“What would you rather Jasmine, would you rather I put you up this week?!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

The Situation

Michael will be using the veto to nominate Kyle and Daniel. Daniel is the target. The leftovers appear to be solid once again. I wouldn’t say Daniel being evicted is set in stone there is always a chance Kyle will spiral out and get himself evicted.

5:58pm HOH room – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – I was in the storage room and I was like I’m not sure, I’m deciding but I’ve talked to people and it sounds like people might be on board. Brittany – yeah she (Jasmine) cornered me out in the backyard too. How mad do you think everyone is going to be with you / us if we don’t? Michael – I don’t think they will be mad because they all told me Daniel on Friday.. Every single one of them said to put Daniel up. Brittany – that’s why it is so hard to crack that side because they literally sway with the wind. Michael – and if they really want Monte, then hopefully they will go for Monte. Because if we take Monte out for them… Brittany – yeah that is not going to do anything. It was interesting talking to Jasmine there because she was like at a certain point when the whole house wants something its not the HOH, its the House’s HOH. And you wouldn’t want someone to be mad if you went against the entire house. LIKE threatening! Michael – oh my gosh!! Brittany – I mean sh*t, it feels like a lose, lose. Either do their dirty work for them.. Michael – What would you rather Jasmine, would you rather I put you up this week?! Brittany – seriously!! Michael – you can go up and you can go home and spend your birthday with your husband. Brittany – right!? Seriously! We could immediately make that happen.

Michael – then we just stick to we promised Monte if he kept us safe, we would keep him safe. We’re still on board to make it happen. Brittany – I reiterated what you said. And they were like yeah but this is Big Brother and that must mean.. and I was like yeah but we have to think about next week and who do we trust more .. like they all agreed Monte and Daniel next week. Michael – then why don’t we get Monte out next week?? Brittany – YEAH! Michael can’t play next week and I have a busted knee.. who do we trust more? And Daniel is actively throwing your name around and Monte is not throwing your name around. We really need Monte to realize they’re not on his side. The vibe I’m getting is that they would not take that shot at him (Monte), they’re using you to do it. So who are they taking shots at if they win then?! Michael – if they’re not going to take a shot at Monte, then it doesn’t benefit me to take him out. Brittany – no, and we have more trust with Monte than we have with Daniel. Michael – and Monte is not unbeatable. Brittany – I don’t think this is the scenario but what if we left it the same and we as leftovers take Terrance out instead? So at the other side.. we did what you wanted but it didn’t happen. I mean that feels like a waste and it still leaves Daniel in. Michael – and they’re going to know they’re the four votes. They’re not stupid. They’re not that stupid.

5:58pm Bedroom – Flirtmances showmancing..

6:40pm HOH room. Joseph joins Brittany and Michael.
Joe – I’m not interrupting am I? Michael – No we’re just talking .. Jasmine kind of cornered Brittany. Brittany – Joseph, I just hope you guys understand the conversations that Terrance, Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy are having. Joe – oh yeah they’re sparking a whole fire of lies and stuff. They like using Brittany for some reason. Brittany – it just pains me how much they’ve flipped on you and Monte. Its just scary! Joe – that is literally why when they tried sending … Like I would never work with them. Like one thing I hope you guys know I am a loyal person but two… I would have to be an idiot to drop other loyal people for .. yeah! Brittany – that is ultimately why when they left the room Michael and I jumped up saying we knew it. They came in throwing you and Monte under the bus. Joe – its Monte they want specifically? Brittany – yeah its Monte they want specifically… but then you’re alone and they’re able to get you. I just want you guys to understand the severity of what they’re saying. Joe – there is literally no loyalty in that alliance at all. Joe leaves. Brittany – we know at some point they’re going to be gunning for us anyways .. there is nothing we can do about it. Michael – it doesn’t matter if we do this for them or not, they’re still going to come after us. Brittany – so don’t do their dirty work. Michael – I would rather take away one of their numbers. Brittany – we know they’re not loyal and they’re weaker.

6:50pm HOH room – Kyle joins Brittany and Michael.
Kyle – what are you guys doing? Michael – talking about the veto ceremony tomorrow. I don’t know what to say for a speech. Kyle – say Kyle, you’ve been my target since day one. Brittany – don’t give him any ideas Kyle. Michael – I would love to drop Old School somewhere in there but I shouldn’t do that. Big Brother switches the feeds.

7:25pm Backyard Joseph & Monte bootcamp workout begins..

8pm The workout crew are on the upper level in the backyard saying what they’re grateful for.

8:18pm – 8:25pm Bedroom – Terrance and Daniel.
Daniel – as besties she said we’re going to come up and talk to you bestie to bestie. So I am going to let her in on the deal. I am sure Michael has mentioned it. Just so that she feels included and we’re being open and everyone is aware of what is happening. Terrance – I talked right in front of her yesterday. Daniel – dope, yeah! And all she said was we don’t talk as much game as we should.. and she was saying from her perspective so that made me feel good. Probably because she is not in power so she feel like lets keep it going. But in my head I am like you’ve lied so much. Like she has talked so much sh*t on me trying to get me out. So I will remember that.. but for now .. absolutely. Keep an open conversation. I am being honest I am not going to put them up.. its probably only a couple more weeks and if that saves my a$$ this week, I am down! Terrance – I would definitely go up there with Kyle. Daniel – I’ve heard so many people say they want Monte out. Terrance – yeah.. even Joseph. Daniel – and because there are three of you on the block .. we only need 4 votes.. and I think we already have 6. And apparently Tuner is on board. I think Kyle said Turner was down. And Indy is down. Indy is on board! Alyssa told me. Terrance – I can’t wait till tomorrow morning. Daniel – I just need to know. Terrance – then we can breathe.

8:37pm Storage room – Turner, Joseph and Kyle find alcohol from Big Brother. Joseph comments on how they should hide it from the other house guests and drink it. Kyle – Indy hid granola bars from everyone .. we can hide this! Monte joins them and they decide not to hide them.

8:54pm HOH room – Turner and Michael.
Turner – they don’t think I am close to Monte obviously.. I was where Terrance is.. he was like I know you don’t have anyone that you’re aligned with. And I am like F**King dope because clearly they haven’t put that together. He said everyone is pretty scared of you but I want to let you in on a plan. And I was like oh okay facts! He was like what do you think of the nominations this week? I was like hey I don’t know if someone is going to get backdoored. I don’t know what the plan is. I don’t know if they’re going to stay the same. And he was like what would you do if I told you I’m pretty sure they’re going to stay the same. I was like dude, I wouldn’t vote you out. And he was like that is exactly what I want to hear. He was like do you know who we’re thinking of putting up? I was like tell me? I was sitting on Monte’s bed and he goes that guy. And I was like eh yo you think so! He was like I am pretty sure Monte stays up on the block and he goes home on Thursday. He was like so you’re with it? And I was like sounds like an awesome game move. Go up there and tell him you’re in and I’m sure its going to be unanimous vote for Monte to leave. This is me reporting to you what he wanted me to tell you. Michael – I have not said to a single one of them that yes I am doing this. I said yeah it would be a big move but that I needed to talk to everyone and I told them how I made a deal with Monte that I wouldn’t come after him. Obviously that was not a conversation that was actually had. Michael talks about what he wants to do for the veto ceremony speech. I want to use Daniel’s speech for what he said for Taylor. “What’s good for the house, is good for me”. Turner – that would be funny but I’m not sure many would remember.

9:32pm HOH room – Michael and Monte.
Michael – I guess they told Turner that everyone is on board (to get out Monte). Like even Joseph wants to do it. Monte – okay?! I thought that after a 24 hour period they would be scrambling about but I guess they figured they did everything last night. Michael – I think they think its going through. I have not told a single person I’m doing it. Kind of what I was thinking was if their logic is that everyone in the house wants you out, everyone in the house wants Daniel out next… and their argument is that Daniel is a lone wolf .. and if everyone wants you out you’re in that same position. And Daniel has thrown my name around and painted a target on me and put me on the block. I have more reason to go for Daniel. Monte – right right.. that’s logic right there. Michael – its funny that I have not given them any confirmation but they’re going to everyone saying its happening, its happening.. And I’m like you need me to do it.

10:07pm Bedroom – Jasmine and Terrance.
Jasmine – I am like sh*t is he (Michael) going to make the move (leave noms the same to get Monte out) or not? I don’t know. I am nervous because I don’t know if he is going to make the move or not. Terrance – Yeah I don’t know either. I am just afraid that he don’t have the guts to do it. Jasmine – that’s what I am scared of. And I think he wants Daniel out because Daniel verbally said Monte and Michael. Terrance – its stupid. Jasmine – I mean it would be good for you because then you would come off. Terrance – yeah but then if the plan gets discovered I am public enemy number one. Jasmine – do you want the noms to stay the same? Terrance – f**k yeah! I just want everyone to do what they said they were going to do. If he doesn’t then everything I did was in vain.

10:17pm – 10:35pm HOH room – Michael, Daniel, Kyle and Brittany.
Daniel – what we can offer is safety for as long as Besties is around. I don’t want you guys to worry. And we feel very good about that. And you (Kyle) really want to win (HOH). Kyle – yeah I am going all out. I think a lot of people are on board with the noms staying the same. I think you wouldn’t get too much blood on your hands if you just kept it the same. I do feel close to you guys. I know we don’t talk a lot of game but I do want to work with you guys moving forward. I think Daniel feels the same way. Daniel – yup. Brittany – can I ask this.. what if Julie comes on the screen and says congrats you guys are all in jury, Besties is done. That would be the hesitation of mine .. like you said as long as Besties are done and they’re done. Daniel – that would be terrible. I mean I would be down to do one week for sure .. I wouldn’t mind two weeks definite. To make sure you have two full weeks. And again, I am not after you guys.. I have no reason. Just so you guys feel secure I am fine with that. I have no desire to go after you guys. I just want to be here as long as I can. Michael – if noms stayed the same what would you envision happening. Daniel – if noms stayed the same we would do whatever you wanted. People are supportive of Monte going home. But of course if you wanted to switch it I would do it .. I would ride with you because you’re saving me. Michael – Full transparency on hesitation I have about sending Monte home this week.. one when he was HOH he could have put us up or backdoored us… and he didn’t. We had conversations with him about how if he kept us safe we would reciprocate it. I do have a hard time with that. I do understand that is what everyone wants I would take that into consideration. But if everyone wants Monte out.. then who is next? Daniel – I will ride with what you want if I don’t see the block. Whatever it is, I am just down. Michael – and I don’t have my mind made up. I just want to see where everyone’s mind is at. THey hug and Daniel / Kyle leave. Brittany shakes her head. Michael – Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine have told you that they would vote that way.. MMMmmmm MMMmmm. If he’s pieced it together he knows he can’t put Indy/Alyssa up, he can’t put Jasmine up … and that leaves us.

10:40pm Storage room – Brittany and Daniel.
Brittany – I would much rather come to you and say here is why I made the decision I made. And here is why. Daniel – I respect that. I have no reason to go after you. I will not stray from this.. there are other people that are threats. Brittany – I just want you to know I am fully on board for a clean slate.

10:50pm Snack time..

12:30am – 1am The house guests are enjoying the wine and beer chatting and hanging out. Alyssa and Brittany talk. Alyssa tells her that she’s watched every season and classifies herself as a superfan. Alyssa – I would love to see two girls in final 2. That has literally never happened ever. Brittany – me too! Alyssa – you and I are emotional people but we are not emotional players. Brittany – that’s what I told Ameerah in my goodbye message to her. That’s why I needed her out. Alyssa – that’s why I want Monte out. I want a final four with you, Michael, me and Kyle. And then when we get there we duke it out.

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Lol. Turner would hug Brittany and Michael if they actually managed to get rid of Jasmine


Lol. Michael is so not into this exercise activity

Paul Sucks

I would use every vote I have on Michael for America’s Player if he were to get Jasmine evicted.

Having to listen to her in the DR going on about muffins is just annoying. Time to put her out of her misery.


Correction: Time to put US out of her misery.


Yeah, I fast forwarded through that, and actually most of the show. I had enough with the muffins on the feeds and it was ridiculously stupid then.


please get jasmine tf outa here

It's me

Please stop showing the showmance
Please stop the shout outs
Please get rid of Jasmine


I’m with you, looking at the showmance, I agree with everything you said.

Good Vibes

After watching tonight’s show, Turner FTW! Jasmine is acting like an entitled b!tch. Turner has her number. Where does it state in the Big Brother contract that you must celebrate your birthday in th house.


Correction, Little Miss Muffin wants to stay for her deceased father’s birthday!!! That is even crazier!!!


It is so annoying, I watch the live feeds. Jasmine talking on the live feeds, is totally different from the added country twang she exaggerates for the live TV shows.

Please evict her ASAP, she is so phony.

Turner has turned into such a funny person, I’m really enjoying his fun personality. I love how he is messing with Jasmine, he is cracking me up. Go Tuner.


Strategically it’s still probably best to get rid of Daniel, but as a viewer I’m really hoping that they get rid of jasmine. She’s not fun to watch at all. Daniel at least has the potential to win hoh and cause some drama, jasmine’s just lazy, entitled, and wants to look as pathetic as possible in comps for sympathy instead of putting in any effort to win

Deloris Matthews

I agree


JazMean took only 3 steps on that balance beam (during hoh comp) and time was up!! I guess she’s trying to show, she’s not a threat! I can’t wait until she’s out the door!! We could sell t-shirts saying “We got out Turner’s muffin”!!!



un autre nom

Watching feeds for a minute and it occurred to me what’s been annoying me for a week.
Jasmine sprained her ankle. ankle.
when she walks… why isn’t she bending her knee?
All week she’s walked like frankenstein with a cane… why isn’t she bending her knee?

Milking at it’s finest. Meanwhile, Turner had to have his knee popped back in, and Brittany had to be sewn back together… and here comes Jasmine walking like some peg legged pirate searching for her buried treasure of bed eatin snacks.


I can’t wait to see Jasmine on the block. She is going to go crazy, Jasmine annoys the hell out of me, I would not want to be stuck in the house with her, she eats, sleeps, eats and then complains about any and everything.

Please let the Left overs win HOH again next week, and hopefully this bestie festie crap is over, let Turner win HOH, and put Jasmine on the block next to Terrance, and they vote Jasmine out.

Dixie Lee

If she really needs that cane she uses some, someone needs to teach her how to use it correctly or she’d going to have back problems. She walks all bent over like she thinks old people using a cane walk. And yes, I agree she walks with a stiff knee when she actually hurt her ankle. I’m old but used a cane only after a double knee replacement & I walked upright.


I can’t believe nobody has told her the cane should be used on the opposite side of the injured leg. If injury is on left side, cane should be on right side for stability and balance. Not to mention that damn cane is way too low for her. I’m so over her!! I’m also way over watching Kyle playing suck face on my TV. If they left that crap off, we could see more of the BB game playing!!

un autre nom

House dynamics:
there’s been flirting in the house today so:
booze delivery.
6 beer 2 bottles wine for 12 people… and they’re still going to act the drunken fools?
i mean…. this booze delivery is meant to get some slurpydurp noises happening.
Indy is claiming Joseph. oh. um.
Jasmine is mad at Indy…. did Indy try to eat a chicken wing or something?
That’s right, house (property of Jasmine) chicken wings were made by Jasmine for Jasmine’s 1st supper.. and now that she’s mad at Indy she’s refusing to eat 2nd supper. She’s gonna waste away.

Michael plans to offer Alyssa some of his ciders to get her looselipping about game again.
Silly Michael… she did that to protect Kyle and now that she’s got him… why would she?

Kyle popped a willy while lying next to Alyssa in bed. No wonder she’s getting bored. But it’s the most action his modesty pillow has seen in a while.

Terrance is worrying his role in Get Monte could come out if Michael chickens out.

Daniel and Kyle pitch to Michael and Britt
Daniel didn’t offer Britt or Michael an alliance. He offered them untl besties is over amended to one week amended to two weeks of safety from him if he wins HOH as long as they keep him off the block. He didn’t know who the house would target next, and didn’t know what the plan was for next week. But he did offer that Alyssa Indy and Jasmine are in on the plan to get rid of Monte, and Terrance is comfortable with it. When asked if he’d be fine if Michael wanted Joe or Terrance out instead of Monte (Michael’s shield), would Daniel do that? Daniel said anything that keeps him off the block. Michael says he hasn’t made up his mind.

charcuterie board for dinner? for 12? I don’t think that’s enough… never mind… it’s just me. I know it’s just me. So meat, cheese, nuts along with strawberries humus and carrots.
Turner… isn’t he veg and allergic to nuts? enjoy your carrot sticks. fire.


Maybe it is to make up for the injuries during the OTEV comp?

un autre nom

Considering Turner has been abstaining and Britt’s on antibiotics…


Jasmine’s character was really being tarnished in the episode tonight…and I love it!!

It’s good to see that the production team is in tune with reality and can show how much of a pain she is for the house.

un autre nom

The women do a toast.
Jasmine raises her febreeze can…..

I found out why Jasmine is mad at Indy.
Jasmine wanted to know what ingredients Indy put in the food (so she could criticize or have her make it a different way specifically for Jas), and Indy’s response was “why, you just got through eating.”
Jasmine barely had time to finish swallowing the chicken wing she was saving for later before she got mad that her first supper was ruined by lodging her complaint about second supper, and getting a clap back.


Second supper? Per Hobbit culture, the only thing that is allowed is Second breakfast, lol. I happened to catch on the feeds people talking about Indy because she was questioning who drank Michael’s cider


“Alyssa tells her [Brittney] that she’s watched every season and classifies herself as a superfan.

Alyssa – I would love to see two girls in final 2. That has literally never happened ever.
Brittany – Me too!
Alyssa – You and I are emotional people but we are not emotional players.
Brittany – That’s what I told Ameerah in my goodbye message to her. That’s why I needed her out.
Alyssa – That’s why I want Monte out. I want a final four with you, Michael, me and Kyle. And then when we get there we duke it out.


There is so much wrong with this conversation… Alyssa is no superfan if she doesn’t remember:

Lisa vs Danielle
Jun vs Alison
Maggie vs Ivette
Jordan vs Natalie
Rachel vs Porche

I can see why she does want two women in the final two due to the history of the show.

The last time it happened was 9 seasons ago (BB13) and it’s a fact that a final two with men has happened more times than a final two with women (9 vs 5).

Plus the other 8 final twos saw a man win against a woman in a head to head contest (6 vs 2 times *Nicole beat Paul by one vote and Kaycee beat Tyler by one vote*).

So yeah if I was a female I would want another girl to be next to me or at least a really weak dude who lost in a male/male final two like The Couch 1.0 or Enzo.

The only men this season I can see getting 0-2 votes is The Couch 2.0 and for the love of God he better not get dragged anywhere near the final 2…

Also Alyssa is stupid AF because if she really wants a final two with girls then why the fuck would she really want to take Michael and Kyle to the final 4? One or both of them would probably win all of those competitions or place second. So yeah she isn’t very smart…

un autre nom

She gave Taylor the same final 2 women talk. She was pushing for an alliance of the HOH bedroom Chinese Checkers players (Turner, Kyle, Alyssa, Mike, Britt, Taylor), and then getting to final 2 together.
Taylor mentioned like season 3, and it went over Alyssa’s head. She also brought up Britt Taylor Alyssa i’m pretty sure.


I read that.

That final 3 would be much more ideal for all the women based on the statistics.

But idk if they would actually cut their male duo members for the girls…

un autre nom

Booze delivery was 6 beer/whiteclaw and 2 bottles wine. Maybe a couple HOH ciders added. Even if only half of them drank that’s 4 servings a piece.

I’m saying they aren’t as drunk as they are giving themselves permission to let loose because the alcohol is present and can be blamed tomorrow. The ones that are being fun/flirty are cutting tension one way, the ones that are being loud and bitchy are cutting their tension another. If they’d given them 6 near bear and 2 wine bottles of grape juice, they’d be acting the exact same way. This is how a small booze delivery works. Pressure cooker, presence of a small amount of alcohol, and everyone is acting like they were given a keg party.

We’ve got Indy on CIDERGATE.
She’s trying to figure out who stole Michael’s drink (it was Alyssa).
Michael doesn’t really care. Indy is still on the case. Eyeroll. Joseph is of course egging her on. Where’s Sherlock Mcmuffin when you need her? Probably trying to find the doritos she stashed in her bra.

We’ve got week two partyposse of Taylor and Alyssa again . Like Alyssa won’t wake up mad at Taylor over something again tomorrow just like last time. But tonight they are final 2 besties. Alyssa tells Taylor get rid of Monte and it can be 2 girls in the final 2. Alyssa also proposed a get rid of Monte and we slide to final 4 to Britt (Showmance with Britt/Michael final 4). Eyeroll. Any chance she slides up on Monte and says lets vote out Monte and we can go to final 2? More eyeroll.

Daniel and Terrance are creeped out that Monte isn’t walking scared. Eyeroll.
Daniel is, imo, being a little creepy. he’s looking at the women in a weird way. Like he wants to check off something on his big brother bucket list if only Paloma were there is his thought bubble…. along with maybe he can get one of the drunk women to wear Paloma’s sunglasses and it’ll be like he’s flirting with her. ANOTHER eyeroll. C’mon. Like I’m alone in thinking that’s a possibility. Dude is creepy.

Joseph is trying to plant seeds to break up the showmance and get Alyssa out to Kyle. Because of course he is. When isn’t he pushing for Alyssa to go. Part of my brain says did they have a one night stand that went poorly in the real world?

The night ends with Jasmine pissy that her servants have been giving her sass tonight. Hmm, maybe sending one of them to get you water, making them go back and get you cooler water, then complaining about how long it took and a hair on the top of the water bottle this afternoon, then griping this evening about the other one’s cooking a meal for the house while you’re still eating the meal you only made for yourself… isn’t the way to treat people. EVERYONE is sick of this shit. About damn time they started sassing her ignorant ass.
Alyssa is bored with Kyle being boring. She’s going to have to fake it for at least 20 minutes more segment time. So off they go to the have naughty room.
Joe is trying to get Taylor to plant seeds to bust up Alyssa and Kyle. No seriously… did they hook up and she ghosted him… because he’s soooo one track mind it’s getting weird.
After a couple others join,
The conversation turns to asking why Kyle went SO HARD for HOH. Everyone says Oh yeah… i forgot about that. Why DID Kyle try so hard to win HOH? Taylor still doesn’t want to be the HOH that puts Jasmine on the block (she might vote her out, but doesn’t want to be the one that puts her on the block).
Monte talks about Alyssa and Kyle being apples and oranges while Alyssa and Kyle are making fruit salad in the have not room.

Britt and Michael discuss how on board the women are with getting out Monte. How they are thinking there won’t be another shot. Michael isn’t down to lose a number.
They plan to say that nobody came to him to follow up, they just dropped the hot potato in his lap and ghosted. So he’ll tell them tomorrow he is putting up Daniel like they all wanted Thursday night. He’ll help them get Monte next. (Britt’s fear is that social media will crucify her for not being more I am woman hear me roar with the other women, that’s why she brought it up). Britt hopes the rest of the Leftovers show them the same loyalty and don’t try to take the shot before 7.
They don’t object to the idea of a final 4 with Kyle and Alyssa. They ae more concerned about Jasmine, and what she would do with power. (Britt has been on to Alyssa and Kyle, but has also peeped that Michael is protecting Kyle, and Alyssa was nice to her while she was drunk… so is Britt path of least resistancing? I don’t know. Maybe she hyperhypnotoaded herself into thinking it wasn’t a terrible idea?)


Don’t forget that limited alcohol will rule emotions. It’s such a limited resource that it’s going to get some people upset that they don’t get more, that certain people had more than them, etc. it turns people even more catty than usual.

That’s why Turner had a good approach. He’s like, “if I can’t get black out drunk, I’m not gonna drink.” Abstaining ensures you don’t really care about how little there is available.


So finally all are asleep when it is almost 8 am on the East coast….


Alyssa calls herself a superfan but doesn’t know that there has definitely been 2 women in final two before..smh

un autre nom

The first time it happened she would have been about… 4?
The most recent time it happened she would have been, what, fifteen?


Probably. But don’t tell a lie like that, just makes her look real dumb to the actual superfans smh