.

Whatever you think of Frankie, he did an incredible job in the block competition under much duress. Derrick is the real puppet master in the house and should be sent packing.

I see so many are upset that Frankie actually stepped up and fought for his survival against 3 to 1 odds and won.. Are you saying he couldn’t win because of what? That he is gay? Gay people can’t compete in comps? That’s funny because Gary on BB Canada 1 who is gay as well was an athlete when younger and played on hockey teams and was a formidable threat in physical competitions, and was flamboyant to boot so there goes some of your theories that gay people can’t compete in physical comps. Frankie had to deal with public humiliation by Caleb who wanted him to lose the comp and even practically begged him to compete with him, that genuine shock at Caleb telling him no and then having to endure that public humiliation afterwards was uncalled for but cheered on by many of you. Then he had to go against 2 to 1 odds against Zach and Donnie and won.. But that’s not good enough for some of Frankie’s gay bashing haters on here I see.


I’m seeing a glimmer of hope that Donny stays. Fingers crossed.


Shocked about caleb not sitting down and not sabotaging that easily sabotaged competition. Im thinking grodner n crew told him to sit?? Caleb couldve have jumped in at any time and grabbed the chain off sissys arm.


Beast Mode Cowboy, not Smart Mode Cowboy.

There is a difference.

Butters Mom

Talk about a LOOOOONG delay getting that BOB comp started so Frankie and Caleb could “discuss” why he wasnt going to play the game…. I call BS on that…. it was all staged… ALL OF IT!


Seriously? CBS is straight shitting on BB fans with this Frankie Grande bullshit!! If he wasn’t willing to reveal his “famous” half-sister from the beginning, then he shouldn’t have been able to at any other point of the game. Tonight’s show was pathetic.


As much as I want Donny to win America’s fav but I don’t think he will because of the million fans of Ariana who don’t even watch bb that will vote for that rat weasel piece of sh*t. She will be dropping the links everywhere and some dumbass people will vote for him. The worst season ever!!!!!!

Stupid people

As much as I want Donny to win America’s fav but I don’t think he will because of the million fans of Ariana who don’t even watch bb that will vote for that rat weasel piece of sh*t. She will be dropping the links everywhere and some dumbass people will vote for him. The worst season ever!!!!!!


I think Donny will stay!! I think a little birdie (production) got in Deprick’s ear. I think what America would like to see is those two come together. They are the smartest!! We all know it. Go home Skankie…never liked you from day one…could see your ego a tv screen away. Put some more pink sparkling blush on..I can’t see you enough..Not!! Thank goodness it’s Zach and not Jacosta I’m watching this week!! Js


Oh Maddy, that was my dream team from the beginning – Donny & Derrick – my own “Double D” alliance. Because you are right – they are def. the smartest players of the bunch. I LUV Donny’s quiet wisdom & in my opinion – Derrick is right up there with Dan as one of the smoothest manipulators to ever play the game. Even Donny said he would vote for Derrick to win because Donny knows that Derrick has played the smartest game. I just wish that Derrick wouldn’t be so hell bent on getting rid of Donny. But again, Derrick is smart, he knows he can’t beat Donny in the end. So I’m afraid that our “dream team” will remain just that – a dream.


I wonder how many ties production had to say cut, “let’s do it again, this time with more feeling”. Tonight’s episode was pathetic.


I know, right? Nicole crying because her shitty plan failed, then proceeds to out everyone.


This is my first time commenting this year, but I am calling it now.
Derrick will convince Victoria that she is safe if she goes up against Donny, but if he goes up against Donny he will be voted out. He’s told her this a few times already.
Then, Victoria will talk to Christine and will volunteer to go up to make sure it’s Donny that goes home instead of Derrick. She’s already said she will talk to Christine when she gets back. She said that just after Derrick talked to her.
After that, Derrick and Frankie will vote her out because of the TA. Nichole will vote her out because she wants to keep Donny. Cody will vote her out because Derrick tells him to and because he’s hoping to have Donny as a backup/jury vote. Zach will vote her out too for “telling” on him to Derrick.
Victoria will go to Jury and Derrick, Frankie and Donny will be $5000 richer.
Calling it now.


That would be the smart thing for Derrick to do. It will come down to whether he would have the $5k or Donny gone. It’s gonna be a hard choice for Derrick. Because of course he wants the money – but we all know how much he wants to get rid of Donny. Probably one of his more interesting dilemmas. I just want what is best for Donny – so I’d like to see Donny win some more money but it may be better for Donny go get out of that house for a while – (but only if we knew he could come back in later).


No way Derrick wants to let go of his goat Victoria. People are idiots for not seeing how much he is protecting her & not wondering why.


This season is the best season of bb ever! Tonight’s show was super intense!


Someone asked earlier about Victoria’s hair loss. She spoke about it with Cody one night and said a couple of years ago it started to fall out – not that she LOST ALL HER HAIR. I think she mentioned something about processing. She didn’t go into detail but said it was the ‘downfall’ of her life. GAG. Anyway – it was not due to illness and it was the recent past so she wasn’t going to be on big brother because like everything else, Victoria values the important things in life – you know, hair, clothing, makeup, etc.

Kathie from Canada

Maybe she had been wearing hair extensions??? They can ruin your hair as well.


I thought she mentioned something to Cody to a couple of weeks ago or so on the hammock as he pretended to act interested. I guess she doesn’t car that 10 pounds extensions won’t do her hair any favors. lol


I didn’t get to watch, but seeing the posts, Caleb not playing is what helped Frankie win… This com was obviously designed to be easy for one person… If I was Caleb, I would’ve participated, and kept mistakenly “bumping” into Frankie to throw him off, and just basically messing the blocks up.. Aren’t you allowed to sabotage someone in a comp, as long as you don’t physically hurt them ??


Frankie talking about his “mega pop star” sister reminds of guys who try to impress you by how they “played a little ball”.

News flash: Nobody cares.


I don’t get why ppl are saying it’s rigged. That competition would be way easier to do alone than with a partner!

Oh production

When we say rigged, we dont necessarily mean the actual game itself. Caleb’s sole objective was to throw that comp and sit on the block with Frankie. After seeing how to play the game, Caleb, just like any normal human being with common sense, would have had the brains to know that had he held a chain, he could have easily thrown the comp. With him not participating, it makes Frankie look good on tv and he is kept around for ratings. I THINK (not know) i speak for most of these conspiracy theorists in saying that some of these houseguests are really good actors and are intentionally helping Frankie through this game.

Oh production

not to mention this was the ONLY BOB comp of the season that didn’t require the participation of two people. That is another sign of production tipping the odds in Frankie’s favor.

BB Production

Don’t forget the chess BOB needed only one person to play. It was the only comp where we knew we could get Jacosta to speak in tongues so we rigged that one too.


That’s true! I think they tell Nicole what to say in the diary room too because she looks super uncomfortable doing it and she always looks at the floor like, ” I hope I said that right”. Love her though! And Donny!


May as well just change the name from “Big Brother” to “Ariana Grande’s Brother!”


Yes, produced by the GRANDE FAMILY, directed by the “other half brother.


They are back from Cowboys training camp. People were yelling at them from the crowd. Wonder if anyone yelled something to help their game?


Because Frankie is gay, lots of his comments are dismissed as cute or funny, when in reality if a straight man made the same remarks he would be criticized and condemned for such.


I was thinking the same thing. In a job it would be sexual harassment. In a way this is their job.

pants on fire

I understand that lying is part of the game, especially to CYA!! What I don’t like is the lying that is started to try and make someone else look bad. Saying so and so said this when they didn’t…that pisses me off!!


Look at Zach being buddy buddy with a guy who’s openly talked about getting him out multiple times.


And by “guy” I mean “Cody.”


Don’t forget Derrick. He’s certainly no saint.


In professional psychological terms it’s known as the “Dude Bro Effect”.

Brittany for the win

I just watched the BOB. What was Caleb thinking? All he had to do was stand up, grab the other chain away from Frankie, and deliberately dump every ball by pulling his end of the board straight up It wasn’t rigged. Meat Head Cowboy can’t couldn’t think on his feet.


It appears that comp advertising pro football coming to CBS was probably supposed to be played the Sunday before the first game…not 3 weeks before where no one would remember. They probably just switched the comps to where one person could win. Will be interesting the next couple of weeks to see if bob will require 2 people to win.