“Now that I think of it after Angela did what she did and put us up.. so what that Scottie flipped the votes”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not Fes, Haleigh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers Nothing really happening .. there’s the odd retell from earlier in the season and for the most part just chit chat and speculation about the upcoming competitions on Thursday. Everyone suspect there’s something happening as they’ve been told the outdoors will be locked down tomorrow

1:14pm Angela, Kaycee and BRett

Trying to figure out what kind of magic spell Swaggy was able to cast on his side of the house to have so many of them ruin his game trying to avenge him. They mention how Rockstar was onm the block with Bayleigh campaigning for Bayleigh to stay becuase she thought “THat is what Swaggy would want”

Angela – he became their god almost
Brett – he just found a bunch of weak f*ing people.. the weakest minded. think about it .. the only one that wasn’t weak minded was Bayleigh she was a strong minded girl in terms of what she wants to do and not following someone else.
They wonder if Swaggy and Bayleigh really did have a connection or if they were just close out of convenience or or publicity
BRett- if they do awesome I hope the best for you guys but my gut.. is it a true relationship that they will go get married and have kids one day.. no (OPPS too late with the kids)
Angela – it was only two weeks
Brett – and not seeing them for another 80 days.. ther’es no way he’s not out there.
BRett – he said he was walking down the street and some girl grabbed him and said f* me .. so he did
Brett – he then found out everyone on his team did and they all told him he better get checked
Angela – WHAT
BNRett – he told everyone in the room he said it in public.. that’s why I’m bringing it up.. that type of guy is not going to wait 80 days..
Angela – she (Bay) heard that story
Brett- she was sitting right next to him
Angela – maybe they are perfect for each other ..
BRett adds that he really hopes those two have a connection and hopes the best for them.

1:30pm Fes thinks there’s a battle back coming because of the early lockdown time this week. He’s not really talking to anyone, much like his HOH.

1:31pm Brett doing ace VEntura impersonation

1:34pm Fes watching haleigh.. lets out a sigh/moan when he turns around.

2:03am FEEDS

3:11pm Back to eating her hands..

3:27pm Haleigh and JC
JC – the only way you and I will survive this week is if we win HOH..
Haleigh agrees..
Now that most of the house is inside Fes comes out to workout..

JC brigns up that he really thought this summer was goign to be low stressed void of “Crazzyness”
JC mentions that they knew he was thinking this so they brought in Sam..
THey laugh.. JC now panics because he didn’t look around the backyard to check she wasn’t there..

JC is talking about his circumcision operation.
Haleigh keeps eating her hand.
Angela is enjoying the sun
Brett is joking around..

4:23pm And who thought last week was slow…

4:30pm HAlegih and Fes
H – why are you in just a bad mood .. it’s hard to spend time with you
FEs – why is your makeup on your face.. Haleigh
H – what else amd I doing wrong.. my makeup is not suppose to run
Fes – let me get my list.. Joking.. I don’t know what is happening outside ths house
H – I know I like you and I told you we’ve talked about it.. so now you are questioning the authenticity of it
Fes – I know it’s really.. i just don’t know what is happening outside this house..

Fes – this game is so stupid .. one of us goes home this week.. so it sucks we couldn’t make it to at least top 5 together.. if I win that veto catch one more ball all you needed was one vote..
Fes – I don’t know I just wonder how real this whole process..
H – has it been real for you
F – yeah I tell you that every day
H – well it’s been real for me ..
F – you told me it would change when we got outside the house
Fes – I know how I am outside this house.. how are you outside this house
H – I’m the same person ..
Fes – I’m the same person outside this house..
H – Are you saying it’s different for me
Fes – no

Fes – nominations are locked one of us go home.. at least I met you.. we could go outside this house and you might not be about it as I am ..
H – that’s not it
Fes – even if you win
H – I am not winning this game
Fes – I’ll set you up.. you won’t be touched for 3 weeks.. just throwing a bunch of Shade.. I think it should work because I haven’t lied in this game.. so when I say this stuff they’ll be like well he’s never lied. .. so it should work
H – you need to be thinking if you are evicted and it’s a battle back you’ll come back
F – if it is it’ll be either me or Scottie (Does anyone remember when Jocasta almost got back on a crap shoot)

Fes – I feel bad I sent home Scottie I’m sorry, It’s like you don’t know until
H – Until you have someone telling you the entire time that you’re wrong
FEs – Now that I think of it after Angela did what she did and put us up I’m thinking so what that Scottie flipped the votes. Now I’m thinking that after Angela put us on the block
FEs – before I was pissed.. are you really getting worked up right now .. listen it’s hitting me now
H – What a convenient time for it to hit you (LOL)
H – I’m so glad you are getting it now .. god..
FEs – YOU should have told me you were tha HACKER haleigh
H – what does that have to do with anything
Fes – because we all F*ed up Okay this whole game.. this F*ing alliance .. F*ed us
H – you are right

FES – if Scottie never wore the F*ing Swaggy C shirt
H – why are we even talking about this
FEs – because I should have never put SCottie up on the block
H – I told you
Fes – yes but it’s because he was doing that sh1t that made me not trust him if he’s supposed to be working with us than work with us
H – Okay it doesn’t matter now..

FES tells if she had told him she was the hacker than he would have told her to pick him in the veto and he would have won the veto and Tyler would have gone home.
FEs – we would have won HOH Sam would have gone home .. I would have won HOH Angela would have went home
Fes – I’m just saying I f*ed up .. somehow this game didn’t go our way (You were foutte’d)
Fes – one of us walks out that door Thursday I just was wondering if I got something out of this
H – you got so much out of this and so did I .. you think I’m going to go out here and act like you don’t exist. You think I’m acting like this because I was board in her e
Fes – this sin’t a shot at you.. for 69 days all I have known is this house.. I don’t know what will happen when I get out
H – we’ll figure it out together

Haleigh says she doesn’t want him upset if she’s upstairs or hanging out with the other people
FES – it’s your game play your game do whats best..
H – you seemed hurt last night
Fes – do what you have to do
H – I’m not campaigning against you.. there’s 6 other people in this house
H – go do your DR you are bothering me
Fes – join the club..
Fes walks to the Diary room
Haleigh calls him back..

She chases after him.. hugs him ..
H – Fes Stop.. please Stop..
FEs – ok

H – ok go to the DR you are sweaty and Gross
F – you’re gross (great comeback)

5:57pm Haleigh and Kaycee
H – you really think I’m good
Kaycee nods
K – what are you thinking.. I’m sure it doesn’t feel good.. I mean I know it doesn’t feel good
H – it doesn’t feel great.. there’s nothing I really can do about it.. I feel confident in you .. I feel confident in Brett.. JC has reassured me ..
k – you have my vote.. I would just chill and Wednesday have a brief talk..
H – you are going to be my new person.. be prepared..
K – I got you

H – I’m counting on your HOH win.. you got to do it dude..

6:18pm Angela and Haleigh
Angela says Fes won’t even look at her.
Haleigh asked Sam if BRett had goen upstairs and Sam said we’ll you better go follow him
H – she f*ing hates me she hates me dude
H – she so f*ing b1tchy to me
Angela – she didn’t do anything to her .. you could have put her up..
they agree Sam is playing a 100% personal game and they both think Sam will put them up
A – she use to lie me now she doesn’t
Haleigh says ROCKS told her that girls like them are the ones that broke Sam’s brothers heart so that is why she doesn’t like them.
they are pissed off by this because Sam doesn’t know them.
H – Rockstar use to always defend her..

7:12pm Angela and Kaycee talking about how a battle back this late in a game is bullshit
Angela – not to say they aren’t going to do it but I think it’s unfair.. (DOn’t watch BBCAN if you think a battle back at final 8 isn’t fair)

They are talking about Fes saying to Kaycee “it’s been a long time coming ” since she’s won a Competition. They mention how arrogant he is always looking in mirrors at himself.

Angela – what are you doing those are two way mirrors you retard..

7:35pm Tyler and JC
JC suggests they take a shot and Angela and KAycee if it’s a double
Tyler is totally against this
Tyler – Haleihg put me on the blok
Jc – once FEs is gone Haleigh won’t have anyone to talk to and Sam hate her guts.. she’ll turn to BRett and me and BRett are right there
T – neither of them are coming for you or me
T – it’s too early.. I know you think I’m down with them but i’m not I know what you are thinking
JC – I don’t want BRett to target you
T – he’s not trust me
JC – I like him (BRett/FEs) a lot but I genuinely do like you you are my favorite person in the house
JC – I legit am worried about your game too
T – it’s a big mistake I’m telling you .. I’m telling you dude it’s a big mistake .. (taking out Angela/Kaycee)
JC – so you are going to take out Halegh.. Sam’s her number one target
JC – Sam hates her guts
T – you have to take it week by week dude I’m telling you . You know you have me you know you have Brett
T – WE all know those two girls are picking each other every time
JC – every time I have a conversation with him I pitch to him that these people have a top 2
JC brings up Brett swaying he’s had just a tough time making people not target him that he hasn’t had time to make a top 3 top 2 deal
JC – it’s true because he’s had to be nice to everyone
T – You won’t be able to convince me to do that next week
JC – what if Sam wins HOH
T – haleigh goes

JC – What if Haleigh gets HOH
T – I’m telling you dude you are not at the bottom
JC warns him that BRett is a good competitor if he makes it to top three he might beat Tyler in the final competition
JC – if he wins the final competition he’ll pick me because I am the weaker player
JC – I’m literally protecting our game right now.. I’m not being selfish
JC – that needs to be broken up right now (Kaycee/Angela)
Tyler tells him it’s not good for his game because if he breaks that up than they other 2 are coming for him (Brett, Angela/Kaycee)
T – you need to understand how bad that is for me and you need to understand that I have your back at any time they decide to target you it’s not going to happen
JC – like I said I completely trust you
JC – look at Scottie he destroyed his whole game for Haleigh .. people do it all the time in this game (Tyler and Angela showmance)
JC – I saw you and I freaked out
T – i understand that I can control my emotions in here.. I can control my emotions better than any one in here I’m not even kidding
T – everything I am doing is for a reason nits for us to get to the end
JC – Brett cannot make it to top 4 that is out of the question we will not be able to control him
JC – we need to organize this that it’s me and you together and everyone else hating each other
Tyler – you cannot convince me to keep Haleigh here (not this week next week)
T – I’m not trying to say I’m more loyal to those two but for me to take out one of them over Haleigh is absolutely insane you know I can’t do that
T – you know it’s not good for you and it’s not good for me

JC says haleigh main target right now is Sam
JC – the worst thing wih Sam is if she wins HOH..
Tyler – someone else will be on the block (Haleigh and Angela)

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“you were foutte’d” i laughed way too hard at that.


Oh yeah! I cracked up! Simon, you are too funny. Best laugh I’ve had all day!

Hi my name is Scott

Simon, I see your DeRocksing did you well. Back to your old normal self again!


I love it! Cracked me up too

Swaggy's Missing Brow

JC is talking about his circumcision operation.
Haleigh keeps eating her hand.

Okay…thanks for that. Mind bleach time.

“I’ll set you up.. you won’t be touched for 3 weeks.. just throwing a bunch of Shade.. I think it should work because I haven’t lied in this game.. so when I say this stuff they’ll be like well he’s never lied. .. so it should work”

You would think that after how well Haleigh’s house meeting went this is the last thing she would want.


Don’t use blech…..Shout it out……safer for the cerebellum.

Violet Parr

Who do you think is going to be the famous one of this season?

Season 16— Derrick, Nicole
Season 17– James, Vanessa, Jmac
Season 18– Paul, Victor
Season 19– Jess, Cody
Season 20–??????????

Who do you guys think is season 20’s breakout star?????


JC BB will have him back again.


Derek isn’t famous, he’s infamous for being a production puppet. Derek sucks.


Derek has his own TV show now but I can’t remember the name of it. some detective show.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I actually think this year it should be a team…and JC.

L4 (the last four of the original L6) have done such a great job so far working together, supporting each other, thinking ahead and executing.

JC in his own right

King Silva

Tyler for sure.

JC and Brett as well.

The horrible people on the other side (Fessy/RS/Swaggy/etc) will be reminders to not be so f*cking stupid for other players for years to come.

Blessed in

No kidding ! All future participants should be required to study BB20 and be challenged to improve on it.

BB Fan

If they didn’t learn that from last year with everyone playing Paul’s game they will never learn.


The only ones on something non bb related was derrick with his cop show, and jess/cody on amazing race.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Tyler on TKO while on BB (filmed before hand of course).

True Dat

Victor was on MTV’s The Challenge as well.


kaitlyn and swaggy will be back. tyler too if he somehow doesn’t win.

Kathy mac



also odd not to include frankie on bb16. i mean, i think he’s super irritating but he’s continued to maintain a presence that was initiated by his bb appearance.

Botox Pelosi

Thanks for the updates Simon. it looks like things are going to be slow until Thursday.


JC is the one to watch until then. He may try to stir the pot and it may get interesting. There won’t be much movement on the eviction this week, it’s done.

Who said that!

Ohh,Fes…a little slow but I’m sure this plan will work.

Fessy's red flags

Fes is full of red flags. Haleigh’s friends and family better warn her when the show ends.

Kid Rock

She can sense It already……. She already knows it would never work with him.

BB Fan

Fed tells her to be quiet while he is talking. Take a hint Hay

Is Tyler My Daddy?

Fes is scary jealous!

King Silva

Haleigh needs to draft up the restraining order when she gets out right away because I just know she will need to use it within a week or so..

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That’s one of the problems with the way she played. She encouraged Fessie and Scottie, and both of them seem to have taken it seriously. I doubt Scottie will be a problem for her but he will probably take a while to get over it himself. Fessie on the other hand could very well be problematic; he doesn’t seem to like to take no for an answer.

It would have been better to just not go there in the first place.

Rigged Game

Hay wanted a meat shield and thought the NFL prospect was a good choice.

You Only Live Once

Fes/Hal won’t last. It is very evident Fes has possessiveness issues….it is why their conversations are no different from spinning around in a hamster wheel, same conversation over and over. It is 2018, everyone can and should be able to speak for themselves, so this whole Fes talking to Angela for Haleigh just seems so weird….but then again sometimes I think they are a match made in heaven because they are both highly insecure people.


She’s only 21, this relationship will be a lesson, they’re attracted to each other but won’t last.


They are so dumb and annoying. Fes is the worst and Haleigh I dislike more when she fights with him. She is gonna make herself look worse when she leaches on to Brett. 1. He is gonna make fun of her 2. She should had done it awhile ago. Brett might be a jerk but he is smarter and tougher than Fes..


He might play along, but he (Brett) is too smart to be used by Haleigh.


I’m Glad Fessie realize how BIG of a MORON he is for putting up Scottie.
Now lets hope Scottie beats him in the battle back.


if it is the rope hang as i suspect, fes is at a significant disadvantage. i think bayleigh has the best shot followed by scottie (definitely rooting for scottie). fes and rockstar might as well not even try.


He realized but he’s putting the blame on Scottie.


…and it only took him 69 days to start paying attention to the game…now that he realizes he doesn’t get the girl either. Too little too late.


FEs – Now that I think of it after Angela did what she did and put us up I’m thinking so what that Scottie flipped the votes. Now I’m thinking that after Angela put us on the block

C’mon, Simon. Just admit you were bored and made this up? There’s no way Fez is this stupid. Like it’s not possible he could have survived in life to be this stupid…right?…


I think he took one to many helmet to helmet hit’s in college.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“Like it’s not possible he could have survived in life to be this stupid…right?…”

“somehow he functions and was a NFL hopeful ..”

Breathing is an autonomic function.

Seriously though, I seem to recall that (I believe it was him) that he didn’t know anything about the game and just binge watched a couple of seasons before hand. If that is the case, I’m not sure what seasons he watched or what he got out of them, but it seems like he is completely unprepared to play this game.

Rigged Game

If Hay doesn’t dump fezzy, fuck her she deserves to lose…

Rigged Game

I could actually see JC and fezzy on TAR as a fuck up duo that can’t do anything right.

Rigged Game

I’m gonna bet Hay loses fezzys number when they get back home.

Rigged Game

Fezzy is kinda of a pussy for an NFL hopeful.


Yeah…in your dreams, pal.


Wow Fessie is so exhausting to listen to. He is such a friggin baby when it comes to Hayleigh, so immature and super jealous. If they are butting heads like this already I think Hayleigh would be smart to run as fast as she can.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Wait till she joins him in the jury house.

Brett's Butt Plug

And they havent even boned yet. Fezzy is a closeted gay man so I doubt there will be much sex.

Haleigh Scottie

So question of the day:::::: Is it more likely that if Fes plays survivor he will get lost on the island and need production to find him or…. he plays on Amazimg Race and checks in in the wrong country?

This dude is tv gold! My wife keeps Saying that Fes is a plant cause nobody could be this dumb!!!!


Has it been officially confirmed that Bayleigh is pregnant?


Baleigh’s power could be used until there were 8 players remaining. If Baleigh wins the Battle Back there will be 8 players. Is her power still good?

Who said that!

With that conversation JC should realize Tyler doesn’t have his back.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And Tyler realizes that JC doesn’t have his back.

Rigged Game

Yes. And Tyler should realize JC is becoming a problem and going after his people


With that convo, JC just became a bigger target than Hay.

Seriously though, Ty has every right to want hay evicted first, she has directly attacked him. She is literally the ONLY person in the house putting him up.

Who said that!

Tyler now looks like Angela.


Haleigh and Angela in the hammock. Haleigh repeating the same thing over and over and over again looking for reassurance that they are good with each other (Haleigh had people in her ear, Rockstar’s fault, etc). Angela’s going along but you can tell she’s not having it. Haleigh’s used to getting what she wants but it’s just not happening so she just keeps trying.


Haleigh has this odd super serious expression she gets when she is trying to do a sales job on someone. She repeats herself over and over (remember the tub scene with Tyler) and I really think she believes she is winning the sales job just because the other person isn’t arguing. She was lying through her teeth on the hammock with Brett saying she wasn’t in a showmance with Fes and Brett knew it, she keeps telling Fes she is devoted to him, and now she’s revising history with Angela.

That’s the funniest thing about Hay and her con jobs, she’s never believed but she always thinks she is. Hope she sees herself and is able to change her ways and grow from this experience.

Flirting doesn’t work and insincere con jobs aren’t winning strategies for life.

Who said that!

JC lost his b0ner,

Swaggy's Missing Brow

About the battle-back. It seems there are two possibilities. The jurors battle it out and the winner is allowed to come back into the house and compete in the HoH challenge, and

1) remain automatically, or

2) can only remain if they win HoH.

Anyone have a read on this?


The 9:00 PM BBTime Reveal…..Seriously the highlight of the week for me so far on the feeds. Sam straightened Tyler’s hair, making it (in her words) the “MmmBop” style.


Haliegh to Fester “you know I still like you” now give me your jury vote moron……

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Just started watching After Dark and I am crying laughing. Someone straightened Tyler’s hair and he’s flipping out because he thinks he looks like a woman. He’s seriously freaking out, it’s so funny. He can’t look at it. It’s a little bit Farrah Fawcett.

Rigged Game

Wow!!! Jc may have buried his game with Tyler. In that conversation he went hard and heavy after 3 l4 members. That is gonna get back to them. Jc is usually more subtle. He was like a sledgehammer. he is starting to panic. They may move on him before Sam.

Who said that!

JC has always been honest with Tyler because he thought they were playing together to move themselves toward final 2,by protecting Angela and Kaycee Tyler has outed his true allegiance,JC should now freak out and realize he has no one.


I think it’s BS, I know Angela fans are going to be pissed but “furniture girl” gets upset that Sam tried to move her a$$ by JOKING about Tyler not going to the HOH. People in&out of the house talk about Sam not being part of the group but when she tries they get bugged. I’m just over people talking s#!t about how crazy Sam is. If she is mentally I’ll her being on big brother is on production but I guess everyone doesn’t really hate bullying because that’s what everyone does to her. Instead of trying to understand but whatever


JC made a big mistake by telling Tyler to get rid of Angela and Kaycee during the double eviction (those girls are part of his Final 3). You know Tyler will tell them what he said and they’ll hang him out to dry. If Scottie or Faysal return to the game, JC should make a plan with them to win HOH and put up Angela and Kaycee (JC will control that HOH), win the veto, keep noms the same, and get Sam and Brett to vote out Angela. You know that’ll piss off Tyler and it’ll be war!


The domination of Fes over Hay has officially ended. She is going around to be with others against his specific wishes! She still tries to appease him when he corners her but otherwise she is being independent again. And he knows it and is slow burning constantly over his lack of control over her. It’s too sick to be funny but at least she’s getting free.


Fes is going to make a big speech to save Hay. Sure.

First of all he’s completely inarticulate so whatever is on his mind will come out in a jumble but who knows what could be on his mind since he doesn’t understand the game and still doesn’t understand what’s happened to him.

I hope he does it, it should be hysterical. Something like “my girl Hay good keep Hay, Angela, Ty and Kaycee buddies vote them out”. That’s how he saves her for three weeks like he said. Priceless.