“As long as we’re not on the block together it’s OK, Freaks and geeks have our back”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-02-09-793_jpg

10:03pm Worried

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-17-03-079_jpg
10:21pm Scrambling

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-16-51-210_jpg

10:05pm Vanessa and jackie
Vanessa is blowing a fuse
She’s going over the fight early today. (Honestly I’m going to try to pace myself with Vanessa this week. She’s going to be in danger, she’s going to freak out and she’s’ going to talk a million miles per minute)
To summarize what Vanessa said “It was the most random thing ever”
Jackie – I have no idea what is going on

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-32-30-585_jpg

10:30pm Jackie and Meg
talking about how hard the HOH competition was. Meg says she “Sucks a$$” and everyone else in her group is “Good at everything”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-40-34-142_jpg

10:36pm bathroom Vanessa And Shelli
talking about making it to Jury and on person that gets in jury will have the chance to get out.
Shelli – you know Vanessa we ran this show for 4 weeks and now it’s their turn
Vanessa- Becky isn’t necessarily with them
Shelli – I’m pretty sure she flipped
Vaneesa – as long as we’re not on the block together it’s OK
Vanessa says if one of them go on the block “Freaks and geeks have their bacK”
Vanessa says steve, Twins and Austin said beauty and freaks and geeks
Vanessa – they totally have our back.. it the same plus steve
Shelli – that’s amazing
Vanessa – girl you are not alone.. do you understand how much blood I have on my hands.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-38-37-150

Vanessa sprays her hair with Disinfectant

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-47-15-080_jpg

10:45pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa says she told Shelli he made up the name “Beauty and the Freaks and geeks”
Vanesa – it was an accident i’m exhausted i’m a target
Steve is acting mad

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-58-06-241_jpg

10:52pm Shelli tells the twins that Clay looks a bit like Clay.
SHelli – both of my brothers are so unbelievably good looking.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 22-59-18-235_jpg

11:00 sore

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 23-12-19-961_jpg

11:12pm Living room Asutin, Twins, Shelli, Steve
julia – We’re ll going to sleep good tonight

11:38pm Bedroom Jackie, Meg and james
Talk about how they were “Sh1tting their pants” when Shelli was pulling ahead in the HOH competition. Once Becky got ahead they were careful to congratulate her.
James – Austin and meg having tea parties
Meg – we were having a good time

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 23-45-08-646_jpg

11:55pm HOH ROOM

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 00-03-07-866_jpg

12:04am James crew having trouble getting the “Netflix” to work
(netflix = HOH screen)
Jackie and Meg saying Vanessa is in the middle of everything.
Becky – we’re going to put up Shelli and Steve
Becky John’s the back door it’s not going to be jOhn it’ll be vanessa.

They’re agreeing Shelli is better in the hose than Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-06 23-49-31-647_jpg

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Becky, do the right thing and put up either Vanessa and Shelli or Austin and Liz. Shake things up again, please!

Shelli likes little boys

Soo disgusted in production with Not showing The REAL Clay and Horses Mouth tonight. Clay and Shelli being the smug bullies they really are. It was as bad as the Odd-Rey eviction with all the sad music and tribute to them. 90% of the people who watch BB have no idea how VILE these people really are. Its usually production trying to rig the game for people….but if “the other side” acted like them their would be a public outcry for their behavior. I’m sure they will DEFINITLY HIDE Shelli talking about her little brother and how he looks exactly like CLay……GOD this bitch is so GROSS!!!!


Oh My God Becky….I knew you could do it… it was only a matter of time…the odds were against you in comps because they were tailored for other HG…still you came close regardless….oh my God now the naysayers will have to deal with your week, you rule this week….enjoy beautiful…well deserved


Of course Becky is commented on her boobs….but let’s be truthful…she’s an athlete….her lower body is awesome….best in jeans this season
Im a 1000 % sure without them, so much more glorious…thank you baby Jesus….


Becky is a smokin hott winner @-;—


I want to kiss you all over…..over and over again…..bom chicka waa waa

Guy Fieri

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!….
Let it marinate baby!…..


Anything else about Becky, Anonymous


Roses are red….violets are blue…Becky’s HOH….Vanessa you bitch, your ass is through…
Or Shelli :/


Oh my god relax. I don’t like Shelli and Clay but you sound like one angry bully yourself. Just look at your language! I suggest you try to get some fresh air or something.


Well, remember Aryan and how racist she was? A lot of her disgusting bigotry was not shown. So this is what they do… I loved how Julie asked Clay “have you ever given up on a football game before?” BOOM!!! Love You Julie!!! Idiot says, “I didn’t really give up.” Um… yeah you did you idiot!

Aw C'mon

Oh please, Big Brother did an entire segment SPECIFICALLY on Aaryn’s racism and Julie confronted her live on national television about her comments. I’d say Big Brother handled that situation just fine.

A lot of moronic viewers expect the show to pick the character they specifically don’t like and then show every unflattering second of that character’s life in the house. Wouldn’t be a very good show if you were only getting the worst things everyone did and said at all times.


Amen on that! Find it disgusting the way Van,Shelli,& Clay play the moral high ground game, when in fact they are the most vile people in the house(they are the ones crying bully when in fact they are the epitome of a bully) in reality & CBS may paint it all sweet but it’s all over the internet in articles about their classless behavior. Another hypocrisy, is that Van,Shelling & Clay also have run their mouths to the HG about going out classy(Van thanked both Jeff & Jason by saying they were handling it well & classy by not blowing up people’s game & being mature) yet these hypocrites are the most unclassy, disgusting people in the house. Time to dispose of the trash-bye Vanessa!


Everybody reading this blog please hold hands – regardless of your religion or lack of thereof – and please let’s PRAY Becky does something interesting tomorrow. I’d beat myself up with my flip flop 100 times than watch that boring alliance running the house again…


Who’s scampering now, Shelli????


A twin should go up this week for double eviction. Because they will soon have a 2/9 or even 1/4 chance of winning the game. However it would probably be best for Becky to get rid of Vanessa and then for James or Shelli to go, so all the past HOHs contenders are gone.

If I were a girl in the house I would start thinking of getting rid of James and Johnny, HOH and POV winners. Austin is the least threatening of the guys and no one will vote for him.

Canadian Kevin

So, Becky wants to back door Vanessa – Simon, i’m so sorry, she’s going to be even worse to watch when that happens.

I’m not sure i like that plan though; Shelli has proven a beast, and she could win Veto, in which case it’ll be Vanessa vs Steve – and Steve is out, because Austin and the twins let Vanessa do their thinking for them. Which is unfortunate, since she’s a much better player (at rallying other Houseguests – or bullying, though she’d never admit it) and getting her out would be the much smarter play.

But then again, getting Shelli out last week was a better plan, and they blew that one too.

At any rate, Vanessa is going to threaten to expose Beckyif she doesn’t go along, or something stupid like that, as she melts down – though that would be dumb, since Becky has power.

I think Vanessa believes she has the goods on Becky and will try to control her. I’m hoping that Becky gets talked into Shelli and Vanessa up, with Liz as a backdoor, to ensure that Shelli or Vanessa go home.


My thoughts are that Shelli go up with a twin or Steve. Scenario 1) Shelli wins, pull herself off( she is a comp beast),Becky back door Van & if nom is:
*Van vs Steve:
*Votes for Van: Shelli,Austin & twins
*Votes for Steve:Meg,Jackie,James,JMAC
=Becky tie breaker: Bye Van!
*Van vs a twin:
Twin vote: Austin, remaining twin,JMAC,Meg,James,Jackie
=Bye Van

*Shelli doesn’t win veto & remains on block- Scenarios:
Becky plays in veto,Shelli (if put up),Steve(if put up on block) or a Twin(if put up) & whoever the extras playing in Veto(Meg,lol,Jackie,JMAC,Becky,James-could win veto, take down Shelli,put up Van(against Steve or twin whoever they decide to put up on block during the noms).

Now if Van gets picked to play in Veto & wins,she will prob leave noms the same (because she will worry about herself) & either Shelli will go if up against Steve or preferably a twin(best bet). Depending on who Becky & crew want to work with in game(decide to work with shelli-which is stupid because she attached herself to Van & seems loyal to her as of now or decide to go with the Twins/Austin to work with). All I know is if a twin is put up against Shelli, Austin & remaining twin if playing in veto will fight to get whichever twin is put up, taken down, plus if the others(Becky’s crew) are chosen in veto to play, they will fight to get veto & get one off to back door Van.
Trying to look at the scenarios from all sides & it’s looking potentially good this week to get Van out! Can’t wait to watch the crazy begin & send Van on her way out the door!

another name

I read the shelli tells the twins clay looks like her brother part. I got the usual creeped look on my face when shelli talks about that. I scrolled and the look on Jackie’s face: that’s the face.

Shelli likes little boys

Its creepier than even Austin!! She is a disgusting and vile human!! She couldn’t even produce one tear in her goodbye message to gay Clay. She’s such a phonie! She needs to give her teeth back to her pony!

Shelli's Pony

Yes! I have been saying that forever!! Thank You!!

Shelli's Brothers

My sister is sooooo hot!!


twins are so dumb!


what come on cbs do they air sports and reality tc shows geez!


I knooooooow


I knooooooowwwwww


I just want to watch drama this week! Can venessa n Becky get into a fight haha! Entertain us you lazy cows.


As long as Nasty Nessy is in the house there WILL BE a fight every week. She will make sure of that.


How is Shelli not put off by Vanessa exposing yet another alliance WITHOUT Shelli? Also, I know I have been doggin’ Shelli and her horse teeth (and it’s true), but Vanessa is just so disgusting!!! How on earth could she be a model? A model of what? This week will be AWESOME!!! Everybody get ready for Vanessa’s zits!!!!


I think becky whould put up liz an vanessa with shelly or Austin back door options

5150 Vanessa

Can you smell the desperation? Vanessa KNOWS she’s killed her game and any chance of winning. Where’s her poker face now? Selling out the Freaks Geeks Alliance to Shelli to appear important, save face and keep at least one person on her side. She knows she’s getting dumped by Steve JMAC Becky Jackie Meg Austin James. Love to see her groveling to Shelli after outing and killing everyone else’s game & deals.


have you ever see her play play poker yet?this classic poker move she getting in people heads and playn thrm like fiddle.look tony g vs vannessa r


just a classic poker move!


Tony G is weak bro…. a 4 year old could spank his ass in Go Fish…
That’s not a highlight bro, that’s propaganda yo

Lee Canada

I hope Becky puts up one of the twins with Vanessa. If she puts Shelli with Vanessa, Shelli will leave. Vanessa will convince everyone to keep her. If she is up against the twins Vanessa will lose.

I don’t understand why people aren’t going after the twins, they are sisters and will always be together and they also have Austin. Vanessa and Shelli will crumble and already have because people know what they have been doing. Get the twins or Austin out.

Also, people need to stop being rude about players looks, that has nothing to do with game play. It’s plain rude.


Unfortunately for Vanessa with messy players like Jeff and Audrey gone, now all of her sloppy gameplay is out in the open, and available for all to see. Everyone should take note of Vanessa whenever she talks fast or wears that filthy green beenie that she is probably talking some BS.

When she sprayed her hair with disinfectant all I could think of was KARMA.

Shelli fixation on her brother and Clay’s similar appearance is so strange. And no one’s called her out on it.

James will be in good shape if he gets pulled for POV tomorrow.


I’m calling it now, overachiever becky will be a nightmare to watch as hoh.


Felt sorry for Jackie and Meg…….. Vanessa going on and on about the fight. LOL!!! You could tell that Jackie was thinking…….PLEASE SHUT UP, Meg was thinking………WHY DID I COME IN HERE, the looks on their faces were priceless.


did you notice when Van was talking to Jackie alone before Meg was there she slipped up, i’m not sure if Jackie caught it… when Van was explaining questioning Jmack and Clay about Being brothers/lovers/related she saying how it didn’t make sense to her and that was the only thing she COULD MAKE UP…. then quickly corrected to… make out of it.

i love it when Becky told Van…”no deals”

Tour 2

Hopefully this hoh Becky will show her cards. I never know who side she is on. All I know is that supposedly she is “close” with Jackie? Did Shelly and clay ever go through with the plan to out Becky this week?? If so, this would be a good time for Becky to get revenge on Shellie for being a two face


BBUpdates: “John tells Steve that they should lay low for another week and he will drop the Vanessa thing #BB17”

Does Jmac ever plan on playing the game or will he just try and fly under the radar until next season? It’s week 7, and all he’s done is throw comps, and play other people’s games (Jeff/Shelli/Clay).

BBUpdates: “Steve said that he is worried that Becky may target him. John said he would then bring up the Vanessa plan, otherwise he will drop it #BB17”

Of course she’s going to target you, because you want her out just as bad. Lucky for you she wants Vanessa gone even more.

BBLeak: “Big Brother 8 winner Dick & Big Brother 16 houseguest Zach got into it tonight. Dick even threw Zach’s phone”

BBLeak: “James, Becky, Meg, and Jackie are talking in the HoH room. Meg says Vanessa is in everyones conversations all the time. #BB17”

BBLeak: “Becky says she’s going to nominate Steve/Shelli, and Vanessa will be the backdoor plan, but she doesn’t want others knowing. #BB17”


BBLeak: “Becky: “I’ve worked Black Friday. I know how to deal with Vanessa.” Hahahaahahaha omg! I actually slapped my knee for that one.

“BBLeak: Becky- Do I tell Shelli there is a backdoor target in mind? James- No. Vanessa and Shelli are tight #BB17”

James is becoming a better player! Good HOH advice James!

Since Austin/Twins aren’t in danger for another week (the smartest thing those 3 did was align with players like Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Steve who will be seen as bigger threats to take out) I don’t see them trying to save Vanessa. Austin has already commented to Liz how crazy Vanessa is acting, but isn’t doing anything to calm her down.


What does it say at the end? About John’s the backdoor?

Back Door Dentist

All the weird noises johnny makes, makes me think he was getting backdoored before he even came in the BB house!


Why are peoole acting so excited about Becky winning? Do you people jot realize she is the shadiest person in this season? Who really knows what she will do honestly. We still know she likes Shelli a lot. Look at her diary sessions. And we all know she hates Steve and is rather indifferent to Vanessa and the twins.


Indifferent to Vanessa? Becky has the best grasp of the houses social dynamics as a result of her Rat Floating, and knows how dangerous Vanessa is, and wants her gone bad. Steve is her second target, and if she can’t get Vanessa, she will take out Steve.

Everyone’s indifferent to the Twins/Austin because one Austin and Liz are just as bad as Meg in comps, and two AJL will be clueless without Vanessa in the house.

How much BIMBO can meg go???

She has an IQ of a NAuGHT!!!

So, in the hoh room, gathered james, becky, jackie n airhead meg, with door locked.

becky said she will put shelli n steve, with vanessa as backdoor target.

James already explicitly said shelli and vanessa are tight…. that bimbo meg just did’nt get it. Even after the last clay fiasco, with vanessa campaigning hard to save Shelli n everything (its already out there, its already public knowledge), she still has yet to catch on what is going on. She is farking clueless!!!!

Is she a moron or what??? She STILL said stuff like shelli is a lone wolf, let’s drop hints to her she’s not the target etc.

She’s going to be the demise of that group, i can tell already. She needs to go. I can see her being her stupid, moronic self again this week, and possibly spilling the beans about the plan pretty soon.


So did Vanessa expose FnGs to Shellie, Hoping that Shellie will tell Becky?
I think Van thinks that it will distract from her and move the focus to Austin and the Twins?
What did Jackie say? That Vanessa was going to flip the vote?
Indeed … 9-0 vote flip … Clay being loser helped also …
but it was still going to be flipped by 5-4
Maybe there’s a sliver of logic in the whirlwind of madness


I think voting out Clay was a mistake. It would of been like sending Bren before Rachel. Shelli is talking to everyone and just having a good time. In all honesty I see Shelli, Becky and Johnny Mac end up talking and forming something. I think Vanessa will blow her own game up, and Austin will end up doing what Clay did.


Vanessa had no chance with Clay ever. And he wouldn’t have done anything in today’s HOH. Her mistake was not taking out Becky instead of Jason. Jason wouldn’t have won any HOH comps, and he liked her enough, for all his talk.


Sorry not just Becky but also Jackie. Jackie caught onto her first.

I think the final five will be the usual comp winners, they don’t seem to take each other out.


So happy that Becky won HoH tonight! – Even more happier to see Vanessa freaking out. I bet she will start throwing Shelli under the bus by Friday afternoon.
After watching the show Sunday night and Clay basically call Meg a slut to everyone on Live TV, I for one am glad to see him go! He truly is a despicable person!
Not sure what everyone else thinks but the twins are kind of growing on me as long as I see them by themselves without Austin the Gorilla! – I would like to see them team up with Jackie and James and then Jackie and James tun on them at the end!

AKA Twistin'...

I agree with you 100% about Clay. It was a despicable thing for him to do but totally typical of his character – “why me, I didn’t do anything – I don’t deserve this”. He should be ashamed of himself. True sign of his age, not seeing the big picture in any of this. What a dumb ass kid.

April in Paris

Vanessa take that wool greenish knit hat off and burn it…. Your in California in August for crying out loud… Speaking of crying out loud-Shelli – who are you gonna cry to now about everything being unfair, Vans a bigger mess than you right now


Becky refusing any deals/alliances with Vanessa is everything! Vanessa has know idea what to do now that somebody has told her no.

Can we get a clip or gif of this Simon? Please?!


Actually Becky f-d up by doing that. Now Van KNOWS she is going to try to bd her. Becky should’ve played along with it and acted all excited. That was actually a big mistake on beckys part.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Becky is KILLING the B!tch right now! “I’m done with deals and alliances!” — Vanessa will be dying of paranoia.



I officially like Becky. Vanessa just tried to make a deal with Becky and Becky straight up told her “I don’t do deals”. I love that. She’s not going to let Vanessa back her in a corner or use her word against her. Becky is a lot smarter than I thought.


lol, Jace has disappeared from the cast picture graph on the sidebar of this site


For such a good poker player Vanessa is a terrible reader of body language. Watching after dark and Jacky has her arms crossed and head turned away and is giving one word grunts as answers and Vanessa can’t pick up on the fact they’re sick of listening to her go on and on!


She probably doesnt care. Shes just torturing them. lol

Ariana Grande stinks!

May I just quickly say:


Becky is displaying ALL her cards to shelli

I thot the original plan, as per their hoh strategic meeting was to keep their mouths shut about backdooring vanessa.

By telling her entire plan to shelli this early, is giving them plenty of time

Becky is displaying ALL her cards to shelli

(Fark iphone postings) posted without completion

… Giving them time to find loopholes in their backdooring plan.

Lame-arse move. Should have kept it mums till after pov imo. Becky has a loud mouth, that she can’t control.

Meg's undies

Party over here!!! EVERYONE is invited!!!

AKA Twistin'...

I didn’t understand your post, and then I read your nic. I freakin’ howled with laughter right here in my office where I have zero business being on this site!!!!! OMG….too damn funny!

another name

I don’t think it was smart for Becky to reveal her plans to so many people.
It’s smart to keep the appearance of keeping the deal to put up the remainder of shelli and clay with a floater.
it’s smart of her to have a backdoor target in mind. she should keep that to herself.
she told john. she told shelli. she pretty much told steve without naming names.
only problem with telling people the backdoor before pov players have been picked: what happens if the backdoor target is picked to play pov and wins. someone is going to spill the beans, especially one of the decoy nominees you’ve already told or inferred the plan to in hopes of getting off the block (shelli sells out when in danger, steve tells vanessa a lot).
this is the season of loose lips.
Becky told everyone to keep quiet. she should have listened to her own advice.

Bored Man

I probably should have canceled my feeds last week. This game gets boring when the floaters are in control. I think this is the first time I’ve heard JohnnyMac talk game, and it’s a week into August. I can’t say I’ve heard Becky talk game more than 3 times, either, and before last week, Jackie was still talking about being in the alliance from week one that hasn’t existed since week 2. These are the kind of people that slide by every year except most of the people left in the game are these kind of people. Do nothing for 2 months and end up the only one left because the people who were playing eliminated each other early on. That may be a good way to win the game but it’s not very entertaining.


Dude, cancel your feeds


Seriously can not stand Jackie.


Still think Becky will target Steve. I don’t get their animosity but it is there.

is it just me

who wants to bet vanessa or shelly win pov? if steve and shelly go up, steve goes home i’m pretty sure.
these idiots on the outsiders team couldn’t vote united during one of their allies HOH why does anyone expect them to do it now?
there will be alot of big talk and posturing but in the end the outsiders are sheep and do what the wolves tell them to do


Not sure what the best option is.
Let’s say Steve and Shellie are on the block and Vanessa wins POV.
Who does she choose: Shellie (her ride or die) or Steve (her Final 2)?
Making a choice exposes games and lies further so I see her just not using it.
Vanessa still doesn’t go home and neither does Shellie…Steve doesn’t have the relationships nor is he a big enough target to garner the votes to stay.

Min O'Pause

One of Shellnessa has to go I don’t care which one. The freakout all week will be worth it to watch!


Not a Johnnie Mac fan, but I hope he wins POV and take down Steve and Vanessa goes on the block


It’s funny because in hindsight Vanessa should have kept Clay because he would have won that HOH. Hahahaha now time to enjoy and watch her scramble.


Vanessa spraying her hair with disinfectant. Hilarious!

Wichita Fall, TX

James, is a US Army Veteran and a Prison Guard in Wichita Fall, TX.

Becky's biggest fan

jMac is so starry eyed over Becky. I like how well they’ve hidden that from the entire house. Love those two.


There’s no BotB and more than half the house will play in the veto competition. Shelli and Steve or any pawn means if anyone uses the veto on Shelli, Steve or the pawn will go home. The only way to insure a major threat goes home is to put them up together. Vanessa with Shelli with the whoever the back-up nominee. You don’t have the numbers to control who goes home! You should have learned this last week…


Vanessa got a shell in heer HOH and said “It’s a sign!” Is spraying herself with disenfectant also a sign?


I ama always surprised that at this stage of the game that people do not know exactly who to put up to guarantee the results they want. If you target is Vanessa or Shelli It is so incredibly simple. You have the votes to get what you want.
Put up the twins Liz and Julia…. within the house all of them except Shelli… maybe Steve but he would just throw it, would use the veto to save a twin. Your side would use it to save Julia…. the other side would use it to save Liz… put up Vanessa as the replacement. Votes would fall like this

Evict Vanessa: Meg, Jackie, James, Johnny Mac, Austin (If Liz) and Julia
Evict Liz: Shelli and Steve

Evict Vanessa: Meg, Jackie, James, Johnny Mac,and Liz
Evict Julia: Steve, Shelli and Austin (he might flip.)

Now say Johnny Mac or Jackie even James decide to evict a twin…. you have a tie and you can send Vanessa Home.