Nicole tells Corey “Vic told me tonight that he would have my back 100% in this game.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: Bronte, Tiffany and Victor
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-05 01-51-43-617

In the kitchen – Michelle reads Natalies palm. Michelle says I see a short fling in your future. James says James?! In the bathroom – the house guests are asking relationship questions.

12:15am Bedroom – Michelle says I want to win HOH soon. I want Zakiyah to win it next week though. It would actually be best if I won it soon because you’re not really getting a lot of blood on your hands if I took out Bronte. If its down to Zakiyah and me I’ll let her win it just because its her birthday. Michelle asks Tiffany if I win HOH, do you think this is a good idea? Ask everyone if you win roadkill tell me? Because I want someone who wins roadkill to put up someone I want them to because I can’t put her up. Tiffany asks do you think she is gunning for you? Michelle says not right now.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-05 01-59-15-818
1am Bedroom – Nicole tells Corey that she (Tiffany) is paranoid that you and I are going to vote her out this week. Corey asks are you serious? Nicole says Vic told James he has mine and your vote 100%. And James told Tiffany that. Corey asks why would James do that? Nicole says I don’t know, I didn’t get to the bottom of it. Nicole tells Corey that Vic told her tonight that he would have my back 100% in this game. Me, Bronte and Paul. And that Paulie suggested to put me up as the roadkill nominee. Corey says I don’t believe it. Nicole says I do. Why would he say that. Corey says to get a vote. I’ve talked to Paulie many times and he’s never suggested your name. Nicole says I’ll trust you on that one. Corey says Paulie tells me everything.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-05 02-15-06-574

1am In the bedroom. Bronte tells Bridgette if we get HOH next week we can figure out who to attack. Bronte says I asked James who I should put up if I won HOH and he said you kind of have to just go with the house. How do we know who the house wants to be put up? Like what if people say different things? I feel like its too early for Paulie, Frank, James… there’s no way we can get them out because even if we managed to get HOH and Roadkill and we got one of them out of the house .. the other two we put up would get us out within a week. Bridgette agrees. Bronte says once I’m at jury I would take that risk. I just want to find a way in. If I was HOH I would go to Frank or James and say they can do what they want with my HOH as long as if they’re HOH next week they keep me safe. It might be too early in the game that they might not care what I do with the HOH. They plan on being the final 5 – James, Frank, Corey, Paulie, Nicole. I don’t know how to break into that group of 5. Bridgette says things change every week. Bronte says the majority of them are vets. Bridgette asks if your team won next week who would take it? Bronte says Jame said he doesn’t want it. Bridgette says so its between you and Natalie. Bridgette says how do you feel about Tiffany? Bronte says she gets frazzled. Bridgette says I feel that she would take us down if she got caught in anything. Bronte comments on how last week the faster Vic and I went in the competition, the slower James went.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-05 02-31-55-926
2:10am James and Nat Nat …

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-05 02-08-07-110

2:35am – 3:15am In the bathroom – Zakiyah, Paul, DaVonne and Bronte are hanging out chatting. Meanwhile – in the bedroom – Corey, Nicole, and Vic are chatting about random things.

3:30am All of the house guests head to bed except for DaVonne…

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LOL @ James being little spoon.

Bolt Uprite

He obviously isn’t delivering any Dutch Ovens.

Fancy berries

I’d give my middle nut to be Natalie’s little spoon.


LOL he has herpies not even joking.


I remember him saying that. I honestly couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.


He was taking meds for it last season.

Old Spice

My boy James finally got a real girl who wants to ride with one of the good guys. Definite upgrade from Meg on all levels and may actually help take him to end if Bronte is axed and she’s one of the few left who can win comps that favor small athletic girls. This is the real BB18 showmance, not that fake ish going on with Paulie/Z or the vomitmance with Nicole/Corey.

thanks for doing these graveyard posts Dawg!


Have you not watched the live feeds last week , or you don’t know that his ride or die had a huge crush on Corey before even talking to James. Z & Paulie aren’t even showed on the show yet they spend a lot of time together and have a real friendship. Z and Paulie don’t even talk about the game unlike Natalie who uses James for info so try again mf.


Oh my God!!! Where did they find these stupid girls. Bronte would give her HOH to Paulie or James in return for safety the next time they are HOH? It is bad enough that through these team comps. for HOH they can control who gets it and who doesn’t, and now these stupid women are going to give their HOH’s away? I just can’t believe it. They all might as well give Frank the cheque right now. None are willing to even try to do anything at this point. Also Z saying if they give her the HOH for her Birthday, she will either use it on Frank or Tiffany. You can bet it will be Tiffany, because Paulie will talk her out of putting up Frank. Nicole is a total disappointment so far, and thinks this is a popularity contest. Even she can’t tell the truth and cannot see the forest for the trees as far as these guys are concerned. James has become another of Frank’s little minions, and Corey………..well I still haven’t decided what the hell he’s there for. He does absolutely nothing and just follows Paulie and Franks lead. Noone appears to have a mind of their own.


They have minds of their own, it’s just they can’t seem to go more than a few moves at a time and allow personal feelings to shape their game.

Bronte hit on a reality every girl in the house knows, but likely don’t vocalize, which is making the big play ensures enemies and a great big target from his allies who will see you as the #1 threat…and pre-jury you know your big move can walk right back in. Now if they could step back, they’d see the play to go after Frank & co is saving Victor, not girl power.

Keeping Victor keeps conflict, keeps a bigger target….but you don’t want to be perceived as too close to him, so you don’t campaign for him, you campaign against Tiffany. You do the distasteful and rat out girl power to Frank & co, thereby moving closer to what you clearly see is the power source…but making clear to Victor he’s done, unless you make moves to save him. Tell him if he talks, it’s over, and just be cool…until you get power, then take out your true rival, Frank & co. But again, these moves require a chess mindset for long plays and not just working with people you like….and that’s the girls shortcoming, not lacking their own thoughts, just how to get where they need to go.


That is not chess mentality. That is over simplification and disregarding other potentials in favor of a perspective. It is a numbers game. Voting out Victor leaves 8 girls and 5 guys. If Victor is saved your entire premise is based on controlling him… good luck with that. As if you are going to convince him you can take him out just because you want to. If it were me, I would not only call your bluff but challenge you to try.

Bronte is not making any revelations. We hear it all the time in people talking about getting blood on their hands which implies you are making enemies and becoming a big target!

The absolute best chance these girls have is to accept that each and every one of them are trying to win so at some point they are going to turn on each other but the time for that should be after they work together long enough to take out as many guys as they can. Instead of taking your chances with and against guys… how about doing it with and against the other girls in the end?


Having a chess mentality is about anticipation, about not only trying to anticipate your opponents moves, but to anticipate what they anticipate from you. It also means knowing how to set traps that might not pay off for two more evictions, how to give up a perceived strength because deep down you can see the long shot of strength…such as imagining a big group of girls who already don’t much like each other and some of whom have brazenly attached themselves to guys isn’t fools gold….and instead let those perceiving strengths implode with a few nudges, how to not reach for the 1st available strategy or alliance, but instead wait for the right one, one you can control, not jump on for the ride. To understand that reacting out of panic is every bit as dangerous as taking a bigger gamble that shakes up the entire game.

It means you don’t have any need to control the guy you’re saving, much less threaten him, especially since his unpredictability is precisely what you need from him because that’s what scares people. You simply need him to appreciates he’s in danger and you’re trying to help him and make sure he doesn’t get in his own way of getting safe. You tell him even if he believes he has the votes, just being cool helps him more badgering for votes and if he isn’t safe, the smart campaign is against a nominee, not for yourself.

You’re being a silly fan, rooting for a result…a longshot result, as you hum along to some Spice Girls tune, chanting “girl power” in your best English accent, and your inability to know what chess even is much less the idea of long term thinking means you should audition….because BB is always looking for clueless HG’s as seen the last several years.


From the original post: “…but making clear to Victor he’s done, unless you make moves to save him. Tell him if he talks, it’s over, and just be cool…”
Congratulations, you recognized that you screwed up and need to rephrase it in a way that better supports your analogy.
Chess is a passive intellectual exercise that has limited real world application. I prefer full combat martial arts. The stakes for miscalculating, poor preparation, poor execution, flawed predictive models and failure to adapt on the fly are far higher than chess… and we never ever underestimate an opponent. Unlike in chess, the winner rarely comes away from the match unscathed. When you diminish or demean your opponent you similarly diminish and demean the victory. Insults are weakness. They show our deficiencies.
I respect your opinion even though I do not agree with it; nor how you expressed it.


Big Brother is a popularity contest, more or less. Like survivor, it’s a social game more than anything else.


How is Nicole on top of the poll? She’s so naive, so clueless. She’s gonna let the guys run her just like she did on her original season. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m rooting for a girl (anyone but Bronte, Bridgette, or Natalie) and the Fatal 5 needs to keep Tiffany. She’s not even plotting against them so they’re stupid for getting rid of her.


I thought Bridgette was a tad bit smarter than this. All it took was a 15 minutes convo with Frank to turn her against Tiffany. Now it sounds like she’s trying to turn the girls against her. Lol. Why do girls that come on this show get so easily swayed by the guys? Don’t they realize they’re playing big brother? I don’t get it at all.


Natalie is a nice girl.


I wanna get ghetto with Zakiyah


She’s not ghetto

what the

What are you the ghetto whisper

She Wouldn't Have You

Get lost sexist racist.

pass the 40oz

Couple of drinks and she’d do whoever is down. We see her get liquored up, and she’s a hot mess.


Anyone giving this a thumbs down care to explain how she’s not? Because we might not be watching the same show.


Please define ghetto. During WW 2 it was immigrants that were percuted and suppressed. I actually like in the hood of San Bernardino, CA and teach high school 1.5 miles from my house. Zak is not ghetto. How do you define ghetto?


Tomasa stop with that. Your online surf the web then get back. Here let me help you. Google ghetto for one. Then ghetto trash, maybe ghetto hoodrat. get the point. You’ll see many options for you to click on. Happy to coach you up, k.
Oh unless you only want to believe WW deuce is the only place for the word ghetto. Then why bother asking. lost cause


There’s been confusion. I was replying to the Natalie post not the Z one.


I really can’t stand the Fatal Five girls. They talk so much mean spirited crap.


Ghetto is the way you talk, look and act imo.
Davonnes Tattoos, hair, slang and attitude are very ghetto imo
zak not so much but i can still see it a bit
i think paul is ghetto too
In saying that being ghetto isnt a bad thing and its not some racist attackn in fact i would say im a bit ghetto myself.

Unbattled Block

I gave it a thumbs down because it was uncalled for using that term. There were plenty of ways you could have described your opinion without using one that has ethnic overtones. I am a conservative white male in case you are wondering too and i still felt it was in poor taste


Is everyone here seriously incapable of seeing what my post was a reply to? It’s lined up under the “Natalie nice girl” post you nitwits. It’s not about the ghetto post. I’ve even explained that once already.


I propose that the HOH is also secret just like roadkill. Comps done in secret, the heck with these one follows them anyway. And you have to keep it secret. Can’t tell anyone or you lose HOH. Man, can you see the paranoia among all the HG’s if they couldn’t group together & create a majority for the nominees. Paranoia central!


They need to do something. This team thing is turning out as bad as the BoB. They either need to drop the team crap or give a penalty for throwing any comp.

BB 18 team twist sucks...

Every summer we have some stupid twist that makes it so ridiculous… make it individual and watch the changes in the dynamics…


I just wrote a long post about how I hate the team twist and then I read your comment. I think secret HOH along with them not knowing the vote count, only knowing who was evicted would be amazing. That would still allow for alliances to an extent which is good because you get power shifts and drama but you can bet your ass no one would be throwing comps.


I like the way BB Australia voted in secret as to who they wanted on the block. The house guests could still have a HOH competition AFTER the house has secretly voted. HOH stays safe. The two house guests with the most votes are put on the


Sorry hit post comment too soon … To continue:
The two remaining house guests with the most votes are on the block. Continue with the Roadkill, Veto comps and house eviction ceremony as they are. If a houseguest reveals who they secretly voted for, they receive a penalty vote for the next round.


Australian rules are awesome


And throwing comps is a penalty nom.


Nicole saying Tiffany is paranoid and in the same conversation says she believes the lie that Paulie was considering nominating her. Her reasoning: Why would he (Vic & repeated by James) say that (as though they both have no motivation or reward in planting seeds of distrust). Nicole is a paranoid, loose cannon who is a threat to turn on anyone she is told is coming after her while being totally clueless at playing this game. She may have learned something from her first time in the house but she sure did not learn enough to make her good at fixing her issues so she can play a competent game let alone a good game. She talks a good game but then when she is in the process of walking her talk she is a hyper paranoid, terrified, basket case / loose cannon.


I am not sure how much production interferes vs. actually rigging. I don’t think the winner is rigged because every time someone posted inside knowledge of who the winner would be, it never happened. Whether it was production’s favorite or America’s favorite there have been many times the favorite didn’t win even with added help. Kaysar, (got voted back in season 6) CrazyJames,(voted back season 9) Jeff, (coupe de tat) Jeff and Dani D.(definite favorites season 13) Frank (supposedly production favorite, the coach twist saved him from being evicted the week he was supposed to go home.) Even with extra help none of these people won. Jeff, Kaysar and Dani played the game twice and never won. However, the twists like 2 years of BoB, entire teams being safe and roadkill being useless ruin any excitement in the game. There have been alliances since season 2, but the players were all competing as individuals. These twists allow entire groups to throw comps so it is no longer an individual challenge, it’s one or two people against an entire house. They have no chance to pull off an HOH because they are sabotaged before they begin. It has also led to the house voting and ‘what the house wants’ because everyone is afraid to go against the house.To me throwing comps so that a person on your team can not win is production sanctioned cheating. I want people to have a chance and for power to change hands even if it means my favorite is at risk. That’s what used to make BB must see t.v. Roadkill really serves no purpose if it is a house decision and the roadkill winner has no kind of safety. Teams this year is the same as BoB in the sense that there is no suspense for the viewer and no chance for certain players. Some people loved Derrick (season 16) and thought he played an amazing game. I could never root for him. I actually did like him well enough and knew that he played a smart game but with BoB I felt like he never had to fight for it. I knew by week 3 that he was going to be in F2 and that there was nothing that would happen to change it. It was a season full of entertaining personalities but because of the twist it became one of the most boring and predictable seasons ever.


I don’t think that production rigs things for a particular person from the start. I think they try to keep those that they think brings eyes to the show/feeds, etc. Mango’s BotB solo win comes to mind. IT was the only competition where having a partner was actually a detriment and Caleb wasn’t allowed to actively interfere. All other comps either required two people or it was big help to have two people actively trying to win. Then he made his, I’m Ariana’s brother speech, and he got a great edit for the show. They tried to save Donny with the make you own mission thing too.
The DR is definitely used to push or sway house guests. They drop information to them and hint at who should be targeted or protected all in an effort to stir something up. I think production tries too hard to create drama and it comes across as fake. The best moments are genuine and unscripted but getting them is chancy so in wades production.

Fish is the Tell

Production should just let their manipulation flag fly. Button Boy can’t keep up with the truth getting out. Victor talks about his modeling contract & movie he just finished, we get fish, let him tell us why he’s really here BB. If they didn’t come here knowing or caring about the “game” let’s see that on feeds instead of Production lies.

Corey starys talking about his Adderall prescription really helps him, cut to fish, when weteally need to hear the real reason why viewers consider his goat burning, inappropriate emotions or googly eyes creepy. At least he’s not taking it for an extra bump in concentration and math skills as another HG described in detail last year while other HG’s had to step in to manage abuse, Evel Dick tweets. Corey is Clay’s friend, cut to fish, who everyone really knows is still manipulated by Production too. So it’s really 50/50 Vets & Sibs vs. Paid Actors here for $1k weekly stipend with no knowledge of game.

Michelle catfished boyfriends and Producers with her fake superfan persona, never watched half the seasons and sold them on her promise to turn on the girls to help Vets, now fish are off so we can hear she’ll “work her balls off” to get Frank votes in Jury. No kidding it’s on your FB page and why you got hired. Now would Production get her meds so she’s not sobbing about her body & self loathing on feeds 24/7. Take better care of the psychos like Joz you knowingly exploit for “ratings”.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

The only way to make things interesting this week is to have Tiffany ACTUALLY be a valid option to go home. Victor leaving makes things too boring and predictable.

That being said, I still think Tiffany has play in her. She needs to stop crying long enough to realize it.

And Nicole? Victor has one convo with you and you freak out and have to be reeled back in by Corey? Not showing that she has progressed as a player.

Tiny hands

Tiffany cried once after her blow-up with Frank, Michelle has cried on camera at least 3 times. (about wearing pixels, after saying the word midget and thinking she wouldn’t get a job for it, and about thinking she looked fat) Vic cried in the DR when Josea left…


Lord help us all if Bronte actually ends up in the CIA.
Lists her concept of the final five and says she cannot come up with any way to break in to that group. Says she will give control over her potential HOH to a couple of guys (not girls) in exchange for a week of safety so she can make it to jury. Wow. Bronte claims Tiffany gets frazzled… as if any of them don’t get frazzled when their name is being thrown around and guys like James are feeding the paranoia fires. Bronte, you are prepared to betray all the girls you say you want to unite which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it is how you think you can win but you are prepared to do it just so you can last 1 more week while implying another HG cannot be counted on even for that. Once again, Girl Power is made into a running joke!

Hand of the king

I really think bb should just go back to its roots hoh, pov, eviction. That’s it. No more twists no more bs. Straight up old school bb


Yes, they should use season two as a template. A combination of beds, cots, and one sleeping bag. I think in season two Kent ended up with the sleeping bag because he was last to chose were to sleep. I can hear the whining if Frank or Da got the sleeping bag. Forget the Veto. If your on the block the only way to stay is to convince other house guests not to vote you out.


Bridgette says I feel that she (Tiffany) would take us down if she got caught in anything. This from the girl who tries to resist spilling her guts to Frank only to turn around later and tell him everything… taking the girls down without being caught in anything at all. You did not even have to be in danger in the game to sell out people who put their trust in you. Hey Bridgette you are clearly not playing with the expectation of winning so why do help one of the guys win and not any of the girls? Girl Power is like cold fusion. Incredible potential not realized! Thanks for making Girl Power a feature and a joke once again on BB.


Bronte thinks tiffany gets frazzled and will throw them under the bus if she is in trouble. this coming from a player who had tiff started working on from the start of the week with no knowledge that she is van’s sister. Sorry but at this point Tiffany is just a pretty bad player and does not emit a sense of security with those who she is working with. I really do hope that she gets evicted this or the next week to see how the dynamics change, everyone is so focused on getting her out and being completely short sighted.


Let’s see Frank re-live his previous BB experience. I would much rather watch the show seeing him forced to beast his way through the rest of the season than the way it is going now.


Or better yet…..knock him out early and not come back. I can’t stand him. Even watching him talk to people is annoying. He’s so arrogant and condescending. He thinks he’s Derrick 2.0. Ugh.


Whatever the outcome of this Week’s HoH, if Nicole gets another HoH or Zak – I hope they wise up and realize the best way to get to Frank is to take out one of his spies – Bridgette !!!!!
Put both Bridgette and Michelle up on the block and whoever wins RK put the shower stalker Corey up there as well. None of them bring anything to the show and all of them kiss Frank’s ass. That’s the quickest way to Frank right now.


Keep Bridgette. She is a vote the girls can win over the second she sees her meat shield weakened & targeted. She is not gung ho Frank or even Frank’s side. She, like Nat Nat, is trying to use a returning player to carry them along and keep them safe. Both will play a very different game if the guys get gutted. The real best way it take weaken Frank is take out his male power base. For the time being, what Frank is doing helps Paulie’s game. He will protect Frank because, in Paulie’s mind, Frank is his b!tch and is extremely confident he can beat him so it would be easier to use Frank to take out Paulie than the other way around. (Paulie is building his resume for the final by taking the heat/credit for the moves; not hiding behind the house. Manipulate Frank into taking out Paulie and he weakens his own power base. Then Take out Corey and Frank becomes as vulnerable as any other in the house. Paul will be easy to use to take out Paulie and Frank. James benefits from all three of these guys being taken out and some of the girls will definitely keep him around to help them take out Momma Day so he might be persuaded to act against Frank even if the guy numbers get scary for the others. James is in the best position to benefit from a girls alliance.


zzzzzzz this show is getting predictable. I guess the real show will begin when Victor, Bronte, Paul and Tiffany are out because then the 8 they will have to turn on each other. Also I’d rather watch Victor then Bronte and Paul there so annoying. I think Frank will be out soon, he’s playing too stupid right now guns a blazing too soon…didn’t he learn anything from last time??


I would rather see Victor than Paul any day of the week. Paul is the biggest tool ever and every scene he appears in, I begin to fast forward because he is just gawd awful! he knows everything, he has done everything, he fake drunks, fakes a concussion, just a self center all about me jerktard! He has got to go soon …Anthrax copying assclown


If it’s rigged for thee girls what about the mothers of the guys in the house. They are rooting for their sons.pretty messed up.

Butters Mom

Who “chose Nicole’s team to get HOH”? Production?


I was wondering about that comment myself. Also by not showing us the times during the roadkill comp shows just how much they have their hands in the game. Such a shame it was and could be such a cool game if they put a real cross section of the country in there and let it play out

Tiny hands

Tiffany is no Vanessa. I hope her sister gives her hell for being such a lazy game player. Tiffany is probably thinking, wow, this game is so much easier than I thought it would be. So far she’s made no deals, told no lies, has no strategy, thinks she is going to cruise to F8. I don’t think she’s watched any season except last year.


As a live feeder, I would rather see victor stay, and tiffany leave, she’s boring.

Tiny hands

Victor is even more boring that Tiffany. Vanessa’s didn’t start playing until she felt threatened, i hope the same happens to Tiffany. But she’s sounding like she has no clue of how the house is working


Frank needs to go!


Natalie is not in to James. She is playing a part,and if people believe she is, then I have a bridge I would like to sell. Don’t believe the hype.


OMG you’re so much smarter than everyone!!!

You can’t read minds oh Bren the Wise.


The whole cast has diarrhea of the mouth.

not the d word

Omg those fish weren’t sitting well with me all morning.


If the spy girls had any brains they would suggest putting up Frank/James/Paulie/Paul/Corey and try to convince the guys of an all girl alliance. One of the guys win roadkill, put up tiffany and send her home. Then the house starts to shuffle. And leaves them with room to make some deals.

So anyway...

I can’t take much more of this. Frank needs to go. Big Brother staff needs to go back in their conference room and admit this team thing is a disaster and stop it ASAP! House guests can’t make individual decisions. This is turning out boring, annoying and predictable. I’m self evicting myself from watching this disaster anymore. So anyway….out.


What did I miss? Bridget told Natalie and Bronte not to trust Tiffany and I don’t know what led to that? Bridget is the one who spilled her guts to Frank so she shouldn’t be trusted. A lot of people seem to want Frank out and know that Tiffany would like to take him out yet they all want Tiffany out as soon as possible. Girls are once again trying to use guys to get to the end when they know the guys always cut the girls at the end and if a girl does sit next to a guy in final 2 she never wins. I think Tiffany would definitely be up for a girl season and a girl win. Of the others, Bridget and Bronte seem to be the most genuine about wanting a girl to win. DaVonne is willing to get rid of girls until guys have the majority. Nicole craves the approval and protection of the guys. Zak would probably be up for a girl’s team but seems to be afraid to disagree with Da. I’m not sure yet where Natalie stands. I have no opinion on Michelle other than, at this point she seems clueless. Maybe she’ll surprise me. I get that Tiffany is a polarizing character just like Vanessa. I don’t have an issue with people loving or hating her on the outside because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for the game, it always bothers me when one person becomes the scapegoat for EVERYthing. Tiffany is being blamed for things she never did, she is being blamed for things that never happened, and she is being blamed for things by the same people that actually said or did the things. She could be an asset. If the girls really do want to take over from the guys she could be another number. If the guys know all the girls hate her and Tiffany feels shunned by the other girls she could be useful to the guys, especially when it comes to taking out the girls they have personal relationships with so it keeps the blood off their hands, I am really confused as to how the ‘let’s get Tiffany out’ paranoia has spun so far out of control.


Natalie wouldn’t touch James with a twenty ft pole. She’s using him and that’s all there is to it. She’s pretty and she knows it. That act she has going on , is strictly for viewers. She knows he’s well liked, good for her to attach herself to the creeper, girl crazy stooge. Bat an eye and he’s falling all over himself.


Why are so many of these posts not about the game but instead about insulting and name calling of each other? .None of us knows what we would do in that house, having never been in that situation and having limited information. Even if production helps out by telling some houseguests about early buy backs or by telling them what the comp likely will be, their info is still limited. All this useless name calling and nasty comments only serve to demean what Simon and Dawg try to do. It’s really sad.


Natalie is as fake as a three dollar bill.


I am not out yet but used to watch after dark faithfully and this season just can’t get interested. Too much paranoid seed planting for absolutely no reason while there is enough bs being thrown around and nobody cares.


if frank goes home mama day in truble cause frank might win back in this time
he be playing to win comp he might win hoh soon he get back watch
I think dayvon should go home more then frank she trying to start a girl team