Angela “Brett should say in his GBM – Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Haleigh.”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not Fes, Haleigh, Kaycee

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10:55pm HOH room. Kaycee joins Tyler and Angela. She breaks up their snuggle fest. Kaycee talks about how Fes is going to lose it if he leaves on Thursday because Haleigh is going to be here with Brett. Haleigh is in the hammock with Brett right now. Fes is watching him like a hawk. Him being outside the house.. Tyler – oh damn, I didn’t even think about that. Angela – Brett should say in his GBM (goodbye message) – Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Haleigh.

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10:50pm Hammock. Brett and Haleigh. Brett – now that it doesn’t matter .. are you and Fes in a showmance? Haleigh – oh my god no! Brett – are you sure? Haleigh – I swear, why? Brett – I was just wondering, because it seems like it. Haleigh – no. Why does it seem like it? Brett – it just seems like it. You guys are close. Haleigh – no showmance for me. Brett – are you sure?! Haleigh – I’m sure. I am very sure. I thought we were in a showmance. Brett – I did too. I just thought you were just playing me. Haleigh – shut up! That’s not funny. I don’t like that phrase. That’s what everyone pitched to Scottie so he pitched that to Fes.

11:03pm – 11:25pm Brett reads the POP TV card – When times get tough you must roll with the punches. Here are some cinnimon rolls for you to enjoy and yes the havenots can eat them. Haleigh screams – lets go!

Sam sitting alone by the pool – I am thankful for electricity and clean water.

11:45pm Brett and Haleigh chatting by pool.. Brett – if you were giving any one tip to a guy trying to pick you up at a bar. Haleigh – act totally uninterested. By boldest move that I make in a bar is if I look someone in the eye and smile at someone. Brett – second question – what’s the biggest red flag on a first date. Haleigh – talking about meeting your parents.

12:20am HOH room. Tyler and Angela curled up together chatting about random things. .

12:50am Hot Tub. Brett – I don’t know what the f**k is going to happen with everything. Haleigh – I mean if I am really her (Angela) target. Brett – no I don’t even mean on Thursday, I mean after. Haleigh – oh yeah, there’s a lot of moving pieces. You have to see who wins and you have to see what is beneficial for them and who wins the veto. Brett – and there’s got to be another twist. Haleigh – there is always three. The third and final twist. Brett – Like Scottie could walk back through that door. Bayleigh could, Rockstar could. Haleigh – you really don’t know what the f**k is going to happen.

1:45am HOH room. Angela and Tyler. Brett and JC break up Angela and Tyler’s snuggle fest. Tyler gets out of the bed and sits on the couch. They talk about Sam. Brett – you (JC) should get her to go mute. Angela – I think she hates Haleigh because she lays on top of you. All Sam’s game is personal. Ty;er – I think Sam is just stuck on it. Like I did this to Haleigh so now I have to go after her. Brett – both Haleigh and Sam say the same thing. Like I don’t know why Sam doesn’t like me. I don’t know why Haleigh doesn’t like me. I don’t think Sam likes me sometimes. Tyler – I feel like she hates me sometimes and then other times I feel like she wants to marry me. Brett – I feel like I am getting played. JC – that’s how I felt when she won the HOH. Either this girl is bat sh*t crazy or she is smart as f**k. Angela – well its not smart if the only time you’re nice to someone is when they’re HOH. That’s the dumbest game ever. Its like Haleigh’s game, whenever she needs something or wants something she chases you around and s*cks your d*ck for a week. JC – yeah basically. Angela – its like Rockstars game too. Brett – Blockstar.

3:10am All the house guests are sleeping.

8:53am ZZZZZZ

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Sam being super weird. The HG’s were talking last night how she won’t eat any food that they’ve cooked.
And tonight..she was angry when POP delivered Cinnamon rolls. Went outside by herself.
She also polished off half the bottle of wine they were given.
I couldn’t catch what she was mumbling about earlier. Something about her plan and it was complicated.
Everything she now talks about is so boring and non sensical.
At the have not meeting..she went on a rant because she wanted to take Fessy’s place as a have not.
Angela wouldn’t let her.
Upstairs they talked about it..said as usual Sam wanting to be close to the person leaving so that she can have their vote.
It’s basically out in the open what she’s doing…but they don’t see her as a threat.
However…when one of the hive come back in the house…it could be Hay, Sam and that HG.
One HOH between them…and it would be a problem for Level 6.

Brett for the win

Yes. In last nights episode, she did not have ONE sentence. Not even a word.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I seem to recall Sam saying earlier that she’s a recovering alcoholic. Anyone else remember that?


Never heard that.


Yes. She said she had a drinking problem. She also brought with her a litre bottle of whiskey. Which production confidcated

who me?

On last nights show, Sam was eating right along with everyone else, so I think this is something someone posted to make her look loonier

Hi My Name Is Scott

They did show Sam eating the food that JC was making. She was for sure eating his chili dogs.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Sam looks like she ate a few dudes chili dogs in her day. but not Jc’s

She said...

The events on the clip they showed of J.C. making the chili dogs and other foods happened a few weeks ago. I believe it was after one of the hacker competitions and If you watch the clip you can see that they are wearing their hacker hoodies. I watched it on the live feeds…they were having a picnic and J.C. was feeding them. I’m not sure if it was the first or second hacker comp…..I think it was the first one. So she may not be eating the food now. Whatever the case is….she is teetering on the edge.

True Dat

She also ate the sandwich that Brett made her not too long ago and it gave her an allergic reaction because he put hemp seeds in it. She may be leary of eating things she didn’t make herself for this very reason. Also, she has told them she doesn’t like onions and they all continue to use onions in things like they are going out of style.

Linda Parker

I think Sam is just a pawn everyone uses the girl as they should What a whiny bitch and for JC he’s like a natural always hanging on to someone S pant leg whispering dum comments about everyone the Midget should be put on the block with SAM that be a good show ,JC thinks he’s got everyone Fooled YUCK


No need to call JC a ’midget’, that’s just ignorant. I agree with all you said except that comment. I have said a few times that I would love to see JC/Sam on the block together. Not sure who would cry and lose it more out of the 2 of them. I don’t find JC funny at all nor interesting, I find him nothing but arrogant and rude. I want to see JC follow haleigh/returning hive member right to jury. At least after the last HOH a few of them talked about how JC keeps throwing the comps, so, they are catching on to him and I think they will take the next chance they get to get him out. Sam can’t win anything, I do not believe she has been throwing comps at all and they are catching on to her too, thankfully. I am just tired of her woe is me BS and the same ole same ole every day of how she wants to go home but then whines and cries when she gets told someone wants to put her OTB, now all of a sudden she has to get that person out. I want to see the hive get to F4 because I would love to see how they all turn on each-other and what their pitches will be against the one they are on the block with. I want to see if they will finally compare notes about them all being in a F2 with Tyler and how that would play out and who Tyler would stay loyal to of all his F2s.

Eh eh

“Something about her plan and it was complicated.”

To build a still.


jc realizes that he’s not so much fattening them up as much as fueling them with the calories to bulk up, right?

The Beef

I think that was all production trying to play JC up as the funny man of the house. Same with all of his puppet master horse sh@t and that weird laugh he uses whenever he’s in that persona. All production trying to make what they think is good TV.




You have a wonderful sense of humor. To think JC really thinks he’s going to win by feeding them ice cream…to see that bit as serious strategy..

double D

JC is becoming my fan favorite . He has been working hard every week to shape that week, especially Fes. And now he’s trying to fatten up the houseguests. He had to be smiling when he saw those cinnamon rolls.


Is it just me or does JC look like a rat when he eats?


Hahaha Brett screwing with Fessy would be a great way to send him off. I honestly can’t remember a dumber player than fessy lol, dude is dumber than rocks.

The Beef

Ol’ Hawkeye Fess…Nothing gets by him when his FEEmale is with another man! But he’s got 20/200 vision when it comes to game play.

double D

Wouldn’t it be funny if during Brett’s Goodbye message, they pull the camera back and Haliegh is sitting next to him.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Awesome idea!!!

who me?

If Brett does a bad GBM again, you can put him up there in the dumb department with Fes. He has to start thinking about jury votes. Tyler worked it so both Angela and Brett did that on the last 2 and then he comes off all sweetness & light. They are all a bunch of meatheads


yeah, brett and angela have really been shooting themselves in the foot with their goodbye messages. did they not watch last season? even non fans usually watch the previous season to get a sense of what they’re getting into and basic strategy.


All along I’ve really like Tyler to win it all. However, Brett, I feel like has put in the most work. He’s been a target multiple times and managed to flip everyone on the other side to liking him, not once but twice. I’m hoping that it Scottie comes back, and Scottie, Haliegh, and Brett team up with JC being the wild card. Sam goes home, JC goes home, Tyler, Scottie, Angela. I think a final 3 between Kaycee, Haliegh, and Brett would be good. Kaycee goes home and then between Brett and Haliegh. Both have worked really hard. Haliegh has managed to stay all this time when she should have been gone a while back. Brett has worked his butt off to stay. At this point I’m rooting for Brett as the long shot


Brett should hug Fez as he’s leaving and tell him not to worry about Haleigh because he’ll be there for all her needs and then smile as he pats Fez’s back at the door. Then when Scottie wins the battle back, Scottie runs over to Haleigh for a big o’ hug.

Haleighs Booty Shorts

My wishlist for the week…

Fessy evicted

Brett goodbye message “Fess Im gonna take reeeeaaaaal good care of Hails…I mean super extra reeeaaaal good care haha”

Scottie wins battleback and Scottie or Haleigh win hoh

Brett/JC get fed up doing so much work for Tylers boring trio and begin to turn on Tyler, Ang, KC before its too late

Scottie/Haleigh make a final 2…and JC/Brett/Haleigh(my fave 3 players to watch) make a final 3


Brett doing work for Tyler? Did you just start watching BB20? Do you remember all of the torturous work and time Tyler endured with Kailyn while homeboy was bromacing Winston? Brett is working hard now because he did not put in the work at the beginning. Tyler made an investment in his success in the game and he is collecting dividends (although a bit early), while Brett is playing catch up.

Bree Dayton

If U or someone U know is having sex on national TV with someone they met a week ago or thinking about going over to #teenmom2018 team, go to my YOUTUBE “YOU CAN PICK ANY HOLE YOU WANT SWAGGY” & SUBSCRIBE. I have several stories & inspirational messages to share on how GOD delivered me from that spirit after I dated the same sex for 8 years. I cast out the spirit with spunk. You can too.

(PS Kaycee… call me!)



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sam’s cousin from back in the hollow…must have found the still.


This might be a good place to bring this up. Does anyone else like to bury themselves in the back yard and pretend to be a carrot?

The Beef

Post of the week!


Level 6 thinks their so smooth yet so lucky. I am so impressed by their epic genius moves they have done, I mean faysal is a monster and has never helped them. Lol I can’t wait till these floating retards start turning on each other. Robot Angela will never win lol, Kaycee wanna be rapper and little turd nugget jc will also never win. What a bunch of lucky lamers lol.


Tyler bets Fester 6 fiber pills that he can kick his ass in cornhole and proceeds to dominate talking shit the whole time…….the real loser of the bet is Sam having to clean that nightmare toilet bowl tomorrow.

The Beef

Ahhhhhhhh……”sip” Nothing like a nice cup of back coffee in the morning and reading what the trolls have put up for our reading pleasure. “sip” Interesting to see that Faysal has flipped to L6 – Guess they were “lucky” to get him. “sip” And which L6 are floating and which are retards, or are all four of them both floating and retards? “sip” If it’s the latter, they should have just named their alliance the Lucky Floating Retards (LFR for short). “sip” But wait….they’re lame too? The Lucky Lamer Floating Retards just kind of rolls off the tongue! Now THAT is a great alliance name for sure! “sip”

As for your odds, Angela may never win lol, but she has a descent chance of winning BB20 depending on if she makes it to the final 2 and who she makes it with. “sip” Never heard Kaycee rap (hope that wasn’t a veiled racist shot) but she may be in an even better position than Angela to win based on her likeability with the jury (IF she makes it to final 2). “sip” It will be a miracle if JC makes it to the final 2, but if he does, I’d say he has a 50/50 chance of winning with a bitter Hive jury casting most of the votes. “sip”

So R2D2, I noticed you didn’t pick any possible winners, only robots, monsters, wanna be’s, turd nuggets, and lucky lamer floating retards. “sip” Somebody’s got to win the game! So who you got winning? “sip”


Do any of you realize that saying the “R” word is every bit as offensive and the “N” word? There are so many other perfectly good words to use please stop disparaging a community of people that you probably know nothing about. It’s offensive and childish!

The Beef

Do you realize I was replying, very much tongue in cheek to that troll, using the language he used in a manner to point out his idiocy, including his use of that word? I guess that just flew right over your head, and as a good PC police person, you just choose to get twisted panties without considering context or intent.

If I offended anyone by using that word in trying to “gig” that guy with his own stupid comments (I obviously did), I sincerely apologize. It was not my intent to disparage mentally challenged people in any shape, form or fashion (other than R2D2) and I was only trying to inject some morning humor into the forum by slapping him around a bit for saying such things. I didn’t mean to offend, and obviously shouldn’t have used that word in responding to him, which means I probably shoudn’t have responded at all, because without throwing his own idiocy back at him, there’s really no humorous response to make.

So I apologize for using that term, and would like to request that Dawg or Simon remove my post so as not to offend others who may see it and also get knotted drawers.



Haleighs Booty Shorts

I always enjoy Brett and Haleigh and their long late night chats together

I think they would make a great couple once the show is over

They have good chemistry, similar life experiences and intellect, and make each other laugh

When they are fully engaged for hours in conversation they are probably the 2 I have found most interesting


Yeah Hayliegh seems a few IQ points higher after removing her head from Fessie’s armpit……..refreshing!

double D

Brett/Haleigh will work much better than Fes/Haleigh.


hayleigh/anyone is a better couple than hayleigh/fes. fes needs to get over himself and start respecting the women he dates if he wants to stop being single. his self-assuredness and refusal to listen to hayleigh (even though she’s right 10 times more often than he is at least) is really starting to grate on me. i can’t wait for him to go.

Booty shorts approved

I like Haliegh’s booty and that’s pretty much it.


Brett would be proud that Hay has a kinky past


Haleigh says yay cinnamon rolls! I was about to eat my toenails, let’s go


She has already devoured her cuticles wtf the toes are next.


She needs to get evicted or she’ll gnaw herself to the elbows.


If I was Brett 9n the hammock with Hay, I;d tell her, I think you have a beautiful face and figure. Outside thie house, I;d love to get to know you better. In the house, I’d evict h you in a heartbeat to get closer to the $500k. With or without the prize, would you want to meet after the show ends?.


Poor Fester still thinks he’s on a the Batchelor and Brett got the rose at the end……..Hayliegh get to rubbing that scalp it ain’t over till it’s over lol.


I’m really enjoying the season. I read a lot about bitter jury and I do not think so. Every year folks think it’s bitter jury and we get surprised. Paul and Dan to a lesser extent the exception.
Tyler appears the clear front runner if F2. I like JC’s chances with these HG’s. I know he polls poorly here for some reason. And remember he’s getting a heavy devil edit by production. F4 could be very interesting. Tyler and which 3? Well for starters who does everyone want to sit beside? That seems to be Sam (cry baby). So who can you beat? I think that might be JC and Kaycee. Brett has done very little, unless L6 goes F4 solid Angela and Brett might be casualties. I would let Angela get farther than F6.
Buy back then a double maybe? I like Scottie back then he and Hay out unless either wins an HOH.
As I see it at the moment…..
2)Sam(kicking and screaming to 50K)


IRockstar isngoing to be biyyer. Baykeigh is unhingez.


Tyler is bringing Angela as his #2…. He knows the jury hates her and he wants that booty. Simple as that.


^^^^^ THIS!


I don’t know about Tyler. He has been “laying low” (actually just being his lazy self) for weeks now and Angela is working pretty hard to make sure that he continues to not make any moves. By the end most of the houseguests are going to have very similar records to things that they have done and have won to Tyler without lying and gossiping like a middle school girl all summer.




i think jc goes before kaycee. jc seems less likely to take tyler to the end than her which will make jc a target.

I Go Dum Bass Fishing

I was thinking the exact same thing AND have Scottie say it as well when he wins Jury BB. This is already the best season in a long time but this would be icing on the already delicious cake!

Festicular Logic

Then shoot him the finger…… buh-bye, big goon

Like literally

what are your thoughts on Haileigh dating tips ? Did she just said the guy must ignore her in order to catch her interest ? I’m confused, thanks


Which shows her flirty games in the House are not just strategy. It’s who she is. She’s very immature and seems to enjoy making Fes jealous. Which bit her in the butt with the whole Scottie situation. She seems to enjoy having men compete for her attention. But there have been times I noticed her not wanting to look bad in others eyes. It bothered her when Scottie called her Kaitlyn 2.0 and said she was playing him. I think she is so use to playing these games with men but when it’s pointed out to her other people see it. She feels some regret about it. But then continues to do it. It honestly irritates me when she lays around with Brett knowing Fes has feelings for her. Not that I’m so crazy about him either. But I do feel for him in that situation.

Roll Tide

Hayleigh is very young, just 21. Very immature. Everyone else is in the workforce and out of college. Give the girl a break. The others have a lot more life experiences. Angela has been married, Brett has graduated college and traveled a lot. Give Hay a chance to grow up. She is still in school.


I would have no trouble ignoring her


Obviously Haleigh and Fez have been awesome at hiding their showmance. Brett has no clue! Oh, wait he’s not a total moron and everyone knows. They are as out as JC.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s fun watching Brett coolly play Haleigh, while she tries to play him.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I can see it now. A few weeks after the show Tyler and Angela meet up at the Honolulu airport. They shyly kiss, she giggles, he turns red. They spend the day walking the beach, holding hands and eventually go to their room…where Brett, JC and Kaycee burst in, sit around them on the bed and ask what’s up.


He’ll need to sign that $500,000 check over to her before they make it to the bedroom

who me?

At first it was just gross…then you made it funny

Swaggy's Missing Brow

So, we have Fessie pouting in bed and Haleigh trying to flirt up another guy to protect her before the last one is even out the door.

Damn that Angela is cold!



The real rockstar

I bet Haleigh’s parents and friends are watching the feeds and yelling please Haleigh drop Feshole and hook up with Brett.


eh, while brett is certainly better than fes. i wouldn’t exactly be clamoring for hayleigh to get with him if i were friends and family. certainly ditch fes. but what’s wrong with being single?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Or they’re just packing and not leaving a forwarding address.

The real rockstar

I used to think that the worse decision anybody ever made was when Ted Danson married Whoopi. Feshole voting out Scottie now is at the top of my list.


Threw up in my mouth just a bit…..eeeeeeck


Just a thought on JC, while I agree he’s playing a great game, I feel like his downfall could come from him being put on the block even as a pawn. It seems the L6 is beginning to question him a little bit and I think JC is starting to realize he might not be on as good a position as he thought. So say he’s put up on the block next to Sam as a pawn these next few weeks, I feel like it will be similar to Rachel’s eviction where she was originally placed as a pawn but ended up being to paranoid and playing to hard which ultimately got her evicted. JC has said in the past if he’s put in the block he’ll freak out and I can’t imagine L6 being comfortable keeping him if he reacts poorly and tries to campaign to hard by throwing other names under the bus.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Unlike Fezzy, JC can count. He knows he is at risk. He keeps throwing out Sam to save himself. and he wants to try to peel off brett, hay on his side. If L4 loses HoH next week, he could try to flip the house.


i disagree that jc’s playing a great game. he’s rapidly approaching being on the wrong side of the numbers and doesn’t see it. i do agree that he will likely go up as a pawn in the not too distant future, react badly, and turn himself into a target though.

who me?

“Angela – well its not smart if the only time you’re nice to someone is when they’re HOH. That’s the dumbest game ever.” says the girl that was one of the first up to HOH when Fes was HOH

Canada Loves Trump

Angela – Its like Haleigh’s game, whenever she needs something or wants something she chases you around and s*cks your d*ck for a week.

We can only hope….

Canada Loves Trump

JC is getting on the radar screen more and more. It seems he has moved ahead of Sam on L4’s evicition list. Brett also knows he;s number 4 on L4. It looks like Brett JC and Hay are moving to L4’s left flank. If they add Sam they could take a shot at angela and tyler. The battle back could confuse things. But its getting interesting seeing the best players go at it. the hive can go fuck themselves and get the hell out the game.


Tyler has been playing the same game since the beginning. He gets close to the female hoh and manipulates them into doing whatever is good for his game and doesn’t get blood on his hands. He’s doing the same thing to angela.


Problem is Angela can sell the idea that Tyler was just running his mouth and she ran her own HoH. She’s played aloof the whole time and I think the jurors aren’t going to buy that she went all giggly school girl because of Tyler. She can easily lay claim to and rebuff any claims on her moves as HoH. She may garner more respect from the jury than Tyler because I’m sure Angela will sell Tyler as riding her coat tails. She’ll buy the drinks in Hawaii though.

Who said that!

He followed her like a sweet little puppy dog before she was HOH.

Canada Loves Trump

Fezzy is definitely a cuckhold. He was hiding in the house playing with himself while he stared out the window at hay and brett in the hammock. He is a cuckhold and a stage 9 clinger and a borderline stalker. Notice how the tough guy was not man enough to confront brett. He probably sniffed the hammock after Brett and Hay left.


I heard him ask Brett for a cream pie

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I would love to be his car salesman.

“You look like a smart fella. Take a look at this European beauty. It’s a Zastava Koral and is a classic. You won’t see many other proud owners of these cruising the strip. Normally I’d ask for a hundred grand but I can see you’re a shrewd man. I can let it go to you for just fifty grand. Congratulations, you’ll never regret it.”


I agree- I think Fez is basically a good guy. He has shown respect and affection to his fellow HGs for the most part. He got choked up while reading his letter; he comforted Sam when she was upset; he has not lied to anyone in the game. In fact, I think he is so shocked (and maybe a little hurt) when he has been lied to. That tells me that he is an honest man.

That said, he can live his honest life in the jury house. Tyler ftw.

Guilty Pleasure bb

HELIGH Is the new Nicole

Same old B.B.

Why don’t I see the racist comments Brett made about hayleigh and a “brown man” not having the blue eye gene? I remember all those racist ass comments about bayleigh & swaggy when I stopped coming here because it was allowed. Post the convo


That conversation did not happen that way and contained no racism as far as I can tell. Go back and transcribe post it here and we’ll see what is said. A few people on twitter started posting this and whatever HIVE/FOUTTE fans are still around jumped on it like a rallying cry. Twitter is a cesspool for this kind of behavior.

So many “update accounts” are spreading false information this season and can’t seem to separate the game with whatever politics they have. If you want to help out the problems in your country go outside go volunteer at your local food bank to help the poor. Going on twitter virtue signaling doesn’t help.

Time stamp cam 1 12:51am August 27 for anyone interested


Yes this Simon! Love it!


For me, BB has always been a summer escape from the real world. Something fun to immerse myself in and give myself a break from the stress of everyday life. I like to come here and see other people’s take on the game. I could do without the political jabs by use of names and also the really nasty ones for that matter.

My point being, I wish the people that do this would stop F….ing up my summer!

I don’t care if you ?


People with brown hair and eyes always dominate over blue eyes and blond hair in reproduction. How anyone can turn that simple fact into racism is beyond ignorant.

Great answer Simon.

Linda Parker

Heard thru la grapevine, Brett’s Gay that’s why he’s never into one girl!

Brett's Butt Plug

All the men are gay and in the closet except JC who is out in the open. Look at their instagram pages. Its like the village People from the 1970s.

Roll Tide

Brett’s Mom doesn’t want to be embarrassed. I think he promised her no showmance. He is there to win money not romance.
That does not make one gay.


Do they always show the goodbye messages to evicted houseguests going to the jury when there is going to be a buy back?


Not that I remember.

I’m hoping Scottie comes back teams up with Haleigh and Sam and make a run for it. I would be happy for anyone to win at this point but think that would make fore the best. Put level 6’s feet to the fire one last time.

LOL but in reality a Scottie, Haleighh, Sam trio would just end up getting FOUTTE’d on the end.


Thanks – I didn’t think they showed those if there was going to be a buy back.
And LOL about getting Foutte’d. So true. I’m most curious about how the rest of Sam’s game plays out!

Guilty Pleasure bb

HELIGH Is the new Nicole. Cody than Victor.
Fes first Scotty next

Brett's Butt Plug

Brett really works the gay cowboy model on his Instagram page! WOW!



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Simon, are you hosting some sort of convention? A whole lot more gay insinuations and “turd nuggets” floating around today.

Brett's Butt Plug
Swaggy's Missing Brow

And that says “gay cowboy” to you? Ooooooookay.

Rigged Game

Well there is a gay cowboy picture in there….

Is It just Me

Brett’s a model??! i had no idea…


With the jury battle back, does that mean Tyler’s cloud app will be good for another week since it is good through final 8?


I thought it was up this Thursday?


Tyler’s app was good for 8 weeks not final 8 people. Bayleigh’s app was good until the final 8 people.