“You need to stop listening to her, If she asks you to do something pretend to do it”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-46-33-082_jpg

8:47pm Kitchen Twins and Austin
Austin made the twins some food says he put cashew and walnuts in it because he knew she likes that.
The twins love the food.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-53-12-111_jpg

8:50pm Vanessa and Steve
Steve – Are you worried
Vanessa believes Becky says she doesn’t think Becky would lie flat to her face.
Vanessa brings up keeping Becky safe when she was on the block.
Vanessa says she’s been wanting to talk game with Steve all day.
Steve – I do to

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 20-59-12-858_jpg

8:57pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin saying he hasn’t talked to Becky lately
Austin says Liz has been telling him she’s having dreams without his beard.
Vanessa tells him she’ll give him some pointers with Liz. It’s a long conversation let her get ready and she’ll tell him.
Austin is excited.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 21-02-52-865_jpg

9:00pm HOH Austin and Becky
Austin – haven’t talked to you since the veto sorry I didn’t win it I tried
Austin – going into Double eviction we don’t have to be so stressed.. that night is so scary
Becky – this is an easy week you need 4 votes and I have 3 votes.
Becky – It’s easy for me to say OK Johnny
(Becky still plays like Johnnymac is going up)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 21-10-44-728_jpg

9:08pm Bedroom Steve, Austin, Liz
Austin thinks JOhnnymac is going to go up
Steve acting shocked – REALLY
Austin mention that’s how Becky is talking.
They agree to keep freaks and geeks together.
Steve leaves.
LIz says Vanessa is getting to crazy, “You need to stop listening to her (Vanessa) , If she asks you to do something pretend to do it don’t do it say you did”
Austin says he talked to Becky and told her he’ll keep JOhnnymac safe.

Austin – Becky told me James, Meg and Jackie all like them
Liz – that’s greatttttttt
Austin – The ones that don’t like us are out..
Liz – vanessa thinks you owe her.. it was one week whatever
Austin – you were going to f*** me over without getting to the bottom with me..
Austin say James did them a solid by not putting them up. He nominated Clay and SHelli instead.
Austin thinks they owe James just as much as Vanessa.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 21-28-56-210_jpg

9:26pm Shelli and Jmac
Jmac assures her the plan will not backfire she’s safe
Shelli talking about her sorority sister how she still keeps in touch. They are all with babies now.
Johnny Mac – Babies Yuck
Jmac – Most of my friends are pumping them out right now

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 21-43-49-675_jpg

9:41pm Have nots james, Meg and Jackie
Having a laugh at Vanessa.
Meg says Jmac is targeting Vanessa after their argument. Becky told her Jmac and Steve are targeting the twins .
Jackie – we don’t have to get blood on our hands.
Meg – I’m ok if we go with the two of them for a long time ..
Meg says Johnnymac was close to Clay and Shelli. Once Vanesssa leaves they should be able to pull him closer to their side.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 21-47-02-499_jpg

Vanessa is telling Austin Liz wants him to come off as less needy. Play a little hard to get.
James walks by opens the toilet door on Jackie
James – I’m sorry

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 21-57-31-414_jpg
9:55pm Have nots jackie and Becky
Jackie saying it might be a good idea to tell Austin and the twins before the veto ceremony.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 22-10-52-861_jpg

10:09pm Austin and Liz playing pool

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 22-25-18-738_jpg

10:23pm Vanessa at the reading bible phase

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 22-35-32-960_jpg

10:32pm HOH Meg and Becky
Meg – Oh my God tomorrow. you better get your rest for tomorrow.

Meg – Sneaky little Becky
Becky – I’m not sneaky.,.. If you give me a reason to lock and load i’m going to do it
Meg – Shelli is the target for Double Eviction that will be nice
Meg recommends she talks to Austin and the twins before the POV Ceremony.
Becky is going to wait until 11 yesterday

Meg – Who does Steve put up Austin and Liz (ZOMG!)

11:03pm HOH JAmes and Meg
James says he’ll throw the HOH to Meg
Meg – I think Steve will win during double eviction
James – he’ll put Austin up
Meg – or the twins
Meg – might be Shelli
James and Meg say they are not voting for Austin if he makes it to the end because he was he’s not playing the game to win.
Becky comes up Followed by Jackie (See gif below)
Jackie brings up Vanessa already laying the groundwork to get Johnnymac out. She thinks Johnnymac will be the replacement.

Becky’s speech to Austin will be telling him there’s two main groups in the house her groups, Meg, JAckie, JAmes and Austin’s group with the twins.
She’s going to list of a couple lies and sneaky things Vanessa has been doing.
Meg says they have to make sure Austin is down with picking Shelli as the next target.
Meg – Make it clear that Double eviction plan is the same
Becky – you guys have to help with that because I can‘t play
Meg – Don’t worry we’ll talk to them
(An ironclad plan)

They start bashing Vanessa’s attempts to get to know steve.
Becky – You can’t make friends 7th week
Jackie says Shelli and Vanessa are a off pair.
Becky – I get along with Shelli
Jackie – Oh I love her too
Jackie goes on about Vanessa only being friends with Steve all of a sudden for his vote because she thinks Johnnymac will go up.
Jackie says Vanessa wanted Steve out this week but now that Steve got Veto she wants Johnnymac.
Becky – I adopre Johnny when I’m sad I can go to him.. he plays a really defensive game and he’s my defensive reminder.
Becky tells them it all comes down to the Skittles, If Vanessa stays the other side has 4 they have 4. If Vaneesa stays it’s 5 vs 4
Becky – we’re a public large group as long as we have the numbers the house will go with us

Becky says the twins are a$$holes to Steve. Saying he’s being bullied by austin and the twins.
Meg – that’s who he’s going after for sure, He’s not putting any of us up

Meg says the other people in the house don’t let Steve talk and don’t talked to him enough to really get to know him like they do.
Becky tells them she’s certain Johnnymac is going after the twins.
(The conversation is priceless)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 23-17-14-324_jpg
11:15pm – 11:40pm Austin, Shelli and Steve
Chit chatting for the last hour about Academic topics. It’s a friendly balanced conversations. Sometimes a twin jumps in

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 23-45-51-538_jpg
11:45pm – midnight Becky, Meg, Jackie, James
Becky calls their group James angels.
Becky complaining that Vanessa always wants to work out with her but everytime she sees vanessa she’s eating a bag of chips.

They start convincing each other that AUstin‘s side will not target them during the double eviction. JAmes says the only one they have to worry about is Shelli winning.
Jackie – that is why she need to go next after Vanessa.

Becky says the HOH pictures are fun for the “Feeders”
Vanessa – I feel really bad for Shelli
Beckley – she’s sad, She’s trying to lay low it’s the smartest thing to do in this game sometimes, Lay low.

Meg says it’s us vs them and then Johnnymac
James mentions that is the group Audrey told them about.
They laugh that the twins think this it Summer camp.
Jackie – you should always want to be played

Jackie about the twins – They’re sitting pretty they haven’t done sh1t in the house
Becky – they have started playing the game since day 60
Meg – they haven’t even played a veto
Jackie – they won HOH once and been on the block once
Becky – that’s it.. we are sitting here 3 time HOH winner and nine times being on the block and all of us have pack out bags.
Jackie – every week we’re in the mix
They all agree they can destroy Austin and the twins in competitions.
James points out the order of the HOH was Becky, Julia, Johnnymac, Shelli.

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Time for a reality check. Shelli puts the hammer down during DE (James) and Becky’s dumb a$$ finally realizes that Steve has BALLS!

Mrs. Mac

Steve had balls the size of grapes.


Meg is a powerhouse!!!!!!
The next HOH!!!!

Ian's lament

Sorry dont which is worse. Her jello legs her jello brain


I’m team JJMB but I don’t want Vanessa to go 🙁


I am team JJM…F*CK Becky.

Fugly face with jacked up teeth. Grew up in family that was too poor to buy braces.


Says the sweaty, acne covered, fatty manboy sitting in his mom’s basement.


My name isn’t Jason.


Actually she got hit in the face by a train…and a bat, the mammal not baseball.


omg, that picture of Vanessa reading the Bible on the eve of Veto ceremony is killing me. XD

I really will miss her, the feeds won’t be the same,


I miss Shelli, where has she been?


Jackie and Becky going on-and-on with the trash talk about Vanessa and the twins is getting old. Very old. It’s so mean. Recall that Vanessa had Jason as a target and had nothing bad to say about him, in fact, she offered him a job. Vanessa has a legitimate relationship with Steve, while the others mock him.

If BB actually shows the mean girl behaviors on the tv show then Jackie and Becky are going to get America voting against them. Is James America’s Player? Could he have to plot against the mean girls as one of his missions?


I love the Vanessa supporters calling the others the mean girls. You don’t know mean girls unless you’ve seen Brittny and Monet doing their routine. Yes, Vanessa has had a relationship with Steve but it was one of numbers and that’s it, she’s used him for a number and he has always been expendable hence the reason she didn’t have him in an alliance with Shelly and Clay. You must have missed the twins giving their opinions of Jackie, you must have also missed Vanessa talking about how she was going to rip Becky apart. I understand you like Vanessa and that’s fine but don’t sit here making out like she’s a saint b/c she surely is not. CBS showing your alleged mean girls routine would be boring b/c it’s really nothing as bad as what has been said about them.


You call Vanessa NICE because she’s gonna get Jason job AFTER SHE PERSONALLY BACKDOORS HIM THEN REALIZING SHE F?D UP ALIENATING THE ENTIRE HOUSE WITH HER THREATENING STRONG-ARM TACTICS??? She puts AUSTIN her only alliance member on the block for talking to someone which she labels “disloyal” (when she doesn’t shut up starting new alliances by the hour).

She is constantly staging fights, backstabbing then trying to appear as the “savor” “everyone hates you and distrusts you but me, “you better listen to me do what I say”.

She’s nothing but a paranoid control freak who uses intimidation, lies, humiliation, and the Block to manage her minions. SHE PUTS THEM UP THEM TRIES TO CONVINCE EVERYONE SHE’LL SAVE THEM FROM HER OWN MURDER,SHE KILLS EVERYONE’S GAME THEN PRETENDS SHE’S GONNA SAVE THEM.

She’s got what she deserves, NO ONE ON HER SIDE! And no one believes she’s got morals ethics a heart or even poker skills to play this game. Keep reading the Bible gurrl you might learn something you didn’t pick up in your fancy college or gambling/lying for a living career. Or is it DJ? Your spin don’t play no mo!!

OMG,Becky,Look at her Butt

Women talk smack about each other, Its just what we do. Ive even talked smack about about a girl because she talked to much about other people. I loved Vanessa at first,then I hated her, then I liked her again for a day. But really when your biggest game move is slack jawed(literally) confusion and tear stained t-shirts its time to leave. She is a manipulative dangerous player, and I am ELATED someone is finally getting her out. Liz for the double and the other side is set. I am so happy I wont have to see that dumb ass look on Vanessas face when she gets caught in something again!


James’s Angels should call themselves Clueless.

They just notice Vanessa talking to Steve, when they have been close since day 2. They see Austwin’s teasing of Steve as malicious bullying, when in fact they’ve all been close since day 3.

i don’t really know what will happen on double eviction, but i can guarantee it will not be whatever this group come up with.

I mean, Meg still believes that Clay was not that into Shelli. OK Gina Marie I mean Meg


I don’t think the feeds will be completely boring without Vanessa, because now it’ll the alliance will now start to scramble if she leaves and it will be a complete free for all because their isn’t a glue to hold everyone of the Austin, Liz, Julia, and Shelli together.

Nessa stay

I am going to bed early because feeds are gonna be golden tomorrow after veto ceremony, I am not counting Vanessa out just yet


Vanessa vs Shelli…now THAT’S getting blood on your hands! Good on ya, Becky!! Show LochNessa you’re nit scared!!!!


Hate her or not, Becky did a good job with her HOH, as oblivious as she may be on six sense and who’s working with who, she manages to wake JMac to reality and put him in her teams corner. At least for the HOH in DE, she now has four people fighting for her against five.


I so agree. James made a great game move last week, and Becky is making a great move this week. Had Vanessa or Clelli won the HOH’s they’d do the same moves to take out the Goblins. What’s impossible to watch is how mean Becky and Jackie are being to Vanessa. I love BB, but watching them be mean girls is impossible. I might make me turn off the program. I want someone, like America voting, to put them in their place. that kind of behavior is unacceptable.

One more thing: Becky and Jackie talk about Vanessa being crazy and making fun of mental illness. Would they make fun of someone in a wheel chair? It’s totally unacceptable to throw out insults like they are doing, even thought they are hurt. I hope they become nice again because deep down, they probably aren’t awful girls.


Your screen name must have some meaning. Continue to turn a blind eye to Vanessa’s games and support her that’s your right but again the mean girl routine you talk about is a moot point. You don’t mention Vanessa calling Becky the anti-Christ. No one is making fun of mental illness but if you don’t think that Vanessa is bat poop crazy then your posting name says a lot about you.


Can’t help thinking that production may want to keep Vanessa for added drama in the house. Is it possible they could do a reset of one week which would prevent Vanessa from being evicted?

BB Fan

Most likely, no… Especially since there’s a chance for her to return to the game, if she’s evicted this week.


Vanessa made me feel like I was on crack at times but I don’t want her gone. For some reason I find her really likeable. Can’t explain exactly why. It’s a game and she’s made mistakes but I’m hoping she exposes Becky the little “general” who was feeding them info and somehow pulls a rabbit out of her hat and shelli goes. Even tho shelli has been tolerable since clay left I still feel it’s only a matter of time before she gets back to her entitled better than everyone else attitude.


I agree. She overplayed her hand, and it seems the paranoia got the best of her, but I think outside the house, Vanessa is probably very chill and likeable. It sucks because she had such promise in the beginning. She just became a victim of the game.


Vanessa outside the house is conniving and overbearing perhaps even ruthless…a bad person all the way round with a black Dark Soul…she might be chill in the gates of hell, and it ain’t cool there…


Vanessa checking to see if Dan left any notes in there.


Haha. Good one !!

Chill this Town

OK, I have a serious question. I fully understand the editing BB does, I fully understand the feeding lines to HG’s in the DR…

but for the life of me, I cannot understand Steve’s DR sessions/voting. what is his deal with Becky? why the heck is he acting so afraid? is BB production really feeding him the lines to make it seem like there is friction between two random HG’s?

is there something they are hiding here? because this feels a bit like BB7 with Erica.


I know, I had no idea there were bad game vibes between Steve and Becky. I mean, how???

Is it kind of like silent vibes that only the two people involved would understand?


If you look at all the other women in the house, you’ll see they interact with him. The twins are a bit flirty, Meg is sweet to him, and the others seems to coddle his quirks. Becky on the other hand doesn’t explicitly tell him how she sees him. He’s not good at reading people, particularly women and he’s intimidated because he’s not sure how Becky sees him.

Becky's train breath

Steve doesn’t like Becky because he overheard her and Jason making fun of him one night. Many of the people, being nice to him now, we’re once the same ones making fun of him. Really only Vanessa and Jmac ever took Steve seriously and we’re kind to him.


Ok I get it now. I knew Meg/Jason made fun of Steve but wasn’t aware Becky/Jason made fun of Steve. I think a lot of people made fun of Steve which is sad. I didn’t know he overheard it.

Vanessa bonded with Steve but I wonder how much he thinks that’s important now. I think Jmac has been nice to Steve but only because he thinks Steve likes Becky as well.

Tour 2

Lol nice to see Steve get riled up in the DR after he was nominated. He was fired up! Finally he show his cards & Becky is his target. I don’t understand why Becky, Steve and Johnny Mac can’t team up?? They would make a wining team because both Becky and Johnny are good at physical comps and steve could be the brains. I guess Becky feels way to threatened by Steve.


Actually if you watched the feeds. Becky was Steve’s target well before this week. This week just confirmed his feelings.

Chill this Town

and yet….still no explanation, a bunch of people who love to down vote stuff they have no legit opinion on, but I am still wondering where is the real reason

yes we have seen steve say he hates becky. why? just because? that is a bit strange…especially since he NEEDS becky if he plans to team up with J-Mac.


My take on it from last night’s show was that Steve knows Becky is onto his game. He feels she knows he is laying low, playing “stupid”, throwing comps. I don’t know about him hearing Becky make fun of him. I think as a “super fan” he feels Becky has him and his game figured out and for that reason she needs to go. I also agree with someone else who said Becky talking to him about not stalking or sneaking around was really the only actual conversation between the two that I can recall.


I was wondering the same thing and finally got an answer while watching Jason’s “Game Rundown” interview with McCrae & Spencer. Jason said that before he left, he told Steve to watch out for Becky because Becky did say she was going to target Steve. I know everyone else has pretty much said that at one point or another, but I believe it was a combination of that and the fact that she was laughing and agreeing when Jason said the camera’s give them more privacy than Steve does.


So knowing Becky’s plan, will he even bother to vote out Vanessa? Or throw Shelli a vote to cause noise?

The only person who could get Vanessa to stay is James, but that’s 100% off the table, but I don’t think anything except a Takeover a la Dayvonne could save her. It really depends if the Becky-Shelli rat out thing causes enough distrust in James/Meg. Jackie lovessss Shelli <3


Mrs. Mac by “had” are you referring to Mr. Mac’s balls?



Yup Yup

Vegetables are delicious
I also love devouring peaches and plums 😉

Bored Man

You’ve been watching too many efukt videos.

Member of the Ant Farm

I hate when these people sit around and say who next weeks target will be when they don’t even know who’s going to win HOH!!


Shelli should never have played the showmance card. Her neediness became obvious. Her sense of entitlement grew in the early weeks. I don’t dislike her (because I don’t know her) but she could have been someone who I would root for but now she’s shown colors that maybe woudn’t have come out if Clay didn’t look like her brother. Vanessa cant relax. That must suck. The broad’s brain just won’t stop overworking.
From what I’ve seen so far Shelli and Vanessa are heads above the others in strategic play but they
almost for sure won’t pull out a victory. This is an excellent season. Very entertaining


It is kinda funny how James, Jackie, Meg, Becky still are kinda clueless how close the other side of the house really is. They have no clue about freaks and geeks. They think Van is just now getting friendly with Steve in the 7th week for his vote.


Haha yeah, listening to Meg, Jackie and Becky’s reads on the house is pretty entertaining. They are about 90% wrong in theory and really dumb advertising to the rest of the house that the 4 of them are working together. I really hope none of these girls win. They are all dumb as rocks when it comes to strategy and it would be a real shame that such a great season would be tainted with such a poor winner.


I don’t disagree with you, but then who deserves to win in your opinion? You already ruled out Jackie, Meg, and Becky. Austin, Liz and Julia haven’t done anything worthy of winning. Steve is floating on by in an alliance that when push comes to shove, doesn’t really have his back. Vanessa is as good as gone. And Shelli, won’t be far behind her. And even then. You want Shelli to win? That basically leaves John and James and if John doesn’t start winning more comps, I don’t really know if he deserves it either.


That was a wonderful break down of the remaining players Flash.

I’ve ruled Jmac/Steve/formerly Becky out as undeserving winners because they have been so Passive in their gameplay. They tried to play the Rat Floater game like Andy, but unlike Andy they have yet to play the game for themselves. They have always wanted to play for other people (Day/Audrey/Jeff/Clay/Shelli/Vanessa).

Vanessa/Shelli have played themselves out of the house. Both have ruined their social games with a side of the house. Even Austin and Liz are ready to get rid of Shelli this week, and are getting sick of Vanessa’s paranoia. They have started liking and trusting James/Jackie/Meg/Becky more this week (they especially trust James for not putting them up).

Austwins have really contributed nothing, and while being in a alliance have played passively. They’re not really deserving winners either.

Meg has always played well socially, but has never been STRATEGIC enough to really do damage with her social game.

Jackie started off quiet, but has picked her gameplay up quite a bit these past few weeks, and has like James never been afraid to make big moves.

James has been playing the game actively since week 1, and despite bein a target has lasted now 7 weeks in the game. He’s played a loyal game, and stuck to his word despite the numerous times he and his allies have been burned, and blindsided.

It’s been an interesting cast this season. The strategic players (Snakes) (Shelli/Vanessa/Audrey) played too hard too quickly.

The Collaborators (James/Jackie/Meg/recently Becky) have been a bit clueless, but are lucky in that they are making smart choices in who to target. Breaking up a showmance, getting rid of Vanessa, targeting Shelli for the DE, etc. (Austin/Liz/Julia) also Collaborators have been riding safe for most of the game, but could make a new deal with JJMB.

The Floaters (Jmac/Steve/formerly Becky) have been very weak this year. None of them have ever played for themselves before this week. Erika was a Passive Floater in BB7, but she always played the game for herself which is why she ended up in the final 2. As a fan of the Floater strategy (Dr. Will, Jun, James, Shelly, Andy, etc) I was really disappointed to see the Floaters never take control of their destiny in the game.

I’m hoping to see Vanessa and Shelli both leave Thursday because for me as two of the smartest people remaining in the game they have played sloppily. James is the most deserving to me right now followed by Jackie and then Becky.


You say some were too passive, yet some were too aggressive. Guess what? All the aggressors are going home. It is only week 7; Backy, James, and Jmac have now made moves. Sure Becky tried to be a rat with Shelli, it didnt work, and she is now taking her new role in an open alliance, so I think its fair to forgive and forget that. What has Jackie done besides having a resting Bitch face? Steve has been more active than her. I think at this point James, Becky, and JMac are the only front runners, in that order, but things change.

Just A Thought

Do ya think when Vanessa is gone that Shelli is a frontrunner to win, by her gameplay and production. All the drama will die down and she’ll settle right in. Looking at the other HG I just don’t see them panning out. I could very easy see Shelli get back on a roll.

Bored Man

She would be the only one playing the game while everyone else talks about farts and dicks, so she shouldn’t have much trouble taking home the $500k. At this point all she would have to do is ridicule Vanessa and they would roll out the red carpet and crown her queen. They very much need someone to follow and hide behind.

Smart Guy

It would be hilarious if Vanessa stood up before the vote on Thursday and told everyone that she’s not going to waste time in a jury house for $10k when she can make that in a day crushing moron tourists in Vegas, and then walked right out the front door. I would LMAO!


Cost me 135 canadian dollars and some change to donate 100 american dollars to this site and it’s worth every penny. This is a great forum about the game and I enjoy it immensely. Kudos to the operators and the commenters. Cheers to you all. Clinkin your glasses


ya it sucks our dollar is so far down now…last year at this time it was even or a little more than theirs!




Thank you very much Shayne! We really appreciate it. With out your support and many others this site wouldn’t be possible. We hope we’ve helped make the season better for you. 🙂


I’m gonna get James head on a platter. Chop!!!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Just watched the last episode. Becky was brilliant in her speech by calling out Ssssssteve-The-Snake. He was floating all the way and since this season is the one w/o floaters it was time someone calls him out on that. And even better, he says Becky is his next target. Now, hope he tries and sh!t himself all over 😉



To me, Ian had an endearing quality about him, Steve he just bugs the hell out of me. Always name dropping previous house guests & trying so hard talking to the camera. Sorry Steve, your just a cringe inducing socially anept wanna be poseur!


Ohhh boy. “anept,” lmao. Lord help us.


I usually love the underdogs, but this group of twits has made it impossible. They are completely useless. Not only are they completely clueless about what’s going on in the house, but now they have turned into bitchy, catty, mean-girls.
Meg, who BB winner Jun referred to as a bed-bug because she bore herself into a bed on the fist day and never left it, is now laughing at the others because “they have just started playing the game on day 60” ???? smh
“Vanessa has just started talking to Steve on wk 7, but we have always been nice to him” ??? “Btw, we need to get Steve out next” ??
They are a bunch of idiots that have no clue how stupid they sound, yet they think they have the entire house figured out. lmao
Plus, they are boring af on the feeds. Can you imagine how boring it would be if it was just “their side”?

Although I can’t stand Shelli’s smugness (and hated Shlay) and Vanessa has more than a few flaws, at least they are playing the game and know wtf is going on. And THEY have been playing the game every single day since day 1.
And just because Becky & co don’t think that Vanessa is loyal, it doesn’t make it true. Vanessa has been loyal to a fault to her alliance. She just blew up her entire game (and completely lost her mind) trying to keep her “real alliance ” that she has been working with from the beginning, safe. She does make shady side deals with other people wk to wk that she has no intention of keeping, but they are not part of SS.
Vanessa’s crazy (in moderation) can also be entertaining.

I would like to see Vanessa go to jury this wk so she can relax and get her head together (and get rid of the raccoon eyes). Shelley win the DE hoh and send Becky packing. (her disgusting behavior the last few days is reason enough). Then the other side taking a swing at Austwins, with one of them evicted and the remaining running back to Shelli. Then I would like to see Vanessa return from jury and re-align with former alliance and then they can duke it out with the other side from wk to wk.
I’d be ok if Shelli, Vanessa or James won the game because they have been playing. I also love Steve and like Jmac so if they stepped up their game I’d be ok with them winning also.
Would love to see a f2 of Van and Steve with Steve winning. (due to him upping his game and a bitter jury)


Vanessa hasn’t been loyal to her allaince what are you talking about?? Vanessa tried to put up Austin for a stupid reason, she sold out sheli a bunch of times and as for playing the game all she been doing is starting fake alliances and breaking deals every week. the under dogs meg.jackie and james are on slop so I’ll give them a pass for thier lack of energy. the twins and Vanessa been talking crap about people FOR WEEKS.


I thought that Vanessa contemplated putting up Austin was because she found out that Austin was trying to sell out a person within their alliance (Julia)?
Shelli is the one that brought it to Van’s attention and turned it into a huge ordeal without knowing all of the facts. Vanessa listened to her alliance (her real alliance, the Sixth Sense not all of her fake side deals/alliances) and together they with Julia but not Liz, ALL decided that Austin was throwing Julia utb and being careless. Then at the 11th hour, Shelli (and Steve) talked Van into changing her mind about Austin because it was about numbers. Vanessa agreed, but knew that it was going to cause problems with the others so she said that “this is a group decision and I’m not going down alone for this. ”
Shlay tried to act innocent to everyone and declined knowing anything about Van’s plan to put Jason up, and Van defended herself. She probably tried to blame Shlay too much for the Jason decision, but she wasn’t planning on going back on her word to bd Austin until she was talked into it. I don’t recall any other times when Van has tried to ruin Shelli’s game? In fact, if it weren’t for Van spearheading the Save Shelli campaign last week, she would probably be safe/safer this week. Who else in the SS has done as much to keep that group together as Van has done? She IS loyal to her REAL alliance. I don’t see anyone else in that house blowing their game to save someone else (aside from Clay).
When Vanessa decided to target Jason she told him that it wasn’t personal, it was game only. AND she promised to help him out when they were all out of BB.
Vanessa never ran around the house attacking any of her targets in a personal way, but she has done game related smear campaigns. Becky & co have been making attacks non fucking stop for a few days about Vanessa in every personal way. It has been highschool mean-girl bs for days. I don’t remember Vanessa ever doing that kind of name calling, but maybe I missed it.?
I did say that Vanessa has many flaws, like being over emotional and her severe ADD which is causing her to loose her mind. She over analyzes to the point of paranoia, but I enjoy watching her strategize. Strategizing is the point of BB isn’t it? Or has it turned into a charity or a popularity contest? If so, I missed those advertisements.
But thank you for informing me that the ADC has been on slop all summer. That makes a little bit more sense as to why they are so clueless about the house dynamics, that they have been living in for almost 2 months :/
The only entertaining part about their cluelessness is that they are so sure that they have everything and everybody completely figured out. lmao
Being a have-not for almost 2 months would also explain Meg’s complete uselessness in comps 😉

Fredonia NY

hoping for Becky or Steve to win BB17!


Oh Dear God, NO

Jackie Meg and Becky will die young

I just can’t take much more of this. Vanessa has played the game and in doing so screwed over some other people but on a personal level has been respectful caring and nice to everyone. Jackie, Meg and Becky as people make me physically ill.

Karma is a bitch and these ladies will have some karma coming. This is indeed just a game but how they have shown themselves in the house will have some consequence.

Listening to Becky is sickening she turns every convo into something about her. I am sad that there are actually people like Becky that exist on this earth. I’m sorry but the world would be a better place without her.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Right now on the live feeds Sssssteve The Snake is talking to himself and contemplating NOT using the POV. The only reason why not to use it is “My mom would kill me if I didn’t use the veto tomorrow.”

I’ve known this all the effing time! Snake in the Grass!


The Sixth Sense is definitely done. Shelli was never that close to Austwins and without even knowing Vanessa is going up and out they are not enjoying working with her anymore.


I think ADC would be dumbstruck if they knew Steve had a final two with Vanessa this whole time. They did a good job of hiding their relationship. Not that it’s likely to matter now.