“It’s so shitty.. but how do I not.. . The vetos there.. you know” – Kaycee

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 8
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 10
HOH: Kaycee Next HOH: Sept 13
Noms: ? Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

2:15pm Haleigh and Kaycee
Haleigh – do you want to talk before nominations
K – I haven’t really been talking to anyone.. It’s getting harder and harder..
H – yeah
Kaycee – Obviously like .. there’s not a lot of people left in this house and to get the least amount of blood on my hands.. I’m sure you know what I have to do
Kaycee hopes Haleigh understands, “it’s hard but how do I not? do you know what I’m saying.. to get the least amount of blood on my hands.. ”
Kaycee – it was the same thing with you get the least amount of blood on your hands put me up the second time.. you know what I’m saying
Kaycee – it’s so shitty.. you know I care about you it’s shitty.. but I mean.. the vetos there.. you know
H – the Veto is always there
K – I don’t have any targets I really don’t

H – I want you to do what’s best for your game..
K – least amount of blood on my hands.. I know that’s not what you want to hear.. it’s shitty
K – you look like you want to chop my head off..
H – no I’m trying to breath..
K – Stop.. look it’s going to be okay
Haleigh cries..
K – at the end of the day it’s just a game
H – I knew it was coming I knew it was happening it sucks.. the last three weeks have sucked..
H – I just sucks..
K – it’s shitty this whole thing is shitty
H – are you putting me up cause you want me to go
K – I have no targets.. yeah you put me up so I’m putting you up..
K – it comes down tot he house you know what I’m saying.. … .
K – yeah .. I love you and I care about you.. I don’t want you to stress..
K – it’s going to be OK there’s still a lot of game to be played. no rolling over none of that shi1t
H – I’ll win that veto… I’m so tired of saying that..
K – it’ll happen.. You’ll win this veto..
Haleigh says she’s just tired.
K – I know love.. we’re almost finished it’s ok feeling the way you do.. we made it so far we’re good
Haleigh – i mean it.. you have me I’m in your corner
K – this is shitty because we started getting close..

Kaycee says they were woken up 2 hours later..
Feeds cut..

2:29pm Angela and Tyler
Angela is talking about seeing people who watch the show they know so much more about her than the people in the house do.
FEeds cut.
Derrick and Nicole visited them. (Legit happy the feeds were off)
When we’re back Tyler is telling her if he doesn’t get to hold her hands every day he’ll lose his mind
Angela mentions how their under the covers Technic is working well for them, “it’s like we’re in grade 5.. went from 7 to 5”

2:26pm Brett and Angela
talking about the conversations they had with Derrick and Nicole. They weren’t allowed to mention anything about the outside and anything about the game. Brett enjoyed the time said he’s “wired” now from it.
Brett – I hate that we all looked like bums
Angela – at least we all looked like bums together

3:05pm Sam and Tyler
Tyler is in the shower. they are chatting about seeing Victor and Paul.
Tyler says he likes Josh “he won last year.. I always thought he was funny”

Sam – the guy that proposed Victor talked to JC in Spanish.. made his f*ing day.. he was so excited.
Sounds like they also saw Britney from BB12/14 and Danielle from BB8 and BB13.
Tyler says Derrick is a legend (for the worst season ever)

(Victor proposed to Nicole.. that voice though.. )

3:21pm Kaycee and Tyler
they talk about being visited by Big Brother alums.. KAycee mentions how Derrick was saying they are now part of a 216 person fraternity.. Kaycee wasn’t a big fan of Paul and Josh but meeting them was cool. She was a fan of Derrick.
Kaycee – I talked to Sam.. it’s fine we’re good.. reassured her everything is going to be OK..
Kaycee – we have to win this veto and keep it the same.. we have to

Sam comes in and they hug..

3:45pm Angela and Brett
Talking about how fake Haleigh is.
Brett – we just got to make sure she doesn’t win teh veto
Angela – that’s it..
Brett – if she doesn’t win the veto that jury house..
Angela – it brings me so much joy just thinking of it..
Brett wanted to meet Derrick, Paul and Josh the most.

4:12pm Milling around waiting for the nominations ceremony. (Sam and Haleigh going up, Haleigh the target)

4:37pm feeds go down for nominations.
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I love Kaycee. Her telling Haleigh it sucks but you know you’re on the block again girl makes me smile.

Dirty Harry Reid

Kaycee has a great shot at winning this game. Everyone likes her and she has a good resume.


I was just thinkin this today. I’ve always liked her, but didn’t see her as a finalist til today. Crazy how quickly things change in this house that we love lol

Charles Bronson

Nicole and Derek are the worst. Why do they continue to bring the puppets back? We all know they’re unworthy winners with zero game! Products of Production!

The Hive is Compost

You probably don’t like Frankie Grande or Mr. Pectaculor either.


Awww Frankie. Wandering down the memory lane of loved-by-production previous houseguests that needed to be removed for sexual assault and inappropriate behaviour.

The quiet one

Who does????


If you think you could do better, why don’t you try? Easy for you to sit there and judge. Must be hard to live vicariously through someone else. Never able to believe someone you don’t like can do a good job. Poor, pitiful you.


Kaycee should run for office. She is very diplomatic. Like a politician she lies well.

Smitten Kitten

Kaycee’s empathetic, compassionate, relatable, sincere & genuine; all traits a voter looks for in a politician.

Botox Pelosi

Can we please send Fessi a clip of Tyler rubbing the icy hot on Hayleigh?


Too bad Scottie wasn’t still in the house. Been awhile since we’ve seen dick and Danielle together.


Paul’s beard is the devil.


When… WHEN will it just get it over with and finish eating his face??

BB Fan

Paul is the devil.


If Kaycee is smart she puts up JC and Sam so the they have a 40% chance of Hayleigh not even playing in the veto comp. Even if Hayleigh wins veto she is not going to save Sam and she can go. If Hayleigh is not one of the three chips picked for veto she is history. There would be five chips total Brett, Tyler, Angela, Hayleigh, Houseguest choice.


Does it really matter. Sam, JC, and Haleigh need to go and I dont think the order matters. Question in my mind is who ends up final three. I am thinking it will be Angela, Tyler and Kasey.


I would rather see JC go before sam. He is the one they should all worry about right now. Him and Brett, both seem to want to flip. Hope Tyler catches on to this really soon.

sharp objects

(Victor proposed to Nicole.. that voice though.. )Tyler says Derrick is a legend (for the worst season ever)
Derrick and Nicole visited them. (Legit happy the feeds were off) Thank you for the laugh!!!!!!!!!!


OMG NO MORE Derrick! ITA WORST season ever! And they know it that’s why they CONTINUE to prance Derek out to give his “thoughts” on the current houseguests. Like that wasn’t bad enough but now they have him coming in the house. They so want to beat us over the head that he was such a genius. He was NOT he just had a group of idiots who were too dumb to see he was in a bromance with Cody and dimwit Victoria thought he was her savior.


I would say second worst season. Last season was worse. All that Paul Josh and Christmas bullying, and Pauls egotistical dr sessions.. it was a shitshow.

Eh eh

so true

JC Meltdown

Was it really necessary to put Paul on?

Charles Bronson

I don’t mind Brit returning to the BB house at all btw 🙂


Makes sense if Victor proposed to Nicole Paul was victors best friend on that season

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It was necessary. They needed Paul’s personality to counteract the effects of Derrick and Nicole.

I think I would rather have a case of hemorrhoids and a Tabasco Sauce enema.


lmfao thats hilarious


She should have done what’s best for her own game. JC is looking to cut her throat. Tyler should have told her this.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

He should have but Tyler is playing for Tyler and Kaycee is winning comps so she may be expendable to Tyler sooner than later.

Cray Cray6

Kaycee has won a hacker comp 2 vetos and this hoh. For a total of 4 wins. Tyler has had 3 hohs ) and 1 he jumped off to give it to Sam because she begged him to so she could get wine) and he’s also had like 3 veto wins so he’s still got her beat on the comp wins.

I do agree tho that Kaycee is playing a good game has some wins under her belt and has the loyalty and everyone likes her except for rockstar and JC seems to be getting annoyed with her for some reason. But she definitely has a shot at taking it all if she’s in the F2


Yeah, I like KC and so do many on the jury and in the house. Her personality is so cute and she is playing a great social game. She could win, but we must remember that she floated for weeks to the point that many participants (on this BB forum and others) have nicknamed KC ‘furniture.’ Tyler ftw.


Angela was the one called furniture

The Beef

Tyler has only won 2 HOHs (#1 and #10) and 3 POVs for a total of 5 comp. wins. Kaycee has the 1 HOH, 2 POVs and 1 Hacker for 4 wins. Angela has 2 HOHs and 1 POV for 3 wins. Haleigh has 1 HOH and 1 Hacker for 2 wins. Sam has 1 HOH and Brett has 1 POV. JC of course hasn’t won jack shit.

You can certainly make the argument that Tyler gifted Angela her POV (he really won that comp, but let her keep the veto) and he let Sam “win” her lone HOH by voluntarily hopping down off the wall, but you can also make the argument that Blockstar gifted Tyler one of his POVs (due to stupidity, not intent), but it is pretty clear to me that competition wise Tyler has the best game, followed closely by Kaycee.

Socially, it’s pretty clear the Hive players hate Tyler and Angela, but their reasoning behind that hate seems to be either petty or simply because they are out playing them physically and out witting them mentally. Seems to me the only way to win against that kind of thinking is to either lay low and do nothing (the JC method) or to incessantly kiss their asses to make them feel better about themselves while getting their teeth kicked in. While I understand the need for jury management, I don’t like either of those two options.

As I see it both sides chose their members pretty much from the get go. Those sides were L6 plus Sam and JC vs. FOUTTE plus Bayleigh, Scottie and Steve. 8 vs. 8, even steven, LETS GO! The L6 side has done a much better job of controlling the votes, managing their MOUTHS and getting out the other side. No reason for anyone to be bitter. Once Haleigh is gone, it’ll be time for the bloodletting as we see who really wants to win this game. I hope Dr. Will can/will set the jury straight (as best he can) on how they should “judge” or award the prize money. It should be based on who played the best game and deserves to win, not on some persons opinion of who “needs” the money or somebody trying to strike a blow against perceived privilege.


Tyler’s had 2 hoh wins and the first one doesn’t really count because no one else was camera thirsty enough to actually want it.

Stevie J

Tyler will not give her that info. I don’t think he will want to take her to final 2 anymore so it won’t hurt his game if jc gets angela out.

Eh eh

Tyler’s playing for Tyler, not Kaycee, last time I checked.


Wish they would just take Haleigh and put her down already ( vote her out ). They took her to the park and gave her a cheeseburger and now it’s time for the vet. I wanted her to go a couple of weeks ago. But dang. Kind of feel bad at the same time. Being on the block 3 weeks in a row has to be miserable. But watch her win veto and then who goes up with Sam ? That’s really the only way the week turns out to be interesting at all. Hopefully jc. Then the dilemma of who goes between those 2. And Haleigh lives to fight another day. I just have a bad feeling that girl is making it to the end. Her edit on the show makes her much more likeable than I find her to be.

Dirty Harry Reid

The only thing that will make this week worth it is thinking of the last Hiver showing up at the jury house that is full of everyone that opposed Level 4. This has been total domination by Level 4.


Very true !! Hope we get to see it as some point.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Completely agree, get it over with. The only bright side to her possibly winning veto is that JC should go up in her place and stands a fair chance at leaving. Since the ladies know JC wants to target them, Angela would vote him out and both Angela and Kaycee would expect Tyler to vote the same; he’ pretty much have to go along.

Unless Haleigh can pull off two wins in a row (veto, HoH) she’s up again during the double eviction.


At least during the double she wouldn’t have to be there all week. Why I feel a little bad for her I have no idea. But I do. Just a little

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

That’s just it. They’ve taken her to the park for a cheeseburger too many times already! But for whatever reason, still acts like there’s a possibility she won’t go up. They should just tell her, “hey, you’ve outlasted everyone in your alliance!” She should expect to have to battle every week from here on out!


Hayleigh doesn’t like cheeseburgers. She’s into finger food.

Charlie B.

Nice one

Eh eh



I do Give her credit. She has been trying to fake it til she makes it. Just way too late to start trying.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Another week of Hayleigh’s fake tears. Bounce her already.

Engaged To Haleigh

If Brett and JC is going to make a move. Now is the time. They need to recruit both Sam and Haleigh while they have the numbers to flip

Who said that!

OK Fes,both those recruits will be on the block.

BB Fanatic

They won’t have the numbers because two of them will be on the block, it would be a tie and Kaycee would decide.

Cray Cray6

They already don’t have the numbers. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are a trio who will vote the same way. Both Sam and Haliegh will be on the block and it only takes 3 votes to evict. Even if Haleigh came down and they tried the vote would be 2-2 and Kaycee would break the tie sending either Sam or Haliegh out so there’s no way they can team up now with someone else and take control

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue


Do you have any pictures of Kaycee with her hair down?

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Thanks. I think she is beautiful with her hair down.


comment image

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You’re welcome…but this one is far better…

comment image:large

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Simon, sorry about all of this. Please delete the extraneous stuff.

comment image?se=7&ig_cache_key=MTg1NzU3MzYwMjI3MTQwNTcwNw%3D%3D.2

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Thank you all very much. She looks good huh?


Haven’t seen these. Love them. Thanks for sharing.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sorry about all of that…try this one and please delete the previous two posts. Thanks.

comment image?se=7&ig_cache_key=MTg1NzU3MzYwMjI3MTQwNTcwNw%3D%3D.2


They can stay up=)


OMG KC wit her hair down…beautiful

King Brett

Just imagine if Kaycee put up Tyler and Angela. Like, her, Sam, JC, Haleigh, and Brett all formed an alliance to go against them.

Who said that!

But then she wouldn’t be playing Tylers game.

Janie Haze



LOL NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! KC is closest to Ty & Ang…why would she go against them when there’s still multiple targets that she can go after?? Also, looking at past comps, it is unlikely that Brett or JC or Sam or Hay will win anything; so it’s better for KC’s game to stick with Ang & Ty (with Ang for Final 2 since all of jury hates her)


Hay, please help yourself to a hamburger and snuggles anytime you want… but only until Thurs bc it’s time to see the vet!

Janie Haze

Not looking forward to the next episode being all about the BB alumni visiting the house. Watching Sam clean the kitchen would be more interesting.


There isn’t much production can do to make the game interesting at this point. It’s basically nap time until the finale.

What the Foutte??!

Did the East Coast hear Scottie’s entire speech since it was live or was it edited? He went from having the classiest speech his first eviction to the crassest speech and exit for his second.

Angela has wondered if she and Tyler have brought publicity to Hilton Head. You have now!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

It was edited which is why we were confused. Didn’t hear “Hilton Head”. I didn’t hear “D&$@ing around” either. Scott’s game was SO bad.


They have a delay, so they dumped the audio I think twice during his speech on the live show. You probably saw the same thing on west coast that we did on the East.


His speech was censored on the East Coast also. (They must use the 7-second delay.)


No surprise that Haleigh will NOT leave KayCee alone. Now telling Tyler that they have to hang out more.
Suggests they all sleep together in Blue room. Tyler says no. Hay says she will have a sleepover with KayCee.
That’s a no as well.
Of course…someone on the block should campaign. BUT….Haleigh just can’t accept that she hasn’t won everyone over.
She’s pushing so hard..it’s very cringeworthy.
Hay definitely thinks she’s all that. Irrisistable.
And what’s up with Sam? Letting slip to Tyler how much she knows about BB. Tyler asks her if she’s watched the shows. She deflects.
Talking aloud to herself. Says * should I give up $500,000 for true love?
I am at a loss to understand how delusional Sam is. Crazy..or playing her * Oh..I want someone else to win *.
But…HG’S are onto her.
And I see a huge fight between Sam and Hay.
Will Sam be cool like JC suggested to her or will she blow up?
Sam will NOT like Hay sucking up to everyone. So I expect fireworks.


Why doesn’t anyone put JC one the block? He would whine…so what.

another name

contained space (given they’ve been doing three day lock downs), and an already loud and abrasive personality then put on the block? That’s what most of them are thinking. Brett and Tyler, however, are each thinking if he goes on the block he’s going to loudly out that I have a side deal with him.
Every season there is that one person who is so borderline intolerable when they are safe, that nobody wants to nominate them because they don’t want to deal with the overly dramatic crap.
Side note: given the number of issues and problems and amount of rule breaking JC has been allowed to get away with without any repurcussion… I’d be thinking production wants him here, so if I nominate him, are they going to pull a twist that ruins my game?


I really can’t stand when the HGs say they “care about” the others. Really? Do you care about them when you trash talk about them or when you throw them under the bus or when you nominate them or when you vote them out??? Sam is the Queen of Care- about- you,but KC is catching up. None will surpass Kaitlyn, though. Well, I just had to vent because I don’t know if I “care about” any of them am I as cold-hearted as Angela?

another name

It’s social game. Why does everyone leaving feel free to take a shot at Angela? because she doesn’t exude emotion.
I’ll take the “I care about you” people over the overly dramatic fake tears, here let me smudge my eye makeup so it looks like i’ve been crying people any day. Yeah, that’s right, go put on some more non waterproof mascara and extra shadow right before having a cryfest. Note to future house guests using the eye makeup strategy so the tears show better on camera: it may look odd, but rub the makeup downward instead of to the side. It makes it look like you are crying more. the sideward rub just makes it look like morning after too many tequila poppers and didn’t wash off the eye makeup before passing out.

True Dat

I have “trash talked” my siblings and yet I still care about them. You get annoyed with someone and you vent. You get a little space and you’re over it. So yeah, it’s not so far fetched that someone may care about someone in the big brother house. If you live with someone long enough it’s actually kind of hard not to care about them a little bit. It’s also kind of hard not to be annoyed with them as well. Sometimes relationships are more complicated than we want them to be.


I just think they use the ‘care about you’ as an easy go-to response devoid of real care

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat Snared

Are you taking Houka’s place?


Kaycee – I don’t have any targets I really don’t HAYLEIGH- IS PROBABLY THINKING WHATEVER.


Sardonic smile from me. We now have Haleigh cleaning like crazy. We have Sam deep cleaning the toilet and shower.
This is now a competition of who cleans house best this week.
Is this now the criteria for votes to stay ? Sam would win then. Hay already breathing HARD.
It didn’t help Scottie.
Hay ought to practice days and comps instead.
Sam and Hay share a hug after noms.
I don’t think we’ll see too many of those..depending on veto.
If both stay on the block….then no kisses either. No * I love you * ..
Gonna be a Looong week/

Sam's Nicotine Patch

I read that 2nd to last word too fast…thought it was going to be a “looney” week…well that too.


LOL And….It’s going to be the cleanest BB house ever. So..if Hay comes down..JC goes up. Sm will give him the big saucer bed so fast.
Until then, We will see Hay roaming every room all day and night.

Eh eh

K – you look like you want to chop my head off..
H – no I’m trying to breath..
K – Stop.. look it’s going to be okay
Haleigh cries..
K – at the end of the day it’s just a game
H – I knew it was coming I knew it was happening it sucks.. the last three weeks have sucked..

May as well have been a have-not the entire time if she’s gonna spend the whole time pissing & moaning regardless. Everyone’s a big meanie and there are few tragedies more cruel than being cast on Big Brother. Poor dear.


They should do a quick flashback to when she was sitting up in the HOH talking about eliminating everyone because she and RS had such power they would steamroll the house (in their imagination). She always had such a smug ENTITLED air about her, flipping ftom the poor me of today to the arrogance of before would be quite a show.

She cries more than most four year olds and Angela and Kaycee fall for it every time which encourages her to cry more. Luckily, the entire L6 is very kind to her face but still voting her out.