Vanessa “I’m going to flip the whole script & make Becky the target for Double Eviction”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 01-51-51-246
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12am – 12:45am Bedroom – Steve talks to Vanessa and tells her that Shelli and Johnny are freaking out about the 8 person alliance. Vanessa ask what alliance? Steve says the one you told me about. Vanessa says that’s not an alliance. Steve says the 8 person group whatever you want to call it. Vanessa asks how do they know about it? Steve says I don’t know. Vanessa says it was only a 1 week deal. Steve says oh okay I didn’t know that. Vanessa says you know I hate liars. Be honest with me.. did you tell Johnny Mac anything that implies I have any opinion about him. Steve says about him no I have not. Steve says that he ranted to me about the fight. He was upset about the finger pointing. Vanessa asks was he upset at me? It was Clay who did the whole thing I didn’t make up anything. Clay told me to go ask Johnny about it. I was a puppet that got my string pulled. Steve says he was mad about the whole fight. Vanessa tells Steve about the fight. Steve says I am just worried if Becky is really going to put up Johnny because they’re so close. Vanessa says he’s going up as a pawn to ensue Shelli goes home. Vanessa says if I had won the veto neither of you would be going home because whoever I took down would promise to keep the other one. Vanessa says that my plan is.. after double eviction because it happens so quickly.. we make Becky a target for everyone. Steve says he’s worries about being a target in the double because hes not with anyone. Vanessa says once Becky puts up Johnny Mac we can make Becky a target. I think everyone would be on board with it except Jackie. Steve says we’re just the Freaks now .. because freaks & geeks is a tv show. Vanessa renames it freaky 5 .. because there’s 5 of us. Steve says okay. Vanessa says I think its smarter to let Shelli go. The only reason we would keep her is if it would extend your life in the game. It would start a war if we kept Shelli. Steve says can we figure this out after the veto meeting tomorrow. Julia joins them. Steve heads up to spy on the HOH room crew.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 01-52-46-213

12:45am – 1:10am Vanessa tells Julia that she just leaned that Shelli and Johnny learned about the 8 person group. Julia asks who the f**k told her. Does Shelli really think she has a chance? Vanessa says you would think she would hang out with me but she doesn’t. Julia says this is a social game and all she is doing is moping around. Julia asks what do you think is happening tomorrow. Vanessa says Johnny Mac is going up. Becky told me I wasn’t going up. She asked me if I would vote to keep Johnny. I told her I would vote with the house. Think about it what is the majority. Julia laughs and says evil! Vanessa says if the house wants Shelli out I will vote her out but if the house wants Johnny out.. Then I can keep my word. It comes down to what Freaks & Geeks want. Julia says I want to keep her. Vanessa says that Johnny Mac is close with Becky and she is the Antichrist. Not the Antichrist that’s terrible to say .. I really don’t like her. Julia says me neither. Vanessa says I don’t like how two faced she was to Shelli. You don’t even know the half of it. We went from me and Shelli being the two people she trusted the most in the house. She was feeding Shelli & Clay info about what they were saying in the HOH room during James’s HOH. To then once they’re in power to putting Shelli up and telling me she is never making deals again. That is the biggest slap in my face. She told me to lie that she didn’t know the night before Jason went up. If she won HOH she was going to put up James and now she’s working with him. Is that not funny! Julia says holy sh*t! Vanessa says my trust tells me to get rid of Johnny Mac. He has trust with everyone. Vanessa says if Shelli were to be backstabbing me I would never forgive her because I’m trying to keep her. Vanessa tells Julia she needs to stop letting Austin talk for her. You need to establish your own independent game. If anything ever happens to Austin you need to be okay. Julia comments on how James makes her feel uncomfortable. She says would hook up with Steve before James. They talk about Liz and Austin. Julia says she hopes Liz’s image doesn’t get tarnished. She has to stop leading him on. Her comic book thing was so her “The heart breaker” (Veto Comp). Julia says that every time we mention Jeff.. Austin gets so pissed. I think if he was still her she would have picked him over Austin. Vanessa tells Julia her and Liz have a very good shot to go a long way. They (James, Jackie, Meg, Becky) have to win HOH 3 times to get rid of you guys.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 02-23-21-624

12am – 12:55am HOH room – Becky, James, Meg and Jackie are talking. Becky says after we get Shelli out I hope that Johnny Mac or Steve win HOH and go after the twins. Meg says no because that would mean it would put it on us. Jackie says for the double eviction I almost what to do Shelli and Liz. With Austin as the replacement if Liz wins and Steve the replacement if Shelli wins. Becky asks so should we not make a deal with them? Jackie says I can’t trust them with the votes. Meg says as long as we make it clear we are still going after the same people. We can’t say we aren’t going to put you up. I would put up Austin and Shelli. Becky says if we’re going to play like that I don’t think we should be sitting here making deals with them. No matter what we’re sending people to jury and we need their votes to win this game and if we’re going to play dirty like that and we keep this up none of us are getting votes. Meg says its not playing dirty. Jackie says it guarantees they’re (twins) going to keep Austin and we’re going to get Shelli out. Becky says maybe we just agree on targets. Not on block or not on the block. James says I would probably put up Liz. Meg comments on how she was surprised in the veto comp .. Shelli wasn’t the sweet Georgia peach .. instead she was the PUMA! They talk about Shelli being 33 and Clay being 23. Steve joins them.

1:15am Cabana room – Jackie talks to Shelli. Shelli says she’s had a rough few days. I need to start my game over. Obviously I am on the block and Steve is coming down. I’m nervous about tomorrow. Jackie says I can’t say what is going to happen but you’re someone I was never gunning for. Jackie says the bullying for votes really upset me. I do not want to be seen that way. Someone said it about James. He asked if I keep you safe please vote how I want. At the end of the day everyone voted the way they wanted. It got really ugly. It makes me sick to my stomach and I would never be like that. I would never want to be perceived that way for money. Shelli says that she’s never been after Jackie. I just want to start fresh. Whatever happens tomorrow I would love to talk again. I will fight for myself. I won’t do some dirty campaign. Jackie says I think you and Clay have just been with the wrong people.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 02-53-31-906

Living room stretching..

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1:45am Bedroom – Vanessa tells Shelli that she is strong and will get through it. Luckily its not too much longer. Shelli says that things just feel so different. Vanessa says things will change again real soon. Its a game, its what we signed up for. If they put up Johnny Mac your a$$ is staying. The only reason we haven’t been so close the last few days is because if I look like your closest ally I will go up. Vanessa tells Shelli that she just had a conversation with Steve and Julia about keeping her. I don’t want you to go anywhere. If I end up next to you that would really be unfortunate. If it happens, it happens and one of us will go. If Johnny Mac goes next to you its the best thing that can happen for you. When it happens I will go straight to my plan. I will get James and Meg on board with it. I’m going to flip the whole script and make Becky the target for Double eviction. I’ve got Steve on board with it too. He has evidence against her too. Shelli says I’m just nervous. Vanessa says worst case we go back to our lives. You’ve got a blossoming relationship to look forward to. Shelli says she’s worried she is going to lose him (Clay). He will have so many other opportunities.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 03-18-43-537

1:55am – 3:10am Jackie and Becky talk in the HOH room. Jackie says I hope that didn’t look bad. (Talking to Shelli) Becky says that Vanessa saw and as soon as Shelli left you Vanessa talked to her. Becky says Vanessa is really such an a$$hole! Jackie asks why? Becky says just her getting groups together to go after Shelli and Steve and then running downstairs to tell people that that group we’re after them. And then comes to me and wants to make sure I’m putting Shelli up. You’re such a bit*h! You’re just running around from crowed to crowed to crowed to crowed. She is working everybody. Why, Why would I trust you. Shelli isn’t campaigning to anyone. Becky says Shelli gets that Vanessa is the poison. Becky practices her veto meeting speech “Vanessa please take a seat, I am personally making the decision to put you up based off my observations in this game I know you say that you’re truthful, honest and loyal but in reality you are extremely emotional, stressed and paranoid and I feel that you are constantly changing who you’re with in this game and who you’re against. And you’re not afraid to tell lies. When I thought you were with Austin and then you wanted to backdoor him. I thought you were with Shelli and Clay but the second they were on the block together you dropped them. Then you came to me to get Shelli on the block. I am just confused who are you with in this game. You always change your targets. A lot of us have sat on the block during your HOH and you’ve taken a lot of our friends out of this game. Jackie heads downstairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 03-40-13-294

3:20am – 4am Steve comes up to talk to Becky. Becky tells Steve he is playing a better social game. Steve asks are you nervous about tomorrow? Becky shakes her head no. Steve asks can I ask what you’re doing? Becky says I’m putting up Vanessa. I caught her playing all sides of the house really bad. She tried to backdoor Austin, Shelli, James, etc. Did you ever think it was weird how badly she rejected Clay and Shelli when they got nominated. She thinks .. and really wants me to put Johnny Mac up. She wants Shelli to go. Steve says if Shelli goes that makes me the target. Becky says no, people kind of think you’re pawns. Steve says that does make me a target. Becky says Vanessa freaked when you got yourself off. She thinks Johnny Mac has to go up. Steve asks why does she think YOU would put up Johnny Mac? Becky says I know! Becky asks why do you think she spent so much time with you today? Because you’re the swing vote. She needs your vote out Johnny Mac. Becky says I’ve personally seen Vanessa play all sides of the house. She’s personally lied to me. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be caught in the crossfire. I want your game to be safe. I’m ready for tomorrow and its going to get ugly for sure. I know I’m taking out a messy social, panicked player. She will want to drag my name through the mud. Becky says I am so sick of her! She is playing ALL SIDES! I was like you’re f**king crazy!! She is nuts! Steve says game not personal. Becky says oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Steve says I don’t think anyone has anything against her as a human being. What we’re saying here its all her strategy. Becky says yeah. Steve says good, good. She wanted me to put up Johnny! Why the f**k would I put up Johnny. Your a$$ is going home. Steve says to jury. Becky says yeah. Becky asks do you want Vanessa out or would you prefer Shelli out? Steve says I really notice and appreciate the trust and information you have given me and I would be happy to reciprocate and if this is the way I would be happy to do it. And you putting me up makes everyone think we’re not working together. Steve says I really trust Johnny and especially trust you because you’ve followed through with what you said you would do. Steve says I am looking forward to you, me and Johnny Mac working together. Steve comments that he came in expected to be hated my America. Becky tells Steve that she thinks James, Meg and him will be most popular. Big Brother calls Steve to the diary room. Steve says this conversation never happened. I’m going to be blind sided tomorrow. Steve leaves and Beck does to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 04-54-12-566

4:20am – 5:30am Steve is in the backyard talking to himself. He says I think being excluded from that group of 8 thing was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. And I am throwing the next HOH. I’m feeling pretty safe. I’ve got to be careful. Things could blow up. I just made a great .. Austin and I haven’t .. I’m sick of the meat head thing. I’m not going to say no but.. I wonder if Austin knows what I’m up to? Because you know who I haven’t game talked with in awhile? Austin and the twins. And I need to do that. Tomorrow my job is to stay in f**king bed. If I can sit back and throw I’ve got freaks and geeks and am safe with everyone in the house. I need .. I don’t think the twins pay attention to who people are talking to in the house. I think Austin pays way more attention to that. Becky’s mind is made up. Nothing can be done. SOS is done. In was in the faceoff veto. I was was throwing everything. Tomorrow .. a fine line and I need to keep doing it. I think Austin might know exactly what I’m up to and I’m afraid of that now. Meg can I talk to you during the music tomorrow. I would really like to talk to you. Its a personal thing. Its something I’ve been hiding in my personal life. On the questionnaire .. should you be trusted and my answer was no. Want Vanessa to be mad at Becky.. OH if I tell everyone that Vanessa and I had a final 2 deal.. If anyone can respect my game and what I’m doing it will be Vanessa. Am I going to lose Austin against Vanessa. Vanessa lied to me more. Who could I nominate if I won HOH. I can’t nominate anyone. I can’t win HOH for this double eviction. I think everyone thinks I’m so cute and innocent that no one expected it from me. Becky is making a huge mistake. Lets think about this carefully Vanessa going to out the freaks and geeks? I was a victim of Vanessa’s… Vanessa lied to me. … You promised Shelli. Vanessa if anyone .. I beat you at your own game and you should respect that. I’m nervous about playing both sides too much. I need to rebuild my relationship with Austin and the twins because freaks and geeks… And I don’t even know how I’m going to vote. Or I could just not use it tomorrow. That would actually solve so many problems. But I am not going to not use it. My mom would kill me if I didn’t use the veto. Steve heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-10 05-05-02-237

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Hype Squad

Why are people hating on Becky? She used her HOH well. I like the game she’s playing, I though she was going to be Andy 2.0 but she has a solid alliance now


What a bitch she is! She tells steve the only reason someone was hanging with you was to get a vote? F off Becky and stfu!!!




Lust her or Hate her…Becky is taking out a top player, she’s got Vanessa’s decapitation on her resume…that’s bigtime


Vanessa is up shit creek without a paddle


But it’s true though.


Why? Becky had the balls to tell the truth to Steve. Van has been using him this entire time-fact. She would cut him loose in a heart beat! Explain to me how Van, who told both Shelli & Steve, she swears on her mother’s life she would save them both had Steve not won veto? Had Van won she would of saved Shelli.
Van is not loyal at all. She is the ultimate flip flopper, back stabbing, honesty preaching, treacherous liar, that points fingers @ others/ does everything she says she is against. Dan G owned his crap. He didn’t get on his soap box & preach to be something he is not. He owns it, unlike hypocrite Van. Van is nasty toward Steve, talks down & scolds him, while lying to his face. Becky is clearly stating the obvious & being truthful toward him. Anyone that says Van isn’t using Steve has been hit with Van’s mist. Can’t wait for her to get the karma she deserves-long over due!

Canadian Kevin


The issue here seems to be that Becky is now beating Van at the game (in getting an alliance, and winning comps, and her side being able to vote out the other side). That is upsetting people.

But she didn’t come on to lose, any more than Vanessa did.

Pool Time

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and maybe the ladies will ride that shark this afternoon. Mmmmm delicious cakes glistening in the sun. I love summer.


Vanessa is a hot mess. But she’s always stayed loyal to Shellie. She swore to both Steve and ahellie she would take him/her off the block if he/she chose her as houseguest choice to play in veto. Since not not Steve and Shellie could have chosen Vanessa to play, Vanessa didn’t lie. She could only save the person who chose her. And ahw wanted to save Shellie when Shellie chose her.


It’s ALREADY been explained SEVERAL TIMES ON HERE. Even dawg/Simon already explained it. Go back and reread jeez.


Head dr: this has been discussed often on here but guess you somehow missed it. Shelli and Steve both know (because Van told them both outright) that if either of them pick her to play, and she wins, she will use it on the one that picked her. She said it straight up to both of them. They each knew if the other picked Van she would take that one down. She was not trying to dupe either of them, she was giving herself two options of being picked. And they both knew.

Canadian Kevin

Yeah, because that’s NEVER happened before!?!

I guess it’s only ok when the people you like do it. And heaven forbid someone point it out.


Oh common now, Steve is a big boy, and he is playing a big boy game. He even said in this post, he needs to keep up the charade of him being adorable and innocent. He is playing all sides. That is the reason why anyone is hanging with him, he does not fit it in. (Its not a bad thing, it just is what it is.)

You Better Get Right With God

Vanessa is the devil




I realize that what you are saying is that what Becky said may have been a bit harsh…. but…. the only reason that they started talking to him was for a vote… a person to use as a scapegoat, the fun they have making fun of him behind his back, the hours of fun teasing him and somebody that they considered easily manipulated by pretty girls… Who do they think Steve is????? Do they think he is Austin????
I realize that it was completely sloppy that Becky failed to share all of the information to Steve…. and omission can be just like lying…. what a horrible person she is for not telling Steve the full story that Shelli and Clay told her.


So Becky being direct with Steve is worse than Julia flirting with them then getting Jmack to say she doesn’t really like him? Come on.


She’s still not far from Andy, from what I’m seeing she wanted James’ Angels to attack the twins and protect Shelli and Jmac, a duo that she could easily jump ship into. Having said so her HOH is definitely not wasted (unless Steve ruins the plan by not using veto and by doing so he gets voted out), Vanessa wants to pull a fast one on Becky by saving Shelli once again and voting JMac off but her prior actions last week exposed the mists that she has on James’ crew. What I’m looking forward to is what Vanessa will be saying against Becky and will it affect the trust that JJM has on her. Having said so, I can already see Vanessa being all entitled and defensive on all her lies, I just hope she owns up to her lies at least in her diary room sessions.Shelli already has that holier than though character, I don’t want to see another one.


Becky made a mistake trying to align with Shelli, it didnt work. She has now very loudly announced her allegiance! Time to forgive and forget. If anyone is playing Andys game, its Steve. He just hasn’t ratted anyone out yet…. YET!


Becky proved herself to be a physical comp beast, and says who she’s going put up and does it. Vanessa is not getting in her ear, no one is. She’s seen what shenanigans have been going on. And she’s cutting the head off the snake.

True True

Vanessa your goose is cooked.
Put fork in you, your done.


Becky killed that comp but I dont think I’d call her a comp beast just yet. There’s alot of game left to play, they’re only half through.


Because she is so dumb!! It’s so annoying!! She’s a million times bigger whiner than Shelli, that’s pretty amazing!!

And Then There Was None!

“Reading the Bible Phase” Vanessa hasn’t learned anything-she keeps anhiliating her own game and crew! Will Vanessa even get ONE vote to keep her?? Hmmm…Let’s see what her 6-7-8 Sense fake alliances say…
(1) Austin-I don’t owe Vanessa, she put me up! I owe James he saved us big time. I vote for people who don’t put me up. I made a deal with Becky for DE
(2) Liz & Julia- She’s weird. Don’t do what she says, just tell her you will! The other group is so fuuuunnn!
(3) Steve-I’m gonna kill her for outting Freaks Geeks adding Shelli. You’ve lied to me for a looong time. Now it’s your turn. The Student has beaten the Master. Get to steppin’ and take your baggy crotch pants with you.
(4) JMac-She’s not staging a fight and getting me put up, she’s got to go. Then Twins next at double eviction.
(5) Shelli-Lies I don’t know who’s the target, Becky’s keeping me safe, Vanessa tells her at least you’ll go home to a romance, Clay’s gonna find someone else boo hoo, I’m going to hide in bed.
(6-9) Jackie, James, Meg, Becky-DUH NO DEALS SHE’S DONE! We’re not putting up JMac. She’s humiliating Steve. Shelli is so much easier to work with.
(10) Production – STOP CHEATING DURING COMPS, STOP BLAMING US FOR MIXING UP YOUR MEDS. We’re not even gonna throw you a twist, takeover or special cost money to stop the feeds, edit your brawls and hire bouncers for your staged fights

Keep up her horrible game strategy and she won’t even get a sympathy vote. DJ your SPIN ain’t playin here NO MO!


Can you extrapolate on the comment about Vanessa cheating on comps and the medication mix up?

You guys are awesome

Hijacking top comment for an important question. People keep saying Vanessa cheated and blamed production. What happened??

Who let the dogs out?

I dont think Austwins will have a big issue with Vanessa leaving, it looks like they’re turning on her cuz she’s getting too paranoid.


They do this every single week. They flip back and forth 100 times. Makes me crazy!


I like them flipping 100X! They look good on both sides. I just need to shave so my face is as smooth and soft as they keep their cookie jar. When we get to the jury house Liz’s chocolate chips are mine!


I’m so done with the mean girls Becky and Jackie bashing on Vanessa!! They were up there for hours just complaining about her. Vanessa has done plenty wrong, but so have you Becky, get over yourself.

Bye bye Vanessa

Lol wtf? what about Vanessa calling Becky the antichrist?


And then she said thats wrong I shouldnt have said that. I just don’t like her…. Becky just keeps going on and on. She hasnt stopped talking about Vanessa since she won….


Van clarified that she didn’t mean that. She was just using it as an expression. I can’t wait for Vanessa to blow up Becky’s game.


After she said that, she quickly said I shouldn’t say that, I just mean I don’t like her. She at least is a little aware of mean words, unlike Becky. Becky even said before she likes gossiping at work in the back with her co-workers…now she found a new co-worker Jackie

mean girls.

vanessa is a cunt . she thinks shes better and smarter then everyone cause she has “a high IQ and millions in the bank.” she should take that money and fix her face.

is it just me

not sure about how you gague things but high iq and millions in the bank is a hell of alot more of a reason to get a bit conceited then having the ability to take trains and wildlife to the face

please god in my next life make me a rich smart narcisist instead of an idiot with a thick skull

Gordon Ramsey

Excellent post

Backseat Driver

Whoa mean girls…..that’s a pretty big word you just used…..


And who rattled your double wide?? That’s a disgusting word and you have serious mental issues if you get that upset about a player in a game on TV. Get real.


Oh honestly please tell me that you are not defending Van? This chic who has got in people’s faces, accused them of being liars,I.E. James/Clay/JMAC fight, labeled James a bully, which was untrue, when she is the ultimate bully. Van has made an abundance of nasty remarks, even saying she hates people,& this is coming from a hypocritical person who is constantly telling others to not play emotional.
She is the most emotional player in this house. Van says Becky has no strategical game,but she is only saying that because she knows that Becky is a threat, refused to make deals with her lying, pathetic self,& sees Van for what she is. She is able to manipulate & bully Steve,Austin,& twins but not the others. They are able to recognize the conniving back stabber,flip flopper that she is. You are entitled to your opinion but to call out Becky for stating the truth to Steve is not accurate.

Like...I'm Jackie

Wasn’t Vanessa just talking about getting rid of Shellie because it would be better for her game and then turn around and say that she would never forgive Shellie if she stabbed her in the back? Vanessa is a two faced bitch…really and truly. She has talked so much shit about everybody! She dictates to people who they should and can talk to. It’s unbearable to watch how she treats people. Nobody owes her nothing. If anything she owes them for buying all her bullshit thus far!


That was said to steve because THEY HAVE A FINAL TWO. Of course she’s going to have to vote shelli out (to steve) if she and Steve have a final two deal

What He Said

She’s got a FINAL 2 with everyone. Pet player knows she shouldn’t bet on all the hands only one is gonna win. She goofed her game like a million times a million ways. And drinks so much of her own cool aid thinks she’s only one with a brain and no one will figure her S*t out. Well they did, either she’s as stupid as she says they are or they ate smarter than her. Either way she’s out by her own hand, suicidal tendencies. Her teammates tell get to stop, but she can’t. Then resorts to cheating at comps and blaming production. Bible Phase is last ditch, hoping God will intercede with a sympathy vote. She’s got to get busy getting Jason a job on the outside remember, cuz she’s good on her word and she hates liars!


Actually she doesn’t. She has a f2 with Steve and an alliance with the 6th sense. Van wasn’t the only one that went along with the Dark Moon pitch and had no intentions of doing so. The only ones in that group that meant it were jason, Jackie, James and Meg. Everyone else just agreed to be agreeing and to delay the whole “line in the sand” scenario for another week.


100% agree with you. Look, I like a good and sneaky game player, but she’s all over the place! She keeps saying “I Hate Liars!” but that’s what this show is… everyone lies because you have to! But she acts like it’s such a crime if someone does it to her, despite the many, many, many, many, many lies she’s told. And because of that, she super duper paranoid, and doesn’t conceal it very well. At the beginning of the show, I was totally rooting for her because I felt like she had the covert skills like Dan G. or Derrick. But now, she’s just a mess. In regards to Becky, I forgot she was even in the house until she won the HOH. Seriously, she was like a ghost. People would mention her and I’d be like, “Who’s Becky?” But her winning and deciding to use her power to take out a very strong but paranoid player like James did last week means she’s finally stop haunting that house and become corporeal. And I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the above comment, but what the hell is going on with Vanessa and the hats? Especially that green one? I hate that thing so much! I swear, I want to snatch it through the TV and set it on fire!!


Vanessa is calling Becky the AntiChrist and Becky is supposed to bake her a ucake??? Vanessa’s been reading the Bible for days and it hasn’t improved her personality at all; in fact she takes it all literally labels herself everyone’s “Savior” and casts Becky as the Devil and plots her crucifixion ALL THE WHILE campaigning to put JMAC up to vote out and staging a fake fight to turn house against him in favor of keeping Shelli who she lied about voting out. She’s SERIOUSLY delusional. She’s fine so much scheming she can’t keep her friends and enemies straight. Screaming to Steve it was JMAC who started the fight with her eyes bugged out darting all over the place. Then blaming Steve for outting the 6things Sense turned to 8 Alliance that she created only for 1 week. Well, she just SHOT HER LAST FRIEND AND SAVIOR in the back and herself in the foot, he’s using the VETO now and it’s Vanessa who put herself on the block. Great gameplay gurrl, he beat you at your own game AS ARE ALL THE RECRUITS!

Give Becky a break! Vanessa put Becky up then made her fight against Austin & Jason to cover her lies & to keep her life. is doing what everyone predicted and hates her for. She’s taking the biggest risk everyone else has been too afraid to make putting Vanessa and her 6-7-8 Alliance on the Block amidst all the threats lies and backstabbing. So Vanessa gets in Steves Becky’s and everyone’s face waving arms pointing fingers screaming “I hates liars, you better not lie (like I do) you know what happens to liars don’t you” ALL THE WHILE SPEWING LIES. Well the crazy talk and threats worked the first 4 evictions, but she’s ABUSED HER POWER PUTTING G ALL HER SO-CALLED FRIENDS ON THE BLOCK and threatening their life in the game CONSTANTLY. You think after she takes them off the wrack, after weeks of torture and humiliation they aren’t going to get rabid for revenge??

Vanessa lost BB by her own hands, CHEATING TWICE at HOH Comp, daily rants rampages and killing off her own allies, delusion and paranoia, and HER LIES and daily staged witch hunts that come to bite her back.


When did she cheat at an HOH Competition? And seriously about the cheating…the same could be said about Becky cupping her hands in the last comp. people are always calling out “cheating” but in reality, it’s like a bad call by a ref. If production isn’t calling it out, then people need to get over it…it is what it is. Move on.


If she cheated she will have a penalty nom. Plain and simple, we’ll see on thursday.


Production types were watching and if she was cheating during the HoH thy would have called her out and told her to stop. If she continued they’d disqualify her. They wouldn’t let her play her HoH and penalize her a week later. There’s not enough drama there.


Oh god…today is going to be the best day ever for feeds. I look forward to seeing Dawg and Simons posts and the comments from all BB fans. I am willing to bet that the comments will be record breaking today. LET THE GAMES BEGIN. Production might want to give Vanessa a placebo med because if she gets her regular Adderall blood is going to be c omung out of people’s ears by tonight. Steve is way more calculating than i thought. It’s gonna be fun today!!!!


Those same 2 thumbs down. I’m willing to bet it’s Nessa’s girl Mel. Baby please, nobody cares about your boo! The only reason you do is her $$$. So take that thumb down and put it where you want it. I was saying today is going to be good! Clearly your a troll. Bah bye. Enjoy the jury $$$


Between Monday afternoon and Thursday there will be craziness…


Damn Becky. STHU. You talk too much. Shelli has played well keeping her mouth shut but telling Steve means Becky has not been paying attention. Hope he’s smart enough game player to keep quiet to protct himself. And use the veto….Steve.


I agree with ya about Becky talking to much but I believe she is trying to point out to Steve how Van has used him this entire time. Even Steve admitted in his talking to himself rant how Van has lied to him. Once she is gone then nobody will feel beholden to her, & can finally play their own game. Her presence in that house does not allow her alliance to do that, only play her game. Van is lecturing Julia not to let Austin speak for her & play an independent game,yet the puppet master herself has been pulling the strings the entire time for her own agenda NOT her alliance best interests.


I hope he uses it. if he doesn’t he is going home.


Omg Shut Up Becky!! *cue train*


Choooo choooo


Did I hear Becky likes trains? I will be the engineer but I will start with her caboose. Who is next?

Char Jax

choo choo


Simon or Dawg – please summarize Steve’s rant – where is he at?? Is he finally dropping Vanessa? Does he finally trust Becky? I’m confused….

Dans book of Misting

I think Steve is writing his own book on misting, the student has become the master.

Valentina Corleone

The student aspires, but does not achieve. Steve’s no Dan – not now, not ever.


I think Vanessas time is short, but I have no respect for the constant personal mean girl bashing. Its not game play but it is all Becky and Jackie have; reverting to their mean girl high school ways. I want to punch Becky in the throat. Is that so wrong?


And Jackie going on and on to shelli about not wanting to be seen as a bully because she totally isn’t makes me feel want to puke. didn’t she say that no one was allowed to change their minds last week about voting shelli out bc that’s not allowed. What a hypocritical fake mean girl. Can’t stand Jackie!!


No, I actually feel the same.

Becky was invisible, woke up, won HOH. Yay!
Now that Becky is center stage, she is all about trashing one person. Everything in her venting, I mean, speech practice was ALL personal. HOURS of trashing a persons character isn’t real game play. It’s actually a bit pathetic. For some reason I expected more from her. Becky prided herself on being calm and handling all the downsides without emotion. Unfortunately, all she did was internalize the “trauma” of being on the block, and turn it into one of the worst offences that ever happened to her. Her absolute outrage about being nommed is almost laughable. What game did Becky think she was playing?

Van overplayed and yapped way too much. She deserves to go. So I am not defending Vanessa, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see Becky for the mean, vindictive, revenge filled person that she is. Also, getting Van out is good game play = sorry Van, your done.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Sssssssteve the Sssssnake!

Furless Bat

What secret has steve got… did he lie on his questionnaire… what’s up in his personal life that he’s not telling anyone…. what does his mother have to do with this… is she famous or a big brother alumni…. he wants to trust Meg… tell her the secret, but he said no he couldn’t trust her


1) Steve’s secret is that he is really a genetically advanced Clone created by the brief but tender Love Affair between Dr Will and Jannelle when Allison Grodner had taken them out of the Big Brother House after filling the house with sleeping gas and brought them to a Secret Lab to make future Big Brother contestants.

2) Steves Secret is that he is really Dan Gheesling after having plastic surgery to make him look like his nemesis Ian Terry… So that he could win the title of Winning the most Seasons of Big Brother.

3) Steve secret is that he is really an Alien that has been made to look Human as part of their plot to use reality TV Stars in an elaborate plot to take over the planet… he may be afraid because the Grand High Kardashian may have been angered by something he said in the house.


Okay – since and were not able to reply with the correct summary of what the hell Steve was trying to say in that last monologue. I reread it over about 10 times. The only thing I was thinking about his ‘secret’ is perhaps that he is GAY? And because Meg’s BFF roommate is GAY, maybe he felt he could trust her with this revelation? I am probably wrong but if someone can please please please reply and explain his last monologue before he went to bed, I would greatly appreciate it. If he was literally talking the way Simon/Dawg transcribed it then his thoughts are very disjointed and I have absolutely no clue what he was trying to say. Who is he really aligned with? JohnnyMac??? Vanessa??? Austin??? I am so confused…


How you gonna flip the script Vanessa when yo a$$ is out the house?!?!


Maybe the same way Jason got James/Jackie/Meg against Clelli on his way out the door. I have no doubt, whether Vanessa goes or not, that everyone (mainly James) will learn alot about Becky after today. lol

I survived last seasons BB

But I am not going to not use it. My mom would kill me if I didn’t use the veto. Steve heads to bed.

Where do they get these people ? Don’t be an idiot !!


That would be good t.v if Steve did not use the veto. I know that wouldn’t happen, but the look on their faces would be priceless! Curious if that did happen, if they would vote out Shelli because she is a bigger target or if they would vote out Steve for making that move. I know that the underdogs would be upset with him, but I still think that James would still vote out Shelli because he knows that Shelli would target him. It’s would be gutsy move on Steve’s part but it could work.

V's Green Beanie

I concur. It would be good tv but, he would have to see this Beanie for another week! Save us from the Green Beanie Steeeeeeeeeve!

Becky the hypocrite

So becky pointed one finger at vanessa for being a hypocrite, and playing all sides. But the other FOUR finger fingers are all directed towards herself.

She “buddy up” with meg/james/jackie trio (despite betraying them last week by snitching), with austin/twins trio, and now steve/jmac/shelli trio. Makes me ill she curry favor shelli so much.

At least a fine line is drawn between jmac n vanessa.

Becky, YOU bloody GO HOME!!!! I can’t stand her excessive veto lines practice speeches (i’ve never seen a house guest practice a veto ceremony speech sooo many bloody times with other houseguests.) …. its sheer torture to watch her actions n speeches on live feeds.

Who cares

These people are horrible game players. It is getting painful to watch. At the beginning, I was really excited for the game but now I don’t care who wins. Well except James and Jackie, they are vindictive and have foul mouths when speaking of other houseguests. Get them out please, especially James. For having a daughter he doesn’t speak fondly of women-disgusting.

Big Jim

Get ready for an epic day on feeds today. So excited like a kid on Christmas Eve


Steve is SUCH AN IDIOT!! Did he really just say NOT using the veto would solve so many problems??? What a tool!!!!! Let’s pray he stays in bed all day like he said. And, you know what? At this point it doesn’t even matter how the hell he votes, because one thing is for sure, he CANNOT convince JMac to keep that Lockness Monster that Vanessa is.


Maybe Vanessa and Becky can’t stand each other because they act too much alike. They go over and over and over how they justify going back on their word. I just wish they would own their game. That’s what it is… a game.

Valentina Corleone

I do wish Becky would zip it; she’s running her mouth a little too much. But I am more intrigued by Steve’s monologues – he keeps alluding to something about himself that is making me wonder what’s up with him. I hope he’s telling the truth about using the veto on himself, because if he doesn’t, his game is toast. And could someone pleasengive Vanessa a Xanax? She makes my head hurt with her non-stop talking and I’m afraid if she goes full throttle, my head’s going to explode.


Get venessa out.shes played all in the house.her word is crap.&aderial does make your head spin if dont really need.she never shuts up.its the drug.ugg sick of her.hope shes gone this wk.think shes queen, go becky finally from rat to doing somthing.steves still a rat.worst kinds bb player


I’m sorry but Vanessa is getting what she deserves. She just told Julia that she she’s going to vote out Shelli because she isn’t playing a social and is just moping around. Then she tells Shelli that she was talking to Julia and that they are going to make sure they save her. She lied to shelli’s face just in case Shelli stays she can tell her she owes her. Vanessa is constantly scheming and screwing people that she doesn’t see the Phillips screw driver above her own head. Personally I can’t wait to see her face when she gets put on the block. Unfortunately with Becky, Shelli and Jackie getting closer James will have to watch out.

Member of the Ant Farm

That’s the whole problem…she is trying to put that Phillips head screw driver into a standard screw driver slot!!


Please go back and read the conversation between Vanessa and Julia again, but this time please don’t let your hate for Vanessa effect your reading comprehension skills.
It was Julia who said that it was a social game and Shelli was moping around.
Vanessa said that she told Becky that she would vote with the house. BUT Freaks n Geaks is voting with the house (because F&G have the numbers) so she will be voting with the house. Then asks Julia “do you want to vote Shelli out?” Julia answers “Noooooo. I like herrrrrr. ” Vanessa basically says exactly, F&G control the votes which means that I will be voting with the house and F&G are voting to KEEP Shelli against Jmac, so eff Becky.


I admit I was wrong about who said what about the moping thing. Although for whatever reason Vanessa did tell not only Julia but also Steve that she would vote out Shelli then told Shelli they just talked about keeping her. Maybe your liking Vanessa is affecting your reading comprehension skills because in my post I never insinuated that I hated Vanessa. I basically said she deserved what she gets for her scheming, screwing and lying to people even those she is closest to. Its how she decided to start playing the game now she is dealing with the consequences. So chill out.


Although I don’t like Vanessa, it was Julia that said that Shelli is must moping around.


Your right Josie. My mistake. Thank-you for being a lot nicer about it than the duck before you.

I survived last seasons BB

Vanessa says Johnny Mac is going up. Becky told me I wasn’t going up.

Now thats why I cant wait for the POV meeting..Now You get a taste of what Jason and Jeff and Audrey went through

Karma is a MoFo


I really like Steve and appreciate him talking outloud because I really feel like he’s doing it for the feedsters as much as himself .There’s a chance he’s going to pull out some brilliance from all of this.



After watching AD after reading your posts, I don’t understand how you catch so much of what they’re saying. So much chatter, muttering, too many people talking at the same time. Makes my eyes cross. How do you not go insane? Do you follow the show and/or cast when they’re asleep/youre not working? Or is enough ENOUGH?

Vanessa's GF

My oven is FILTHY!! Vanessa, get in here and clean it up!!


I hope that Vanessa goes to jury, regroups, realizes what her errors were and returns in a few weeks to pair with Steve.
Both are great strategists. Vanessa gets over emotional and if she listened to Steve he may be able to help her with that.
Steve does not pick up on social cues at all (one of his many signs of Aspergers. I wish people would stop picking on him for and calling him names), and Vanessa, when focused and not going off the rails is great at reading people and she could help Steve with that.
Steve has proven when it was necessary that he can do well in physical comps (2 pov comp wins) And Vanessa does well in mental comps when she’s able to calm down and focus.
I think that they’re a great duo that could steamroll to the end together.


Could this day be going any slower? Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!


Watch out for Steve!!! He could definitely win this game.


Go James and Jackie!


I am loving this season 🙂 It started out ruff with me hating most of the players but Becky, James and Meg are the BOMB!!!!! I hope one of them wins the whole thing.


Becky is crushing it this week. Playing hard but building trust at the same time.

I wonder if that late-night talk with Steve swayed him away from targeting her. It seemed like he appreciated someone finally being willing to talk game with him.

figuring it all out

The other day I saw you all hating on that free from what you are person and I wondered to myself how she/he is so confident that Vanessa will win the game. All reality shows are somewhat scripted and I wonder if the script is to vote Vanessa out Thursday and have her re enter the game later and win it.

Maybe that freefrom person knows something we all don’t. I had a friend who worked on Survivor and she would tell me things that were going to happen long before they did. I asked her once if I should keep the info private. She said no: “There are so many conspiracy theories online that no one could ever pick out the truth.”

I survived last seasons BB

Here is a simpler solution

The person was trolling to get responses


Um, Survivor is taped months before it airs so it’s no secret that many people know the outcome before the shows are broadcast.


You know, until she won HOH… I could’ve sworn Becky was evicted, I never saw her on the feeds.


oh god. Where is this “mean girls” thing coming from?! Becky isn’t “power tripping” she’s IN POWER. she’s not a “mean girl” she’s taking out a player she finds unpleasant and untrustworthy. Becky is enjoying it. Yes. But who the f wouldn’t?! Lol. Ya’ll need to calm down.
Every single person who’s been in power has bashed who ever they want to go home. Every single person in power has “power tripped” because THEY ARE IN POWER. How is this surprising or angering people. Lol
I’m loving every second of this season. And Steve already acknowledged Vanessa was all over him wanting his vote. Becky telling him that isn’t news to him and isn’t a bad game play. It’s just stating the obvious. Becky doesn’t know Steve and van have been working together. But she was right on the money about Van smothering Steve lately.
Excited for double eviction. It’s literally gonna be an edge of the seat ride. No
Clue who will do what. This is the best season I’ve watched in a long time.

And Johnny Mac isn’t impersonating a “handicapped” person (dunno if that’s the PC way to say it) saw a comment on here sometime yesterday saying he was. That’s absurd. He talks how he talks. It’s like people obsessively watch just to point out any flaw or controversial thing they can possibly find (or make up in their head) relax and enjoy the show people. It’s big brother. These aren’t presidential candidates that you NEED to know if the smoked a joint in college. Or cheated on their wife once in the eighties. Lol.


Hmm I watch the feeds daily and do not recall any one of the previous hoh winners this season saying the stuff Becky is saying, nonstop, 24/7 like a crazy ass. It’s annoying listening to her on the feeds! Vanessa this, vanessa that. Good god we get it! You’re putting her on the block now shut up! It’s worse than her boring stories. I’d take those anyday over this obsessive vanessa bashing. It’s weird.

Murphy's Law

So what if Becky talks non-stop about Vanessa??? She doesn’t like her & wants to bash her all she wants..BB isn’t a promotional program for teaching good sportsmanship..I’d rather read/watch the slamming than boring conversations about their teen crushes or nutritional charts off a loaf of bread! I say, unleash the drama, personal or whatever!! Makes me tune in more, cause frankly, this season’s cast & interactions kept me SADLY DISAPPOINTED & BORED all summer until James went into attack mode. Now, I’m interested!


Lmao obviously I’m right because if any one of the thumbs down people had any specifics to back up this claim, I’m sure you would have listed it, because I apparently missed alot on feeds. I’d really love to see all this bashing the other hoh’s have been doing this season….

Ian's Beer

Right out of Vanessa’s mouth, to Steve’s ears, “you know I hate liars. Be honest with me..” lol!!! This said @ 12 am – 12:45 a.m.


They need to take out Liz in the double eviction. I don’t think Julia and Austin would remain loyal to each other. Taking out Liz breaks up that alliance. She’s the glue holding it together


Lol. Watch, either Austin or Meg will win the DE HOH.


If there is an American player?? I think it could be Steve, the way he is talking to the cameras and keeping the feeders informed.


What I find most interesting is, Twins think they’re a “Power Duo” dovthey even realize everyone in that house is carrying them, or do they like there’s 2 Victoria’s this season, think they’re at Summer Camp?

It's Time

It’s time for a woman to win. It’s been too long. A man plays a strategic game and he’s a master player. A female plays a strategic game and she gets called a bitch.


I really thought Vanessa was this year’s Derrick but she really messed things up when she allowed her emotions to decide who to put up when she was HOH and put up Austin and then changed her mind. She was smart in getting Austin to appeal to Clay and Shelli and it became the “house” decision to backdoor Jason. But that ultimately backfired on her since she blindsided the other side of the house – and that was the beginning of her downfall. She managed to pull togther a group of people that probably would have remained floaters (Becky, Meg, Jackie) and now they’re going to be her demise.

Since when do you have to have a reason to vote someone off? What happened to the good old days when “you’re a threat” was a good enough reason? The non-stop attempts by everybody to get dirt on your target to justify voting them out is ridiculous. Vanessa got that down to a science.

I love it when people can’t see that what they accuse their target of is exactly the same thing they are guilty of!

Ash J Williams

Oh STFU Vanessa! “What 8 person alliance?” Is she for real?


who needs live feeds…there is enough drama on the comments section here :p Seriously tho i think just about everyone this season is a complete moron,I cant say anyone really sticks ouf to me as being a great player.Thats just my opinion.And my definition of ugly is the outside matching the in.Hell knows theres a few ugly ones every season.But thats what makes the show entertaining.No matter who you like or dislike 🙂


Does Shelli not understand that Clay is 23? Which means, his friends are 23. So when you and your long face wants to go out to a party or dinner or which ever, you will be going with a bunch of 23 yrs olds. Can you do that.?
Love how Vanessa is all “I will flip the script”. Havent you already done that and this is why people want you out, because you have so many “scripts” your reading from dingaling.