“We’re f****d if any of us go up.. the house will turn on us.. F*****g nightmare” -McCrae

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


9:43pm Spencer and McCrae

MC is worried JUDD is going to get between him and Spencer. Spencer tells him not to worry he’s going to be nice to JUDD but JUDD is going to be on the outside

MC says he feels that him and Amanda are targets. They both have no idea what Elissa is going to do. THey agree that JUDD being back in the game doesn’t change their Andy/Spencer/McCrae pact.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


9:45pm Elissa and Amanda

Elissa says she wants to get Aaryn out it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone so whoever she puts up as a pawn doesn’t matter. Amanda is telling her to put up GM and Aaryn. Elissa doesn’t want to because she feels that GM will do what she says.

Amanda warns her if she doesn’t put up GM and GM wins veto she will use it to save Aaryn.
Elissa:” I’ll tell her to throw veto”
(hard to hear this conversation because of the blow dryer adn the feeds cutting in and out. . )
Elissa tells her she won’t put up JUDD she thinks if she puts up McCrae he’ll win the veto. She thinks McCrae will guarantees Aaryn goes home.

Amanda fighting to Get GM put up. Amanda explains if the only person that will use the veto to save Aaryn is on the block they will use the veto to save themselves and Elissa can put up whoever she wants. They can all vote out Aaryn. Amanda reminds Elissa that they are in an alliance together. She points out that the house wants to split her and McCrae up so if she puts them up they will go home.

(Elissa doesn’t want to put up JUDD, GM or Spencer she’s wanting McCrae and Aaryn up with Aaryn being the target. )


9:56pm Cockpit Amanda and McCrae
Amanda tells MC about her conversation She’s not sure what Elissa will do.
McCrae: “you have to be on top of her”
Amanda agrees says she doesn’t want to push her too much right now. Reminds MC that him and Andy need to work Elissa hard as well.
They agree to keep pushing to JUDD that getting him out was all Helen’s idea.
Andy joins them.. Amanda relays the conversation she had with Elissa.

Andy: ‘I wish we can get Elissa to put JUDD up”
Amanda: “She’ll never do that”
MC: ”She knows we’ll get rid of JUDD”

They agree Elissa winning HOH and JUDD coming back throws a big wrench into their game.
MC: “We’re f** if any of us go up.. the house will turn on us”
MC says it doesn’t make sense the house go after her if she takes one of them out.

MC says they can count on Spencer’s vote so even if one of them go up they should still be good. Amanda points out if GM saves Aaryn then two of them could go up.

Andy:’ Oh my god.. it’s going to be so hard to get JUDD out”
MC:” The best thing is to wait for a double eviction.. Spencer doesn’t want to keep him.. what does poopy say”

They are worried that Poopy and JUDD will compare notes and find out that Amanda,

Amanda: “He’s been trying to get me out of the house for weeks.. he’s going to get ELissa to get me out.. this is the worst case scenario.. “

Andy: ‘I know.. Why don’t we tell JUDD everything about Aaryn”

They agree poopy will tell everything if she thinks she’s going home..
Amanda:” We have to make sure she pouts up GM”
Andy: “This is the worst”
Andy leaves
Amanda starts to whimper says if she goes to Jury it’s going to be a nightmare because the girls in there are so nasty.
MC: “Don’t worry”
Amanda: ‘She’s not thinking straight” (Elissa)

MC says Elissa was cheating for the first bit.. adds that so was Amanda. He thinks it would have been better if they both had been disqualified then GM would have won.


10:27pm MC and Amanda

Amanda cannot understand why Elissa isn’t putting up Spencer or GM.
MC:’She was lying to us”
Amanda:” I was like her best friends”
MC: “Everyone is going to be up her a$$”
Amanda: “I was up her a$$ this entire game”
Amanda:” She doesn’t want to put up GM, Spencer of JUDD.. that leave just us and Andy”
MC:” That doesn’t make sense”

A: “JUDD will never trust us again after voting him out”
MC: “He says he’s coming in with a clean slate.. I don’t know if that scares me or if it’s good”

A:’ We just have to make sure.. we don’t end up on the block together”
Amanda keeps repeating the same thing.. GM can’t go up they cannot go up together..
MC seems very worried that Aaryn will spill the beans about their alliances. Amanda says they will just call Aaryn a liar.

JUDD comes in.. “What’s wrong Amanda”
A:” My f**** T!tT hurts.. i’m just worried.. not about you “
Andy joins them.
They tell JUDD they are glad he came back they didn’t want Helen or Jessie.

JUDD leaves and Spencer rolls in. He tells them he heard her say she wanted Aaryn gone.

Amanda says if she put them up against Aaryn she would feel fine if nominations stay the same but she doesn’t think they would.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


11:00pm Kitchen Elissa, GM and Aaryn They are talking about Pandora’s box. they think Elissa will get it and it will involve Rachel. Elissa says her HOH letter will be from Rachel.

JUDD joins them. THey keep asking him about the jury house. JUDD says they really couldn’t talk game with each other and if they got caught they were threatened with being sent to a hotel.

11:04pm Shower JUDD and Andy
JUDD: “Jessie’s been pissed.. I doubt she’ll make it the whole way”
JUDD: “I swear to god on my life I was never MVP.. unless I blacked out.. “
Andy:’ I believe you.. I honestly think America was”
Andy says GM told him that JUDD was telling her to put him up as a replacement nominee a couple weeks ago. JUDD says he never said that.

11:06pm BAck to the kitchen
They are talking about Elissa getting in trouble for holding something in the competition. Andy:” Keith Yelled at you” (Keith is the person who runs the competition tells them when they are breaking the rules etc etc)


11:17pm Cockpit Andy and Elissa
Elissa says her target is Aaryn but she’s thinking about putting up McCrae. Andy asks her what would she do if GM won the veto and took down Aaryn. Elissa doesn’t know says she wants Amanda and McCrae to fight for the veto as hard as they can and if can’t then threaten the person that has the veto to not save Aaryn.

Andy: “I support you in whatever you want to do but it scares me if GM wins veto and takes her off”
Elissa says she wants them to fight for the veto tells him he wouldn’t go up.
Andy: “I’ll fight for it 100%.. i’ll fight my a$$ off”
Elissa: ”If I see someone not fight for it I’m putting them up.. and If McCrae doesn’t i’m putting Amanda up with him”
Andy: “Thats a f**** big move… if thats what you want to do… and I think that’s something that Helen would respect.”
Elissa: “Keep that between me and you”
Andy says he wouldn’t tell anybody.
Elissa: ”you tell Amanda and McCrae everything”
Andy: ”I won’t tell them anything.. Believe me I’m not a idiot I know . .I trust them but I know I am expendable..like you know.. my lips are sealed”
Elissa:” Can we make a two week deal”
Andy: ‘Done”


11:19pm Elissa and McCrae Cockpit

Elissa tells him he is going to go up against Aaryn she wants him to win the veto. She wants the entire house to fight for the veto so Aaryn doesn’t win it.
MC says it doesn’t make sense if he doesn’t win the veto he’s going home the house will vote him out over Aaryn. McCrae points out that GM will use the veto to save Aaryn. There’s a good chance she’ll play.
Elissa: “You are the only one I trust will win the veto”
MC:” I will put all my cigarettes and my life.. if you leave us three votes I guarantee she’s going home” MC pleads for her not to put him up swears he’ll fight for the veto as hard as he can.
MC: “I want to get Aaryn out.. she’s is such a good competitor“
Elissa:” You don’t understand how determine I am to get her out.. I don’t care who I piss off”
MC:’ You’ll shoot yourself in the foot”
Elissa: “I don’t care I want her out”
MC:” The only way to ensure she goes is to put her up against GM”
MC reminds her they are all working together and Aaryn is the biggest threat to them. He’s fired up to win the veto.
Elissa: “I will shave my head to win the veto.. I want her gone bad”
MC: “I’ll shave me head.. She will win this game if she doesn’t go home this week. .. “
Elissa: “I feel that you have enough drive to win the veto if you are on the block”
11:34pm Amanda joins them. They explain to Elissa that GM going up is the best play to get Aaryn out.
Elissa wants to make sure Aayrn goes home and wants a guarantee from them that they will fight for the veto and vote out Aayrn. MC reminds her that she has 3 votes locked, Andy, Amanda, McCrae that’s enough to vote our Aaryn if they stay off the block.
Amanda: ‘We all will fight.. I swear on my life.. “
MC:’ We want to work with you not against you.. if you put them up together we’ll get her out”
AManda: “We have to keep our numbers for next week”
Elissa is worried that they won’t do whatever it takes to win the veto if one of them is not on the block.
Elissa:” You have to fight to the death.. Amanda”
Amanda:’ I plan to”
Elissa: “ What if she wins veto and comes after me”
MC:’ We’re protecting you.. we can keep this three strong” McCrae says if the can get Andy and that would make four going into next week. Elissa replies that she’s not interested in next week. (Basically she knows it’s BS) Amanda suggest that JUDD goes up
Elissa:” I’m not putting JUDD up no way.. “
Elissa:’ I just want her gone”
Amanda: ”I know the only way to get her out guaranteed if to put her up Against GM”
Elissa: “She’s so confident she’s working with you”
MC: “What did Andy day.. same thing”
Elissa: ‘Ya”
They leave
Amanda:” I will not use the veto if she is on the block.. I swear to god I swear on my life”
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:28pm Bedroom Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda says that Elissa wants Aaryn to be evicted and they are trying to talk her into putting GM up. Amanda says Elissa does not want to put up Spencer. Aaryn thinks if GM comes down Elissa will put up Andy/McCrae or Amanda. Amdan doesn’t think so. Amanda is going to try and talk to elissa and tell her Andy/McCrae and her they will vote Aaryn out if they stay off the block. Elissa cannot trust Spencers vote and she knows GM would never vote out Aaryn.

Amanda tells her they are not going to vote Aaryn out.

11:49 Cockpit Andy and Aaryn

Andy: ‘I’m working on it.. I don’t want you or GM to go.. “
Aaryn: “What she say”
Andy: “It’s hard to get through to her”
Aaryn: “She wants me to go home this week”
Andy: ”Ya.. but you have allies in this house she doesn’t know about”
He tells her she’s his top priority he doesn’t want her leaving. “Trust me”


12:06am Storage room Spencer and McCrae
Spencer goes over his conversation with Elissa. She told him if he didn’t fight hard for Veto he’s going up as a replacement nomination.
McCrae: “So what she is doing is going around threatening everyone”
Spencer brings up how he asked Elissa what she would do If GM wins the POV and takes Aaryn off, ‘She said I’m going to threaten her everyone will be after her if she uses it”
S: “I think she’s going to say you are the target so GM feel safe”
S: “Dude i’m telling you if I win the veto and you are up there anyone that goes up against you is an ally I don’t think I’ll use it” (Spencer made a deal with Elissa )
MC: “I don’t expect you to use it. “
Spencer: “What would happen if she puts up Amanda”
Spencer says mentions how Elissa is going to tell the entire house if they get houseguest choice to not pick Spencer and if they do they’re a target. Spencer adds that she thinks besides Amanda anyone can beat me in a competition.
S: “She wants Aaryn out”
Spencer is worried that McCrae and JUDD are going to form an alliance because they were tight.
MC says he’s loyal to Spencer.
Andy joins them. Spencer gives him a run down of his conversation with Elissa.
Andy:” THere’s no way GM will not use it”
Spencer explains that Elissa is putting one from each of the couples up and is going to let the house pick.
McCrae leaves
Spencer: “Between you and me.. I think she’s very interested in back dooring Amanda did you get that feeling”
Andy: “YA”..
Spencer:’ She said I was a waste of a HOH”
Andy: “Because you are such trash”
Andy: “If Amanda goes we still have McCrae and we still have his trust”
Spencer:” I’m more loyal to you than Amanda.. us three.. is what I’m loyal to”
Spencer is worried that JUDD will come between them. Andy reassure him JUDD won’t. Andy recommends he goes talk to JUDD.
Andy: He’s dangerous.. super dangerous”

Spencer brings up Helen talking to JUDD on the wall saying that GM was trying to save her this morning. Andy was with GM when it happened it wasn’t going anywhere. Spencer: ‘I thought I could have some trust in GM .. but I can’t.. she’s more dangerous to me that Aaryn”
Andy says Elissa is a robot programmed to stick to her guns this week


12:20AM COckpit Amand and McCrae

Amanda: “If it was me and you I would go home.. She is so f*** stupid”
McCrae suggests that maybe he should tell Elissa if she puts him up he’s coming after her.
McCrae: “If one of us win the Veto you are going up”
A:” Did she say that”
MC:” No that is what she is going to do.. there’s no logic.. her logic is I’ll play hard for the veto if I go up“
MC: ”I’m going to play hard in the veto no matter what she just told me I was going be a nomination or a replacement nominee”
MC:” Somehow Aaryn will win veto and we are f**”
Amanda:” you actually think she will put up Me instead of Spencer”
MC: ”YA”
Andy rolls in “She told me no way in hell she would put up Spencer”
Andy: “she feels like i’m close to you guys so she wasn’t telling me very much information. she told me it’s not me and didn’t give me any names.. “
Andy adds that Elissa told him she isn’t putting up him, JUDD, Spencer or GM.
Amanda:” If Gm or Aaryn win Veto I’m going up and i’m going home”
Andy: I’m going to kill her”
MC:” why doesn’t she think we wouldn’t go guns blazing after her.. she has a chance not to piss every single person in the house. ”
Amanda:’ We protected her”
Andy:’ She told me let the best competitor win”
MC says that Elissa pretty much said if she wins the veto she will take down Aaryn and put up Amanda.
MC:” Prety much”
Andy:’ She wants Aaryn to go home”
Amanda: “I’m going to be her best friend this week to make sure I’m not the replacement nominee”
Amanda:” Elissa wants me or you gone this week”
MC:’ Pretty much.. oh my god please give me the Pandora’s box”
Andy: “Oh my god how did this happen.. I think Helen got into her head.. Helen told me she didn’t want Amanda to win the game”
McCrae leaves.


1:10AM Elissa gets her HOH room

CBS Interactive Inc.

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My Humble Opinion...

I am getting so tired of hearing everyone say, “this game is rigged for Amanda!” or “this game is rigged for Elissa!”. Listen up people, how was this game rigged in Elissa’s favor? She almost fell off in tonight’s competition! Did CBS send their invisible fariy in to catch Elissa and place her back up? These competitions aren’t rigged for people to win, that’s impossible to do (I’m going to come back to this statement in a second). Another example is the Otev competition, that many were exclaiming was rigged in favor of Elissa. Did CBS get Helen in on their rigging act and have her run slowly up the ramp so Elissa could catch up, run past her and stay in the competition? Just think about it, if Helen would’ve pulled herself up the rope a little quicker, tonight would’ve been a completly different story. The point is CBS can’t control who wins, simply because they can’t control who makes mistakes and when they make them, nor can they control those who aren’t favored from having a surge of momentum or getting lucky as we saw in the roulette game to miraculously win a competition. So to close this point CBS knows that they can’t control who will emerge in first place in a competition, nor would they be dumb enough to gamble their ratings on the idea that they could.
OK, next thought, half the people here say this executive producer “AG” is in it for Amanda, and the other half say she is in it for Elissa. I’m going to let you in on a secret (I know this for a fact, i have proof I can offer you all, and would bet every last dollar I own on this secret) the executive producer favors only one person and it is George Washington. Any television show’s goal is to make money, it is an endavour taken on soley for profit. I don’t care if this AG lady is butt buddies with Amanda or Elissa, I promise you she is in love with her job and making a good income even more, and she most certainly would not risk it in order to let one of her little buddies win this show, in effect risking the show’s crediibility and annual spot in the line up (guys, this isn’t high school where one girl is throwing a “solid” to her BFF). AG, in fact, may be friends with one of them, but once on the show that friend is at the whim of the game like everyone else.
Now here is the point I am ultimately trying to make, THIS GAME IS RIGGED! Like I said earlier, this show is produced ONLY to make a profit and remain viable for years to come. Do you think that any smart person involved with this show would leave it’s success to chance?!?!? I know I wouldn’t! So, what do they do? Well, my guess is that they try to keep people emotionally involved so that they keep coming back each week religiously. Companies who buy ads love viewership and will pay dearly for ad space based on a garunteed weekly demographic they know they can reach, creating a nice profit for producers and CBS. Normally a show’s producers would have to run focus groups to understand what the viewer is thinking and wants in order to keep them coming back week in and week out, but brilliantly, Big Brother doesn’t need to do this as they have passionate fans who set up live feed blogs where people can vote on who they would like to see come back into the house, or maybe get on to a comment board so they can rant and rave about what they think, how they feel and who they feel it about. All this information is gold to the showrunners who in turn use the info, molding the show into an entity that keeps people glued to their sets. Now, the most successful forms of TV or radio personalities are the ones that half of the people love and half of the people hate. Passion is an investment, these people feel attached personally to that personality and need to see them succeed or fail and, most importantly, want to be there when it happens. So, those saying “well, CBS sees that a lot of people hate “so and so”, why don’t they get them out?”, now you know it’s because your hate for them in CBS’ eyes is just as valuable as someone’s love for that same person.
CBS and the producers have a direct line into the thoughts of America through sites such as this one (I have to think that they have people monitoring these sites every minute of the day) and can mold the show the way we want to see it, whether we knew we wanted it to look that way or not. For example, I hate Amanda, I think she is deplorable, crass, racist, hateful, and vulgar. I want more than anything to see her gone. I’ve even said to friends I won’t watch BB15 because of her, yet each week I come back on the off chance I can see her “fall” publicly (I loved that they showed her face tonight when they dropped the twist on them, and let me tell you, it was not by chance they picked her face to show). They knew that people had been waiting for that pay off moment, and delivered! The producers have an interest in keeping her in the game as long as they can, not for her fans, but for her haters. The same goes for Elissa’s haters, we say we want them gone, but we are the reason the producers still want them here.
Now, back to my earlier comment that CBS can’t control who wins. They can’t, and don’t try to, but they can control who loses. The producers don’t want people winning who have personalities that bore the viewership or incite them “mildly”, that is the biggest knife in this show. I don’t know how they would do it, but I certainly know that if they were to rig something it’s much easier to rig it to force a loser. Case in point, ANY BETTING SCANDAL IN SPORTS EVER! No memeber of a team ever bet money on his team to win, too many uncontrolled variables, they always bet on their team to lose, having a hand in throwing the game. Same goes for this show. The producer AG probably is friends with Amanda and knew what a polarizing person she was and thought she would be perfect for the show. The producers probably love the discussions and arguments that the game is rigged for Amanda, IT KEEPS US WATCHING to find ways that they are rigging it in her favor, when, the only thing that they are doing, is making sure that the HG’s that are the least polarizing go home and don’t come back. The producers want Amanda in the game just as much as they want Elissa in the game. They both create the most conversation so they are both equally as valuable and the show gets edited accordingly. So both camps can be happy that, in a way, they are both right.
A few final points. The producers don’t need to start nudging the game until the cast thins out and viewers have tied themselves in emotionally to certain players. Also, I KNOW THAT EVERY PLAYER IS POLARIZING, they all have their fans and haters. It’s all relative though, some have more fans and haters than others, and the goal is to keep the most polarizing people in. Also, they can’t control each and every last player in the game, so even the producers need their “pawn” players in the production just like the better players in the game need their pawn allies, players that are expendible for when a situation arrives. Finally, the producers aren’t as involved as people think. In my own opinion, they simply “nudge” the game in a direction that ensures ratings stay up. They certainly aren’t “pulling the strings” every competition, every second of the day.
The point is that this game is designed to get people on sites like this, invested in these characters. THAT”S WHAT MAKES THE SHOW GREAT! I love that we come here and argue and feel emotions over this game. What a great escape from our own daily lives, and I for one, need that escape every once in a while! For that, I am thankful, this show is doing its job, and doing it well! Anyways, this is all my speculation and opinion, so take it as such. This certainly isn’t a post meant to piss people off, argue, or lecture, merely my attempt at guessing what production truly is “up to”. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts, comments, guesses and opinions. So here’s my last suggestion, from now on, when or if you feel the need to type on this comment board that this game is rigged, make sure you point out correctly who it’s rigged in favor of…THE VIEWER!


I can’t read all that, sorry. But if the long and short of it is the game isn’t rigged..good luck selling that ice to the Eskimos..oops I meant Inuits.


aint nobody got time to read that shit


Your grammar leads me to believe you couldn’t read all of it even if you did have the time…


Your comment leads me to believe that you are uptight and old. Because “ain’t nobody got time for that” is a pop culture saying and it’s pretty hilarious considering the ridiculously long comment that ain’t nobody got time to read.


So, basically, being young gives you the green light to throw grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation aside? Good luck with that in life.


True Dat..


Elissa’s feet were off her platform, she should have been out. Are you blind? Get a grip!


They are eliminated when the foot completely touched the ground….haha keep finding reasons to hate her….Amanda’s mom…..its okay I know its you!!!!


It’s awesome to see Andy, McCrae and Amanda scramble and try to control Elissa but no matter how much they try to throw out GM, Judd and Spencer’s names she’s not budging and I LOVE IT!!! Finally A & M don’t have any control over nothing and THEY CAN’T SLEEP IN THE HOH.


Cool, she can stay with the peasants. I still think Elissa should tell Arryn that the 3 am are throwing her to the wolves and make a deal with her. Put up Amanda & McRae and put up Andy if one of them gets off. Tell everyone Amanda is the target (she can’t win shi-) Send that bitc- to the jury or McRae. Don’t do Amanda’s dirty work

Still not a big move ...

I get that she wants Aaryn want badly, but unfortunately this is not the big move we were hoping for, I have a feeling that neither Mcminute nor Amsnda are leaving this week….it still is pretty cool to see them struggle to ” get on top of her” though….


Yeah threaten her Mcrae, that will work. He is so dumb, you put her up last week and lied to Helen, like she didn’t talk to Helen to know you screwed her, yes your a real trustworthy person. like she didn’t know she was going home if she didn’t win HOH. You did a good move by hooking up with Amanda, because you are so dumb and lazy,you would not have made it to jury. They probably would have voted you out so they wouldn’t have to smell you anymore


DUDE y’all!!!! Nominating Aaryn and MCrae is smart if non stays the same….MCrae or Aaryn can leave (both probe for Eel’s game) I doubt Aaryn will team with Elissa…Also both are strong competitors….if one wins veto……nominate Amanda……problem solved…..cut the head of the snake!!!

the last word

SHUT UP !!!! Dude, Elissa is the last hope to save this miserable season… this girl is ready to flip the house, w/o her it would would be the same ol’ boring lame predictable nominations (anybody but McCranduh). Why are you complaining????


I think if she takes out Arryn she changes nothing. The 3 am is ready to cut her anyway. She’ll just be replaced by Judd or Spencer. (If you make a stupid move and do Amanda’s dirty work) I hope you go home next week stupid. You have a chance to make a big move and your going to take out a private rather than a general. You are going to let your personal feelings get in the way of your game play.I bet her husband is going crazy watching her waste her power.


But sometimes personal is game play! Aaryn is gunning after Elissa. But so is Amanda. However, Aaryn has also won HOH three times (undoubtedly to the use of Ritalin, Xanax, or whatever she uses) so Elissa has to watch out for next week. It’s like, which one is the bigger evil? I really want Amanda to go this week though, more so than Aaryn. Next week’s HOH is going to totally suck.


Ur an idiot. If she didnt take her medicine she would be at a huge disadvantage. U need to do research on add/adhd and see that people need that to act normal like people who dont have it.
It doesnt magically make u faster stronger and smarter you moron.


Actually it might be smart to take out Aaryn since she’s been winning a lot of HOH’s. Aaryn winning is basically like Mcranda winning, Aaryn is scared of Amanda and will listen to whatever she tells her to do. With Aaryn gone Elissa can potentially have a better chance at saving herself by winning vetos and HOH’s. The 3 am ‘Beast’ will no longer be there to win for Mcranda since they sucks at comps.


Too long, didn’t read.


Wow! Relax and get a cup of coffee. I stopped reading after the first paragraph!

Scumbag Steve

For the love of God….SHUT UP!


Holy crap wall of text.



Scumbag Steve

Did anybody else notice that the hose was barely even hitting Amanda?

A Man...Duh

That’s because she’s 6’3 and really a man…a man…duh lol

Your comment wayyy too long

Ughh thanks for the book

Scumbag Steve

I tried reading this 3 times, but because of the inconsiderate nature of this massive wall of text, I found myself rereading the same sentences so I decided to give up.


Some people on this site will find ANY reason to complain. I happen to appreciate your humble opinion. Thought it was insightful and well said, so thank you for sharing (again this is what feed sights are about). However, a great deal of you would rather post 1-10 short comments (complaints) on every damn posting about a commentator’s grammar, length of post, of course rigging, racism…etc.

Again, thanks for your opinion. Some of us do frequent the site for intellectual game talk!


We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if production would just leave the game alone. Ever since they started giving away powers willy nilly, cancelling evictions, bringing coaches in three weeks through the game, having America vote on anything of significance, handing out Golden Keys (which mathematically gauranteed 4 vets to be in jury minimum – enough to win)… the list and the twists goes on and on and on. And that’s only the last 2 seasons!!!

I don’t care if people are arguing and bickering back and forth about Amanda or Elissa. All I want is a fair game without any interference whatsoever from producers, network, or viewer votes. Just lock these HGs in the House and let them run wild and play the game. It’s worked before and it can work again. Even with Grodner as a producer.


My Humble Opinion AKA Amanda’s Mom don’t worry about Amanda she isn’t going anywhere the game is going exactly the way production wants. Make peoplze think it isn’t fixrd, we all know it is.


Too long, read it, doesn’t make sense.


your comment is as long as one of helen’s speeches…lol…..

EMMET TILL couisin from Mississippi

AMANDA will win because if you google AMADA Z REALATOR twitter or Amanda Zuckerman Realtor twitter it has her picture and that she is a LOS ANGELES AND HOLLYWOOD real estate agent ? Its a old twitter account she OR CBS forgot to take down ? Amanda also has a boyfriend she tweets to she tells him don’t forget your girlfriend ? He is a huge hollywood reality TV producer ?

me said

This has already been posted about 10 times. We know…!!!!!

EMMET TILL couisin from Mississippi

Helen is the time right yet to Vote Amanda out ?

It's Me

That’s the most interesting comment I’ve ever read on here. Not too long at all. I totally agree….


Not only is your post too long, you wrote stuff that made no sense. You keep going in circles. You are basically saying that the game is not rigged in favor of Amanda or Aaryn but then you are also saying that production tries to keep the people that bring drama to the show around… that equals rigged my friend. You are either stupid or naive lol. I don’t think that it is necessary for production to mess with the integrity of the game, because when you put people in that type of environment and tell them that the last person standing gets half a million dollars drama will automatically ensue lol. People will fight, manipulate, scheme, lie, cheat, steal, rub their ass on another’s hat (Jeremy lol), etc…. The fact is the game is rigged. Your comment about how they can’t choose who wins competitions is true, BUT they know each house guests strengths and weaknesses and can create competitions based on that. There are numerous conspiracy theories that the game is rigged in favor of Amanda because it is very highly likely… For example, Amanda made racist comments too along with GM and Aaryn yet she was edited to look like she was trying to tell Aaryn to be mindful. Get the hell out of here production! Do you not know we watch live feeds? Lol they didn’t show all of the vile things that Amanda said on the episodes. CBS probably feels stupid.

the last word

HOLY HELL !! You wrote a freaken essay (lol) I read the first sentence and just gave up…. As In the eloquent words of Sweet Brown “aint nobody got time for that !!”

the last word

In the eloquent words of Sweet Brown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cT_Ulmcrys


Nobody here has read that much in years. That should be obvious by some of the comments. By far the best BB website though.


That long ass opinion is far from humble. Short and concise please.


You lost me at “I’m getting” :(


Are you serious… Take that shit down!

George Washington

I took the time to read. I think you are dead on. Well said.


Thank you, that is the best explanation of this that I have seen. But unfortunately no one here or any where else will accept this. As they have such hatred for Amanda that they will cling to anything negative that pops up around the internet as if it is the gospel.

No, I am not related to Amanda in any way like what gets thrown around here a lot, but I chose to like Amanda and McCrae on my own accord. As you said we all have people we connect with in this show. Year in and year out we all find people to like and hate on this show and others like it. I decided to choose Amanda and one I can relate too in McCrae, just like last year I found myself rooting for Ian, As I think they are playing a very good game. Do I like the racial things that has been said in this season? Absolutely not! However I’m not going to let it dictate who I root for in this game like so many seem to do. Am I offended by them? No. Why you might ask?

It’s very simple. I do not get offended. I have so many better things that I can do with my time than worry about what someone else thinks, says or does in the heat of a moment. That is one aspect of this game that you never get to sense just by watching the live feeds, feed sites like this, BBAD and the three weekly episodes, and never will unless you are in the game too. The heat of the moment is always when something like this is said. Look at all of the examples from this season, it’s all because of heated arguments that caused these things to happen. In a situation like that, the most God adoring person can say or do the most unthinkable of things, but that one thing should NOT dictate who that person is in the game.

One thing I don’t understand is why people are bitching so much about McManda’s “alone time” yet no one said anything about Brenchel. Why is it okay for Brenchel to have “alone time” but not McManda? Why was it okay that Dr. Will played like he did but when Amanda does the same thing it is wrong? And yet these same people want to continue to kiss the Reilly sisters asses as well as Je/Jo. These people could commit murder and these brain dead followers in the Brenchel Army would still continue to follow them same thing with Je/Jo. For example, in season 13 when Shelly voted Jeff out and the die hard Je/Jo fans started clamoring for her to be fired from her job and threatening her and her family? WHAT THE FUCK? How can these people sleep at night? Some people take this shit way too far.

Elissa for the Win

Nice try, AG. In the words of your BFF, “Ain’t gonna happen!”


Your comment is as long as Helen’s speech was!




Wow, that is long, I couldn’t get past the first sentence! lol


Thanks for writing that lovely novel, My Humble Opinion or aka Allison Grodner!!!

John Durham

How come when someone on here says that they are fans of someone says that they like a certain person on the show, like Amanda, people immediately claim that they are either in the Big Brother payroll or relatives of the person in question? Could it be possible that someone is genuinely is fan of the person or people in question? I ask because I am the BBfan85 and have practically preached that I am a fan of both McCrae and Amanda and I’m neither of the constant put downs going around here. Just because I don’t “fall in line” into the Brendon and Rachel army doesn’t mean I am any less of a fan of the show and certainly doesn’t mean that I agree with what they are saying, however I do think for myself and came to the conclusion of liking McManda on my own, Even if I didn’t, I don’t have to resort to name calling like so many have on here and on Facebook. I’m above that. Want proof that I’m not a relative or on the BB/CBS payroll? Feel free to Facebook my name. You will see me in front of a fence that is in front of the Farmers Insurance zeppelin that came here to Indy in August 2011.

I was genuinely excited to find this site last year during Big Brother 14 and was very excited to come back to it this year for the full season. But now with how I’m seeing people treated on here for simply expressing the likeness of one or more of the house guests in question, I’m not so sure anymore.


dont fall for demanda’s bs elissa plz.


dont fall for rat bastard andy’s bullshit either. remember how you caught him lying and it cost you your best friend in the house.


dont fall for mcpussy’s bullshit either.

remember how they treated you this last week. remember how he and demanda made aaryn do whatever, leading to helen being gone.

if i’m elissa, this is what i do:
– let all of them come to you about what you think they should do
– tell gm, judd, and aaryn all that is told to you
– make a deal with aaryn and gm for safety
– align with judd
– put up demanda and mcpussy, with rat bastard andy the replacement nominee if needed


Great plan .My god, someone with a brain. I’m sorry but,there are some dumb people blogging here. (DUH How are you going to stay safe without this plan) great thinking

Amandas roastbeast curtain

Well said. Exactly what I would do.


Who the f**k are you talking to?


If Amanda doesn’t leave this week I’m going to be really disappointed.


I can’t believe Elissa wouldn’t put up Amanda and McRae. That’s the only way one of them will go home unless she teams up with Judd,GM, Ana Arryn. She puts up McRae and Arryn and Arryn goes home. She does Amanda’s dirty work for her. I’m hoping she’s just making Amanda feel comfortable for a little while until she stabs her in the back like she has been doing to everyone. I hope she remembers How she wanted to save Jessie but couldn’t and Jessie wanted Amanda out.


Well I’m fine with ANY of the 3 am going! They are ALL gonna put up Elissa next week anyways…..and Amanda….saying you were best friends with Elissa????? So are you saying best friends talk smack behind their backs and stab their backs…..yah. I wouldn’t want Amanda as my friend…….you hear that AG???!


You need to watch Enemy At the Gates (wwII Stalingrad) Russian sniper just took out officers and demoralized the Germans..No one to lead dummy, with Arryn gone Elissa will be gone to jury next week. That’s why I wanted Candace, Jessie or Helen to win HOH because they know what needs to be done. I liked you Elissa but if you waste this opportunity to change the game I hope you go home rather than jury because this will show how stupid you really are


I was like her best friend(quote from Amanda) but when she wanted Jessie & Candace where was her best friend then. When Helen was being voted out and they needed 1? More vote wher was her best friend then. Elissa don’t take this game personal and do what Helen and Jessie both wanted to do, put up Amanda & McRae if one of them get off,put up Andy.Those a$$holes have hardly won a thing between all three.Send McRae to jury and watch Amanda have a meltdown ( her man in the jury house with Jessie& Candace) She will want to go next week but keep her she can’t win shi-.Send The rat next week and she might just self evict.


Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Elissa wants Aaryn out and for good reason. Elissa put Helen up and got her evicted. But that is not the most important reason to get rid of Aaryn THIS week. Aaryn is probably Elissa’s ONLY real competition in the challenges. The odds are in Elissa’s favor with all other competitors, all except Aaryn. She’ll be working the probabilties. Meanwhile, this will give her a chance to make deals. (IMHO).


Well 1984 she gets Arryn out, she loses GM, She can’t play in next weeks HOH competition. How is she suppose to stay off the block next week dumbo. Why take out a private when you can take out a general. She needs to tell Arryn Amanda’s throwing her under the bus. Get her into an alliance with you and you will have 2 of the best competitors trying to keep you off the block. DUH. If not who will try to keep you safe?


Make a deal with who? The same people Helen had a deal with Amanda, McRae, and Andy. Did you not just see what happened to Helen’s ass. Spencer went on the block rather than vote Amanda out. If she gets Arryn sent home this week Elissa will go home next week. Lurker007 you seem to be one of the few people who has a clue to what is going to happen if Arryn goes home.Elissa will be playing into the 3am hands. They could not have wished for anything better. Go ahead BB write out the check to Amanda & McRae.


THE best move elissa could have made i agree with it nominating AARYN , ,,, MACREA ….. IF aaryn wins veto put AMANDA up ,, IF amanda wins VETO and saves macrea even though that is not going to happen because AMNDA CANT win shit nominate the SNITCH ANDY …… IF elissa nominates aaryn and amanda macrea will go balls out and get veto to save amanda we cant have that … I love this move hellen taught her well befor she left ….. THE best move elissa could have made i agree with it nominating AARYN , ,,, MACREA .


You’re probably right that it’s her best move, however, I don’t think she is thinking that strategically. She really just wants Aaryn out and she isn’t putting up anyone she thinks would go home against her (Judd, Spencer, GM).



hellen already told elissa she has to break up that small group put aaryn against amanda or macrea the only way … let the house decide hope elissa wins VETO again … if she gets all the power then she will nominate amanda …. most people thinking its a personal move but its her best move she has to tell amnda aaryn is the target because elissa will be in beast mode again trying to get the VETO … THEN and only then aaryn will humble and maybe work with elissa …… the script already been written ….. when aaryn knows she is the target against amanda , macrea she has to work with elissa … hellen knew what she was telling elissa to do if nominations stay the same drama elissa will save aaryn with macrea , or amnda going to jury


Well if Helen said that was the best two to nominate then it must be true seeing as Helen made all those great moves that kept her in the game. Oh wait…
I don’t get how people are trying to spin this. Aaryn is going home, how is that the best move??

Elissa for the Win

It’ll take out a strong comps player and get rid of the racist. I so want to see Julie’s interview once she is evicted!


I’m not arguing that it’s the best move. I think it would be a good move for Elissa to put up Aaryn and Amanda. Even though Helen told Elissa this strategic logic, I still don’t think Elissa would make this move for purely strategic reasons. Elissa doesn’t seem to be that attuned to social dynamics (most of the houseguests won’t/aren’t, which is why Amanda has been able to manipulate them so easily). I would’t be surprised if Elissa somehow fumbles this week and we see someone leave who shouldn’t, but I may be underestimating her.




Truth is Elissa doesn’t have that many moves. None of the remaining houseguest want to play ball with her anyway and was planning to send her home next week regardless. Getting Aaryn out comp wise is probably a good move. If Aaryn stays then Amanda can go up. Whomever stays is going to be gunning for Elissa regardless. Amanda says what she is doing doesn’t make sense, but that’s only if you’re playing Amanda’s game. Whether Elissa gets sent packing or not next week, this game needed to be changed. Amanda is just mad because Elissa is the only one left in the house that won’t buy her BS.


The best thing that can happen is McCrae or Amanda get the boot and go to Jury. It is imperative that they get split up. It would force everyone to revamp their game and it would completely change the game. Elissa made a very good choice and I believe that she is really gunning for McCranda not Aaryn. Hopefully their reign is finally collapsing.


She needs to make a final 4 with GM,Arryn,and Judd while she has the power and doesn’t put them up. GM will stick to the deal.Once Amanda or McRae is gone, Arryn will stick to the deal and Judd I’m sure will stick to the deal if you tell him you will nit put him up against Amanda.If one of those 2 get off put up Andy.and send Mcranda home. Andy will shi- being on the block.


aaryn could of work with elissa this week but she went to amnda screaming that elissa threatened her … aaryn isnt in power she need to humble to elissa the way elissa and hellen came to her ……

helen is clueless

It’s frustrating that Mcranda probably stays another week but right now Elissa has at least 4 players that are targeting her and she can only get one out. Aaryn is her biggest competition in the comps so maybe getting rid of her will work since Elissa will probably be fighting for her life in comps every week. She’s probably in trouble either way. And i wouldn’t believe Aaryn if she said she would work with Elissa. So while I share the frustration of others who want to see one of the Mcrandas go, MAYBE this will work out for her.


If Aaryn stays nominated, she goes home and Mcranda are still in power. If Mcranda is on block together only one can be saved. Putting Mcrae with Aaryn is a personal move, not a good one.


No way. Put up Amanda & McRae. Only one of them could get the veto, put Andy up. Make a deal with the house that you won’t put them up but Amanda is the target.(she don’t want to go to jury house because those are mean girls) is this bitc- really this detached from reality. (She’s worst than GM) Doesn’t she remember her DR conversations. What a BITC-.


No way spicy, put up McRae & Amanda. McRae will bust his gut to get Mcrae off. Put up Andy and Vote Amanda out. McRae,Andy &Spencer haven’t won but 2 HOH – 3 POV between them. Arryn won 4 HOH – 1 POV. Elissa won 1HOH – 2 POV. Elissa needs to team up with Arryn (put your personal feelings aside and play to win). Send the smart a$$ BITC- home. Lets hear that smart a$$ in the DR now.


Well spicy, what if Arryn don’t win the veto.have you ever thought of that? Have you thought that if you get Arryn out that you will have no-one to protect you next week. Her only chance is to form an alliance with Arryn. Mark my words, if she gets Arryn out this week she might as well self evict, that way she won’t look so stupid next week when she gets voted out. If she don’t I will quit writing how about you spicy? Cause if Elissa thinks the same way as you it will be her demise.So if she goes next week( and she will) will you quit writing you dumb opinions. Please.


i am LOVIN Elissa right now


Amanda, “SHUT UP!!!!!!” This is Elissa HoH not yours, she can put up whatever she wants.


Yeah, shut the fu– up Amanda. You want to pick the nominees win something.( the girls are nasty in the jury house) Amanda mcnasty sitting around in your drawers on the furniture with a yeast infection . And listen how you talked to Jessie & Candace. Your the nasty one. You reap what you sow


Amanda, if you want put someone up. Win it yourself, this is Elissa’s HoH not yours. So, “SHUT UP” and win something.


Whining and Scrambling.. Loving BBAD tonight.


I for one is glad that the house has finally been shaken up and believe it or not Im a MC/Amand fan but Ive been bored last few weeks. I hope this finally heats the house up again (like the first 2 weeks) so at least I have something good to watch during the week.

just thinking

And the mice scatter as the music stops. It’s funny earlier this week they were talking about Elissa panicking once Helen left and them throwing her off her game. She hasn’t been HOH for 1 whole day and they are already deciding who in their alliance is dispensable and which limb to chew off.

Get McCranda out

Elissa’s target shouldn’t be Aaryn. She’s being too personal. To play well whe needs to nominate Demanda and McCrap together. Let the reign of terror end. Everyone is afraid of Demanda. I don’t want them to win. If one of them gets the veto then put up Opie aka Gossip Boy aka Andy. None of the three deserve to win. After those 3 Send Spencer the pervert home. I hope Elissa wins this whole thing. It would have been great if Helen would have come back in the house. I think Judd will make an alliance with McCranda, how boring.

itz over....

the b@LLzy move putz AMANDA + McCRAE up…
the hope is, a PoV win only removes McCrae…
the other plan is Andy or Aaryn opposite McCrae…
the thought is, backdoor Amanda B4 total tantrum…


actually, elissa is 100% sure aaryn’s main target is elissa as she nom’d her last week and has the ability to win hoh when elissa’s hoh is over. aaryn is a much bigger threat to elissa specifically. plus, elissa knows that amanda and mccrae use aaryn like a weapon against elissa, so by removing aaryn, she significantly weakens mccranda.


so happy judd is back!! so nice seeing him on the feeds. he’s hilarious. im glad he does not seem in danger this week either.


Did Aaryn and Ginamarrie self-evict? What are they thinking about all this?


Amanda says she was Elissa’s best friend? Was that when she basically told Elissa, “Helen’s leaving, there’s nothing you can do. So suck it.”


Stomp on the Rat, listen to him squeak…

Canada Loves Elissa

Thats right Elissa!!! Put up Aaryn and Mcrae. And get Mcrea out or backdoor Amanda. LOVES IT!!!!
One thing about Elissa is she does what SHE wants. Nobody invluding Amanda can bully her cuz Elissa is strong. Maybe its the reilly stubborn streak but I tell ya what, I love her :). I prefer if she would align with GM and Aaryn and put up Amanda Mcrae or Andy and back door either of the 3 as those 3 are most dangerous. But Aaryn as a pawn is fine too as long as she puts up Amanda or Mcrea with Aaryn. That sly Andy has GOT to go after Mcrea or Amanda though as he is too sneaky and twofaced. After Amanda, Andy is the most dangerous IMO.
Anyhow….. Love Elissa. Totally stoked she won HOH!!!!! Yayness!!


I really hope so. I see mcpussy and demanda working her hard with the gm and aryan noms

Elissa's a stuck up bitch

Elissa doesn’t do what she wants because she’s too STUPID to know what she wants. She is just as horrible as Aaryn and a hell of alot more annoying with her whiney ass voice. I bet her Canadian suger daddy can’t even stand the noises she makes. I can’t wait until that self entitled titty baby self evicts next week.


Aaryn is the pawn?? Amanda back doored? Hate to burst your bubble but if Aaryn is on the block, she’s going home and 2 out of the big three are going to the finale.


amanda – you can talk, manipulate, threaten, argue, fight, yell, complain, bully, reason, and compliment helen all you want this week, but you have finally lost your hoh power. your exposed weakness will be the start of your downfall, and it’s too bad you can’t win any competitions. this will be the most fun week in ages!


*elissa, not helen. still have jury comp on the brain!


Were the first 4 that fell Have Nots?

Seem so with the BB After Dark feeds atm… What say U Dawg…D


you’re the nasty one, amanda!

the last word

“We’re f****d if any of us go up.. the house will turn on us.. F*****g nightmare” -McCrae

It’s called karma, BITCH !!!!!!


Lock down the HOH bed before they stench it up with onions and yeast funk….

the last word

[“we’re f****d if any of us go up.. the house will turn on us.. F*****g nightmare” -McCrae] AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!


Bye Amanda!!!

Roisin Dubh

The best thing that could happen is that El puts up Keychain and Ahandjob and says she putting them up because it’s their turn to feel the heat of going on the block. Then she should say that if either one of them win veto and use it Andy’s gonna go up because he hasn’t been on the block. Then bust out the floaters grab your life vest line say this concludes the nomination ceremony, head back up to HOH singing “Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah- stayin alive– stayin alive Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, stayin aliiiiive” That would be absolutely fantastic.

Aj Hollering

I hope Ellisa makes the right move and Judd please don’t go back to being a sheep, oh I cant waitto see this weeks big brother 15 saga episode haha


Elissa is so stupid! Hope she goes home next week for not taking out Amanda! Like seriously she deserves to go home ! Gosh does nobody have any balls geez


Elissa wants Aaryn gone so bad because that’s what she is told to do by the DR. They portrayed Aaryn as the Southern racist{we who read here or watch the feeds all know Amanda is the absolute worst} but they have people who just watch CBS foolee and they cant have Aaryn winning because that would cause an uproar. Elissa will do as she is told.


The rat needs to use his gnawing abilities to get it into Amanda’s thick skull that Judd wasn’t MVP.


Gosh this is Rachel with Monet and Kristen all over again.


So the plan is Aaryn and McMusty with the backdooring of Amanda if POV is used….. Sounds good

itz over....

it may work! i hope it works
and it sends amanda right
next to helen in the jury house.


My concern is that Judd will be brainwashed by Amanda, Andy and the rest of them to believe it was all Helen and Elissa’s idea to backdoor him. If that is the case, Judd will not aling with Elissa, and both will be sent packing in short order. The next few days should let us know if Judd has a brain or not. However, based upon his performance in the game before he was voted out, I’m not holding out much hope that he does.


Mc is in such a panic right now. I love it GO ELISSA


Listening to McMusty plead to Elissa offering up everything, is music to my ears…

Elissa is insufferable

Watch this will be the week Pandora’s box appears. Or the Diamond Power of Veto. And of course Elissa will get one and/or the other. Production was just waiting for this to happen. It was probably written in the stuck-up elitist snob’s contract. I bet they even put a phone in the HOH room so Botox duck lips can call her buddy Hell en in the jury house or maybe her sugar daddy husband. I see Andy the weasel is up to his tricks crawling up Elissa’s ass. She should put him up in the block as payback for putting her up.


“They (Amanda/McCrea) agree to keep pushing to JUDD that getting him out was all Helen’s idea.”

If this is their pitch, they will only increase the likelihood that Elissa goes right after them. We know Elissa believes Helen’s fatal error was evicting her friends, people who were threats to others, not them. Taking this angle will only re-enforce that conclusion. The smart play is to play on Elissa’s hatred of Aaryn, GM, and Spencer…especially Aaryn. Elissa will bite and play personally rather than strategically. But their irrational fear of Judd will blow up on them. Elissa will tell him they are pushing for Judd to go up and Judd knows where the bodies are buried. He will explain to Elissa how she needs to evict Amanda, McCrea, or Andy in that order of priority.

itz over....

Elissa HAS TO PUT UP McCrae + Amanda!!!!

if only JUDD then keeps the noms the same!!!!!

I’m starting to miss Helen however the thought

of Amanda hitting the JURY next is poetic justice.


How can Amanda with a straight face claim to have been Elissa’s best friend? You know that was Helen. Wasn’t too long ago you were underminding Elissa credability to her face saying she was “saved” by her for her MVP vote.

And mc is a fuck tard. Dude, you’re boring. I don’t think I’ve heard him have a intellectual conversation yet. Just sits there and says yea, yup. How can he says it makes no sense for Elissa to not put up spencer? Maybe cause she’s taking control of the game and not playing the pawn, floater crap so your majority allience decides who gets to go home.

It’s annoying that because they aren’t getting what they want that they cant grasp the idea of why.

production rigged it

Elissa is stupid she wants Aaryn gone for personal reasons, she should want to split McCranda up like Helen told her to do. The only way to ensure that would be to put them up together because if Aaryn or GinaMarie won the POV they wouldn’t use it because they would think the other might go up. I think Spencer and Andy would be afraid to use it because it would make them bigger targets. Judd said he would do whatever she wants but who knows though. If she puts Aaryn up with Amanda or McCrae and the noms stay the same Aaryn could go home instead of Amanda/McCrae. I think Judd would vote to keep Aaryn and obviously so would GinaMarie and Amanda/McCrae would vote Aaryn out and so would Spencer so it would come down to Andy. Elissa really wants Aaryn out though so she will probably put her and Amanda/McCrae up and hopefully Aaryn or GinaMarie will win POV and Aaryn will come off and then she could put the other one up and Amanda would go home.


Elissa has such a warped mind that her logic is going to finally make for a fun week. One thing we can count on is that she will go back to her original thoughts. She is going to put up Mc and Aaryn then backdoor Amanda if Aaryn wins the POV with the help of her Adderall. The only way this will change is if she catches Andy telling others their secrets because she will feel betrayed . Finally some fun


I just watched last night’s eviction (Helen) and sorry to get my hate on but really – fu**in Candice wearing big-ass earrings for the competition. Just rubbed me the wrong way. Rant over. Here’s hoping Elissa knows what ‘big move’ means.


Andy trying real hard to get spencer, gm or Judd up. And Elissa just stonewalling him.

I bet he would shit his pants if she looked at him and said I’m putting you up against aaryn. I honestly think he would. Hed have no response haha


I am really hoping Elissa is just telling amanda that and she really puts up Andy and mcrae and in the veto comp JUDD wins or Elissa or Aaryn or gm win and take Andy off and elissa puts up amanda and amanda leaves


Name you are all over the place stick with one person you want out. Don’t play the race baiting game you did yesterday. Now it is Amanda baiting. You will say you want Aayan Naton out, never talk about Amanda, then you will throw Amanda’s name out. We all know Amanda’s your girl.

Dr. Will Kirby

Amanda is going home, no question. Elissa knows this but isn’t showing her cards, yet.

Aaryn you will never have 5 houses and a sugar dad

More obsessing on Aaryn, my God E is mentally ill and so insecure. Aaryn should tell her if she goes on the block, she will move to Canada and shack up with E’s hubby. Maybe then E will do what she needs to do and go after Amanda, the strongest player.


It’s going to great to watch Amazon and McStinky sweat it out this week! I love when the ones who think they are in control get hit in the gut!


Amanda is the head and Mc is the legs

People scream and panic when you kill a chicken by cutting off its head in front of them and it runs about for a bit.
My solution: Cut its f*cking legs off first.


You are so sick! But also so funny lol


elissa may of had a Freudian slip when she told mc to “imagine Amanda up next to you” for motivation to win pov and not let aaryn get it.


Elissa is showing what a catty self absorbed idiot she is!


Do you think aryan and jeremy cheated? Probably not. You have to take it both ways. Is that ok Aryan fan?


Elissa is stupid!

Pen 15

So i guess amanda stays for another week


If Aaryn had not put Elissa on the block last week, Aaryn would be gunning for Amanda and McCrae 100%.

Aaryn kept winning HoH and doing Amanda’s bidding, now it could cost her the game.

Aaryn better convince Elissa not to put her up or she better win PoV or I’m afraid Aaryn will be evicted. … And Amanda will cackle: “Ha, ha.”


I can relate to Amanda’s panic

I really started to panic earlier today when I sat in my car and couldn’t remember how to drive.

Imagine my relief when I remembered that I’m a woman.