Big Brother Spoilers “lets be honest the cards are exposed it’s down to winning comps”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-10 16-06-08-915

4:03pm Derrick and Cody Bathroom
Cody says the longer Donny is in the house the more idea’s he’s putting in Nicole’s head.
Cody says Donny is always telling Nicole there’s a larger group. Derrick – She’s aware of it because Zach told her.
Derrick – If Nicole and Donny are on the block I think we should vote Donny out this week “
Derrick goes on about the other side grouping up against them and right now they have the numbers if the “hitmen” go up.
Derrick – Donny’s got to go for sure.. the thing that scares me if Nicole wins hOH she won’t put up Victoria and Christine
Cody says if Donny is left in the game he might not put up Zach he might put up Derrick and Cody.
Derrick – I’m playing Nicole.. she doesn’t want to finish 5th place.. she’s has to flip the tables
Derrick says Nicole is taking Christine to the end not Cody same goes for Christine that is why They both have to go.
Cody and Derrick agree Zach has to go
Cody – I have no problem next week
Derick – put him up against Victoria
Cody is going to blindside Zach tell him he has to go up because people are suspicious of the Derrick, Cody, and  Zach alliance.. “The Kids is going home” 1
Derrick – He could win POV easily.
Derrick says Nicole really liked Hayden he’s seen her cry over him twice.
Cody – she said she was crying because he played such an innocent game and he played the best game..
Cdoy – Nicole you have no idea.. our game is ripping through people.

BB16-2014-08-10 16-18-15-022

4:19pm BEEHIVE Cody and Derrick
Cody tells him Christine started an alliance with Nicole and HAyden week two but Christine never trusted HAyden right off the bat..Hayden also never trusted Christine.
Cody – Christine and NIcole are super tight but Nicole was tighter with Hayden and that pissed Christine off .
Derrick and Cody start telling each other keeping Zach and voring out Jocasta was the best game move..(they keep repeating around this conversation almost like they not fully convinced)
Cody says once Donny is gone Nicole really doesn’t have much anymore she will be crippled.
Derrick – Frankie really wants Nicole out

Derrick says Zach was worried that Nicole will put him up next week. Caleb said in front of Frankie that they can get Nicole put up as the replacement nominee he’ll go to Christine and tell her Nicole’s’ plan was to backdoor her if Frankie game down.
Cody – he’s about as dumb as you can get in this game
Derrick – He makes some good points but he doesn’t think before he speaks
Derrick warns him about talking to Christine and Nicole because they will swap information.

Derrick – I think Christine is lying and I think nicole is lying and they are just trying to cover their tracks with you in case you win HOH.

Derrick now saying that ‘next week’ Christine or Nicole have have to go home that way they can pull the remaining one in.
Derick – do we try and make a 3 person alliance with Nicole
Cdoy no she’ll tell Christine in a millisecond ..
Derrick – we’re already exposed completely…
Derrick says if he wins HOH he will put Zach up with Victoria. Zach is messing up everyone’s game he keeps doing it.
Derrick – Victoria is genuinely not a bad person she’s not going to win it but deep down she’s not a bad person .
Derrick wonders if Victoria is working with Nicole thinks there a chance they talk a lot now.
Cody – Victoria talks to everyone
Derick – if Nicole doesn’t go on the block Donny goes home if Nicole goes up we’ll have a conversation
Cody – the house will vote Nicole out
Derrick – there’s no shot in hell Christine will put Nicole up.
Derrick – lets be honest the cards are exposed it’s now down to winning competitions..
Derrick think there’s a real danger of them to going up because they are seen as together.
Derrick thinks Frankie and Caleb are going to mend things during the football trip Derrick is legitimately worried they’ll lose Caleb and now with this Super star sister things are not looking good.

BB16-2014-08-10 16-25-57-080

4:25pm Victoria cleans her hair

BB16-2014-08-10 16-59-23-653

4:58pm Donny is the only one doing muscle train 🙁

BB16-2014-08-10 17-08-14-555

5:04pm Backyard Donny and Cody
Donny says the “fish patties” he’s making are pretty good “I’m going to get Fat”
Zach rolls in they tell him Christine, Caleb and Frankie woke up at 9 and left at 10.
Cody says he left the HOH last night doesn’t want Zach to think he’s pissed or anything.
Zach – everyone hates me. it’s ok
they start talking about the hardships of being a Have Nots. Donny brings up his fish patties, “I stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it was good.. sat down with 3 spoons of peanut butter”

Donny says it’s Jocasta’s birthday today..

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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I’m not even watching the BB tonight. It’s just depressing. I don’t want to watch the Frankie/Derrick show any more!


Don’t be sad bbfangrl. Big brother has some tricks in their bag yet. There may be hope for the underdogs yet.


OMG, go to that website and read the article about Frankie and his wanna be fame that is only in his own head and read the comments that people are writing about him. IT IS HILARIOUS and so funny and true. DUCK LIPS LMAO is what they have nicknamed him and his B listed sister. Do not think having the A and F Grande show on BB is doing CBS any favors or his sister. If you read that article it is showing both in a very negative light and everyone hates them on it. Funny read!


You seriously read Dlisted on a regular basis?? That is one of the most repulsive bottom dweller sites there is..Between the meth head editorial staff writing articles and the crackheads posting ignorant comments about everything. It’s nothing more than a look at what a insane asylum would look like if all the patients were online at once. Ariana is without a doubt one of the most popular young artists in the world right now. She is hardly what you call a nobody, at least to young people who make up a large chunk of the demo that buys albums and singles. If you never heard of her, it’s because you are old.

Detroit Girl

I read the article out of curiosity and because anyone against Frankie is good with me. I know who she is thanks to my sorority mentoring junior high girls. Quips like this are still funny, on or not – “Unless you’re a 13-year-old girl, you probably hear the name “Ariana Grande” and immediately wonder if you can add a shot of pumpkin spice to that (“and no whip…aw f$&@ it, extra whip”).”

Kathy B

Brandt, have a drink, take a pill…whatever. For someone who calls out anyone who has a problem with Frankie, you have no qualms about calling people crackheads, Meth heads, or self-hating. Calm down already. How much is Ariana paying you anyway? Oh and btw, I’m old (60) and I heard of her before this show.




It’s funny, no matter if Donny goes home now, next week, or makes it to the finale, i’m always going to think of him as the winner of this season. 🙂

Kathy B

Kelly, I feel the same! Donny is a sweet kind soul, and I hope he wins America’s favorite by a landslide.


Donny has always reminded me of someone; today I realized that he reminds me of my late father. Someone else that I admired greatly…


I hope Donny wins America’s favorite too! The bonus to that would be seeing Frankie’s face when he doesn’t win it….”but I’m Ariana Grande’s brother!” LOL


That would be a stupid move to get rid of Donny.


Except if Donny goes out now he will have a chance to return. While he’s gone the bomb squad – that doesn’t exist- can get busy and knock each other out…. maybe literally.


The problem is, we really need for Hayden to come back in the house. He figured a lot out when he was evicted (at least according to his interview w/Jeff). I think he and Donny could/would do very well together if he came back in.


Another comment contributor to this site suggested that possibly Zach, Nicole, and Victoria could come together (Nicole and Victoria now know about Derrick’s betrayals) and sway Christine to put up Derrick, and vote that person out with the 3-3 tie for eviction. That’s looking less likely right now because Nicole and Victoria are continuing to beg Derrick to work with them. I’m hoping that’s just a ploy, but at this point, with those two girls, I won’t hold my breath.

If Derrick is really the super fan he says he is, he would realize getting Donny out before the jury members have the opportunity to return to the game could be detrimental. If Donny heads to jury and spills the beans about Team America, the person returning to the game is armed with some pretty decent ammunition to blow up both Derrick’s and Frankie’s games. Those two would be smart to keep him until after the potential return of a jury member. But of course, Derrick is too concerned that Donny has him figured out, but Derrick and Frankie can’t be sure that Donny will keep TA a secret from the other jury members or the house guests as he leaves for the jury. Donny said he wouldn’t say anything if he left, but that was yesterday. Today is a new day, and his game is on the line. Will Donny play that card? Hmm…


That would have worked but Nic and Vic are gone. Back are KnowNothingNic and VapidVic. Derprick did his cop interrogation routine on them last night and now they are feeling guilty for not trusting him. This was their chance and they wussed out preferring to live in the land of denial. They are a waste of estrogen.


Capt. I think Derrick and Cody are a little worried about who Christine may put up tonight. It would be great if she put one of them up. Especially Sgt, Derrick. Christine wake up and see what’s going on around you. It’s time to get your hands out of Cody’s pants – if he hasn’t ask you to leave your husband and marry him by now, he aint gonna. You didn’t know these people before you came into this game and you may never see them again – they are in it for the same reason you’re in it to WIN!!! wake the heck up. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda won’t get you anything after the game.


problem is she needs to out up derrick, but won’t. she’d end up putting up cody, which would be a waste, doesn’t matter anyway, as no one would vote out derrick unless donny starts talking.


But it feels like he gave up, he’s not talking game to Christine, he knows what’s going on and that derrick is playing everybody but he’s not doing nothing to expose him


” oh no. “. Derrick didn’t know !!!! Wow.


Derek is too paranoid!!! I have a feeling that nicole and Christine are going to blindside derek and cody next week. and if u think about it they will age to votes to do so.

Too Late

Were talking about two girls that had all season to make power moves and epically failed. One was too busy fondling another man and the other was too busy playing school girl crush, the game past them both by. Chances are, next week THEY are going to be blindsided… Sucks but they have no one to blame, but themselves.


In Nicole’s defense she did try to make a big move last week, just didn’t work out. Agree completely on Christine though, she will re-nom Victoria and it will be another boring week.


Frankie doesn’t understand what he did to Zach’s emotional game. I mean that kid was ready to freaking come out on national television, he loved him so much. But all he does is turn it into ” but I have too many twitter followers so I had to stab you in the back”. Ughh.

Kathy B

I think Frankie is in for a rude awakening when he reads the blogs and sees how he’s being slammed. It just may turn his hair back to its original color!


ICAM — I’ve never liked Frankie, but I always thought (and still do think) something bigger was going on between him and Zach, he was just to shallow and self-involved to see it. I feel genuinely sorry for Zach.

However, I also feel genuinely sorry for Frankie, he needs some realness in his life, he got scared, and totally sabotaged himself as well as Zach.

Zach did say a yesterday or the day before that he likes Frankie but hates him as a player, so maybe he has more perspective on the whole thing than it seems.

I think he’ll be okay, and I genuinely hope Frankie finds some realness, too.

Extension Cord

“His emotional game.” LOL. Zach is a hypocrite and an emotional retard.


I don’t think Zack is gay. I do think Frankie is over the top and so self absorbed.


I don’t know…..their fight seemed too much like a lover’s quarrel. Esp. the stuff about being cheated on by your wife and sucking your dick. Idk just my 2 cents.


Yea, I guess you have a point there. Zack is an emotional guy.


I don’t think Zach is necessarily gay either, but he’s super guarded and defensive, he seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t let too many people get close, but when he does, he does so with all his heart.

It was pretty obvious he was really and genuinely opening up to Frankie, and Frankie didn’t really see it, or cared to see it, and then just stomped on Zach.

I just hope the experience doesn’t make Zach jaded – but as I said before, he seemed able to distinguish between “game” Frankie and “real life” Frankie, so I think and hope he’ll be fine.


I feel so sad that Donny is all alone and is going to get voted out this week. 🙁


I wish Donnie was my next-door-neighbor so we could stand and talk over the fence and have a beer together.


Donny’s not alone he has a bunch of people rooting for him – people like You and me. Regardless if he wins 500k or not he’ll walk away a winner with his head up, integrity in check and plenty of LOVE. Derrick, Cody and Frankie will not include Christine

Kathy B

I truly hope that someone with a computer shows Donny that he was the favorite houseguest in the polls on this website. If he doesn’t win, at least he’ll know he was beloved by viewers, and that’s something that money or fame can’t buy. (Frankie, take a hint, ya cheese ball!)



Kathy B

Cody is useless. Hasn’t done one thing except listen to Derrick, basically he’s Victoria 2.0.


and voted his best friends out of the house, Brittany, Amber, now he’s jealous of Zach , the dude has issues , he’s always in a pissed off mood


So true! I was laughing when Cody said ” Nicole you have no idea.. our game is ripping through people.” Yeah okay Cody lol. It’s Derrick ‘s game not yours too




Honestly, I think Nicole is right and Hayden was playing the best game before he got screwed by production. Pretty much everyone trusted or at least liked him and he had a solid passive challenge strategy.


Damned golf!


At this point I can just hope that Nicole and Zach can survive next week. The returning player is most likely going to be Donny anyway.


right now my local CBS station has golf on it. i’d be going bugnutz worse if i didn’t have OBB to
fall back on. last Thursday i went over to Channel 38 to see BB due to the football season starting
up again. i’m still recovering from the drama of the double eviction. Simon & Dawg have
the best site going that is the salvation of we BigBro tru-fanz!!! If 60 MINUTES starts in at
9 p.m i might be seeing BB start at 10 p.m my time. sometimes i can look at the BB episodes
online at after midnight or 1 a.m if for whatever reason i missed them earlier that evening.


So if Cody and Derrick think Caleb is going to flip over to Frankie, why wouldn’t they want to evict Frankie next week instead of Zach?

(The Other) Nick

As I said in the comments below, because they are basically idiots. They have no solid strategy, it changes everytime they talk. By this time tomorrow, they will probably come to that conclusion and be rallying Zach to help them again. Hate these guys so much. They think they are smart, in truth, they are just really lucky.


Paranoia trumps rationality for most of these house guests.


Ain’t no way am watching big brother if Donny leaves so production better save Donny like they were saving Frankie’s ass if they don’t wanna lose viewers or stupid ratings. Tell Derrick or Frankie not vote out Donny because they need him for TA mission.


Donny don’t believe your silly ass derrick… shut the fuck up derrick , Donny is not buying your shit….


I live in the LA area and I’m tempted to send over a banner plane to stop this one-sided domination of the game. I figured production doesn’t have any problems saving Frankie this week with BOB, so it would only be fair to shift the balance of the house to the other side. Any ideas on what the banner should say?


I was thinking the same thing earlier today – a plane should go over with a banner saying that Derrick is really a cop – a fact he chose to hide for some reason. Someone did that a few years ago I remember.


Here is a great idea to expose Derrick and it was used on BB Canada 1 on Topaz after she won the HOH.. If people who watched remember Topaz won HOH and was called into the HOH by the host Arisa Cox unaware that the other houseguests were in the living room watching her on the tv screen.. Topaz was given 5 minutes to make her nominees in private, and Topaz made the mistake of talking out loud listing off all the houseguests alliances and secrets. It happened to be an instant eviction so as soon as Topaz went downstairs all the other houseguests had already heard every single word she said and knew who the nominees was.. It was a sneaky move on BB Canada’s part and blew apart Topaz’s game and put her on the hit list for many other players.. This is what they should do to Derrick, this way if he talks out loud thinking he is alone, the other houseguests may finally figure out he was the puppet master and is pulling the strings..


Derrick’s calling the shots, Frankie is NOT America’s fave and Christine, you’re getting divorced!


Ha ha Perfect!!!! Has anyone had a chance to check out Ambers twitter? Calebs brother (the Pastor) isn’t all that nice.

(The Other) Nick

Yeah, funny thing about pastors. When there congregation isn’t present, many of them aren’t that nice.


Nobody knows what the status is regarding Christine’s marriage.. They could very well have an open relationship or maybe they are swingers? Either way they are adults and what they do with others is none of your damm business. There are plenty of married couples who participate in alternative lifestyles, you may not agree with it, but keep your distaste to yourself. If her husband is fine with what he sees on t.v then that’s fine with me. I am not offended.

Capt Obvious

‘Frankie’s not straight’


The banner should say “America thinks you are all a bunch of idiots and pervs”!!!!


Get Derrick & Frankie out if you want to win


Derrick is a undercover policeman
Frankie told his story for votes
Derrick and Cody are the Hit men
Donny, Zach, Caleb, Victoria and Nicole come together, or your out!
Frankie is not the only liar
There are so many things to say, probably would cost you a fortune.


“banner should say”…
derricks a cop…




Crow got it.


Lmao!! This just made my day.


She’s all bald under there. Just like the Queen of England.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, when Victoria and Caleb were connected she was saying something to the fact that she had some illnesses when she was a child that took all her hair out. Caleb ask her what was the illness and she refused to discuss it. If someone knows something else please advise. Thanks


The only good thing about being older is that you have wisdom. This cast is to naive and gullible and I believe their age has a lot to do with it That is why Donny can see through Derrick.


It’s almost like the tortoise and the hare, just taking his time to get to the finish line and before you know boooom gotcha. When Derrick looks up he’s going to see Donny and ask him where did you come from and Donny (in his slow voice he will say) While you were a willin and dealin “I was just taking my time to cross over this line”.


Someone please tells what’s going on. Not only did I have to be subjected to golf now 60 minutes.

BB quiz

There should be a big brother 16 quiz to be allowed to vote to prevent non big brother fans from voting in Frankie’s favor


Hate Derrick and Cody. They are really not good players, they change their minds about who is a threat and who they want out and who they want to work with every freaking conversation. They are skating by on Cody’s looks and Derrick’s gross manipulation tactics that he learned from being a cop. Seriously, the way he treats Victoria is gross, and it does border on abusive. I blame production for putting someone as fragile as her in this game though. It’s almost like they designed this season for Derrick to bowl these people over. He’d have never lasted in the house with any of the greats. Even last season’s players like Amanda and Helen probably would have seen right through him well before now. I just don’t get it. Please, someone, nominate this loser!


Just seems to me B.B. Has locked in the Money people Skanky/His sister. &Rinestone. Cowgirl. W/His daddy’s. Thousands of Acres of Trophy hunting ranch in Texas.


Derrick now saying that ‘next week’ Christine or Nicole have have to go home that way they can pull the remaining one in.
Derick – do we try and make a 3 person alliance with Nicole
Cdoy no she’ll tell Christine in a millisecond ..

Cody is an idiot! If the hitmen and Vic make it to the end, I will love to see Cody’s face when Derick takes Vic!

(The Other) Nick

i don’t want Derrick to even get 2nd, but it might actually be worth it to see that smug smile wiped off Cody’s face.

new to BB 14

Don’tcha love how Christine put Donny on slop (peanut&jelly fish) and Donny turns it around and makes a delicious meal and enjoys it? The man is pure he is Americas favorite !!


That’s right Derrick, start second guessing yourself. That’s what gets you in trouble, and that is what is going to hopefully be your demise soon enough!


Big brother needs to go the monday night next season


I’m on to you CBS. You need a two-hour delay because you are still working on Frankie’s edit, trying to make him look good.


cody is gay…. Frankie,Nicole and even Hayden has questions about it… hell he cant even get hard around the girls in the house…


Early on I began to think the guys were all gay except maybe Hayden. It was odd how the bros kept voting all the cute girls out and high fiving each other. What the heck? The only showmance was dealt with swiftly. Maybe it’s something in the food these days.

(The Other) Nick

I’ve been convinced for awhile that Cody is or was working as an escort. I imagine if it’s true, being in that line of work makes you pretty dependent on viagra to “perform consistently”


As much as Christine is hated, I wouldn’t mind seeing her and nicole in final three with donny. I think they can change the house and heck! Maybe christine and donny can work together secretly and no one would expect it. Derrick is playing an amazing game but I think Zach might have just ruined it. Anything can happen on BB. 😛


Derrick is a soulless demon that practically abuses Victoria by saying that she had better not doubt him again and making HER apologize to HIM! Cody is THE biggest floater in the history of BB and what Zach did to damage Derrick the Dick’s game was amazing. If Zach leaves, I’m done watching this season. All I want is for Derrick or Cody to leave next week. Especially Derrick the Dick


I do too. I would love to see Derrick and codys game be in the hands of the outsiders and when they ask the final two what their best game move was will be voting out those two. haha 😛

However nicole is the one that still trusts DERRICK!! wake up Nicole


Christine too. come on girls. Get it together. lol


It’s total bs. Ms Grande is already tweeting about what a “great” move Frankie did, and she has 17 million followers. Come voting time, who is going to bet there will be constant tweets to go online to vote for him, with most not even knowing what the show is. This is the time I have ever watched BB and CBS did a perfect job of turning me away from it. I’m just watching from here now to keep track of Donny.


Since Ms. Grande decided to stick her big fat mouth on Twitter and proclaim her duck lip son something next to a God, perhaps she needs a wake up call. In my book it seems as if her entire family is pretty trashy and lie. I mean her lying son already said he would only spend 45,000 of the 500,000 to build “so called” schools in Africa not that anyone is buying any of that BS that they would spend any of it on charity. I mean it they were going to do something for charity there are plenty of places to do it home in America or they would of already done it in Africa if they have as much money as they seem to claim. Hope the backlash against her family continues and adversely affects them all since the only reason Frankie is still on the show has nothing to do with him and all with Production. Geez, this whole family makes me want to puke and it does seem as if a lot of America agrees with me. Note to the Grande family: NOT ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY AND NEGATIVE PUBLICITY IS JUST THAT NEGATIVE PUBLICITY AND SEEMS AS IF IT IS BITING YOUR FAMILY IN THE BUTT!!!! Your son acts like a classless putrid sick perv who needs to grow up!

Kathie from Canada

I really believe the only thing that would motivate Frankie to do anything charitable with money would be for the tax write-off!! Seriously!

The Other Kel

He doesn’t pay taxes, he doesn’t have a job! I made the mistake of actually looking him up on YouTube. Ugh. As unfunny as he is on BB, believe it or not, he is worse in vidoes. But mostly all I saw was an idiot holding a camera in his own face while he did x, y, z, including his sister’s first big show–yes, almost totally the camera on HIM looking and obnoxiously screaming while she was on stage! It’s like if a friend of yours went to the pyramids and took photos of themselves looking AT the pyramids. Except it’s videos. A lot of them. I wouldn’t make my own mother look at photos of me like that, and she really really loves me. How spoiled this boy must have been. And let’s not forget he’s actually had to live being “the untalented sibling,” for a long time, so there’s probably been a lot of over-praise, considering his lack of such. For whatever reason, most of the things he says make my skin crawl.
“We go to Africa twice a year.” Africa is really really really expensive, so clearly they are like super-rich, not just regular rich. It was funny how that whole, “I’m gonna build schools in Africa if I win with the money,” soon turned to, “Well if I win I’ll build four, and if I get second I’ll build two, or if I only have my stipend I will build one.” So clearly, four would only cost roughly $20,000 each, making that only $80,000 total out of $500K, and so where’s the rest going, Frankie? Such a liar, that one.


You do realize that it is Zach who is unemployed right?? BB 16 makes no secret of that and flashes that on t.v. for all to see.. I was under the impression that Zach was a trust fund kid who plays golf all day.. Don’t get me wrong though, I am a big ZachAttack/Zankie fan. But if you are going to bash Frankie for being “supposedly” unemployed then you have at least acknowledge the only player that BB 16 is announcing that in fact has no job, that would be Zach.


Who the hell do you think you are to pass judgment on anyone when it comes to their choice to support charities? How ironic you chose the name “Integrity” when it’s blatantly obvious you have no fucking clue what that word means! Criticizing and insulting family members of BB 16 players who are doing what families are expected to do and that is support one another is not only disgusting but shows what little you know about the concept of family banding together to support one another. What a pitiful excuse for a human being you are… I take it your own family abandoned you as a child, there is no other explanation for your entire ludicrous rant against Frankie’s family and the aversion you have of families supporting one another.


Yes, families should support each other, but as a public figure with a huge fan base Ariana has a responsibility to be very careful in how she shows her support. Asking her fans to vote for her brother would be using them, blatantly screwing the real BB fans & process, & would not be promoting her positive image IMO.


I know this would never happen but…
Wouldn’t it be cool if Zach uses veto on Donny. Christine then nominates Cody or Derrick. Then Donny, Nicole, and Victoria vote out Cody/Derrick with Christine breaking the tie to send Cody or Derrick home. House is flipped and new alliance of 5 formed. Only if Zach, Christine, Nicole, Donny, and Victoria would work together…


The only person who likes golf is zack….

Derr- a- licked

Christine has a HUGE opportunity to change the game around if gets the head of the dragon ( Derrick0 OUT! Would love to see cody’s face. C’mon Christine, redeem yourself. Start playing with Donny and Zach but there may have been too much damage done for them to trust you UNLESS you put King Derrick up .Derrick and Cody need a big taste of the block for a change. I wanna see Donna dominate the rest of the game.

Derr- a- licked

oops mean Donny not Donna


Donny gets my vote for America’s Favorite. I can’t quit thinking about the sweet letter his girlfriend sent him…….Donny is more of a man than any of those clowns in the house.


I don’t understand why everyone here hate great players so much. Derrick is playing one of the best games in BB history. Frankie is playing great too, I’m baffled as to why people hate him so much (although based on the comments homophobia plays a roll). Everyone likes Donny, who is sweet and sincere, yet has made zero game moves. He failed to create or join a solid alliance and is paying the price. Zach is also popular even though he is unable to control his emotions and continuously blows up his alliances. I watch this show for game-play and that ultimately involves lying, backstabbing and manipulating. Getting upset at a player for lying in this game is like getting pissed at someone for breaking eggs in an omlette competition.


I don’t hate Derrick. I do not know if I am annoyed or impressed that Derrick continues to successfully glamour people into believing him and doing what he wants.


Yes, you are 100% correct. Derricks social is near perfect so far. My theory to people’s hate is solely due to him going against Donny from the beginning and not trusting him. Donny has a huge fan base and if you want him out, then his fans dislike like that player. If you ask the ones on here that spew hate towards Derrick, what player they want to win. They would say Donny.


Homophobia my a$$. I’m gay and can’t stand Frankie or Derrick!

The Other Gay

Yep, I’m gay too, and Frankie, to me, is one of those people that give us gays a bad name! He was soooo cold tonight right at the end of the BOB when he said to Zach, who was/is really emotionally hurt by him, something like, “Well, what are you gonna do about it, I’m safe this week!?” That was just so showing of who he really is. And don’t tell me that I don’t like gameplayers if I don’t like Derrick–he’s doing stuff and saying stuff which is not game-related that makes me dislike him as much as I do, and his gameplay is not brilliant.
And Donny has played this game, or have you forgotten how it was one of his many wins that took Devin out for everybody else in the house?? He knew he had to last, so pretty quiet at first, until these people started taking each other out, which is what they’ve been doing, and hopefully he can sqeak by again this week, but he is playing, it’s just not as crazy and busy as making five alliances a day like Derrick keeps doing. Jeez, Derrick shoulda been found out weeks ago! Since he wasn’t, then he is seen as a great player? It’s like in poker. You look like a genius if you go all-in with your pair of 2’s to push a guy off a pair of K’s, but if he calls you then you’re an idiot, right? The perspective changes just because he’s gotten away with it. Derrick’s been really lucky, that’s all.


Well then.. That makes two self hating gays bashing on Frankie.. Any more?


Derprick is once again pulling VapidVic back into his web. She is going to be devastated when she gets out and sees the things he’s said about her and how he’s laughed at her for being is pawn. Of course he doesn’t care. He makes jokes about how dumb she is, etc. Yes she’s VapidVic but I don’t know if she’s going to have the emotional stability to deal with what she sees.

writing is on the wall

I don’t think Victoria trusts Derrick 100% anymore. I think she knows there is some truth to what Zach said. I also think the DR is putting ideas in her head. She was called to the DR early this morning when everyone else except Donny slept very late. You can just tell by her body language and the look on her face that she knows something is up. She tried to share her doubts with Nicole earlier today, but Nicole was too afraid to say anything. I think her days in the house are numbered.


She trust him a lot. To the extent she said she couldn’t play the game anymore if he was voted out. Watch their convo from today in the bee hive. Derricks brilliant ass, made her feel like the guilty party. She apologized to him.


production pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
let Donny stay without him big brother whould of been going down an down ratings cause of last year but this year we got a great person in the house that treats every one with repect and care his girlfriend and family must be really proud of him in I know they are on
so please production find a way to keep Donny


Derrick needs to shave his stupid little pube beard


honestly it wont shock me if Victoria ends up evicted Thursday. production is going to work overtime all week to save Donny… I also believe that if he ends up in jury he will be back in the house in two weeks….


I guess I am the only one that enjoys Derrick manipulating these people. He literally was spitting game to the entire house at on time last night in the hoh. They ate it ups the the morons they are. He has one of the most brilliant social games in BB history. He sucks at comps. But his social game is great, can’t deny it. Whether you dislike him or not.


Thing bout Derricks game, no one knows he is pulling the strings. Unlike Dan or Will, they all realize it. He’s hard work is getting unnoticed and because if that he won’t win

It’s good being the puppet master, but if everyone thinks it’s Frankie you’re screwed.

Love BB

Would love to see a twist (in this non-twisted season) that once Zach takes himself off the block & Nicole/Victoria is put up, Julie says “OK America….you get to vote in this eviction” & not tell the HGs until the vote is tallied & announced on Thursday.

Would be priceless to see Derricks face when Donny stays!


For those who don’t like Derrick’s gameplay Dan Gheesling disagrees with you .