Paulie “Right before I’m going to pull Bronte aside & say by the way I’m coming for you first!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 17-26-57-291

5:20pm – 5:55pm Cam 3-4 HOH room Frank says he is going to cause a screen when he leaves. I’m going to use old Mike’s (Mike Boogie Malin) line …”Get to steppin’ BRA!” Paulie says right before everything I was going to pull Bronte aside and says just in case I don’t see you again I just wanted to give you last hug type a thing.. and then as I’m pulling her close I would be whisper in her ear “By the way I’m coming for you first!” That way if I do that right before the competition she’ll shaking. DaVonne wonders if he’s going to punch her. Nicole says no he won’t Paulie says he will slap before he punches. Michelle says he said he is the best looking homosexual to ever play big brother. Paulie says Frankie if you’re watching this I hope you rip the f**k out of him. Religious groups must be f**king slandering him. Calling himself the savior and the Messiah and sh*t. They talk about Vic getting mad about James wasting food and stuff for the pranks. Michelle says he wastes a lot of food being the human garbage disposal. Paulie comments on how Jozea has been a spoiled brat his whole entire life. Frank says he comes across as a spoiled brat. Frank says the only reason he walks around in his underwear is because he can’t afford pants. Paulie says he was thinking of telling Jozea to say hi to Julie for him. Frank says as soon as he starts speaking up I want to speak over him saying no, no, no .. your time is over bud. Frank says after last night and today they’re probably thinking they don’t have James vote any more. Frank says people wanted Vic gone already and now they want him gone even more. People don’t like it when you pop off like that. The people at home love James and his pranks. Frank tells Corey you know what you should do next week when Vic is on the block .. you should tell him don’t worry I’ll take care of Natalie for you. I feel like he’ll start throwing punches. They talk about how the girls don’t want to go out like that. Frank says I kind of want him to show his true colours. I can’t wait till after Thursday when they realize they’re on the short stack. Paulie says they’re already planning out being at the finale. Paulie leaves. Frank tells Corey that the best case scenario is for Paulie to win HOH. Core agrees.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 17-48-44-812

5:50pm – 6:20pm Bronte, Tiffany, Michelle, Jozea and Victor are in the living room hanging out. Frank tells Victor, Paul and Jozea the more they asks how he’s voting, it makes him feel like they don’t trust him. They tell him they’re just checking in and that they trust him but they just get paranoid. They tell Frank they don’t trust James. They say that last night he started a rumor to try to stir things up with the them. Frank says I trust you guys.

6:25pm – 6:45pm Jozea asks are you guys ready for war mon yana? Natalie says yeah. Jozea says strapping up your t!ts! Frank just talked to us … ready to go. He jus wanted to make sure ya’ll two were ready to go. Natalie says its a smart move.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 18-28-26-555

6:50pm – 7pm James, Tiffany, Nicole, Michelle and Paulie are in the HOH room chatting. Meanwhile in the kitchen – DaVonne says he (Victor) did ask her (Nicole) out. Frank says I almost want her to say it. DaVonne says bring her down and have her say it. Frank says not now, but next week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 18-56-35-819

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For the Paulie and Frank fan clubs (NSFW)


Simon, just made me spit out my coffee…. Bad Simon….

Jake K.

LOL this is what people get when they put you down for the Nat fan club hahahahaha dying


Thanks Simon!!!! I enjoyed that little gif.
You can post whatever and however many Nat gifs as long as you give Paulie and Frank the same equal time

tushie tushie

Simon, you just made my day!



Thats what i’m here for 🙂


Thank you Simon!!!

A Girl Has No Name

I can NOT believe the stupidity that is Jozea. He doesn’t even have a clue what a fool he has made if himself…PERIOD!!!! THAT’S IT!!!!!!

What an ass! ????

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell

Jozea is the kind of douche on this game you love to see fail. I cannot wait to see his expression when he gets kicked out. It amazes me people of his utter stupidity and ignorance exists, lol


I agree. He’s oblivious to what’s going on around him. Maybe that’s the problem. He’s so self absorbed, he can’t see or think of anything else. Bye josea.


You mean “bye Felicia”


He’s crazy. So self absorbed. Bue josea


Bye Felicia.


I just hate how boring the show is because we already know what’s going to happen…besides Thursday. It’s such a drag. But Da’vonne’s DR’s have been making me laugh so hard. Nicole falling all over the place in veto…that’s how I would be. I hate spinning things!! SO funny.

On another note, Paul is just awwwwwful. What the hell is with the physical threats? It’s just a game dude. Juuuust a game. I would be legit terrified next to him. And Corey gives me weird creeper vibes. Idk what it is…….


That’s a fair point, it does have a BB 16 vibe going at the moment. Even BB 16 wasn’t this predictable in week 1.


I think after Jozea gets the boot, most of his group will understand they are on a sinking ship. I think several of them will be able to shift to subgroups of the 8pack and could fragment them forming multiple competing groups. This will be especially evident if someone not solid in the 8 pack wins HoH. Vanessa’s sister, Paulie, Natalie, Bridgette, or Michelle as HoH could really shake things up. If Victor, Paul, or Bronte win the lines stays the same.

????Unicorn Farting Rainbows (UFR)

Is Not-Cody in the 8pack? Or just a hanger on?


I don’t think he’s part of the 8 pack. Even if he were, I don’t think he’s a solid member as he’s sitting on the block right out of the gate. I think there will be several folks looking for options after this eviction and depending on who gets HoH, things could get a little crazy.

Jon Snow King in the North

Simon, I’ve noticed this year your comments get a lot of thumbs down. WHY do you think that is? I’m sure it has nothing to do with your Natalie obsession 😉


Awwww Simon:( it’s ok

Jon Snow King in the North

This actually was a serious question…have noticed a lot of thumbs down for Simon’s comments.. wondering why


No Idea.. I don’t think I’ll be popular this year.


No Battle of the Block, people have got a lot of spare hate to go around.

Jon Snow King in the North

I think SBB has an interesting reason. Guess the hate has to go somewhere. Sorry Simon, I actually was curious as to why. I love your site and has not noticed that happening in any other year. Maybe a lot of newbies on here that don’t know you run this joint.


Oh let them hate. Differences of opinion are allowed. We don’t have to be a hive mind like some seem to think.

sunny dee

ya gotta vote with the house, or you are out…

Poor Bridget, she does what she’s told by her socalled alliance, and it gets her exposed and in trouble, and in exchange for her own risk, now they want her on the block too., it’s like she’s everyone’s target now, on the other hand, if she just sticks up for herself and made her own decisions, she just might switch sides, well she might just be pushed over, and someone could pull her in, and she’d be totally cool. Never hurts to be nice to someone who is part of a group that is fracturing.


Don’t worry, I’ll resuscitate you and then…shave off your eye brows!


Maybe we all form an alliance and blindside Simon off the site?

Jake K.

Maybe people are mad he changed his name from “simon” to “Simon”? ¯\_(?)_/¯


He’ll live. Thumbs down never hurt anyone. Besides Natalie is awesome.


Every year people get filled with more hate.
Most people dont like anything or anyone.
Just do what makes you happy and dont let down votes get to you they dont mean anything.


Still laughing about the CBS episode and Bronte telling the people at Jozea’s “meeting” that Bridgette was upstairs spying while four of the 8 pak were in the meeting. TFF.


The problem she has is the fact, her, Jozea, Paul and Victor have no idea they are alone in the house. Natalie, Michelle, and Bridgette currently lean towards them but will jump ship the moment they realize just how screwed that side is.

While there are two main sides, each side has it’s own split. The new power structure will start to coalesce after Jozea is gone. We’ll see who picks up the newbie girls.

Uh huh...

It’s happening already, Frank couldn’t wait, snatched Natalie & Bridge in the kitchen told them James wasn’t lying majority is voting against Joz cuz of “things happening like last night”. Frank’s been dying to spill the beans and reel in Nat & Bridge now it’s a 10 pack with Frank collecting minions. Da’s game will blow up before Thurs vote just like Frank wanted.


We’ll have to wait and see how it hits Victor, Paul, and Bronte. I’m not sure they can join another group nor can they pull in the outliers now. I think they’ll get picked off in the next couple weeks leaving the fragments of the 8 pack groups to battle it out.

Ino Yamanaka

Paul said he wanted to poisen the food they are going to cook said he wants to spit in their food as well! Paul also said he something about if jozea gets evicted he (paul) will be leaving in handcuffs because he is going to punch as many people as he can!!! He needs to be removed from the house he seems like a lunatic


I am shocked that the powers that be have not done anything about Paul’s threats. They should either evict him, not alone him to play in HOH or give him an automatic nom. By not doing anything they are telling everyone it is okay to make threats, like punching someone in the face. They are condoning his violent rants. What if he acts instead of just talks? Good lawsuit against BB


He can’t reach anyone to punch them with his tiny T-Rex arms:)

Pauls Bouncing Balls

Once Josea and Vic leave he will be a quiet mouse. No worries.


Paul also said he hopes Nicole gets Melanoma.

The kid has problems.


Corey is very creepy. The whole goat thing was too much.


It’s so funny…I like that there’s at least drama early this year. Jozea is an idiot. But he is good TV so they may find a way to keep him. I hope Paulie doesn’t go home even though I personally think he’s irritating, he is not half as bad as the other guys. Paul is a freak show! WOW! Psychopath!


I agree keep the crazy in boot the boring.
I want to see some action 🙂


Paul can say anything he wants as long as he doesn’t act on it. Same with the rest of the cast. It’s just venting.


Not necessarily. Amanda intimidated Elissa Reilly relentlessly for hours, causing Elissa to hide out in the HOH room. She finally told Production to do something about it or she was leaving. Production told Amanda to knock it off and probably upped her meds for good measure.

Soeaking of which, I haven’t noticed anyone getting called to the DR for medication. I guess that’s a good sign.


I actually think meds would HELP some of them. You can take a crack at who….


I don’t think they’ll let them take crack while on the show.

Misty Beethoven

Lithium, propofol, a lobotomy, a larynectomy. I think you can figure out who gets what.

Natalie's Boobs

Amanda was following her around getting in her space. That actually could be interpreted as getting a bit physical and out of bounds. BB did the right thing there.


Watching the show tonight made me want to pull my hair out. I honestly can’t stand when Paul calls himself ‘our boy’ in the DR. No, sir. You are not our boy.

Jozea too.. Good lord. It’s almost embarrassing how clueless he really is.


So I’m starting to think that this will be Frank & Day going head to head this season. Frank is playing a lot better then last season and once Vic, and Bronte are gone that’s when Day and Frank will stop being allies and start being enemies. I think Day will have Nicole, and Michelle. I see Frank having Paulie & Paul will flip and want to work with Frank once Vic leaves. I see Natalie having more of a friendship with Frank and will join his side once Paul does. As for Z I see her following Day lead but she could also flip if her & Paulie flirting and possibly showmance happens. Corey will be team Frank but will flip if him and Nicole relationship continues to grow. I see James playing both sides and going far because of that, and I see Bridgett being a flip flop and going where ever the power goes. Frank will be hard to get out because he is great in competition and I see him getting rid of Day the first chance he will get once he realizes that he can’t trust her. As for Tiffany she will be loyal to the girls but once she sees she is at the bottom of the alliance she will flip. I see James making it to Jury but because his alliance don’t trust him he will won’t win, he only tried to build connections with the girls while Frank has Corey and Paulie wrapped around his finger and he built a relationship with Paul. I see Day making to Jury or getting eliminated right before. I see Nicole going far but she gets too stress out, so I see Frank winning he will probably take a floater or Paulie with him to the finals.


But didn’t Nicole and Frank make a final two deal and did a pinkie swear !


That’s why the show is getting boring. We already know what’s going to happen. Frank and DA is this yrs pick to win. Nicole will be there for a while too.


Oh I agree. It seems like a lot of people just want the 8 pack to stay in power every week. That would make for some boring ass TV.


After tomorrow they’ll reshuffle the deck as different folks start pulling in the remnants of Jozea’s disciples who aren’t frothing idiots. The 8 pack isn’t ironclad and each subgroup will start pulling in new numbers.


Yeah I really didn’t understand the decision by James to not include any member of his “team” in the 8 pack. He needs to rethink that. Nicole has all of hers.

Ranking Shuffle Too

They’re talking about the HG Rankings, now Tiff #7 (was #2) Nat #9 will rise, girls are the ones to watch. Joz just anointed Tiff & Bronte “leaders of the girls”. Finally figured out self-proclaimed ladies men he & Paul are losing their grip on their own chicks & Day/Zak. So much for his “house of color” this season.

Give Me A Brake

Diaagree. Frank, James and Nicole will start picking off the weaker girls (Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette) one by one after Victor and Paul have been dealt with. The 8 Pack will then begin to turn on each other (mainly cause there will be no one else left) and settle the game amongst themselves.


Production will for loss of a better word “rig” it so we are suck with either Paul an his violence, Bronte an her racist comments or bring racist Josea back or leave us with disgusting Victor, an it does not matter how offensive they are to majority of viewers we will be stuck with one or more of them.


Outside of Bronte’s comment they haven’t offended me. Those guys are just a little nuts. But I don’t watch to see everyone get along.

Nonon Jakuzure

Jozea said he’s so confident he’s not going to be evicted.. that he didn’t bother even bother packing his bags! Can’t wait for the Blindside tomorrow night! ???? lol

Houka Inumuta

Everyone is talking smack about #bb18Jozea but #bb18frank gettin all the blood on his hands this week ya!


Who said, ” I may not like what your saying,but I’ll fight to the death your right to say it”. Something to that effect.


What I don’t understand is how these newbies don’t want to utilize the vets for their game. They automatically assume they have to get the vets out bc “oh they played the game already” and “oh it’s not fair”. They should take full advantage of that and use the strategies the vets have playing this game before to further them in the BB game and eventually win it for themselves. The newbies are misinterpreting the roles vets play when they come back into the house.


Anon that’s exactly what they are doing! Tiffany, Michelle, Corey and zikieya are newbies who had enough sense to work with and utilize the veterans. Nicole for the win!!


James for the win bb18!

Team Vets

On BBAD Paul and crew are talking about how creepy James is…oh the irony. So disappointing that Bronte doesn’t play very smart and is rude, she seemed to have potential with her math skills. Can’t wait for Josea to be gone!!!