Andy asks what if Aaryn comes down? Elissa says I would put up the person that doesn’t fight hard for the Veto.

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


9:55am – 10am When the live feeds come back from waking up the house guests – Judd, Gina, Spencer, Elissa are all sitting in the living room. Spencer says I am going to go lay down since it (Have / Havenot Competition) won’t be for an hour.

CBS Interactive Inc.


10am – 10:25am In the bathroom – Judd asks Elissa if he is okay? Elissa says yes you are good. I have always had your back. Andy joins them and they joke about being tempted with $5 gift cards. Judd tells Elissa I think everything you said last night made perfect sense, like perfect sense. Elissa asks it’s not like I have HOHitis is it? Judd says no! There aren’t that many people left if you know what I mean. I just want everyone to play in the veto to fight for it. Like if you have to shave your head, do it! Judd says yeah I’ll do it. Elissa says that she would do it! Every week she just puts me up and I am just tired of it. She doesn’t listen either, she keeps throwing your (Andy) name out. Elissa says I just want McCrae to fight for it and if he comes down I will put up Amanda. Andy asks what if Aaryn comes down, who will you put up? Elissa says I don’t know, probably the person that fights the least hardest in the veto. Andy says I don’t get why they are putting us on an HOH lock down at 11am. Elissa says I don’t know maybe Zingbot is coming. Andy says no but he normally comes with the veto. They agree. Elissa says she thinks it’s the have/havenot because they told us to make sure to eat. Andy leaves and Elissa tells Judd I really think that we should work together, can we work together? Judd says yeah I want to. Elissa says you can’t trust Amanda and McCrae, she is crazy. Judd agrees and says she was crying and acting crazy after she left the HOH last night. Judd, Andy and Elissa laugh and joke about what they think Jessie did after she left the HOH competition. She kicked someone. She made out with someone. She tried to start a showmance with someone. Andy laughs that Jessie screamed f**k, Sh*t and left and Helen was so happy when she fell off saying by everybody! They laugh and joke about the competition last night. Judd says he was scared coming back in here. Aayrn joins them.


10:30am – 10:50am In the HOH room – Elissa says whenever you are ready to come up there and talk to me we should talk. Judd says yeah, yeah. Judd heads upstairs and Elissa follows soon after. Elissa says she has to go but I wanted to work with Aaryn. I just don’t agree with they way she talks and what she says about Candice. I tried to work with her and was going to put that aside but I just can’t Judd says the one person I do not want to work with is Amanda. Elissa says Aaryn does whatever Amanda wants and that’s why she has to go because otherwise she is just going to keep winning HOH and pick everyone off. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Elissa says you never got mad at me, did you ever think that I was against you? Big Brother cuts the feeds. Elissa says that Aaryn is brainwashed by Amanda, she is just her puppet. Judd says that before he left he tried to work with Spencer because he was all alone. Elissa says if you, me and Spencer could work together to get Aaryn out at least for this week. She is just impossible to work with. Elissa says please just have my back because no one does. If you, me, Spencer and Ginamarie work together we could get her out. Judd says yeah. Andy joins them and Elissa says we were just talking about Jessie. The conversation turns to talking about Jessie. Judd says that Jessie still thinks she can use Helen as a business contact. Elissa says Jessie’s proudest moment was calling me Rachel’s shadow. Andy comments that Ginamarie’s hatred for Candice just grew after Candice left. Elissa says yeah and she would talk about it to me who I was her best friend. Judd tells them about how Candice told him a story about being jumped where she was attacked in a bathroom by one girl and then 4 of Candice’s friends came in and beat up the girl. Judd laugh and says Okay that’s not you getting jumped, that’s you jumping someone else.. Andy laughs and says that’s what all her stories are like.

10:55am Ginamarie and Aaryn talk about the possibility of Aaryn going up and going home this week. Aaryn says I will be going up with Amanda or McCrae. Aaryn says if you get picked for veto you have to play hard for it. If they tell you they have the votes to keep me you can’t believe them. Gina says I am due to win a veto soon. Ginamarie apologizes for not winning the HOH yesterday. Aayrn says never apologize for anything. If I go this week then I go..


11:03am Big Brother tells them they are on an outdoor lock down please go outside and close the slidding glass door. All the house guests make their way outside. They speculate on what the lock down could be for. Production putting Judd’s key back? Zingbot? Fixing something?


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I hope and think its a Pandora box and special power for Elissa to screw 3AM alliance.


This is completely off this post’s topic (and probably a little deeper than the usual commentary) but I have read/heard a number of the host guests talk about GM’s purging at night, starving herself, concern for her and general knowledge of her having an eating disorder…It is one thing for CBS to allow racism (I may not agree but crude jokes and insensitive commentary but we do have freedom of speech) however to NOT step-in when one of the HG’s has a life-threatening illness is totally negligent! Hopefully all these comps and stress coupled with this girl’s purging does not cause her any heart/organ issues…can we say lawsuit? Something like that is a tragedy and $500k is not going to help GM, they need to offer to send her to a treatment facility and turn this situation into awareness for the young women that watch this show…Everyone is so quick to make talk of the racism but I feel the real issue here should be shame on CBS for not getting GM help!


*house guests


this is sad and troubling, and i hope she receives treatment for her eating disorder. unfortunately, you cannot force someone to eat, or ask for help, and you just might make matters worse.

unless she’s in immediate medical distress, displays signs of becoming emotionally imbalanced, or threatens to harm herself or another hg, there’s not much production or the network can do, other than support her when she decides to get help.

Joe Schmuck

I don’t think GM is purging. She just doesn’t have the body type that defines that


Some Of The Girls Have Said They’ve Heard Her Throwing Up And How She Smells Of Vomit. No One In The House Will Confront Her #1 In Fear Of Her Rath #2 They Would Be Putting Her On Blast While W Watch.


I promise you production is NOT allowing GM to purge — that would be far beyond the pale. I don’t know where you heard the rumor, but I can’t imagine it’s true.


Well, just last night she gorged on food and then told Spencer, I ate too much, I gotta go throw up. I watched her say it around 12:30 am on the feeds.


how do you know CBS hasn’t done anything??? this is a reality tv game show not a public service announcement, if you wanted that then maybe you should be watching Dr. Drew…come on people, enough with all the PC bullsh*t!!!!


If I am not mistaken, there is a psychologist or therapist available via the DR. Once this issue was brought up by the house guests (and maybe even before), I’d like to think production would have GM meet with them for some counseling. But, sadly, until she exhibits signs of severe distress, it’s not their job to babysit adults.


There’s a camera in the bathroom, so production would know if GM was purging.


I read that Gina Marie said she had seen the psychologist about 6 times already. So probably she’s getting help.


Can someone tell me why they call Aaryn, Poopy? I missed when that happened.


I hope the twist of the week is BOTH nominees will be going home. Now that would be swell news :)

Diamond Power of Veto

Dear Big Brother,

If you like to fix the game right about now and give me to Elissa, I would not mind.

elissa's duck face

elissa sucks


You mean Amanda sucks. She can’t even win.


Everyone saying elissa need to work with aaryn some of you just dont get it sos, ,,,, stuck on stupid thats what aaryn is ……. EVEN though aaryn always in defense mode when talking to elissa aaryn always believe elissa is talking down to her even though elissa is not good at reasoning with a idiot like aaryn both of them have egos …Everytime elissa talks to aaryn she runs to amanda screaming , crying elissa threatened me ,,, but yet many of you hold elissa to a diffrent standard ,,, oh she plays too personal …….The best move idea so far i like it nominating MACREA ,, AARYN let that group fight amongst themselves and whoever comes of AMANDA goes up …. …. IF and its a big if elissa makes it final 2 her arguement to the jury is she take out a big threat a big target unlike aaryn who only do has she is told … JUDD gina elissa and aaryn will work good together but aaryn is an idiot to believe that these folks will carry her final 2 with those hoh win …… when elissa try reasoning with these people they were idiots so she is playing the idiot role aaryn is my target but honestly both of them are elissa target ….


I agree. There is really no reasoning with Aaryn is what I’ve noticed. It sounds good and reasonable that you should try to work with her but you can’t. She is entrenched in her attitude and she has a way of twisting things around like she’s the victim. So you can’t really communicate with her without her turning it around on you to mean something negative. Even if she is reasonable in the moment she is so cowardly that she may change and allow the group to tell her what she should do. There’s no hope for Elissa trying to work with her and it’s best to try to get her out since she can only take out one person out and Aaryn has been wanting to get her out.

Elissa's Duck Lips

By focusing on Aaryn due to personal reasons Elissa will be giving Amanda and McCrae another week to scheme against her next week. I guess she is not bright at all.


i am not 100% on board that elissa is really dead set on getting aaryn out. yet. she may make it/herself look that way.

i always thought that that dozed off persona she seemed to be is actually an act. just rewatch her face during the otev comp. i liked that and it would have scared the shit out of me was i in that house.

and with all that weird stuff she sometimes says, she seems to remember so many details from the past whatever days.

i seriously am not routing for elissa, i do not think she even wants to win the money, she is in to unnerve the living daylight out of people. and all the stuff that went on the past 20 hours looks fun for the first time and you have to give elissa credit for that.

man, she has amanda crying more than helen.


Elissa is a moron…no surprise…she will play her personal stupid game this week by eliminating her obsession Aaryn…And next week she will follow her out the door…If she was smart…she would try to make a deal/alliance with Aaryn and with Judd GM and Spencer..they would have the control of the game until the end..and they can vote out Amanda MC and Andy


It’s like you haven’t watched this season. I’m no Ellisa fan but seriously she is setting up a better post POV renom decision than anyone this season. Arryn is a reasonable target. How many times does she have to win HOH for you to get it? She has won four but shouldn’t be a target? Your a pure genius just like the sheeple. Ellisa also fully realizes that Arryn does what Amanda wants. Pretty good choice putting MC up frankly. Chances Amanda wins POV slim to none. MC goes down Amanda goes up. Either goes the house wins. Funny we haven’t seen Poopy up Judd’s butt yet? She helped back door him when he thought they were working together.

So BBAD last night 1st concern is Judd looks like he is still an Andy fan. God how stupid can mumbles be? McManda certainly is working Ellisa hard to get GM up. I like Ellisa is standing her ground for now any way. Other than putting up a combo of McManda and Andy these noms aren’t terrible. Add to this that production has to be getting scared that with 4 HOH’s Arryn could actually win the game. A racist winning BB15 could sink the franchise for many die hard fans. As much as Ellisa’s reasons are valid to evict Poopy so is production possibly manipulating her to get Arryn out. If you see a big change in Amanda over the weekend to “let’s not worry about MC on the block” lets just get behind evict Arryn maybe production has a chat with Amanda as well.

Votes to save MC…. Amanda, Andy, Spencer…………….. With 8 in the house HOH and 2 noms do not vote. 3 votes evicts someone this week. MC is stone cold safe unless Arryn wins POV(possible) and Amanda was the renom after the POV used. I think MC needs to be worried about Andy up also if Poopy uses veto.

The argument post POV if MC comes off the block is GM up as she is a vote to save Arryn. I’d bet my last dollar GM goes if she is the renom without a doubt. If Amanda goes up instead of MC after POV I think we have an interesting dynamic. MC saves Amanda, GM saves Arryn so 3 votes and either needs 2 to stay. Lets say Spence goes with MC and votes to save Amanda. I think with Judd possibly a vote to save Arryn and evict Amanda we could be 2-2. But if there were a 2-2 split what would Opie the rat do? Opie has played “Arryn F2 the last few weeks. Could he really save Arryn and vote out Amanda? He loses Spence and MC. He has to run the rest of the game with GM, Arryn and Judd. Pretty tough spot if Amanda is the renom after MC comes off the block. Lets hope for starters MC and Arryn are the nominations!!!


Now I understand why ZingBot has not returned yet this season. BB15 has built in comedy. Amanda saying she was best friends with Elissa. LOL! A best friend that talked negatively about her husdand, kids, the way she talked, how she dressed, that she wasn’t a Super Model like the rest of the girls ( I know that was Gina, but that was comedy gold her thinking she was a Super Model), and her intelligence. If you look beyond all that, then you really were her best friend. LOL!

Amanda is baffled that her mind control is not working with Elissa. Why isn’t Elissa not doing what I say. The nominees should be Spencer and Gina. LOL! Amanda hasn’t really been threatened in 5 weeks. Yes she’s been on the block before, but always had the votes to save herself. Elissa please don’t let Amanda and McCrae take over your HOH room This might sound petty, but keep her out of your bed. Amanda and McCrae were in the HOH room more then the HOH winners of Gina and Aaryn. Oh man! Maybe Black Lion or Black Fish or White Fish or was it White Tiger were right. Amanda is an actress. Amanda tries to pull a Helen in the HOH and cry because Elissa won’t listen to her BS, opps! I mean sage advice. But Elissa counteracts a cry from Amanda and rasie her a headache. ELissa says I have a headache. Its time to get the hell out of my HOH room. Elissa you are going to be having a headache a lot this week. Amanda probably will be back in an hour asking if you are ok and pick back up where she left off. Elissa you need a 24 hour headache, don’t over do it, but I would also get a headache anytime Andy comes around.


Amanda reminds Elissa that she is an alliance. How do you know when you are not in an alliance? When they have to remind you that you are in an alliance. Amanda is blaming Helen because she can’t mind swipe Elissa. Andy says it like talking to a wall with Elissa. Amanda is so use to having Gina and Aaryn do her bidding, she forgot the BB rules that a player can play their own game. LOL! Amanda says doesn’t Elissa realizes the house will come after her if one of them gets evicted? Your point being what Amanda? You were targeting Elissa anyway this week if she hadn’t won HOH. You are tired Amanda, you had a long day. Your reasoning is just not making sense right now. Why are you crying because McCrae is going on the block? Haven’t you sent several players to the block without hesitation or compassion. Its time for you to have the full BB experience.

POV Comp

POV Comp Dangers

Great that Elissa won HOH. But Elissa has so many enemies. I can understand why she might want to get rid of Aaryn. However, Amanda is a bigger threat then Aaryn. Amanda controls Aaryn literally. Amanda doesn’t have to win a comp. She just sits back and let Aaryn win the comps. Then tells Aaryn who to put up while taking over the HOH room. A nomination of McCrae and Aaryn, has a high probability of leaving Amanda in the house. All Amanda wants for the POV if the nominations are McCrae and Aaryn is for the nominations to stay the same. They have the votes to evict Aaryn. McCrae has figured out that Elissa’s real target is probably Amanda. Its a riddle that McCrae has to figure out, how to keep Amanda and himself safe. Its risk, but his best bet to achieve that would be staying on the block and trying to secure votes. If he counts wrong, he goes home. If he counts right and saves himself and Amanda, then game over and Amanda will win BB. The nominations will stay the same as long as Elissa, Gina and Aaryn don’t win the POV comp. McCrae and whoever he nominates for the POV comp have a strong chance of winning. I can easily see this Aaryn/McCrae nomination backfiring on Elissa.


Hope Elissa does let personal feelings take over…She should put both Amanda and McRea..then if one comes down backdoor Andy… Andy is a BIG RAT..only loyal to Amanda..


if she puts up aaryn elissa wil be out the next week and she probably stupid enough to do it if she puts up Amanda or macrae with her it does matter they have the votes to stay 3 votes andy specer and mccrae or Amanda only move is to put up mccranda if aaryn goes then mccrae Amanda andy and spencer have it even more dominated than before you will find out how smart she is soon I think shes kinda slow really


You also need to realize Elissa can ONLY put two players on the block. … Then, she does not have a vote. And this is, I believe, a no tiebreaker week. If the rest of the house decides to vote out either Amanda or McCrae, one of that duo will leave.

But I agree, Aaryn talked repeatedly about NOT being Amanda’s puppet, but she was exactly that. Time and time and time again. As such, Aaryn is more dangerous than Amanda because she wins more and does exactly what Amanda wants her to do every time.


Hooray for Spicy! Good analysis of Aaryn and Elissa. Finally, someone understands :)

Joe Schmuck

She is right to be down on Aaryn, as Aaryn deserves it. That said, McCrae or Amanda needs to go home, or we stay in the loop of McManda survived again, and they remain in power due to the fact they couldn’t get sent home.


Backdoor Amanda!


she needs to put up mcpussy and scamanda, replace them with aaryn if one comes down.


I thought Judd would go crawl back up Mcrandas butt if he came back in, but if Elissa can wrangle him in than cool let the fireworks begin. Rooting for Aaryn or Amanda to be evicted.


Now this I’m on board for: Elissa and Judd for final 2!

So glad that Elissa is wanting to work with Judd and vice versa.

Ha ha Andy… they’re on to your ratness.


Yes I notice Elissia changed the subject when Andy came in. I’m sure or I hope Judd took note of that fact. He need to remember that his alliance voted him out. Elissa was not part of that nor GM. Funny how 2 people hold so much power over the others mcmanda.

Elissa sucks

Judd is not going to work with duck lips. He blames her and Helen for his eviction. Don’t forget that on live television right after Judd exited the house and he and Chen watched the HGs reaction, he saw Helen running up to Aaryn affirming her, telling her it had to be done, etc. Plus he wouldn’t hug Elissa or Helen good bye so he already knew they were responsible for his ouster. He is ONLY going along with Elissa because she is HOH and he doesn’t want put up. Once the POV ceremony is over he will go back to the Andy/Amanda/McCrae/Spencer side. Stoooopid Elissa is too busy playing Helen’s game to see this. And that is why her plan to get Amanda out will backfire, GM will be gunning for her after Aaryn goes, and why the stuck-up anti social gold digging skank will be leaving next week.


I thought that Judd would as well and I’m not entirely convinced yet. Next week will be the determining factor…. when Elissa is not HoH!

Elissa sucks

Why do you want Amanda and Aaryn evicted? They are the only two remaining HGs who have actually played the game. Everyone else has floated. Who do you want to get the $500k, Spencer? GM? Stuck-up shallow Botox duck lips who has done nothing but ride Helen’s coattails and received oodles of perks from production that nobody else has gotten? They haven’t done shit except vote the way Amanda/Helen directed. And Andy that rat has played all sides and has been a friend to everyone and also a traitor to all. Like Ian last year. Like them or not Amanda and Aaryn are the only ones deserving of winning this year’s BB.

GM's stained sheets

Yes!! She is not falling for Amanda & McCrea’s BS! Finally somebody with some balls :)


Howard, Candice and Jessie all informed the group about MC and Amanda but not one person would listen, I’m glad Helen got taken out, she had three times to get the biggest threat out. Howard was first to have balls and try to flip the house. Everyone was afraid


Howard? Are you kidding? He was a classic Big Brother zero. You say Howard wanted to flip the house? Sure, when he was about to get voted out, he wanted to shift the target elsewhere. Otherwise, Howard won NOTHING. If you win nothing and make alliances with losers and you can’t use interpersonal skills to gain other players’ favor, you’re a ZERO.

Elissa sucks

And if Howard would have got his way then he, Candice and Jesse would be running the house and acting cocky. I don’t get all the Amanda bashing. Someone has to win every year. And that’s usually the one who had the best social game and was able to win over the most friends in the house. Since apparently NONE of the HGs left their morals and etiquette at the door, Amanda is no worse than how any of the other HGs have behaved. If anything she has been out in the open to everybody what her opinions are. Everyone else has done and said the same except they only do it around a private few. It’s amazing all the Elissa fans there are. Just because she’s Rachel’s shadow? I mean Elissa has had NO social game, and has been nothing but an insufferable conceited piece of crap. EVERYTHING about her is as phony as a 3-dollar bill.


Helen said to Julie what I always knew she would say and regret, “I should have listened to Howard”.

Helen sucks

No you shouldn’t have Hell en. You would have continued to be the self-appointed dictator and Howard/Candace/Spencer/Jesse would’ve sent you packing even sooner than you did. You just played a shitty game. You were too aggressive and threatening (a turn off) and an even bigger fake ass kisser (an even bigger turn off). Nobody but your pathetic shallow gold digging friend is shedding a tear for you. At least your game lives on vicariously through her. But she will suffer the same fate as you in two weeks. Because once again your game plan won’t have worked.


Elissa is being very smart right now. Telling Judd that she would put up the person who doesn’t fight hard for the veto was brilliant. She have him an answer without really giving him an answer. Smart to to make an alliance with Judd but also smart not to give him too much info right away. She needs to take some time to ascertain that he is trustworthy. I’m glad she is playing it cool. I hope that she is really gunning to break up the McCrae/Amanda duo rather than to get Aaryn out of the game. It is about time everyone stop being so afraid of Amanda and McCrae and make some big moves.


Information? Everyone in the house knows exactly what Elissa’s going to do. Including Judd.

Rocco Gianini

McRae is a creepy, slithering , spineless insect , his personal hygiene is non existent, his fingers are constantly in his mouth or he is picking at his face or some other part of his body. I would never order a pizza from his place of employment, I’d be to afraid that he may have touched it. If ever two people deserved each other , it’s him and that skank, Amanda. That comment she made yesterday that she was pregnant when she got the casting call but then she miscarried, it makes me wonder if she had an abortion to be on the show, if she did, that’s about as despicable as it gets.


He is Mcnasty.


Isn’t that a character on Grey’s Anatomy?


And her name is Skum Man Duh! What a pair they make. Poor offspring if they were to have a baby. I didn’t see Skum Man Duh put a condom on Mc Nasty when she raped him. Never watch this show while eating, you will literally get soo grossed out, I guess it’s good if you’re on a diet. You completely lose your appetite watching McNasty eat his scabs, eat the skin off his fingers, etc., and we all know just how disgustingly vile Skum Man Duh is! Oh and don’t forget OH Spencer sticking his hand down his pants, picking his nose wiping it on the sofa and then grabbing a few crackers from the box. GROSS!


BB15 is finally shaping up. For all the trash that has been talked about Elissa over the last few weeks, revenge will be so sweet for her. Not to mention she’ll (finally) be the one making one the biggest moves of the season by putting up McCrae/Amanda vs Aaryn. I cant get enough of watching Demanda cry.

Excited where to see this Elissa/Judd alliance goes. They need a third which should be Spencer.



Folks are hating on Elissa because she is Rachael sister, and they also expect her to play the same game as Rachael. However, Elissa made if further than Rachael did in season 12, and the only person willing to work with Rachael was Brendon. Elissa is not stupid, she is trying to play her game with everyone comparing her to Rachael every second. I’m not Elissa’s fan, but I rather for her to win over Aaryn, MC, Amanda, Andy, and Spencer. She was never cruel, nasty or racist towards anyone. Her only down fall is she have to try and walk a path her sister did, the sister from hell.

Elissa the soul less

Elissa was never cruel or nasty to anyone? What program have you been watching this summer? She has been nothing BUT condescending to everyone in that house, acting like her shit don’t stink, that she’s better than everyone, that no-one in the house will ever have what she has (thanks to her sugar daddy husband), etc. She’s flat out told Aaryn and GM that they disgust her. She’s bullied Aaryn and said that none of her HOH wins were really hers. She told those two don’t sit next to her. Et cetera. No, that’s not nasty or cruel. Keep drinking the kool-aid. You are just as whacky as that shallow Botoxed asswipe.


Is Aaryn really Elissa’s target this week? Or does she have a bigger plan?


Aaryn’s definitely the target, but it might shift to Amanda depending on how the week/veto comp goes. Hopefully McCranda will be no more.


Aaryn is her target. Amanda/McCrae her secondary target and if somehow Amanda wins veto and pulls off McCrae, up goes the rat Andy!


elisa…please…oh please…get judd, get aaryn and GM, and turn this back in the right direction.

who can see the block this week
Mcrae, Amanda, Andy

unfortunately who will see the block: aaryn

I just wish elisa, who really sucks with the social aspect, would just be OK with aaryn for a few weeks. it would help her game so darn much to have a couple week deal in place. she needs to put the BS aside.

Yeah right...

I agree. I fully understand that Aaryn is a threat to Elissa’s game and that she wants (and eventually needs) to get rid of her, but this is not the week. Eliminating Aaryn this week will only fuel Amanda/McCrae’s goal and waste Elissa’s HOH/safety this week. She needs to make a temporary deal with Aaryn — promise Aaryn safety this week in exchange for safety the following week. Then together, they take out Amanda this week and McCrae (or other shared target) the following week. Then it’s GAME ON with a fully leveled playing field (and back to being enemies).

May the best hamster win.


Aaryn put Elissa on the block less than ONE week ago. And Aaryn is doing everything Amanda wants and she’s winning far, far, more than Amanda.

Putting Aaryn on the block could be the very best thing for Elissa. The rest of the house are the only ones voting this week — Elissa does NOT have a vote. If the rest of the house decides to keep Aaryn, it will be done. … And Aaryn could make a deal with Elissa to work together in the future, knowing the leverage Elissa has in influencing votes (as HOH).

Aaryn should not hold too much of a grudge on Elissa due to the fact that Aaryn put up Elissa AND her best friend, Helen.


Elissa going after Aaryn is no different than Amanda going after evryone she thougth was going after her. It might be personal but it also because Aaryn keeps putting her up. I think if she had not talked Gina Marie and Andy into not flipping the house, then Elissa might have been willing to work with her. But Elissa knows that Aaryn can win HOH’s and she know that Aaryn would put her up. So of course she would be her # 1 target. It is a back and forth and one of them has to go. So Elissa wants her out.

Elissa the soul less

And you think Aaryn would honor that deal? If Aaryn survives this week (and even if she doesn’t) Elissa will be out the door the week following. Stooooopid shallow Elissa has NO allies in the house due to her zero social game and condescending attitude.


So with Elissa’s spaced-out reasoning, if Amanda doesn’t get picked for veto comp, she’s safe, right?


If Demanda won the veto (fat chance but still possible) she would pull McMinute off the block and couldn’t be put up herself. But if Demanda hosts the veto comp and someone else takes either one down Demanda can go on the block.


No. if Aaryn comes down i still believe that she will put Amanda up. She’s just saying the stuff about trying hard in the veto to scare people into playing hard.


Elissa is only saying what she “probably” would do. Elissa does not know what she would actually do. And she is not inclined to share that information with anyone at this point in time, if she knew.

Some of these bloggers are acting like Elissa should already make concrete decisions about the future. The future is fluid. Elissa will make decisions based on the past AND what happens in the next few hours or days. That’s a smart way to approach a HOH.


Reading about Amanda crying and freaking out last night was great to hear after all the bragging and arrogance in her diary room sessions.


The one HG whose eviction would COMPLETELY alter the dynamics of the house is Amanda, which is why she should be Elissa’s target.

Please don’t blow this opportunity, Elissa.


Amanda, McCrae or Andy would alter it. If Aaryn doesn’t go I wouldn’t mind saying any of them go.


The problem is DukefaceElissa is a moron…she will play a personal game this week targeting Aaryn….And she will follow her out the door next week…well deserved


Stop calling her Duck face take a lot at yourself first before you judge others,


But putting up Aaryn would make it perfectly clear that Aaryn can not find safety in the Amanda/McCrae/Andy foursome. … This could cause Aaryn to abandon those folks forever. Especially if she sees in the coming days that Andy and McCrae or Amanda are hanging her out to dry.

GM's stained sheets

I would be happy with Amanda, McCrea or Aaryn leaving. Amanda & McCrea for obvious reasons (so many to list) but Aaryn was their little puppet, she has no mind of her ow, and blames her moves on being “pushed into it”. If she goes it’s her own damn fault!


It’s interesting how she gets “pushed into things”, but then when told she basically is doing Amanda’s dirty work she gets offended because she doesn’t want people to think she is a puppet. Can’t have it both ways Aaryn, so which one is it?


If Macrae wins veto Elissa should tell Amanda if Macrae uses the veto you’re going up so that Macrae and Amanda can argue with eachother


The fun part is Elissa doesn’t need to tell them–THEY KNOW!! Elissa can just sit back with an innocent look while laughing inside as the pit bull turns on it’s mastermind.


It will be so fun to see Amanda be voted out of the game!


woohoo! Elissa just told Judd she really wants Amanda out :) So happy about this! Maybe it would have been better for Helen to leave earlier if it meant we got a game crazy Elissa. Go Elissa! Wait .. what…did I just say that….wow…


Geez Amanda, get over it. Your going home.

Elissa sucks

Don’t count Amanda out yet. If the noms are Aaryn and McCrae and NOBODY uses the veto, McCrae stays. He’ll have Amanda, Andy and Spencer. Elissa’s (or should I say puppeteer Helen’s?) scheme only works if Amanda and McCrae are on the block together Thursday night. And even then Amanda might stay if she can round up 3 votes. Everyone is telling the Botox duck lips what she wants to hear, but after the POV ceremony they will turn on her and start planning her exit. She can’t play in next week’s HOH so she will be gone… unless production rigs it like they have been doing and give her a special power. This season sucks so bad. This week will just be more of the same. Next week will be exciting bc the big stuck-up gold digging Botox phony will see she has NO allies in the house and the she’s finally going home.


Sounds like you have some issues of your own to being spewing out so much hate towards Elissa. All that name calling simply shows people how ignorant you are, what’s wrong wish you could change your looks?

Get over yourself

So it’s okay to bash Amanda, Andy, GM, and Aaryn non-stop in every post and give them demeaning names but Elissa is off limits? Time for you to get off your high horse and remove the rosé-colored glasses. Or are you one of the Botox duck lip’s family members or country club friends? You asswipes take the cake.


OMG!!! Elissa is not going anywhere. The only puppeteer is Amanda!!!! So They will Backdoored Amanda!!!

Loving it

I just can’t help but laugh at Amanda crying I love how Elissa isn’t buying into her bs hopefully this game gets interesting this week I really wish I had live feeds right now!!!!


I know right, “Hi I’m Amanda I can control the house whatever I want.” Amanda, get over it and Shut up already. Do something about it and stop being a baby.


Elissa knows what she’s doing. This move not only will break up McManda but will also reveal whose loyalty lies where. Andy needs to decide really quick because if he stays with McManda now, he’s done. Elissa has already told him she doesn’t trust him and she’s not going to tell him everything. He ran back and told McManda that he doesn’t know if he should believe anything she says. Both McMinute and Demanda are freaking out and will begin losing it. This time McMinute may not calm her down thinking it will take the target off of him and since her meds refill is a NoGo she’ll be even crazier as time goes on.

So right now Elissa has GM and if Aaryn comes off the block this week Demanda goes up and will be up Aaryn’s butt then threatening her which will piss off both Aaryn and GM. Judd sees he can’t trust Demanda and isn’t trusting McMinute either so for now he’s going to follow Elissa’s lead. Spencer would like to get rid of Demanda so they can get an all guys alliance going again.

And we finally have a game to watch!! This is the move we’ve been waiting all season for!!


Elissa doesn’t want Andy in her alliance; it’s too late for Andy. Andy is a rat. Elissa knows this.

Elissa will work with Judd, Spencer, and GM.


actually andy was toast the minute he voted helen out. it totally blew his game. amanda and mccrea knew & know he is a snitch and the rest of the house learned that the last couple of days. even aary n even saw him lying straight to helen.

the only person in the dark about whats going on in the house is gm – again!


It is past time for Amanda to go home!!! I think Ellissa needs to work with Judd, Aaryn, GM, & Spencer….Andy cannot be trusted. He can’t hold water!!!! As long as Amanda or McCrae (2nd choice, of course) leaves, Ellussa’s HOH won’t be for naught!!!!!


Elissa doesn’t need Aaryn unless she wins veto then she could make a fake alliance with Aaryn.

They’re only 8 people left. 5 person alliance is too big.


here is what i like elissas thoughts to be:

she WANTS aaryn to win veto. she is making no secret of the fact that this very well may happen and pressures all into playing as hard as they can and she makes sure this will get back to aaryn.

her best move would be to want to have amanda and maccrea on the block past veto-comp, not before!

Just a thought

Thank you for bringing up this subject . I agree GMs eating disorder is very serious. One of the things I over heard GM say is she is talking to a psychologist while still on the show. Who knows what they talk about, because GM seems to have many issues, but at least she is talking to someone. As for how young girls view this, I am the mother of 3 girls. The oldest watches the show with me. We talk about all of the issues that have come up and how and why they are not correct . I really hope that GM gets all the help she needs, you can see that deep down she has a good heart


Even though Elissa is a dumb bitch, and the “Brenchel Army” is full of losers; her winning HOH is probably the best thing that has happened this season! Which isn’t saying much with how shitty this season has been, but it’s something!


Why do you bother watching then? Elissa for the win!!!!


Because I love Big Brother!


BTW… Nobodies going to vote for her to win!


Oh…. don’t be too sure about that! A great deal of game left to be played and the way I see it…. Elissa most likely already has 2 out of 3 current jury votes. The 2 being Candice and Helen and possibly Jessie who is a bit of a wildcard and please don’t bring up she doesn’t need the money…. it is a game… they’re all there to win:)!!!!


Elissa is making a smart move — but she will be gone next week as a consequence…she probably doesn’t care anyway.


She’ll have GM and probably Aaryn for a one week deal. She has Judd for at least 2 week deal and she can always win veto…don’t count her out yet.


Don’t be so sure about it. Elissa is not going anywhere as long she has a special power, she will go all the way.


Hey Dawg? Demanda said last night she couldn’t remember what she said to Judd in her goodbye speech. I can’t remember all of it either. Can you re-post that for us because it seems to have her really nervous, as she should be, considering she has been such a b*tch in all of them.

I could be wrong...

Judd left during the double eviction – I do not think there were any good-bye speeches.


There was no goodbye speech for Judd. He left on double eviction night. It’s funny that Amanda thought there was though…


There were actually goodbye messages taped, just not played during the live eviction. Judd said late last night that she said that McRae had advised her that Judd was coming after her so she had to get rid of him. And she admitted to him why she thought he was MVP. He’s also been advised by RATANDY that it was her fault Judd was evicted. She convinced everyone he was MVP and coming after her and got Helen to go to Aaryn to get him out, so I think Judd is fully aware of what Amanda has done at this point.


I’m still wondering why Elissa doesn’t just tell Amanda & McRae off and tell everyone that it didn’t matter who she put up. She is everyone in the houses target now. They made that obvious when they put her and Helen up, and they’ve been so boring all season voting all together that Elissa knows that she has to win HOH or POV to stay in this. It will be hard to accomplish, but she has the mindset at this point to do it, it seems. Anybody else remember Crazy James – they couldn’t get that kid out of the house……….lol……….. Maybe she’ll chanel him.


It’s so obvious what the Botox fake is up to… her plan is to ultimately have Amanda and McCrae on the block Thursday with Amanda going home. Put Aaryn up as the pawn (while telling everyone McCrae is the pawn) and then back door Amanda. This scheme will only work if both Amanda and McCrae are on the block. Because if it’s just one they only need 3 votes, which they will get. It’s too bad Elissa is playing Helen’s game instead of her own. Aaryn and GM will be thanking Elissa in two weeks as she’s walking out the door. Such a stooooopid shallow phony.


Except that is doesn’t matter what Elissa really does. They will all be coming after her no matter who goes up and who goes home. She was the target if anyone else won HOH, with Aaryn or GM being the fall back. Next week, she will need to win veto not to go home.


Depending on exactly what happens this week…. she may not end up being the number one target anymore. This is what I’m hoping for…. that she shakes things up and the game takes a different turn and leaves the predictable behind.


I have a super bad feeling Elissa might be targeting Aaryn the puppet instead of Amanda the master.

This Season Blows

No shit…. she’s obsessed with Aaryn.

Just a thought

You may be right – but the puppets (Amanda & Elissa) may be doing the master’s (production’s) bidding.

Ians Beer

Goodness, noms haven’t even been made and the treachery and deceit is running rampant! It’s funny, in an interview a couple weeks ago, Amanduh’s male parental unit (her dad, you silly donkey’s lol) said to the interviewer, that they supported everything she was doing but wished that maybe she could “tone down her sexuality” a bit…..Holy understatements, Dad! Your daughter is a filthy, gross gal…sexuality??? Daddy denial :)


Its nice to see Amanda & MCcrae squirm, and the best thing is Elissa is not backing down. MCrae will go up. and even Andy looks uneasy.
I like her demeanor about this as telling them she does not know who she will put up if someone comes off the block, another words nobody is safe. Even Andy on the block would good for a replacement.. Either Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn or Andy evicted would be a successful HOH and shake things up a bit.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

As much as I would like to see both McCrae and Aaryn squirm on the block, it is a mistake to put them up as her initial nominations. My fear is that Amanda will win the veto and save McCrae, and McCranda will remain intact. Elissa could put up GM as a replacement nominee, but if Aaryn and GM are on the block together GM will go home. That would be such a waste of an HOH.

Best course of action: Put up Amanda and McCrae. Let Aaryn & GM know that if one of them wins the veto and uses it to save either Amanda or McCrae, the other will go up as a replacement nominee. This way Amanda, McCrae or Aaryn will go home this week.


The only snag in your theory is that Amanda has not won anything to date and doesn’t seem to be capable of it. Who knows?

Big Brother Fan from Canada

@ Boxer:

I know, but did you see how long she was up on that platform during the HOH competition. She really tries in comps when she needs to, meaning if she knows that McCranda is in danger then she will work her butt off in comps. She hasn’t won in the past because she really didn’t NEED to win. Now, the numbers are dwindling…alliances are being exposed and she NEEDS to win.

This Season Blows

That’s why you put up Demanda now instead of backdooring her. The chances of her winning the POV are low, and in the off chance she somehow lucks into the veto, you can at least cripple her game moving forward by getting out McPussy. If RoboDuck were to play it this way, I’d give her props for actually using her HOH perfectly by eliminating one of her biggest threats. Sadly, she will instead continue her rampage against Aaryn most likely, even though Aaryn would be more useful to her as an ally as opposed to a target right now.


Does anyone agree with Elissa’s plan to target Aaryn? Or am I missing something?

Big Brother Fan from Canada

@ Joseph:

I think Elissa told everyone that she is targeting Aaryn just to see how the dynamics of the house would change. Her reasoning for wanting to put up McCrae and Aaryn make sense. It will force everyone to choose a side, but that could backfire if Amanda wins the veto and takes McCrae off the block and GM goes up as a replacement nominee and gets evicted by the house.

Elissa is looking at who is in the jury (Helen, Jessie and Candace). She figures that if she is in the final 2 with Aaryn, all of Aaryn’s comp wins could get her the win. If Elissa is in the final 2 with any of the other houseguests, she could actually walk away with the $500,000.

Oh My

If I read you correctly Big Brother Fan from Canada, I feel you have a game rule missing. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m pretty sure if Aaryn and McCrae were on the block and Amanda won VETO and took McCrae off, she isn’t left with any immunity. She could go up, not GM.

This is why Amanda won’t be nominated first. If she were on the block and won VETO she would save her self.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

@ Oh My:

I think the person with the veto has immunity, because if he or she didn’t no one would ever use the veto out of fear that he or she may go home. I’ll investigate this because I would not want to be posting incorrect info about the BB game. If anyone knows the veto rules, please share. Thanks in advance!

Oh My

As long as Spencer keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t do an Andy.

elissa's duck face

I think elissa smells like old taco meat and shame.

Oh My

That’s a weird and inappropriate remark. Sounds personal.

McCrae's skinny wiener

Elissa smells like a yeast infection and sour milk


Elissa is saying Aaryn is her target, but really she is trying to back door Amanda!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Backdooring is risky. You need everyone but the intended target to agree to use the veto if they win. Nakomis (from season 5) was able to successfully do it because everyone was onboard. I don’t think Elissa trusts these people enough to try something like that.


As much as I don’t like the Backdoor method, I think the only smart play is for her to backdoor one of the McManda duo. Otherwise McCrae could possibly win POV and time her off and they’d vote out the replacement nominee. If they are lulled into false sense of security, they might not play has hard since someone else would be the target.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Helen warned McCrae, but he wouldn’t listen. She warned him that Amanda was hurting his game but he refused to believe that it was true. Now he might be going up on the block and it is because he has chosen to align himself with Amanda. I wonder if he thinks Amanda talked Elissa into putting him up instead of her. Hmmmmmmm. I wouldn’t put it past her

This Season Blows

Helen should have told him that while she still had any credibility left in the house at all. She has only herself to blame for being ignored.

Amanda 's Therapist

YOU SAID IT! Elissa is after the BB house duo! & McPussy is shaking in his boxers! Amanda and her babbling is the best !! They sent her sister friend out the door…big mistake!
LMFAO! bc Elissa is pissed! She is out for revenge of the players that are to blame & she is NEVER letting the game get in her way! NOT until they understand what a major mistake was made to evict her bosom buddy – Helen!!!
O M G! Bring on #2 double eviction!
WHORE & pussy pizza boy both need to be gone!

Amanda 's Therapist

Elissa is after Amanda…over Aaryn! BUT to backdoor a whore like Amanda is not going to be an easy task?!?
If not through Aaryn then I am sure McPussy is the most likely..way-he thinks Elissa is working with him & Andy–but
she doe not trust either clown…She wants Amanda gone…first! Imo


I thought it was funny/ironic when Amanda went hiding and crying under the counter behind the trash bin after she berated Jessie for wanting to be alone and not talk to people for a while. Amanda told Jesse it’s “attention getting”. Jessie’s response? “Attention getting? You’re in your underwear!” ha ha one highlight for me.


If you go back and re-watch it, Demanda keeps sticking her head up looking for someone to come find her. It was pathetic.


Rachael \ Elissa fans = Kardashian fans, idiots. Rachael is a pig, she’s loud, fake and obnoxious. Elissa walks around in her own fog world where thinks she’s god’s gift to the world. Can’t stand either of them or their ridiculous dedicated fans. Wake up and grow up, there’s nothing there there of any use or value. Role models for the classless..



WOW!! You’re a real Sweetheart.


Umm, definitely not a Kardashian or Rachel fan….. just Elissa. Thanks for your BS Association though.


Elissa should tell Aaryn that she is not the target. She is going to put her up because she knows she can win competitions and wants her to win POV. She should say she will do this to give her the higher probability of having Amanda and McCrae on the block during evictions. If Elissa wins POV she will take Aaryn off. Put up Amanda with McCrae. She can tell Aaryn that if she really wanted her out she would backdoor her and not give her the chance to play POV because she knows she is good in competitions. That will lead Aaryn to believe what Elissa is saying. Make a one week deal with Aaryn for taking her off the block. That way when Aaryn wins HOH next week, Elissa may be safe and the houseguests will have to vote out either Amanda or McCrae.

Well, that’s what I think is best. Either way, one of the 3 people I really want out will be evicted. After second thoughts, this plan may not work because Aaryn will run and tell everyone Elissa threatened her.


Aaryn wants Demanda out because then Aaryn can take her former position as head of the Mean Girls. While there will only be 2 +Andy left Aaryn misses being the leader.

Kelli Jo

Elissa should put up Amanda and McCrae now instead of trying to backdoor her (if that’s even her plan!) Putting up Aaryn and McCrae is too risky if the veto isn’t used or if someone wins and takes down McCrae. Amanda hasn’t won a competition yet so why not just put her up now?!

If Elissa’s target is truly Aaryn, it’d be a horrible decision. Amanda is the one running the house and was the mastermind behind Helen’s eviction (even HELEN told Elissa this fact). If Elissa makes her nominations based on a personal decision instead of what is best for her game (and everyone else’s), she will regret it and likely be evicted next week. Getting rid of Amanda would reset the house to a more level playing field; getting rid of Aaryn will do nothing except perhaps give Elissa some personal sick satisfaction.

Please Elissa!! Be smart and get rid of Amanda!

Oh My

“Aaryn, will you please save Helen” says Elissa yesterday. “No,” says Aaryn, “I have to do what’s best for me.”

Today: Aaryn do you really wonder why she wants to put you up?

Aaryn, clue in, Amanda threw the HOH so you could do the dirty work and now you have to go. Wasn’t Amanda clever. deserve it for being hers and Helen’s sheep puppet all these weeks.

Baa Baa.


It’s Pandora’s box and Rachel will meet Elisa in HOH room. Then come down for the day with all of the house guests.


3 person alliance consisting of Elissa, Judd, and Spencer? I think yes.

Oh My

sorry, this (in response to the Elissa, Judd, Spencer alliance) is where I meant to say “as long as Spencer doesn’t do an Andy”


So Elissa’s no floater. Out of all the houseguests to date (as far as likeability), she does rise up. I kind of like Judd still too.
This got really different, really fast.


Then don’t watch the show sweetheart, you pathetic maggot.


You know Spencer might just back into the final three here. Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Elissa and Andy could all be voted out in the following weeks just by targeting each other…leaving Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie in the final 3. that would be cray cray!

Great BB Page…Thanks Simon & Dawg!


Thanks Heath

Shirley U.

I admit I don’t understand all the inner mind sets of this game…..and I have a terrible time figuring out if people are lying to me or not………I think/hope/believe that Elissa is smarter and knows the real person to get out is Amanda…????……but I’m not sure….Elissa seems to be playing the hg’s well……..they are all so shook….it is a joy to see……and if she takes out Amanda..???….that would be stellar……and the biggest move of the season!!!!

aunty nobody

Picking a winner from this bunch is like trying to choose the least painful dildo…


Spencer will never be true to Judd and Elissa. He is with Andy and McCrae and doesn’t want Judd getting in the middle of that. Remember he and Howard thought it was Judd running to Amanda and telling her everything when it was really Andy. Elissa knows it was Andy but will Spencer believe her. He will agree to a deal and will run to Andy who will in turn run to his masters. Hopefully Judd will realize before it’s too late.

Pizza Boy Eats Nasty Fingernails

I’ve never seen McPussy talk so much at one time, then when he was frantically telling Ellisa who to put up, and why!! He is in a panic….along with his Queen, LMAO.




Listen, prior to Judd coming back everyone in that house want Elssia next. Everyone of them did not care bout her becaus it gave them another week.
Elissa will do well to remember that fact. At his point as long as one of them go (Admanda, McCrea, Andy, or Aaryn) Elissa will have made n best move or her game. GM , Spence, and now Judd or ponds o use when Mccrack and he RAt need them.


Don’t have the live feeds. Did Elissa get a catch to Judd that everyone was wanting her to put him up instead of McCrae? She also needs to tell Spector and Gina that Mcrae, Amanda and Andy were pitching their names too.

Maynard Shepardson

I’m friggin p*ssed off right now hot-darnit.
I’m a good Ol boy and I been rootin for the redneck gal because she’s a confederate beauty and hotter than the pistons on a Chevy flatbed!
Ol Arayn’s got plenty of spunk and her boobs are more ripe than crabapples after harvest!
I got a hankering for pretty blondes and that gal is a confederate dream!
Well that negro lover Erlissa thinks she’s hot sh*t and wants to evict our gal Aryan just because she wouldn’t take any sass from the negro gal and I think that’s a crock O’ sh*t. A heap of bull dung if ya ask me.

I’m rooting for Ol Spencer and my gal Aryan to defeat those gotdurn Yankee pups and You darn tootin there gonna stick it to that ginger sissy boy and that
duck-billed Scalawag that made friends with all the colored!

That Judd is a jarhead that smokes like a limp-doodle instead of dippin snuff like a real man so I hope he gets the boot too along with them other hippies.

Let’s cheer on our Rebel gal and do this for Dixie!!!!!


You are one sick twisted person your sold is evil.