Z – “I just don’t need him [Frank] coming back” Paulie “He can’t, its pre-jury. If he goes, he’s gone!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 17-27-27-175
5:20pm Bedroom – Frank asks Tiffany doesn’t see it coming, do she? Michelle says no she’s been cleaning. Frank says this morning I walked around the corner and smiled at her and she turned around and kept cleaning. I’ve tried to be nice and get her to open up to me but she just won’t. She doesn’t sit down and bug me like she bugs ya’ll. Gosh if Natalie goes home next week Natalie is going to be sh*tting bricks. They talk about how Natalie flirting with Corey and how someone should tell James. Nicole says if he gave her the time a day .. they would be for sure a thing. She called him (Corey) s*xy. She says it pretty much every day. Michelle says I want Paulie to tell James the stories about her and her friends back in New York. Because she’s not this good girl that he thinks. Literally, I think the reason why she doesn’t drink here is because she made a promise to her best friend .. her best friend probably knows how wild she is. Being flirty and who knows what else she does. Nicole says she did tell me she will drink in jury and when she drinks she makes out with everyone. Michelle says see you should tell James that. Nicole says no he would like that. Frank says James would be like send me to jury with her. I think we’re better off sending her home after Bronte. Let him have fun and get more focused when she goes home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 17-55-38-798

5:45pm Bathroom – DaVonne and Nicole are whispering. DaVonne says me, you, Michelle, James.. Nicole says I can’t convince Corey (to keep Tiffany) because he doesn’t like her. DaVonne says you can convince James to tell Natalie to vote out Paul. Nicole says but if we don’t tell Z.. DaVonne says that’s my only concern because she doesn’t like her. Nicole asks are we going to vote out Bronte or Paul? Davonne says I’ll vote out Paul. Zakiyah will vote Bronte out. James will vote Bronte out. Zakiyah joins them. Davonne asks Zakiyah .. what do you think about flipping and voting out Bronte. Zakiyah says I’ll so whatever you guys want. Nicole says Tiffany would never put us up. Frank has been in Bronte’s ear all week. That’s another Bridgette. She’s (Tiffany) gunning for Frank. We’ve got the same goal. That’s us 3 (Davonne, Nicole, Zakiyah), Michelle and James. (Voting to keep Tiffany) Nicole says I’m just trying to keep someone in here that won’t put me or my allies up. Zakiyah says I’m on board. Nicole says he’s (Frank) going to be pissed but it doesn’t matter if he’s not HOH. Nicole says Frank is going to beast it in the POV .. I would be scared to be in it. That’s why we need a boy to play in the veto and maybe go up as a pawn. DaVonne says Paulie or James. Zakiyah asks how should I put it to Paulie. Nicole says she would never put up Paulie. DaVonne says her target is Frank and Frank’s target is her.

6pm Frank suggests getting Paulie out next. We can get Corey out later. Michelle says I think we need to cut someone from our team. I just wonder if anyone is coming back. Frank says probably but I hope not.

In the bathroom – Zakiyah tells Paulie we need to talk about some stuff! Paulie asks what kind of things? Zakiyah says changes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 18-16-22-056
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6:20pm Paulie joins Zakiyah on the hammock. She asks him what if we made a change to who we are getting out. Why get out someone that is on the same team and someone that also whats Frank out. Paulie says the reason why I think Tiffany is when you think long term. Zakiyah says I don’t think she would be staying long term. She wouldn’t be coming for you, me or DaVonne. Paulie says right now she is a long term threat. Once she gets Frank out .. who is she after next? She’s a lone wolf .. who is she going to latch on to? Get her out this week and we’re down to 12, get Frank out next week and we’re down to 11 and then we’re in control. Frank and Tiffany are capable to win something. Bronte won’t. Zakiyah says yeah, you’re right. Paulie says the first two people she (Tiffany) would try and blow up would be Corey and I, You and I or Nicole and Corey. She (Tiff) is the best option to go this week. She’s a strategist, you’ve got to tag those people. Her sister was the same way. It would be foolish to make the same mistake two seasons in a row. Natalie and Bronte will never will a damn thing. You can pop them off whenever you want. She’s too good, too good and dangerous. Zakiyah says I just don’t need him coming back. Paulie says he can’t, its pre-jury.. if he goes, he’s gone! Zakiyah says I think that’s good. Paulie says I know Corey wants Tiff out this week for a fact.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 18-19-15-721

6:30pm – 6:40pm You, DaVonne, Z, Paulie, Corey and I just got added into it. Even though you guys have been in it for awhile. Nicole says its not really an alliance its a group. Nicole tells James Tiff is good to keep because she is targeting Frank and not us. Bronte wanted to put me up week 1. James asks do you trust Frank? Nicole says no! Nicole says Z is good about keeping Tiffany. Nicole tells James that if Corey was into Natalie she would be with him. He doesn’t like her though. James says you kinda like him though don’t you. Nicole says a little bit.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 18-22-12-492

6:40pm – 7:05pm Tiffany asks Paulie do you think I’ll be okay this week. Paulie says yeah, you’ll be fine. Tiffany says I just think I haven’t done anything to deserve a blindside. James stands up and asks our team is out here. Who are we voting out?! Paulie says Tiffany she’s the long term threat. Corey says I don’t know why we’re doing Frank’s dirty work for him. Nicole says if Tiffany is still in the house she’s Franks target. Paulie says her sister was in the similar position and ended up blowing up everyone’s games. Nicole sasy she would never put you up. Paulie says Tiffany is a strategist. Frank is her target next week. Who is her target after that. Especially if she finds out she was this close to going home. You have the opportunity to take someone dangerous now you take it. Corey says Bronte would put someone from our team up, Tiffany wouldn’t. Corey asks will Bronte go after Frank next week? James says I talked to her and Natalie and they said the would put him up. Michelle joins them. James asks her who she wants out? Michelle says Bronte. Paulie says you guys are literally forgetting what Vanessa did last season. Corey says she sucks in competitions. Who is Tiffany connected to? No one. Who’s Bronte connected to? A lot of people. Nicole says the only part of Tiffany staying that scares me is that Frank will know right away and be pissed. James says yeah he’ll be gunning for HOH. Paulie says he’ll know something is up and not throw the HOH. Nicole says if you two (Paulie & Michelle) are throwing it .. what does it matter. Paulie says if you guys want to keep Tiffany .. they everyone needs to keep their mouths shut for at least 3 weeks. James says I think maybe right now we don’t rock the boat. Paul joins them and the conversation ends.

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Corey's slippers

I wonder if Frank would wear me while taking a shower so Corey can watch? Chills!!!!

An ornery mouse

Poor Glenn…. I wonder what Glenn’s total front-desk tab is gonna be from all the porn flicks he’s ordered throughout these lonely weeks BB has had him stashed away in whichever hotel. Not to mention the extra labor required by the cleaning crew to rid his room of the “excess stickiness.”

He’s probably gonna need that $500,000 just to break even.




Hmm so will Z go with Paulie or everyone else?


I think we all know the answer to that question. Z will do what she’s told to do by Paulie. She’s letting emotions (similiar to kids who go away to summer camp and have their first crush) rule her. What Paulie says, she’ll gladly do.

The Matrix has you...

Frank is delusional. The girls are all a bunch of needy clingy ho’s who don’t have a brain for themselves except for Tiffany and Davonne. The guys are a bunch of tools. James is the only one I like. Worst cast in a while. I’d rather watch the racists from season 15 over these duds. At least they were entertaining and had a backbone.


Couldn’t agree more!!!

Cornelius Evazan

He doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either. You just watch yourself, I have the death sentence on 12 systems.

Fluke Starbucker

James: I’ll be careful.
Frank: You’ll be evicted!
Paulie: This little one’s not worth the effort. Come on, let me get you something, type thing.



Dirk Nowitzki

I’m an old cowboy and a long way from home. Yodel deedle laidy deedle laidy hee!


my mouth waters for that creme filled chocolate treat

Friedrich Mercury

Great pic of Michelle displaying tonsils.


Can’t tell at this point but really hope Bronte goes. Sorry Paulie but you really stink worse than a Frank fart. How is Tiff a super comp threat when she couldn’t pull out a POV win over Bridgette? How do you know that Bronte can’t win a comp? What your pea brain should be telling you is that Tiff is less likely to side with Frank who would/has thrown your name out for eviction. Tiff is in your own words a “lone wolf”. If in your perfect world both Tiff and Frank go and it is down to 11 then Paul, Bridgette, Nat and Bronte=4. A large voting block against you and the 8 pack that DID NOT INCLUDE YOU! You don’t know about the prerjury but back but Tiff, Frank, Vic or Josea won’t be siding with you. Add “I hope I can tap that (Nat) after the show” James and you can spend your time in jury house knowing that lil bro Cody did better than you despite having foolishly handed the half mil to Derrick.


Paulie is as pushy as Frank. And his only point over and over was Vanessa did this, Vanessa did that. Tiffany is not Vanessa. Lol. I’m sorry, I like Tiffany but she simply just isn’t Vanessa. She’s as smart as her sister but I just do not see any similarities in strategies as far as gameplay.

And bronte and Paul would kill Tiffany in any physical comps. Paulie is getting on my last nerve.


The only thing I can think of as to why the house guests think Tiffany is such a strategist is the DR. The only reason they consider keeping her is she’s Frank’s target. No one is building anything with her, no one trusts her, she’s out in a week or two anyway.
I swear production pushed this Vanessa 2.0 thing and the house guests bought it and now they’ll vote her out and production will spin it like they managed to take down internet meme Norris.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy



There are so many people trying to play BB like it’s won in a week instead of 3+ months (Frank/Day/Paulie for starters). Meanwhile the winner of BB18 is eating muffins and getting crumbs in his beard lol.

Paulie is right to want Tiff out for his game the same way Day is right to want to keep Tiff for hers. “Once she gets Frank out .. who is she after next?” Is the exact question that Nic/Z/Corey should be asking themselves. Is Paul or Nat suddenly going to become the next huge target? Unlikely. Paulie shouldn’t push so hard publicly though. He only needs to convince Nic/Z/Corey and the four of them could vote with Frank to get rid of Tiff.

I don’t think Tiff realizes she’s being used by Day to get rid of Paulie and Corey so she can try and rope Nic and Z back into her fold. Z’s flaw is trusting Day. But then again she spends more time watching Paulie then she does the other players, or she’d see that Day talks to everyone (minus the SG’s).

Powder Puff Girls

Lol love your comment about Paul! I did not like him at the start but really like him now. Would love to see learn the ropes and move forward!

#TeamPaul gotta love the underdog! will take him crumbs in beard!


“Meanwhile the winner of BB18 is eating muffins and getting crumbs in his beard lol.”

Haha thank you for that ;’)


Hahahaha. Eating muffins and getting crumbs in his beard and winning BB. Laughing out loud. And could very well be what happens. He sure learned how to play this game quickly. He should have been gone the way he started.


These people are driving me crazy!! They keep changing their minds and I hate not knowing whos getting evicted Thursday. If I wanted to be surprised I wouldn’t read all the spoilers and I wouldn’t have live feed.


You’ll know before Thursday…. This is likely just production stirring the pot. Need material for the edits each week. This stuff is made for the 1st 2 blocks on Thursday for CBS.


How in the name of Zeus is Paulie on the top of the “Most Strategic” poll? He is fixated on Tiffany as much as Frank is. Wish someone would tell him who Frank’s target is next week. HIM! Why are they all going along with him? So he & Frank vote for Tiff to leave…so what? The rest of them vote Bronte out & she goes.

And James!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is wrong with you?? “Maybe we don’t rock the boat”?? Wise up!

Anonymous Guest

Dawg – I love your updates – thanks to you and Simon for all the hard work you do on this site – but would it be possible to put who is present for a conversation at the start of each section like Simon does? Sometimes it’s hard to know who is in a group and who is talking to who. Again, thanks for the time you put into all this!


Let’s be honest here dawg you’ve had a few to many don’t blame it on sleep lol


This is great because at least half these people are going to regret flipping this vote in a big way.


And just like that for no reason Day and James have made targets of themselves !!!!!!!!!!!! You could bring them back 10 years in a row and they would still be clueless.


Nic just decided that she wants to hold onto Frank one extra week, and get Frank to take out Day (Nic’s real target). So it looks like as of now with Nic/Corey/Paulie/Z and Frank leaning towards Tiff that Tiff will be leaving. Sorry to disappoint the people hoping for a wrench in the plans. Oh and Nic wants to throw Day UTB to Frank and tell him she tried to flip the house. Looks like Day may be the first vet out potentially.

Day should have just laid back for the first few weeks. Instead she had to get involved in everything. She has made herself look like a schemer.


Can’t wait for Frank to use a Spy Girl to first get Nic’s “not that into you” BF Corey out and then Nic herself. She should know better than to side with Frank. He has no interest in bringing a vet to F2. If she truly believes he is a comp beast then she must believe he would dominate a F4. Jury in 2 weeks or jury last 2 weeks you still lose. Hide in his shadow now but he will use you until all your potential allies (Corey, Da, Tiff, Michelle) are gone then toss you aside . What a waste of a second chance.


I don’t think Nic is playing Frank’s game. She just doesn’t want to play Day’s game either because she is catching onto the fact that Day and Frank are playing similarly. Day is being more and more obvious that she is NOT happy with the showmances that are forming in the house. She’s even salty about James/Nat. Maybe she’s upset she doesn’t have an obvious pair, but Day is missing the fact that eventually the showmances will be bigger targets over her if she’d just lay low and not scheme so blatantly.


Hann. Go get some air take a BB break. I am sick of having to scroll past six of your long posts every update.

Sorry some of us only can stop and check in here quick a couple times a day and you posting 60 times today about how you want Tiffany out is a little annoying to a lot of people. But do as u must.

Rant over.


I agree with you 100%. I thought Nichole was a better player than this. She is one big and fast flip flopper.


Da saw this coming and that is why she’s trying to get James, Tiff and Michelle, she see these girls like Nicole and Za latch on to these penises; its pretty pathetic cause they will always come in 2nd place if that .. there could be a tight 5 person girl alliance with a side piece if they knew how to run game


I’d agree that Z is getting a bit distracted by Paulie, but (and I say this as someone who isn’t even a Nic fan) Nic to me isn’t playing just for Corey. She realizes that she can’t trust Day. She thought she could trust Day and have the two of them and Z get themselves to the F3. Nic and Z have even mentioned liking each other’s company over their showmances implying that they want to go to the F2 together. But Day wasn’t having any of it because she didn’t like the idea of being a “5th wheel.”

If you’re looking at the game objectively you’d have to agree that Day has been playing similar to Frank. She’s thrown Z, Tiff, Mich, James, Nat, Paul, Paulie, Frank, Corey, etc. all under the bus repeatedly. Frank has done much the same. This is why Nic doesn’t trust her and wants her out, but Nic also wants Frank gone. She’s just taking a huge chance that could backfire if they can’t get Frank out later. However it may be best that Frank doesn’t get a chance to compete in the buy back challenge. I’d like to see Tiff, Victor, of Glenn come back.

Day for me has not learned from her mistakes last season, and I’d be fine with her going next week honestly from a game perspective. I’ll miss her DR’s though.


Nicole doesn’t think she can trust ANYONE. Possibly maybe Corey although I think Corey would flip on her in 2 seconds for Paulie. Nicole is easily the most paranoid in the house. And flip flops more than anyone on the show.


I agree, but at the same time siding with Frank is worse because he will stay and win and take out her allies such as Michelle, Corey, Paulie.. If Nicole is playing for 2nd or 3rd then good on her. And I agree with a comment about her being very paranoid and insecure; that isn’t strong game play, we saw where that took her last time she played the game.


I think that game wise Tiff is safer to keep than Bronte or Paul because they each have 3 other people to work with and Tiff only has Da. But there are no real guarantees on the perfect strategy or on who can be trusted. The only thing I feel safe about guaranteeing is that Nicole will definitely not be in the running for AFP this year.


Wow…the gameplay, the strategies, the delusions, the backstabbing. I don’t know who has whose back, no idea who is aligned with whom, and is Nicole actually playing Big Brother? For her not to trust Day, that Day is her target and she wants to run to Frank to spill all the beans? She would rather do Frank’s dirty work, Nicole needs to give up nursing and go into acting!
Poor Corey is going in as many directions as his eyeballs.
Paulie is cute to look at but not the brightest bulb…Tiffany would be loyal for at least two weeks, long enough to get rid of Frank and Bridgette. I realize Day benefits most by keeping Tiffany but Frank is looking to coast to first place by eliminating all threats and keep the empty headed, easily manipulated around him. They all win by keeping TIff around for a little bit longer.
Day needs to pull in the other loners : James, Michelle, Natalie and Paul because the she is expendable to both Spy Girls and Showmances.


“Poor Corey is going in as many directions as his eyeballs.”

Oh god, I’ve been laughing about this for the last 5-10min. The dude really does have some wobbly eyeballs.


Every single year I don’t like how a lot of BB fans get so combative and hateful when people go against the way their favorites wanna vote. Like I GET IT you like Tiffany and Day (AND I DO TOO) but you can’t blame Nicole, Paulie, Corey, Z, etc… for not wanting to do it because they are PLAYING THE GAME

Keeping Tiffany for Nicole would be playing FOR Day and she is playing FOR HER. Getting rid of Tiffany would put Day in a vulnerable situation and while that is NOT good for her it IS good for Nicole who can use that to propel her further with other people she’s aligned with. For Paulie, Tiff is a smart competitor and someone who he sees as a long term threat and a sharp minded person that he does NOT want to risk having to go after any later. AKA they are acting in self interest which means they are PLAYING BIG BROTHER. It would’ve been great for Day if everyone went along with it but they ain’t playing Day’s game their playing their own and I think we should all just watch, respect, and be entertained by the different gameplays, whether you agree with them or not, rather than being like HATEFUL BC IS ALL JUST IN THE GAME!!!!!


Well said


I agree with you 100%

I can tell when some people here and on Twitter aren’t being objective in their responses of thumbing up and down. We all have our faves, but it’s ridiculous for us to hate on HG for playing the game to further themselves. It’s not like people are attacking Tiff personally. I wouldn’t stand for that at all. But it doesn’t make since for the showmances to keep Tiff. She is maybe good for their game for two weeks, but after that with Frank and Bridge gone (in a perfect world) who are the next big targets? Hint hint it’s not Paul and Nat. It’s the showmances. And no Bronte isn’t good for their game either, but she’d have to actually win something first to put a wrench in their sailing to the end.

Frank isn’t coming for Nic so it doesn’t directly hurt her to try and keep him. It will hurt her indirectly if he stays longer than she anticipates and takes out valuable allies like Paulie and Corey. Day has been floating all over the house between multiple alliances and we all know it. Nic has caught onto this tactic and rightly wants to take out a schemer.

Nic and Paulie aren’t trying to play Day or Frank’s games, they are trying to better position themselves. You know kind of the whole point of playing Big Brother lol! At least we can all enjoy the fact that gameplay is picking up and things are getting interesting fast. I’m enjoying this season even though I thought I’d have a lot of reason not to (an 8/9 person alliances dominating would have been smart, but incredibly boring).

Powder Puff Girls

There are pro’s and con’s for keeping Tiff. Personally I do not think she makes a difference. Keeping her to use her to put up Frank is ridiculous she has no proven track record for HOH Roadkill wins. Gaining a vote to vote out Frank could go sideways once Tiff finds out she has been on Da’s, Paulies hit list. It is too early to forecast they should get her out now instead of hoping for the best! Paul and Bronte are no threats. You never know she could even join up with Frank if she does not leave – no one would suspect it and they could do some damage together as she is a lone wolf.


Kmb well said!!!


Just to clarify, when I asked if Nicole was playing Big Brother, I meant it in a “quelle surprise” sort of way because she really is playing! It does suck she is going against Day (I do not expect her (Day) to win but I do want her to go a little farther in the game…she is pretty intuitive) but it is what it is.
Paulie irks my nerves using Vanessa’s gameplay as his reason for getting rid of Tiffany. I hope he has a good comeback when that very reason is used against him to get him out.


nicely put


I cannot believe Nicole right now. She is completely throwing Day under the bus. She not only told Corey that they need to get Tiffany out and keep Frank longer but pitched that they tell Frank it was Day’s idea to flip the votes to save Tiffany. Nicole’s loyalty to the Corey and the guys is going to get her kicked out, and quite frankly she will deserve it.


You’re a bit off the mark, I think. Nicole is going with an alliance that she feels she can trust–and right now, Corey and Paulie are both way more trustworthy than Da. Neither of them, nor Frank, has said anything bad about her, whereas Da has started to question her (not to her face) a little bit.

It’s not as though Nicole trusts Frank, but she’s right to think that he’s not targeting her right now. Why not keep in a big target who isn’t going for you for a couple more weeks? She’s playing smart, on the whole, and is pretty aware of the social and strategic dynamics of the house. They only thing that could hold her back are her feelings for Corey.


Frank IS targeting everyone Nicole is working with.


I hope this blows up in Nicole’s face. She is the most shady of them all. Nobody sees it. It would be awesome if Bronte wins HOH or roadkill and Nicole ends up on the block with Corey or Paulie.


It’s Big Brother. Shady is the name of the game. The fact that no one notices means she’s playing a good game.


Nicole is terrible right now. Corey too! They flip flop every 10 minutes. I can’t believe anyone could trust her. Everyone talks about how bad Frank’s playing but Nicole and Day are terrible. Nicole wants to hang on to Frank and Corey’s like “ok” knowing Frank has said he wants him out soon. I can’t with Nicole anymore. Where’s Coin Slot when you need them?


Because telling people what they want to hear is such bad gameplay. It totally didn’t work for Steve, Derrick, Andy, and pretty much every winner before them.

Nicole is in no way playing worse than Frank because no one in the house is targeting her right now.

Dang, she really can’t win with people here. Everyone complains about her “not playing the game” but when she thinks strategically and does what’s best for her game they say she’s this monstrous bitch.


Nicole’s strategy will result in all the people she is working with evicted because although she isn’t being targeted they are. Both Frank and Da’Vonne want to isolate Nicole to make her dependent on them.

First Nicole considers whether evicting Tiffany is doing Frank’s dirty work. Now she considers whether keeping Tiffany is doing Da’Vonne’s dirty work… so, Nicole, no matter what you do it is going to be someone else’s dirty work because you don’t have a game and when Corey and Paulie are gone you are going to be a butter kisser just to stay in the game.


Paulie needs to stop comparing Tiffany to Vanessa. Not everything that happened with Vanessa last year is going to happen this year. If anything, he should be worried people will start comparing him to Cody and that he has a secret final 2.


Tiffany told some of the girls that Vanessa told her not to start playing the game till the 3rd or 4th week so I don’t think we know what her strategy is. But Paulie and Tiff have had allot of conversations so I believe he has some insight into how she plans on playing.
You do make a good point about Paulie shutting up though. He keeps pointing out about Vanessa somebody is going to start comparing him to Cody.

Powder Puff Girls

It is hard for him NOT to compare Tiff to Vanessa. I think it is part intent and unconsciously due to her hiding behind hats and shades; interrogation & crying strategy. She has calmed down this week but left HG cautious of her gameplay.

Captain Crunch

I think it would be best to send Bronte home this week over Tiffany not only to break up the spy girls but this will teach Bridgette a lesson in letting Frank run her HOH and it ended up sending her friend home.


I really want tiff to stay because having brontosaurus leave will make my ears very happy. 😀
Anyways I get why Paulie wants tiff to leave, but as we have all seen, Tiff is not like her sister in the strategy department. Yeah they cry a lot and wear beanies, but Vanessa was a better player and strategist than Tiff is. Tiff never wins anything anyways! TIFF IS A NUMBER SO KEEP HER!


Bronte cant go…
is Paul still in the house? what`s he even doing there…get ride of him


LOL come on Nicole! Vote Tiff out and throw Day under the bus to Frank! Do it!


Yes, yes yes!!!!!!

Fuzzy Num Num

Hehehehehe. I’m literally giggling like Bridgette after sucking some of Brontesaurouses’ helium. ‘Cause at the end of the day, after flipping and a floppin, Vaniffaney is still gonna leave, and Finger Poppin Frank is gonna know EVERYTHING! And it’s gonna be grand! Because Not-Cody and Niffty Nicole are going to end up blowing their own games up. GLORIOUS (rubbing my hands together, grinning like a loon)

sunny dee

I can’t vote in the Best Strategic Game poll because it doesn’t have either Dawg or Simon as an option 🙁


Nicole has every right to work with the person who she strategically thinks is best for her game but-she has always been on the Tiffany bashing bus, she has been shit talking DaVonne almost since week one, she is mad at Michelle and doesn’t trust her, she is jealous of Natalie and has never liked Bridget or Bronte. That leaves Zak and all the guys. I honestly don’t see Zakiyah and Nicole making it as far as final 2. If Nicole does make it to the final 3 or 4 with all boys she will be Brigaded ala Britney season 10. If by some very slight chance she makes it to final 2 with one of the guys she should be aware that a girl has never won against a guy. Also, the fact that now she wants to keep Frank after I have been spending this whole week looking forward to the beginning of operation blindside Frank is irritating as hell.

I do think it would be quite funny if after Tiffany is evicted on Thursday, Bronte wins HOH and nominates Nicole and Frank. Then if she survives maybe Tiffany can win the challenge to come back, become HOH and she can nominate Nicole and Paulie and someone can throw Corey up with the roadkill.


Paulie is an idiot!…. and Z is even a bigger idiot… she has to ask Paulie permission on who to evict,,,


People stop being hypocrite. Keeping Tiff will only benefit Day, Michelle and prob Zakiyah. Playing the game means making the right decision, not being Americas Player. Stop the dumb hate.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Nicole knows whats up. The little talk with Cory on the couch was some good insight into her game.


Nicole does know what’s up but what part of her thinks frank will keep her safe much longer; he will win against her all day, she needs to keep Corey/Za/Michelle around to win in the end, two are currently targets of Franks…

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Nicole and Da are destined to go against each other eventually. She can see the writing on the wall. Leave Frank in the game and let Da/Frank fight it out.


Nicole doesn’t have a ton of ability to manipulate people, but she definitely understands the game better than most.

yes she is



I wouldn’t normally cuss but Nicole is the biggest a$$hole in this game. She is clueless. She’s going to vote out her own team member leaving her and Corey alone and the chances of winning an HOH slim. She’s not listening to Frank saying that Michelle should win HOH so that he can be safe and sit back yet again. I had high hopes for her but she’s just screwing up her own game. She’s way off base about Da’Vonne seriously i’ll throw a party when they boot Nicole’s a$$ out of the house.

And although I don’t care that much for Tiffany I can admit that it’s b/c I see Vanessa when she speaks but she’s not that much like Vanessa and Cody well he was dragged along in the game by Derrick. Paulie thinks he knows what he’s doing but he’s screwing up big time. I’m sure Cody isn’t a happy camper.

donut licking ho

Ha! Nicole has Da figured out. Da is playing very similarly to Frank. Da has got to go!


What season was it when the whole house voted the opposite of what the hoh wanted


It just happened last season. Becky nominated Vanessa and told everyone she wanted Vanessa out, and it was closing in on being a unanimous vote to get her out.

Then Shelli stole a sweatshirt from James and the whole house flipped and voted out Shelli instead.

It was quite a week.

Gordon Ramsey

Nicole’s trajectory is headed towards an early jury spot…just like last time


Paulie is the only one smart in seeing that getting rid of tiff is the smartest thing ,look at how paranoid she always is and to be honest shes the one that wants tinker bell Cory out and Pauline


Paulie isn’t afraid of Tiffany. He’s afraid of Vanessa. Every argument was about what Vanessa did last season, and then threw in Tiffany could do the same.
Still Thinking that’s a stupid argument for the brother of Derrick’s b**** to make.


Wtf is wrong with paulie ??? How’s tiff a threat in the game other than being van’s sister and how he’s in the top of the best strategic game ??


Alright Nicole! Really flip this and get Da out next week! That would be soooo sweet seeing the look on her face when she realizes that she is the one going.

Powder Puff Girls

I choose Da to be the first Vet booted it out from the onset – she flip flops and cannot be trusted.


My God Paulie !!! he is like a female player in that House that focuses on one person and just thinks about getting that person out. Paulie needs to stop thinking of just Frank, everything is about Frank…Paulie stop it !!! if Nicole is thinking of throwing Day under the bus just go with it…its actually a better move for your game because Day WILL be coming after you. On top alliances are being made that dont include Paulie.


Sounds like it’s working to keep Tiff… Bronte goes.. then some combo of Frank/Bridget/Paul each week until they get Frank out. They know how good at comps Frank is, even winning the horn memory challenge. He is sneaky, snake and everyone knows he is the biggest threat shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get him out. Strength in numbers!!


Nicole is the biggest idiot if she votes tiff out (and I hope tiff wins the battle-back if frank doesn’t leave and the team twist is over to put her ass and corey up she said she target showmances and maybe backdoor paulie if one of them gets off the block. ) and I know game wise she’s looking out for herself BUT tiff could be a number later and 2 people on a team it’s not a good chance you’ll get hoh and Frank doesn’t have your best interest sweetheart he’ll take you out eventually he wants a final 2 with bridgette the longer he stays in the game the more danger you’ll be in and so will corey but I’ll laugh when you have to go to jury again and win to go back to into the house just to get evicted again.


I really didn’t think Z was that into Paulie! I thought she would be the first girl to play a guy in bb. But watching after dark the last couple nights I lost faith in her ! She is completely under his spell. It’s horrible to watch.


I saw that too, Z was draped all over Paulie as his hand was roaming around her chest in front of others, she plasters herself up against him when he’s standing anywhere, she has that intense look when she’s gazing at him, I mean she’s attracted to him really hard. He’s probably trying to cool it off a bit and now her feelings are hurt and it’s his fault, he’s been all intense about her up until now.


These houseguests are genius. Sike. Frank is clearly a bigger threat in the game than Da. But I say get someone useless out pre jury, so frank doesn’t have the chance to get back in.


I still believe Tiffany is going this week. Everything else is just window dressing. I’ll believe otherwise when I see it, and even though I don’t have an issue with Tiffany really, other than she’s too quirky for this group, I’ll still wonder if it was production involvement if she stays, as much as I believe it was a Production plotpoint to bring her in, compare her to Vanessa constantly(without comparing Paulie to Cody constantly in editing) and then give last seasons Vanessa haters the joy of seeing her sister ditched. But I did enjoy the almost British farce of the whole flip that wasn’t going to happen thing.
I Don’t think Paulie can make up one argument about Tiffany where he doesn’t reference what Vanessa did. Pretty Dangerous slope for the brother of the dimwit sidekick that was strategically nothing more than a backstabbing lackey to slide down, but okay. His major point: she’ll strike when we’re down to 8 or 9. Yeah, in a supposed alliance of 8 or 9, that’s when everybody is going to strike. Gee.
My problem with Nicole in her season is she seemed to need a man’s approval and reassurance in every move she made, and without such approval whined about being an underdog. So far this season she’s needed a man to validate everything she’s done, clings to men in everything while backstabbing the women, and within three weeks I figure she’ll be whining about what an underdog she has become. I was happy to see the back of her in bb16, I’ll be happy to see the back of her in bb18. Why doesn’t she just get it over with and join the spygirls and shout girl power while always plotting to put up a woman or let a man run their game?
And where did this whole Zakiyah coming to the conclusion Tiff should stay thing come from in the first place? That just wasn’t fitting with her character at all. That one was a left field diary call if ever I’ve seen one.
Bronte overheard part of the meeting. Spygirls have decided they’re mad at Tiffany? Oh, I guess she was supposed to not campaign and go stand by the door until Thursday. Sounds a wee bit entitled on their part. Are they mad because she tried to forge an alliance with them last week and they nominated her this week, so now she’s the phony one? Really?
Funny that Tiffany wasn’t at the meeting to fight for her side. In fact they dispersed when she entered. Funny that Da’vonne wasn’t at the meeting either. Gee, can’t see why that happened. A meeting of the wishywashy yes men that always acquiesce to whoever whines loudest? And they all gave up? I’m shocked. Like that wasn’t going to happen. This group can’t seem to take a step without looking to the alpah du jour for approval.
My best bet is Frank will be tipped off before tomorrow. If not by Bridgette, then by Nicole. But that’s a prediction i made a couple of days ago. Grodner’s monkey’s must have gotten too close to the poppie fields.


I officially HATE Nicole now. Turning on Day like that. She’s a snake.