“you have to promise me, If we are in Jury and Becky is in jury you have to go for it”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 20-46-37-816_jpg

8:45pm Shelli cries.. sad

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 20-50-29-002_jpg

8:49pm Jmac, James, Meg, Jackie
James is pointing out to everyone Becky won 5 grand, HOH and no have nots.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 20-52-20-005_jpg

8:50pm Twins Scheming
Thinking Steve and Shelli will got up. liz says Shelli was really close to her.
Austin joins them. They’re all sore.
Julia – I had another 10 minutes that girls beasted it
Liz tells him “No kiss for you you sucked”
Austin – sh1t
Austin tells them as far as he knows the plan is still in effect
They start going over the competition. Julia says she tried to keep up with Becky but they’re was no chance. Austin mentions that Steve fell really hard a lot.
LIz and Austin are agreeing they are good with Becky they’ve been team becky for a long time.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 20-57-20-063_jpg

8:55pm Vanessa comes out of the shower looking busted up

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 21-12-17-404_jpg

9:11pm They got pizza

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 21-13-04-405_jpg

9:11pm Jmac jumps in the cold shower..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 21-28-24-445_jpg

9:23pm Bedroom Steve and jmac
Steve asks him if he knows what Becky and JAckie wants
Jmac doesn’t know Jackie but is pretty sure with Becky “I think I can talk to her”
Jamc – I’ve seen it since week 2 how Vanessa operates
Steve – you’re going to campaign to put up Vanessa
Jmac – not hard
Steve – what should I do
Jmac – if I’m being dumb… tell me
Steve – Vanessa is a powerful player
Jamce – you want to take her to the end
Steve – NO
Jmac tells him they need to team up with becky and Jackie somehow.
Steve hopes they have a mental competition soon.
Jmac says he need to start making moves.
Steve – you have to promise me something.. If we are in Jury and Becky is in jury you have to go for it
Steve says he’s going to try with Julia
Steve – thank you john by the way
Jmac – why
Steve – I worry .. thanks you
Jamc says Vanessa is in the room policing them. Steve suggest next time Vanessa gets called into the Diary room they have a meeting with Becky.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 21-33-35-610_jpg

9:30pm Steve and Vanessa bedroom

Vanessa tells him if they go up Freak and geeks have their back.
Jamc walks in
After some chit chat Vanessa leaves.
Steve whispers to Jmac “She’s scared”
Steve- I thought you were kinda exaggerating with the policing thing.. you weren’t

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 21-44-24-504_jpg

Shelli – I cried and I don’t cry for dudes

The twins said they cried after Shelli’s speech. “His Speech was so adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

The twins “The last person before jury that’s so sadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd”

The Twins – “He cookssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”
The Twins – you’re going to be America’s sweet heart when you leave

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106 thoughts on ““you have to promise me, If we are in Jury and Becky is in jury you have to go for it”

    1. They are prime candidates for the amazing race. Hopefully more so than Shelli and Clay. Hell, I’d even watch a reality show just about them. I laugh at them often.

    2. Who’s the funniest in the BB house?

  1. I’m glad Becky won, I’m curious to see what the floaters are gonna do to shake up the house. I mean she has to pick a side now right?

  2. Oh thanks God! JohnnyMac sees the light of day! Fugly Vanessa MUST be taken out ASAP! The same for one of the Jiz whores — OUT!

  3. Omg. The twins are so freaking annoying. And Steve find Julia (and her antics) attravtive? I’m at a lost. Pretty sure she’s not going to go fot it, the same way Liz isn’t going for Austin.

    Is Shelli turning into GM 2.0 already? Girl you knew the for less than 2 months.

    Why is Jmac telling Steve he is taregting Vanessa?! Does he not realize how close Steve is to Vanessa?

    Vanessa is already starting to panic, and buddy up to Becky while policing the house to keep her safe, while she gives people the OK to target everyone else. The picture of her in the bathroom had me rolling.

  4. Easy week, Becky. Put up Vanessa and Shelli. If one comes down, throw up Liz as the renom. That will ensure that either Vanessa or Shelli goes home.

    Why? Any plan with either of those two on the block comes with eviction votes by James, Meg, and Jackie. And likely jMac. All you need is four. But putting Liz up gives a fifth and likely sixth vote. Julia will never vite out her sister, and Austin might vote out Liz to keep Vanessa because he will still see Liz in the jury house. But he would never vote to keep Shelli over Liz.

    So there you have it, Becky. Easy peasy!

    1. Excellent plan! But something tells me that Becky doesn’t have the backbones to proceed with it. She’s gonna protect Shelli for fear… She should drop the floating and side with the outsiders because it’s easier for her to align with someone there than trying to break into the 6th sense where she’ll never be considered one of the old timers.

      But I may be wrong and I truly hope I am. Shake that house, Becky!

  5. Vanessa wants to sleep with JohnMac. Get out of here Vanessa. She is a nut psycho. Vanessa cannot leave Johnmac alone. I do not know why Vanessa has a problem with JohnMac. JohnMac did not say anything bad about her. John recognized how Vanessa operated since week 2. Wow, great job John.

    1. How can ANYone stand listening to Vanessa? Especially after any HOH comp! She is sooo annoying to listen to. These people need to figure out, and I hope and think they will soon, that she does this every time, and it’s just so fake! Hate eht!! Becky,pleeeeeeeez put her up, with anyone!!

    2. Vanessa and JMac had an argument this afternoon after JMac spoke to James. James told Vanessa what he said. Clay covered for JMac saying he made it up. Ended with Vanessa being suspicious of JMac and JMac wanting to target Vanessa more.

  6. Yay Becky!!!! JMac and Steve are going rogue!!!!! “She always policing us!!! “””When she gets called to the diary will talk”, LOL They are finally going to play!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!

  7. OK, I have been wanting Jackie and J-MAC to team up for a long time. if we can get Steve and Becky in a solid 4….I am feeling pretty good about that. if they have to toss an invite to James, do it.

    I honestly wouldn’t even bother with Meg. she will vote your way anyway.

    1. Steve is gathering as much information as he can. He probably sees Jackie as the intellectual leader of the other side she’ll have a lot of influence in Becky’s HOH .

  8. Jackie sees through Vanessa, so does J-MAC, both have had to sit back and watch as the rest of the house devours itself. I think the two of them would be a heck of a duo, if only he could get Jackie 1 on 1 without anyone really noticing. one solid conversation and they could lock down the most unlikely alliance in the house.

    1. Nominating both Vanessa and Shelli would ensure that at least one remains on the block for the first Thursday eviction. If you put one of them on the block, the other could win the veto and use it to keep them both safe for the week.

    2. Okay, didn’t Becky talk with JMac earlier today & say that she’s gunning for Vanessa & Shelli, if she got HOH? I think this was because Vanessa (Clay & Shelli) left her & JMac out of the loop regarding Jason & Jeff’s eviction? I’m hoping she is serious about getting those two out & not waste it on Jackie & James…or Meg. I hope this girl is smart about her HOH.

  9. I said this in the last post, but not sure people will see it, so saying it again: I liked Vanessa but she did this to herself. Her little blowup this afternoon succeeded ONLY in putting a huge target on her back. Even her own alliance will not want to deal with her. I don’t have anything against Becky, I just really don’t know who she really is with. I hope J-Mac because I like him and hope they add Steve.
    The only people I really don’t want to win is James and Jackie.
    I wanted a woman to win but it doesn’t seem they can stick together. Ah well.
    For Vanessa to survive this week something major has to happen and I am not sure I really want it to.

    1. Can someone explain the blowup to me? I read the recap but I don’t entirely get the exchange and her motivation (or perhaps just her anger). Why would she blowup at Johnny Mac??

      1. That’s just it! There was no reason for it. She had the votes to get Clay out. I think she really is just completely paranoid about everything. And rather than being a smart manipulator, she is ranting and turning everyone against her. Really sad.
        She should go to Becky. Come clean, admit she screwed up and seriously ask is there anything I can do to get out of this. But it’s like she can’t admit to it. I don’t understand anything…

        1. Ok, so she thinks having a big fight again would help Clay leave…..it just seems weird since Jmac was not in on it. Crazy stuff. I don’t know if she thinks highly enough of Becky to apologize. I can’t imagine Becky not putting her up to be honest. Becky has no one to put up except Twins, Shelli, Vanessa. And she won’t wanna piss 3 people off so can’t be a twin, when she could use Steve as a pawn.

      2. Clay told Vanessa that James was throwing her name around to Jmac. Vanessa aggressively confronted James about it, but he didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. So she figured Clay made it up, and her and James both confronted him.

        Whether he made it up, or JMac really told him that, I have no idea.

  10. With Becky as HoH, I’m confident that James’ crew will be safe, but with Vanessa blabbing all week, I’m hoping Becky does not take the easy way out and just goes after Steve, Jackie better follow her around all week…

  11. Steve by far is playing the best game in the house. He’s close to Vanessa and getting information from John. Time will tell what he’s going to do.

  12. Austin seems to be growing on me lil, despite his creepiness. He escaped the block once & saved his closest ally Liz….he is a fighter & has a good social game to talk his way out of trouble.

  13. Wow look how fast Meg is sliding down the polls! I kept giving her the benefit of the doubt but dayum she was going so f-n slow in that endurance comp she was going backwards!

  14. 1 am EST and I just turned on BBAD. It’s 1:04 and Vanessa is at it already talking Jackie’s head off. OMG, put this chic up tonight so she can go to bed!!!! She thinks she can snow Jackie – ain’t gonna happen playa!

  15. Don’t know if Steve is siding with Johnny Mac or Vanessa. He is a question mark for me. Maybe he is gathering information off of John for Vanessa or maybe he is ready to cut Vanessa lose because she is a target or could be playing both of them.

  16. Must be nice to be pretty, BB does a great editing of Chelli. They don’t show what really goes on with those vile people. Americas sweetheart my ass!

    1. Seriously, what did they do that was so “vile”. I thought they were really respectful. They didn’t even kiss until near the end. Not like most showmances who make out for an entire season. I honestly don’t get all the Shelli hate. But it happens every time a woman is a powerhouse in the game. When it’s a man, they’re a genius. Just saying.

  17. As a Vanessa fan, I’m curious to see if she can get herself out of this because we all know for damn sure that she’s the target. Her only smart move is to try and deflect to the twins and Austin. I’m not including Shelli in this because Becky and Shelli have a connection. Should be a good week!

  18. vanessa talking to jackie trying to cover up her ass during that fight with jmac and clay. vanessa is starting her shit early, LET THE FUN BEGIN.

  19. Watching Vanessa bombard Jackie and Meg with her bats**t crazy theories makes me feel like I’m watching an episode of the Twilight Zone. Where does she come up with all this?

    And Vanessa wants to sleep with Jmac after the fight earlier today?! Hahahahahaha! She may change her mind if Steve tells her JMac wants to get her butt nominated.

  20. AD right now, Vanessa needs to STFU!!!! Her incessant rambling about the crap that went down earlier is getting really annoying, and you can see it on Jackies face as well!!! We get it V, you’re scared, go hid in a corner somewhere til you go up on the block!!!

    1. You are so right! Vanessa is having a nervous breakdown, bipolar manic episode and needs medical attention. She did same thing to Audrey with Girls Alliance Lie, spinning & trapping Steve into Freaks Geeks Beauty Alliance cover after hours long googly-eyed rant to non-believers Jackie & Meg. Even Shelli told her to STOP, she’s taking everyone down in her crash & burn. Pass the earplugs AND champagne Vanessa is a gonner, she’s burned so many brushes no one’s willing to save her.

    1. Most of the time listening to the twins is funny, but then it crosses the line into annoying. My question is how did 2 girls from Miami wind up sounding like they’re from the Valley in Cali?

  21. Vanessa wants to be bff’s with Jackie and Meg! Becky’s gonna have her hands full with Canessa trying to control, manipulate, no better yet bully her to get her to put up anyone but her!!!!

    1. Becky has been one of my top 3-4 picks all this time and I’ve been amazed she was so low on ratings – nice to see her move up, john of course, meg & now also Juliaaaaaa.

  22. If Becky can send Vanessa home this week, I’ll recant my theory of a houseguest being unable to make a good BB move after getting hit by a train. Nothing but a train wreck all summer, but I’ll still root for ya’ll.

  23. Soooo happy Shelli or Vanessa did not win HOH. I still like Vanessa even tho I think she is overthinking and playing too hard that it will end her game soon. But that smirk that was coming back on Shelli’s face when she got her boy to give up and she realized she would be staying has gone again since Becky won. I don’t think I could have handled seeing that smirk all week. I really don’t dislike any of them except Shelli.

  24. Oh sweet Jesus, give your brother from another mother Jmac some HOH titty. I mean the guy sounds like Bobcat Goldwaith. Isn’t that enough?

  25. If I were Shelli I wouldn’t want to roll with The Turd Heard anymore. Vanessa’s game play is becoming more and more unstable. She’s about to go down and she’s gonna take Shelli with her!

      1. I have the CBS app on my iPad, the show was available on the app 10 minutes after the live show aired (10:10 Pacific time).

  26. Sis, if you don’t stop making comparisons between me and your boy toy Clay, I’m gonna tell mom! You’re really starting to creep me out! Please stfu!!!

  27. Does anybody remember this conversation from earlier? Becky’s gotta do right, I tell ya…she’s just gotta!!!

    (10:15am Comic bedroom) – Becky is talking to Johnny Mac. The twins tell James they’re voting Shelli out. They tell that to his face but we know Austin works with Vanessa and Vanessa works with Shelli/Clay. Johnny says maybe I should talk to the twins then too. Becky says that Shelli and Vanessa are really close. They’re spending so much time together. What I’m really frustrated with is that I won HOH with Shelli and she said she was getting rid of Audrey and you’re telling me the whole time the plan was Day. Then last week we were told the whole plan was Austin and I agreed to go up on the block and then they changed the plan to Jason. And that sucked because I was really with them. They lie to me and switch the target.. because it benefited that Vanessa/Shelli/Clay target. Johnny says yeah. They didn’t tell me. Becky says I get nervous.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Becky says he (Clay) can’t get mad at you for keeping him in the game. Johnny says yeah. Becky says I can’t necessarily turn on Shelli. When can you look at Shelli and vote her out, when its too late. She’s the stronger one but they’re not keeping us in the loop. You were in the loop about Jason, I wasn’t in the loop about Jason. I think they’re freaking good and have convinced the whole house into keeping a stronger player in the game and we’re believing it like zombies! But no one can be mad at you for keeping them in the game. Johnny says yeah. Becky says just tell Steve .. its between Amanda or McCrae.. which would you keep? He would keep McCrae if he had to play against them. Johnny says yeah Steve and I have to win today or we’re in trouble. Becky says and yet the quite guys decide who goes home. Why isn’t Shelli telling you she will work with you. Clay cornered and bullied Steve last night that’s not okay. Johnny says I think it will blow up both ways. Like where is my pecking order is both ways. Becky says Clay is going to hurt short term but he won’t get rid of you because he still needs you. Shelli is going to hurt you in the long term and cost you 500K.

  28. Without knowing who won HOH I switched on BBAD and saw Vanessa animatedly conversing with Jackie, so I knew immediately Vanessa didn’t win and is very worried. I hope Becky is inclined to get rid of her.

  29. Simon, i don’t get the feeds so I truly appreciate this site. Without it, I’ll be totally blind to what is really going on.

  30. Heeelp meeeee pleeeeeease! Vote me out and into the washin machine! I’m stuck on Vanessa’s head against my will listening to her crap non-stop. I’m part of her crazy androgynous hipster fake street cred BS millionaire costume. Order up Vanessa’s meds stat! She knows she f’d up, dug her own grave & she can’t get out! Her head is gonna explode, she’s not making sense, stops mid-sentence cuz she can’t keep her lies straight, failing miserably to explain her attacks on everyone. Even if I do have to listen to their crybaby acts, I do have a good view watching her screw herself into the ground. Karma will save me, she is the smartest b1tch! Somebody put me on an extra rinse cycle, to get the oil, smell and mascara out. Better yet just burn me! She wouldn’t dare wear me out to meet Julie when she gets evicted on Thursday would she?!!

  31. having Vanessa and shelli oh the block together would make for some amazing and tv. James, Jackie and Becky can do the happy dance and the 6th sense can scramble. Meg can put a ninth layer of Taylor swift red lipstick on and suck at big brother like only she knows how. she should be the next perma pawn like Victoria was last year.

  32. BIG Giant FALL HARD!!! I dont know which was worse Austin or Meg… Im glad Becky won that she killed it! Now let the games begin. Im pretty sure vanessa is the target. She just needs to chill out for a day n not talk soo much. Its total overkill.

  33. Simon/Dawg Can one of y’all please update the alliance(s) section on this site? I was noticing 6th Sense wasn’t on there and wondering if there’s others not on there that I’m not even aware of? Does James, Meg, Jackie, Becky have anything? What about JMac/Becky? JMac/Steve? Just wondering. Thanks for all you do. Hands down the best BB site out there:)
    Sidenote: I really hope Shelli’s able to slide through this week. I’d love to see Vanessa nominated, but not against Shelli bc Austwins & Steve would definitely vote Shelli out. I’d like to see Vanessa nominated though bc it’ll make for a very good week :) It’ll be interesting to see where Becky really stands. I kinda think she’s more on the James, Meg,Jackie side. Which I don’t like. But it is what it is. I just don’t like James and Meg. Jackie’s all right. I really liked her at the beginning when Jeff was still there but she disappeared after he got evicted until this past week. So I’m liking her again. I’ll always love JMac. Who doesn’t. And Steve Blah. The twins are annoying as hell, but I like them just bc they’re on my side. I do like Austin and I feel as if he’s getting a bad rap. Especially bc of his infatuation with Liz. But if you watch the feeds then you know she is leading him on like crazy. Therefore, I don’t blame him at all. She’s making him look like a fool:( and you(the viewers) are falling for it. And Vanessa. I actually do like her. I only wanna see her nominated for entertainment value. I don’t want her evicted though.

  34. Vanessa should have just let things play out. Clay still would have fallen on his sword, Becky would still be HOH, and she wouldn’t have pissed off JMac. Jackie and Meg weren’t buying any of her explanation of what happened with Clay and JMac. I think James, Jackie, Becky, JMac know that Vanessa orchestrated the whole scene, and that’s bad news for Vanessa now that Becky is HOH. She should have just let it go and gotten some sleep. At this point she is becoming an obvious target, when she could have come through the fairly safe. Everything she did this week didn’t change the outcome at all, her obsession with overplaying every angle might have caught up with her this week. I hope Becky puts up Vanessa and Shelli and keeps Liz as a possible replacement if one of them comes down. That way Austin, Liz and Julia won’t dare use the POV on either of them and one of them goes home this week.

  35. The problem I see with Vanessa is everything has to have her spin in it and it as to further some other agenda. She wanted Shelli to stay, fine you had the numbers. There was no reason for a staged fight involving Clay to use for some reason down the line. There was no reason to push so hard in the HoH room with James and crew to save Shelli this week.
    The mist only works in small doses, too much and people get immune. You can’t pass that stuff out like slop farts.

  36. Too funny…Vanessa spraying her hair with disinfectant !!!! A couple of hours after the comp results…and she’s in a complete dither. Oh snap..and she’s on her period. It’s going to be hellishly wonderful. Maybe more hellish.
    Jackie and Meg’s body language during Vanessa’s HUGE ramble of the Jmac/Clay/James fiasco. With of course..HER spin how she needed to get to the bottom of it.
    Errrrm.no..nope….JAMES was the one wanting to confront. Oh..Vanessa……..
    And then..the scrambling of the Kitchen *goddesses*…all of a sudden..cleaning the kitchen. Gotta look useful……
    You knoooooooooooooooooooooooow.
    You may be sure..if the plan works..and Vanessa is backdoored……….she will sing like a canary in a beanie.
    Won’t matter who she’s sitting next to.
    Oh merde. How many times will we have to hear how she saved this one, that one. How many times will we hear about all the blood on her hands? Give me strength. !!

  37. Is there something I’m missing? Did Vanessa’s ex get 1/2 of her money in the divorce along with her Lamborghini? How can people that are already millionaires justify going on TV & winning against someone who actually does need the money & gave up their job to be there. At least Skankie said he would donate part of his money if he wone, since his family was so rich. (Not that I believe him).

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