What if Elissa gets Pandora’s Box? Spencer “It doesn’t always mean it’s a power, it could be money.” Andy “Like she needs more money!”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

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12:35pm Ginamarie finds beer in the storage room. There are only 4 beer. Aaryn has one, Judd has one, McCrae and Amanda have one each. Spencer didn’t want any and neither did Andy. They wonder why Big Brother didn’t give them at least one each. They wonder if one of them took some and hid some. Andy and Spencer both say they didn’t hid any. Who would do that?! Aaryn tells them to go ask for more. Spencer says I hate it when you are too drunk to f**k. Andy says that happened to me once it sucks. Aaryn tells Judd how he missed McCrae and Amanda’s wedding where Andy read the most inappropriate passages from the bible. One about the woman serving the man and the other about incest. Andy says we haven’t been stereotypical – Aaryn got out the last minority. Gina says no I did. Andy says well Aaryn got out Helen. Gina says oh because she is Chinese or Korean. Andy says well I guess you and Aaryn tag teamed her out. They talk about how Elissa will get a power this week. Amanda says Elissa is great TV. Andy says the last few weeks Aaryn and I have thought we would get Pandora’s Box. Spencer says it doesn’t always mean it’s a power, it could be money. Andy says yeah like she needs more money.

12:50am – 1:30am Elissa comes out of the diary room and walks over to her dresser drawers.
Spencer asks didn’t you get your HOH room.
Elissa says no, I am not HOH. She says they said Judd gets it because he came back.
Judd says that he can’t wait to see her photos.
Elissa then goes back to the dairy room and comes back out and says “Who wants to see my HOH room?!”
She says I don’t even know what I am going to do when I see photos of my family!
They all pile in and look at her photos.
Aaryn says your son is precious. They all compliment her on how cute her son is. The CD she got was Taylor Swift. Elissa then reads her letter from Rachel Reilly. Elissa reads her letter aloud. They all tell Elissa it was a great letter. Aaryn tells Elissa that her wedding dress looks amazing. Elissa says that wasn’t even my real wedding dress that was just the one I had for one of the receptions in Canada. Spencer comments that her husband looks European. Amanda goes digging in Elissa’s HOH basket. She says its tequila. It’s a Skinny Girl margarita mix drink. McCrae goes downstairs to grab glasses. Elissa keeps says awe, my little angels! Awe I love my mom, she sent me a necklace. I literally talk to my mom every day. Elissa says I want you to all have fun during my HOH and come up here whenever you want. Elissa then pours out the margarita mix. Gina and Spencer have water. Elissa gives a toast. Amanda talks about how surprising it was that Jessie said F**K you Amanda. Elissa starts screaming about being so excited about getting her letter from her sister. Aaryn says congrats Elissa and leaves the HOH room. Elissa says I love the fact that I am here I am obsessed with big brother and so happy I got HOH!

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1:45am Elissa holds the photo of Brendon, Rachel, Her, and her husband and says my brother inlaw Brendon is the hottest big brother player in the history of big brother.


1:53am – 2am Amanda already trying to be besties with Elissa. Elissa talk about her and her husband believe in making their kids work for their money. She says the 15 year old has his own business buying and selling computers and other things online. She talks about her husbands Manufacturing company and how he is a self made man.


2:20am – 2:25am Elissa starts doing yoga moves on her new yoga mat. Then Judd tries it and jokingly says I bet you can’t do this. Elissa says yeah I can’t do that. Ginamarie comments that the mascot that ran around during the competition was hot. They laugh at how he said Spencer invited him. Gina says Candice is a new woman. Andy tells Gina I can’t believe you hugged Candice. Gina says yeah she said sorry and we hugged. We’re good. Gina says Candice wished me a happy birthday. Andy asks if Ginamarie whispered I’m going to kill you in Candice’s ear. Ginamarie says no, if you say sorry, I say sorry. The conversation turns to talking about and telling Judd about the OTEV competition.

2:35am – 2:45am In the rainbow room – Andy tells Judd a lot of people trust me and if you stick with me I can keep the target off of you. Judd says yeah I got your back. Andy says that Elissa wants to break up Ginamarie/Aaryn or Amanda/McCrae. Andy says what we have going for each other is that people like us and trust us. Judd asks do you think Amanda was mad that I said my biggest mistake was saying loyal. Andy says I don’t know. Andy says I made a two week deal with Elissa so as long as she can keep me safe I can try and keep you safe too. Spencer joins them for a minute and leaves. Andy tells Judd that Ginamarie likes you. Judd asks where does Aaryn stand? Andy says she and I are good. Judd asks so are you still with McCrae and Amanda. Andy says yeah but I am getting nervous. Andy says don’t tell them that though. Judd says I won’t I don’t really trust them. Andy then leaves and talks to Elissa in the havenot room. Andy tells her that Judd is good and wants to work with us. Andy confirms with Elissa that he will not go up and not go up as a replacement. Elissa says yeah. They shake hands and leave the havenot room.


2:50am – 3am Up in the HOH room – McCrae compliments Elissa on how she kicked so much a$$. He talks about how she almost fell off and got back up and earned it. McCrae says I don’t know what you are thinking. Elissa says you know what my goal is and as long as that happens I am open to suggestions. McCrae says if you have Aaryn and Ginamarie on the block then mathematically … Elissa says I am going to brush my teeth. Amanda joins them. Amanda jumps in the shower naked and asks Elissa to look at her boob. She says is bruised from the balls. Elissa says I have never seen boobs bigger than my sisters but yours are. Elissa says my boobs are small and perky. Elissa tells McCrae Brendon is hot, my husband is hot in a different kind of way. He has a great personality and I think he is hot. McCrae says I think he is hot, I would try and date him. He is rugged in a rough Canadian way. Meanwhile in the rainbow room – Judd asks Gina for her expertise. He asks her what’s on the sheets? Gina looks and says yeah that’s period blood leakage. It happens. Gina show him what makeup on the sheets looks like. She then starts to show him period blood and he says that’s all right I don’t need to see.

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3am Judd joins Amanda, McCrae and Elissa in the HOH room. McCrae says I think you want her (Aaryn) to go. And if Ginamarie is not on the block then there is a one in six chance that one of them could win the veto and they would be both safe. Elissa says well I want everyone to know that everyone has an equal chance of going up on the block. Amanda says I thought you were going to put up Gina? Elissa says no I am not putting her up I didn’t say that. McCrae says if I would put up Gina and Spencer and back door Aaryn. Amanda says if you put up me or McCrae there would be a lot greater chance that one of us would go home over Aaryn. Elissa says you guys would put me up in a heartbeat, Aaryn told me that you would! Amanda says I never said that I would do that. Amanda asks why do you have to put up McCrae and risk us going home. Elissa says because McCrae is the best competitor and I can’t risk Aaryn not going home. McCrae says so if I win the veto I am not supposed to use the veto? Elissa says no you can use it and I will put up Ginamarie. McCrae says you should put up Aaryn and Gina and if one of them win it I will volunteer as the replacement. Elissa says no, I want her to go home and its better odds this way. I don’t want you guys to be mad at me. McCrae explains that if Gina and Aaryn aren’t up there together then they can save each other and neither of them go. Elissa says I just don’t see how it is any different than you being up there. Elissa asks Judd what he thinks? Judd says I don’t know I am still getting caught up. I know people would probably want me up because I got a second chance. McCrae tells him he has nothing to worry about this week. Amanda joins them again. Amanda and McCrae argue with Elissa about how there is a good chance in one of them going home if we are on the block. Amanda says we need to keep the numbers on our side for next week when you can’t play HOH. Amanda says I know you want Aaryn to go home, first lessen her odds of staying, and have a plan b. Elissa says I don’t think you fight as hard if you aren’t on the block. Elissa says McCrae is the only one I trust will fight to win it. McCrae says you need to know I will fight every time regardless of being on the block. Elissa says you might now get drawn. McCrae says you can trust that both Gina and Aaryn would fight their a$$es off to not go home. Amanda says so why would you risk one of us going home when we have been protecting you? We have been protecting you since week one. Elissa says I don’t even care about that stuff I just want Aaryn to go home. Amanda says you need to work the odds in your favour and not risk the people that have been helping you since the beginning. She just took out your best friend and now its time for you to take out her (Aaryn) or her best friend (Gina). Elissa says my best option is McCrae. Amanda says you don’t know what the veto will be, he fell of second tonight. Elissa says let me just think about it, its 3am, you know you are not my target. Amanda says starts crying and says its heartbreaking that you would put up him (McCrae). Elissa says I am not wasting my HOH and not sending her home. They agree to talk about it tomorrow. Elissa says I have a head ache.


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3:35am – 3:50am In the lounge room – Amanda says this is 100% Helen. She told her to not let me win the game. McCrae says well why would she put me up? Amanda says because she is lying, her second target isn’t Gina its you or me. Amanda says if Aaryn comes off the block then.. McCrae says we are f**ked. Andy says it is like talking to a wall, nothing gets through. You just have to prove her right and win it. McCrae says I don’t get it?! Amanda says she wants Aaryn gone or me or you! Amanda says whatever we can’t argue with her. All this does is make her a hot target for the entire house. She is going against both sides of the house. Amanda tells Judd he is being very quiet. Judd says I’m just in a daze, I’ve had 3 hours sleep and I’m still trying to get caught up. Amanda says Andy you have no counterpart so it makes no sense to not put you up instead of us, that is why she is lying and wants one of us to go home. McCrae says it’s so stupid because next week everyone is just going to cannibalize her. Amanda says Elissa doesn’t even care she just wants one big move and then to get out of here. Amanda explains to Judd why she thought he was MVP. McCrae says you (Amanda) need to be up there and drill it into her until nominations. Amanda says she won’t listen, you know what she is like. Spencer joins them and Judd goes to bed. Spencer says just be thankful that she isn’t putting you up together. McCrae says but I haven’t won anything since week one. Spencer says it doesn’t mean you can’t win something now. Amanda says if I go out because of Elissa, I am going to f**king lose it! McCrae says me too.


4:05am Amanda starts crying in the bathroom. She grabs onto McCrae and hugs him. Amanda asks why am I so hated in here?!! McCrae says I don’t know. Amanda asks why would she put you up, that makes me so mad! Amanda says I hate her. McCrae says I know. McCrae says there is nothing we could do Elissa is a robot that was programmed to catch balls. They head to bed holding hands. They both say I love you.

4am – 4:15am Spencer says you all know if I get picked to play I will bust my butt. McCrae says but Aaryn is the comp master. They talk about the veto competition possibly being the what would you do for the veto comp. Spencer says you would have to shave your head. McCrae says yeah. Amanda says thank god we got Helen out so we can blame everything on her. Spencer is worried about Judd taking his place. Amanda says f**k that! Amanda says I hate that sh*t you get evicted and come back 2 weeks later. They head out and start getting ready for bed. Andy and Spencer head into the lounge to talk. Andy says I want to trust them (Amanda/McCrae) but I feel like if Elissa wanted to put up me they would be like yeah!! Andy and Spencer say they are both good and have each others backs. Spencer says Elissa’s plan is stupid I think she is trying to backdoor Amanda. Andy agrees. Elissa wouldn’t tell you who the second person was? Spencer says it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me. You know she doesn’t like Amanda. If Aaryn wins veto, she comes off and Amanda goes up and goes home. If it makes you feel any better McCrae is getting worried about his game with Amanda he is worried about his perception of being viewed as following Amanda around like a puppy dog. If it came down to it who would you rather keep? McCrae? Andy says yeah. Spencer says he will build trust with Judd. He thinks Judd would put up Amanda if he won HOH. Andy talks about how worried he is about looking at Elissa wrong and she could put him up. Spencer and Andy head to bed.


4:20am All the house guests are now in bed going to sleep..

5:38am Amanda is crying in the nomination chair.. Spencer comes out and talks to her to console her.


9:35am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests..

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EITHER way 3 am will be 2 am AMANDA words not mine lol


I don’t think that is the case… I honestly think that Amanda will be backdoored unless she wins POV

Danity Kane

Stop getting your hopes up!
Production will manipulate until they have their girl Amanda safe.
Don’t expect Amanda to be going anywhere this week.


So do you believe the rumor that it is fixed? In that scenario Elissa is the distraction. Ugh! I hope it isn’t the case!


I think this comment should go down in “Big Brother” history: “This is 100% Helen. She told her to not let me win the game.”

Right. The entire house has been a pack of cards, falling down in front of The Red Queen, only adding to her [undeserved] sense of entitlement. Now The Red Queen is distressed because Production promised her she would win. The nerve of Elissa even considering putting her on the block or backdooring her! And particularly since Elissa is only still in the house due to The Red Queen’s good graces.

These photos posted of The Red Queen getting so chummy with Elissa in the HOH room made me queasy. I know I couldn’t go through with the pretense if I was Elissa, unless Elissa really is clueless and thinks The Red Queen and McCrae really want her in the house. We all want to desperately believe that Elissa is only “pretending” to be friendly with The Red Queen so her being backdoored will come as a complete surprise.

On the subject of Brendon, I totally agree! Brendon is the hottest a/k/a best looking houseguest in “Big Brother” history. I loved the seasons he was on. The problem is he got very little air time because of his “potty” mouth. I had to watch him on BBAD and on the live feeds in order to follow his game play.


FINALLY – Elissa is playing the game! I was starting to think she didn’t have it in her but now I think maybe she was just being smart and laying low until the time is right. I really wanted to like her from day one – she’s a big fan of my college and she seemed like a smarter version of Rachel but I just didn’t think she was playing a good game.

But I really think she’s going to use this HOH to build up allies and she’s going to go after Amanda. I would LOVE to see Elissa, Judd, Aaryn, and Andy work together – it’s what I’ve wanted all game. *fingers crossed that happens*


hopefully it will be amanda going shes the biggest bitch and shes been controling the whole game


Elissa is AWESOME!

I couldn’t care if Aaryn, McCrae, or Amanda goes.

I like to see Andy the rat go in the next 3 weeks.

Amanda and McCrae: What is Elissa thinking? it doesn’t make any sense to put either of us up.

That’s the problem; Elissa IS THINKING! She’s not your puppet!

Unless Judd makes a for-real final 2 with Elissa, his return is a waste.


though i don’t believe elissa is awesome or even close to it i do think it’s about time Mcranda sweat it out for a bit. let’s face it this season has been sadly lacking in the entertainment area and other than andy Mcranda are the only ones have not had to do any real sweating in the game. Glad to see Judd back only because after weighing all the options it seemed to be the only one that would MAYBE cause a bit more of a difference in how the game gets played moving forward but we’ll have to wait and see really.


Elissa is not thinking, she is hyper-focused on Aaryn and can’t see anything but getting the only girl prettier than her out.
Her inability to listen to Andy or Amanda who know how to think ahead in the game will be her undoing.

Elissa will be on the block next week and – hopefully – evicted!


Elissa will be on the block either way, and she knows that. That’s why she’s going balls to the walls and just doesn’t give a crap!



She is putting up a front

Elissa isn’t focused on Aaryn, she wants everyone to believe that she is trying to get Aaryn out because they hate each other but she is actually working with Aaryn and GM to get out Amanda. She is planning to back door Amanada which is why she is putting up Aaryn and McCrae because she know they are the two physically strong competitors and one of them will win Veto so she can backdoor Amanda. Elissa is a lot smarter than people are giving her credit for.


I so hope your right. this has been a season where there has been no clear side to the house.most times it is one side virses the other., you like one side , and not the other. this year you don`t like any of them. so you kind of root for the ones that sucks the least. and that cleary would not be amanda, she sucks all the time. i did not like aaryn at first with all the crap she was saying. but lately she was the only one doing anything. so i kind af been for her . elissa is by far a better person, but she has always seemed a little dingy, and sucked at everything. comp wise. we can hope she realy has woke up and maybe we can have some nice to like this season. maybe. we need SOMEONE.


No matter who goes home, I love that it’s finally an unpredictable week… Who will Elissa nominate? Who is her true target? Who will win Veto? Will they save a nominee? Who would be the replacement? Who will they vote out?! It’s about time that the “house” plan is not set in stone – Can’t wait for all the drama to go down!


I think this idea of Elissa’s is perfect. Amanda sucks at comps so the best bet is to put up McCrae with Aayrn (she wants everyone to think she is targeting her)…..Very similar to Kaitlin/Jeremy but the difference is if McCrae wins Veto and doesn’t use it, he will have the votes to stay and Aaryn will go. (Amanda, Andy, Spencer vs GM and Judd). McCrae will take himself off though. Then Amanda will go up. Same thing if Aaryn wins. If Elissa wins, she can save Aaryn (eventhough she hates her, but wants Amanda out so bad), or she can save McCrae and will be happy if either Aaryn or Amanda goes (but if Aaryn goes, GM, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer will go after her)….

Smart move…..That or McCrae/Amanda up with Aaryn as replacement. But she is using Aaryn’s name and lying she is her target. They are already on to her that if Aaryn really was her target, she would put up Gm/Aaryn…….Love it!! Finally Amanda is not getting her way and she can’t bully someone into doing what she wants!! LOL


If there is a Production god Elissa plan will go as planned and Mc nasty will walk finally.


So Happy that she kicked them out of her HOH room and she said it is 3AM She is tired and have a headache. 3AM ALLIANCE yes get out of Elssa!s HOH room.


Wow. Elissa is already under Amanda’s spell. She was with getting her out for the past few weeks and now Amanda won’t even go on the block. Uuuuggggg!!! So frustrating. Looks like Amanda will stay after all.


True. Although Aaryn is a pro at comps so if she saves herself Amanda would go up. And rumor is that everyone would keep MC over her. I hope they have the balls to do it. Im glad Elissa is not saying much that way they dont have time to brainwash ppl.


I agree i think this is the best move. Aaryn not listening to Elissa and Helen has to come with some consequence just like Helen paid her price for her naivety, not to mention that Aaryn even told Elissa if she(Elissa ) had not won the pov she was going home.

She will have to now run some numbers think about the game as she can now easily see how the numbers can get switched one way or the other. poor thing she is naive she does not even realize how the others are coming up with ideas to make sure she (Aaryn) leaves.

Just cause they let her(Aaryn) in on their alliance and she came up with a name for the group 3am she had to be loyal to the 3am without thinking about an end game. someone tells you, your wins were flukes and you are not their target and you get offended when you are HOH with no chance of competiting in the next HOH, you thank your littles gods for that and go along. instead you see it as a beat down run to Amanda for protection.

Well now face the music, I know Aaryn isnt Elissa’s target, having two people most likely to win the pov up on the block is awesome. That teaches Aaryn a little lesson about thinking about game plays and not personal vendettas. Mcpussy and Amanda are going to come up with every lie under the roof to get votes by asking people to throw the veto or or not use it or to vote Aaryn out. but whatever happens one of Amanda and Mcpussy is leaving drugging Aaryn through the mud and Andy should see for himself is coming to him, and if he gets super corky like he was with Helen he too loses Aaryn and GM and allies

And Elissa doesn’t even have to be her(Aaryn’s)friend but she will have opened her eyes about fake alliances and possibly people who need to go up next week when she wins HOH. I think the safest people in the house now are GM, Judd and Spencer yes floaters are back we need MVP back too. GM i think deserves more credit than we give her and I wont be surprised if she wins. the only down vote so far in the jury is Candice(may be not even) if she makes it to the end with Andy/Spencer/Judd/Amanda/Elissa she gets that money.


I’m not particularly thrilled with Elissa’s choice to put McCrae up against Aaryn because if Aaryn doesn’t win POV, she most certainly will be the one evicted and Elissa will have not only made a wasted move as HOH; but also a powerful enemy in GinaMarie. That move would almost insure Elissa being up for eviction the following week. The Red Queen would seek to “punish” Elissa for even daring to put McCrae on the block “as a pawn”. I tend to think if either McCrae or Aaryn win POV, Elissa would put up Spencer in their place. Yes, I know, to those of us who have been watching this season, we would scratch our heads in bewilderment if she made a move as dumb as that; but, again, I wonder how much of this is Elissa’s strategy and how much she is being TOLD to do by Production. I really want to believe that Elissa has a better game plan than that and that she is scheming further ahead; but I’m not seeing any logic (right now) in her choice. Even if she intends for this to be a backdoor of The Red Queen, she has to be ABSOLUTELY certain that whoever wins the POV (whether it’s Aaryn herself or someone else), that Aaryn comes off of the block in order for her to have The Red Queen on the block opposite McCrae. Otherwise, with a scenario of a backdoored Red Queen sitting next to Aaryn, Aaryn will still be the one evicted. Just not enough votes to save her if up against The Red Queen. If Aaryn gets evicted, this will have been purely a personal, from the gut move on Elissa’s part when she really should have been strategizing and thinking ahead.


If you think about it Amanda is not such a threat anymore, social game can only take you some far(ask Helen), and I think this is as far as it will take anyone. everyone is alert and fake alliance have been exposed it will be hard to sell f2 f3 f4 deals. She needs to start winning games.

Taking Aaryn out might not be such a waste cause she wins games. The more Amanda and Mcpussy fight for the two of them the more it hurts them. HGs will realize the two are solid together unlike Helen or the Moving company who where all naive to think that the two would turn on each other. Which is what Helen was counting on but neither Mcpussy nor Amanda are as smart as they would like to think ,them pretending to go against each might work better for them but fighting for each other only alienates them

In a couple of days they will not have much to pitch to anyone. they are already sweating on what to tell Elissa and Judd(trying to make sure Judd votes Aaryn out), and as they keep coming up with alternative names for replacement they will be making more enemies. Elissa should go to each house guest that they suggest and tell them Amanda said i put you up. Mcpussy said you said this, do you want me to put you up as a replacement or what.

No one trusts Andy not Elissa anyway and soon Aaryn will finally lose it with him when he(Andy) starts to work against her.


I agree with you. Although I want Amanda gone, for Elissa’s game I would much rather see either Aaryn, Andy, or McCrae go this week. I think Aaryn is Elissa’s target but if she’s pulled off the block, I think Elissa will nominate Amanda and let the house decide who they want out. Remember, Elissa said the other day when Aaryn was saying that Amanda made her nominate Helen and Elissa, Elissa said she can’t use that as an excuse; it was her HOH and she can’t escape it by putting the blame solely on Amanda.

I am like a lot of people here: I want Amanda go. But I don’t see her as a threat. Aaryn, however, is a great manipulator and Elissa sees this. Just like Aaryn and Jessie knew they were both using their looks to manipulate Judd; they saw each other as a threat. Elissa has a good insight. One thing about Elissa is that she rubs people the wrong way; she’s not a good commincator and her delivery is off-putting.

It’s such a daunting task: there are so many people to get rid of and I believe Elissa will stick to McCrae and Aaryn as her nom. I see it as a win-win for her. They were all targeting Elissa anyway, and now with this move I truly believe she is able to get a few allies.


She’s backdooring that ho.


I hate this seasons obsession with the back door, wtf is the point of backdooring Amanda? She can’t win anything anyway, just put up her and McCrae, and try to make allies elsewhere, it’s really not that complex.

End BB15 Now

I agree with this backdoor obsession. You backdoor someone because they can win competitions and therefore can take themselves off the block. Amanda can’t win squat, so to backdoor her is stupid. Put her up and make her win. If she wins, I think we get more respect (though that is not saying much) because she stepped up when pressure is on. If she does not win (which is what we expect) then just more of a reason to show she is not a strong player physically and should go home


you, just like the house, underestimate elissa. you don’t think she is backdooring amanda? She already had discussed it with Helen last week anyway, but i totally understand the move. She doesn’t want to put both straight up and risk a problem (although I would do it because its the best way) BUT given how awful amanda is at comps chances are she isn’t going to be able to pull mcrae off and if anyone else wins theyll pull someone off very likely – no one wants mcrae or aaryn gone that badly…so amanda will go up and out…it makes sense


I don’t think so. I really think it’s all a plan to backdoor Amanda. Elissa just doesn’t trust anyone enough to tell them what she’s planning.

helen is clueless

Did i miss some talk or Andy actually NOT report to Mcranda that Elissa might put them both up if someone uses POV?? Maybe he’s hoping Amanda gets evicted but not by him??


Andy actually gave Elissa a little push I thought, saying Helen would approve so I get the feeling he would be fine with Amanda going without getting blood on his hands.


Well I might as well get it started so Name can write his/her typical 200 messages that Aaryan and GM are not racists and teach us all about racism or is it that Name just loves to Race Bait. When they argue about getting out the last minority boy is that ever racist, but Name will write 200 messages has to how this is not racist.

Name Name Name .....

Buffalo Bill you do know that every time you see Name, it’s not the same person right??? Anyone that leaves the name box blank comes out as Name, dumbass.


Anyone who posts here regularly knows “name” is automatic. And the regulars know exactly what “Name” BuffaloBill’s referring to. Chill your ass out


Andy the rat should be the one going up (and home). He’s the one who encouraged Aaryn to put you on the block last week you stoooopid fem bot. Not to mention he was the deciding swing vote in getting your bully buddy out. But he gets a pass anyway? Helen really did a number on you you dumb ass. Her hatred of Amanda got you to put aside your hatred of GM and Aaryn. And it will be your downfall. Because you are going home the following week, you do know that, right? Or did your dictator friend leave that part out of the plan? You are so fake Elissa. And your scheme to back door Amanda will be what hands Aaryn the $500k. Just do what you’ve been threatening to do all week and self-evict, now that you have NO allies in this house. Don’t expect anyone to honor the 2-week deals you are making. Go home to your sugar daddy husband already.


evict aaryn PLEASE! I wanna see GM cry again.

Beg to Differ

Aaryn is not Nick, so there will be no crying by Gina. Wait, I don’t recall Gina mentioning Nick’s name last night. Maybe she is into Spencer now.


On the live show GM was talking about Nicks hat. every show something about nick. i never even liked him when he was on. sooo, sooo sick of hearing about Nick. . and his hat…

She did

GM did .. During her I comprehensible speech to Julie .. She takes every opportunity to keep Nick relevant .. Lol


Elissa make an alliance with Spencer and Judd it’s your only hope next week. Don’t be afraid to backdoor Andy I am pretty sure it won’t be his first time.


“Don’t be afraid to backdoor Andy I am pretty sure it won’t be his first time.” I really shouldn’t have laughed at that as hard as I did


EVERYONE! but GM cheated!! Just watched feedback ELLISS/AMANDA held on the SIGN behind them and the stand! Candice and Helen and JUDD held onto the stand. If it wasn’t for the ball stand AMANDA and ELLISA and HELEN would have fallen off!! and GM would have WON by those two falling off!! GM got screwed on that comp. Too Bad because SHE would have put up AMANDA and KEYCHAIN!


well good thing that ball stand was there…GM winning would’ve been SO BOORING

P.S. i didn’t really like elissa at first but she’s a straight up BEAST….i want her to win now…and take out amanda…(obliviously)


beast? too soon to call elissa a beast at the comps with 3 wins, we’ll see. aaryn has 6 wins so far, including 4 hoh wins – there’s a beast.

Call Me

I love when you talk game NorthAlabama. Give me a call at 1-800-Elissa-Is-A-Beast.


hey, i’m glad elissa is hoh, if only to watch mcmandy scurry around the house for the next week. two comps in a row is a great acheivement for any hg (even andy!), but beast? we’ll see…

i’m still trying to figure out if elissa knows so little about bb she doesn’t realize the best way to get aaryn out is to put her up next to gm, or if she has another master plan in mind – i gave up trying to figure out elissa’s reasoning week 1.

wil from bb14 does the best elissa impression of anyone, hands down:



She going for both Aaryn and Amanda. She don’t care which. And she don’t care about next week. Good job Elissa. They all care about next week and do nothing.


I hope she realizes if she take out aaryn she will sign her own death warrant only because she leaves Amanda mCcrae andy and spencer all together has to take out Amanda for votes not to be one sided the week after


GM asked Production if they could touch/hold on to the ball stand/holder and was told yes. So it was not against the rules. Also, I did not hear Julie say anything about not being able to hold on to anything during the comp. Just wishful thinking on your part I guess.


The only person that cheated here was production. You can see someone’s hand push Helen’s feet off her platform: http://i.imgur.com/nLddgbF.gif
Now, that is just beyond pathetic!


That’s really shitty. Even though I wasn’t a Helen fan that is total crap. Means they thought Judd was better for ratings and probably was evicted in haste against their plan and they didn’t have time to stop it. I wonder if Amanda was the “golden child” predesignated to win but since she’s gotten so much crap they’ve changed their minds. They will keep her a little longer though I bet because you have to have an antagonist otherwise it becomes boring like the brigade.


That is preety bad. I was happy to see Helen go but couldn’t they make it less obvious. Although when I was watching it, I thought they were giving Jessie some easy throws. Also they were spraying water at helen’s face and spraying candice under her chest. If you watch for some they weren’t even spraying the water directly at them.

It doesn’t matter to me because Elissa won.


Wow! That is crazy!! How can that be allowed???


So what? GinaWhorina is used to getting screwed and in all 3 ends.


Im just curious. Was on of the actual rules that they could not hold on? Or are we assuming that they were not allowed to hold on?


You were allowed to hold onto the stand – GM even asked. Aaryn said yes you can hold on but if you rip the stand thing off then you lose. But I agree the sign wasn’t fair – especially since the jury didn’t have any signs to hold on to. But if this had been straight up endurance that would have mattered more (and GM still would have won). The fact that it was just as much catching those balls is why it didn’t matter so much to me that people were holding on to things.


Come On Elissa Don’t Let Mccranda Talk You Out Of Nominating Aaryn And McRae.

helen is clueless

Man they’re really pushing. I hope she doesn’t budge. I don’t think she’s buying it. If I was her I would bring Judd, GM and Spencer in HOH and tell them Mcranda is pushing for one of them to be put up, then I would pull everyone in the room and say “I plan on putting up Aaryn definitely and Mcrae probably, does anyone think someone else should go up instead of Mcrae? Tell me now who or just keep it to yourself.” I can’t wait to see Mcrae nominated and see UNcocky Amanda is in her DR sessions this week.


Yes! I was wondering why someone didn’t do that already especially with all this “that’s what the house want” crap. I would call everyone for a meeting and say I’m putting up Aaryn, but I want everyone to tell me who should be the other person now instead of behind their back and whoever gets most vote will be it (then, of course, totally not do it, depending on the person).

I would call them out and say so I see Amanda, McCrae, Andy are pushing for Judd, GM, Spencer, but those three are the only ones I won’t put up.


Elissa was telling everyone in her HOH room how blessed and grateful she is to be there and how she’s a big fan and appreciates the opportunity.

Just last week she made threats she would walk off the show if things didn’t go her way! And last week wasn’t the first time she’s done that!

Elissa is a fair weather houseguest.

When she starts complaining again next week, the others should just wet her lips and stick her to the wall somewhere until they can vote her out.


No, Elissa is emotional and misses her kids. If I were her I would be thinking what is the point if I cannot make it to the end at this point – to go and sit in the jury house for weeks instead of seeing my kids. People quite often say things in the moment that they do not really mean.


No, Elissa thinks she’s important because of Rachel, but she isn’t! Production had to talk her down off the ledge more times than she deserved. She made a commitment to be on the show and sit in jury if needed. If she didn’t want to honor that, she shouldn’t have signed on.

Last week wasn’t the first time she’s done this.

You can try and spin it however you want, but it sounds like bullshit to me!

Brenchel fans can thumb me down all you want, I don’t care! At least I don’t watch the show through rose colored glasses.


If she feels she is important because of Rachel, blame CBS. They are the ones that went after her over and over trying to get her to agree to be on the show.


She is definitely Rachel’s sister. I know some may have forgotten but in both of her seasons Rachel was either crying and boohooing to Brendan or she was strutting around the house. Remember the “floaters get a life jacket” comment. It’s the Reilly version of Big Brother Bipolar.


I was so hoping that Elissa would scream that out tonight after she won HOH, “Floaters grab a lifevest”!!! It is exactly what I was thinking when she won in regards to Amanda and McCrae.


All the lies told in the house and you choose to believe Elissa. Walking off the show if she go to Jury.
What ever.

Andy is a rat

Yay Elissa, you go girl……she now has all the disgusting vile racist pigs groveling at her feet. I love how Aaryn the racest biotch after just calling Elissa a c*** is now kissing up to Elissa, I hope her or Amanda go packing…….I want to see the Rat Andy who also called Elissa a c*** sent packing. I can’t stand that backstabbing rat weasel.


i hope its amanda that goes shes controled the house long enough


So glad Elissa won HOH! I hope she gets a Pandora’s box and get safety for the next 2 weeks.

I so want Elissa to win!

This Season Blows

This just says it all about Brenchel fans. Strategy, gameplay, and the integrity of the show mean nothing to you, you just want production to rig the game for your favorite houseguest. Not hard to see why Big Brother is declining in quality by the year if this is the type of fan Grodner is catering to.

Go Elissa

I do Not think that Elissa is as dumb as Amanada and McCrae were hoping !!! They are Very Scared -so nice to see

helen is clueless

Listening to them talk about how stupid it is to put them up is HILARIOUS. “It doesn’t make sense, why would anyone target us????” Really guys? “She just wants to make a big move”. And that’s a bad thing because it involves one of you on the bad end? Great stuff seeing them scrambling and losing they’re mud.


if elissa doesn’t put up Amanda and mccrae she will be out next week


Anyone at least half awake in this game would be able to tell just who is in an alliance with who judging by the “suggestions” being given as to who to nominate for eviction. The fact that McCrae, The Red Queen, Stoolie the Toad (and eventually Judd and Spencer) will suggest to Elissa that she put Aaryn and GinaMarie up together should be blazingly clear that the two lowest on the totem pole in The Red Queen’s household of allies a/k/a servants are Aaryn and GinaMarie.

I have a feeling if Elissa’s true target is Aaryn this week, she is well aware of the fact that her time in the house will basically be over because she doesn’t have one true ally. Perhaps she really doesn’t care to stay with them any longer. Who can blame her? At least she’ll have Helen and Candice in the jury house. While breaking up The Red Queen and McCrae would definitely be considered a MAJOR power move on her part (worthy enough of getting her the People’s Choice award of $25,000), I don’t think that’s Elissa’s main concern. Elissa just wants the satisfaction of knowing that Aaryn the racist will NOT get the $500,000 award. I think that’s more her goal than breaking up The Red Queen and McCrae. We’ll have to see how things turn out and who wins POV to see how the plan works out. Many of us still believe the fix is in concerning The Red Queen. If she happens to win the POV this week and takes McCrae off the block, we’ll know for certain.

Remember, to the viewer who is not reading the spoiler blogs and only watching the television show, The Red Queen may be appearing to them as a very crafty player and worthy of their admiration. Anyone who watches the live feeds and/or reads the spoiler blogs knows the truth.


I hope BB wakes them up to music this morning. The song of choice. LET’S GET IT STARTED …….LET’S GET IT STARTED IN HERE!!!! This is what we have been waiting for. A change in the balance of power!!!! Thank goodness!!!!


She never said she would leave the house, she said she didn’t know how she would be able to stay in the jury house as she missed her family enough in the bb house, and thought it would be unbearable to be away and not even playing the game any more. Helen twisted it to make herself less of a target, without the houseguests catching on to what she was actually doing. There is no way she is putting up GM this week either, have a feeling she is just telling people what they want to hear until she figures out what she wants to do. Either a Blackfoot or a straight macranda on the block.


Elissa said “I’m not going to jury house”…period. Then Helen started to cry and put the guilt trip on her, watch the playback. I had high hopes once Elissa won, but should’ve known her absolute obsession with Aaryn would get the better of her. McManda had already been talking about knocking Aaryn out, so Elissa will essentially just be doing their dirty work with her HOH….. same thing she bitched at Aaryn for. McManda will continue to run the show as the puppets take each other out, and Elissa will be on deck to get the boot next week.


I like Elissa and want her to win BB, but c’mon, Elissa has said that many times. You don’t have to make it sound like she’s perfect and can do no wrong because, of course, she does. She has said this many times in front of every single houseguest.

It also would’ve been a slap in the face for all the people that voted for her and are rooting for her. No one likes a quitter.

I’m happy Elissa won HOH and is putting up McCrae and Aaryn.

Elissa for the win!

This Season Blows

Finally, an Elissa fan who isn’t viewing the show through rose-colored glasses! The rest of her fanbase should take note.


Black foot is back door lol damn spellcheck


Elissa please tell me you’re not stupid enough to make deals with the McNasties.

Girl, Interrupted

I don’t think she is. Elissa will be thinking for herself – she may want Aaryn gone but she’ll be happy with whoever gets shown the door. Elissa is on to the rat and clearly sees Amanda’s mind control technique – so we’ll have an entertaining week – and we all deserve one!


Amanda is a witch. She is nice when she needs to be and a bitch every other second. Amanda is a great player for never winning anything and keeps McCrae in her web because she knows he can win comps when he wants to. Put up Amanda and Aaryn. Let the best player win. if McCrae wins veto and pulls off Amanda fine then Aaryn goes home. If GM or Aaryn wins veto and pulls Aaryn off then put up Andy or McCrae up and one of those 3 goes home. Spencer, Judd and GM are 100% safe the week. Plus Helen and Amanda in the Jury House in 2 weeks could be awesome!!!


If Alissa nominates Amanda and Aaryn & then Mccrae wins veto, would he use it to take Amanda off the block and risk being her replacement??? hmmm… If Mccrae won veto & didn’t save Amanda & Aaryn got voted off, then it might divide both Mccrae/Amanda & Aaryn/GM.


thats not how it works – veto winners are safe from nomination as well


The person that wins veto is safe too, as long as they aren’t on the block too. So Amand, if she could ever win, could take McCrea off the block and also be safe. Elissa is smart because McCrea and Aaryn have the best chance at winning veto. One wins and Amand goes up. However, Amanda and MCrea going up would be ok. McCrea wins veto and maybe Andy goes up. A win/win all the way around.


Help lol I’m confused. I thought the Veto keeps the person who has it safe. If they use it on someone else. They no longer have it so they expose themselves o be put up. I thought that’s why they would want to keep it unless they were hHOH and use it.

If not the case, boy have I been wrong a long time. Lol

Yeah right...

In your first scenario, if Amanda and Aaryn are on the block and McCrae wins veto, he can actually take Amanda off and he’ll still be safe (protected by POV) so he couldn’t be the replacement nom. If he was on the block with Amanda to start with and then won veto, he could still use it to save her but in that scenario, he would remain on the block and in danger still (highly unlikely though, he should use it to save himself). So basically, if Elissa puts up Aaryn and McCrae like she’s claiming she will, the only way both Amanda and McCrae would stay safe is if Amanda wins the POV (removes McCrae and has her own safety with POV). But based on her lack of comp wins, I think Elissa is banking on that not being very likely.

To your point though, I still think this is likely to draw a line in the sand with 3am and very much cause drama between Mc/Am and Aaryn/Andy. What’s going to be interesting is if McCrae does win the veto because Amanda will know she will be the replacement nominee if he uses it, so THAT will truly be the ultimate test of their “love” – I bet she will try to convince him not to use and and say they have the votes to get our Aaryn, when in fact, McCrae could very well end up going home (and I think he’ll realize that and take himself off the block, thus sacrificing his onion-cooch wife to the wolves).

*wags tail in excitement* Oh BOY. :)


She’s an elitist , because she like’s a clean house, or because she doesn’t speak like a slut all the time, or is it because she is happily married and keeping her family out of the picture, remember everyone jumped on her for being relate to Rachael the beast, Is she an elitist because her husband is successful, or because she wants her kids to earn their own money, so tell me why,,, you must be an Odummy-bot…


That reply was for Aunt Nobody


I think both are them are her targets, she is fine with either one of them leaving, with helen not in elissa’s ear, she’s a very strategic player, remember she called a lot of things out, helen was the one that was brainwash


I wouldn’t share the bed any of them either, Amanda “cream cheese tw*t”. GM Squat spot from tw*t, Mc, hasn’t seen soap since Christ was a kid, Andy AssButter, dripping away,I could go on and on, outside of Amanda, it would be like living in a pig trough.

aunty nobody

How will she tolerate those horrible horrible people in her room & in her bed “whenever you want” all week…
Elyssa can blow sunshine as good as anyone there.
Too bad she’s a narcissistic elitist.
That in & of its self is reason enouch for her to be viewed with contempt


If the rest of them weren’t soooo vile, I would agree with you 100%.


Elissa may be a narcissistic elitist but I greatly prefer her over Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Spencer and Andy. She’s not my favorite but she is all I have left.


It was nice to hear that GinaMarie and Candice said sorry to each other. GinaMarie might be a piece of work, but I truly believe she means well.


Well, it wasn’t nice about what comes out of the nutjob’s mouth. How gross GM is! Talking to Judd when he inquired about the stains on her bed sheet. What is wrong with her??? She is disgustingly gross. She should be embarrassed to be sleeping in that bed after she bloodied them up. She most likely smells worst that a can of wipe sardines since she doesn’t shower regularly.


I agree with what you said

Aaryn is racist to the bones, you can hear it when she talks and see it in her eyes and I am sure she has NO MINORITY in her close friends,
but I think that GM and Amanda have A LOT of prejudices but (imo) could hang with minorities on a daily basis (at work, school etc…)

Amanda has a jerk gene going on, so she can say very disgusting and hurtful things about anyone when they cross her the wrong way.

GM reminds me of these peoples who are all talk, no actions and can be “buy” with a smile. She is aggressive when she talks but I feel like she can’t really do anything.

Andy was eager to fuel (as usual) some GM racist reactions when he was talking to GM about her hug with Candice but he got none.


And did you see how Andy kept trying to upset GM and say more negative comments about Candice? GM didnt fall for it this time.


I Knooow i noticed Andy egging Gm to speak badly about Candice too!!!He’s honestly disgusting to me

Idiot Elissa

Wow… the level of stupidity in Amanda’s house is mind boggling. McPussy just talked Elissa into nominating Aaryn and GM. Just hand the half mil over to Amanda now, burn down that house and roast all those mindless sheep in it.


don’t know why people say hand the 500k to Amanda common sense tells you she has no chance even if in final 2 Jessie Candice Helen gm and elissa for sure wont vote for her that’s 5 it is impossible for her to win just like I said about dan last year he got 1 vote from jury

Elissa is nobody's Sheep

McCrae did NOT talk Elissa into anything.
McPussy and Aaryn will go up with Amanda as
the replacement. She won’t be manipulated and
is the only houseguest that made her own nominations
the whole summer.


Elyssa is even dumber then I already think she is if she does not break up Amanda and McCrae


Elissa tells GM that Aaryn is the pawn and if the others vote her out then GM knows that it was Demanda and McMinute who lied about their alliance with Aaryn and GM and the others went along with it. So if Aaryn goes GM can go after McManda. If they thought Demanda was scary try living with full blow psycho GM gunning for everyone who voted out Aaryn.


Where was a rule where u couldn’t hold on to anything!! Seriously stop saying GM got cheated commen sense she should of hold on!! Geezz I’m pretty sure I watch the same show an Julie never said you couldn’t hold on to anything!!!


I saw a screencap of GM holding on too.


They were told they could hang on to the ball holder. There’s no argument there, but when you’re swinging from it with no feet touching anything…

… you fell off you stand!




Rules were nothing can touch the ground. I.E. a foot touch down


Elissa this is the golden opportunity to get Mcmanda out!


Hold your ground Elissa!!!!! Every HOH Amanda has threatened that they better do what she wants or they will be the target the following week….& they end up being the target anyway.


We already know that when it comes to nominating someone, Elissa is her own woman. Remember when Amanda was pushing and bullying Elissa into nominating HOward with the MVP? Elissa would not budge and nominated Spencer. I think that Helen and Elissa talked before Helen left and I do not think that Aaryn is really her target. Going at Aaryn directly is dangerous since she is a beast at comps. You would want to backdoor her. I think that this might just be a ploy and the Mcranda is the target.


Exactly! And it’s exactly what I would do.

Elissa is nobody's Sheep

While I agree Elissa will make her own decisions
regarding her nominations. She never wasted her MVP
on nominating Spencer.


Amanda, are you trying fool Elissa? Because it ain’t working, your going up anyway.


Ellisa may be smarter than a lot of people are giving her credit for. If she puts up McCrae and Aaryn. She is putting up 2 of her biggest competition threats. Ellisa is doing great in competitions and if she gets rid of her biggests threats she could possibly win her way to the finals. I believe this is her strategy as she does notlike or trust aanyone in the house. Have to give her some credit. When she really needs the win. She plays her but off for it.


How dumb is Elissa? She’s going to pi$$ off two couples so that no matter who goes home, she automatically has three people gunning for her in a week that she can’t win HOH. Idiot move!


@ Dcoop!!: did you start following BB today!!??


everybody is already going after her. She is a competition threat, Aaryn already hates her, Amanda & McCrae cant be trusted, and she might be able to get GM and Andy working with her if she can Aaryn out. Not sure who Judd will go with right now.


Wow idk Elissa can stand to be stuck in a house with such fake people!!! It would truly make me sick, I can’t stand all the ass kissing. If I was Elissa I would tell Amanda to put her plastic titties away and to stay the hell out of my HOH bed!!! Ugh disgusting people!!!

A Man...Duh

It brings me so much pleasure to watch Amanduh try and tell Elissa what to do and Elissa shutting her down lol. Then Amanduh is crying to Mcpussy wondering why everybody hates her? Seriously lol she is soooo self entitled and delusional. You know JUDD really wants her out, in the jury house he called her Satan lol.


You Amanda, Elissa lost her best friend and now to see how it feels like of losing her best friend.


In my fantasy version of Elissa’s HOH week, she spends the first few hours making sure that Amanda , in particular, is so uncertain about her status that she dare not go rummaging in the goody basket. In fact, when she starts her usual takeover tactics, Elissa, ever so politely, says something along the lines of, “Oh, Amanda, if you don’t mind, I haven’t yet had a chance to see what they got me and I would like to experience it for myself, first. No offense, really,but I have never had the HOH experience and I want to take it all in.” (I know, I know the ship already sailed on this part of my dream.)

Instead of reading her letter aloud, she informs the group that she appreciates their interest, but being in the house has made her more fully appreciate the sacred nature of her familial relationships. As such she would like to enjoy the luxury of a little privacy. “I’m feeling very emotional right now, and i’ll be happy to talk to everyone tomorrow, but just for tonight please understand. I hope no one is offended.” (Hey, this is just a fantasy.)

She spends the rest of the week telling everyone what they want to hear and then nominates McCranda!!!


While I truly wish Elissa could afford to throw everyone off his/her game, it is not a practical strategy. No one in the house cares about Elissa, so she needs to acquire backers. Thus, Andy, Amanda, and McCrae are out of the question and need to be disbanded as an alliance. I wish she had the kind of personality that would allow her to rally the remaining troops and remind them why they wanted to be on the show. There is no such thing as “what the house wants.” The house is inanimate. It is the people who have to think for themselves and stop ushering the same two people to the front of the line, ahead of themselves and their own best interests.


Elissa is smart, she will put up Aaryn and McCrea, GM or Aaryn wins POV, backdoor Amanda…… perfect! Elissa is playing a great game, she waited
Long enough for her to start playing her game. I think Rachel helped her how to play BB, made sure to play different then how Rachel played her game!


You took the words out of my mouth Sly!!


Amanduh could have easily won the competition….all she had to do was use her mouth instead of her hands to catch the balls!


It becomes more apparent every week that production is in charge of every result games and all, not the houseguests. Judd coming back and Elissa winning HOH, come on.


I think Elissa and Helen already made plans on who is going up in the event that Elissa won HOH. McCrae and Aaryn will go on the block but Amanda is the real target. If by some lucky chance Amanda wins the POV and saves McCrae, then Andy will go up as the replacement. Aaryn, Elissa, and Gina Marie must win the POV to get the perfect matchup on the block (Amanda and McCrae)

High and Mighty fembot Elissa

Elissa is such a stoooopid impressionable phony. Now she is playing dictator Hell en’s game instead of her own. It’s obvious that Amanda is going to get backdoored. That’s her real target, not Aaryn. That’s why she won’t put Amanda up at first. Because of the chance of her winning veto or someone taking her off. Whether Elissa knows that she will be evicted in two weeks doesn’t matter to her. It’s like talking to a wall. And her saying her husband is hot but not in a physically attractive way means that he’s rich and she is a gold digging skank. The phony Botoxed bitch has no conscience and certainly no brains if she doesn’t put GM and Aaryn up together. Those two will otherwise stay and Elissa will go out at their hands. Maybe she is fine with that but it will be brainwasher Helen who will be responsible for ending the Botox duck lips’ game. I can’t stand that stuck-up fake.

So tired of uppity Elissa already

At least Helen is gone. But I agree it looks like all of Helen’s non-stop pathetic manipulating at least took hold on the shallow Botox queen. Everything about her is fake (eye lashes, boobs, hair extensions, Botox lips, etc). Make your big move you big fake because it will be your last. Nobody is going to honor their promise to keep you safe next week you dumb ass. And your making 2-week deals with Spencer, Andy and Judd and NOT Amanda confirms that she is your real target. Bravo. The two blonde racists you have been non-stop bitching about all season will stay, and that’s who will be responsible for your ouster in 2 weeks. Congrats on handing Aaryn $500k you stupid stuck-up brainwashed phony.


While I would be happy to see Amanda gone, anyone saying Aaryn is not a threat to Elissa is not watching the same show I am. Elissa would be gone if she didn’t win veto. She was always Aaryn’s target and it was the second time Aaryn put Elissa up. Not to mention Aaryn can win comps so it’s not a bad move for Elissa but I wish she could make a deal with GM, Aaryn and Judd and take the others out. Here’s hoping Aaryn tells Judd he got kicked out of the alliance and she took his place. She has a lot of information to blow up a lot of people’s games. Too bad she has proven herself to be a liar.

Go Elissa!

Talk about Elissa all you want, but she is firm in her decision and getting Aaryn out is a POWER MOVE. I personally would prefer Amanda, but either one would constitute a good move. I love that Elissa is standing her ground. She may not be the most charismatic conversationalist, but she is letting them know she means business.


I think Elissa should just go ahead and have a huge monster fight with Amanda already and get it over with. Everyone is so freakin’ scared of Amanda and for what? What is she going to do? Yell? Bully? Make fun of your looks, intelligence or background? So what? Everyone has been scared to nominate her because they’re intimidated by her supposed wrath. Someone should just have a throw down blow out with Amanda and get all the yelling, screaming and name calling out of her system so that all of the house guests can see that in the end, Amanda can do nothing to do them! There’s nothing to be afraid of! Maybe then they’ll stop being a bunch of chickens and finally just nominate her. With her comp skills, it’s not like she’s going to win the POV lol. All the more reason to nominate her!

In terms of Elissa’s game, both Amanda and Aaryn need to go. Elissa is in a precarious position because even though she has won every comp that she absolutely needed to win, her social game is officially crap. If she gets Amanda out, it gives McCrae an easy excuse to nominate her in retaliation when he wins HOH… and she and Aaryn will still be go-to targets for each other. If she gets Aaryn out, the same will happen the other way around. Gina Marie will have an easy excuse to nominate her and she’ll still be a disposable target to McCranda.

If Elissa forms an alliance Amanda and company, it’ll be a fake alliance because no one can trust Amanda as far as they can throw her. She’ll use you and throw you away like a dirty tissue. If Elissa forms an alliance with Aaryn and Gina, there’s still the risk of it being fake because they hate each other but maybe they’ll follow through out of necessity because they need to get out Amanda. Who knows… Aaryn has followed through before. Amanda has her hands up McCrae and Andy’s butts. If any of those two ever win HOH again, it’ll be like Amanda’s HOH and not theirs. The problem is, I don’t think that Aaryn and Gina Marie are smart enough to realize that.

Elissa has learned nothing from watching her sister. She has gotten herself into a Rachel Reilly position. The only shot she has of staying in the game is to win win win every HOH or POV because she is alone in the game.


Hahahahaha I just hope that Aaryn spills some secrets to Elissa sometime soon. She needs to tell Elissa that everyone would have voted her out if Helen had won the veto, but I feel like she might already know. As long as one of that 3AM alliance goes home this week, I’ll be happy but my preference as to who to go home is Amanda, McCrae and Andy in that order. Here’s to this week not being a snoozefest!


If Elissa nominates Amanda and Aaryn & then Mccrae wins veto ~~ would he use it to take Amanda off the block and risk being her replacement??? hmmm… If Mccrae won veto & didn’t save Amanda & the house voted Aaryn off, then it might divide both Mccrae/Amanda & Aaryn/GM. That would shift the power in the house!


If I am not mistaken, if a hg uses a veto to take someone off the block, then the veto winner can not be put up for eviction. So both the veto winner and the person saved are safe. I may be wrong about this, but I think that’s the way it is.


you are right.. Aaryn fans want GM to win the veto, Amanda/McCrae fans wants Amanda to win.


i just gagged a little to the thought of demanda/mcpussy even having fans


Elissa can only put up 2 people. She has no allies in the house, she needs to make deals and hope they stick to them. Her biggest threats are Amanda, McCray, and Aaryn, she needs to get rid of one of them. She does not trust Andy. She basically told him so. IMO Judd knows more then he is letting on, I am hoping they he will join forces with Elissa, he realizes she did not want him gone.
I find it amusing that Jessie’s parting remarks really got to Amanda. Judd,” I thought she was mad at Elissa and Helen” . Does anyone really believe that the 3 of them didn’t compare notes. LOL


Loved watching Mccrae and Amanda sweat it out tonight worrying about going up on the block. Like who would dare put them up. For the first time in a long time Mccrae was actually animated in his discussions instead of just sitting there passively being a lap dog.I really hope that Elissa sticks to her plan and nominates Mccrae and Aaryn and then backdoors Amanda. Would love to see Amanda walking out the door next Thursday. it appears the rest of the house might actually vote her out. I’m eternally hopeful although with this group you never can tell. Still enjoying watching the Australian version of BB. Totally different type of game.


Amanda hasn’t cried for weeks because nothing has happened to her or her precious McCrae. She has called the shots – now turn on the waterworks bitch it’s the only time you can cry – when it’s for yourself!


I would love Elissa to put up Amanda and Mccrae together and watch them freak out and then let Aaryn be nervous for days that she is the replacement. There are a few good options for her….this could be a great week. I do believe that Elissa will hold her ground!! Yeah!!!


Here’s what’s going to happen. Aaryn goes home this week then every one besides Amanda and mccrae the following weeks. Then amanda convinces mccrae he’s too much of a threat and he sends himself home and Amanda wins.

Gator girl

Amanda and McNasty are filthy pigs. Watch after dark and look around the bed and on the nightstand! Messy, wish I could go clean it, driving me crazy!
How can you live like that?


As vile as Gina is, sometimes she shocks me. At rare moments she seems to have a heart. Other times you wanna ring her neck use a bar of soap to clean her pie hole(s).
She as well of others learn these behaviors within their childhood.
I know. I was one of the viles.

VA Vet

This could go either way. Elissa may be playing coy and planning on splitting up MCAnda or Elissa may be letting her personal feelings toward Aaryn dictate her nominations. Whatever, it appears that she has her own plan and will see it through—-a welcome change from Mcanda running every HOH.

Just one more example that Elissa is in fact very different from the rest of the other house guests.


Amanda told Elissa after the veto that if Helen had won it Elissa would have gone home.

&& yet Amanda is surprised this is happening.
Surprisingly I want Aaryn to win the veto just so Amanda’s butt goes up!!


Finally the show is getting interesting. GO Elissa, stick to your plan and back door Mcranda… Time for them to go so we can see the other houseguest game play and not just theirs. Send the Mcnasties packing!!!


I love how Ellissa makes a point to say she doesn’t care about that ‘stuff’ when McCranda keep bringing up how they have been protecting her and that the house will be against her after this week!! She is not going to allow them to bully her :)

my opinion

Wow, after threatening Andy that if he votes out Helen, she will be gunning for him and now she has made a 2 week agreement with him…How disappointing. Getting him out will definately hurt MCanda’s game as they will no longer have a rat in the house feeding them all the information and they will then have to start playing the game.


I agree. I would love to see Andy go. He is fake as hell. Great on last night’s show though when he was getting mad because Elissa and Helen were calling him out in the HoH bathroom. You could see the anger in his eyes. In the unlikely event that Amanda wins veto and pulls down McCrae and they are both safe – perhaps Andy will be the replacement nominee.


Elissa is smart w/o Helen. She knows what she’s doing and has finally learned not to share her actual plan with anyone