“Use the veto tomorrow and put up Daniel”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

2:20 am Chit chat..

2:45 am Joe and Taylor

Joe says in the backyard it was Jasmine, Terrance, Indy, Daniel, Alyssa and him.. “I was in the side laying and Alyssa was going 6 on 6 lets go baby”
Joe – they all gave her a look like shut the f*** up .. then Alyssa kept making comments how she doesn’t trust me. Not that she doesn’t trust me she said ‘I’m watching you I know you are lying keeping a big secretes
Taylor – Alyssa baby
Joe – they were getting really sloppy today. Daniel and Terrance clowning about Old Skool. Making Comments like ‘oh I’m going to jury I need to go to Jury’
Joe – they are getting really cocky.. which is crazy
Joe says Terrance is playing a really good social game. “he’s trying to build a bond with me to kick Monte out. it’s all fake”
Joe – he makes you feel like he’s got your back and it’s absolute crap
Joe – Daniel to me is a bigger threat than Monte. Personally, I click with Monte more it makes no f**ign sense for me to keep a bigger threat.
Joe – Alyssa keeps investigating me and you
Joe – do you think part of her is playing Kyle? Ovibalsy she’s given a lot of information to Kyle but do you think some of this is game to her?
Taylor – this is going to sounds stupid she did say she liked corrupting the nice guys like the innocent guys.. I was like ‘oh no poor Kyle’
joe – please tell Kyle that. I think Alyssa will break his heart. She has somebody out of here
Taylor – does she really?
Joe – YES, that’s why she wouldn’t talk to anyone initially she has like a “situationship”
Taylor – so do you
Joe – yes but mine was less .. her is more intense than my situation. Hers was full-blown they talked about moving in together
Taylor- he really likes her. He’s really as sweet as it seems.
Joe – I’m so worried that like it’ll hurt him.
Taylor – F***, I’ll keep an eye on it
Joe – that can really cause a problem.
Taylor – I don’t want that to get ugly I do like them together.
Joe says Jasmine jumped all over him asking if he wold kiss Taylor
Taylor mentions they came to her and were like ‘you should go for it’
Taylor – Maybe I guess he’s cute.. whatever
Joe – whatever
they laugh
Joe – that releases some pressure on why we hang out together but if it gets any stronger it puts a target on our backs.
Joe – look at Kyle and Alyssa.. that shit is bad for both alliances. That would work to have lie to someone you love in here.

Joe – Alyssa is a deadly player she can blow this all up.
Taylor – Daniel now Alyssa next
Joe – probably yeah
Taylor – which means I can’t win HOH
Joe – Terrance is another good one
Taylor – don’t even get me started on him.
Joe – ohh my god when we was talking to me about Monte it’s like Bro.. he’ll dab you up makes you feel like you’re going to the end
Taylor – yup he said me, Turner, Him, Brittany, and Michael.. he said that could be a final 5 right there.
Taylor – if I win HOH I’ll be sending Terrance home.
Joe – on my HOH
Taylor – Brittany.. no Jasmine. Since day one I confuse the names.

Monte joins them.

2:50 am Brittany puts away the pile of cheese.

3:00 am Showmancing

3:03 am Brittany and Michael
Michael – how do you feel about tomorrow?
Britt – I just have to remember.. do you think people are more or less truthful when they have some drinks in them or not
Michael – yeah ..
Britt – we would be heroes if we went with the house plan
Michael – what did they say
Britt – I think the girls are REALLY onboard with it.
Michael – for what reason
Britt – he’s going to be tough to take out. I know we have plenty of time though
Michael – I’m afraid we lose a number if we keep them.. If Monte is gone who will they put up on this side?
Michael – I think they’ll be thanks that was great what you did when you are one and two in Jury you can be proud you took out Monte
Michael – If they didn’t clearly show they are all working together I would have entertained it very seriously.
Brittany – I don’t trust Daniel and his two-week thing
feeds flip to Taylor and Joe in the Hammock after a few minutes it flips back to Britt and Mike.
Michael – use the veto tomorrow and put up Daniel
Britt – yes at least we know and then do damage control as much as we can
Michael – no one came and talked to me. They dropped this on me and then did not follow up. I’ll try to talk to people tomorrow morning quickly before. Let them know I don’t think I can do it. Daniel has given me a reason Monte hasn’t. I would prefer Daniel this week and do whatever I can to help do Monte next week.

They head to the Head Of Household.
Britt asks if Monte knows how much in danger he was this week. “We really need him to know he is…”
Michael – I’m sure Joe told him
Britt – I want him to know he has no one but us so don’t get rid of us
Michael thinks even next week Monte won’t take a shot the numbers still don’t work out.
Britt – If you take a shot at the leftovers before 7 you are drawing a line in the sand..
Michael – I hope they realize next week will still be too early. Hopefully, we’re all still here at final 10
Britt – next week I’m the most worried about. I think If Alyssa won she wouldn’t target us. Jasmine is a question mark.
Michael – who would she put up the guys?
Britt -the girls are really feeling the fact there are only 5 women in here now. I believe Alyssa see Kyle and you.. she was really pushing for a final 4 thing.
Michael – I’ll agree to it..
Britt – She’s lied before I don’t know who to trust.
Michael – maybe we’ll be her backup if numbers start to go the backups look nice
Britt – I feel good about Daniel tomorrow. THe Daniel problem doesn’t go away if we evict Monte that’s the thing. I don’t believe the diplomatic meeting up here.

Michael – I’m thinking along the lines.. This is a really difficult decision but ultimately I want to stand in front of the house and keep my word and there’s only 1 individual that I know that has been throwing my name out there and painting a target on my back and for that reason I’m sorry Daniel and Kyle I have to put you on teh block.
Michael points out it was supposed to be him, her and Taylor out pre-jury. The people that orchistrated were Ameerah, Nicole, and Daniel. “We already got two of them out”

Britt – do you think we could be the duo everyone is rooting for?
Michael – I thought about that, I really did
Britt – we’re the soul of Big Brother
Michael – we’re not here to get on other TV shows or build a fitness empire.
Britt – we’re here to play.. people so counted us out and we’re still here. Think about it we make it to final 2! that’s the dream season of Big Brother That I would always want to watch. WE can literally create our dream season of Big Brother I feel like an author writing a script. I feel like right now we are CREATING the show our Favorite Show we want to watch but we get to be the star (time for new writers)
Michael says he doesn’t care about the wrap party he doesn’t want the game to end.
Michael suspects Monte has thrown competition but Daniel “has proven he can solve a puzzle under pressure and he has grip strength”
Michael – there’s a good chance we can convince Monte and Joe not to win the next HOH. They volunteered to go up this week

4:21 am more showmanceing

4:50 am some Zzzzzz some chit chat

9:30 am Houseguests are waking up

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So we either jammed it up by switching rankings around or the system took a look at the feeds and was like “Oh Hell No!” 🙂


I just wanted to tell you that you do an amazing job with this website. I try watching the feeds but after five minutes they are mind numbing. Much respect that you are able to watch them and post the happenings. That said, do you find this season a little boring? It seems like everyone right now is tiptoeing around, like afraid to do something, afraid to make a move, not really sure how to play the game and overanalyzing everything to death. I haven’t really watched it in a couple of years so maybe I am wrong, but I really do appreciate your efforts in maintaining this website so I can read about what is happening and not have to watch endless footage of the boring in between to find out about it.


Me too!




You are my big brother.. You all make every season awesome!

Just An Observation

Have anyone noticed that both of Daniel’s blow ups have been against and directed towards African Americans (Taylor and Monte)? Is he showing his true colors or am I’m just reaching? Your thoughts

Rachel not Rielly

I kinda think the blow up on thursday night might have been to try to get sympathy from America. I think he realizes he has no shot at winning so he is trying to go for americas favorite player. Will it work? Not even close. He just seems kind of pathetic.
So as much as i dont think thursdays blow up was race driven he has made some racist comments especially directed at Taylor.
I cant wait for him to walk out of that door pre jury.


Last week everyone was saying “Daniel only blows up on women, he would never stand up to someone stronger than him.” That was based on him blowing up on one person (Taylor) and was proven wrong when he blew up at Monte. This feels like you’re reaching since the cast is so diverse, so it is not the same as if he yelled at the only 2 minorities in the house. Finally, his best friends in the house were Nicole, Terrance, Paloma, and Ameerah, so I find it difficult to pass this judgement upon him.


i don’t think it’s race motive either. With that said I don’t think I would call it a blow up he did with Monte. It was a blow up with Taylor who he considered weak. He knew better with Monte. Lol. His tone was much softer and playful yet condescending he was gaslighting him and Micheal. He looked silly! And I don’t call that standing up to a strong man. It was laughable.


But yet his number 1 in the house was black. Why does everything need to be about color???

Just a viewer

Nicole is not black. She clearly stated that week 1 in a conversation with her bully buddies.


Nicole is not black…..she’s spanish

un autre nom

Nic’s not black.. she’s peurto rican / south east asian.


He is


He is just an asshole who wants to be an alpha.. clearly he is not.


I am African American and I truly don’t think that is what it is. I think he is just universally ignorant. He has enough for everyone. To me, I sense a lot of sexual anxiety. I think he hates Taylor because he wants to be like Taylor. I think the hatred that she receives is just based in pure jealousy


Why would he or anyone else want to be like Taylor? I personally like her, but she rubbed them the wrong way at first and they didn’t vibe with her. Shit like that happens. End of story.

Big Brother Fan

Can it for ONCE not be about race?? Like EVER?? Daniel’s no. 1 was a black woman, and she was actually his no. 1, not his “other” like last season. I think if there was an entire cast of black houseguests people will still be throwing out the racism word, the bed was racist, the competition was racist, the food was racist…

Cee Dee

Daniels #1 was a black women? Who was that?

Big Brother Fan

My apologies, I should have said a POC, not black, she is Filipino.

I Spy

Nicole is not black. I believe she is Cuban and maybe something else.

Just a viewer



America is SICK of the race baiting. JUST STOP you make us want to puke.


I don’t get a racist vibe from Daniel, I do get a sexist, narcissistic, egotistical, and all around POS vibe from him though. The way he talks about and treats women is vile. He’s called Taylor a b*tch and yelled in her face. When he would vent to Nicole, he would degrade Taylor, and if I’m remembering correctly he talked a bunch of crap about Indy and Brittany too, he talks bad about the looks of the women in the house. He’s just repulsive to me, and I hope he’s out this week. He does not deserve to be on the jury. He has to live with the fact that he’ll go down in BB history for making one of the stupidest moves by using the POV and getting his #1 ally put up just because he was blinded by his misguided hatred for Taylor.


You’re reaching. Not everything is about color!!!

It's me

It’s not about race with Daniel. You are reaching!

Even the Kyle remark a week or two ago, I didn’t think was about race.


He blew up on Alyssa. I think he’s just emotionally immature and deep down insecure. Which makes him mean, unpredictable, and emotional. Who is the clown now Evil Elvis?

Game fan

hate him but not a race thing


Taylor needs to win HoH next based on the statistical probabilities as to who could win HoH next


Except that Taylor won’t put up Jasmine.


bunch of cowards

illegal smile

I think if Michael wants to go further he has to get rid of Daniel now. He’ll definitely taint the jury, it’ll be bad enough with Indys, jas and alyssa hate. It’ll be anyone’s game with the LO. Although since at least the 3 of of the jury don’t like Taylor (which is so petty) she’d be a great option for anyone to take to final 2. Brittany is another the girls probably would be salty so take her. Monte and Joe will be hard to beat in a F2 joe he’s well liked except for maybe dan. Monte is well liked and has that Hoh win and getting out Nicole. If Michael plays his cards like he has, he will make it to a least final 4. Brittany and Taylor definitely should take each other, because that’s their only move. I’m not even looking at the other 3 girls, because unless they win a hoh they are as good as gone. And Turner…what can I say about him. He’s very likeable and that makes him a threat, he should watch his back. For now he’s just hanging back eating muffins. Kyle is a wild card, I wouldn’t put all my eggs in his basket.


Michael shouldn’t even consider putting Monte up. Michael has won now 4 POVs and 1 HoH, he should keep in the house all the big targets like Monte, Joe, Alyssa, Daniel, Taylor.
Imo the smart plan for this week was getting Jasmine out and making a del with Daniel (who would work with Michael).
Then he would have:
– Taylor and Brittany
– Kyle and Alyssa by extension
– Monte and Joe would still be loyal yo him
– Turner would be pleased by getting Jasmine out
– Daniel still is a huge target and Terrance is close to him
The only other target Michael should have is Indy for now (doubt she will win anything)


I know it’s very soon but I would think that this could be the perfect opportunity to take Monte out. Michael has got so many comps under his belt, he’s going to have a huge Target on his back soon enough. He’ll be kicking himself later if he doesn’t take this shot now is my thought


Thank you for posting all the Kyle and Alyssa showmance times!!!

Mad Max